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Stephen Curry (left) and Klay Thompson enjoy a taste of gold medal at the FIBA World Cup. (Garrett Ellwood/NBAE)

Stephen Curry (left) and Klay Thompson enjoy a taste of gold medal at the FIBA World Cup. (Garrett Ellwood/NBAE)

> Lots of talk this preseason, little resolution: So, which team has the best backcourt in the NBA (when everybody’s healthy)?

Steve Aschburner, Since you didn’t specify “starting” backcourt, I’m going with the team entry and saying the San Antonio Spurs. They’re the only defending-champion backcourt in the entire NBA. (That said, I’d love to hear Lance Stephenson answer this in an unguarded moment about himself and Kemba Walker. Would anticipate bravado and entertainment.)

Fran Blinebury, If they’re healthy and it’s June, I want Parker and Ginobili. Over the full 82 games, give me the dynamic talent, youth and sheer brashness of Curry and Thompson.

Jeff Caplan, It’s really hard not to designate Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson for this distinction, but there’s a good reason why Suns management and ownership caved and paid Eric Bledsoe all that money, right? The Bledsoe-Goran Dragic combo is my pick, just a couple of hard-nosed, hustling, penetrating, 3-point shooting, defensive-minded point guards sharing the same backcourt. In the 38 games they played together (Bledsoe missed 39 games with a knee injury), they had a 108.4 offensive rating (points per 100 possessions) and 97.4 defensive rating, plus a True Shooting percentage of 55.7.

Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili (Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE)

Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili
(Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE)

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comGolden State over (in no particular order) Washington, Toronto and Phoenix. That’s if you’re asking about starters. If that qualifier is off, Tony Parker-Manu Ginobili should be in any conversation that has to do with best tandems, and not just in the backcourt. The Warriors get the edge because not only are Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson electric scorers, but Thompson is the kind of defender that can check multiple positions and Curry has improved as a distributor to where he is dangerous with the pass as well.

John Schuhmann, I’ll take Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Curry is one of the two or three toughest matchups in the league, as one of the best shooters in the world, with the ball in his hands all the time. Thompson is another great shooter and a solid wing defender. But there are a ton of other backcourts — Brooklyn (if you count Joe Johnson as a two), Chicago, the Clippers, Phoenix, Portland, San Antonio, Toronto and Washington — who you could consider if you’re putting together a top-five list.

Sekou Smith, Everyone wants to claim top honors, even backcourts that have yet to play regular season minutes together. All things being equal and with each group at their best, I don’t know you could be more explosive and more dynamic than the group the Golden State Warriors can throw at you. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are two of the best shooters/scorers in the game. Adding a wild card like Shaun Livingston to this already potent mix (which also includes swingman Andre Iguodala) makes this the most dynamic crew in the game, in my opinion.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: There are three pairs of players that to me jump out as being above the rest, and I mean that in terms of their offense and their defense. in no particular order: Golden State (Curry and Thompson); Toronto (Lowry and DeRozan); Washington (Wall and Beal). If I had to pick one from that trio of duos, I’d probably go with Curry and Thompson, even though Curry’s defense can lapse below average. But I think Wall and Beal aren’t far behind them, and have the advantage of youth on their side.

Stefanos Triantafyllos, NBA Greece: Love the question! Reminds me of my NBA Jam years. Boomshakalaka! The best NBA back-court is the “Spash Brothers”, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. The make a great duo, they play excellent together (in Golden State, in Team USA) and they make a deadly one-two punch from beyond the arc.

Abraham Romero, NBA Spain: The Warrriors with the ‘Splash Brothers’ Curry and Thompson are in the top right now. More points than any backcourt in the last regular season.

Davide Chinellato, NBA Italy: Easy W for Golden State here. The Splash Brothers are too good together to be compared to other backcourts: high shooting and passing skills, very high basketball IQ, they can win the games by themselves or play with their teammates. I think the Wizards’ Wall-Beal backcourt can have a chance to get close to the Splash Brother this year, but they both have to improve their respective overall game.

