NBA TV Fan Night #BestDuos Tournament

bestduosimage staff reports

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It sounds like a slam dunk — or better yet, a sky hook — in theory.

A superstar pairing of Hall of Famers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson against … well, just about any other duo in NBA history. When you stack up their accomplishments (titles, MVPs, All-Star bids, etc.) it’s hard to imagine another pair of NBA superstars past or present, piling up more hardware than the Showtime Lakers dynamic duo.

Hall of Famer Charles Barkley and Kevin Johnson didn’t do it as long and didn’t do it nearly as big (no titles), but they had flashes that absolutely dazzled the basketball world. Barkley, who starred with Magic on the original Dream Team, ranks as one of the greatest talents the league has ever seen. And Johnson, the Mayor of Sacramento these days, spent 12 years shredding opposing teams as one of the league’s elite point guards.

NBA TV’s Fan Night #BestDuos Tournament is the only place where you get to vote on on this all-important issue.

You can cast your vote on Twitter using #BESTDUO1 for Magic and Kareem or #BESTDUO2 for Chuck and KJ.

Keep in mind that this is not a vote on who would win an actual 2-on-2 tournament but a vote on the historical impact of the best duo based on what they accomplished during their respective careers.

Tune into Fan Night on NBA TV every Tuesday for the results of the vote and updates on the current week’s matchup. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade won the Week 1 matchup over Julius “Dr. J” Erving and Moses Malone.

Here is the bracket …



  1. Big toot says:

    Jordan and Pippen already won

  2. Kimberly Fung says:

    defienely magic johnson and abdul- jabbar > Kevin johnson and barkley

  3. Justin says:

    Lebron and Wade are the best

  4. Kristjan says:

    No duo won championships by themselves, but they won it with their great teams.

    These great players didn’t all have the luxury of playing together during their primes.

    Jordan and Pippen are the greatest duo because they had the luxury of playing together for many years in their prime and they also played great together and got along very well. In their era a great duo was able to make a big difference, because no team had a great trio.

    Same goes for Shaq and Kobe, except they didn’t get along so well.

    Malone and Stockton were awesome, but their duo went vs the trio of MJ, Pippen and Rodman in those 2 finals.

    In the 60’s, early 70’s and 80’s, duos didn’t win championships.

    Baylor and West were the best duo from their era and they couldn’t get past the great Boston TEAM. How did you miss them?

    Wilt and West were great too, but they were past their primes when they got together and were going against STACKED Boston and Knicks.

    Jabbar (past his prime) and Magic were awesome, but they also had a great team.

    Same goes for Bird and McHale.

    James and Wade had Bosh (trio)

    How about Russell and Sam Jones?They won 10 titles together. But yeah, it was about the great TEAM back then.

    This is a very relative question.

  5. harriethehawk says:

    Larry Bird and Kevin McHale!