Morning Shootaround — Oct. 26

VIDEO: NBA TV analysts discuss the kind of season Kobe Bryant is likely to have


Warriors, Thompson yet to make a deal | Can Kobe be an All-Star? | Oladipo out a month | Outlaw out in New York?

No. 1: Warriors, Thompson yet to make a deal — All summer, the Golden State Warriors seemed to be in the mix for Minnesota’s on-the-block power forward Kevin Love, at times even appearing to be the front-runner. Of course, Love ended up going to Cleveland, at least in some part because the Warriors refused to give up shooting guard Klay Thompson, who they firmly believe is a big part of their future going forward. But now, with less than a week remaining in the time period where Golden State can agree to a contract extension to Thompson, Yahoo’s Marc Spears reports a disagreement over Thompson’s worth has led to some frustrations in Thompson’s camp…

Klay Thompson’s camp is frustrated that the Golden State Warriors haven’t offered a maximum contract in their ongoing extension talks with Friday’s deadline nearing, sources told Yahoo Sports.

Thompson is seeking a maximum deal paying upward of $15 million per season, a source said. The Warriors have improved their offer to get in the vicinity but have not offered a full maximum contract, sources said.

If Thompson and the Warriors do not come to terms on an extension by the Halloween deadline, he will be a restricted free agent next summer.

Warriors owner Joe Lacob has yet to become comfortable offering a maximum extension, sources said. A source close to Thompson said any offer shy of a max would be “absurd” considering his improvement and the influx of money to come to NBA teams from the next television contract.


No. 2: Can Kobe be an All-Star? — At 36 years old, and after struggling with injuries the last two seasons, nobody is quite sure what type of production the Lakers can expect to receive this season from Kobe Bryant. Yes, he’s older and has been through a lot of injuries, but this is Kobe Bryant, a player who regularly overcomes odds and produces amazing results. According to Lakersnation , Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak appeared on television and professed confidence about what the Lakers should see out of Bryant this season…

On Friday, following the game between the Lakers and Sacramento Kings, GM Mitch Kupchak appeared on an episode of “Connected With…” on TWCSportsNet. Kupchak talked about all things Lakers along with touching on what he believes Kobe will accomplish this season:

“I think he can make the All-Star team… I think he’ll have the ability to score when he wants to score. I think he’ll be a great leader. His voice will be heard… He won’t be like he was fifteen years ago… that wirey, springy, try to dunk the ball every time… but you won’t notice it.”

Kupchak is confident Kobe will be an All-Star for the 17th time in his career and a great leader for this team filled with young players. Although the Lakers have suffered some ugly defeats in the preseason thus far, the team has bounced back recently with impressive performances against the Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns and Portland Trail Blazers.


No. 3: Oladipo out a month — Orlando’s Victor Oladipo finished last season as runner-up for the Rookie of the Year award, and he is expected to team this season with rookies Aaron Gordon and Elfrid Payton to lead Orlando’s rebuilding efforts. But after taking an accidental elbow to the face in practice, Oladipo had surgery late this week, and now, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, Oladipo will miss the first few weeks of the season

Oladipo, the 2014 runner-up for the NBA’s Rookie of the Year award, sustained an elbow to his head in practice on Thursday. He had the surgical procedure on Saturday.

For the Magic, Oladipo’s loss is a significant blow and adds to the burden on promising rookie Elfrid Payton Jr., who will take on a more significant role in Oladipo’s absence. The Magic have confidence that Oladipo – who averaged 13.8 points, four assists and four rebounds a season ago – and Payton will form the franchise’s backcourt for years to come.


No. 4: , Outlaw out in New York? — Just a few months ago, the Knicks struck a deal with the Sacramento Kings to bring in Quincy Acy and Travis Outlaw. But after training camp and the exhibition season, according to a report from the Knicks are apparently considering waiving Outlaw and his $3 million in guaranteed money so they can keep Travis Wear, a former UCLA player with a non-guaranteed deal…

Outlaw is owed $3 million this season. If the Knicks released him, they would still owe him his full salary. They also could dump him on another team via a trade.

Getting rid of Outlaw via release would open up a roster spot for another player. There is a possibility that spot would be filled by Travis Wear.

