Blogtable: Pierce, Gasol, Parsons?

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Long-time Lakers center Pau Gasol bolted for Chicago over the summer. (Randy Belice/NBAE)

Long-time Lakers center Pau Gasol bolted for Chicago over the summer. (Randy Belice/NBAE)

> Which of these players will fit in best with his new team: Paul Pierce, Pau Gasol or Chandler Parsons? Why?

Steve Aschburner, I like them all in their new surroundings. Pierce seems energized by Washington’s youth and up-and-coming attitude, and he’s willing to be more old head than focal point. Parsons is versatile enough to fill different needs for Dallas on different nights. Gasol opens up new vistas for Chicago’s offense, especially in tandem with Derrick Rose, and is eager to put the past two sour Lakers years behind him. Forced to choose? I’ll go with Parsons because of his age, because of the opportunities he’ll get with the Mavericks and because he’s the least likely of the three to battle injuries.

Fran Blinebury, From the day he chose Chicago, I’ve thought Pau Gasol is the perfect complement to Joakim Noah. He’s a solid frontline scorer and rebounder, excellent passer and should give a Bulls offense that struggles to score points another option and big boost.

Paul Pierce (Chris Covatta/Getty Images)

Paul Pierce (Chris Covatta/Getty Images)

Jeff Caplan, Well, look, Paul Pierce is such a veteran that he’s going to walk into that locker room with some up-and-coming young dudes and just own it. Pau Gasol is a gentleman and so easy to get along with that he’ll fit in quickly in Chicago. But, Chandler Parsons is going to be a tremendous fit with the Dallas Mavericks. Playing off Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis, and with Rick Carlisle figuring out the best ways to put him in a position to be successful, I really think Parsons is going to show a lot of versatility in Dallas and is headed for a big year.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Gasol, because he can fit in most any situation. While I like the other two additions, especially Parsons in Dallas, Gasol is the perfect complementary player for a lot of teams. The Bulls can be one of those teams as long as Tom Thibodeau doesn’t go Tom Thibodeau on him and play Gasol into the ground. Gasol will pass at a level that will create opportunities for Derrick Rose and the wing shooters.

John Schuhmann, Parsons fits best as a secondary playmaker in a Mavs’ offense that already features the impossible-to-guard Ellis/Nowitzki pick-and-roll. If the ball is swung to Parsons on the weak side, he’ll get open threes or be able to attack close-outs with the dribble, more effectively than Shawn Marion in both cases. He’ll need to be a better defender, but the Mavs have Tyson Chandler to help on that end. Gasol will be have more of Tom Thibodeau’s trust than Carlos Boozer did, but there’s some overlap with his skill set and that of Joakim Noah. I’d put Pierce last because I think he’s a more effective four than three these days and, while he gives the Wizards an offensive boost, he can’t replace Trevor Ariza‘s defense.

Sekou Smith, After watching Pierce set the tone for the Wizards’ season by getting in the face of Joakim Noah and the Chicago Bulls in the exhibition opener, I’m even more convinced that he’ll slide into the perfect role in Washington. The Wizards are not going to ask Pierce to be the player he was five or six years ago, when he was still an All-Star caliber player. This team needs an edge, an agitator and a veteran player who can push the youngsters to go to that next level. Pierce is that guy.

Chandler Parsons (Glenn James/NBAE)

Chandler Parsons (Glenn James/NBAE)

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: I saw Pierce and Gasol go against each other last night in Chicago, and they both looked good. Pierce in particular gave Washington an aggressive edge, getting mixed up with Joakim Noah minutes into the preseason opener. But I’ve said all summer long that Pau Gasol will have a significant impact for Chicago, and I stand by that thought. Pau will unlock their offense — the other night I saw him attempt a few passes I’m not sure a Bulls center has even thought of in a decade. Most impressive to me was Pau’s demeanor. He made a reasoned and considered decision and truly believes he can affect change we can believe in for these Bulls.

