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Turning toxic in Los Angeles? | Beal is back | Thunder, Rockets combine for ugly battle | Revisiting the ‘Melo trade

No. 1: Turning toxic in Los Angeles? — The Los Angeles Lakers entered this season with high hopes. Sure, the roster wasn’t as strong as it has been in years past, but they had a healthy Kobe Bryant, and if there’s anything we’ve learned through the years, it’s to not bet against Kobe. But the power of positive thinking apparently doesn’t extend to defensive rotations or offensive consistency, as the Lakers have gotten off to a franchise-worst 1-9 start. And last night’s 136-115 loss to the Warriors may portend even worse things ahead, as some players seem to be unhappy with Kobe’s volume shooting while coach Byron Scott wasn’t thrilled with the team’s defense, writes’s Baxter Holmes:

Scott lambasted his team’s effort, saying that he showed video to his players at halftime of them jogging when they should’ve been running. They didn’t change.

“I can fix that, basically, and [I] will starting Tuesday,” Scott said.

That’s when the Lakers will play the Hawks in Atlanta.

“It’s just going to be a very short leash,” Scott said. “If I see, in my eyes, that you’re not giving that effort, then I’ll just pull guys out.”

He added, “I think we have some guys right now, because of some of the injuries that we have, that feel that they’re almost entitled because they’ve got to play. Well, we’re losing anyway, so I ain’t got to play you.”

Then there was Bryant, who scored 44 points on 15-of-34 shooting from the field in 31 minutes. It was his most points since he tore his Achilles in 2013, and it came on a night when he wasn’t sure if he’d play with a viral infection anyway.

Kobe's shot chart vs. Warriors

Kobe Bryant’s shot chart vs. Golden State

But Bryant shot the ball like it was a hot potato, launching it almost the second he caught it, no matter where he was, no matter how contested the shot was.

He shot 13 field goals in the first quarter; the rest of the Lakers shot 15.

He had 24 shots at halftime; the rest of the Lakers shot 32.

At intermission, he was on pace to set a new career-high for field-goal attempts in a game, besting the 47 he shot in November 2002 against Boston.

But for as much as he shot, and for as much as he scored, the Lakers kept falling further and further behind, eventually by as much as 38.

“We look up there, and we see that we’re winning by 30, 40 points, that 44 is really irrelevant,” Warriors backup center Marreese Speights said.

All the while, the Lakers looked far less like a team and more like one player.

In their locker room after, frustration boiled over more than at any point this season — and it was quite clear which direction most of it was aimed.

Said Carlos Boozer: “A lot of times we run a set, but Kobe is extremely aggressive. And then we try to hit the glass, get it off the glass. We’ve got to find a balance. It can’t be lopsided. We’ve got to find a balance.”

Said Jeremy Lin: “The game of basketball is … we’ve got to do it together. It can’t be … if I go into a game concerned about myself, then in some ways that’s detrimental to the team.”

Lin later added, “There’s so many things wrong right now. At the top of the list, I would say communication, trust and effort.”

Bryant defended his volume shooting, using metaphors about crime.

“Obviously I’d rather get guys involved early, but if a purse gets stolen in front of you, how many blocks are you going to let the guy run?” he asked.

“You going to chase him down and keep him in sight yourself or just wait for the authorities to get there, or decide to let him run and wait for the authorities to get there? It’s a tough thing.”

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant talks after the Lakers’ loss to the Warriors


No. 2: Beal is back (at practice) for Wizards — After adding Paul Pierce to an already strong lineup featuring the dynamic backcourt of John Wall and Paul Pierce, the Washington Wizards were expected to be one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference this season. Those expectations were dampened a bit in the preseason when Beal fractured his wrist and was forced to miss the start of the season. But even without Beal, the Wizards have gotten off to an impressive 7-2 start. And yesterday, reports the Washington Post, coach Randy Wittman confirmed that Beal is returning to practice today, with hopes of returning to game action later this week…

Wittman, as expected, stopped short of giving an exact date for Beal’s season debut. Beal hopes he can play Friday against the Cleveland Cavaliers, exactly six weeks after sustaining the injury. But, as Wittman explained, it depends on how the wrist responds during practice.

