Blogtable: Where should Ray Allen go?

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Ray Allen has taken more 3-pointers, and made more, than anybody in NBA history. (David Dow/NBAE)

Ray Allen has taken more 3-pointers, and made more, than anybody in NBA history. (David Dow/NBAE)

> If Ray Allen is to play again – and it sounds like even he doesn’t know – where would you like to see him land? Why?

Fran Blinebury, San Antonio.  The team that moves the ball better than anyone else in the NBA would get him more free shots than a guy named Kelly in an Irish bar on St. Paddy’s Day.  As the Spurs try to win back-to-back championships for the first time ever, the best pure shooter of his era is the perfect weapon to add to their arsenal.  And, of course, after that Game 6 killer shot in the 2013 Finals, wouldn’t there be some karmic poetry in Ray Allen slipping on the black and silver jersey?

Jeff Caplan, NBA.comOklahoma City. He’s done the LeBron thing. Allen’s demeanor and leadership would be great for the Thunder, and Lord knows they can use his floor spacing and shooting, even at his advanced age.

John Schuhmann, The Cavs already have Dion Waiters and Mike Miller. I think he’d a better fit in Washington, backing up (and sometimes playing alongside) Bradley Beal. Martell Webster is recovering from surgery, so the Wizards’ back-up wings are basically Otto Porter and Glen Rice Jr. Allen could come there, join a team that should rank in the top four in the East, and be a needed contributor. He’s got former teammate Paul Pierce there, as well as the point guard – John Wall – who led the league (by a wide margin) in assists on 3-pointers last season.

Sekou Smith, I’d like to see him alongside LeBron James in Cleveland for at least one more year, if he’s up to it. That would give the Cavs every conceivable piece they’d need to challenge for a championship this season (instead of this stuff about waiting a season or two for everything to fall into place). LeBron ought to pay him out of his own pocket for one year for that shot Ray made in Game 6 of The Finals in 2013. Plus, he’s worn plenty of different jerseys throughout his career. Why not add one more?

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: How about Oklahoma City? The Thunder have been in the market for an outside shooter for a few years, and ended up last season relying on Derek Fisher to fill that role and play heavy minutes in the postseason. Allen on the Thunder would seem to be a mutually beneficial pairing — he could sit out the first half the season and rest, the Thunder could use that time to develop some of their younger guys, Allen could come in post All-Star and spend the second half of the season learning their system, and then step into that Fisher role in the postseason. And really, who better to have sniping jumpers on kick-outs from Durant and Westbrook than Ray Allen?


  1. keith harris says:

    He should come to Cleveland. Ray Allen could relive some of that magic from Miami. If not…… better results then the Miami stint.

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  3. Pat427 says:

    SPURS…he will have lots of fun there, and an additional ring for the last time…

  4. La_Bobbie says:

    Dude I say go with SPUR cause they’re the BEST and good guy need to go with the best team….. SPUR IS THE BEST TEAM IN NBA RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  5. ryan41 says:

    Ray Allen should go to Dallas Mavericks to get one more championship ring…They will be a very complete team.

  6. dee says:

    Ray should go to golden state if possible him curry and klay would have lots of fun but if he wants another ring its gotta be spurs cavs okc i prefer he stays eastern but idk

  7. rico says:

    Blazers…? That would take them to the next level

  8. hollis harris says:

    Ask Allen were he would like to play Chicago not a good fit

  9. mike says:

    Need him with the cavs

  10. Glenn Cable says:

    Stay away from San Antonio. Real Spurs fans don’t want Allen.

  11. dariushm1370 says:

    Cavs with the king of the king.

  12. My bad guys I meant to say Seattle Supersonics which now okc instead of Milwaukee sorry for the mistake.

  13. He seemed to like Miami a lot and you can tell by the way that his mom treat his teammates and the chemistry between him, his teammates and the organization. I believe his decision to retire from the NBA is genuine and his is not trying to go to another team to chase another ring at that stage of his Carrier being two time champion and strongly responsible of both championships while he belonged to the main core of the team and that’s how he want to go out and be remembered,not going from team to team at this stage of his carrier just to give somebody else a ring playing 5 to 10 minutes a game that’s if he get that and not to be remembered as he was in Boston and Miami. As a fan of Rey Allen I could tell by his face expression when the Heat lost in finals that was his last game in the NBA. If for any strange reason he decide to come back and play he should stay in Miami for two reasons; (1) Miami still better option for him as a role player not a 5 minutes game option, plus he can retire his jersey in Miami as well in Milwaukee and Boston.(2) if he goes to the spurs or okc he gonna be treated and remembered as Derek Fisher in okc and T Mac in San Antonio just another old and veteran player who’s role is to play for a least 5 minutes and make some key play during this period of time and the Bla Bla Bla leadership in the locker room and to be honest Ray don’t deserve to carry this role in any other team being two time champ of his own right and effort because after all he is a hero in Miami and Boston not off the shelf player. Go Rey enjoy your retirement with your family and God bless you for what you did for the game of Basketball and my beloved Miami Heat not because of the heroic three point shot and the title but also for being essential part of a historic run in this franchise . God bless you and thanks for the memories.

