Knicks deal Outlaw to keep rookie Wear

From the moment he signed on to do that heavy lifting that will be required in the reconstruction project that is the Knicks, it’s been said that Phil Jackson would have to get creative.

So here is the team president swinging a cutdown-day deal to ship much traveled veteran Travis Outlaw to the Sixers in order to keep undrafted rookie Travis Wear on the 15-man roster for the regular season.

It’s a small move, but makes perfect sense. If you’re not going to be a playoff contender — and trust us, the Knicks are not — then you might as well take a flyer on young talent with potential.

Mark Stein of has the details:

In addition, the Knicks sent a 2019 second-round pick to the Sixers and have agreed to swap rights on another future second-rounder with Philadelphia for the ability to shed Outlaw’s contract in the trade.

Wear played his way onto the Knicks’ roster with a strong training camp after going undrafted this past summer out of UCLA.

“I’m very excited to be part of the team,” Wear said. “I’m just going to remain humble. I came in here and working and not expecting anything, playing defense, taking what comes to me and not force anything.”

“Travis Wear is another impressive rookie,” Knicks president Phil Jackson said recently. “He’s 6-10 with a terrific handle, outstanding athleticism and a nice touch from beyond the arc. He was overshadowed at UCLA but has the skill set to play every position from 1 to 4. We’ll eventually place him in the D-League, where his possible NBA future solely depends on his ability to learn how to defend.”


  1. harriethehawk says:

    Hey Spike Lee, Let’s Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. MrBasketball says:

    the east is soo weak. if the knicks don’t make the playoffs Carmelo should give back his entire salary to the knicks fans.

  3. GChancy says:

    Knicks Fans, we should not deal Stoudmire! His contract is expiring at the end of the season. That’s 23.4 million Dollars! Let’s be patient! We have suffered long enough to mess it up now by trying to rush through this transition. By next year, we are going to be very proud of our team!

  4. #KNICKS says:

    I love people that hate on the knicks because when we do make it to the playoffs and your broke down teams dont we will laugh remember every team has had a rebuilding stage at one time or another

  5. Ibefrontrowspikedout says:

    The knicks are going to be better then u think, the east is weak, toronto is not the truth, the wizards are not as good as u think, the Nets are average, the pacers are done, the bobcats are alright, The bulls and the Cavs are the top, Miami is done the, i would be surprised if they didn’t make it, they got off to such a bad start last year, they had to make a run at the end of the season to fight for the 8 seed almost got it, i see them getting in 8 or 7 seed.

    • DenH says:

      Knicks will be better than most think, but i disagree with your view that miami is done, and that toronto, charlotte and washington wont be right up there in the mix, all of those are better than the knicks right now, including the hawks who everyone forgets about… I have Knicks in at 7 or 8

  6. bxhoweroll says:

    “If you’re not going to be a playoff contender — and trust us, the Knicks are not..” LOL screw you bro

  7. harriethehawk says:

    Knicks4Life, the Hawks make playoffs every year, they have a record for doing that by the way. And they will be good this year. Can you provide us w/ an status update on your Knicks and their triangle offense? lol

  8. 4-pt Range says:

    He’s 10x better than Outlaw, 10 years younger.

  9. leBron James Jr. says:

    If you’re not going to be a playoff contender — and trust us, the Knicks are not”… Ummmm, did Carmello Anthony get this memo? lol

    wow this was harsh and untrue. I have them making the 7th seed in the weak east

    btw when 2018-2019 rolls out the 76ers core will be in their prime and they will have plenty of draft picks too…they will sign lebron james Jr.

    • McMillan says:

      Well the Knicks are not going to the playoffs. Look at the East.. Heat, Wizards, Cavs, Bulls, Raptors, Hawks, Hornets and Nets…. How can the Knicks win? East looks way better that last year,

      • Fred W. Mejia says:

        McMillan, the Knicks have a chance to make the playoffs. They almost made it last season with a horrible system and now that a new system is in place and new and young talent headlining this season, they are bound to atleast make eight spot. Granted, they are not a championship team just yet because it’s a working process but they are not going to be horrible either. On paper, they have the talent and just need a coach to showcase their individual talents. With the right placement of positions and decent working system, they are going to play well together. It all starts with a good point guard which the Knicks did do , to handle the ball well and just play basic basketball.The Knicks should not overdo it and just play basic. With decent defense, they will be a playoff team.

      • Knowledgable Basketball Fan says:

        Hawks.. Joke… Hornets.. Joke… Nets… Joke… Seedings will be as followed: Cavs Bulls Wizards Heat Knicks Raptors Hornets Nets.. Knicks are deep this year at guard too.. name me a better player coming off the bench than JR or Tim I’m Amazing Hardaway…

  10. kay says:

    It’s not a good move outlaw could have spell Anthony and he can score n defend should have trade stoudmire

    • daddycardona says:

      How would you get anyone to take Stoudmires contract but I agree with you 🙂

    • daddycardona says:

      No one would take Stoud’s contract so that was a good suggestion but not realistically. Besides they both need to get out so does nash and Kobe them guys are always broke LOL.

    • Fred W. Mejia says:

      I disagree. Stoudamire was showing some signs that he’s ready to contribute. He’s not the dominant player he was in Phoenix but if he can play decent, I think he will be productive. He just needs a point guard to feed him the ball because we all know that he can not make his own plays. Calderon is the right man to feed him on the inside and showcase his talents. I think Stoudamire will shine this season. I don’t think that Phil will be renewing his contract but I do see them negotiating a 2-year to keep him in the franchise or ship him out for something decent.

  11. Knicks4life says:

    like the Hawks are making playoffs farther than the knicks Lol #delusional

    • McMillan says:

      Well they are, the only delusional self proclaimed critic here is you. East is pretty stacked. Cavs, Bulls, Raptors, Nets, Hawks, Hornets, Heat and Wizards. So how can a talentless roster beat that?

  12. bluekaiser says:

    Thank goodness the Knicks traded away some no.2 picks, now they need to focus on trading away some future no.1 picks,
    because everyone knows that you build a good team by acquiring old veterans and trading away no.1 picks. Go Knicks!

  13. bluekaiser says:

    Thank God the Knicks traded some 2nd round draft picks, now they need to focus on trading some future no.1 picks,
    because everyone knows that building a good team comes from acquiring old veterans and trading away no.1 picks
    Go Knicks!

  14. NNM says:

    hmm, i don’t see it…
    A proven veteran for a d league nobody and 2 future picks… How is that a good move?

  15. harriethehawk says:

    ” If you’re not going to be a playoff contender — and trust us, the Knicks are not”… Ummmm, did Carmello Anthony get this memo? lol