“This is a day-to-day thing,” Wittman said after the Wizards topped the Orlando Magic, 98-93, at Verizon Center on Saturday night. “I can’t tell you Friday he’s going to be ready or next week. He’s got to get on the floor. He’s got to get his timing. The last thing we want to do is throw him out there when he’s not really ready yet to play. He missed a long time so he’s got to get his legs back under him and all that and we’ll see where that is.”


No. 3: Thunder, Rockets combine for ugly battle — While the Oklahoma City Thunder wait for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook to return from injury, they’ve tried to stay competitive until their stars return. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Last night against Houston, the Thunder’s offensive woes continued in a major way. While the Rockets put up a miserable offensive performance, finishing the game shooting just 28.7 percent from the floor, it was still enough to beat the Thunder, who scored just 65 points. As The Oklahoman reports, the Thunder may be losing, but they haven’t lost their fighting spirit…

And in the end, Houston emerged as the first team since the Detroit Pistons in March 2005 to win without scoring at least 70 points.

“That game will not go in the NBA Hall of Fame,” Rockets coach Kevin McHale said.

But despite the avalanche of bricked shots, the night certainly didn’t lack intrigue.

Dating back to the James Harden trade and ensuing 2013 playoff series – which featured Patrick Beverley infamously ending Russell Westbrook’s season on an attempted steal – these teams have harbored a clear on-court disdain for each other. This rivalry continues to add layers.

Dwight Howard and Steven Adams got tangled up on numerous occasions. Kendrick Perkins and Beverley got a double technical for continued arguing. Rockets newcomer Trevor Ariza even got into the act – shoving Adams to the ground after a rebound.

But the most memorable scrum happened with nine minutes left.

As the teams were separating for a timeout, Sebastian Telfair and Beverley got into a brief argument that led Beverley to turn and discuss things with referee Bill Kennedy. But Beverley did it in a demonstrative manner, sticking his head extremely close to Kennedy’s.

That led to Thunder coach Scott Brooks charging onto the court, marching right into the situation.

“I saw Beverley get in his face,” Brooks said. “You never know what can happen in this league. This league gives you some surprises at times. I was a little worried for Bill.”

Brooks’ involvement only escalated things. Beverley began to yell at the Thunder coach and then both sides descended for one of those brief NBA shoving and shouting matches. Howard and Kevin Durant engaged in an animated argument, with Durant lobbing some profanity-laced insults toward the Rockets big man.

“Is that called contentious now in the NBA?” McHale joked. “I thought that was a little catfight.”


No. 4: Revisiting Melo — In 2011, the Knicks traded a sizable haul of players and picks to Denver for Carmelo Anthony. Three years later, The New York TimesHarvey Araton checks in with the principles to see how the trade has worked out so far…

Watching Anthony toy with Danilo Gallinari in the post on Sunday was almost painful for anyone who liked the early looks of him and hoped that a well-functioning unit was in the process of being assembled.

Gallinari, who missed all of last season, came off the bench to make 1 of 5 shots from the field, scoring 5 points. He participated in an unsightly second quarter in which the Nuggets shot 1 for 16, were outscored by 31-8 and didn’t make a field goal until Ty Lawson banked in a layup at the first-half buzzer.

Recovering from serious knee injuries can test a player. Sometimes the knee isn’t ready for the pace of the game, or the mind doesn’t believe the knee is ready to do what it once did.

“I used to go to the paint and have a couple of dunks,” Gallinari said. “I’m not doing that right now.”

Nate Robinson was a teammate of Gallinari’s in New York and is again in Denver, where he signed as a free agent last year. Asked for his remembrance of the 2010 shootout, and the place Gallinari happens to be now, Robinson snapped, “So are you saying he’s not a great player anymore?”


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: Things look to be good between Shaq and KobeRudy Gay and the Sacramento Kings have reportedly agreed to a three-year contract extension … Promising Orlando rookie Aaron Gordon is out indefinitely after fracturing his foot … Is Corey Brewer available on the trade market? … Raymond Felton will begin serving his four-game suspension today …


  1. Someone Else says:

    Kobe Bryant once again tries to defend himself by talking complete nonsense.

