Rose sheds rust on his own schedule

VIDEO: U.S. rolls to 3-0 with decisive win over New Zealand

BILBAO, SPAIN — Stop measuring Derrick Rose‘s return with any conventional tools or methods that come to mind. They don’t apply. Not to a player whose every move and facial expression is being read for signs that he either is or is not back to the form that made him the MVP of the NBA early in his career.

Just keep it simple. Trust that he knows his own body and is sure that he is right where he is supposed to be, where he expects to be after playing a grand total of 10 games the past two NBA seasons.

Because anything else, any extra scrutiny or incessant worrying, won’t change things. The fact is Rose has rust to shake off. And he’s doing it on his own schedule. Not mine. Not yours. Not anyone else’s.

That might explain why he’s here in Spain with U.S. National Team on its quest to repeat as champs at the 2014 FIBA World Cup. Some people wondered why he’d put himself through this grind, five games in six days in Group C play.

It makes more sense after watching him play through these first three games, the latest being Tuesday’s 98-71 demolition of New Zealand. Rose started the second half, replacing Kyrie Irving in a game that was already over by then.

The trademark burst and explosive moves have come in flashes, in starts and stops. The muscle memory is returning, slowly but surely. But there were no numbers to back up what many of us here saw. Three points on 1-for-6 shooting and just two assists in nearly 17 minutes of action sounds like pedestrian work for a player of Rose’s caliber.

But not to U.S. coach Mike Krzyzewski, who chuckled at the idea of someone questioning why he’d start Rose after halftime.

“I started him because he’s one of the best players in the league,” he said. “And also to see how he would … he needs to get minutes with the guys who are playing more minutes. Because he’s a guy that should play more minutes. And it’s something that I thought about before the game and it worked out that way. I thought Kyrie played really well. And I thought Derrick played really well. But I didn’t use them that much together tonight, because I wanted to see it separately. But he did well. I thought he moved well. And I thought he captured some of that chemistry he had in Vegas with James [Harden].”

That would be the chemistry observers saw there that had folks buzzing about Rose’s return, which would begin here with Rose as the starting point guard on this team. But Coach K and his staff backed off on that and have gone with Irving and Stephen Curry as the starting backcourt, with Rose coming off the bench.

The prospect of three games in three days doesn’t worry Rose, who smiled when asked how he was feeling after the first game.

“I couldn’t make a damn shot,” Rose said, “but I feel good.”

Coach K said the same, that he thinks Rose will hold up just fine after playing his best game, to date, against New Zealand.

“He’s moving very fast, he had that one shot go in and out, and then Kenneth [Faried] put it back in,” Coach K said. “I like the way he moved and fought through defensively. He doesn’t show any signs of favoring anything. I think he played well today.”

Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, an assistant on the U.S. National Team staff, agrees.

“He’s working every day,” Thibodeau said. “And the only way you’re going to shake that rust off is by playing and I think that’s very important for him.”

The Bulls have two players in this competition playing at opposite ends of their own personal spectrums. Pau Gasol has been dominant for Spain, looking like easily one of the best big men and players in the entire field.

He, Rose and Joakim Noah will form the nucleus of a team everyone, Thibodeau included, expects to be among the NBA elite for the 2014-15 season and beyond. So much of that depends on not only how quickly they come together as a unit, but also whether or not Rose’s body passes summer school here at the World Cup.

“Great players always figure out how to play with each other,” Thibodeau said. “When you get a great player as talented as Pau and you put Derrick with him and they are going to be terrific together. And then you add in Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson and we’ve got a lot of talented players. The challenge is how quickly we can come together.

If Rose is back to normal, there’s nothing stopping the Bulls from battling it out with Irving, LeBron James, Kevin Love and the Cleveland Cavaliers for supremacy in the Eastern Conference.

“He’s not going to change who he is,” Thibodeau said. “His strengths are his strengths. The big thing is for him, is physically he’s good and mentally he’s good. But he’s got to work on his timing. He hasn’t played in two years, basically, so it doesn’t happen overnight. I think he understands that. He’s showing great patience. He’s taken good care of his body. He’s putting everything he has into each and every day. It’ll come. It’ll come.”


  1. bulls says:

    D Rose back and the Bulls may when the East dont be surprised

  2. harriethehawk says:

    Flexy, thanks for giving a flexible response, you are absolutely correct in all that you say, We appreciate you for keeping us level!

  3. Flexy says:

    Why are we still talkin about this? The guy just got back after suffering another knee injury, how can we expect him to be back in the same top form he was before he was injured, or expect him not to make faces as he tries to make plays. Knee injuries are no joke, it is apparent that everyone that is commenting on his play has never had a knee injury before. It takes time to get back, and the physical part is the easiest of the two repairs that are needed to get back from (Physical + Mental) but still over time. Its the mental repair that takes the longest. Every little crick, click, tweak, extension, pull, feels scary to the mind and halts progress. Its one of those injuries that happens and you are never the same after because the knees take the brunt of all of your wieght distribution, the pain is a different type of pain, and the mind plays tricks. Put it like this, it could be sunny outside, the weather forcast says 0% chance of rain and my knees let me know that the weather forecast is wrong because they have a slight sensation of pain. Injuring the knees is life altering, and is very hard to fully repair even with surgery. Give the poor guy a break, and be realistic, D Rose is still a great athlete, however he will never be the same guy before his injuries. The expectation should be simple, be a leader, be a facilitator, inspire your teammates to play their best ball. As far as scoring and explosivness, those things need to be left for another, or risk a career ending injury.

  4. blazetheendlessblaze says:

    And he’s starting to look like a young Karl Malone. That’s a good sign.

  5. andre says:

    3 players, not 2; Bairstow, Australia

  6. Kuhlmans Calixte says:

    This upcoming season will be legendary.

  7. harriethehawk says:

    Okay, here is my bottom line: I have absolutely no expectation for Derrick Rose this fall. This is going to be a Bulls team effort like always. But I do have higher hopes for Mr. Pau Gasol. How does anyone like those apples?

    • Crygdyllyn says:

      Pretty good.
      I also think McDermott and Snell will be making noise, too.
      The Bulls won 48 games last year.
      The additions of Gasol, Mirotic, and McDermott have seriously improved the team.
      If Rose plays no better than DJ Augustin, that improvement would mean the Bulls should win about 60 games.
      And if Rose plays like his old self?