Report: Garnett would like to buy Timberwolves one day

Can’t you see it now?

A dapper Kevin Garnett, wearing a designer suit and tie, leaping out of his courtside seat at the Target Center, slapping two hands on the floor and snarling expletive-laden invective at visiting teams.

Call it executive level trash talk, giving a whole new level to the idea of “owning” an opponent.

First though, Garnett wants to actually own his own team, namely the Timberwolves, for whom he toiled his first 12 NBA seasons. That’s what he told Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports!:

“I want to buy the Timberwolves. Put a group together and perhaps some day try to buy the team. That’s what I want,” Garnett said after a 107-99 loss to the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night.

The Timberwolves drafted Garnett with the fifth overall pick in the 1995 NBA draft. The 15-time All-Star played for the Timberwolves for 12 seasons before being traded to Boston, where he led the Celtics to a championship in 2008. Garnett pushed Minnesota to eight consecutive playoff appearances, and the franchise has not been to the postseason since his departure.

The Timberwolves were valued at $430 million in January, according to Forbes Magazine. The next NBA television contract will be extremely lucrative and is expected to raise the price of the franchise. Garnett, the 2004 MVP who averaged 20.5 points and 11.4 rebounds during his tenure with Minnesota, has made $315 million in his NBA career and will make an additional $12 million this season. He also has made millions in endorsements.

Nets general manager Billy King said he wouldn’t be surprised if Garnett were to buy the Timberwolves.

“He would be one of the best owners in the NBA because he understands what the players need and he understands what it takes to be successful in the NBA,” King told Yahoo Sports.

On May 12, Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor told the Associated Press he was looking to add a minority partner who would hold an option to buy him out. Taylor also made it clear he is committed to keeping the team in Minnesota.

Timberwolves president and coach Flip Saunders is Garnett’s former coach with the franchise, which is rebuilding and expected to miss the playoffs once again. But the team does have several young talented players: 2014 No. 1 draft pick Andrew Wiggins, Ricky Rubio, Gorgui Dieng, Nikola Peckovic, Anthony Bennett, Shabazz Muhammad and rookie Zach LaVine.
For Garnett, it’s all about his history with the franchise.

“That is the one that has my interest. I have ties there. Flip’s there,” said Garnett, 38.

The NBA has had its share of colorful owners. The late Larry Miller used to stand on the court with his Jazz players shagging basketballs during pre-game warmups. The late Dr. Jerry Buss exuded all that was cool and Hollywood about the Lakers with his casual fashion and his lifestyle. Just last year Grizzlies owner Robert Pera publicly challenged Michael Jordan to a high-profile game of 1-on-1 to benefit charity.

But you’ve got to admit that the volatile, emotional K.G. could take the role of team owner to a new and most colorful direction.

Would it be in-your-executive-suite, in-your-face? The first owner ever voted to the All-Defense first team?

If Garnett’s dream comes true, we’ll admit to having our fingers crossed for a Western Conference finals matchup one day soon against the Clippers and their loud, screamingly excitable boss man Steve Ballmer.

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  1. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    what are they worth these days? 200k?

  2. well he could still be playing for the nets while owning the timberwolves lol! that would be awesome to fight against your own team or he could play for the timberwolves again…he still could play at his age lol

    • asa says:

      Its not allowed for a player in the nba to be a shareholder of a team.

      Until you sign the nba retirement papers you cant buy any shares.

  3. Patty says:


  4. Patty says:



  5. Kirby Record says:

    Garnetter would set the standard for “tool” owner, now held by the loud mouthed whining owner of the MAVs, Mark Cuban.

  6. harriethehawk says:

    Are we sure the Timberpups aren’t making playoffs?

  7. That guy, says:

    man, i loved the old black with green alternate jerseys. I hope when KG owns a piece they bring it back as a mainstay

  8. sanjay says:

    not possible with these teams being valued at billion plus. garnett is very rich but not team buy rich yet!

  9. TheKush says:

    I’m proud to see Micheal Jordan and Magic Johnson owning franchises, although it’s not helping the inner cities directly the symbolism is good, I’d love to see LeBron, Kobe, KG, Kevin Durant and any other successful athlete buy a franchise. From employee to owner it’s a good look for professional sports athletes and it’s motivation for employees who feel trapped in dead end jobs. Don’t squander your money buying Bugattis and purchasing overpriced real estate in central park west own something! Be a BAWSE!

  10. Forgot About Someone says:

    First owner voted to Defensive First Team? What about MJ?

  11. justin says:

    why? you betrayed them.

  12. lebron says:


  13. I could see Kevin Garnett being that stern, respectable figure sitting in his courtside position as Michael Jordan in Charlotte holding the players accountable with his presence and competitive glare. Adding to this mix soon, see Kobe Bryant buying the Philadelphia 76ers. Magic Johnson, the Detroit Pistons, Lebron James the Cleveland Cavaliers. What a league this would be indeed. (Andrew Wiggins pending explosion into superstardom the Toronto Raptors).

  14. Bob says:

    Spelled Pekovic wrong.

  15. Sneaky Pete says:

    Saavy business move if KG can buy the Timberwolves.


    • Aaron says:

      Savvy indeed! Maybe he’ll modernize the uniforms from his era and bring those back. Nothing against the current ones, but since they moved away from the Garnett-era Wolves look, they haven’t played well despite the young talent.

      • mmmmmmm says:

        the New sleaved wolves jerseys stink. I personally liked the black ones that said Wolves on them that looked just like thier home ones. Their old ones were okay and they are better than the sleaved ones

      • OKC says:

        Probably has more to do with KG leaving lol.