Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan

With a pair of free throws with 5:24 to go in the second quarter in Minnesota on Sunday night, Kobe Bryant tied and passed Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list. Bryant currently sits at No. 3, trailing only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone.

Bryant was a willing passer early on Sunday, and shot just 1-for-5 in the first quarter. Upon re-entering the game in the second, he quickly went for Jordan, hitting a fast-break three on his first offensive possession of the period, missing a turnaround jumper in the post, and then drawing a foul on Zach LaVine on an early baseline drive. After a timeout, he nailed both free throws and the game was stopped so that both teams could acknowledge the achievement and Wolves owner Glen Taylor could award him the ball.

Bryant finished with 26 points on 7-for-20 shooting, capping his night with the go-ahead 3-pointer with 1:02 to go.

Indications are that Bryant will retire when his contract expires at the end of the next season, his 20th in the league. So it’s doubtful that he’ll move further up the list. He would need to avoid injuries and a scoring dip just to catch Malone by the end of the 2016-17 season, when he’ll be approaching his 39th birthday.

But no matter what happens down the line, Bryant now reigns as the most prolific scoring guard in NBA history, having passed the guy he’ll forever be compared to. It’s a tribute to his talent, his drive, his work ethic and his longevity.

No. 24 has passed No. 23 to become No. 3.


VIDEO: Kobe talks about passing MJ

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  1. NBAfan says:

    KOBE = 19.63 FGA/game (0.54 FGA per min played)
    MJ = 22.89 FGA/game (0.60 FGA per min played)

    and KOBE is the ball hog?

  2. en. says:

    Don’t even kno why the Timberwolves were celebrating with dat arrogant ball hog crying kobe. ….he might be in the history books ..but in my book he will be remembered as always been selfish and arrogant. ..He should thank mj for retiring those 2 seasons ……..by the way hope he remembers how the lakers SUK

  3. Paul says:

    All this talk about Kobe moving past Jordan on the all time scoring list for what? Look at the whole numbers: Kobe played 19 seasons, Jordan played 15; Kobe played in 1,269 games, Jordan played in 1,072; most importantly Kobe took an astounding 24,908 fg attempts and counting, shattering the previous record (this is not even counting free throws which Kobe took an abundance of due to the refs trigger lips when Kobe had the ball, they just did not do that in Jordan’s day, he was fouled on numerous occasions which the refs just did not call) and made 11,261 of them, for a pathetic 45.2 fg %; Jordan took less 24,537 shots from the field and made significantly more of them, 12,192 to be exact for a great 49.7% (a number which went down when he returned to play at the ripe old age of 38-40 (imagine how awful Kobe will be at that age). Before this, Jordan’s ppg average was 32.3, which dropped to 30.1. Compare this to Kobe’s 25.5 ppg average (and this is when he goes nut, which he has throughout his career). And this is excluding Jordan taking 2 hiatus’ during the prime of his career to play baseball and golf and whatever else he wanted to do.

  4. veluswamy.r says:

    congratulation bryant for gratest achivement

  5. kobe will reach number 1 he’s the best! lol! hahahaha

  6. Marty says:

    Probably the best tough shot maker I’ve seen in NBA history.

  7. junior20galvez says:

    Kobe Bean Bryant is his full name.

  8. en. says:

    He’s lucky jordan retired for 2 seasons. …his still the arrogant ball hog crying kobe to me FTP

  9. marlon green says:

    Just give the man his props. I’m tired of all you Jordan lovers being mad because he 1 upped ya boy. It’s ok for other players to be ahead of Mike in some catagories. That’s what makes this sport great. Yeah Mike would of should of could of but he didn’t. That was his choice to go play baseball so what. And that excuse of the game getting boring to him and having nothing to prove is a bunch of BS. If he really wanted a challenge then he would have went on and tried to match Russel’s 11 Championships with the teams he had. Kobe had injuries just like he did and didn’t start or play as much his first 2 seasons. And not to mention this was a kid fresh out of high school. I dont care what anyone says, a kid with no college experiance to come in the league and make an impact like he has is very impressive. Just imagine if he would have gone to college? Congratulations Kobe. And no matter how you guys look at it or what you say KOBE WILL ALWAYS BE AHEAD OF MIKE IN ALL TIME SCORING AND THATS GOING TO BE FOREVER. HA HA

  10. Jack says:

    We always compare Kobe to Jordan.

