Toronto’s DeRozan out indefinitely

VIDEO: DeRozan goes down during Friday’s game

DeMar DeRozan had been a remarkably durable player for the Toronto Raptors in his first six seasons, missing just 10 games out of a possible 394 due to injury. He is the only Raptors player to start all 82 games twice, and he has missed only two since the end of the 2012-13 season.

That changes now, per the team’s Twitter report Saturday afternoon:

DeRozan, Toronto’s leading scorer (19.4 points) and minutes-man (33.6 per game), left the Raptors’ game Friday at Dallas at 8:23 of the third quarter with what was called a strained left groin. He wound up going scoreless in the 106-102 loss, only the fourth time in his career and the first since April 11, 2010.

The injury comes as Toronto starts a three-games-in-four-nights trip to face the L.A. Lakers Sunday, Sacramento Tuesday and Utah Wednesday. The 6-foot-7 wing player, who ranked third in the NBA in free throws and free-throw attempts and ninth in field-goal attempts, was averaging 25.2 points in five road games this season.

Toronto is 8-3 in the games DeRozan has missed in his career, including one last April for rest before the playoffs.


  1. Alancohenbayside says:

    Jimmy Buckets should research the Raptor roster, but what can you expect from a delusional KNICK fan!

  2. Alancohenbayside says:

    Play Lou Williams at least 32 minutes per game. He is their best and most creative offensive player including addition he will shoot between 6 and 12 foul shots per him and he will produce. He is over his Acl injury!Jimmy Buckets should do more research before posting idiotic comments.He sounds like a KNICK fan.

  3. Alancohenbayside says:

    Play Lou Williams at least 32 minutes per game. He is their best and most creative offensive player including addition he will shoot between 6 and 12 foul shots per him and he will produce. He is over his Acl injury!

  4. Jackitup says:

    I like Fields too. I think he is the top secret weapon Rapters have (007). He has to be the smartest player in all of the NBA.
    Coach has to play him more.

  5. RealTalk says:

    Honestly Demar is a buster and a ball hog. This Guy always tries to fade away and doesn’t play a lick of defense, Not to mention hes always trying to boost his numbers. I’d rather Have T-Ross, atleast hes a confident shooter and can be a great defender if he doesn’t allow middle penetration. DEMAR, your not Kobe nor an All Star. Role player at best

    • Malik says:

      Well honestly your wrong sit down somewhere Demar was the first REAL person on the Raptors to believe that they had a hope all he needed was some support with Kyle signing an extension and Ross still staying by his side they still have a chance they are the top in the East and Demar was a allstar last year. Demar is starting to turn into the best Raptors superstar they had since Vince Carter

  6. Blazer Fan says:

    Raptors do have some depth, but fans claiming everything will be fine are crazy. Your depth is now gone. You lose 20 points a night and it will strain your roster to the max. Now, on a slightly off shooting night, the slack that used to exist is no longer there. The Raps have a hard nosed team, I love the way they are playing, but this is a big blow. Fans saying otherwise are in the early stages of denial. Hopefully he is back after a month and all is well. It certainly helps the east is so bad.

    • Malik says:

      Ok you are right they do lose depth and 20 points a night but that’s what bench players are for that’s why they got Lou Williams and James Johnson and the new rookie Bruno they will still be at the top of the list without Derozan their defanse can win some big games

  7. Im cooler then all of you says:

    Honestly it doesn’t really affect them much (and I like DD a lot)

    this will allow T-Ross Da’ Boss to shoot more and Vasquez to play more. they will likely continue to win and not even notice hes gone.

    Hes an OK defender but nothing to be fearful of losing.

    Toronto is just way to deep. they have 5 starting guards ready to play

    • lbj says:

      Lucky for the Raptors that they have a deep team.

      However, this is just bad luck for DeRozan. It’s starting to look like a great year for the Raptors. I hope he gets back to the court soon. It’s never good for the game and the league when players go down due to injury.

      By the way, there’s no one cooler than the king.


  8. Shadybob says:

    lol at the guy who said the raps have no depth

  9. gaz says:

    LOL at the joker who said toronto has no depth xD they’re deeeep guards wise, not so deep in the big men department though

  10. BMac1986 says:

    Well this will for show what the Raptors are and where they are at as a true test cause every team goes through injuries but can you still stay competative enough to win close games without one of your best players. I hope Demarr gets better soon but no point bringing him back to soon only to get hurt again. Im betting the Raps will start either Lou Williams or James Johnson is his spot depending on the matchup which defensively James Johnson is your better option but if your looking for Offence you go with Lou Williams and knowing Dwane Casey being the defensive minded coach he will opt to use James Johnson most nights. Ross and JV will have to step up thier game now and thier bench will have to aswell. Will this give us a more chance of seeing Coboclo get some playing time aswell, perhaps expecailly against the Lakers.

  11. Rollie says:

    “Double- D” (Demar Derozan) will survive this injury, and will be back in no time. But NO HURRY. I like his enthusiasm to get back to basketball right away to make the Toronto Raptors # 1 in the east. On the other hand, Kyle Lowry, Terrence Ross, James Johnson, Amir Johnson, and JV should dominate every game they’ll gonna have to be the best that they can be. Lastly, I still predict the NBA Finals: “San Antonio Spurs vs. Toronto Raptors” on June, 2015. It will remain as I predicted before.

  12. Pongek says:

    If you followed raptors in the past few games Demar has never been so effective. and i think it is time for Ross to step up or could be Lou to start. but i doubt it, it will be Landry Fields then Lou as a game changer.