Wear, whom the Knicks signed to a non-guaranteed deal, impressed the team in training camp and the preseason.

It was widely expected Wear would end up in Westchester, too. If the Knicks get rid of Outlaw — eating $3 million in the process if he’s released — to keep Wear, it’s a sign the organization is committed under Phil Jackson to developing young talent, regardless of the financial cost.


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: Rudy Gay took an elbow to the face but did not break his jaw and should be available for the season opener … The champion Spurs have completed a “poor” preseasonMichael Carter-Williams has been cleared to return to practice six months after shoulder surgery … Dwyane Wade videobombs himself


  1. harriethehawk says:

    Smart NBA Fan: Be smart and take a chill pill, son. If these are children posting blogs, they aren’t listening to you. Do kids ever? Conserve your energy and go enjoy your Lakers lose their first game of the season. Adios.

  2. "Smart" NBA fan says:

    Kobe Bryant is going to be an all star this year you know why? Bc hes going to kill your team hes gonna drop 3s and dunk on your best player. All you stupid fans out there saying he aint nothin. Watch when he blocks lebron in the all star game again and dunks on lebron with that chase down block style move. Lebron aint nothin compared to Kobe. Kobe will get his 20-25 ppg he might even show you all up and do something crazy like 30ppg with nash gone and alot of his teamates injured again. He knows how this goes his back will be to the wall all the pressure on him everybody watching what will Kobe do now? You know the black mamba is back then…….#24

  3. "Smart" NBA fan says:

    See Steve Smith he used to play for the Atlanta Hawks i remember him and Webber on the Kings. Steve Smith did say Kobe could do it but he left out Kobe’s determination to play thru injuries. Kobe will not sit down and stay down he will bounce back. Kobe Bean Bryant is not a mortal man. This dude is unstoppable hes been doing it for how many years? Years ago they said his wrist was aged as old as a 70 year old man with his mileage. Did he stop there? Do any of you remember his ankle injuries a few years back he also had a back injury too and a knee injury too. Kobe has had a few road blocks but everytime your like oh no hes done…Like a normal person would just say this hurts too much or it ain’t worth it. Kobe will keep fighting to play and his desire to play is 2nd to noone else. Whether he scores 20. or even 25 a game is a mystery all i care about is his health and the Lakers getting on the same page and making the playoffs. Yes i want him to smash the all time scoring points record and go past Kareem. Love Kareem but i’m a Kobe fan i wanna see him go past Jordan Malone then Kareem to finish 1st. Kobe is that great of a player. Karl Malone played until he was 39 or 40 Jordan came out of retirement played past 40 years old too. And even last year Jason Kidd and now Steve Nash played to 40 years old. Remember Kobe is just 36. He has about 4 years until age really sits in well with him. Hes got 4 really good type years to put up some numbers before the rocking chair says okay sit down for good. I hope Kobe continues to rock the NBA world and all you doubters until the day retires. Then on that day i hope you stop for just a second and take your hat off to this guy. Kobe is made out of titanium alien space like materials. He def aint no mortal man for sure Kobe is beyond this earth. Yes hes human but his will his spirit to not stop or leave NBA. Look at Iverson where is he? Vince Carter? Tracy Mcgrady?Kevin Garnett? Yao Ming? All these guys are falling to old age and giving up. Jordan Malone Kareem Nash Kidd Payton they all got old too and sat down in the rocking chair. I think Kobe can show them all up by playing father time 1 on 1 and winning. Kobe Bryant is that damn good. #24 Black Mamba

  4. celentano says:

    it’s very simple,always because he’s a legend still playing … + it’s fan-based voted.if the the lakers stands on play-off position before the second chapter of the season,it’s better to rest byron has to make a point of this “if”.

