Nets reportedly considering big trades


Veterans Brook Lopez (left), Deron Williams (center) and Joe Johnson are all inked to maximum contracts. (NBAE via Getty Images)


Off to an 8-11 start with a roster clogged with high-salaried players, the Nets have put Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson on the trade block, reported Tuesday.

Additionally, according to the story, talks have re-started on a deal that would send Andrei Kirilenko to the 76ers in a salary dump for Brooklyn and the chance for Philadelphia to add a draft pick before likely waiving the veteran forward.

From report by Marc Stein and Ohm Youngmisuk:

The exploratory discussions with various teams are the strongest indication yet that the Nets are looking to shake up their roster after a tumultuous 2013-14 campaign in which they started 10-21 under rookie coach Jason Kidd. They rallied to reach the playoffs and beat the Toronto Raptors in a first-round series despite another season of ups and downs for Williams and the injury-plagued Lopez alongside Kevin Garnett and the since-departed Paul Pierce.

Yet sources insist that the Nets haven’t abandoned their recent “win-now mentality” and aren’t merely looking to dump salary. Brooklyn’s hope, sources said, is to construct a deal or two that bring back sufficient talent that enables the Nets to remain a playoff team.

The Nets have built their team around Williams, 30, and Lopez, 26, dating to the February 2011 trade to acquire the former from the Utah Jazz. Both have since signed maximum contracts alongside another max player in Johnson, whom Brooklyn acquired in the summer of 2012 to help fend off the Dallas Mavericks and re-sign Williams when he was a free agent.

Lopez would probably have the most trade value as the Nets gauge interest, a scoring center with the easiest salary to handle among the three, except that he continues to be bothered by injury problems, most recently with a back strain.

Brooklyn has been blown out its last two games, both at home. The latest was the 110-88 loss to the Cavaliers on Monday.



  1. HaKO says:

    omg just trade donatotas motiuenas and patrick bevereley and ariza for all 3

  2. Michael says:

    The Lakers wold be smart to trade for D Wil and Joe Johnson D Wil 1 Kobe 2 Johnson now you have some firepower to work with. They will turn around the season and possibly make the playoffs. Doub’t highly it will happen.

  3. eliza lusby says:

    trade kobe for all 3.

  4. philly215 says:

    Wayyy over the salary cap and a borderline playoff team….kinda reminds me of my Sixers all those years when Bill King was in town…Good luck Nets b/c we’re still trying to recover from that idiot.

  5. Sérgio says:

    I’m ashamed of my Nets today.
    This team needs more grit and dedication on the court .

  6. D. Frye says:

    I think the Lakers should give them Nash+Lin+ Jordan Hill=Ellington+ 1 draft pick for Dwill and Lopez if they can pull it off. . I feel the Lakers wiould get better immediately and the Nets would be terrible but have two draft picks in first round and build through that plus Lin off the books and possibly have a point guard come there in free agency, I would go after reggie jackson.

  7. Stretch says:

    Celtics should not get involved in this and should keep Rondo. We’ve got young talent and are starting to play well…with lots of draft picks coming up.

  8. Balldon'tlie says:

    Lakers need to trade K Bryant for D-Will and Joe Johnson.

  9. DavidD says:

    Brook Lopez: an excellent attacker, offensive player with many defensive blackouts and phisically unable to play 82 games.
    Joe Johnson: the most overpaid player in the NBA and one of the most overrated player in NBA history. I would never, ever, want him on my team.
    Deron Williams: still one of the best playmakers in the league, but phisically fragile and, as far as now, unable to be a leader.

