After 50 Greatest: The Next 10

VIDEO: Shaq breaks out his list for the Next 10

It’s been more than 17 years since the NBA named its 50 Greatest Players in History as part of the annual All-Star weekend in Cleveland. Almost from the moment the list was revealed, the debate began.

How could the legendary Dominique Wilkins be left off? How could a 24-year-old Shaquille O’Neal, who was in just his fifth pro season, be included?

I was privileged to be among the 50 players, coaches, league executives and media members that made up the selection panel. Yes, I voted for Dominique. Not for Shaq. I thought it was too soon, his resume still incomplete, though he did, of course, become a no-brainer. The others I voted for that missed were: Bob McAdoo, Slater Martin, Dennis Johnson and Mo Cheeks.

As the 2014-15 season approaches, the gang at NBA TV’s Open Court decided it would be a time to expand the list of the 50 Greatest and choose The Next 10. The panel of O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Chris Webber, Isiah Thomas, Reggie Miller, Chauncey Billups and Ernie Johnson had a lively discussion. You can see their picks on Tuesday night’s season-opening edition of Open Court (NBA TV, 6:30 ET, replay at 1:00 ET on Wednesday morning).

That got me to compiling my own Next 10 list. My parameters were not to re-legislate the past, so I’ve made my picks based only on players that played the majority of their careers after the original list in 1997:

Tim Duncan, with coach Gregg Popovich (Andrew D Bernstein/NBAE)

Tim Duncan, with Spurs coach Gregg Popovich (Andrew D Bernstein/NBAE)

1 — Tim Duncan — It’s quite fitting that the Spurs made him the No. 1 pick in the Draft just months after the celebration of the 50 Greatest. He’s the perfect torch bearer at the perfect time to lead into the next generation. Five-time NBA champ, two-time MVP, three-time Finals MVP, 14-time All-Star, the Big Fundamental has been able to do it all for the past 17 seasons, staking his claim as the greatest power forward in history.

2 — Kobe Bryant — How many other 36-year-olds could enter a 19th NBA season coming off Achilles’ tendon and knee surgery and still defiantly believe that he’ll be able to dominate games and make his team contender? And you give him the benefit of the doubt? Currently fourth on the all-time scoring list, Kobe is poised to pass Michael Jordan this season. Call him ego-driven, a lightning rod or whatever you want, but since 1996, after winning five titles, an MVP award and two Finals MVPs, you have to call him elite.

3 — LeBron James — Not since Wilt Chamberlain has a player come into the league with such fantastic, over-the-top hype. Jealous criticisms aside, all he’s done is live up to it. The perfect combination of size, strength, speed, smarts and unselfishness. He’s just 29 years old with  four MVP awards, two championships, two Finals MVPs and 10 straight All-Star appearances already. And now he’s going back to Cleveland to keep writing the tale. As the late Howard Cosell once said, his critics might as well be shooting “spitballs at a battleship.” Clearly the best all-around player of his generation. He ranks only third here out of respect to his elders.

4 — Dirk Nowitzki — Did the Milwaukee Bucks know what they were trading away when they made him the ninth pick in the 1998 Draft and shipped him to Dallas for Robert “Tractor” Traylor? Did the basketball world remotely expect that a raw, gangly 7-footer from Wurzburg, Germany could grow into probably the best shooting big man in history? MVP, Finals MVP, champion, 12-time All-Star, he’s one of the Mt. Rushmore faces of international players that changed the NBA.

5 — Kevin Garnett — From those early days as a raw 19-year-old who became the first high schooler in nearly two decades to jump straight to the NBA, his calling card has been intensity. Of course, K.G. also has a bundle of talent at both ends of the court. NBA champion, MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, 15-time All-Star. If you needed somebody to play in a game with your life on the line, you’d want Garnett on the floor.

6 — Allen Iverson — You can keep Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. When it’s the toughest, most resilient pound-for-pound fighter we’re talking about, The Answer is the answer. The little guy was bruised, beaten, body slammed on a nightly basis and just kept popping back up to fire off another dozen or so shots. MVP, 11 All-Star appearances, four-time scoring champ and three-time steals leader. Watching him drag that 2001 Sixers team to The Finals was a joy.

7 — Dwyane Wade — It’s convenient in some corners to say that he’s been the ultimate ride-along partner to O’Neal and James in winning three championships. That corner of the world evidently didn’t have a TV to watch the NBA Finals in 2006 when he brought Miami out of an 0-2 hole against Dallas with games of 42, 36, 43 and 36 points. Explosive, acrobatic and willing to make his game fit in with LeBron for two more titles in the Big Three Era, Wade’s crowd-pleasing, no-holds-barred style has taken a toll on his body. But he never stops. Scoring champ, Finals MVP, 10 All-Star Games and the all-time leader in blocked shots for players 6-foot-4 and under.

8 — Jason Kidd — He began his career in Dallas in 1994 as a point guard that could beat you down the floor on the break or break down your set defense. By the time he returned to Dallas to win a championship with the Mavs, he was a slow 3-point specialist. In between Kidd was one of the smartest and best all-around players in the NBA, third on the all-time triple-doubles list and the only player in history with 15,000 points, 10,000 assists and 7,000 rebounds.

9 — Chris Webber — The critics will point to a resume that doesn’t have a championship or even a trip to The Finals. But they would be missing the forest for the trees. From the time he was the No. 1 pick in the 1993 Draft through the next decade, until he needed micro fracture knee surgery, Webber was as good a do-everything forward as there was in the game. He turned lowly teams at Golden State, Washington and Sacramento into winners by averaging 20-10 and being a slick, willing passer.

10 — Kevin Durant — At just 26, with the meat of his career still ahead, there is the temptation to put him in the Shaq category with the original 50 and say let him marinate a while longer. But with four scoring titles, five All-NBA first team selections and the 2014 MVP award under his belt, who needs to wait? He can get off a shot any time from anywhere on the court and never look like he’s straining. A pure scoring machine who makes it all look too, too easy.


  1. Rose says:

    My list :
    Kobe Bryant
    Kevin Garnett
    Tim Duncan
    Allen Iverson
    Lebron James
    Gary Payton
    Jason Kidd
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Dwyane Wade
    Steve Nash
    Dwyane Wade

  2. Gil says:

    Bob mcadoo,Adrain dantley,Bernard king,Gary Payton,Allen iverson,Dominique wilkens,,Reggie miller.cant think of. Anymore players should be included once their careers are over

  3. JerseyCatt says:

    Dominique Wilkins should have been on the first 50. How does a player that has a career 26,668 points not make it on the list? I would take off Bill Walton or Robert Parrish.

  4. JerseyCatt says:

    Dominique Wilkins should have been on the first 50. How does a player that has a career 26,668 point not make it on the list? I would take off Bill Walton or Robert Parrish.

  5. tomverstreken says:

    i believe its worth noting Wade dominated in the ’06 finals against a Dallas team with no personel to defend a top tier SG.
    So i’m saying he IS top tier, but i’d take Shuttlesworth over Flash..