  5. "Smart" NBA fan says:

    I read this post last night only to see 1 billion Kobe haters talking badly about Kobe i wake up today and guess what even more Kobe haters have posted some stupid comment about Kobe not deserving to be an all star. Where the hell do you guys come from? Are you like 12 and nothing but a Lebron lover? Have you never seen Kobe dominate games? Kobe takes over games and scores and scores and brings his team back to win. Kobe has done everything and I’m not going to put his achievements bc if you don’t know whats he done you shouldn’t even posting on here. I bet half of you are little teenage high school kids you seem the immature type. I damn well know any grown man with any respect wouldn’t be putting on here Kobe don’t deserve to be an all star this year. Has the season even started yet? Wasn’t yesterday Sunday and today is Monday? Doesn’t the VERY first game of a long 82 game season start tomorrow? That would be Tuesday kids you should know this if you actually went to school. That’s another thing don’t drop out of school kids your not Lebron James you’ll end up working at Burger King or McDonald’s. Ive only seen Kobe a few times play in pre season games but in 1 he brought the Lakers back hitting like 5 or 6 shots within a 2 minute period. It brought back memories of his old self he had that swag going on. And im not just rooting for him defending this guy bc of all you Kobe haters. I have been a fan since 1996 when he first joined NBA youngest ever to join.Seems like yesterday how the ti me flies by. And by me praising Kobe do i hate Lebron? No i don’t even talk about him I’m talking Kobe i don’t praise one and meanwhile diss the other guy. I’m sure hes a great athlete just not my type of player. KD is an outstanding shooter scorer but is better than Kobe to me? The answer is no and whatever you people type in comments doesn’t change how good Kobe is to me or to himself. He will score 25 maybe even 30 a game and what are you Kobe haters going to do about it? Smack your flat screen tv’s? Act like children be jealous post negative comments about Kobe hell still be here tomorrow and so will i. Kobe Bryant #24 The Black Mamba will strike again!

    • xantheus says:

      Just because someone was been great in the past does not mean this season he will be All-Star worthy. He has to show it, not just voted in cos enough fans want him there regardless of his actual play. All-Star is supposed to be a reward for exceptional play, not a popularity contest or a reward for past performance. Just because people don’t agree with you in regards to Kobe does not immediately mean they are 12 (the go-to age for some reason when you don’t actually have anything constructive to say). Just the fact that you used the word “haters” nullifies your whole post.

      • "Smart" NBA fan says:

        The fact that every one of is badmouthing Kobe and saying he wont make the all star nullifies your point entirely. The season hasnt even started yet lol. It starts tomorrow night and the Lakers play the Houston Rockets and thats game 1 out of 82 game season. So HOW DO Y OU KNOW HE WONT MAKE THE ALL STAR TEAM OR NOT??? How do any of you know what will happen in 6 months from now? do you something i dont? corruption that david stern already showed to the Lakers vetoing the cp3 trade for Odom and Gasol. do you know of anymore corruption against the Lakers? i know for a fact your all haters bc your sitting there spitting out garbage about 1 of the greatest basketball players that has ever walked the court. You have no clue how hes feeling or what hes gonna do this year. Why dont you just shut up and take a seat and wait 6 months before you start running your mouth. Nullifiy

  6. Lam says:

    Are you stupid? Kobe played like 5 games last year and was voted an all star (he gave his spot away because he felt he didn’t deserve it). He’s a lock to start.

    • "Smart" NBA fan says:

      people call Kobe a ballhog yet he gave up his spot last year on the all star team so some rookie could play. Kobe is all about stealing the spotlight though right? thats why he voluntarily gave up his place on the court to some noname. Kobe is still best even if his athletiscm isnt what it once was. hes still the best and i will always root for Kobe. go Mamba! #24 Forget all the haters!

  7. Rangers says:

    Do you people actually think kobe is going to take such a big drop off? He missed ONE season not two lmao. He averaged 27-6-6 with 57% TS… He was the 3rd best player when he played last.

    Kobe will still be a beast, but not quite mvp level. I’ll guess 24-5-5 on a solid 55% TS

  8. Kirby Record says:

    He’ll be an All Star no matter what he does, and if he stays healthy, he’ll score 25 a game but shoot 35% from the field. This will lead people to defend his worthiness of being an All Star. Yao Ming was an ALL Star one season with only five games or something under his belt. Yes, Kobe will be an ALL Star–the question is will be All Star quality? It’s not impossible but unlikely.

  9. kay says:

    Kobe will be an Allstar FOREVER.

