Thompson’s breakout summer?

VIDEO: Klay Thompson discusses USA’s win over Lithuania

MADRID — Stephen Curry  calls it the “USA vibe,” that flow NBA players get into during competition summers with USA Basketball.  

Those are the summers of sacrifice, of committing yourself to a culture unlike the one you are used to in the NBA, where there are journeyman and role players scattered among stars, superstars and global icons throughout locker rooms around the league.

No one has to worry about those distinctions with USA Basketball. Curry and Mason Plumlee are equals here under the watchful of eye of Jerry Colangelo, USA Basketball’s managing director, and head coach Mike Kryzyewski.

If they’ve learned anything over the course of the past nine years it’s that a tiered system on the U.S. National Team doesn’t work. It can’t. Especially when guys like Curry’s Splash Brother from Golden State, Klay Thompson, plays the way he has during the FIBA World Cup.

Thompson, you could argue, has been the most consistent and best two-way player on the U.S. roster, not named Kenneth Faried or Anthony Davis. And he’s done it without starting a single game in the lead up to Sunday’s gold medal game.

“I thought Klay’s play in the first half was the biggest reason we were leading at halftime,” Coach K said after Thompson led the U.S. rout of Lithuania in Thursday’s semifinal with 14 points before the break and 16 for the game.

Thompson’s contributions off the U.S. bench, a role he probably hasn’t had to play at any point in his basketball career since before high school, if ever, could pay huge dividends when this tournament is over and he goes back to his role as one of the stars for the Warriors.

“You expose yourself to different stages of basketball,” Curry said of the benefits Thompson will gain from this medal run with the U.S. National Team. “It’s beneficial because you’re being called on to play a different role, to be a scorer off the bench and it’s just different. It adds a little bit of character and charisma to your game. And that should translate to even more success when we get back to Golden State.”

This has definitely been a character building summer for Thompson and other guys used to starting and the spotlight that comes with it in the NBA. He’s perhaps a better defender than anyone imagined. He’s stepped up to the challenge on defense night after night, while serving as the team’s most consistent scoring threat off the bench as well, averaging 12.8 points while shooting 66 percent on his 2-point shots and 41 percent from beyond the 3-point line.

We’ve gotten a glimpse of his game, the entire scope of his game, in ways we don’t normally get to see in the NBA.

“He’s been a lockdown defender for us, no doubt,” James Harden said. “Scoring is never going to be a problem for him. It’s not an issue for this team. So it says something when you see guys working hard on defense and trying to make an impact any way they can.”

That’s the spirit of the program, the one Colangelo and Coach K have tried to foster from the start. And the results have worked beautifully. The U.S, takes a 62-game win streak into Sunday’s gold medal game, having put together a flawless run in World Cup/World Championship/Olympic and international exhibition competition dating back to 2006.

They also boast a number of breakout stars from every cycle of international competition. This is where new All-Stars, MVPs and scoring champs play their trade every two years, sharpening their skills for the NBA by representing their country and strengthening its basketball tradition.

“The fact is the historical record of the guys who have participated with us shows they go back to their teams and that season immediately following their experience with us they have great results,” Colangelo said.

He cited the 2010 team that won gold at the World Championship in Turkey as the shining example of this experience is all about. That team produced the MVP (Derrick Rose), scoring champ (Kevin Durant) and three new All-Stars, not to mention a NBA champion in Tyson Chandler.

“They all had a great experience in Istanbul and great seasons that followed that journey,” Colangelo said. “We’ve been preaching this gospel, that this is a great experience, you learn to become a better player, in some ways, we think, by exposing them to this culture. They take that back to their teams and their teams are better for it. And the NBA is the ultimate beneficiary of it. So there’s 110 reasons why it’s good for the players to participate.”

Thompson could be one of those players whose next step is the one that launches him into that next level of stardom. He’ll have a new coach, Steve Kerr, and a new system. And that boulder sized chip on his shoulder after surviving a summer filled with trade rumors linked to Kevin Love, who was instead dealt to Cleveland.

Thompson is the one U.S. player who seemed perturbed from the very start that this U.S. team was being doubted and considered an underdog because bigger stars defected, declined to participate or were injured.

“I don’t care who you are, you never want to be counted out or disrespected,” Thompson said. “I never need any extra motivation. I’m always playing my hardest and to win. That will never change.”


  1. Ace83 says:

    Yeah he had a good World Cup run but international play and all the zone defines that comes with it suits players like Thompson who operate beyond the arc. He’s too one-dimensional on offence for me isn’t the defender Warriors fans seem to think he is. He played well, I’ll give him that, but he was lucky to be there at all.

  2. Harry says:

    Klay Thopsom is sure one of the most important pieces in this US team due to his stable shooting range. But I disagree with the comment about Irving. Irving is a dynamic point guard who can attach anytime and any where. Guess you could have said that they do compliment each other.

    I am not a Harden’s fan either and neither Rose’s. Both live on isolation games and both cannot be relied on when pressure is up. Harden did well in the final game, and this game saved him. The fact is Irving was the one who opened the game up. Rose has the excuse that he is still recovering, we will see how well through next season. Irving and Harder both will face tough tests, one will work with Lebron James to try to take it all; the other has to carry Rockets after they lost a few important pieces from last year.

  3. GunterJPN says:

    Didn’t Klay come off the bench before Monta was traded? Sekou makes it sound like he never did in his life.

  4. harriethehawk says:

    Did you see him almost throw punches at the end of the game? What was that about? I seldom see him lose his temper.

  5. Mike says:

    Us Golden State fans are NOT surprised by Kaly’s defense. Last season when Iggy was hurt, which was most of the time, Klay guards players from LeBron James to Chris Paul. He was an underrated defender to casual basketball fans, but not to us who’re accustomed to watching him play top-notch defense.

  6. Gillsy says:

    The splash brothers could take it to another level this season. Just hope they can pull the rest of the team with them.

  7. Sedare says:

    Something that would have not even been worth the time to post if Lillard had his spot.

  8. Dave says:

    Well said. among other things, despite being the least heralded guard for his driving to the basket skills, he showed far better judgment than Irving or Harden in not just settling for jumpers