Nash writes open letter to Lakers fans

Clarke Evans/NBAE via Getty Images

Clarke Evans/NBAE via Getty Images staff reports

Steve Nash fell under scrutiny earlier this week when he posted a video of himself golfing just weeks after he was ruled out for the entire 2014-15 season with nerve issues in his back. The two-time MVP, who played just 65 games during his three years in Los Angeles, took to Facebook to explain the golf video and his health status:

“I definitely don’t want to be a distraction, but I felt it best everyone heard from me in my own words.

I have a ton of miles on my back. Three buldging disks (a tear in one), stenosis of the nerve route and spondylolisthesis. I suffer from sciatica and after games I often can’t sit in the car on the drive home, which has made for some interesting rides. Most nights I’m bothered by severe cramping in both calves while I sleep, a result of the same damn nerve routes, and the list goes on somewhat comically. That’s what you deserve for playing over 1,300 NBA games. By no means do I tell you this for sympathy – especially since I see these ailments as badges of honor – but maybe I can bring some clarity.

I’ve always been one of the hardest workers in the game and I say that at the risk of what it assumes. The past 2 years I’ve worked like a dog to not only overcome these setbacks but to find the form that could lift up and inspire the fans in LA as my last chapter. Obviously it’s been a disaster on both fronts but I’ve never worked harder, sacrificed more or faced such a difficult challenge mentally and emotionally.

I understand why some fans are disappointed. I haven’t been able to play a lot of games or at the level we all wanted. Unfortunately that’s a part of pro sports that happens every year on every team. I wish desperately it was different. I want to play more than anything in the world. I’ve lost an incredible amount of sleep over this disappointment.

Competitiveness, professionalism, naiveté and hope that at some point I’d turn a corner has kept me fighting to get back. As our legendary trainer Gary Vitti, who is a close friend, told me, ‘You’re the last to know’ – and my back has shown me the forecast over the past 18-20 months. To ignore it any longer is irresponsible. But that doesn’t mean that life stops.

This may be hard for people to understand unless you’ve played NBA basketball, but there is an incredible difference between this game and swinging a golf club, hiking, even hitting a tennis ball or playing basketball at the park. Fortunately those other activities aren’t debilitating, but playing an NBA game usually puts me out a couple of weeks. Once you’re asked to accelerate and decelerate with Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving it is a completely different demand.

I’m doing what I’ve always done which is share a bit of my off-court life in the same way everyone else does. Going forward I hope we all can refocus our energies on getting behind these Lakers. This team will be back and Staples will be rocking.”


  1. Common Sense says:

    Very simple solution and I’m sure it’s written somewhere down there in the 100 comments, but here is the solution. Videotape of Nash, coaching Jeremy Lin. Lakers are paying Nash a lot of money so mentor Jeremy Lin. I watched the Kevin Durant HBO special and he was training with Nash. Nash was giving Durant nuggets of wisdom. If Durant has stuff to learn from Nash, I’m 100% percent positive Lin has a lot to learn! And if I was a Laker fan, and I’m really not, although I’m an LA fan so if they win, I’ll be happy for them, I would be pissed seeing Nash coaching an enemy! Just videotape Nash helping Lin, one on one coaching. Put it on ESPN and Laker fans will quiet down. He doesn’t even need to do it for more than 15 minutes, enough for a sound bite, and have ESPN show it over and over again. Period!

    • Common Sense says:

      wow, I take it back, I read all 100 comments and no one mentioned it. Teach Lin, not Durant, problem solved.

  2. we the north says:

    wow!!! i wrote the 100th comment!:)

  3. Mark says:

    It’s your life do as you please. If you or anyone else worried every time someone made bad comments their would be nothing left of us.

  4. al says:

    the Lakers are done in the NBA and having Kobe Bryant on it it’s a good thing because he’s a Biggest Loser in all of sports

  5. elijah says:

    Jeremy Lin is playing like he was in golden state creating turnovers forcing dumb shots Kobe is the only one on the team who is playing good basketball they are in need of some 3point shooters and a good/decent PG Kobe right now is strapping the team on his back he cant do everything…..