  14. HaNdL3Z says:

    If the spurs move the ball better than anyone else in the NBA why would Ray Allen not go there? Everybody jumped on Cleveland bandwagon because they have The best player on the planet and other quality star talent well the spurs have opposite the have chemistry somthin Cleveland does not have if Allen does not go to the spurs he should just retire because the spurs obviously proved that you can play this game without star players….think about it…the spurs have the best bench in the league they bench players are stars paty mills is a emerging star etc they have the best coach…if not the spurs then nobody simple as dat.

  15. The lakers have some huge players coming onto their team, but I doubt they have the shooting ability that Ray Allen has. I think Ray would make a nice addition to the Lakers. The only problem would be if Ray Allen and Bryant could get along. A few years ago, I remember Allen and Bryant had a scuffle and there does not seem to be much love there. However, Bryant could make it work. If it betters the team, I think Bryant could make it work.

  16. Barbara says:

    Hey Ray Allen should join LA Lakers. Because need help Lakers to win

  17. debra says:

    Ray , do what makes you and your family happy !! I say if at all you can make me happy, don’t go with LeChoke , anywhere but there !!! Please !!! PLease !!! Please !!! He is a for real flake and he’ll probably treat those new guys better anyway !!

  18. Celticsrox says:

    Clippers or Washington

  19. jay temkin says:

    Ray should join San Antonio if he wants to not just play but play and win another ring.
    With their ball movement and unselfish play he would be a perfect fit.Get yourself another
    Ring Ray .Go to the SPURS

  20. blakskorpion says:

    amazing how these pundits have forgotten LAC. Coach Rivers, former teammates to reunite with, a solid squad that values shooting over all else, and a culture he can fit in with. sounds like a win to me. go west, mr. shuttlesworth.

  21. Celtic fan says:

    He should go to OKC. The only thing they lacked was a two gaurd and shooting. Ray can provide that with Morrow. He will win a ring too as OKC is getting more experience and KD and Russel are primed. And no John if he goes to Spurs he will lose. They never won back to backs before and this time OKC will be healthy with better shooters. OKC found a way to beat Spurs in game 4 and 5. Game 6 was close but the rotation was limited because of Thabo, Perkins, and Collison. This time Ibaka, Westbrook, and KD will be healthy. Spurs fortunately didn’t have any major injuries last year. Let’s see if that happens again.

  22. TaShawn Kelly says:

    Heat or Cavs

  23. NBA says:

    the real choice will be cavs or san antonio

  24. Thiery Henry says:

    Ray is going to stay with the Heat

  25. giggty says:

    spurs or clippers . dats it

  26. xen says:

    he must go to bulls or spurs….

  27. lbj says:

    Joining the OKC or the Spurs won’t give Ray Allen another ring, he needs to bring his talents to Northeast Ohio and join the Cavs to play with the King for his ring, we will trade international sensation and future Hall of famer Matthew Dellavedova and future first round picks to get RayRay.

  28. Thomas says:




    ….both teams have solid defense already and need a solid 3 point shooter. Either way, would love to see him win another title.

  29. BronzeDragon says:

    At first I thought that Doc doesn’t call Allen yet was because of the Sterling messes. He don’t want his respected player and friend like Allen to get into that mess. But now it’s all over with and the Clips still doesn’t call Ray Allen or shown any interest in him.

  30. BronzeDragon says:

    I don’t understand why Doc Rivers wouldn’t want Allen, Garnett, Pierce to re-united w/ him in LA. It’s not like they still are starters.

    • John says:

      I am sure Doc want Ray Alan …I am not sure Ray Alan wants to come up short AGAIN this year…because The Clippers can not offer Ray Alan a Championship Ring in 2015….

  31. Brandon King says:

    He should neither go to the clippers or the thunder. thunder needs a good guard and they should sign ray allen. But i can see him wanting to play with clippers because of Doc Rivers

    • John says:

      I can see Ray wanting to win a RING in San Antonio too …The Clippers and Thunder do not offer Ray that option

  32. Michael B says:

    Hey Everyone, please don’t make Ray retire on the sides and make him play for your king, okc, knicks, etc. for two seconds just to make a winning shot for you. Doesn’t help him or the team … Make him play, the way (you said it yourself) we all knows how he plays. Make him go to a team that utilizes him more … and Flip the coin in NBA. Lakers. You’ll be surprise!

  33. TEG says:

    I wouldn’t mind Allen coming to the Spurs, but the only thing I would have a problem with is the pileup in guards.

    so it wouldn’t hurt if he didn’t choose SA. besides, I have the gut feeling he would go to Cleveland.