  10. BigCitySid says:

    Question isn’t “can Kobe be an All-star at 36”, but s/b “will Kobe deserve to be an All-star starter this season”? All -star selection is simply a popularity contest via the fans. And he will be selected to start, regardless of deserving or not.

  11. Kevin says:

    Why are all you people saying that Kobe does not deserve to be playing in the all-star game when the season has not officially started. Why not first see what Kobe can do and then you all do the talking later?

    From the past, NBA has always being very good to their aging superstars, because they’ve proven themselves and that’s the main reason the fans watches the game. So traditionally and market-wise, they’ll put players in the all-star games to draw attention and audiance to sell tickets and TV ads. For the young athletes, their era will come, so they just have to play their roll, respect the respectables, just like how Anthony Davis is right now. Harden and Thompson, they are acting just like Tyson Chandler leaving Mavs after the champ because he took to much pride of what he had achieved, and guess what, they are good players, but they are not leaders, leaders will alwasy be leaders.

  12. Ronny says:

    Can Kobe be an all star this up-coming season?

    Yes, of course he can. The writer of this article blows for even posing such a senseless inquiry. Please do not deny the 16 time nba all star and a winner of 5 nba championship titles a 17th NBA All Star invitation, because frankly, it ain’t going to happen. With this statement made, we ALL need to realize and understand that Kobe Bryant is mortal and he is a human being. Human beings age, and with age comes natural deterioration and slowing down (i.e. losing quickness, fatigue factor). However, the greatness of Kobe Bryant does not only come with his accolades, titles, awards, and collection of trophies; his true greatness lies in his amazing integrity, his undeniable work ethic, and his mentality to stay a winner and to stay a champion until the day he retires.

    I am looking forward to witnessing more of Kobe’s greatness this NBA season, along-side with new team-mates Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer. Jordan Hill is a great hard working Kid, but he needs to enforce a stronger aggression in the paint to pose a threat as the Lakers Big. I really like Xavier Henrys athleticism, but I hope Kobe teaches him to mature more as a smarter player. Hoping to see Ryan Kelly bigger and more aggressive this season to fill the shoes of Pau Gasol.

    Let’s all remember, Kobe scored 81 points in a single game. Now, that is truly amazing charity act. 🙂

  13. Luq says:

    “can Kobe be an all-star”

    what kind of question is it, really? Its only about fans, voting, so sure he can, anybody does.

  14. "Smart" NBA fan says:

    this reply is to a guy named “Paul” Does he deserve to be an all-star is a better question and the answer is no. thats what this guy said Paul. first off you jerk off idiot does he deserve to be an all star? nobody knows including me or you idiot. the season hasnt even started yet and here you are saying no. who the hell are you dude? how do you know what numbers he will put up? i know his minutes will be cut down alot so that he wont get injured. but Kobe is a warrior hes not gonna just quit and say ok im out of here. Kobe will be back and i hope he plays a few more years to shut up people like you. Kobe is still the best shooting guard in the NBA. i have and always root for this guy. his determination to play through all you people hating him for the few loving adoring fans. all you haters say all his fans will vote for him yet i see many more haters. you guys are a dime a dozen punk. get outta here with that nonsense. any grown man with any respect in his bones knows what it takes to play 19 years in the NBA look at Steve Nash Kevin Garnett these guys have been in the NBA since Kobe joined in 96-97.he aint going nowhere so keep hatin i hope Kobe uses this motivation good in the gym and comes back strong and kills your team. i hate you punks that talk like little chickens you dont know what hes gonna do so shut up already.

  15. nbafan says:

    I think he will be an All-Star for the rest of his career. He was voted in even when he couldn’t play. That’s how recognized and popular he is. Mention the name Kobe and almost everyone knows who he is and many people in the world view him as a legend. Even the Olympic basketball players from the other teams want to get a picture with Kobe.

  16. kobeballhog says:

    Of course he will be an allstar. Coz blinded kobe fanboys who knows nothing about good basketball will still vote for him. Of course he will score. Thats who he is the ultimate ballhog. A me and only me player on a team. He will put up tons of shots i dare anyone who says he wouldnt keep throwing shots after shots even if it aint going in. Stop interviewing kupchak all he says are to keep selling his lakers tickets. We all know he overpaid so much to one player and interest in the lakers are dwindling as well so he turn to these interviews to bring back some interests to his lakers team.