    If Jordan is the greatest, why do we compare Kobe to him?

  11. Jeff says:

    Congrats Kobe, Too bad MJ has you beat still in PPG, RPG, SPG, APG, BPG. And well pretty much every per game stat that matters.

  12. Antonio Perez says:

    i respect your opinion even you are disrespecting me saying i talk trash

    but i will prove i am the better man i’m not going to get upset or let that bother me

    you just hate the facts

    you can’t handle the truth

    i know where you coming from and i have the right answer for you

    the spin move the lay up the dunk the dribble

    every player perform that move i know that

    but they don’t do it in the identical sameway

    except for kobe that his moves are identical carbon copy of Michael Jordan

    like mj fadeaway by the way wasn’t Michael who invented and perfected that shot

    look at durant shooting , look at lebron shooting , look at wade shooting

    no similarities right but they doing the same thing shooting the ball

    they all shoot different

    now look at Jordan shooting and kobe shooting

    listen to kobe talk

    watch kobe celebrate

    just like mike

    you think that doesn’t bother and MJ fan

    kobe has 3 rings thanks to shaq

    but now is shaq’s fault kobe has less points

    when i speak the truth you call me a hater

    this is about kobe being the third in the scoring list

    yeah people who don’t know quickly are going to think that kobe is better because he score more points

    all i’m trying to is explain that kobe has more point because he plays more minutes more games more seasons

    another point i forgot to mentioned thanks to todays softer game kobe has taken over 2000 more free throws than MJ tell me that doesn’t help

    • asdg says:

      Durant shoots dirk fades btw should everyone bash durant for using that shot? so what if kobe copied MJ` moves? eveyone wanted to be like MJ back then, just like evryone wants to be kobe, lebron, durant, dirk, u name it. thats just how it is.

      Why do you feel like you have to defend MJ`s legacy? we all know that MJ was the best, just let it go and stop living in denial.

  13. adam says:

    Jordan hasn’t played a meaningful game since 98, and people still cant let it go. People literally mobbing malls for shoes that came out in 95. I think some of you guys wont appreciate anybody in the NBA, b/c they wont win 6 out of 6 championships. sad that you cant appreciate this generations greatness. some people have their kids (who never saw MJ) wearing his shoes. quit saying “if he wouldn’t retired” MJ would have…. he retired!!! I don’t see people hating on Kareem and Karl, and they average 25 pts a game like Kobe. Stop the hate.

  14. cake and all says:

    hahahaha blow the candle Copy, that’s all you know to do blow MJ candles #CopyBryant

  15. Jay says:

    First of all Congrats to kobe. Second no one can deny the heart and love Jordan had for the game. When you play a game with the flu and still score and help your team win that takes serious heart to be able to do. Everyone saw how he looked that day. Jordan’s resume is incredible. Scoring champion for about 10 years and the list goes on and on. He was scoring huge points when teams were so physical that players now would probably be like now way I’m not going in the paint. They made a book after him,” the Jordan rules” for a reason. The guy was an unbelievable athlete. One guy mentioned on a previous comment that Jordan wasn’t athletic as some of these players out now. I don’t know about you but the way he ran that court, dunked over guys taller than him and attacked that basket I would say that’s a hell of an athlete to me and most people would agree. These guys are very athletic but guess what, if you move your body a certain way with so much force your joints will give out eventually. Jordan will forever be the best and even after retirement his name is still relevant after all these years He is a business man and he’s proved that with the Jordan brand . The only thing I can think of that Jordan copied from Julius Erving is the free throw dunk that’s it. Jordan was on his own level. In the fifteen years Jordan played He accomplished a whole lot. You can’t deny that if we would have played 19 full seasons there is no telling where he would have been now. I know kobe would still be playing catch up if that was the case. Anyway, congrats again to kobe. Maybe now they can focus on making it to the playoffs.

