Blazers won’t pick up Robinson option

Looks like the Trail Blazers are taking care of loose ends and clearing out all space for next summer when it will be time to sign All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge to that max contract extension.

Portland has declined to pick up the fourth-year option, $4.6 million, on Thomas Robinson‘s contract, which will put him on the free agent market next summer, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. The No. 5 pick in the 2012 draft averaged 4.8 points and 4.4 rebounds last season for the Blazers.

The Blazers did pick up their fourth-year option on center Meyers Leonard and third-year option on guard C.J. McCollum, according to a team announcement.


  1. Self Proclaimed Hater says:

    Loved this kid at Kansas, it’s a shame he hasn’t really found his way in the NBA yet. I hope he still gets a chance to play and does enough to impress someone to offer him a starting job elsewhere. His per 36 minute numbers are good so all he needs is an opportunity.

    • Self Proclaimed Hater says:

      Further to this… I’m not sure why the Blazers didn’t look at the option of using him as a 6th man instead of signing Kaman. Start Aldridge and Lopez and then slide Aldridge to the 5 spot with Robinson coming in as the 4. Kaman is decent when healthy and I understand the financial side of not extending Robinson, but I’d have given him a chance to prove himself first.

  2. RipCity2014 says:

    This thing won’t let me reply directly, so to nbaer who replied to my comment below: I’ve been a Blazers’ fan since 1988 (since I was 10 years old), and I’ve remained a Blazers fan through all these years, even when everybody else was jumping from team to team depending on who their superstar was: Bulls (Jordan), Spurs (David Robinson), or Hornets (Johnson and Mourning). So feel free to take your guesses and stick them up your opinion hole.
    And to dd def: Last I looked Paul Allen was the wealthiest owner in the NBA. Lack of draft picks and salary cap be darned; he needs to take some of those Seahawks Super Bowl profits and invest them in a quality Blazers bench.

  3. dmh says:

    I honestly think it has more to do with the 4.6 million versus the salary that a late lottery pick would get on the 3rd year. It now is up to both players to prove how smart or dumb the blazers are for doing what they did respectively. It is an interesting combo of choices of option years nevertheless…………..

  4. Svet says:

    I clicked on this link to see if the author was making a joke about Nate… “Big man Robinson”

  5. Jordan Vs Dumars says:

    Jamal crawford, ray allen and trade fir chase budinger than you will have a bench

  6. RealTrailBlazer fan 1 says:

    When they Got people Like Victor Claver N allen crabbe N Joel Freeland Who will Never Dominate There positions I Dont understand Y You keep Them N got the Best Hope n potential for the Bench Did you not See his Block N Backwards oop N the preseason This Is Truely Crasy Hope Gm Sees This And Pay TRob So He Can play His Best In Portland B The best They Can When They still Need 1 More Star …

  7. RealTrailBlazer fan 1 says:

    T Rob was the best player on bench And if Meyers leonard was better Y They not Play him N Playoff at all Last Year Its Dont make Since To let go Off Best Dfensive Player on Team when every1 n coaches talk about needing to imnprove D

  8. rockford says:

    We should sign the Idaho D league starting 5 and use them as are bench. Think it would give us a decent team

  9. Andy says:

    I would rather have offered T-Rob a contract than pick up Meyers again.

  10. harriethehawk says:

    I concur. The starting 5 is pretty good but they have no bench. So what are they planning to do about it? Still won’t get far in the playoffs without a deep bench. Just ask Houston.

  11. pokie says:

    Why Leonard? Robinson at least makes it onto the court now and then.

  12. TheKush says:

    Portland is vulnerable to injury if anyone of their starters goes down their season is over! I understand the declined contract on Thomas Robinson but I hope Terry Stotts plays his bench more this season, I understand the thinking last year because the Blazers were riding high but I hope he’ll trust his bench or at least give them some more playing time when the Blazers are playing teams like the 76ers, the Lakers or the Jazz or even playing the good teams throw them out there a few minutes and let them make mistakes so you can work on correcting them before the playoffs.

    That’s the one thing Popovich does well that no other coach in the NBA does. Popovich plays everyone and mixes and matches, a lot of the players on the Spurs would be useless on other teams because most coaches are afraid of the criticism they’ll get for giving certain players minutes over star caliber players. Hopefully Stotts uses his bench more this season. Lillard and Aldridge are proven clutch players. sometimes you just have to throw players on the court and see what they can do when the bright lights are on.

    I’m looking forward to watching the Blazers this year their games are exciting and they have some great fans!

  13. Jeremy Lin is better than MJ says:

    Y would u resign Leonard the gm is on drugs…..

  14. nbaer says:

    They made the 2nd round of the playoffs, the starting 5 is perfectly fine, all that was needed was a better bench.Which is exactly what they did with what they had. Good thing your not the GM. Your probably one of those fans that gave up on them before last season started then jumped on the bandwagon when they “surprised” the league. Any real blazer fan saw it coming and im guessing your not one of them!

  15. RipCity2014 says:

    Too bad Portland management did NOTHING to improve the team this year.