Simon Legg, NBA Australia: The Splash Brothers! They scored more points per game than any other backcourt, had the best 3-point percentage and outscored their opponents by 11 points per 100 possessions when they were both on the floor. They can also exploit opponents in a number of ways. Curry may be the best shooter in the game and can hit all types of whacky shots off-the-dribble, his passing game seems to improve all the time and when he gets strong defensive coverage, he dishes it off to Klay. Thompson shot 41.7 percent from deep on 535 attempts and have improved as a perimeter defender, making up for some of Steph’s defensive lapses. Klay’s offensive game has expanded as well, including post-ups, slashing and even handling and penetrating. I just wish he’d pass more!

Akshay Manwani, NBA India: I don’t see any reason why we should look at anyone else other than Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson for the Golden State Warriors. Former head coach Mark Jackson already anointed them the greatest backcourt ever.  Those two guys played a big part in Team USA’s win at the 2014 FIBA World Cup in the offseason as well. The ‘Splash brothers’ can light up at any time, turning an entire ballgame on its head.

Takuma Oikawa, NBA Japan: Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson of the Warriors. Their shooting skill is one of the most dangerous in the league. They can shoot from every area on the court and make clutch shot.  Curry can handle the ball and Thompson can defend. Additionally, they can pass. If they played a 2-on-2 tournament, I think they’d beat all other teams.


  1. Abe Reubin says:

    rose and butler, crawford and paul. or westbrook and jackson. those are the three that should be in the discussion more often without a doubt.

  2. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Jalen Rose covered this already……..spurs. Backcourt does not mean just the starters btw.

  3. Nicholas says:

    Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson hands down!!!

  4. Lillard Time says:

    Whaaat no love for Lillard and Mathews. easily the best in my opinion. you gon learn this season

  5. deematthew14 says:

    Wall and Beal no question about it

  6. marlon green says:

    1 playoff series win versus 4 championships and a finals mvp are you serious!? I’ll take a healthy Parker and Manu over the splash brothers any day.

  7. tipendot says:

    curry and thompson: they are the best backcourt. end of talk.not a warrior fan but that’s based on stats, and even advance stats. read the prev articles. and try reaading BR what has to say. they have the tibits there. don’t just make comments with no basis at all. wall and beal are still have a lot to improve on.

  8. Deaunta Garrett says:

    Splash Brothers bitch!

  9. leehayso says:

    Splash Brothers with Wall and Beal not far behind.

  10. Billy Seys says:

    Although I agree with DG’s first comment, let’s set the record straight (if he’s talking about my Spurs), it’s 5… With Parker, Ginobili, Patty and Danny/Corey!!! ComOn Man!…

  11. asdf says:

    1. Curry & Thompson.
    2. Lillard & Wes Matthews.
    3. Wall & Beal

  12. DG says:

    Are you kidding me? What have your so-called splash brothers accomplished? First round of the playoffs. How can you compare that to the four time champions?

  13. Question? says:

    Why are Curry and Thompson called the splash brothers?

    • Darien says:

      Because they are great 3 point shooters, when someone makes a 3 you hear people say Splash! due to the sound of the ball going through the net
      watch some Chris smoove on youtube!

  14. vencedor says:

    LOVE and LBJ forever!!!

  15. Ryan41 says:

    This year it;s Monta Ellis and Devin Harris or Monta Ellis and Jameer Nelson! period.

  16. Tremill says:

    Wall and Beal!

  17. Devon says:

    Legit.. Im going to be laughing when everybody sees what the raptors have in store.

  18. Kwame Brown says:

    Yes against the nuggets like 2 years ago. When the nuggets were the 3rd seed and warriors being 6th I think

  19. 4-pt Range says:

    Have the splash brothers won any play-off series yet? Almost all of you writers are what is called “Fan-boy.”

    • gregorio says:

      They won against the nuggets who were the third seed that year, do research first before you put your foot in your mouth!

    • Mike Saechao says:

      Didnt they win the series against Denver in the 2013 playoffs And had a better chance against the spurs than any other team the spurs played in the west ?

  20. Washington says:

    What about Wizards? One of the best point guard in Wall and emerging All-Star Beal, why are they not even mentioned here?!

  21. harriethehawk says:

    We’re the Spalaaash Brothers!!!