Hang Time Podcast (Episode 177) Real or Fake?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You are what your record says you are.

That’s the way I was taught.

But in the NBA it’s just not that simple.

In San Antonio this time every year, the Spurs are whatever Gregg Popovich wants them to be. In Los Angeles, the Lakers are exactly who we thought they were while the Clippers certainly are not.

Cleveland is a work in progress.

But what about this upstart crew in Sacramento?

And Toronto?

Or Chicago, Miami, New York, Portland, Brooklyn and elsewhere?

Houston and Golden State certainly look like they are legitimate.

But doesn’t anyone really know for sure after just seven or eight games for most teams. Toss in all of the injuries in places like Oklahoma City and Indiana, and there is even more early season mystery about this NBA season.

In an effort to solve all of these mysteries we’ve embarked upon a round of real or fake(?) on Episode 177 of The Hang Time Podcast … (where we also say goodbye to a member of the HTP family) …


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  1. zulu says:

    Lots of information available about the goings on in the NBA but I still love the podcast. I am constantly waiting for the one comment to disagree with. They are few and you don’t scream or yell as though your listeners are hard of hearing.

  2. Mienk says:

    The RAPTORS are getting 55wins, if I’m correct then Chauhan is a homo

  3. SHAKING MY HEAD says:

    News flash… No city DESERVES a championship or DESERVES to have a player to come play for a team in their city. Teams that win championships DESERVES championships because their organization WORKED to put the best possible team on the floor, the coaches of that team put together the best game plan and the players ultimately went out and executed the game plan. The TEAM that wins the championship played better than the other team and had the best support from their organization. Just because a team is in a smaller market does not mean that the fans in that market are more deserving that fans in a larger market. A fan in a smaller market is not a better fan because they have less entertaining things to do in their city than fans in a larger city. Fans in larger markets live and die with every bucket just like fans in smaller markets. Fans with more disposable income are not lesser fans. Fans who own their own businesses, or fight traffic getting to the game or leaves work late or lives next to a beach are not less deserving. Any fan who BUYS tickets at the NBA’s exorbitant prices is a fan regardless and has the right to show up at any time that they please or not at all. A fan is a fan whether you were born in this country or immigrated to this country. No city ever DESERVES a championship only hard working organizations deserve championships. That’s why everyone in the organization gets a ring.

  4. Miran says:

    All you dummies dont kno basketball

  5. Miran says:

    The Raps are fo real!!! , Toronto and Chicago Eastern Conf finals