  16. SYDALE says:

    This is a good accomplishment for Kobe… but I respect Points Per Game more…

  17. bodjee says:

    Congratulation Kobe Bryant on your monumental achievement

  18. Nicklas says:

    Imagine if Michael jordan wouldnt have retired 93-95 and 98-01, he would have been first on the list… Look at ppg, better than any other player, only chamberlain who played as a freakin tower in the middle of the lane was able to get those points

  19. Sherlock18 says:

    Jordan still has 100 more field goals than Kobe in less games lol

  20. Michael says:

    Kevin Durant and Lebron will take fewer games to beat Michael Jordan on the scoring list because of the efficiency/barring any career threatening injuries.

    • Common Sense says:

      Couldn’t have said it better. With Lebron at 49% career FG% and averaging over 27 a game, he’s on track. IF he can stay healthy as long as Kobe, which is the main thing, Lebron in 11 seasons had 23,170. In 18 seasons he’s on track for 37,800. Therefore if he can play out his 19th season like Kobe he would hit 39,900, and that would put him at #1. The thing I would congratulate Kobe on the most is that he is in his 19th season and still healthy. For that, I say Well Done and God Speed.

  21. jim lakers4ever says:

    Congratulations idol, thanks for the wonderful years just being great! Kobe next accomplishment= 6th ring!

  22. drg says:

    On the lowest FG% from the list? In 19 years malone got 4k more. He might be in top 5 but he ain’t better than any of them

  23. paul says:

    even though you’re a chucker / imitator congratulations for your hard work

  24. santy says:

    Why did Lebron call Bryant as “Bean” on Twitter ?

  25. Mike says:

    Certain people shouldnt be allowed to comment on sports. Some of you guys are idiots!!!! Kobe had to share the ball with the most dominate player of all time Shaq… SO MUCH SO IT RUINED THEIR TEAM!!!! Jordan didnt have ANYTHING CLOSE to a shaq on the bulls. He scored EVERYTHING…So lets take all the points SHAQ scored as a LAKER and give them to KOBE he would be #2 if not #1 on this list. Not to mention you idiots who keep saying he played more seasons….Wouldnt that point to the fact he was more durable than JORDAN??? MORE DRIVEN…A BETTER OVERALL HEALTHIER ATHLETE to be as better if not more better than Jordan in his later years of playing because hes such a perfectionist at how he plays the game? Jordan was better…. But to have ONLY ONE PLAYER that can be mentioned in the same breath as him and not just mention…Have some pretty damn close qualifying factors like Kobe does…Who the hell in their RIGHT MIND could dream the comment he is overrated??? These must be the JOHN STOCKTON FANS OF THE LEAGUE. Or the guys who thought T-MAC was the greatest athlete they had ever seen lol!!! Or the dudes who the Dirk should go top the hall of fame LMAO!!! The Black Mamba gave us the same caliber of AWEMANSHIP after MJ left that cant be duplicated. Lebron started winning too late so it dosent count. And he disappoints more than Kobe ever has. KOBE JELLY BEAN BRYANT…..ALWAYS BEEN WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISIION!!!

    • Kaola says:

      And if you take Shaq out of Kobe’s equation as you trying to say..then take off 3 championships that Shaq gave him and just give 1 during that Shaq era in LA. So he would only be with 2 championships and Lebron will now be regarded as second to Jordan.

      Well, anyways, total career points scored don’t mean anything when it comes to GREATNESS comparison..and this is clearly nulified by Karl Malone being the second top most scoring dude (with no any championship RING)..coz Jordan was around that era to not let Karl Malone, and even others like Charles Barkeley and Reggie Miller to have championships coz Jordan wouldnt let no one beat him on Playoffs Finals he’s been at. That’s GREATNESS!!

      • marlon green says:

        No Reggie Miller would actually being in Kobe’s and Shaq’s category in not allowing other players to win a ring because it was the Lakers that stopped the Pacers from winning a title in 2000.

    • shahz says:

      more driven than Jordan? LOL dude r u serious? there has never been an athlete with more competitive drive than MJ

  26. fish says:

    Poor MJ, Now Kobe is officially the better player. Kobe Bryant best Shooting guard in NBA history.

  27. angel says:

    To all the people who don’t like Kobe he is still #3 all time in points Jordan, Malone, Jabar and all the super stars have they moments and time to be the best in there way. Don’t forget he got the congratulations from the best and knowledge him as a true champ and hard player for this sport, Good job Kobe…..