Stefanos Triantafyllos, NBA Greece: Paul Pierce seems the right piece for the Wizards puzzle. A good veteran player than can be the glue that connects the yound and talented back-court (John Wall, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter, Jr.) and the experienced front-line (Nene, Marcin Gortat, DeJuan Blair, Drew Gooden). Playing at the 3-spot and having that kind of experienced, means that he can fill all the dots and take his new team to the next level.

Guillermo García, NBA Mexico: It is a difficult question, but it seems to me that Pau Gasol’s the right answer, because the Bulls are a team where a full, well-rounded game is essential. Which Pau certainly does. Plus, he’ll have the help of a great post player in Joakim Noah.

Aldo Avinante, NBA Philippines: Chandler Parsons will benefit the most in his new role. He is firmly entrenched in the starting small forward position that was vacated by Shawn Marion and Vince Carter, with Dirk Nowitzki spacing the floor and Monta Ellis driving inside the lane attracting the defense, look for Parsons to take advantage and perform well from the very start.

Juan Carlos Campos Rodriguez, Mexico: Pau Gasol will be the player who excels most on a new team, as he’ll have a system where he won’t be the one who has to do the dirty work under the table, something which was questioned during his tenure with the Lakers. He’ll also be able to play power forward, which brought him to the NBA, and be that dominant player with the mid-range shot that opens up spaces so that Rose and company could penetrate the paint more easily.


  1. johnny dawson says:

    Having a change of scenery will allow Pau to play at his high level, as before with the Lakers.

  2. TTKIN says:

    The Bulls were contenders before Pau came along. That was when they struggled to score. CHI filled their needs PERFECTLY. Ya they got shooters, but OKC has been proving for yrs having a team of shooters gets you nowhere.

    So instead of getting Melo and his isolation-low-percentage-shots, they got a guy who, when crunchtime hits in the playoffs, they can toss the ball to downlow and he’ll get them buckets.

    My question is, Vegas has CLE as the heavy favorites….how do they think CLE is going to guard Noah OR Pau, let alone both at the same time? And if CHI is daring, Noah, Pau AND Gibson.

  3. pete_41 says:

    parsons will have a lot of opportunities at the weakside, and a very few teams will be able to check that

  4. Faba says:

    @IlikeSoap, Nowitzki was not with the german team this summer.

  5. jdub455 says:

    pau gasol instantly made the bulls to represent the east in the finals… high iq, unselfish, post-up, spot-up, defense, and his combo with Noah will be quite a duo on both ends of the court

  6. ILikeSoap says:

    Chandler Parsons for sure. And just sayin, the mavs are gonna win it all this year. They have the same odds (18-1) as they did when they won it in 2011, Tyson Chandler is on the team, just as in 2011, Dirk is just finishing a summer with the german team, just like he did in 2011, and Lebron is on a new team for his first year once again, just like it was in 2011 with the heat

    • MR. J says:

      history does repeat itself u are correct about that. butttt..ur completely wrong about the mavs winning it all. sorry but parsons isnt gona live up to his hype like everyone thinks he is. he had a better chance of winning in houston. ill b completely honest in my opinion. mavs wont even make the playoffs this year.

      1. okc
      2. houston
      3. spurs
      4. clippers
      5. warriors
      7. nuggets
      8. timberwolves
      9. pelicans
      10. mavs

  7. harriethehawk says:

    Chandler Parsons. Mostly because Dirk breeds good chemistry for all players. Too many egos in DC and Chicago.

  8. ExilD says:

    Ariza somehow is forgotten but will accomplish more,seems like a perfect fit

    • theholyspectator says:

      except tyson is older and more injury prone, west is even more tough than ever before, lebron has the mindset and mentality of a champion now then before and has 3 point shooters all around him, mavs look good but no title this year. its either going to be the cavs or okc/spurs who take home the title.

  9. Max says:

    I like Pau, but his health will not allow his potential help for the Bulls. Peirce is also just too old and slow to be much help. However, Parsons can be a great help for the Mavs. Cuban made the best gamble out of these three players!

  10. dustydreamnz says:

    Good question, I have no idea!

  11. teg says:

    I’d say Pau Gasol best fit