  6. Markus71 says:

    Obviously the debate should be the next 20!
    The award celebrated 50 best players for 50 yrs since 1946/47.Is 1 player a yr enough? Actually the debate should probably be ‘the next 25’! has CP3 or D12 done any less than Shaq had in 96/97
    Firstly there were less teams/players in the first 25 yrs, up to 1970. I have a few players (4 or 5) you could probably add in that era alone, C.Hagan, J.Twyman etc.(I mean Bob Davies & Joe Fulks were named in 1971 ahead of N.Johnston?!)
    Along with others who missed out, contentiously, in 97, ( If you have D.DeBusschere in there why not Gus Johnson, Bailey Howell.. on & on. Bill Walton no Bob Lanier…) you could maybe add another 10 players to the original list.
    But why stop at aprox. 90? Go the top 100! & get the debate going NBA TV Open Court!!

  7. Mek says:

    The list is pretty good, but I would have Allen Iverson much lower. We know in his prime he was a spectacular player and I agree with his pound for pound status. I cant put him above Dwayne Wade, Jason Kidd, or maybe even Kevin Durant at this point. The first two are champions and multiple time all-stars. Championship for great players are supposed to be the defining thing before hat seperate them from other great players. Now for Durant case, its questionable whether hes already accomplished more than Iverson. Their point avg for their careers are very close. Both 4 time scoring champions, except Durant did it with much more efficiency. Both made it to the finals once and lost. Durant has also made it to the the western conference 4 out of 5 years. Both a one time MVPs. Their resumes at this point are very similar so hard to determine who should be ages of who. I would put Dwade at 6 Kidd at 7 Durant at 8 iverson at 9 Webber at 10. We know Webber was great, but with no MVPs, scoring titles, and finals appearance theres no way I can put him ahead of Durant.

  8. SB says:

    First, they should have used Smitty and Kerr (one last time) on the panel instead of Chris and Reggie. If those two are in the running for the “next ten”, which they are, you can’t have them in the building as it puts the others in a tough spot. I think some of the guys did not want to hurt Webber’s feelings. I think he sits just outside the next 10. Here is what they got right:


    That is it! Durant should not be on the list just yet. If Durant gets hurt tomorrow, I think other guys would be more deserving (ie Webber). I am leaving Dominique and Mcadoo out for now (more on this later). Next on the list should definitely be JKidd. The open court panel lost credibility instantly without having Kidd be unaminous. Seriously, Kidd was a walking triple double, won a championship, and dramatically improved any team as soon as he got there. Take the Nets, as soon as he got there he basically carried them to the finals back to back years ( with Kittles, Martin, MCcolough, Jefferson nuff said). Reggie Miller should be on the list. The panel did him a dis-service because outside of Isaiah, I don’t think Miller is well liked due to his brute honesty, which most of the time is spot on. However, Miller was second to Jordan as the most feared player on the court when the team needed a HUGE basket. Unlike most guys, he rose to the occasion in the Playoffs. Miller also changed the game by the use of the “curl” and quick shot: see Rip Hamilton, Korver, Steph Curry etc. Next up is Pierce…carried a franchise, underrated defensive player, went to finals twice, and won one time. Finally, I would put Gary Payton as the 10th and last player on the “next 10”. Therefore:


    As mentioned earlier, Webber is right on the cusp. I thought long and hard about Dennis Rodman. I know, I know, he was one sided, but he might have been the best one-sided player in the history of basketball. The Bulls probably would not have won the last three-peat without Rodman. Rodman was so good defensively that he warrants to be in this discussion.

    Finally, regarding the original 50 and Wilkins and Mcadoo. I looked back at the list, along with my own memories of the game. Robert Parish may have been the one guy that I may have not included in the list. I think he benefited due to the great Celtic Mystic/Dynasty. If you put Bill Cartwright on Celtics during the 79-86 seasons, you might have the same results. Don’t believe me check Cartwrights first few years stats. This is no knock on Parish, he was good, but substituting him with Wilkins or Mcadoo would probably be fair too.

  9. Tee Jay says:

    What about Dennis Rodman?

  10. Kirby Record says:

    The list is reasonable to me, though if we are speculating about all around play, and if we are valuing both offense and defense, I think it will be clear in just a year or two that Duncan No 1, James No 2, and Kobe No 3. At this point we have to consider the many more years Duncan and Bryant have played and give them the edge but in the end the discussion will be who is the very best of all time, and of this list on James has a chance to be considered. He:s already considered but only based on his potential halfway through his career. Nash doesn’t make it because he only gets points for 50% of the game–the offensive part. The other guys are toss ups but certainly Dirk deserves a spot and just about all the others on most of the lists. It depends on the criteria. But by the way nimrods, Shaq already made the list! This was supposed to be AFTER the first 50 list. But I like this list if we consider the overall play, not just offense.

    Tim Duncan
    Lebron James
    Kobe Bryant
    Kevin Garnett
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Gary Payton
    Jason Kidd
    Tony Parker
    Dwyane Wade
    Allen Iverson

  11. NBAfan says:

    Duncan and Kobe…definitely! There’s no need to number them. The greatest 50 weren’t ranked… I’d put Kobe above Duncan though…

    Lebron? Yes in the sense that a young Shaq also made it to the top 50 before he really did his thing…4 straight finals appearance shouldn’t be his legacy.

    Dirk, Iverson, and KG…definitely.

    Nash and D-Wade are maybes…

    I’ll leave two spots for those left out of the greatest 50 that should have been there….

  12. Jae Porter says:

    Alright old guys listen up. It specifically said at the top of this article that ppl that played after the “97 season. If they didn’t make it then they won’t make it now

  13. brett says:

    they based it on how the player carry the team, not on individual achievements. They got a good point

  14. Lazerrick Ellis says:

    I will take d wade off the list because the statement were made by isaiah thomas saying all players who led their teams far and made them better d wade didn’t win a champion until he got with shaq in 06 then lebron help him to go to 4 straight finals and win 2 championships when wade didn’t have shaq or lebron he didn’t go to no eastern conference finals or finals which shows that he don’t make his team better or don’t take his team far but on the other hand derrick rose should be on that next 10 greatest list he was the rookie of the year he was the youngest mvp ever he led the bulls to the eastern conference finals the bulls is a better scoring team when he plays and he is a 2 time USA gold medalist he is the best & quick scoring guard I have ever seen rose should be on that list

    • Jae Porter says:

      It was dwades 2nd or third year Kobe didn’t win his until shaq got to him in his 4th or 5th year

    • Jae Porter says:

      We don’t even know if he’ll yield off his injuries god forbid he gets injured again so no he shouldn’t

  15. funkyjunky says:

    C Webb has to go I’ll add d12 8x all star 3dpoy and 5x all NBA 1st team finals app

  16. leon says:

    R.u.kidding? 1st off to have kobe bryant second to ANYBODY since 1997 is Moronic.2nd had to go back and look at your pic again.figures gonna try get a Caucasian player in there.3rd did Shaw not play after 1997 season going into his prime? Last…LeBron nor kd can even sniff this list yet.R.u kidding.