  28. Conner says:

    Actually Kobe accomplished this after not starting or playing the first two years due to going to a team with allstar guards and playing under Del Harris. Kobe also played in two lockout seasons and had serious injuries. If you count the seasons when he started more than 8 games that season his point per game for 16 years is over 27 points per game. He did that in a modern nba playing against zone defense, double/triple teams, stronger and faster athletes, and having Shaq on his team scoring 30. Also when you take into account minutes and shot attempts (Jordan shot more a game) with shot attempts it would be around 20 games and minutes would be around a 120 game difference. People don’t do their due diligence before posting and comparing. Kobe shot almost 3x more threes and still shot the three better. That included all the half and full court shots that now-a-day players won’t take because it hurts their stats. It also take into account how Kobe played on worse teams in a very strong Western Conference and who’s teammates would throw it to him last minute to bail them out. Kobe’s longevity has never been seen and to me the GOAT. Congrats Kobe!

    • Big T says:

      I don’t know, number are close. But you talk of longevity but look how Jordan came back from retirement to win 3 straight. I never watched much basketball before Jordan, but I’ve never watched because of Kobi. As a Canadian that is closer to Seattle than any other major team. I look at how MJ played with the Wiz. To me there is no comparison. And to be real MJ never was the #1 career scorer but he is the number one guy, there is no one else I would rather have on my team. Maybe it’s just character but MJ was the perennial leader. he could fire up his team mates like few could. But congrats to Kobi, it’s not a small achievement.

  29. Christian Jousset says:

    Bravo Kobe! Nice to see a wonderful evolution for the past 19 years.

  30. Double L says:

    I am not saying that Kobe is better than Mike, but like I said before Michael got his skills from Doctor J, Kobe got his watching MJ. All three are in difference errors that help make the NBA what is now without Julius there be no MJ and without MJ there be no Kobe. I feel some of these players people are tiring to make kings before they even prove themselves and down play one of the top 5 players of all time stinks.

  31. kam'92 says:

    haters gonna hate

  32. Ico says:

    Imagine if that had happened while the game have been played in LA, daaaaamn, I so wished to see it like that.

  33. Rob says:

    I’m actually quite surprised Lang Whitaker didn’t post this article with him being such a huge Kobe Bryant fan.

  34. Meh!! says:

    Bryant is probably the most over rated and over hyped player in history. The only player to content for that – Wilt Chamberlain a player who dominated by being at least 4 inches taller and 60 pounds heavier then everyone else for most of his career. Both took a huge amount of shots both were/are notorious ball hogs and egotists.

  35. Someone Else says:

    Kobe Bryant does in his 19th season what Micheal Jordan did in 15 seasons and without some of his prime years. It’s a shame Jordan did leave the game for some of his prime – he would be the only player to score over 40,000 points had he stayed.
    A player who shoots as much as Bryant is bound to score lots of points and let’s not forget he already broke the missed field goals record.
    The main problem is the over-hype around everything he does – he broke the record for the oldest player to get a triple double – there was huge hype then Tim Duncan broke that record and where was the hype for that?
    Quite simply Kobe Bryant’s reputation is hype built and some of that is playing for the most over-hyped franchise.

    • Jay Gatsby says:

      It’s hard to draw a definitive argument on who’s is the biggest accomplishment because there are many things to take into consideration. Still doesn’t change the fact that he’s now 3rd. Let’s see if you can get that many points in 20 seasons.

  36. Jim says:

    Kobe sits in the plane alone?
    Nobody even wants to sit with Kobe in the airplane…

    • kobefanjay says:

      its like a big living room…he wants the extra room fool- to spread out and sleep…whats wrong with you

  37. Yankee Arrowite says:

    simply incomparable! this is a true testament of greatness! so, to all aspiring youngsters, you’ve got to work hard in your prime to achieve your goals and objectives in life. What a true testament of greatness!

  38. Tristan says:

    Congrats man! Pleasure to watch you accomplish this achievement. Looking forward for your performance next season.