  13. Raptors big fan says:

    Toronto have a better ball movement without derozan. Just like last year. And that is the biggest reason toronto is winning, there ball movement. Derozan is good in isolation and drawing fouls but that kills there ball movement. Toronto is better when the opponent doesnt know who will shoot the ball. Derozan and gay are all star calliber players and they are good, but they are also ball hogs. Minus one they start winning. Minus two they win more. Remember without derozan they are 8-3.

  14. Jimmy Buckets says:

    No depth…..not enough talent, Toronto will always be garbage.

  15. PrimeT says:

    Get well soon DeMar and come back when you are 100%

  16. Chike Obi says:

    The beat will go on. The Raptors got here by playing team basketball. I doubt that the temporary loss of their best player will tear their team chemistry. #Northstrong

  17. Nava says:

    Get well soon. He is a good player. But team has to focus winning games until his return. Everyone is confident that Raptors will do better. Go Raptors Go . There are players to step up until his return.

  18. Tdot says:

    Raps are a deep team with a next man up mentality. This gives an opportunity to show why Lowry DESERVES to be an all-star this season while providing an opportunity for Ross and JV to step up and develop. Take the time you need to recover fully since this is an injury that can linger long-term if not recovered properly. Hope for a sppedy and full recovery DeMar!!! #WETHENORTH

  19. smokinpro says:

    We will get to find out just how deep the raptors are, this is an unfortunate way to find that out, but it is a reality of pro sports and life. That last game against Dallas, saw the Raptors revert back to some of the practices that made them struggle in the past, individual play over ball and man movement, failure to box out and keep dallas’ bigs off the off. boards, missing free throws, with or without Derozan, if that continues they are about to spiral fast!

  20. Keith says:

    Great Player and his stats are amazing, it’s rare that you get to see such a great athlete keeps himself from getting inured for such a long time. Hope he comes back fast.

  21. Mr Sumit says:

    I love him very much just want to say something Get Well soon..!!

  22. Noitidart says:

    Man I hate injuries. As a Bulls fan I seriously can feel him. DeRozan walked off the court like a MAN though! Handling all that pain.

  23. i feel really bad for him….but i’ll be winning in my fantasy team because of this lol

  24. Peta? Who Peta? says:

    Ross needs to step up and live upto last years 50 point game !!!

  25. john philip mahusay says:

    much love here in the PHILIPPINES.

  26. john philip mahusay says:

    get well soon bro, # wethenorth

  27. harriethehawk says:

    That’s really bad news for the Raptors. Let’s just hope that Lou Williams can step up!!

  28. Singapore Toronto Raptor Supporter says:

    From Singapore:

    Get well soon Demarr! “We the North!”

  29. michael says:

    Hey maybe we get lucky we traded Gay and became better now no Derozan so we wait and see!!!!!

  30. Al says:

    This will be a good test for the Raptors. With Demar out, it will allow Ross and JV to step up their game. Start Patterson or Fields in Demar’s place and keep the second unit going. No need to worry, It will be Ross getting more points and Sweet Lou stepping up again.

  31. Ken says:

    As a Bulls fan, I feel for DeRozan and the Raptors. Better this happened early in the season so he has a chance to recover and get into form for the playoffs.

  32. Thereallostsoul says:

    People in toronto were wondering when the balloon would burst……..BUUUUUURST!!!!!!

  33. Revant Kumar says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how the team finds a silver lining in this. Their bench doesn’t have too much room for potential improvement but Ross and JV should develop their game as well as confidence.
    And out of purely naive fandom: Bruno could be playing as a starter in a few months after a couple as a backup.

  34. J says:

    Que cosa oye, that is not good…..

  35. TheKush says:

    Ouch! I don’t know how they replace him! He’s one of the rare guards that take the ball to the basket instead of jacking hail mary 3’s all game long.

  36. tgo says:

    now will be the true measure of the depth of the toronto raptors

  37. Bird33 says:

    Our best wishes for a speedy recovery DeMar! All of Canada will be rooting for your safe and healthy return to the hardwood.

    A CDN Celtics fan who also roots for the Dino’s….as long as I turn off the volume so I don’t have to listen to Devlin and Jack….uggg!

  38. Chris says:

    Tough break for Derozan and the Raps. Now which way do you go? Just move up Williams? Slide Ross over to the 2 and start J Johnson? Start Fields to keep rotations? Looking at the roster, they really are only 2 deep at the 1,2 and 3 positions.

  39. comment says:

    i hope u get better sooner than later…..its lou william time to start

  40. Goshua says:

    Time for everyone in the team to step up and in the end the Raptors will become a stronger team through this experience!

  41. tdot says:

    As much as I hate seeing anyone go down with an injury, let’s be real.

    Demar has not played. Inconsistent. He’s about as efficient as Kobe with his shot right now, and it’s frustrating to see a player with his athleticism chuck up so many jump shots, even when they’re clearly not falling.

    His defense however will be missed. Other than Kyle, Torontos guards are average defenders at best. Lou and G.V will have to step up their D.

    • Argh, you people need to understang says:

      DeRozan, regardless of consistency, spaces the floor, allowing more space for Kyle Lowry to work. He also is a magnet for the opponent’s best wing defender, which would free up guys like Lou Williams and Terrence Ross.

      DeRozan being out is a huge blow, but with so many trash teams in the East, the Raptors can survive.

    • Argh, you people need to understand says:

      DeRozan, regardless of consistency, spaces the floor, allowing more space for Kyle Lowry to work. He also is a magnet for the opponent’s best wing defender, which would free up guys like Lou Williams and Terrence Ross.

      DeRozan being out is a huge blow, but with so many trash teams in the East, the Raptors can survive.