    • Jae Porter says:

      Bcuz it took Kobe 11 years to be the main focal point of winning a championship & 2 years for Tim Duncan & Lebron very well can he’s 29 & has done so much already

  17. Romel says:

    Bernard King….I’m just saying. …

  18. magreen says:

    First of all some of you people need to learn your history! Shaq is on the 50 greatest team. 2nd you people questioning Wade on the list is out of your mind. He dominated the 06 Finals and was amongst the top 5 players in the league during his prime. Some folks even labeled Kobe and Wade as 1A and 1B as the best 2 guards in the league. Wade is a monster on the offensive end and plays defense just as well. UNLIKE NASH Wade is the best shot blocking guard in league history. I’m also sure he is high up in the steals department as well. Sure Nash was a 2 time MVP* and at the helm of one of the best offenses that went NO WHERE. Wade has a FINALS MVP and that tops both of those 2 MVP’s you Nash lovers are crying about. There is NO WAY Nash gets on this list before Wade. 3 time champion, Finals MVP, All star MVP, I believe a scoring title, multiple all star and all nba teams are you serious? And to you other people saying the should of would of could people should be on there need to stop also. I love Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway, Yao Ming, Brandon Roy, Webber, T-Mac, Larry Johnson and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few others. Yes they were great or on their way to greatness WHILE THEY WERE HEALTHY but since injuries cut their careers short you cant put them on that list. If so, they would take up at least half this list for sure. And one other thing, It’s too early to select Kevin Durant.

  19. Corey Rogers says:

    C Webb over Gary Payton is highly questionable. And Duncan is in the correct spot

  20. talib wayne says:

    what about joel Anthony ? he’s an all star , you cant forget what he did for the heat O__o

  21. The Truth says:

    How about Isiah Thomas? PPL are putting Rodman as an option, however, Isiah was the man in Detroit and both MJ and Scottie were in Chicago. All three of them are ahead of Rodman!

  22. Erik Zapata says:

    Dwayne Wade for sure!!! Nobody has done what he did in 2006. Plus remember back in 2011 he was the guy doing the work in the finals too ppl don’t see that while LeBron was no where to be found when the team neaded him, wade decided also to step back after that, so LeBron can do his work and get that monkey of his back… don’t be surprised this season coming up a lot of doubters going to be shock! This guy still has a lot on the tank

    • Lazerrick Ellis says:

      They are talking about leaders d wade is not a leader shaq were the leader lebron were the leader now bosh is the leader miami heat knows this he is a great role player but not a leader question. Did wade ever take his team to the eastern conference finals or finals. Answer NO. Did derrick rose ever lead his team to the eastern conference finals. YES.

  23. lakermig says:

    I love how kobe is AFTER tim, yeah right. and i really love how you mentioned very little of the incredbile achievements he’s had…I smell a hater. 81 point game, two time scoring champ, 12 All-Defensive Teams (nine times to the All-Defensive First Team), 16 time all-star(winning AS MVP 5 times) and so far 5 sixty-point games, 24 fifty-point games, and 107 forty-point games. keep drinkin that hatorade my friend.

    • Jae Porter says:

      But how long did it take for Kobe to get a title on his own as opposed to Timmy? You Kobe fans crack me up

  24. dpmac1571 says:

    if you can’t play defense, you can’t play. steve nash does not belong on the list. chris paul destroyed him every time they played.
    nash even sat out games when the suns played against chris paul. the first year they gave nash the mvp, 23 guards had their career or seasons high against him. that year he was also second in the league in turnovers. why don’t you put dantoni on the list with him.

  25. KnicksTape says:

    1.Tim Ducan
    3.Allen Iverson
    8.Dwayne Wade
    10.Chris Webber/Vince Carter

  26. jolololo says:

    i would drop c webb and add steve nash

  27. Ronald Benzon N. Perez says:


  28. Dan says:

    Why would they put lebron, Dwade and Durant on the list. Scratch them off. They are the best players for the next top 10 greatest players. Put the right generation there.
    11. A.I.

  29. Jayson B says:

    Alright I got my extra 10 too. (Exiting players at least)

    1. Kobe Bryant
    2. Tim Duncan
    3. Jason Kidd (Records)
    4. Steve Nash (Back-to-back MVP, member of FG% and FT% Shooting club)
    5. Dirk Nowitzki (Carrying the flag of international players)
    6. Ray Allen (3PT Shooting Records)
    7. Allen Iverson (One of the best scoring PG’s)
    8. Paul Pierce (Argue on this, Ill put Manu perhaps, carried Euro steps in NBA)
    9. Kevin Garnett
    10. Vince Carter / McGrady should share…

    Didn’t include LBJ or KD or Wade or Melo, they got so much time ahead and they can last for 10 more years…. HA!

  30. costa says:

    wow, for C Webb to say that dwyane wade won those championships only because of lebron and shaq thats disrespectfull, lost the admiration i had for him. cmon wade has 3 chips best shot blocking guard of all time.

    pierce over webb easily

  31. jasper36 says:

    In any Order!
    1. Duncan
    2. Kobe
    3. Lebron
    4. Wade
    5. Dirk
    6. Kidd
    7. Payton
    8. Garnett
    9. Allen Iverson
    10. Stevfe Nash

  32. Eric says:

    why not Mark Aguirre, all he did was make his teams better, was in top 10 scoring yearly and won two championships. Where is the luv. I’m just saying.

  33. kadie says:

    where’s Cheryl?

  34. RowJay says:

    1.Tim Duncan
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. leBron James
    4. Kevin Garnett
    5. Allen Iverson
    6. Dirk Nowitzki
    7. Dwayne Wade
    8. Jason Kidd
    9. Steve Nash
    10. Kevin Durant

  35. E.T. says:

    Wait what next 10 ?! They should add 17-18 more not 10 players since NBA has been here from what 1946/1947 lol but maybe they should add 25 players every 25 years.

    Only players over maybe 30 years of age (if they are really good lol) or when they retire should qualify to enter NBAs greatest my opinion, here is my list…

    1 Kobe Bryant*
    2 Lebron James*
    3 Allen Iverson
    4 Tim Duncan*
    5 Kevin Durant*
    6 Steve Nash*
    7 Kevin Garnett*
    8 Dirk Nowitzki*
    9 Vince Carter*
    10 Jason Kidd
    11 Gary Payton
    12 Tony Parker*
    13 Pau Gasol*
    14 Manu Ginobili*
    15 Dwayne Wade*
    16 Tracy McGrady
    17 Grant Hill


    18 Reggie Miller
    19 Ray Allen*
    20 Shawn Kemp
    21 Chris Webber
    22 Dominique Wilkins
    23 Derick Rose*
    24 Scottie Pippen
    25 Carmelo Anthony*

    …there a lot of other great players too the should at least be considered for this list like D.Howard, D. Rodman, A. Mourning, T, Hardaway, B, McAdoo, P, Pierce and more…

    * – still playing

  36. jty7271 says:

    Dominique Wilkins
    Alex English
    Bob Macadoo
    Gary Payton
    Jason Kidd
    Tim Duncan
    Allen Iverson
    Steve Nash
    Kobe Bryant
    Lebron James

  37. bruh says:

    how about a list of the top 20 players this past decade? 2000-2010 (no specific order)
    1.Kobe Bryant
    2.Lebron James
    4.Tim Duncan
    7.Allen Iverson
    8.Jason Kidd
    9.Steve Nash
    10.Dirk Nowitzki
    12.Vince Carter
    13.Ray Allen
    14.Paul Pierce
    15.Yao Moing
    16.Chris Paul
    17.Carmelo Anthony
    18.Derrick Rose
    19.Kevin Durant
    20.Tony parker
    idk too many, theres prob more or how about top 50 whos played 2000-2014

  38. hdsnake867 says:

    Gotta include The Truth, Paul Pierce.

  39. Danny Max says:

    Why is Steve Nash not on this list?! Chris Webber over Nash? This list was not very thought out…Durrant is also a bit premature. Yes, he will likely go down as one of the all-time greats, but you are basing his addition to the list as a projection, not body of work.

