Nowitzki walks back ‘dumb’ Hinrich quote

VIDEO: Monte Ellis is fouted by Kirk Hinrich and makes three free throws to force overtime

MILWAUKEE – Dirk Nowitzki felt bad 24 hours later for calling Kirk Hinrich‘s play on Dallas’ Monta Ellis late in regulation Tuesday “one of the dumbest fouls I’ve ever seen.”

It wasn’t as if Nowitzki was revealing any secrets after the Mavericks’ double-overtime victory at United Center – Hinrich owned the mistake and called it “bonehead play” for fouling Ellis at a point when the Mavericks shooting guard was able to go into his shooting motion. The foul – with 1.2 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Bulls up 108-105, out of a timeout with 4.5 seconds left – sent Ellis to the line for three free throws. He hit all of them to force overtime and, on his way to a game-high 38 points, scored seven of Dallas’ 11 in the second overtime.

Afterward, in a grateful Mavs’ locker room, Nowitzki merely said what thousands in the arena or viewing on TV were thinking. But he felt a little sheepish a day later, given the play his “dumbest” comment got on the Internet.

“I didn’t mean to put my man Kirk on the spot like that,” he said before Dallas’ game at Milwaukee Wednesday. Nowitzki was held out of the Bucks game more for rest than for a sore back that bothered him Tuesday. The veteran 7-footer also sat out Saturday at Philadelphia for rest.

“Kirk’s actually my guy,” Nowitzki said. “We went to dinners before. … It was just an unfortunate play. It was just way too late. They had a chance to foul [Richard Jefferson] when he caught the ball. And they had a chance to foul Monta when he dribbled two or three times up the floor. The situation was just a bad one. It was fortunate for us.

“He’s a good dude. A hard-nosed player. He made two great 3’s right before that to put ’em in position to win. I have nothing but respect for Kirk Hinrich.”


  1. TD21 says:

    Nowitzki needs to learn how to have a fundamental apology to have a legendary career. He should consider playing in a Spurs uniform with the immortal Old Man Riverwalk to win his second championship.

  2. Rockets Man says:

    Nowitzki didn’t mean anything mean when he said it. But everybody immediately jumped to the conclusion that Dirk insulted him. Typical media instigating something that isn’t there!

  3. Noitidart says:

    Dirks a good guy. And Kriks a good guy. It was good Kirk sent the game to overtime we got to see awesome play from Rose, consistent play in clutch from Jimmy and especially Pau.

    And the Bulls need to learn from that game, they played a horrible game throughout, getting confused on defense they were giving way open 3’s. So it’s good Kirk did that. And Dirk is right, if it wasn’t for Kirks two 4th quarter threes, Bulls wouldn’t be in position to win.

  4. lbj says:

    That’s just how basketball goes.

    The Kirk Hinrich’s of the NBA will sometimes make mistakes, or as they call it, “bonehead” plays. (Remember King Lebron screening for Norris Cole in the preseason?)

    On the other hand, the Javale McGee’s of the NBA will sometimes make great plays.

  5. mmmmmmm says:

    no offense, but that play was just…
    YOUR UP BY THREE, AND YOU GIVE HIM THREE EASY SHOTS!? Come on. THat is a play a 6th grader would make CMON!

  6. harriethehawk says:

    Stick to basketball, Dirk.