    High volume shooting has always been his game and he probably still thinks he can win a game and carry a team by himself – two things he has never been anywhere close to good enough to do.

    He probably desperately wants the all-time scoring record though he would always deny it if asked. After he broke the all-time missed field goal record he said he doesn’t take notice of that sort of thing. No doubt if he broke scored field goal record and/or the points scored record you can bet he’d take notice then.


    There have been plenty of great teams with only one great player that shot way more than everybody else. Allen Iverson went to the Finals against Kobe&Shaq with Eric Snow, George Lynch, 40 yr old Dikembe, Aaron McKie etc. Reggie Miller led the Pacers to the Finals with Rik Smits, Dale Davis, Mark Jack. The problem on the Lakers is the role players think they are better than they are.

  3. Rhedz03 says:

    Kobe is a great scorer..You gotta give him credit for his scoring ability…BUT…basketball is a game played with team mates….So maybe if kobe tries to facilitate more and get his team mates involve then they can say they are playing basketball…For now its more of a one man show..wether lakers is winning or losing what’s happening is still a one man show…You dont need great players in a just need good players and a team play and you can win ball games…Boozer still got some game on his tank…lin is still young and can give more…kobe is a true veteran and a superstar that can do alot of things..not just scoring…

    Just my 2 cents…

  4. anak sehat says:

    People who can’t play basketball or don’t know basketball complain about kobe’s game, what is new? If you really have what it takes to win, just shut up and let your game talk. Defense wins championship. Defend like you mean it and see where it gets you. If elite defense can’t help the lakers, then you can say offense is the problem. If you don’t want to defend because you are not happy, then you are really just an amateur not a professional, and you deserve to lose.

  5. Antonio Perez says:

    kobe thinks that the only way to win is by outscoring his opponent in a shooting contest

  6. Magic says:

    Kobe is a winner. He likes to win. But he’s also an intelligent guy. He knows he can’t win with this roster. So what does he do? He opts to win whatever he can. A scoring title, a difference maker, w/e it may be. He also has something to prove. It’s almost like he’s at fault for their terrible start, but at the same time, all he cares about is the “W.” I know that sounds contradictory, but in his mind he’s doing what they need to win. His mindset is skewed, but he is the most competitive and gutsy player in the league right now. When I say he’s “intelligent” its that he believes he can will wins on his own, but at the end of the day, if all else fails he’ll have something to show for it (scoring title, moving up on all time scoring list, etc.). He just likes to win, no matter what “win” that may be.

    OKC is a heartbreaker. They could have been a title contender once again with slight improvement. There is hope: if Durant and Westbrook can come back with little rust, they can make the 7 or 8th seed (considering Clippers woes and the bottom 2 always being open). Then, barring injury (like Ibaka against SA) they can make it to the Finals. And if that happens, I predict their first championship 9the East is just too much in flux for me to believe whoever comes out will win it all).

  7. Juan Escobedo says:

    Tell Kobe it’s better for five guy to be chasing the purse robber than just one guy don’t you think so ?

  8. ckaar says:

    kobe should watch the spurs play team basketball.

  9. tracie says:

    Kobe’s game hasn’t changed all of these years and it won’t anytime soon. The Lakers offered him the money and he was smart enough to take it. Professional athletes put a lot of wear and tear on their bodies and most are of the “get all you can while you can” mentality so the Lakers knew they sealed their fate when they gave Kobe that offer. I agree that Kobe NEEDS to share the ball more but he won’t change his game. Only difference now is that he doesn’t have many play makers surrounding him; you know– guys he can trust to create their own shot–so he becomes the scapegoat now that they’re losing so many games. Honestly Laker nation, did you really expect them to make the playoffs?

    • asa says:

      Nobody expects them to make the playoffs, but dont pretend that kobe is the only one that can score on that team, he takes 20 bad shots every game. instead of moving the ball, jeremy lin, boozer, price. kelly all of those guys can score if they get good shots.