  17. Anthony says:

    Listen, last time we seen kobe healthy he averaged 27 5 n 6 you mean to tell a well rested year makes a difference gthoh people have short memories and a yr isn’t short and that rating espn gave him is a joke no he won’t be a MVP or probably make the playoffs but he will be a all star bc he earned it if he didn’t perfrom regardless of the fans he wouldn’t play that’s the difference he is cut from a different cloth from these new shcool cats..HARDEN Is a joke no defense and a streaky shooter he shoots high volume shots as well he flops to get to the line that’s where his points come from yea he has some talent but I’m not impressed with his game at all!!! Thompson I like because he plays both sides but he isn’t a leader and is 2nd best on his squad easy to put up when no schemes are gearded to stop you!!!

  18. L says:

    I think they are talking about the level of play, can Kobe put up allstar numbers and performances? That’s the real question. But probably Kobe will make the allstar team through fan votes. But please do not question whether Kobe will deserve it or not. If the fans vote him as a starter he probably deserve it! Because they want to see Kobe play in the allstar game until he retires.

  19. Alex says:

    If he keeps doing what he did in the preseason there’s no doubt he’ll be an all star. He was 4th in preseason PPG.

  20. Zykique says:

    kobe being an all star is something that laker fans need but does not deserve. He’s just being worshipped coz of his past glory, so unfair to the rising talents in the nba

    • Amir says:

      If the guy still works harder than most of the rising talent, and is playing as well as he has in the preseason, he should be worshipped for his past and present.

    • Joel Sanchez says:

      Past glory? You haven’t seen him play this year. Kobe is Kobe at 50% he is better Than most new talent coming into the NBA.

  21. "Smart" NBA fan says:

    Who here said Kobe isn’t a all star? Who here said Thompson and Harden are better SG than Kobe is? Okay listen up all you high school teenagers. We already know half of you jumped on the Lebron or Kevin Durant bandwagon. Half of you wasn’t even born by the year 1996. So how the Hell are you gonna sit on here and say Kobe aint nothing or he can’t make it to all star game. Oh Kobe only scores 20 points off 20 shots. Who in the hell do you think U are? Kobe is still the man in the NBA. Regardless of what Lebron does or KD does. Kobe cannot and will not be denied by any of MJ fans or Lebron fans or even KD fans.

    • xantheus says:

      Wow get a life dude. Not everyone that thinks Kobe won’t be worthy of is a “high school teenager”. You seem like the only immature person here, attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion.

  22. Dom says:

    Whoever thinks Kobe won’t be an all-star should be drug tested.

  23. rj says:

    he will still be an all-star. Lakers fans will vote for him.

  24. ronhawkster says:

    “Yes, he’s older and has been through a lot of injuries, but this is Kobe Bryant, a player who regularly overcomes odds and produces amazing results. ”

    Every time these sportswriters write in such glorious terms another bad thing happens to Kobe. Not because of what they write, of course, but because nobody is above Father Time. These people talk about Kobe as though somehow being Kobe makes him immune to aging or slowing down. These people seem to be in the same Lala land that the Lakers ownership is in who keeps banking on him as the centerpiece of their future. Let’s get this straight: Kobe is good, but year by year he’s slowing down, year by year his aging makes him more susceptible to more injuries, and furthermore, by the virtue of who he is he’s actually MORE in risk of getting injured. Because the more you handle the ball, the more you play through injuries, the more contact you make, the more games you play, the more miles you put on your body, the more RISK you are exposing yourself to. Those are almost universal laws of physics which don’t have the same respect for marquee players that sportswriters do. Those laws treat everyone the same. You can’t defy them through giving endless praise. Kobe is a high mileage player who handles the ball a lot, who gets fouled a lot, who is subject to a lot of contact, who plays injured a lot, and so he’s exposed to a lot of risk of injury on top of the natural aging process which slows you down.