  10. The Schoowow says:

    Center is dead. Time to make a statement. That little circle under the baskets (where one cannot charge an offensive foul) was meant to emphasis the penetration of players like Rose, Kobe, Leb, Durant and others. It is a tribute of the League to persuade the crowd we actually don’t miss the one and only 23, greatest of all times, G-D that could do a good NBA career, being able to penetrate despite the lack of a ring under the basket.
    One can say, he who has ENUF rings above the basket, (perhaps on his fingers) does not need one underneath…
    Well, they changed rules to stop Wilt and Shaq when they were active players, but this rule in particular was made to stop G-D, not as an active player, but after his retirement. Another way to establish his superiority. Unprecedented gesture, as one may point out.
    But there was a side effect. The bigger you are, the harder it is to avoid bumping into you on the way in, the worse this ring restricts you from benefiting the size to challenge the charge. So big men are becoming a drawback under the basket. Slimmer power-centers, such as Garnett and Davis now rule the league’s front court. Miami won C’s without a C. Dallas was an exception, but Tyson Chandler was more of the new type, long and slim. Both had dominant big men in the paint, but neither Bosh Nor Nowitzky are C’s. Ever since the admiral retired, SA took 3 more C’s without a C. They play Duncan and Splitter, and Diaw at the paint, none of these would be considered a C.Lakers did better without Bynum than with him, Celtics won a C DESPITE using Perk, more than the opposite. And we saw what happened to Pacers last year, when they added C’s Bynum and Lavoy Allen to their (till then) successful squad. While there is an advantage if you have to grab a rebound the way a wide receiver grabs a football, a light push, either for putback or diverse the course away from the chaos under the basket becomes dominant more and more. The equation is that the lesser player only needs a finger tip on the ball, while the real rebounder must grab it with full contact, perhaps 2 handed. but one could also challenge the outcome after the big man made a grab, and reviews will almost always give the ball to the challenger, slimmer, more agile, quicker to pull hands and other limbs away from the ricocheted ball. The center becomes the loser of all this. A big man without a real purpose, too big to duck his own rebound, when challenged.
    So brother, repeat after me, C is dead.

  11. MartinLakers says:

    The Lakers could take the Brooks Lopez’s Risk of future injury (what would they risk more with their standing right now….) and many teams could feel that way,,,, for a center of that value, it seems possible.

    But for the others two… who would want them? seriously almost no one…..

  12. The Voice In The Distance says:

    The Nets might have dug themselves into a hole they can’t get out of in the short term. All three players have big contracts and none are in their last year. Finding trades that would work by the numbers and teams willing to take on those contracts could prove tricky. The vast majority of the trades people are suggesting in the comments will not work because of the numbers involved in the salaries, in some cases by a very long way.

  13. JOC3 says:

    Celtics need Lopez we need a big man over 7 foot besides olynyk and lopez can score from the post at a consistent basis

    • artifex says:

      The last time Celtics traded with the Nets it meant the down slope for the Green. Only Humphreys was better than I expected. Now Celtics are where they are but should rebuild as they started. What they need is some veteran leaders, not necessarily on the field but for the team. Pierce would have been exactly that – should*ve been the Celtic forever. But someone like Jermaine ONeal was in the past seasons.
      I theink Rondo is a better team player than many think, but hey can do with some more…

  14. Dusty Mustard says:

    Hey Knicks – Are you listening? Calderon & JR Smith for D-Will & Joe Johnson. EH!? EEEEEEhhhhhhhh???

  15. Spurs210Champs says:

    D-Will?….seems to be more like D-Wont. Def needs to be coming off the bench for a team who contends. Don’t like him as a starter though.

  16. Joe says:

    I can see the Nets trading Garnett and Joe Johnson to Detroit for Greg Monroe, KCP and two draft picks, Williams can still start in the NBA, I see a 3 way trade between the Nets, Knicks, and Wolves, Nets get Rubio from Wolves and draft picks from Kincks, Knicks get Williams and Corey Brewer, Wolves get Jose Calderon and Draft Picks from both teams. Lopez could go to the Suns for Alex Len and Gerald Green.

  17. bonsiwells says:

    the nets are on the best way. the best way to earn “the worst team in the league” spot. time to get rid of those old-aged salary killers. find some new young talents and form a new franchise player. sure that means hard work: But look for example what phoenix is building with bledsoe, dragic and len.

    D-will is the most overrated PG ever 17 PPG and 6 APG is not all-star like. Would name a lot of guys in front of him speaking of the best PG in the league: CP3, damian Lillard, Tony Parker…just to mention a few.
    I like Lopez and Johnson, but they should help other teams more.

    The nets should take Dennis Schröder from atlanta as PG and look for some other available young talents.

  18. Caleb Raymonvil says:

    Heat lets get Joe Johnson and Deron Williams

  19. Chief says:

    D.Willams and Joe Johnson to the Bulls for D.Rose

  20. Budgie says:

    The state the Knicks are in and the way we are playing, id take all 3. Never going to happen tho, personally id prefer Rondo.

  21. Kevin01 says:

    Just trade Joe Jonhson !!!!!!!!!!!

  22. lol says:

    joe Johnson to Houston as a PF? Dunno if Joe can rebound and dunno his height but he can play defense and is clutch. I mean Houston miss in my eyes still a PF even thou last season Terence Jones improved. He has been injured all season long but he still aint a guy to be a contender, they need someone at the PF. Lopez would be great too, then D12 can pretty much play as a PF and Lopez has the inside-outside game…

  23. Honestly the way the east is looking who cares if it’s a .400 team
    If you make the playoffs you really have a shot at the Finals
    Why trade….