      I’m not blaming the 1-9 start on kobe, but he wont win games if the takes 30+ shots and shoots 35-40%. You cant win like that, the ball have to start moving to get better shots.

  10. kobeballhog says:

    No other player in the lakers plays defense? Why? Its coz that kobe ballhog hogs the ball all the time takes all the shots. Theres no fun in playing like that. Kobe gets all the satisfaction while the rest of team gets demoralized. Why would they play defense where on offense they wouldnt even gets the chance shoot the ball moreso touch it. Lakers in the dumps is caused by no other than kobe. Only these blinded kobe fanboys still defending that ballhog.

  11. Gabriel says:

    Ok lets do this. For 10 games we’ll let Kobe shoot up to 10 shots a game and we’ll see how the Lakers do. Im sure if Kobe only shot 10 shots they would be getting blown out by 50 every game. Lakers dont have he talent he is the only one that can get the job done.

    • Andrew says:

      Why does everyone keep saying that? As if it hasn’t happened already. Kobe shot 20 times, the Lakers beat Charlotte by 15, he shot 1-14 and the Lakers lost to the Spurs by 13, he shot 44 times yesterday and the Lakers were down by over 30. We don’t need the guessing, the facts speak for themselves – Kobe shoots less, the Lakers do better.

  12. Jose (Clippa Nation) says:

    The new players haven’t earned the right to complain about Kobe. The new guys, I won’t even call them Lakers, need to earn it to be heard. Trading Kobe is the worst thing Laker management could do but trading the rest of the team wouldn’t faze Laker Nation.

  13. John says:

    Kobe is the best on the team, and he should shoot 40 a game. Individual point is more important for the team. They will lose anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO KOBE score your game 🙂

  14. jay willis says:

    KOBE & D WADE DUO WILL WORK. dwades unselfness and kobe’s greed will even out the team. Bosh is past his prime averging less than 10 points in his last 3 games with dwade not playing. Gonna be funny watching the lakers when Nick Young comes back. Who can hock up more shots by the end of the game?LOL

  15. Jack Bauer says:

    I want to share my thoughts here: (1) Scott is not doing his job. He should limit Kobe’s minutes and save him for the best 20-30 minutes of play at the end of the game; (2) Lin is not doing his job handling the ball. He should ask for ball and facilitate ball movements on court. Boozer and Lin should be more aggressive. What do you get to lose? (3) Kobe shot too much and almost convinced everybody here that he just want to score more for himself and does not care team loss. (4) Everybody should be blamed for terrible defense.

  16. Da Troof says:

    Kobe won championships when he was more willing to share the ball, having said that who can he share the ball with? Boozer? The Lakers roster is awful. # 24 should switch to #34 cuz that’s how many shots he takes and it was his +/- on the floor last night (-34). If Kobe wants to exit the NBA on a positive note he needs to get traded. Lakers fans- get used to losing for a very looooong time.

  17. lbj says:

    This is the most fun Lakers team to watch in a very long time.

    It’s like a primetime sitcom. Every time Kobe shoots, it feels like there should be canned laughter playing in the background.

    The Lakers used to have Phil Jackson to put Kobe on a leash. Now the Lakers have nothing so Kobe is being exposed for what he is as a player and as a teammate.

    In this day and age, Kobe is not the one who has the right to demand that his teammates step up. His teammates are teaching him that if he plays like a ball-hog, then he’s alone as a ball-hog. Good work other Lakers!

  18. teapho says:

    what a statpadder
    scott byron must’ve ok’d the tanking regimen

  19. The greatest ballhog says:

    I think we can all agree Kobe is the greatest ballhog the sport has ever seen.

  20. verysadokcfan says:

    Raymond Felton is a bum.

  21. iceblink says:

    all I notice in this video is the lady reporter on the left of the screen. move a way, kobe!!!