  6. J bean says:

    Ownership can afford to pay out his contact now. What are they waiting for?

  7. Jo Hunt says:

    If you really a standup guy … you would let the Lakers buy out your contract at a fraction of the cost so they could take that money and get a good player that would really be able to help the team

  8. LIN fan says:

    It was Lakers Management fault, WHY did they pick Steve Nash. It is Lakers responsibility to acquire the right personnel for the team, NOT Steve Nash. Steve Nash happened to be looking for a JOB he just cant perform anymore…

    • kek says:

      Because Nash was an allstar in his last season and was balling on a bad pheonix team.

      And they traded for howard, and if injuries didnt set them back Lakers would have been a good team. but howard and nash didnt stay healthy wich resultet in kobe playing crazy minutes to get the lakers in the playoffs, and he tore his achilles. everything went wrong for the Lakers, not just Nash!

  9. kadir says:

    After the death of dr buss came the death of the lakers. Poor decision after poor decision. Lakers are a doomed team.

  10. Courtney says:

    Whatever dude… just retire already!

  11. stephen says:

    it is not over till it is over, he will be back.

  12. Jon the Jazz Jesuit says:

    This Bash Nash attacks must stop. We Lakers fans have to learn to respect and honor Mr. Nash’s life and legacy by trusting HIS process that will hopefully lead to some sense of closure that is best for him, his family and the Lakers.

    • travis says:

      If you can swing a golf club the way he was swinging it you can play basketball even if it means not playing every game. Us as fans have the right to bashed him for that did you even look at the video he was swing like he was tiger woods out there not cool he need to just retire I’m done

      • Common Sense says:

        I disagree that he can play in the NBA but I agree that at this point he should be bashed but for a better reason. He is a Laker, he was on Kevin Durants HBO special and he was helping Durant improve his game. That was a national televised program. he needs to do the same national televised program by mentoring Lin. Do it once, show it 500 times and Laker fans will be satisfied that they are getting their moneys worth and that Nash is acting like a Laker, and not a retired guy that doesn’t really care who he helps. Help the lakers, not the Thunder. Simple.

  13. just teach Jeremy Lin how u play the game and the lakers will be fine with lottery picks and a big off season signing

  14. fabbe says:

    Nash i one of the greatest PG ever. some lakers fans looking for a escapegoat. and some spoild fans Think they can get a new banner every year.
    Nash is one of the best pg ever. hostile kakers fans can kiss his a… and then go to h…

    • travis says:

      What does your point have to do with him swinging a golf club looking as if he can play basketball exactly you have no point so your comment was dumb

  15. James says:

    I would agree with Steve Nash, but I think there is another lesson he is learning outside of father time. . . Ex wife Alejandra Amarilla and child support (according to Phoniex news Times) can change a persons outlooks as far as how much more basketball he has in him.

  16. Louie says:

    I agree Steve, Playing Golf and professional basketball is completely different…..

    With that in mind, You should retire and stop being a parasite to your team. You are proving to be a greedy man with very low ethics…..

  17. Brendan says:

    if you have all those problems you shouldn’t have taken your player option this year to cost the team 9 million so you can have a year off to play golf while filling up the lakers cap space

    • Another Cavs Fan says:

      You can’t hate on his player option 9 million dollars is a lot of money and he DID try his best.

      At the end of the day you gotta look out for yourself like anyone else.

      I don’t see Laker fans hating on Kobe taking a ridiculous 48.5 million dollars over two seasons…

      Yes, he’s Kobe. But he could have sacrificed more to save some cap space and maybe even give the impression for a superstar that wants to come to LA that it’s not gonna be all about Kobe.

      • travis says:

        Was does that have to do with Steve playing hurt? Nothing. Kobe bryant is still playing basketball he went through tough times as well with his injuries and he deserve every penny they gave him for what he has done and Continue to do for the organization. People kills me thinking somebody should take a pay cut in a Billion dollar business the owners are getting rich and kobe wants his share the end. You take a pay cut from your job to make it better exactly.