  39. Matt says:

    Listen, i am a huge kobe fan and even i admit that kobe is not as good as MJ. It is close though, Because of many ignorant idiots, we, kobe and laker fans are consider one of the stupidest around the league. Let’s face it, the man is great, but he is not MJ. He is Kobe Bean Bryant.

  40. pacoy titoy says:

    Kobe got it in 19 Season of what MJ got it in 15 Season…. huh?!?

  41. Bruno says:

    I simple dont understand why people celebrate this so much, its pretty obvious the player who plays more and shots more should have more PTS, we should celebrate those who only played a few seasons and are there on the TOP.
    Kobe came 4 years earlier then Jordan, although last year Kobe didn’t played, jordan had 2 seasons where he only played a few games( 86 and 95).

    BIGGEST CHECK, Kobe has 200 games more and more shots attempted in his 19 seasons but still is 1000 FG MADE BEHIND JORDAN.

  42. João Silva says:

    I don’t understand the contents of most of these comments. It’s again all about Kobe being (or not) better than MJ. It makes no sense at this point. We are talking about numbers! Kobe scored more than MJ, period. Kobe is one of the best ever and so is MJ (I think MJ was THE best, and I am a Lakers/Kobe fan).

    There are lots of factors here, like many have said. Both have had incomplete seasons, Kobe took more minutes, but MJ did not have a Shak in his team, he was always the lead scorer in his teams. Pipen was awesome, but he was a great support for Jordan, whereas Shak was the big dog in the team for the yearly days of Kobe’s career.

    Point is, please let Kobe have his moment! He deserves it, like him or not. It IS a great accomplishment…

  43. krixxis says:

    10 Players Who Have Missed the Most Shots in NBA History

    10. Wilt Chamberlain
    9. Allen Iverson
    8. Elgin Baylor
    7. Dominique Wilkins
    6. Michael Jordan
    5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    4. Karl Malone
    3. Elvin Hayes
    2. John Havlicek
    1. Kobe Bryant

    All of them are in hall of fame

  44. Donny says:

    Haters gonna hate 🙂

    Congrats Kobe.

    Phenomenal player

  45. sanjay says:

    jordan had no business playing that low budget wizards team( wtf was he thinking?).jordan should have retired in chicago by winning in 2000. how that management blew it is beyond me. jordan would have won 9 out of 9 barring those illogical breaks! looking back he would regret them( his golf and baseball were not going away. people have played baseball till 45 at mlb level!). jordan should have closed out at 40000 points in chicao itself!

    lbj has a chance but because he does lot of other things he wont average 30 points. He could easily have averaged 35 come to think of it! other day he had 41 and still these teams lose! I have no idea what else lbj has to do win like chicago!

    kobe -the closest to mj we have seen in modern times-a great player he could have had 6 as well( he had a final more than jordan). If he stays healthy and playes 3 more seasons( 2 as non laker to collect 6 would be just fine!) he might end up as all time leading scorer!

    • Gman says:

      Jordan came back for the love of the game.

      LBJ needs to start being useful without the ball to win, and stop flopping.

    • Common Sense says:

      He couldn’t play basketball after watching his dad murdered, it stopped his love for the game. He needed to go away to realize what he loved about it. LBJ averages 27 and even though he does everything else, he’ll reach the mamba in 4.5 more years, and at 18 years he’d be at over 36000 points. If he plays as long as Kobe, which is not easy to do, he’ll be #1 on the scoring list for sure.

  46. lyndon says:

    MJ achieved those numbers for only 15 years compared to kobe’s 19 years LOL

  47. Sense says:

    As this article was meant to be, I express my gratitude and appreciation for Kobe’s existence in the NBA. Whether he is better than certain player or not is irrelevant. There are players than join the NBA and are good. But if a player is able to spread his name throughout the years like he has done, then that is amazing. Congratulations Kobe and stay healthy! Looking forward to his documentary!

  48. Jimbo-youve never seen someone so overrated? Haven’t you seen Tom Brady!? He got the league average rating for a starting QB, of 85, through all 3 Superbowl years his team won for him, as well as half of all the other years of his entire career. Not even while he was rising either-he did it Last year again! And ppl say things like GREATEST EVER!

