One Stat, One Play: Ariza from the corner

VIDEO: One Stat, One Play: Ariza from the corner

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Three-point attempts have been trending up for a while now. But the Houston Rockets have taken things to a new level this season.

Houston has attempted 42.2 percent of its shots from 3-point range, the highest rate in NBA history by a wide margin.


Both Trevor Ariza and James Harden rank in the top six in 3-point attempts. Ariza ranks second in the league in corner 3s…


Though he’s not shooting them as well as he did last season, when he led the league…


He has shot them well from the left corner…


Though three-time Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard has missed 11 of their 21 games, the Rockets’ defense (ranked No. 2 through Wednesday) is more responsible for their 16-5 record than their offense. But their 3-point shooting makes them always tough to guard. And when Howard returns, their offense should climb from 20th in the league toward the top 10.

The video above is the latest installment “One Stat, One Play,” featuring a fun play that results in one of Ariza’s 3s from the left corner.


With Howard hoping to return for Saturday’s game against the Nuggets, we may be seeing more of that play soon. In the meantime, you can watch a compilation of it here.

Houston visits the Sacramento Kings in the second game of TNT’s doubleheader (10:30 p.m. ET) on Thursday.


  1. HaKO says:

    houston all the way

  2. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    The Rockets are just stepping up with all those injury’s, i thought they were done with the all the injury’s, and playing in the West, but what a job there doing, Harden is a beast, really playing like he’s the best in the world, Harden and Curry are front runners for MVP.

  3. en. says:

    Mavs got better cause they got a bunch Of key players not just chandler parsons. ….rockets lost players and got ariza and terry dats it and they still good………mavs wouldn’t have been better with just parsons

  4. harriethehawk says:

    Houston got a better deal in the long run when they got Ariza, which was the Wizard’s loss. I also think Dallas got the short end of the stick by getting Parsons. Just me..