  22. Dilema says:

    I’ve been a Lakers fan for years. I feel that anyone who is a true fan of them has seen the ups & downs big name teams have. There were many star players in LA when Kobe was starting out and Kobe needed to find his place among them. When he did his play got better as well as the team. These are the last seasons of Kobe’s career and these guys are going to have to play to earn the respect of one of the greatest players to hit the court. I would be jacking shots to, if the guys on the floor don’t seem to get the idea of who they have on the court with them and what he expect of them and himself. It took sometime to get Gasol and company on board and when it happened victory. I’m not saying this season will turn around, but I would definitely be trying to get on Kobe’s level when it comes to the idea of winning even if they end up in the loss column.

  23. Jn says:

    Ironically, the Lakers did better last season when Kobe was injured all year. So this talk about “saving the team” doesn’t hold any water, considering that their record was significantly better without him.

  24. TheDiesel says:

    Wait, I thought Shaq was the problem… LOL

  25. Akida says:

    Kobe shot 15-34 and the rest of the team shot 24-67. Blame Kobe for shooting all the time, but at this moment Lakers has no players who are capable of carrying that team other that Kobe. Stop complaining and give your heart out for the Lakers. That’s what Kobe does.

  26. 210LakerFan says:

    Where Swaggy P when you need him.

  27. Akida says:

    If Kobe is so selfish, how did he win 5 rings? How was he able to play with other big name players all these years?

    • TC says:

      no he is not … they all left because of not playing well with Kobe
      give me a big name player that loves to play with Kobe or never complain about Kobe

      • 4-pt Range says:

        Odom, Fox, Fisher, Horry, Gasol, Nash.

      • asdf says:

        @4-pt range, haha you actually mentioned Nash, what does he has to complain about he has barely been on the floor with kobe.

        Rick Fox, Horry, Odom, Fisher were role players. that were just happy to be on a contending team. Fisher and Fox wouldnt have been bigtime players on anyother team, they played their role with superstars on their team like shaq and kobe.

  28. Gillsy says:

    The problem is that Kobe needs someone to set him up if he wants to take that many shots. If he takes 20 shots and hits 10 or 12 everyone is happy. But if he is gun hoe and goes 1 for 500 taking crazy shots, cause he thinks his team cant play Kobe should take some flack.

  29. Gillsy says:

    And the first pick in the NBA draft goes to the Lakers. But really unrest in Laker land there has been unrest there for the last 3 seasons. The only surprising thing with Kobe is that he didn’t get the record for most missed shots earlier in his career. And he then comes out and says he is jealous of the Spurs and TD, what does he expect.

  30. Michael says:

    What Kobe used as metaphor explains his selfishness – “I don’t think my teammates can do it. I don’t trust them. So I rather do it by myself.”

    • soulchorea says:

      Maybe, but honestly it explains how he reads the other players’ body language. He’s ALWAYS done this – soon as he sees you looking soft, or timid, or “trying to figure things out”, he’s gone and figures that his confidence makes his shots more likely to go in than yours. Not saying it’s the most enjoyable situation to be around, but that mentality has brought some great times in LA when the right cast is there, and some horrible times when the wrong cast is there. Unfortunately for him, it’s going to be the latter for the end of his career.

    • lbj says:

      This the reason why King Lebron, despite all the criticism, keeps attracting good players to be play with him wherever he goes.

      Kobe, on the other hand, finally gets the team that he deserves.

  31. Common Sense says:

    in fact, it might actually be better that Byron sit Kobe for a few games. Let the team get some consistency and then have him be off the bench when he comes back. See if he can add sixth man to his list of achievements

  32. Common Sense says:

    This is tough. Kobe saying he doesn’t shoot hoping that his team can step up but they don’t so he is forced to take over the game. Essentially saying that he could keep them in the game if he was the only one shooting. Based on this comment it almost seems like the they would have a better chance to win if the game plan was give Kobe the ball. I obviously don’t agree but that is where the criminal comments are going. If he really wants to get the team to a better state, he should simply let them score. Tell them before the game, I’m not going to shoot unless I am ridiculously open, and be ready, cause this ball is coming to you. And spend at least 10 games with this style only, Let the team get some consistency and then start the criminal talk.

  33. BB says:

    Kobe needs to share the ball more!!! He need to trust in his teammate more. He cannot carry the whole team by himself.