  49. Kobe_fan says:

    I’m a Kobe fan, but I know MJ is the best ever to play the game, not even Lebron is better than him, at least not yet.
    We just have to give the respect and credit to Kobe, he deserves that after displaying the same fire and competitiveness in all the years he has been playing. He did take a lot more games compared to MJ, even Kobe acknowledged that, but seriously?? Being #3 in the scoring list is awesome, he put a lot of work to get to where’s he’s at. So stop hatin.. we just have to appreciate what great players contributes to the Game of Basketball.

  50. mikeDbest says:

    your just looking on the points guys… points will not make you win you need defense as well.. Jordan was the Best and remember Kobe was a fan of MJ

  51. AHAA of course Kobe owns the record for misses. He’s 3rd all time in scoring and the other two guys didn’t shoot 3s…

  52. kobeballhog says:

    Thats why kobe came back from his injury. To score more points no matter how bad his field goal % gets just keep shooting and shooting coz thats the only record he could be better than the real true great jordan. Compare kobe to dominique wilkins thats more acceptable. He aint on the level of true great legends. Just a one dimensional ballhog. Nba aint about kobe anymore there are lots of great and better players that should get more attention. Than a ballhog scoring more points.

  53. Ahaaa... says:

    Lakers’ Kobe Bryant sets record for most missed shots in NBA history.

  54. Phil says:

    Kobe, Michael, Dr.J, David Thompson.. generationally great players, they were all the elite guys at their times.. Kobe is not MJ, but I’m 35 and grew up watching #23/45 do his thing on the daily, i learnt early that there was this cat name Kobe coming for him, the next in a long line of “Next Jordans” and to this day, the only one to step out of the shadow and create his own legacy.. Harold Miner, Felipe Lopez, Vince, T-Mac, Penny, Grant Hill.. and soon many more over the years even Deshawne Stevenson have missed the mark.

    Congratulations Mamba, this Celtics fan stands and applauds you. I am glad you are healthy and playing hops again. The NBA needs more guys with your heart, drive and motivation to be the greatest. You are the best in this generation and noone will take that from you.

  55. KratosRage says:

    I’m not a KOBE BRYANT fan at all…but what he accomplish was indeed impressive and awesome. You’re the man KOBE congratulations!

  56. Phillip says:

    MJ is the best. For all you haters, Kobe is one of the best, no matter how you slice the pie. Nobody is a better player than MJ. Lets just give Kobe the respect his play has earned him.

  57. Antonio Perez says:

    ak47 you are a jazz fan

    does still hurt 1998 game 6

    case closed

    i give credit who credit deserve

    you can force me

    karl malon “the mail man” and john stockton

    i respect them and admire them

    they have their own unique style

    do you remember 54 – 96

    lowest fewest point in an nba finals game

    bulls wining by 42 points was another record

    that’s 2 records

  58. Antonio Perez says:


    i’m not bitter maybe you are

    do you remember when Jordan said Kobe stole all my moves

    why Jordan said something like that

    maybe because is thruth

    that’s the reason why i don’t like kobe’s game

    because he is not original

    you want to settle for a fake fine

    you like kobe fine i respect that

    i don’t like kobe’s game because he copied Jordan game

    can you respect that

    tell Jordan he is bitter

    i know Kobe just bored the moves

    what if Jordan wouldn’t have never played

    who would kobe be

    the wwe bunny

    i respect your opinion

    respect mine

    the first time i saw kobe trying to be like mike

    i didn’t like it then and i don’t like it now

    i’m sure you would not take a fake bill

    why you think i like Kevin Durant

    he is trying to be himself Kevin Durant

    he is not copying bitting anybody game

    • J says:

      IF this if that. If you weren’t born we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
      Where do you think MJ got his game from? It was from the great players that came before him. Try watching game before MJ’s Era sometimes. If MJ wasn’t in the game, kobe would just patten his game after another one of the great before there was MJ.
      Who was the first person to perform a spin move in the history of basketball? Is that being copied by EVERY player who performs a spin move after him?

      obviously you don’t respect other’s opinions. you just say what you have to say and trash talk a bunch.