  34. Romain says:

    If he goes to the spurs…They will be champions again and will beat the margin record they just beat for sure…

    • John says:

      even if Alan does not play for the Spurs…the Spurs will be Champions again….

      so if Alan wants a ring…he should just sign with the Spurs ….he doesn’t even have to play but 10 min. a game….there is no other team in the NBA that offers this opportunity for him to go out as a Champion

  35. Mitchell says:

    I think its amusing that if he were to go to San Antonio people wouldn’t be up in arms calling him a bandwagoner (like everything LeBron does). I understand it’d probably be his best chance to win, but I just don’t think you should go to a team you just lost to in the finals, especially having played them 2 years in a row. I hope hhe goes to Cleveland but I wouldn’t mind OKC. The Wizards would be interesting though bc they have Pierce and we all know their relationship didn’t end well.

  36. LaQuinton says:

    I Hate The Thought Of Ray Retiring Because I Been Following Ray Allen Since He Played Alongside K.D On The Sonics!!! But I Believe If My Boy, Ray Allen, Was To Play Another Year Or 2 He Should Gone Ahead & Join The Spurs Because They’ll Use Him To The Best Of His Ability & He’ll Help Provide A Tremendous Floor Spacing Threat Alongside Danny, To Be Honest Just By Adding Ray Allen To The Mix Will Be Terrifying Teams Because They Know What An Excellent Marks Man Ray Is.

  37. noah leake says:

    Obviously he is going to Cleveland I mean imagine behind the arc ,Ray,Kyrie,Love,James,Miller,Jones,

    PG kyrie irving
    SG dion waiters
    SF lebron james
    PF kevin love
    C anderson varejo
    G ray allen
    G mike miller
    F shawn marion
    F tristen thompson
    C brendon hayword
    F james jones
    G mike dellidivich
    F-C Eric murphy
    F malcom thomas
    G John Lucas
    G joe Harris

    G mike miller
    F shown marion

    • LaQuinton says:

      It’ll be pointless for him to go to Cleveland too many people already riding L.James Band Wagon they got too many stars already for Ray Allen to even consider joinin them his better options are either the spurs, OKC, or my hometown chicago!!!

    • John says:


      Why does Cleveland get to have more players than the rest of the NBA?

  38. darkstylus says:

    I know as a Spur I should want an all time great shooter on the squad even near the end of his career (remember Kerr going lights out for us one last time on the way to a ring? man that was sweet)

    But Allen?…I don’t, and I’ll leave it at that

    Anyway, he’s going to the Cavs. any other teams mentioned is just agent BS to bump his pay day up

  39. El Stone says:

    San Antonio!

  40. thespectator says:

    comes down to either the cavs or the spurs. these are the only two teams that will make the finals and win the title. but his relationship wit lebron will determine if he joins the cavs

  41. edgardo89 says:


  42. Terry Richmond says:

    knicks with jr smith and melo

  43. Jr says:

    Lakers should take him and the new roster is..

    First five….
    Jeremy Lin
    Kobe Bryant
    Ray Allen
    Julius Randle
    Carlos Boozer

    Second five
    Jordan Clarkson
    Steve Nash

  44. Mon Thrash says:

    Cleveland, i think we all would love to see ray & LeBron to team up for another year of “WHERE AMAZING HAPPEN” basketball. With love, & ray behind the three-point line “LIGHTS OUT”.

  45. Rodion Sarkisov says:

    Ray Allen will only play for a real title contender, which is the Cavs in the East or the Spurs in the West.

  46. Mike de Vera says:

    Either San Antonio or LA.

  47. Shawn says:

    King all day everyday

  48. jonathan says:

    I like him next to LeBron James is were he belongs

  49. Joel says:

    Ray Allen the greatest 3 point shooter in the history of the NBA should sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder. After all when they were the Seattle Supersonics Ray Allen played a few years with them. Regardless of what Ray Allen should sign with the OKC Thunder. OKC OKC OKC OKC OKC OKC OKC OKC OKC OKC RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ray Allen would be an extremly great pickup for the OKC Thunder.

    • John says:

      ..he could play all year with OKC, to only end in another disappointing finish….or WIN a ring with San Antonio …what would you do?

  50. Joel says:

    OKC Thunder OKC Thunder OKC Thunder That is the team that should do their very best to sign Ray Allen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Joel says:

    The Thunder should be Ray Allen’s new team.

  52. Joel says:

    Ray Allen He Got Game- OKC Thunder that is the team Ray Allen should sign with.

  53. alli says:

    He should go to the pacers

  54. Patty says:


  55. He should sign for OKC. Load up the roster with spot up shooters and defensive minded wing players!!! This will open up the driving lanes for Westbrook and Durant if they have shooters on the outside and Ibaka protecting the paint (replace Perkins with a shooter!)