  34. carlos says:

    Trade the ball hog. The season is over anyway.

  35. miguel says:

    Kobe is taking too many shots which frustrates his teammates. They dont try 100% because of that.
    If Lakers shared the ball more the effort would be there but offense would be horrible because the lack of talent.

    So it really doesnt matter who takes the shots for Lakers… They lose anyway

  36. Rändom says:

    L0l. Bryant….. Just taking pointless shots and then wonders why rest of the team is so cold… People can’t even get touches.
    Houston vs Oklahoma last night was quite fun. Score was so low, almost looked like basketball, not another NBA show match with 20 dunks and no defense being played..

  37. Tim says:

    Kobe never took a shot he didn’t like, and he likes them all!!! Notice how none of the better FA flocked to LA to watch Kobe play? Cause if your on a time with Kobe that’s all you can him shoot!!! Can’t wait till he’s gone.

    • Reece says:

      Please tell us who these players that youre talking bout… Lebron went to Cleveland because that’s home… Bosh stayed in Miami, Melo stayed in New York and Love got traded to Cleveland…. So please tell me who these so called stars were that could have came to LA but didn’t because of Kobe????

  38. Michael says:

    This is not basketball. Kobe does a 2004 again and why are we still calling him a legend. All he is concerned about is to set a cumulative record to finish his career as the 2nd highest scorer after Kareem.

    Similar to Sachin Tendulkar in Cricket. High volume low efficiency

    • John Sands says:

      Lol.. sachin Tendulkar had amazing efficiency what are you talking about? Hes the GOAT of cricket

    • soulchorea says:

      LOL this IS basketball – just not the elementary school “Sharing Is Caring” kind of basketball you love so much

      • asdf says:

        Ok then tell me genius, kobe takes 35 shots and shoots 35-40%.

        And the Lakers loose by 20. Is that going to win you games? ehm no.

        The Lakers arent a good team, but their talent arent that BAD. to get blown out by 20 points every night. something needs to change, kobe is old and he needs to change, he cant play like he`s 25 anymore. he cant shoot a high percentage on the shots he takes, so what does he need to do? MOVE THE FREAKIN BALL!!

        It is that simple, hill, davis, boozer are highpercentage finishers around the rim. so maybe they should get some touches?

  39. kilo says:

    Kobe is the problem.

  40. M. Brown (former headcoach) says:

    Kobe should try to break his 82 points record and shoot 40 every game.
    He can’t trust the zombies he’s playing with.

  41. Jay says:

    From the beginning, Kobe’s comments have been hilarious. Basketball is a team game. So as soon as he decides that he wants to be a crime fighting vigilante, he takes it upon himself to shoot and shoot and ultimately lose. If you’re going to lost regardless, why not build the confidence of your teammates? This is who he’s always been though. This is my team, so if that’s the case, and he wants to carry all the weight, then HE’S the reason they’re 1-10. We all know Kobe is great. But enough of this dude… Be a human being dude.

  42. cpcheung says:

    Kobe’s metaphor of a “single individual chasing the thief alone without waiting for the police” should end up facing five criminals during the chase but he still challenges them by fighting alone. Is that wise? One-on-one seems ok to shoot one criminal, but one gun against five guns requires Kobe to be the legendary fast-ling-shot Clint Eastwood!

  43. John Vrenstis says:

    Who seriously would want Kobe as a teammate?
    1) Is a proven very unsympathetic person to his teammates
    2) Decides to get a max salary, when there is a lot of poverty in the world and he has more than he even can spent.
    3) With his huge salary, effectively blocks the Lakers from having the chance to get a better roster and thus becoming a contender
    4) Very selfish player who is unable to win a championship without a decent help. Thank not Kobe for the championships in LA, but thank Shaq and Pau.

    • soulchorea says:

      ahahaha first of all #2 and #3 are the same, and #4 makes no sense – who wins championships without significant help? So basically your only valid point is that he’s not a sympathetic person to his teammates? Why do so many people on here want the NBA to be like elementary school

    • TC says:

      # 2 & 3 Kobe deserve the max salary, the salary cap is just one part of the issue GM need to find their way to build with, which NBA team doesn’t have this problem?