  18. Yahkuru says:

    Let’s face reality…this guy was only good as he was at Utah. Beyond that, he has absolutely nothing left. It totally befuddles me why the ownership would even consider bringing this guy in. He was given the two MVP trophies he received. He certainly did not out perform the person who really deserved it, namely, Kobe Bryant. The Laker organization simply gave this guy an appreciation contract for his contribution to the league. The bottom line is this…If I feel the Kobe should be serving a different type role than what he’s doing right now, then, Nash should be completely out of the league. He’s washed up, he’s mildewed, and he’s deceased. This organization is in trouble. Br. Buss’s son is either too blind or too stupid not to see that. No one (of real skill) wants to play with Kobe and there’e no waiting list of good players to come. If you want to move this team back to championship status, I strongly suggest that you hire Mr. “Magic” Johnson and Jim Buss just stay the 7734 (upside down) out of the way.

    • Yahkuru says:

      There are obviuos spelling errors and I do humbly apologize. Next time, spell check will be in order.

    • travis says:

      Nash played for The suns not Utah and shaq deserved the mvp the year Nash won not kobe. lmao utah bahahaha

    • RP says:

      Utah? Really.

    • Common Sense says:

      I thought you were just a troll but it actually looks like you believe what you are saying, so real quick. Nash played for the suns and the mavs. And was incredible. He is likely going to go in the Hall of Fame. Lakers made the right move getting him. They were going for broke for a championship in 2011-12. It was that year or no year, and unfortunately everyone became injured. Not only Nash. I understand that you love Kobe but get it straight, Nash is fantastic. But HE SHOULD BE MENTORING LIN FOR THE REST OF HIS CONTRACT, PERIOD!

  19. celentano says:

    Everybody can say what they want about the Lakers,people where saying they where doomed before the season started! The fact was that the Lakers wheren’t playing that bad with Randle, kobe,Nash& the rest during the preseason, they won more games than they lost it & that was a statement+ remarkable before the competition starting.Bad luck for Lakers&Randle for the rest of the season, injuries are not predictable !Who had tought that Randle broke a small bone ore a fracture in his leg?It just happend,bad luck again.With Randle threy where a young team to watch out,ore they had a big shot for the play-offs!
    I wish Nash & Randle good luck for they’r recovery! I hope that Nash can come early back this season & also a quicker recovery for Randle too.Greetz!

    • Im a fan boy says:

      They won more in PRE SEASON and you call it a statement?.. Lol!. U Kobe fan boys always crack me up …

    • Common Sense says:

      Nash just told you he isn’t coming back! Read the letter. But he IS able to help the team. If he helped Lin as much as helped Durant this off season I think Laker fans would be less angry,

  20. OKC says:

    What if they had gotten CP3?

  21. Martin says:

    You are the best PG in the last 20 years Nash. Get wetll soon. A Celtics fan.

  22. sanjay says:

    what is he up to? is he getting operated? or he has already been operated? If he cant get ok by resting he as well should retire rather than being exposed to this kind of chagrin!

  23. The reallostsoul says:

    just so people know? Nask will not retire now because if he does? he loses 9 million dollas, he is a nice guy? but he is no fool. lol

  24. lakerslakerslakers says:

    seriously since he can’t play basketball he’s not allowed to have a life or do anything entertaining ever. this is not andrew bynum bowling.

  25. Justretire says:

    c’mon man just declare your retirement , no one will blame you for ending your career. it has been a glorious ride Mr.2xMVP!

  26. Cesco says:

    Never should’ve gotten MVP. :-\

  27. Javier says:

    Steve Nash is my favorite player of all time and one of the best play makers this league will ever see. but the reality is his back cant take it any more. I really wish he would have won a championship with phoenix but it just wasn’t meant to be. I will still always be a fan but retire… let us REAL fans remember you for your days in Dallas and Phoenix.

  28. Jesus Espinoza says:

    Steve, Vitti was right. You’re the last one to know it’s when its time to hang them up. Your body is not able to handle the demands of an 82 game season. But, of course, you already knew that.. You admit in your letter that guarding Curry or one of the other young elite point guards breaks you down for weeks. I posted a comment on the Laker’s Facebook page last year urging you to play the last games of the season because they would be your last. I made the comment that it would be best for you to retire on your feet and not on the sideline with an injury. I urged you to play until the final buzzer sounded but you wouldn’t listen. Now you find yourself in the frustrating position of being on the inured list for the rest of the year with no real expectation of ever playing again…especially after what you revealed today. You will always be remembered as one of the greatest point guards to ever play this game. As a Laker fan, I tip my hat to you Steve(I’m doing that as I write this) and wish the best in the next chapter of your life after basketball.