  59. Antonio Perez says:

    kobe only play 6 games last year

    in 1995 when Jordan came back he only played 17 games and that still count as a full season

    what about the broken foot season how many games did Jordan played that year

    even if we go by games you can still see the difference almost 200 more games

    kobe was bail out by the amount of 3 points shots he has taken almost 3 time more than mj

    kobe started 3 years earlier than MJ 18 vs 21 i think

    kobe was bench but he played , less minutes than being an starter but he played

    Jordan didn’t play bench or starter not even a single minute those 3 years Michael was playing in college

    so that is not a disadvantage for kobe more like a advantage for kobe

    Jordan retire when he was at his best in 1993

    he didn’t pay until 1995 when he came back and in the fifth game he score 55

    vs the number 1 defensive team of the league that year the New York Knicks

    and he didn’t play more than 36 minutes

    the bulls lost to orlando that year

    Jordan was still shaking the rust off

    i still remember the last seconds of that fist game

    but next year what happen 72-10 best record ever

    how many times i have heard basketball is a team sport not just a one on one game

    kobe is good but Jordan was better

    i respect everybody opinion

    man i can go on and on

    Jordan played tougher era hand check era Detroit piston bad boys era

    Michael Jordan playing this era in his prime

    what his airness avg will be

    just ask phil that question

  60. Chuckzs2407 says:

    Kobe, congratulations, truly one of the greatest players.. no matter what other says, you’re special in your own way.. they are right, you are not the next jordan, because you are KOBE BRYANT.. congratulations again..

  61. Smith says:

    Congrats Kobe…you are the greatest. To all the people on here trying to bring this man down…All I have to say is this…Yes…Mj took basketball to another level…but seriously comparing eras is ridiculous. Jordan changed the game so much that every athlete became better in the world…faster, stronger and rules changed to make it where today’s game is played way faster and the bulky athletes of yesterday wouldn’t be able to keep up. Simply put..the game has evolved so even jordan himself would have smaller numbers facing the level of competition that todays game boasts. Its different being Jordan and playing with people like Magic and bird who were way slower then him…less athletic…and basically could not keep up as opposed to playing with people like Lebron, KD, Dwayne wade and the hundreds of players today that are so advanced in health, fitness, nutrition and everything else that started with Jordan…I can’t believe these comments come from true fans of the game of basketball…its so easy to see…

  62. David Amaro says:

    Congrats Kobe, I can’t agree your better then Jordan , but your hard work and the way you handled yourself throughout all this was professional and idealistic . You play for the respect of the greats and thats what makes you great. Keep the hard work Kobe we all love you

  63. kobe says:

    kobe is done

  64. what a joke says:

    LoL he’s still not better then Jordan, and the more you watch those similarity vids the more you realise that this game is rigged to the bone

  65. al bloom says:

    he may have taken 200 more games but he didn’t start his first 2 yrs which amounts to 164 games where as jordan started all 15 yrs. Kobe also sat out last yr because of injuries except for those 6 games. So really everybody on the list of greatest scorers all started their whole careers. So what Kobe has done is more special not less special.

    • ko0kiE says:

      if you compare it like that, dont’ forget that Jordan wasted 2 years of his prime playing baseball 😉

    • Oz says:

      Are you forgetting Jordan was out due to injury in his early years too, plus his last few years in the NBA were injury plagued and was more to end his career on his own terms and show the younger generation that he can still own them on the court, even at 38-40yrs.

  66. michael says:

    Yes it took Kobe more games…but he played 7 seasons with the number 6 guy on the list (Shaq)

  67. kobeballhog says:

    True testament to kobe legacy. Greatest ballhog that ever played this game.

  68. rod says:

    kareem-20th season….. malone and bryant have the same 19 seasons….. jordan only 15 seasons, ij jordan played 19 or 20th season, maybe jordan be the no.1 in scoring list….. up to 40000+ points…… mj- the greatest basketball player in the whole world……