      # 4 MJ needs Pippen, Spurs had big 3, Miami had big 3, Boston had big 3, look at the past 20 years, which champion team is a 1 man team?

      I can only agree that Kobe cannot play well with other big name star players, all big players left LA and no one want to stay. If you disagree what I said, please give me a player who team up with Kobe before, doesn’t need to be a star, that loves to play with Kobe.

      Also, he is taking all the shoot, I want to see him break the record, win or lose is not the focus anymore. If we want to see LA win, he needs to carry his teammate to build confidence and chemistry. I guess Kobe made his choice already.

  44. dustydreamnz says:

    The Lakers had an awful roster even with Randle and Nash. Without them, I expected nothing less than what is happening, I actually feel sorry for Byron Scott because no coach is going to net them many wins this season. As for Bryant, he might be shooting a lot but who else is going to score their points? Apart from Jordan Hill, noone seems to be able to get double figures consistently. The management needs to be blamed as much as anyone for constructing this rabble.

  45. Still livin in the past says:

    All this Kobe fan boy will still gonna deny that Kobe is a ball hog and selfish bad teammate..

  46. FrankL says:

    Even before the season started, there had been lots of comments, negative comments to be specific on the Lakers. Being a Laker fan for so long, I would always say to wait until the season starts before making comments. For the last nine games I watched the Lakers play, with Kobe wanting to win every game having missed most of it last season. However, THIS IS A TEAM I supposed, and not 5 against 1. It might be impossible for Kobe, Byron and Mitch to read this, but, there is no way under heaven and earth that Kobe can do it by himself. HE NEED ALL HIS FOUR TEAM MATES in court to help him, AND HE SHOULD TRUST THEM! Scoring 44 points and lose is a big stupidity. Wake up Kobe, share the ball and get a W. Boozer and Lin surely have points. I’ve been a Kobe fan since his day one in the NBA and I love the guy. But now, something is not just right.

  47. Nick says:

    Kobe shot about 44%, but many nights his shooting percentage is lower – sometimes a lot lower. The problem is morale. It’s hard to have high morale among the players if they are not playing team ball. I just don’t understand the mentality these days. It’s soooo obvious during the playoffs: THE TEAMS THAT PLAY TRUE TEAM BASKETBALL WIN WHEN IT REALLY COUNTS! The game was designed to be played as a TEAM game! Kobe ought to know that. To have the attitude that you’re trying to “rescue” the team from another loss because your teammates aren’t up to the task is a sure-fire way to destroy the team you are supposedly trying to “save”. He will destroy morale and cohesiveness – two of the most important ingredients necessary to establish a winner. A team could have a cadre of some of the best players, but if they don’t jel, develop cohesiveness, morale, and play team ball they will become prey for the teams that contain all of those qualities.
    No wonder Scott can’t get anyone to play defense – they are not getting any chances to play offense! Who cares if you’re on the bench during the Kobe show?

  48. Although this was Kobe’s best game this season, he’s still gotta trust his team. He’s not going to win 1-5 and the deficit just grows larger when he jacks up all those shots. His team has some solid guys that can contribute, he’s just got to let them. Obviously he doesn’t trust them and they’re all getting annoyed over it, but the team is only going to get worse if they play this way. At least the rest of them know they have to play together, as a team. Scott isn’t going to, but if he wanted to be a good head coach he’d bench Kobe for a couple of games.

  49. Zykique says:

    Kobe has had great teammates, who didn’t mind his poor shooting percentages and high shooting volumes; but everybody know its going to be a problem, it’s just a matter of when. Not a fan of lakers bball, but i just hope they pull through this, its so ugly and morale’s definitely rock bottom

  50. TheKush says:

    I think OKC needs to continue playing ugly until Durant comes back! Good defense slow the game down!

  51. Mendozer says:

    Aren’t the Lakers getting about 7 million from Nash and Randle’s injuries? If they can pick up somebody decent with it they might be alright.

  52. Marty says:

    Didn’t know shooting was the only element of basketball to help your team win.WOW!