  29. Chris says:

    Meh.. all you haters cry all you want about Nash deciding not to retire. NBA is a business both ways, dude has every right to collect his paycheck. Everyone knows injury is part of the game, Lakers were willing to gamble on his back, which has been a problem for a long time. You guys complaining that Nash’s salary hurts the Laker’s chances of signing another player are dumb – it’s called medical retirement or disabled player exception. The NBA and the owners know injuries happen and happen often, that’s why there are provisions that allows teams to continue to add players to their rosters. If anything complain about Kobe’s salary, but hey he has every right to grab as much money as well.

  30. Bartholomew says:


  31. Carlos Guzman says:

    All these Lakers fan are here saying for him to retire. It would be stupid for him to retire without finishing this year. He has 9.7 million dollars left on his contract and no one in their right mind would leave that type of money on the table when they can golf and hike and still get paid. The LAKERS signed him to this contract while knowing he was high risk now deal with it. Steve was a gamble and they loss now lick your wounds and deal with it..

  32. Nick says:

    Shut up Nash. Nobody else does this. Have some honor and go away. Thanks for coming to LA at the expense of the team and the fans and having a great life here. Go back to Canada, dude.

  33. kenneth1218 says:

    from the stat im a fan of nash… started back when he was on the dallas mavericks,, i loved the trio finley, nowitzki, and nash better team way back then… great player , get well soon… and retire on dallas mavericks

  34. Rick says:

    I’m a die hard Phoenix fan, watching Nash throughout his entire career was beyond a blessing, a true character, a player with extensive knowledge of the game and by what we saw an awesome team mate to have on any roster. I was more so blessed to see him go back to back MVP for our very own Phoenix Suns, that’s a memory that will last a lifetime.

    Steve, do yourself a favor though, there’s nothing left to prove, retire with honor. Retire, get your back fixed so you can eliminate those sleepless nights and enjoy them car rides! .. Look after yourself.

  35. mrflores says:

    I am a Phoenix Suns fan. I remember when Nash was drafted. I didn’t know who he was. After his stint with Dalllas, he showed the NBA just how GOOD he really is. 2 time MVP, the ONLY player in NBA history to record 50% FG, 40% 3PT, 90% FT 4 TIMES, the ALL TIME FT % leader. The list goes on and on. One of the greatest players to ever play the game. On a personal note, I met Nash once at the mall in Phoenix, AZ.

  36. Fan from Sydney - Garlos says:

    No one should doubt you. You’ve already proven yourself and you deserve to retire with proud like all the NBA greats.

  37. Bojeezy says:

    I am just disappointed as a Laker fan and of his game. It seemed like in the preseason that he looked well enough to play. Seeing in practice and play soccer. Too bad he had that freak injury in Portland. If I was him I would of retired already and called it a career. The games he did play he looked like he could of contributed but I think now he is just waiting for the season is done to announce a retirement because he is risking the rest of his future to even to walk if he tries to come back now. I can see him coaching or still be apart of the NBA still in some capacity. Injuries is just part of the game and Steve Nash got the short end of the stick. Best of luck to one of the greatest PG of all time. Go Lakers!!!

  38. docmon says:

    Back surgery for those conditions works miracles, man — do it.

  39. Bob says:

    Great letter Steve Nash. Thanks for all the great years. I hope you heal up, and if that takes a round of golf once in a while so be it….

  40. Phil J says:

    What happened to magic johnson? He’s been so quiet and not critizicing the lakers’ coach these days??

    • Romeo Aguirre says:

      Coz he’s knows it’s not the coaching system the problem, it’s the Kobe system .. If he critized Kobe a lot of Kobe fan boy will be mad

  41. alan baldonado says:

    you can add Lebron or Kevin Durant or even Carmelo, but if Kobe does not realize that he can no longer bet he MAIN MAN of the team, then, dream on Lakers.