    • REally says:

      Did you miss the four scoring titles, 5 All NBA first team selections and last year’s MVP? I’d say that’s a reasonable resume .. Also, not that this means a lot, but KD has finished second in the MVP race three times, all to Lebron.
      I’d only change Webber for Nash, if anything. But man, I loved CWebb

      • Kalbo!! says:

        the point is, kd can join the list at a later time instead of denying others who’s been long overdue as part of the list.. my goodness.. people can be so biased, they’re not thinking..

  40. Money202 says:

    C-webb is garbage….Tracy Mcgrady was way better than him on both ends.

    If Gary payton isn’t in already he definitely needs to be in…

    Pierce definitely needs to go in…how do you put Cwebb over him?

  41. Dash says:

    No disrespect to any of these players. I don’t mind the putting Dominique on the list because like they said someone will always get left off. But I don’t think KD is there yet. They looked as if it was the hype about right now players. We’re talking about the next 10 not the next 50. Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Dominique Wilkins, Alex English, Bob McAdoo, Dennis Rodman, Then the final 4 can be Garnett, Dirk, Parker, Kidd.

  42. Robin says:

    My List…

    1. Dennis Rodman
    2. Kevin Garnett
    3. Allen Iverson
    4. Kobe Bryant
    5. Tim Duncan
    6. Lebron James
    7. Dirk Nowitski
    8. Dominique Wilkins
    9. Ray Allen
    10. Dwayne Wade

    ** respect
    Steve Nash

    There were guys proving their greatness when the 50 came out…Dennis was one… Shaquille shouldn’t have been on the original as he has only played 2-3 years in the league at the time. It should have been Nique instead.

  43. Wilbert richardson says:

    Joe dumars , rasheed, wallace,

  44. GDOG says:

    I agree with Jon

    Derozan, Kyle Lowry, and maybe even J-Valanicunas should be on the list for sure

  45. Bald James says:

    How about Vince Carter? He hasn’t won a championship but he defenitely should be in this list

  46. What The says:

    where the hell is NASH?

  47. David Wick says:

    NASH easily over Webber!!!!!

    Think about this…. He is a former MVP of the league!!!!!!!!

    If Steve Nash was from the USA he would also be an Olympic champion as well which would have solidified this as a no brainer.

    I am NOT a Steve Nash fan however you can in no way not include him in this!

    How many MVP’s do we have each year? How many MVP’s does he have? This is something that should not even be a discussion so I will end it with this… NASH….in, Webber….. calling a time out in the corner and losing to UNC!

  48. James Soften says:

    Hahahahhahahhaahaha, Kevin Durant?

  49. Triangle Offense Is Beastly says:

    Anyone questioning Wade’s place must not know basketball particularly well. He is inarguably a top 5 all-time Shooting Guard, most professionals and authorities place him as the 3rd best SG ever. Along with Jordan, Kobe, Drexler and (depending on if you place them as SG or PG) Jerry West and Allen Iverson. He almost single-handedly took the ’06 team to a championship, then carried low-talent-level Heat teams to Playoffs year after year after year. In the ’11 Finals, he was the best player on the floor (or 2nd, I admit Dirk was absolutely incredible), and without him Heat would have been swept. If anything, I’d have him higher. Kobe, LeBron and Duncan are easily higher, but I’d have him in the discussion for 4th (with Dirk).

    The rest of the list is pretty good too. I don’t know about Webber, he was great but I think you could definitely argue Pierce or Nash as deserving of the last spot. And Durant is definitely too early in his career to be on here, so it’s a toss up between Pierce Nash and Webber. I think T-Mac’s prime was too short to put him on here.

    Personally, if Roy’s knees had held out, I think we’d be seeing his name on this list too. I guess it’s the same with T-Mac though, and maybe Arenas if his body and brain hadn’t blown up.

  50. jay Craft says:

    No McGrady??

  51. svupper says:

    How is Rodman stil not on that list?

  52. zeb says:

    nash, pierce in for webber and durant BECAUSE durants too young rite now….u gotta give respect to the old guys on a list like this

  53. BruhhMann says:

    Bruhh why isnt Tracy McGrady on the list????

  54. Othneil Williamson says:

    Only adding ten more to the list is an already a tough feat to begin with, however since that is the case it’s only fair to have all ten be players with an accomplishment so great it’s un-debatable. I like seven out of ten people on Fran’s as a definite no brainer, the other two a fair decent consideration as well but I would reconsider Webber and place Steve Nash towards the mark of a higher calling. A two time MVP and a frequent member of the 50/40/90 club. Need I say more?

    • NOOM Koti jr says:

      WHY DO U NOOM SO MUCH KOTI. IF u were a noomer by nature, then why didnt u taf when tha taf waz callin??

      dont u see McGrady or Tmac callin the nooming????

      look man, I dont know ehere u taffed ur basketball info from, BUT LEARN 2 TAFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Noom later

  55. sdk says:

    So let’s just recap and summarize all the comments:
    Everyone agrees 7 of the first 8 players are a shoo-in and excellent picks.
    The only question mark between the first 8 is Wade: Considering that he was the main guy in the Heat’s 2006 championship team, held them almost alone above water and in the playoffs for the next few years when he was at his prime, and then cleared the driver’s seat for Lebron so they could team up for more championships – he is surely at least a legitimate candidate to be in there.
    Next, most of the people commenting agree that C-Webb doesn’t belong there, and Steve Nash should take his place.
    (I think the guy who wrote this just forgot about Nash. There’s no other way to explain it)
    Most of the people here also agree that KD haven’t earned his place (yet).
    So that leaves the 10th slot open, for each one to fill in their pick.

    The article talks about players in their prime after 1997, the 50 year mark. That means no Reggie, Dominique, Kemp, and certainly no McAdoo.
    Shaq has already been inducted into the previous 50 greatest players list, even before he realized he’s the Most Dominant Ever (or the Big Cactus), so no need to re-select him.

  56. Adrian says:

    Should McGrady be on there?

  57. LemW says:

    LeBron James
    Allen Iverson
    These 2 guys are among the NBA 50 Greatest.

  58. Maks says:

    What about steve nash?

  59. buzzer Beater says:

    Vince Carter should be in the list

    He put Toronto and Canada on the Basketball Map!
    if he was playing a decent team , would have won a championship.

  60. will says:

    Durant . Kobe. Lebron. Yao ming. Garnett. Ray Allen. Dwight Howard. V.carter. dirk

  61. lebron says:

    NASH! He shoulda had 3 straight MVP’s, but they gave it to Dirk then he lost to the 8th seed in the first round!

  62. bballwiz says:

    Perhaps we can just refer to this list for the next 10 (although this is the all-decade team so there are 12 players.) I deleted Shaq from the list since he’s on the original 50. Here’s the link:

    The List (in no particular order):

    Steve Nash, Mavericks–Suns
    Kobe Bryant, Lakers
    LeBron James, Cavaliers-Heat
    Tim Duncan, Spurs
    Kevin Garnett, Timberwolves–Celtics
    Jason Kidd, Suns–Nets–Mavericks
    Dwyane Wade, Heat
    Dirk Nowitzki, Mavericks
    Paul Pierce, Celtics
    Allen Iverson, 76ers-Nuggets-Pistons-Grizzlies
    Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets

    We can add either Ray Allen, Bucks-Sonics-Celtics, Kevin Durant, Thunder, Chris Paul, Hornets-Clippers, or Chris Webber, Warriors-Bullets-Kings-Sixers. We can even consider Chauncey Billups, Pistons-Nuggets-Clippers (he’s been with too many teams before his Detroit days), Yao Ming, Rockets, Ben Wallace, Magic-Pistons-Bulls, Tracy McGrady, Raptors-Magic-Rockets (the last few teams are not relevant) or even Dwight Howard, Magic-Lakers-Rockets.