  53. LoLakers says:

    Honestly, 15-34 isn’t even that bad..Guys like KD and Harden shoot 25+ shots at least once a week and they’re on teams that are actually good. Kobe giving up 10 shots and letting Boozer/Lin get 5 more each would’ve done nothing to change the outcome of the game, it probably would’ve been worse considering how poorly they were shooting. Lakers problem is they don’t play defense at all. When you can’t get a stop all game, there’s just too much pressure make a shot every time on the other end and the Lakers aren’t even that good offensively. It doesn’t matter what sets you run or who takes the shots, nobody is winning games allowing two 40 point quarters.

  54. Marty says:

    Laker coach doing his team a disservice by not reigning in long as he’s not called out he’ll continue to not be accountable.(poor defense and volume shooting)

  55. abdul says:


  56. ImJusSayin says:

    Scott has 2 defensive liabilities in his starting lineup that lets other teams get off from the start. Why is he complaining when he chooses to start KB and Boozer it will never work.

  57. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Kobe just ask to be traded, stop trying to save the Lakers. Just go to the Knicks already…

  58. M Farley says:

    Kobe’s helping the Lakers. They need to protect that Phoenix pick. It’s actually more important than Kobe’s misses or scoring records.Next ten games: 2-8 or 0-10? Next week looks like goose eggs.Byron Scott did this bit before in Cleveland and New Orleans if memory serves correct (winning under 20 games that is).

  59. en. says:


  60. standard says:

    if hill is missing wide open layups and the others are not running a set play
    well kobe has to shoot 40+ shots a game

  61. tenby0630 says:

    Boozer and Lin has spoken. That in itself reflects the mood and the overall situation of the Lakers. Kobe does not trust his team mates. He comes into the game thinking about himself and his stats. When everything gets %ucked up%, he just resorts to stupid reasoning and starts blaming others. If I am Kobe’s teammate and seldom gets the ball, wrecks every team plays and at the end of the game, blames me and the rest of the team, I will definitely get frustrated. I would probably ask management to put me in the trading block or send me to D-League.

  62. Addri says:

    I dont know which one is more of a joke: Kobe’s overrated career or the fan boys who think he is the reason Lakers won the championships. 😀

  63. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Kome is gunning more points than MJ rather than getting some wins. I feel so sorry for Lin, Boozer or any other Lakers players.

    Kome the black dumba, the most missed shots title are all yours!

  64. kobe bwakaw says:

    kobe buwakaw

  65. T gas TT ako says:

    kobe is kobe,,, you cannot change that fsct already,, hes like that and will remain until he retires,, thats one of the main reason why hes one of the best players in the league all time….

  66. Muraddin says:

    Yet he still jealous of Duncan and Spurs… Just take more and more shots, that teach them …

  67. TTKIN says:

    I’ll say what I’ve been saying…..who else on the Lakers should shoot the ball?

    I turned it off when Boozer was 3-13. Lin was scoreless at that point. I think Wes Johnson was 3-9. Jordan Hill doesnt know how to shoot it unless he’s 17 feet away. If everyone is missing their shots, might as well have the hall of fame scorer take all of em.

    I hate it when Kobe takes this many shots. But then I look at the box score and Im like…”ok, well who was doing better than that?”

    This team has no idea how to move on offense or defense. If the players would finally start moving off-ball, maybe they’d actually get to touch it every now and then.

  68. SYDALE says:

    Kobe’s just chucking up as many shots as he can to try to catch Jordan on the All Time Scoring list… SMH…

  69. Random Fan says:

    Kobe’s metaphor doesn’t make sense cause he can’t catch the criminal either. I get that there’s no reliable scorer on the team but so far this season, as the numbers show, Kobe isn’t any more consistent than Lin.

  70. KobeBall says:

    Come on, we all know that Kobe only cares about his 3rd place in all-time scoring list this season. This is his only motivation right now.

  71. kobeballhog says:

    What else is new with kobe? As ive said since the shaq kobe days he is the greatest ballhog that the nba has ever seen. And it shows no star wants to play with him on the lakers.

  72. Justin says:

    Lol Kobe