  42. Eaglos says:

    I cannot sympathise with self destruction so all this talk about you destroyed back is meaningless.
    Your body has fallen apart, you cannot play at this level, you should have retired a long time ago,

    • Bob says:

      eaglos how long have you played in the NBA, what do you know about rehab in the NBA? What are your credentials to say” you should have done…..”?

  43. baruch says:

    Steve, I respect you as a player but please retire. Give yourself a break, nothing to prove coz you have proven in the past what you can do. You will be helping the lakers if you retire NOW.

  44. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Coming out and saying you were just coming back this season to get the 9 mil your owed on the last year of your contract doesn’t help you any when coming out and saying these things. I’m sure Nash is hurt badly like he says he is, he seem’s like a straight up guy, and if he was healthy to play it make a difference in wins and losses. But some times it not what u do, but what u don’t do.

    • Bob says:

      Yeah Indiana’s own, and you would quit your job and tell them “don’t pay my contract” ……..? I am sure you work for free….

  45. Quincho says:

    Can’t blame the Lakers for having brought in Nash, can’t blame Nash for wanting 9 milliion more.
    Too bad it all worked out this way. It’s part of professional sports.
    Go Nash, go Lakers!

  46. Andrew says:

    The top 50 greatest basketballer of all time and top 5 PG of all time. U deserve respect from any fans esp. Basketball fans who have been following your career. Hopefully we still c u as a presenter on TNT or NBA TV.

  47. bball7 says:

    I find it funny how he says that he does want to be a distraction, yet becomes one after writing this letter. No disrespect, love the man and his game but this letter is gonna be all over ESPN and NBA tv

  48. lbj says:

    People always say that the NBA is a business. Then rip Nash for not retiring and “saving” the Lakers’ some cap space.

    What people forget is that the Lakers had huge cap space last summer! But nobody wanted to sign with the Lakers!

    So Laker fans, if you want to blame someone, blame the Buss kids for not knowing what to do with an NBA team, blame best-teammate-in-the-world Kobe Bryant, and might as well blame Carlos Boozer too for his disappointing defense (which was totally not documented for several years before the Lakers picked him up #sarcasm).

  49. Jose Leon says:

    you did try nash, and with your resume i think it was good for basketball [not just for the lakers] that you did so… time affects everyone though and you should listen to your body before the damage is worst… thanks for all the good memories… you will always be an MVP…!!!

  50. wuffe says:

    Hang in there …..Nash ….. i Eat and Breath NBA… I can also tell you I also have a a bulging disc and sciatica, it aint no joke. U got a lot of fans that understand… They see ur body of work …to us you set an impossibly high standard for yourself, and your body says , retire… be proud. C u in the HOF.

  51. doi says:

    u’ve done enough man… championship as a player but i’d bet my left nut u’ll be a champion coach one day…..been a pleasure watching u play man, u are an inspiration….one of the best PG ever!!

  52. Charles Law says:

    Full respect to Steve Nash!!

  53. thejerr says:

    Nice speech and all but come on, hes known hes been done since last year and yet still didnt retire. i mean my friends and i agreed last year he seriously needs to retire and not cripple the lakers salary. .. i respect him and what hes done and all but imo the only reason he tried this year was to get that 9mil off the last year of his contract, nothing more and nothing less. yes he worked to try to come back but if you thought he was gonna be awesome or play half this season, well, youre bad. and if HE thought the same thing hes delusional.

    “This may be hard for people to understand unless you’ve played NBA basketball, but there is an incredible difference between this game and swinging a golf club, hiking, even hitting a tennis ball or playing basketball at the park.”

    ” but playing an NBA game usually puts me out a couple of weeks” – for the last 2 year, but lets try 1 more!

    In the NBA you need a back, and he hasnt had one for 2 1/2 years. hopefully we dont resign him this offseason lol.

    • Jack says:

      I’m a Laker fan and disagree with you. Nashs salary does not cripple the Lakers as much as kobes does yet you’re not flaming for his retirement. I was looking forward to seeing him play, hesa future HOF. Show some respect for a man determined.