  24. symphaty for lakers says:

    should make a deal and get brooke lopez, lakers are loaded with PF’s

  25. oj says:

    And who would want any of them? With their salaries, injuries and behaviour these are some of the worst contracts in NBA made by a delusinal owner and GM. Now it´s tankung like Philly or be Knicks II.

  26. Keeper says:

    Brook Lopez to Miami. Ideal fit if he can stay healthy!

  27. Joashpatatas says:

    Brook Lopez is the Bigman they need!!!!! #charlesbarkley #GSWarriors

  28. JerseyGuy says:

    Well…D-Will hasn’t been an allstar since his short stay in Jersey before they stabbed us all in the back and ran lol. I think Brook Lopez is the only one that’ll have suitors honestly. D-Will hasn’t made an All Star game since the final season in NJ, and even then even though it was main’y due to need to make more plays he normally wouldn’t he had his career low in FG% and his career high in TOs that year. Arguably hasn’t been worth what he makes since his days in Utah. Joe Johnson is also a grossly overpaid player, there are better 2 guards out there that make a lot less than he does, he also has the reputation of being a bit of a ball stopper. Brook Lopez is arguably the best offensive center in the league though.

  29. Dragan says:

    Bledsoe for Lopez!
    Would be BINGO for both teams.

  30. jimmy jazz says:

    Charlotte should take a look at Joe Johnson for Lance Stephenson if things don’t improve

  31. Williams hasn’t played well since his first season with the Nets, and I don’t remember the last time Lopez has played 20 straight games. I’m a Spurs fan and a big believer in the Spurs way; Nets are the complete 360 of the Spurs. You can’t win by trading away draft picks for aging overpaid players (even though Johnson has been the most consistent, he is still overpaid). I can understand the whole missing “piece” thing (Richard Jefferson trade) but to trade for 4 aging players with big contracts(Johnson, Williams, Pierce, and Garnett), and trading draft picks; you are, in fact, asking to lose.

  32. New Jersey Nets Fan says:

    I think Lakers might try to get D-will.

    OKC thunders should take a risk on Brook Lopez, they need a low post guy who can score might give them a great boost.

    Joe Johnson maybe to the Clippers buy probably can’t offer too much for the Nets liking.

  33. Phil Foster says:

    Oh man Karma…. Jazz should pick Dwill back up and put him on the bench… #Sarcasm he is a coach killer.. he burned his bridges big time with sloan any team that goes after him is taking a huge risk.

  34. bigd_84095 says:

    Looks like the Jazz once again came out on the right side of that trade. Now the Nets are trying to get rid of Deron after they gave up Favors, Devin Harris, and a first round draft pick to get him in the first place. Brilliant work by Kevin O’Connor. Genius work there.

  35. Hopefully they will trade Garnett to either Cavs, Warriors or Spurs, so that he can get the chance of another championship, it would be very good for him, and he derserve it, Maybe Kevin Garnett for Tiago Splitter in Spurs, or for Marreese Speights in Warriors would be great fits..

  36. Woffie says:

    ” thestateofhiphop
    December 9, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    Wooow. Just goes to show you, you can’t just throw talent together and get a Championship! You need chemistry. This is why Melo will never win a championship. Him and JR (probably the two most talented players next to Calderon and Stoudemire are unwelcoming. The Nets are a motley crew of could-have-beens…sorry boys. Jay-Z saw that and bounced, just used it as a gimmick”

    This. Sick and tired of rich team managerial habit of putting up teams fully loaded with hot players without actual notion of how a good team works. That’s why I’ve always wanted this nets to fail as they have, and at the beginning wanted the Heat to do so.

  37. Olias says:

    D-Will has the talent to be the best point guard in the league. He was on the verge of that when he was with with my Utah Jazz. Brooklyn has a horrible offense and Derron has never fit at all with it. Derron needs a fluid and mobile offense with the ability for him to post up at times. I think if the Lakers can acquire Williams, they could turn their team around immediately. As far as Johnson, I’d love to see the Jazz try to get him. But at all costs, get Derron out of Brooklyn, it’s just not fair to him or the organization cause their offensive direction is nauseating.

  38. Nicholas says:

    Kaboom..!! Time to blow things up & have a fresh start.

  39. gotenks says:

    hows about handing dem jerseys to jay-z n beyonce?!

  40. bf1900 says:

    d will is highly overated

  41. Garen says:

    RIP in pepperonis boys. Kappa.

  42. Lee Lozada says:

    Trade all of ’em now! Trade someone to the Knicks, Atlanta and Charlotte.