    The next 10 is really not going to be enough to include all the best players of the past 17 years.

    • bballwiz says:

      OH! I forgot to include Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili! Sorry.. But they should definitely both be in the consideration.

  63. Chico says:

    Are any of you aware that the late great Dennis Johnson is the only 2nd round draft pick to win an NBA Finals MVP? He played for 3-teams, and they all won at a high level (including playoffs) when he arrived. Seattle and Phoenix immediately fell off when he left. It is ridiculous to not consider him. The man was simply a winner!

  64. T gas TT ako says:

    where’s robert jaworski????

  65. DWade says:

    Ppl who think Wade shouldnt be on here clearly dont know basketball. The guy just came off 4 straight Finals and already had a ring in 06 which means he has been in 5 Finals in 17 years and 6 of those years he wasnt even in the league. Add his scoring title, Finals MVP, gold metal, and the fact he holds the record for most on the Heats stats. That should be enough right there. He was a superstar before LeBron and won a ring without LeBron. The problem with Nash is he never got to the Finals and the problem with Manu and Parker is Timmy D is on the list. Those players have always played together and their careers would not have been as great without Tim so you cant have 3. Wade without a doubt deserves to be there. The only player that is questionable in my opinion is Webber

  66. itz_ryda says:

    did yall forget about a guy named TRACY LAMAR MACGRADY !!!!!!

  67. steagl3 says:

    PAUL PIERCE absolutely deserves a top ten nod. He is entering his 17th season, won a championship & finals MVP, and averaged over 20+ for his career up until last year after the trade. He was the heart and soul of the Boston Celtics for 15 years. If Dirk, Duncan and Bryant get nods for their longevity and loyalty so should Pierce. EASY replacement for Chris Webber on that list.

    I’d also second Gary Payton or Steve Nash to replace Durant. As dominant as Durant is right now, I think you need to wait until he has a more complete body of work – just like you yourself said should have been done with Shaq in the original 50. Instead of limiting this list to players who played the majority of their career after 97, you should have limited it to players who have played at least 10 seasons in the NBA since 97.

  68. krespino says:

    The problem is with the number limitation, next “10”. There are surely more than 10 names that deserve to be chosen; how could we leave out Ginobili, Parker, Ray Allen… So, if it has been 17 years since the last “greatest 50” selection, there could maybe be a next 10 players for the following 10 years and another next 10 players for the decade to follow that…
    Could be too early to include KD, doesn’t make much sense to talk of him with AI or Duncan and even Kobe; KD is a different generation and he would go in later.

  69. Bill says:

    Uhh, if it’s been 17 years, shouldnt we be choosing the next 17? They did 50 for 50 years last time after all. Or just wait til 2047 and do the next 50.

  70. BallIzLife says:

    How can people possibly say Nash deserves to be in this list over Wade? Wade should honestly be higher in this list than he is. The only reason people discredit him is because of Lebron, but if you look at him from his second year in the league until his second year with LeBron, he was always one of the top players in the league, if not, he was the top player. He only started dropping off to take a back seat to LeBron to improve chemistry. Kobe and Wade are easily the top 2 guards of this generation, both of whom are top 5 players of the past 17 years, along with Duncan, LeBron, and maybe Dirk or AI.

    If you want Nash in there, take out Weber, if anyone.

  71. iamaceltic says:

    Why doesn’t Paul Pierce get any respect?

    • Perice pope says:

      Thank you! & Ray Allen the greatest long shooter ever! Hello! And he has rings. How & where’s Tracy McGrady?!?!

  72. Ivo M says:

    Manu Ginobili?

  73. Frank Martinez says:

    I agree with everything in the list except for Wade he should be replaced, maybe with Steve Nash and if he does belong in the list he should be number 10.

  74. razvangry says:

    Am I missing something? Where is Shaq??? (already included or what)

  75. Erta-Ale says:

    I’m happy that Big Fun appears to be a unanimous choice, the man won a championship with Nasho Nesterovic and guide a rookie named Manu Ginobili to a championship in his first year. Parker and Gino are stars now but back then it was all Duncan. TD and 50 in ’03 were Flash and Shaq in ’06, similar circumstances, same impact, same result. So forgive me if I yawn when other stars make excuses for not having enough help; do you hear that LBJ and KG?

  76. Erta-Ale says:

    If Tony Parker isn’t among the next 10 then neither is Steve Nash; and if Dirk’s offensive prowess wasn’t so outstanding and unstoppable he wouldn’t be on it either because none of them are all round players, they’re one-trick-ponies and I’m a Spurs’ fan since they drafted The Admiral, 50. Dirk should have found a way to win in 2006 and were it not for Jason Kidd and Coach Carlisle, I’m not sure the Mavs beat the Heat in 2011, Wade would have been enough, AGAIN; but not for Kidd’s defense. If we’re just talking basketball and not cultural impact, Iverson doesn’t belong on that list either. The refs’ whistles and his suspect handles got him all those points; outside the confines of the whistle happy NBA he proved he wasn’t up to the challenge of Ginobili!!!!!!!!

    • Jae Porter says:

      Maybe you don’t watch basketball because there’s no way Iverson doesn’t belong on that list name 1 other player that averaged at least 15 points on that 01 team please. The Lakers won that chip from shaq elbowing mutombo in the face every other play

  77. ryan41 says:

    Steve Nash in and Dwayne Wade out.
    Vince Carter In and Chris Webber out.

  78. delusion101 says:

    top 5 and jason kidd and AI no brainer
    kd-no.too early. maybe in 5 years.
    wade-maybe yes. monster finals performance. finals mvp. great defender and scorer
    nash-big yes. no need to explain
    ray allen-maybe yes. all time leader in 3points. clutch performer.
    pierce-maybe yes.finals mvp.clutch performer.great defender and scorer

  79. Someone Else says:

    Shaq deserves to be there now but not 17 years ago. I think he got selected on hype and nothing else. I agree with eight of the ten listed. I think Chris Webber is a bit borderline and Kevin Durant isn’t ready to be put in that company yet. Dominique Wilkins has a case to be there as does Gary Payton.

  80. Mitch says:

    The next top 10 players are easy:

    Kobe Bryant
    Kevin Garnett
    Tim Duncan
    Allen Iverson
    Lebron James
    Gary Payton
    Jason Kidd
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Paul Pierce
    Dwyane Wade

    Everyone is forgets that it was D-Wade who Shaq get his fourth ring, and not to mention it takes a whole to be a sidekick when you know your the MAIN HERO; D-Wade played that role correctly. EVERYONE BUT A.I. WON A CHAMPIONSHIP.

  81. GodSaveTheKing says:

    What about MANU GINOBILI?

    4 titles and counting, best 6th man since 2002, deserves 2005 & 2014 Finals MVP, Future Hall of Fame.

