Curry warns against distraction

Mark Jackson coached the Warriors (and Stephen Curry) for three seasons before being relieved after the 2013-14 season.

Mark Jackson coached the Warriors for three seasons before being fired after the 2013-14 season.

You watch the Warriors play, so free and easy, so loose and happy, almost as if dancing to a rhythm that only they can hear.

Best record in the league. Best start in franchise history.

So what could stop the music?

Only a distraction that would take everyone’s mind off the next game and the next game and dwell on a festering wound from the past.

That’s what leading scorer Stephen Curry seemed to be saying when he responded to team owner Joe Lacob’s recent remarks about why he replaced Mark Jackson with Steve Kerr as head coach.

Lacob had already issued an email apology when Curry felt compelled to put the focus back onto the basketball court.

Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle had Curry’s take on the situation:

“I think it’s unfortunate that it’s a distraction from what’s going on right now,” point guard Stephen Curry said after the team prepped for Monday night’s game against Minnesota.

“Obviously, we’re playing well. You can nitpick what’s different between this year and last year, but you’re talking about two great coaches. I feel like Coach Kerr is doing his job great, and Coach Jackson did his job the way he thought was right. Obviously, there was a lot of success with it.”

After initially saying he had no comment, Kerr said: “I’ll just repeat what I’ve said all year, which is ‘I inherited a hell of a team.’ There have been a lot of good things done in this organization — the front office, coaching staff, player development. I’m sitting here with a great team. We have the best record in the league. That didn’t happen because our staff showed up. It’s happened over the course of several years, and a lot of people deserve credit for that, including the previous staff.”

Until last week, the Warriors had gone out of their ways to heap equal amounts of praise on Jackson for changing the franchise’s culture during his three-season run in the Bay Area and Kerr for taking the organization to the next level this season. Speaking at a venture capitalists luncheon Wednesday, Lacob strayed from the company lines.

Lacob said Jackson didn’t really know X’s and O’s, refused to hire a top-notch assistant coaching staff and wasn’t very likeable.”

Curry seemed to appreciate Lacob offering the apology.

“For him to apologize, it’s a big gesture,” the point guard said. “My whole thing is not to discredit anything Coach Jackson did, because he was such a great coach for us and elevated a lot of our individual games. I’m proud of that and appreciate that. Obviously, it’s a new era and a new experience that we’re in right now and that we’re enjoying.”

You know the old saying about fish rotting from the head down. Give Curry credit for making the point that the Warriors don’t a lingering bad odor of past resentment to take their minds off the task of moving ahead.


  1. Kirby Record says:

    Given the widespread attacks and mockery of Kerr before he took the job, it’s refreshing to see how fair, honest and level-headed he is as coach of the Warriors. And to say the least, doing a fantastic job of coaching. Jackson was great too and he was unfairly fired but SF with essentially the same team is a even better offensively and holding its own defensively. Wouldn’t it be the sports story of the year if Kerr won the NBA title in his first season as coach? And it’s unlikely but possible based on what SF has done so far.They would give anyone a fight in a seven game series.

  2. mike says:

    Yeah, makes sense.

  3. dustydreamnz says:

    Yep, get on with it.

  4. ciugaz says:

    This start shows how big the potential of this team is. Nevertheless Jackson was a good coach, with him they were good but not great as they are today.

  5. wes says:

    warrior owner Lacob better shut his trap and learn how to be a NBA owner, instead of becoming a punk like Mark Cuban was when he just bought the Dallas Mavs. To come out & say in public why you fired and replaced a prior coach is STUPID!! Just shut your yap and let your team play ball Lacob

  6. wes says:

    he’s on TV

  7. harriethehawk says:

    Where is Mark Jackson?