  25. The Voice Of Reason says:

    Wow – the ignorance of the Kobe article in UNBELIEVABLE!
    Who cares if he performs at an All-Star level – if the public vote him to start, then he starts, regardless of his actual numbers.
    If he doesn’t get voted, then yes his performance will matter, but in reality, Kobe’s presence at All-Star weekend is entirely dependent on his popularity, not his performance. Besides, do you see Kobe playing off the bench in the All-Star game? Not likely, he wouldn’t do it – I know that he has too based on contract but he would kick and scream all the way out.
    Kobe is one of the most popular sports icons in the world, he will get voted a start simply cause the world (as a whole) want to see him. Personally I don’t think his numbers will be 2010 Kobe – he will probably average 15ppg, 2rpg, 2apg – not even close to what other SG’s are averaging this year. Kobe belongs in the “once a generation” conversation and his skill deserves to be seen by the world, but father time doesn’t respect skill or legacy, when he calls your number, whether Kobe likes it or not, it’s time. After a torn Achilles and broken knee at 35, he is a walking miracle to even take the floor and has my respect from one basketball player to another. The fact he can still play at NBA level after all that says even more about his will and desire that beats 99% of all other athletes world-wide. But Mitch Kupchak expecting Kobe to play at All-Star level is irresponsible. The fact that the expectations are their because of the $$$ Mitch and co. put up for him is even more ludacris and further’s the reason why the Lakers organization are going down fast.
    If Kobe does, then it furthers why he is one of the greatest. No doubt Kobe will try and that deserves respect, but the public’s (and GM’s) expectations need a reality check. However, that very expectation is why, regardless of his performance, Kobe will be voted a starter.

  26. Joel Sanchez says:

    He has not been struggling with injuries for two season. He got injured torward the end of the season two year ago a game before the playoff. Kobe missed the following season due to a fractured knee. The way he is playing right now he looks like he did two years ago before his injury. He may not have the same lift but he is still better than Klay Thompson and James Harden.

  27. MG says:

    Kobe will even be the all-star MVP.
    Lebron was blocked several times in an all-star game several years ago during isolation matches with Kobe.

  28. Lavon says:

    @Chas3_B3nji on IG .. Kobe is done all star wise i believe. sime as that

  29. Paul says:

    Sure Kobe can be an all-star, if the fans vote him in, which they’ll probably do if they voted him in without him even have played hardly at all last season. Does he deserve to be an all-star is a better question and the answer is no.

  30. Kobe an all-star? Is that even a question? As long as there’s fan voting he’ll be an all-star regardless of how good he is. He could be a coach and still get voted in. But if you wanna say top 2-3 SG’s in the game all-star? Idk, James Harden is above him and Klay Thompson could have a great season. He’s probably the 3rd best SG in the west.

  31. Someone Else says:

    It is inevitable that Kobe Bryant will be an All-Star for the rest of his career for the simple reason of his popularity. Being an All-Star starter is not an achievement of ability or production when fan voting controls it.

  32. C'monMan says:

    Pay Klay, he’s is getting better and better as he gets older, the olympics and this preseason he’s ballin, he’s ready for a break out year, glad they did not trade for love, the warriors need to be healty come playoff time, and Klay needs to be more consistent in the playoffs, that will come with time and maturity, if they don’t pay him, and he goes some were else he will get paid and be a bad man, kid got game.

  33. xantheus says:

    Well seeing as the public votes if enough Kobe fans vote, no matter how badly he may or may not do this season, he will be on the team. Simple as that.

  34. Lovinthenba says:

    He’ll average his 20 at least. But is obvious his efficiency is gonna be horrible. 20 shots for 20 or 25 points. Fans will vote him in for a starter, we all know that’s a popularity contest.

  35. dustydreamnz says:

    I agree Harriet, I don’t take notice of preseason results at all. Like you say, they’re good for trialling young guys guys etc.

  36. ?????? says:

    kobe will be an all star because stupid fans will vote hime in, not because of his production

  37. harriethehawk says:

    Several high profile teams had a poor pre-season, including the Heat, Spurs, Clippers, and OKC. But I thought the pre-season didn’t count, and is a time the teams use to test out their rookies, add-ons, walk-ins, invites, and player rotations? I wasn’t impressed w/ the pre-season games at all. Most teams didn’t even play their starters a lot, if even at all. And I’m alarmed that in spite of that, so may “starting” players are already injured and won’t even be part of opening week. Well, Let’s Go Hawks!