  82. Donald Harris says:

    People that say Nash over D WADE have no clue about basketball D wade is always and has always been better than Nash so with his body of work over the last 10 years for Dwade you would certainly have to put him in the next 10. He has 3 titles and he has been to 5 champions. The last for were with Lebron, but his first title with Miami he was FLASH. Nash had deeper teams and he was not able to make it out of the West.

    D wade

  83. Rainman says:

    Steve Nash??????????

    Y’all put a borderline hall of famer like Webber on the list over a sure fire first ballot hall of famer and 2 time mvp? lol.

  84. jon says:

    derozan? t-ross? kyle lowry? come on people !

  85. rommel says:

    where is Shawn kemp….

  86. panamrof says:

    international 1-dirk 2-parker
    usa 1-duncan 2- kobe/iverson

    (and webber..? lol, no. don’t push it be serious)

  87. Sam M says:

    Steve Nash is a better player then Jason Kidd was.
    Chris Webber is not in the next top ten, T-mac, VC had better careers.
    I LOVE D-wade but some might think he is questionable.
    KD deserves on the list at age 26. He is just too good.

  88. john doe says:

    in no order…
    1) garnett
    2) kobe
    3) iverson
    4) nowitzki
    5) duncan
    6) jason kidd
    7) vince carter
    8) lebron
    9) nash
    10) d-wade

  89. Jay says:

    Where is Shawn KEMP ??? One of the best Power Forwards of the 90s !!!

  90. KWilli says:

    Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson, Lebron James are givens in my opinion. To me Gary Payton, Dirk Nowtizki deserve spots. The last two spots would be a toss up between Reggie Miller (but he didn’t play the majority of his career after 1997), Ray Allen, Alonzo Mourning, Steve Nash. Maybe even Dikembe Mutombo and Chris Webber.

  91. Rangers says:

    On second thought, rodman and Ben Wallace are automatic locks. They should replace webber and durant.

    Both great rebounders and absolutely dominant defenders that won championships

  92. William says:

    I started watching basketball because of Steve Nash and Vince Carter. Each had their way of making the game a beautiful thing to watch.

  93. no one cares says:

    Kobe, Tim, Lebron and probably Dirk and KG are no brainers that would go on the original all time 50 list. The rest of the list though? there are arguments for leaving those guys on and off the list.

  94. Plan Wrap Fan says:

    If you are looking at the past 17 years then you simply can’t ignore a 2 time mvp… Steve Nash was incredible out there for a long time.

    I like Chris Webber, but I dont’ think that he had what it takes to make this list. I lived in Oakland when he was drafted and he was on a really strong team. Spreewell, Hardaway, Mullen… All the guy had to do was listen to Don Nelson and get in the post a bit more and they would have killed.

    All I’m saying is the guy gave up a shot to be a superstar on a team that had a real chance to contend for a while and instead he left becuause his coach yelled at him too much. If you do that and then never get back on a good team… that’s just Karma.

    Out with Webber, in with Nash.

  95. MeloDunk says:

    I can’t believe everyone over looking the fact the Dwight Howard should be there, maybe not yet but soon I mean 3 DPOY

    • rick says:

      Neither Wade nor KD deserve to be anywhere near that list. All those other guys put together careers. Wades been too slow ed by injuries for too much of his career. MD just hasn’t been in the league long enough or actually won.

  96. Cavs23 says:

    17-years after so it should be 17-names…

    Duncan, Bryant, James, Nowitzki, Garnett (1-5)
    Iverson, Kidd, Nash, Wilkins, Miller (6-10)
    Wade, Mourning, Payton, McAdoo, Pierce (11-15)
    Wallace, Howard (16-17)

    Yes.. no Durant (it would be the same case for Shaq to include him this early)…

  97. hbcunetwork says:

    You know who should be on the list (and in the HOF) Mark Aguirre. Why no love for Mark Aguirre? High school prep star. Led DePaul to the Final Four as a freshman. #1 pick in the draft. 3 time all-star. He put Dallas Mavericks on the map in the 80’s as their franchise player (His Mavs just couldn’t beat the Lakers like every other team in the West at that time). He held all the MAV’s scoring records before Dirk. Two rings with the Pistons.

  98. hbcunetwork says:

    Rodman and Reggie Miller should replace Webber and Durant. Web and Durant are future picks.

  99. pokie says:

    Mo Cheeks is still not in the Hall of Fame.

  100. flip says:

    No Nash? Payton? Wilkins? and you people get paid to make a list like this? -.-

  101. allen says:

    joe dumars should be at least a consideration here… how about michael cooper or bobby jones?

  102. my list is slightly more ‘european’ and incorporates fierce competitors and game changers:

    1) Tim Duncan
    2) Kobe Bryant
    3) Lebron James
    4) Dirk Nowitzki
    5) Steve Nash (for the way he illuminated games on the offensive end of the floor)
    6) Kevin Garnett (a motor!)
    6) Jason Kidd
    7) Manu Ginobili
    8) Pau Gasol (at age 33 he is still so slick!)
    9) Tony Parker
    10) Allen Iverson

    I guess that in a few of years without injuries KD will be among the top 10 players in the history of the game.

  103. Shaq's MVPs says:

    Who in their right mind would say that Nash was a more valuable player than Shaq?

  104. Owen says:

    Have to agree with some of the comments regarding Webber, KD & Nash.

    For me the next ten would be.
    1. Tim Duncan
    2 Kobe
    3. Lebron
    4. Dirk
    5. A.I
    6 Garnett
    7. Jason Kidd
    8. D Wade
    9. Steve Nash
    10 Gary Payton

    The top 3 are a different level though IMO.

  105. sam30 says:

    Duncan, Kobe, LeBron, Dirk, Gernett, Iverson, Kidd = yes, definitely.
    Wade = maybe.
    Webber = no.
    Durant = not just yet, but when all is said and done, definitely (well, we pretty much all suspect).
    To the person who suggested Carmelo = just no. No no no.

    Nash (as many others have said), Reggie Miller, Dikembe Mutombo, Payton, Ray Allen, Dominique, Rodman all deserve to be in this conversation. I’d love to put Mitch Richmond on this list as well, but I’m not sure I can with clear conscience. Dude was a serious baller, though.

    And there’s also a list I’d like to submit a couple names to – the “what could’ve been” list:
    Brandon Roy, Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill.

  106. harriethehawk says:

    Dwight Howard looks like a broken toy? You are mean! He’s the best center in the NBA (today)!

  107. RonaldB says:

    It’s funny to see how many people say that Shaq must be in the list of Next 10 players! English isn’t my native language but if I’m correct, Shaq is already in the list of 50 from 17 years ago.

  108. kobeballhog says:

    This is the most absurd lists of all time. Kd included? What is this a joke? People who put kd on this kind of lists should be fired in all basketball related jobs. What a disgrace. Maybe kd in 10-20 years time but now? There are way more deserving of that recognition.

  109. wooderson says:

    nowitzk, durant and webber out, nash, allen and tony parker in

  110. Anonymous says:

    KD is good, but there’s no way he could make it first before Steve Nash. Yes he’s an mvp, but nash is a 2-time MVP.

  111. G. Sinistra says:

    Wade? Really? No Nash? And what about Manu Ginobili?

  112. Hasan says:

    Tracy McGrady ??

  113. Eddie says:

    Idk why these guys dont appreciate nash as much. Took a team with 30 wins to the playoffs 5 times in 6 years and winning the pacific division 3 times. He should be in the discussion as one of the best pgs of all time which is loaded with greats.