      • Bob says:

        I totally agree Jack.

      • Chad says:

        Kobe’s contract obviously cripples laker’s as well ofcourse. But this article is about Steve Nash. Plus while kobe’s is not worth what half his contract is paying him, he is at least playing. Nash is struggling just to walk onto the court. Put it this way. Kobe is probably half of what he used to be, but nash is probably 1/4 of what he use to be.

  54. pontiacsilverdome says:

    Rest man , job done
    waiting for your induction in HOF

  55. Aktom says:

    Yee, he is the hardest worker. He works on his golf game..

    • Jason Hanley says:

      I agree…Los Angeles is hiding behind Nash to disguise the fact that they are nothing but a one man team at best as usual….hey let’s all wait until the last three years of a legend’s career and see if he can help us win a game….big surprise.

  56. lion says:

    if so, then u shd retire and play golf or whatever forever. Don waste salary cap space

  57. kobeballhog says:

    all the respect for nash, good thing youre not a part of that dumpster lakers anymore, they resigned to be in the dumps when they gave kobe that insane contract making him the most overpaid ballhog in the nba. look how great dwight playing now by leaving kobe and the lakers, that is why no one wants to play alongside the ultimate ballhog. you will always be a great palyer nash, a hall of famer.

  58. ulro says:

    Rotational movement of the spine during golfing or playing tennis can increase stress on the intervertebral discs and joints and produce disc herniation and aggravate spondylolisthesis. Those activities aren’t recommended for patients with multilevel spine disease. Nash should already know that and focus rather on swimming.

  59. verysadokcfan says:

    Although I understand this letter, I can also understand how die hard Faker fans must be feeling right now too. Well, he’s gone, time for everyone to move on.

  60. Robert says:

    so clap

  61. Canada's response to LAL fans says:

    Ok….which one of you said something bad about Nash? You’d better tone it down….we Canadians will put up with a lot but taking shots at Nash is crossing the line.

    I don’t think you want 30 million crazed hockey fans strapping on their skates and paying a visit to LA…that’s an awful lot of sweaters being pulled over people’s heads with uppercuts to follow….and not enough refs in sight to break it up when you hit the ice 🙂

    • Dessert11Eagle says:

      That’s funny. People in LA aren’t wearing sweaters. And it’s a bad idea to wear ice skates to a gun fight. I like Nash, or used to. The man came out and said, “I’m not retiring. I want the money.” If Kobe said this? If anybody says this? Nash got hurt 3 seasons ago. Cool. He couldn’t come back. Retire. Then last year he can’t play. Retire. He comes to camp this year and says “I feel great!” A week later after the first pay check comes, he is out for the year. Retire. But he wait until June. Until the last check comes. Retire. Nash has showed a lack of integrity and poor ethics. Angry fans come with a pro sports pay check. Deal with it.

  62. Dessert11Eagle says:

    This open letter doesn’t address my displeasure with the situation. Infact, it makes it worse. The magic words are “I am officially retired”. It’s about integrity. If you can’t play, and aren’t coming back, don’t collect a pay check. Collect your pension funds. At what point does a person have enough money, that when they say “I want the money”, is it held against them as greedy? Nash will have jobs, endorsement’s, appearances, and other sources of income on top of his earnings to this point. He isn’t hurting and it won’t effect his family’s future well being. In Phoenix, Nash would have Kobe’s leeway to bog the team down. Not in LA. Actions have consequences. Nash deserves 9 million worth of any back lash he gets. That is also part of collecting on an NBA contract. I’m happy to discuss it with him over a round of golf.

    • Jack says:

      So if you get injured while working, should you just opt not to collect disability? Or you get older and less efficient, you wouldn’t step down.

      • Chad says:

        Totally can’t compare NBA contracts to trade jobs. smh…The FAN’s are paying Steve Nash. Hes great but he isn’t playing and that affects lakers being able to hire somebody house. In the work force insurances pays for your disability, that when you’re out it’s not like the company has a ‘cap’ to not be able to hire somebody else to do the trade work. Plus those injured workers are probably living a hard lift so to be fair if they’re not paid when they’re injured that will be struggling financially. Steve nash has millions stashed with other income lined up even if he doesn’t play ball. So ya if it’s not greed I don’t know what it is. Don’t get me wrong, totally respect nash as a basketball player, but NBA is a business, and currently stands, he deserves the critisimsim.