  43. nba says:

    no one will want lopez hes has been a injury = more injurys never healthy, willian doesnt seen to be that guy he deserve that much money, the only good player is joe johnson

  44. random dude says:

    Rajon Rondo needs another team

  45. peter mitenbuler says:

    Please give KG to the Spurs, Cavs, or Warriors. He deserves better in his last chariot stroll into the horizon. Don’t waste this man’s season with a deficient team. Trade Lopez, Williams, and Johnson. Keep Teletovic, Plumlee, Karasev, and BOG. Build around these guys. Try to obtain Sved for Kirilenko and Stevenson from Charlotte. Rebuild with this young core. BLOW IT UP.

    • Jeff says:

      KG would probably even prefer to go back to Minnie for old times sake. At least the nets could get something for him there. Unfortunately there’s not much other than lottery picks at the others (and one would suspect late first round at best).

  46. Big Willy Style says:

    Good luck with that!

  47. choblya says:

    Raptors should ggo after J.Johnson

  48. Dionte Christmas says:

    It has been unpopular at times, but I have always maintained that Deron Williams has not been elite since before he fell out with Sloane. I don’t see them getting much in return for any of those three players – certainly not if they are still in “win now” mode.

  49. mmmmmmm says:

    Wolves should be aall over this deal… Just saying

  50. Chris says:

    Trade William + Lopez to Laker for lin+nash+jordan hill+ 2 future first round pick

  51. Aristotle says:

    Send Brook to Phoenix and watch his injuries disappear.

  52. Laramie says:

    Definitely over paid players

  53. roger says:

    finally the nets have come to their senses.

  54. super_lonny says:

    Please please please
    DO NOT. TRADE. the best thing to happen to the nets. Since Jason Williams

  55. harriethehawk says:

    Joe Johnson and Derron Williams are both bums. Trade away! Hawks don’t need them either.

  56. Unkle Daddy says:

    Always thought this roster could work if coached right, but never thought it would. Nobody in the original starting five from when this team was put together can play without the ball, and that has hurt them badly.

  57. Toni says:

    MIAMI -> “TAKE” <- Brook Lopez !!!

  58. LOL! they spent too much on a team that ain’t winning lol

  59. #BULLS says:

    The lockout season ruined some players. Some of them came back out of shape and fat (i.e Deron Willams, Lamar Odom etc…). Some just went down with injuries. Think about how many ACL/MCL/Meniscus tears have happened since then….

  60. Wooow. Just goes to show you, you can’t just throw talent together and get a Championship! You need chemistry. This is why Melo will never win a championship. Him and JR (probably the two most talented players next to Calderon and Stoudemire are unwelcoming. The Nets are a motley crew of could-have-beens…sorry boys. Jay-Z saw that and bounced, just used it as a gimmick

  61. lol says:

    Lopez, when healthy he is the best big man in the league. He can score, inside & outside game, can play defensive, block, rebound… and is clutch. I mean he just has to get healthy again and stay.

  62. JOHN says:

    I am really curious of the value these players would project and what teams would even be interested in them! I love lopez’s offensive game but the injuries would scare away many teams in my opinion. Its not going to help when you factor in his lack of desire to rebound the ball! I guess deron would be the most versatile as far a finding a suitor but there isn’t really a team that jumps out at me! Im thinking Joe Johnson to the clipps would be an ideal fit!

    • Jeff says:

      100% Agree. Although Clips need a SF and Joe is a tad small although he plays there now. Cannot understand why Nets didn’t get some role players in their mix. Far too many ball hungry people that under supply because they are to busy fighting for the ball. They should try and trade for some promising rookies if they want any hope of being competitive in 5 years time. Mostly they are headed for obscurity which is why Kidd bailed in the first place.

  63. ATLien says:

    Wow if they fall into the lottery… And Atlanta take the pick from them…smh and still make the playoffs this year… Who would coach bud draft next year??? The hawks up next…

  64. dustydreamnz says:

    I didn’t see this coming, interesting. I think Joe Johnson would be the biggest pick up.

    • Javis says:

      The Lakers could use anyone of these guys. I would definently be rooting for the Lakers a lot more if, D-Will goes there. But, I’m not sure what kind of pieces they’ll have to give up that would interest the NETS & still keep them in a “Win-Now” situation. But, they’ll at least dump a lot of salary with who ever & if any body goes. The players in question performance have been excellent except for Brook Lopez. He’s been having trouble adjusting to Hollin’s system, & is even becoming somewhat of a liability on the floor despite his offensive prowess. I think the 2 spot needs some help. Bog is shooting way too much even though that’s his game but, he’s missing. A starting shooting guard may be too much for him. Should start Alan Anderson is his place. He deserves it & provides defenses.