Report: Nets unload Kirilenko on Sixers

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The big three (contracts) are still on the Nets, but Brooklyn has made a trade to unload some salary.

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Nets and Sixers have reached a deal for Andrei Kirilenko that will save Brooklyn some money and add to Philly’s collection of second-round picks.

Brandon Davies isn’t completely awful, but his contract is non-guaranteed, so the Nets could waive him and not have to pay him anything. Assuming they do, the trade would save them about $6.6 million in luxury tax payments, in addition to about $2.6 million of Kirilenko’s salary. If they include another player in the deal, they save more.

The deal will also give them a trade exception and an open roster spot. Both of those give them a little more flexibility in making future trades.

The Sixers get a little closer to the salary floor, not that it matters. They probably won’t keep Kirilenko, who hasn’t played since Nov. 13, hasn’t made a shot (or been in the Nets’ rotation) all season, and is dealing with a personal issue that has kept him away from the team.


  1. Maras says:

    They should acquire Mozgov and Karasev and it will be Russia team ) like in the 80’s when Atlanta was playing against Sovet union Team.

  2. The Future says:

    The76ers will be prime time team to watch in 2020….heck they might win 76 games that season….thats watch active management is all about…planning for the future.

  3. TTKIN says:

    “Nets likely to send a minor player back to Sixers in deal too”

    Isnt that what Kirilenko is at this point in his career?

  4. jmndodge says:

    If AK, is able to join the sixers – it could provide a spark, there was a chemistry between Shved/AK, both while playing on the wolves, and previously in Russia. Almost like a Big brother/Little brother relationship, they were something special to watch. AK is obviously nearing the end of his career – and Shved’s stalled (he is much better than he has shown). I hope they get to play together once again, and that AK is able to jump start Shveds career once more.

  5. harriethehawk says:

    I guess that deal made sense, but let’s get to the fun stuff: what about Joe Johnson and Derron Williams? LOL