  63. Bird33 says:

    Steve….you don’t owe anybody an explanation….if they don’t know who you are by now, they just haven’t been paying attention (typical of MIA or LAL fans? lol).

    We remember the hard work, the never say die attitude and always giving it your all. We also saw one of the best teammates and motivators to ever play the game. Not so long ago, we also remember you coming back in to the game with stitches – even Alvin Gentry didn’t expect to see you come back out of the tunnel. We all called you “Captain Canada” that night and joked that you had to live up to “Canadian standards” (hockey) regarding stitching up and getting back out there. You made us all proud to be Canadian that night…and many many other nights during your long career.

    Steve…it is us that owes you a huge thank you for all those incredible years.

    A proud NBA and Steve Nash fan from Canada

    PS – as someone who bleeds green, I even overlooked that you played in purple and gold 🙂

  64. Realistic Idealist says:

    Nash is a future Hall of Famer. He is set to retire, based on his physical limitations. Life is not all about work; let him live. Anyone who criticizes him as if he will play again only sets himself up for disappointment and shows how mean-spirited he is.

  65. Jay says:

    As a Laker fan for life, I wanted Steve Nash to be a huge success for Los Angeles. But sometimes, things don’t work out. I believe every word of his story. There is no doubt in my mind, that Nash gave it his all. It happens in sports.

    I pray that the pain, Steve Nash suffers in his body will decrease over time. He is one of the great guys in sports.


  66. Jaesea says:

    Thank you for the post and I sincerely wish the best for Steve. He has positively changed the NBA in so many ways and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  67. Kingdom Man says:

    Somewhere Allen Iverson is laughing his head off…

  68. Sam Pham says:

    Thanks for all the memories Steve ! I will never forget the time you fixed your broken nose with your own hands during the playoffs; Grant Hill’s reaction was priceless ^_^ Come on everyone lets remember the good times with Nash; he was one of the good guys over the last two decades of NBA basketball.

  69. Borisz says:

    hope he will be back one day.

  70. ernesto says:

    atleast sit with team in our games!!!!!!!1 help j.lin and clarkson give them tips or something, all u doin is getiin dem checks and playing golf smh, waste of picks.

  71. Edwin says:

    I have back problems maybe half of what Nash has. I also played competitve basketball at college level before the pain came.

    Man, what he says on those letters are true, even more. You have to take painkiller drugs everyday to be able to just show up in a practice or pick up basketball. Everyday after practice I barely can sit on my car, since certain lower back gestures can trigger the pain so bad. Not to mention calves cramps during sleep.

    I definitely will work as hard as hell if given the amount of contract as he has, but really, working hard, exaggerated by his age, will just aggravate the pain and lead to anothrr surgeries in the future.

  72. harriethehawk says:

    Translation: “leave me alone faker fans!”

  73. edward says:

    Just retire you’ve down very well in your chapter time to hang it up before what you do hangs you

  74. lakersfan30 says:

    we love u steve thanks for everything you have done for the nba.

  75. Nash Its Ok Lakers Fan says:

    He is a great player he tried his best. I would love to have seen him play more with the Lakers but that’s just the game it becomes impossible around the age of 40. His contract wont eat the cap space so its all good. sad to see him leave not on his own terms though

  76. Kurt says:

    Great letter.

    But, didn’t you already know this season was lost… long before the preseason started? It’s impossible for fans to believe otherwise.

  77. vk says:

    Nash is one if the best to ever play. It is very sad to see fans question his work ethic. He is definitely a hall of fame player.

  78. thomasc says:

    Not being funny or cruel – so basically Steve is saying his body has retire!!

  79. kilo says:

    my mistake… (any doubt the guy would rather play golf than basketball)

  80. kilo says:

    I can’t believe Nash would even have to write a stupid letter like this. I can’t believe there is any doubt that the guy would rather play basketball than golf. The man has worked so hard and at the end cannot do what he loves. Give the guy break.