  114. SwedeNBAfan says:

    Its still so weird to me that a guy like Kobe only have 1 MVP. Believe me im not a big fan of the black mamba. But he truly deserves at least 2 more MVP:s. Steve Nash robbed him big time. If Steve Nash is an MVP, then Chris Paul is an MVP.

  115. IC says:

    I find it odd that the “next10 best all time players” are all playing currently or have played for the past 20 years. What about David Thompson, Earl Monroe, Adrian Dantley, Pete Maravich just to name a few players that were unique and contributed greatly to the game of basketball.

    • Kingturrd says:

      Oobviously you didn’t even read the article where he clearly stated he was only including players who played the majority of their career since 1997

    • allen says:


      maravich and monroe are already part of the 50 greatest… but you do have a point on david thompson… dantley, on the other hand, i don’t think so… he was good but he was not a team player when chuck daly preferred rodman over him in several stretches of a game…

  116. Underrated says:

    If Penny Hardaway and Jamal Mashburn had stayed fit and not been plagued with injuries over their careers they would also have been no-brainer additions.

    So many brilliant players never got to be what they should have been. 😦

  117. Where is GARY PAYTON ??? One of the best point guards of the 90s.

    The 50 Greatest players list was made in 1997 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NBA. So 17 years after it would make sense to add 17 players to this list, or more logically to wait 2017 and nominate 20 more players for the 70 years of the league.

    Here’s my list of 17 players to add to the original list :

    – Dominque Wilkins
    – Bob McAdoo
    – Dennis Rodman
    – Reggie Miller
    – Tim Duncan
    – Kobe Bryant
    – LeBron James
    – Dirk Nowitzki
    – Kevin Garnett
    – Allen Iverson
    – Dwyane Wade
    – Jason Kidd
    – Gary Payton
    – Steve Nash
    – Paul Pierce
    – Ray Allen
    – Chris Webber or Alonzo Mourning

  118. Doobie says:

    Top 5 on the list are the no-brainers. But for numbers 6 through 10,
    I’m thinking…

    6. Steve Nash
    7. Paul Pierce
    8. Jason Kidd
    9. Dwyane Wade

    Then I’m cool with alot of guys being number 10…such as:

    Tony Parker
    Ray Allen
    Allen Iverson
    Tracy McGrady
    Vince Carter
    Chris Webber
    Chauncey Billups
    Pau Gasol
    Manu Ginobili if international play is included.

    Kevin Durant will obviously leapfrog many of the guys eventually…but we can wait.

  119. mario says:

    no shaq but kd!!??? someone is on bathsalts!!!

  120. Phamie says:

    by not putting STEVE NASH on the lists make this a lie. NASH should be on the TOP 10.

  121. Pratip says:

    what About TONY PARKER??????????????

  122. titoyuca21 says:

    Chris Webber over Paul Pierce? Never. No way. Just, no.

  123. Steve Zimmerman says:

    No Nash? Take off Wade or C-Web for Nash any day.

  124. TJ says:

    Chris Webber??? Nash all in! Too early for KD.

  125. DutchD says:

    Just throwing this out there, but how come no one mentions Gary Payton?

    Get the Glove some love man.

    Or Reggie for that matter.

  126. Patrick says:

    Durant has no place in this list.

  127. abusadu says:

    The First 8 is correct in my list.. but i’ll put Ray Allen, Paul Pierce or Steve Nash to complete My list.. the is no way in Hell the c-webb and KD are Ahead these guys.. and one more thing shaq is one of the 50 greatest players i think he was absent at the presentation during the all star it self .. watch

  128. KratosRage says:

    Shaq is already listed on the 50 greatest Players.


    Alonzo Mourning
    Jason Kidd
    Tim Hardaway

  129. G says:

    Duncan, Bryant and James are no-brainers.
    Nowitzki, Garnett and Kidd are also well-deserved picks.
    Iverson could go in as well.

    Wade – if Parish and Worthy are in the 50, so should Wade, more than just a sidekick.
    Webber doesn’t belong there. Sacramento were a great team, but he’s definitely not top 10 in any way.
    I was contemplating Pierce, but then I remembered that for 10 years he didn’t get Boston anywhere, until Garnett came to town. So, no.
    Instead, there’s someone who is sorely missing from the list – Steve Nash!! Really?

    About Durant and the 10th place – if you say that Shaq was a premature pick, then so is Durant. We’ll see in a few years if he’s another Lebron or another Dominique. The MVP trophy doesn’t matter that much (Rose?).
    Same goes to Howard, who in Orlando was the best center on earth and consecutive DPOY winner, and now looks like a broken toy, but if Houston achieves something he could get back to the discussion.
    So for now I would add someone totally different to the last place on the list – Manu Ginobili. Four championships, uncountable clutch performances when and where it matters the most, and the heart of a championship legacy – the definition of greatness.

    • Carl says:

      I agree. Kevin Durant has done nothing to warrant being selected yet, and I’d wait just a little bit longer with LeBron. Tim Duncan, Kobe, KG, Dirk, Shaq, D-Wade, Steve Nash, Ray Allen, Jason Kidd.

      That would be my list for the next ten.

    • Cole says:

      You seem to have a bad memory if you forgot the Paul Pierce carried the Celtics to the conference finals in 2002 and upset the Pacers in 2003. His running mate was Antoine Walker…uh, yeah. He is definitely on this list in replacement of Chris Webber. I’d debate Steve Nash over Jason Kidd, although Kidd was a better defender.

      • steagl3 says:

        Yeah, agree w/ Cole. Not only that, but Pierce’s numbers speak for themselves, and you can add a Championship and Finals MVP to the list of accomplishments as well. Can’t remember how many All-Star appearances but I’d guess at least 10 or 12.

        Both Chris Webber and Dwayne Wade are questionable as top ten nominees, but you have to respect D-Wade’s 3 rings, and he was obviously a top-ten talent in his prime. I personally have no problem with him being on this list.

        The “Next Next Top Ten” should include Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, Stephen Curry, LeMarcus Aldridge, Rajon Rondo, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

  130. FanFrSingapore says:

    KD can still be included after another 17years no worries, along with Drose and KyrieIrving…

    Nash and RayAllen excluded is insane…..

  131. KratosRage says:

    Here’s my list:

    Steve Nash
    Reggie Miler
    Allen Iverson
    Ben Wallace
    Ray Allen
    Kobe Bryant
    Kevin Garnet
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Tim Duncan
    Peja Stojacovick

  132. SuperMan says:

    So SHAQ gets left off the original 50 Greatest List and now ALL of you are going to leave him off AGAIN?!!! Give me a break he’s one of the most dominant ever. #JUSTICE4SHAQUILLE

  133. king Rock says:

    Steve Nash

  134. Jobert says:

    Steve Nash? T-Mac? Vinsanity? Ray Allen?

    Nash over Wade any day. And if why pick Webber over T-Mac and/or Vince?

  135. mike says:

    Ya let’s have d wade , and webber, but not a two time MVP in Steve Nash . That’s intelligent. Also to forgo the greatest three point shooter in Ray Allen is ridiculous. Also , this might be just me, but what about Gary Payton , I’m not sure he’s in the original but he should be at least thought of when discussing.

  136. tom trikilis says:

    c web could not shine the hawks shoes!!!