  69. Antonio Perez says:

    kobe the goat

    that has to be a joke

    kobe needed

    5000 more minutes almost 200 more games

    that equals to 2 and a half years more

    kobe took 400 more shots and missed 1000 more than mj

    how in the world is he better than jordan

    look at the avg and jordan playing with the wizard lower his avg

    if jordan would have never retire

    if jordan would have play 20 years

    he would have score more than 40,000 points

    everybody that knows about basketball knows that

    not just jordan’s fans

    kobe started 3 years earlier than mj

    jordan and wilt are tie for highest avg ppg 30.1

    6 finals 6 times won never lost 6 times mvp finals

    kobe 7 finals 5 times won 2 losses 2 times mvp

    do you get my point

    do i have to draw a better picture

    maybe 10 time scoring champion will do

    kobe has simply played more seasons than mj

    just like malone and kareem

    • AK47 says:

      they never said Kobe is better than Jordan, why do you have to be so bitter about his accomplishment? Even MJ congratulated Kobe. They are both great players. That’s it. Kobe is forever compared to MJ because MJ is the one who set the bar for Kobe, because he is better than him. Just give the man respect, though he did put on more minutes than MJ, you cannot deny the fact that he is one of the best in the league.

      FYI. not a laker fan here, Jazz fan here

      • Jimbo says:

        Look at the fanboys AK, those guys live in denial and still think Kobe is the best. Haha… I have never seen anyone being so OVERRATED

  70. tagabukidph says:

    how many years it took michael to reach the top 3 vs the years it took kobe to reach the same mark?

  71. Ricardo says:

    Kobe Bryant the greatest one on one player to ever live and the best scoring guard in nba history. Congratulations

  72. TheTruth says:

    Isn’t somebody going to acknowledge the fact that it took Bryant 4 more years to reach the same milestone as Jordan? The fact that Jordan was able to reach #3 in just 15 seasons is ridiculous..

  73. Patty says:

    I am extremely PROUD of Kobe Bryant. Kobe is so Gifted. Congratulations to Kobe Bryant!!!

  74. lbj says:

    Congratulations Kobe Bryant!

    It only took you almost 200 more games than Jordan in order to accumulate more points than him!

  75. darwin says:

    congratulation idol, for me your the best i’ve ever seen to play good basketball, just enjoy the playing basketball.

  76. 250rninja says:

    Congrats Kobe!!!
    Meanwhile, the Lakers are 13th out of 15 teams in the western conference.

  77. mino says:

    a true artist and example of how work and dedication , the PROCESS, can propel one to the greatest of heights. Respect, maestro.

  78. Mike says:

    Congrats, but Kobe should improve his FG% is the worst among the top 10 in the cumulative scoring record. Incidentally Shaq has the best Field Goal percentage and that wins championships

    • Dessert11Eagle says:

      You should look at Points per Shot, instead of FG%. This tells a much more impact full presence on a game.

      • Mike says:

        Agreed Sir. Yes the points per shot taking into account the 3PT % is higher. But among the top 10 he had the privilege of playing for an organization that all he asked for.

        1) For Jordan even after winning 6 Titles the Bulls management has not been nice and they tore apart the roster. Whereas for Kobe they shopped Shaq obviously the greatest unstoppable force in NBA at that time.
        2) Kobe demanded a trade because he wanted an all star and lakers got an all star.
        3) Also look at the latest contract for example, Kobe sits on a foundation that is the Lakers management that is extremely strong. Look at Lance Stephenson he is also shooting 38% this year and he already is being shopped by Hornets whereas everyone is celebrating Kobe’s cumulative achievement shooting at 39%.
        Yesterday it was 9/27.
        4) I still feel Kobe is a legend, a Top 20, unlike Magic who says he is top 5/6. These are the reasons that everyone except Lakers fans feel Kobe is the most overrated player in NBA history.
        5) Also Lakers fans are trying to diminish Shaq’s role in the 1st 3 NBA championships, I have seen Jordan’s championships and there is nothing like Shaq dominating a basketball game from 2000 to 2002 and Kobe’s stats are slightly higher because I rarely sam him being double teamed. Whereas Shaq was able to dominate even with double/triple teams.

  79. fsd says:

    Now Karl

  80. sdk says:

    We can go on with our lives

  81. harriethehawk says:

    Congrats, to a living legend. The fakers still stink though!

  82. tambe says:

    From the black mamba to the indomitable mamba!!!

  83. Ronald says:

    Still MJ is the BEST.. Games & FG% shows how MJ do it which KoBrick wont ever be reaching.. o do i forget to say the 6 Rings and 6-0 record..

  84. Llyric says:


  85. Eduardo says:


  86. roger says: