Thunder happy to have fresh KD

VIDEO: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook talk about coming into the season well-rested

OKLAHOMA CITY — Kevin Durant turned 26 on Monday. Not exactly old age, but he’s also no longer the kid leader of the 25-and-under Oklahoma City Thunder fun bunch climbing the rungs of the NBA ladder.

He is on the climb to 30 now and things have become a bit more serious as titles have become more elusive. Human frailty has twice sabotaged potential championship runs in successive seasons and Durant’s upcoming eighth season in the league — and who knows, perhaps his penultimate season in OKC — presents another excellent opportunity to finish first. So with age comes a sharpened perspective, a narrowing of time and thus, a wisdom to make different decisions than one might have made previously.

Durant made one such decision in early August and not everybody appreciated it. After committing to play for Team USA and participating in its July training camp in Las Vegas, Durant exited it conflicted. He wanted to uphold his commitment, but his fatigued body was pushing him the other way and his head was telling him training camps would open two short weeks after the six-week World Cup odyssey with Team USA.

“He had actually texted me before he actually made it public that he was going to take a step back from it,” Thunder teammate Kendrick Perkins, a Durant confidant, said Monday. “He asked me what I thought about it. I said it’s what’s best for you. KD did a lot. He carried the load when Russell [Westbrook] was out, he was averaging a lot of minutes, played a lot of time on the court. Going through the season he kept it going to win his MVP and he played at a high level. And we’ve been playing damn near to June every year since I’ve been here. So it’s well-deserved.”

Durant’s decision to leave Team USA three weeks before the start of the FIBA World Cup in Spain came as a surprise to everybody, including chairman Jerry Colangelo and coach Mike Krzyzewski. Durant had made a well-intentioned commitment to play even when many of the NBA’s other superstars had not. The 2010 world championship MVP and 2012 Olympic gold medalist put his employer and Thunder teammates ahead of country this one time. He’s been clear he plans to play for Team USA in Brazil 1n 2016.

Yet when Durant offered a well-reasoned explanation for leaving the team on short notice, some called him a quitter, suggested he was being selfish during a summer in which he reaped millions in endorsement deals and said he unfairly left the team in a lurch. The next day, Rudy Gay happily accepted an invitation to replace Durant and the U.S. cruised undefeated to another gold medal, without even having to face Durant’s Thunder teammate Serge Ibaka and might Spain, thought to be Team USA’s toughest foe.  The Americans won their semifinal and championship games by a combined 65 points.

If only they had KD.

“I think it was more so that I didn’t want to be in full-season mode in August or July,” Durant said during the Thunder’s media day on Monday when asked about his decision not to play. “I just wanted that time to just free my body and my mind of it all and just go out there and workout and work on my game and just enjoy the rest of the summer. Because I know how long the season is, and I just wanted to be fully prepared for that.”

Durant has led the Thunder to at least the Western Conference finals in three of the last four years. No player logged more minutes than he did last season and his workload over the last five seasons is beyond reproach.

“I’d rather have a guy tell the powers-to-be, ‘you know what, I can’t give you my 100 precent effort both mentally and physically,’ because if you don’t you’re not going to help your team,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said. “I have a lot of respect for Kevin stepping up. That was not an easy decision, but he stepped up and said, ‘I wasn’t mentally and physically ready to compete with the 12 guys we had.’ He played a lot of basketball. He’s entitled to have a summer off, right?”

Westbrook also pulled out of Team USA to properly rest a right knee that had been operated on three times in the span of eight months and sidelined him for half of last season. Both players had as restful a summer as they’ve had in years. Ibaka is back at full strength from the calf injury that forced him out of the first two games of the West finals against the Spurs. There is a lot of optimism entering camp that OKC is equipped to get back to the NBA Finals.

“I was glad to see him make a decision he felt like he needed to do,” said Nick Collison, Durant’s teammate since his rookie season in Seattle. “He felt that he needed to step away and I was glad he was able to make that decision because I know that was a tough decision. So, yeah, for our team, for us, I think it’s a positive that those guys [Durant and Westbrook] are coming in fresh.”


  1. KDfan says:

    We should all understand that KD has given his best year after year to our country and our OKC Thunder. In fact he has always gone above and beyond. Having said that, KD and Russ are not perfect, and for that matter we should realize nobody is. We the OKC Thunder have to be a better oiled machine and learn to function as one as much as possible. With maturing players like Steven Adams probably seeing more minutes (hopefully many of them as a starter) the addition of Anthony Morrow as a floor spacer, the ever improving 6th man Reggie Jackson, the athletic, talented and consistent (hopefully this year) youth trio Lamb, Roberson and Perry the Thunder have a better chance at the title. This is because most of them have been maturing and playing together for years (which breeds chemistry). And I’ll add a caveat to all of the above, “And stay healthy throughout the season and playoffs”! Thunder UP!

  2. thespectator says:

    spurs and cavs for the 2015 nba finals, whats all this nonsense about okc going to the finals? lol this is the final year we will see this okc team before it all breaks up. should be good times.

  3. jumppong says:

    Well if only James Harden still in OKC they’ve got a chance. just wait til KD will leave and join Wizards

  4. celentano says:

    go 2 round exit play offs,lol.

  5. joey bugmed says:

    Looking forward to watch my team,yupp.Lets Go my THUNDER okc

  6. Flexy says:

    I’m hoping they make it to the finals over the Cavs

  7. jake s. says:

    I just like that 3 of the NBA’s top 5 are in some way Oklahoman!

  8. kobefanjay says:

    mmmm i just had some fresh KD a few minutes ago…sharp cheddar! best flavour ever!

  9. iloveokc says:

    Go Kevin Durant! Go Russell Westbrook! Go Serge Ibaka! Go Reggie Jackson! Go Steven Adams! Let’s Go Thunder!!!