  137. jake s. says:

    Shaq will always snub youth. Even though he was a very VERY effective young player. I think he has an aging problem, which would explain why he wants to be goofy and foolish all the time. Honestly, I’m surprised to see Kevin Durant on this list as a 26 year old.

  138. Michael says:

    Everyone knows Nash didn’t deserve two MVPs. Even Nash knows it.

    • sharmarke says:

      Yeah he shouldn’t have got the 2nd but can you tell me why the nba didnt give Nash his 3rd (which was his best year as a pro) and instead gave it to Dirk. I’ll tell you why it was because everyone was crying for Kobe and the nba penalized Nash

  139. Robin says:

    I didn’t check but I’m sure the “worm” Dennis Rodman should be up there…. Cmon guys. The guy did greatness.

  140. netts says:

    I give him a B-..Chris Webber really messed his list up. Easy A if he replaces Webber with Tony Parker, Nash, Pierce, Carmelo…

  141. Jay says:

    Stephen A. Smith would say “BLASPHEMY” this is ridiculous…no Pierce, Nash, R. Allen, & I if you think Webber belongs, might as well add Vince-sanity

  142. Bonesdiferous says:

    I agree with others that Steven Nash should make the list, but who would you take off to add him!? Ray Allen is also a great addition, but hard to trade out. Eventually these lists always become a roster of people who DON’T make it once the shoe-ins are added.The beauty of this debate is it makes you look back to the prime of some of these players and remember how totally amazing they were in their prime.

  143. Rangers says:

    My list:

  144. Underrated says:

    Personally I’d put Kidd at #1 and Webber at #2. Kidd and Webber are definitely underrated players

  145. Baho Puwet says:

    WHY is Chris Webber on this list ???
    He should be in the Water Boy Hall of Fame

  146. aboveandbeyond says:

    No Alonzo Mourning? Did more for Miami basketball than lebron & d-wade combined! Hard as a cats head and lived and breathed basketball and its community

  147. aber says:

    u really left pierce of the list but u include jason kidd and webber over him? what a joke

  148. ... says:

    really no paul pierce but u put chris webber? ok and for durant its too soon his career totals dont compare to legends yet

  149. Duh says:

    No Steve Nash… Ridiculous.
    Put him over D-Wade or KG

  150. ancientsrs says:

    Way to early for Kevin Durant. All Durant has done so far is score a lot of points.

  151. dariel99 says:

    Where is Nash? I like Wade a lot but him over Steve Nash its not right.

  152. Kevin says:

    No Steve Nash?

  153. Andrew says:

    STEVE NASH!!!!!!

  154. KEN says:

    Steve Nash should be one of the 10 in your list.

  155. Dr.K says:

    no Steve Nash?? a 2time MVP?

    • Shaq's MVPs says:

      Everyone knows those 2 MVPs should have gone to Shaq. 9 out of 10 gms would surely pick shaq over nash at the time of nash’s mvps. Shaq was clearly more important than Nash to his team. The same could probably said about Kobe at that time and maybe a few other players. Don get me wrong, Nash is great, but not mvp.

  156. 23jumpmang says:

    ray allen

  157. Seb says:

    STEVE NASH?!?!?!

  158. Joshua says:

    Timmy D #1 Go Spurs Go!

  159. NBA Fan says:

    Ray Allen?
    Paul Pierce?
    Steve Nash?
    Chauncey Billups?
    Tony Parker?
    Pau Gasol?

    • bballwiz says:

      Uhh.. Shaq was already on the 50 Greatest Players list. Know your stuff, kid.

      And Pau Gasol? C’mon now.

  160. Stevens says:

    I would not put tim duncan over bryant just like I wouldn’t put KD it’s too soon

    • bballwiz says:

      Nope. This is just about right. Timmy over Kobe all day everyday. Ask any sane basketball fan, or any NBA player on who they would pick for the best player of the past decade (2000-2010) and it’s definitely Tim Duncan over Kobe Bryant.

      People liked Kobe more because of his style of play, demeanor, aggresiveness and flair, but Tim is the best two-way player the past decade and the anchor of the best, most consistent and most successful team since Michael Jordan left in 1998 (I chose not to believe the Jordan who played for the Wizards.) It’s easy not to like Duncan because he was always timid and shy around the media, doesn’t say much, doesn’t talk trash, very introvert and soft-spoken. And his style of play is very fundamental without the hooray of hero-ball and iso-plays that Kobe is very well-known for. But if you look at the numbers and team success and individual awards, it’s Tim Duncan that comes out on top. Kobe Bryant is just a hair below him.

      • J says:

        Well Kobe actually won player of the decade for 2000-2010 so check your facts!!!

      • bballwiz says:

        Yep, Kobe “won” player of the decade in TNT. But Sports Illustrated had a different outcome: it was Tim Duncan.

        So depending on who you ask and refer, the Player of the Decade award is pretty much debatable in all angles. Although Kobe “won” that distinction in TNT, people are still not 100% convinced. That simply means that Kobe didn’t completely dominate the last decade; he didn’t make everyone shook heads and simply admit that he is hands-down the best player in 2000-2010. Can you say that to Michael Jordan, who really dominated the 90’s and Bill Russel who simply owned the league in the 60’s? Kobe Bryant didn’t do that.

        But I’m not disrespecting him, or his accomplishments; all I’m saying is that the distinction “Player of the Decade” is, even until now, debatable. Either you choose Tim Duncan or Kobe Bryant, you are not going to be wrong. So I choose Tim Duncan. Sue me.

  161. bballwiz says:

    Also, we can’t forget the past candidates who didn’t make the 50 list. Dominique Wilkins should definitely be on the next list, which includes Dennis Johnson, Alex English, Bob McAdoo, Dennis Rodman and Bernard King. Adding 10 to the list would not be enough if we will include these legends.

  162. gottaloveokc says:

    Kevin Durant! Kevin Durant!

  163. bballwiz says:

    This list is just travesty! Where’s Steve Nash? What about Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, or even Gary Payton? The first 8 players definitely deserves their spots, but I don’t agree in picking Chris Webber and Kevin Durant over the 4 players I mentioned. How can you leave Steve Nash, a 2-time MVP and the machine and maestro behind the best offense in the NBA has ever seen? If you want to include Webber and Durant, you should extend the list to 15.

    • reyn says:

      Agree! Steve Nash is included of the top 10.!

    • Rob says:

      Should’ve been a 3 time MVP but they gave it to Dirk Nowitzki.. who had a fantastic season, but they butchered the decision that year. Part of me thinks they just didn’t want to group Nash with the others who had 3 mvp’s in a row. Steve Nash is a fighter, amazing shooter and will always be under rated because he doesn’t have a ring. He has my respect though

      • bballwiz says:

        In fairness to Dirk, he was really magnificent that year, leading the Mavs to the best record in the NBA at 67-15. He was the best player on the best team; that was at the peak of his powers statistically and physically (but, obviously not mentally since he was psyched out by none other than his former mentor and coach Don Nelson who knew all the tricks on how to limit his effectiveness.) I hate to admit it, but if anyone should have been MVP that year besides Dirk, it was Kobe Bryant. But still, there was never a doubt that Nash was very very good that year. In fact, he was in the top 3 in MVP voting again.

        So everything turned out okay in the end: Nash winning 2 MVP’s and Dirk got 1. Then Kobe destroyed them all and on an MVP and 2 Finals MVP’s.