  56. HeGotGame says:

    Then his dad who’s been let out of jail for a “work release” program for a week shows up to “talk” to him. They play one on one for the choice of his father….

  57. M_neto21 says:

    He should join the spurs where he will be be a great 3 point teacher to great shooters like mills,green and leonard !
    There he might lead the league in 3 point percentage because the spurs ball movement is NASTYYYY !

  58. harriethehawk says:

    WOW!!!!!!!! Can you imagine Ray Allen with the Thunder! Let the games begin right now! SWOOOSH!!! But someone was right on, he can’t live without Lebron James. Don’t blame the guy.

  59. brock says:

    He can fit into any team!! But who is the strongest :

    If garnet joins wizards then allen should go as well. They will be beast to watch. Otherwise , cleveland and bulls are the best team in playoff. Durant will win only when he comes to wizards. Bryant will work hard but only in his speeches coz his shoes still sell good. He can not perform the way he used to.
    ALLEN has a house in miami so u can stay there who knows he might lead to a championships. Wade proved it without lebron anyways in 06.

    • Kid M says:

      Yeah, but Wade was 8 years younger and with good knees back then. He’s not the same Wade he was. This year’s Finals proved it.

  60. I think he should Stay another year with the heat. He has another chance at that title. Ray Allen will really help the heat out if he stays put. So my bets are of him staying in Miami, for at least another year!

  61. Keith Patton says:

    Ray Allen should go and play with Kobe Bryant with the Lakers

    • Ray Allen wants to play for a contender team(last run for him). Why would he play for Lakers who is not even a playoffs team..

      • Michael B says:

        Believe the vine … it will be fast and painless …. Ray Allen doesn’t need to sit down the whole game and play the last two seconds just to win for you …. Besides, it will never be the last for him, we believe … At Lakers! We believe for the common people not for the king!!!!

  62. Joel says:

    Oklahoma City Thunder would be the best team for Ray Allen to sign with. Thunder should sign him to a 2 year contract. Even at his age he can easily play at least 20 minutes a game and also in clutch situations. Seriously and sincerely OKC is the team that should do everything possible to sign Ray Allen. OKC OKC OKC OKC OKC OKC OKC OKC OKC OKC OKC OKC RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN RAY ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Michael B says:

    Flip the coin. Do it in Lakers. Don’t be anybody shadow! Won’t work in OKC. You’ll never touch the ball there …

    • TEG says:

      Lakers aren’t title contenders; they are likely to miss the playoffs again

      • Michael B says:

        What?? Go to your King and be a two second player just to shoot a winning shot!!! How about OKC … Running Team … Are you thinking?? … Best Fit, Lakers … What team can utilizes him more??? He doesn’t need to prove any of you, anymore …. Contenders, are you kidding me?? This is basketball not boxing! The ball is round….

      • ” the ball is round” Lol!… This laker fan boy.,. Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk..

  64. Alex Manansala says:

    In dallas because dallas doesn’t have a legit shooting guard. It would be nice to see how he will play along side dirk.

  65. CelticsFan says:

    He has already betrayed the Celtics and went to their most fierce opponent after losing to them in the semi-finals… Now, after losing to the Spurs in the finals he wants to go to San Antonio?!?! I mean, that’s a nice fit with him but that’s just being a constant traitor. But since he did it already, here are his only choices… OKC Thunder, SA Spurs, WA Wizards, take one more year in Boston? one more year with Heat? or just retire before he ends up getting crucially injured due to his aging body?

  66. TTKIN says:

    He’ll proly end up back in CLE cuz he cant keep his mouth off Lebron’s nuts. He should go to SA, where he’ll gets dozens of open jumpers, or OKC, where he will basically be the best SG compliment RW and KD have ever had.

  67. marlon green says:

    If he is only concerned about getting another ring he should join the Spurs. They are the reigning champs and they have the best ball movement in the league. That type of offense would benefit Ray more than anyone with the best Jumper in the league. If not the Spurs he could really help out the Bulls or the Thunder. Sorry Lebron Ray played with you last year and lost so it’s time to change teams and teammates.

  68. Sk rtyi says:


  69. Brandon says:

    I think if allen really wants to win he should go to oklahoma but if he wants big money i think he should go to new york or to the lakers

  70. Titus says:


  71. Hector says:

    He should go to Chicago Bulls. imagine…

  72. mike says:

    golden state. Curry, ray and klay on the floor together

  73. comas jean says:

    I like ray to,go,cliveland

  74. Thomas Young says:

    If he goes to OKC watch out! A small ball lineup of Jackson, Westbrook, Allen, Durant and Ibaka would be scary!

  75. timpson says:

    he should go to the spurs hes better fit.

  76. SourPatch says:

    I think OKC too. Or retirement lol.