Myers solidifies his Warriors future


Since leaving player agency and joining the Warriors three years ago, Bob Myers has headed a fast rise in Oakland.

It happened fast. That’s the thing.

Agent to general manager-in-waiting to actual GM to indisputably part of the solution in Golden State. Zero to 60 in about three years. Maybe not officially zero, since the experience as a leading agent is a rolling start, but Bob Myers had never lived the front office life before, and certainly not one as unique as the Warriors with so many voices coming at him from different directions.

About the only certainty when he went to work for his hometown team as assistant general manager in 2011 was that Myers would eventually, and probably quickly, become head of basketball operations, because no way he comes down from a lofty position in the agent game to serve as an aide. There was no chance to predict this with any confidence, though, the way a management newbie turned no cap space and limited trade assets into Andre Iguodala, how Myers did the Stephen Curry extension at what turned out to be an incredible bargain, how the Warriors got prime coaching target Steve Kerr away from Phil Jackson and the Knicks, and how the draft record will look good if Harrison Barnes is more 2012-13 than 2013-14 and Festus Ezeli recovers from knee surgery.

By the summer of 2014, the turnaround has led all the way to where general manager is one of the positions the Warriors don’t have to worry about. Myers has proven himself in pressure situations, the window of opportunity is still open after the disappointing first-round exit last season, upper management is relieved to be away from the strained relationship with previous coach Mark Jackson, and now the team and Myers have agreed on a three-year contract.

The new deal, first reported last week by Tim Kawakami of the Bay Area News Group, is on top of the 2014-15 remaining on the original package, putting Myers under contract through 2017-18. The Warriors are in an uncertain place on the court as Kerr takes over with no coaching experience and needing to deliver immediate results, good enough to project to somewhere around the middle of the Western Conference but unproven enough for reasonable doubts about a long playoff run, there is transition off the court with the planned arena construction and move into San Francisco, the salary cap has to be managed to take on another big salary with Klay Thompson a season away from free agency, but the front office is stabilized.

Relatively speaking, at least. Owner Joe Lacob is very involved. Assistant general manager Travis Schlenk, well regarded as a future GM somewhere, has a voice. Assistant general manager Kirk Lacob, son of Joe, has a voice. Jerry West, untitled in basketball ops but a minority owner/member of the executive board, does not know how to hang back, wanting to challenge people and loving others challenging his ideas just as much. Even the new coach, Kerr, is a former GM who will speak up, lobbying hard to keep Thompson and David Lee rather than trading for Kevin Love.

The mega-decisions — whether to include Thompson in the deal to get Love from the Timberwolves, whether to go four years and $48 million for Iguodala and three years and $36 million on an Andrew Bogut extension within about four months — come down to Lacob and Myers. But that’s still a lot of volume in one place. That’s still a very crowded war room when communication is not one of the GM’s strengths.

Still, the understated Myers kept the Warriors together emotionally last season as a counterbalance to an owner whose passion is regularly on display, with Jackson’s future in play for several months, when an assistant coach was fired for bugging colleagues’ conversations and another assistant demoted, not to mention dealing with the Donald Sterling saga in the first round against the Clippers that Golden State players and coaches said affected them too. That the Warriors got to a Game 7 despite the absence of Bogut says a lot about Jackson and the risk Lacob and Myers took in firing him. But there was also a composure in difficult situations, and that’s Myers too.

After all of one season as an apprentice and two as the GM, he has solidified himself as part of the long term, a proven commodity at age 39. Myers is no longer one of the questions, even more now that the potential contract issue is off the table with the extension. It happened fast.


  1. I agree with you patty, if warriors will call for something this team has never had to miss Mark Jackson’s teacher, they will pay dearly in the future, and if not I will say what gentlemen

  2. wardell says:

    Has an NBA rookie coach won the NBA title? no one yet. it takes time for Kerr to adjust

  3. TTKIN says:

    Disappointing first-round exit last year?

    Ok right now, the Clippers are 1 of 4 teams every sports announcer said is a true contender (SA, OKC, CLE, and OKC).

    Now remember, Bogut didn’t play that series last yr. Draymond Green played a lot of PF, and at 6’6″, that’s pretty noble. David Lee at 6’9″ was playing a lot of Center, against the best rebounding/blocking C in the game. And it went to game 7, and game 7 was close, despite being in LA.

    I don’t call last yr a disappointment AT ALL! If they had Bogut, no doubt I think they take that series. And I think they would’ve had a legit shot against OKC too. OKC is known for having good paint D, not perimeter D. And the perimeter is where GS lives. Throw in their top-5 defense, and ya, I think they coulda at least given OKC a run for their money.

  4. Nate Brown says:

    *0 to 100

    Get with the times Scott lol

  5. Korey says:

    Still thankful to Larry Riley and his decision to draft Steph. I can’t recall, was it he or Myers who pulled the trigger on the Ellis-Bogut trade?

    • TTKIN says:

      I believe that was one of Myers’ first moves. I seem to recall fans being outraged, saying “why is this new guy getting rid of our best player?” Of course, that trade ended up being one of the best trades the franchise has ever made.

  6. nomorethabeet says:

    Yep, and Steve Kerr is only going to get them where they where last year: nowhere.

  7. Patty says:

    What a Shame. The Warriors should have kept Mark Jackson!!!