Baynes, Australia get big win in Group D

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GRANADA, SPAIN — Groups C and D got back into action at the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup, with Australia edging Lithuania 82-75 in the headline game of the day in Gran Canaria.

The Boomers played a near perfect first half. Joe Ingles hit some ridiculous shots, Aron Baynes was incredibly active, destroying Jonas Valanciunas in the first few minutes, and their sagging defense kept Valanciunas from finding any space on post-ups or rolls to the basket. With Ingles hitting a 3 at the buzzer, Australia took a 19-point lead into the break.

To start the second half, both Valanciunas and Donatas Motiejunas were on the bench for Lithuania. Valanciunas eventually played a few more minutes, but it was the veteran Lavrinovic brothers and defensive pressure that led Lithuania back to within three after the first possession of the fourth quarter.

They were back within three with 4½ minutes to go, but never had a chance to tie or take the lead, with Australia holding them off with free throws and a couple of big baskets from David Andersen down the stretch.

More notes from Australia 82, Lithuania 75…

More Day 4 notes

  • Ukraine and the Dominican Republic each took big steps toward qualification for the knockout rounds from Group C with wins over Turkey and Finland, respectively.
  • Francisco Garcia turned his right ankle as the Dominican was holding off a late rally by Finland. He left the game briefly, but did return.
  • Slovenia (3-0) led by just one at halftime, but remained unbeaten with an 89-72 victory over Korea (0-3). Goran Dragic led the way again, scoring 22 points in just 27 minutes.
  • With Lithuania’s loss, Greece, Spain and the U.S. are the only other teams without a loss.
  • Group D is a solid group with Slovenia, Australia and Lithuania at the top. The U.S. could see two of those three teams in the quarterfinals and semifinals.
  • Mexico looks like it will be USA’s opponent in the round of 16 on Saturday. The Mexicans’ win over Angola on Tuesday has them looking like the fourth-place team in Group D. They’d have to beat Australia, lose to Korea or have Angola pull an upset for them not to finish fourth.
  • Top 5 offenses (points scored per 100 possessions) through Tuesday: 1. Slovenia (127.7), 2. USA (120.0), 3. Argentina (118.3), 4. Spain (117.9), 5. Greece (114.3)
  • Top 5 defenses (points allowed per 100 possessions) through Tuesday: 1. USA (77.6), 2. Spain (78.8), 3. Brazil (89.4), 4. France (91.3), 5. Greece (94.4)

Big games on tap for Wednesday

We’re back to a full, 12-game slate with Groups A and B resuming action in Granada and Sevilla.

  • Two 2-1 teams, Argentina and Senegal, will meet in Seville at 11:30 a.m. ET. The winner of that matchup will clinch a spot in the knockout rounds.
  • At the same time, two 1-2 teams, Finland and Turkey, will meet in Bilbao in an important game for third or fourth place in Group C.
  • If there’s a Group B team that can knock off Greece, it could be Croatia, which has had the most entertaining set of games in the tournament so far. Those two teams meet at 2 p.m. ET.
  • Group A has the best two of the best games of the day. Serbia (2-1) faces Brazil (2-1) at noon ET on NBA TV, and France (2-1) meets Spain (3-0) in a rematch of last year’s Eurobasket semifinals at 4 p.m. ET.


  1. 8in8 says:

    Thank you
    Blog fantastic
    Good luck

  2. outsid3 says:

    It s a mistake… With Lithuania’s loss, Greece, Spain and the U.S. are the only other teams without a loss.Also Slovenia is without loss.

    • To quick to correct says:

      If you read the bullet right above of that… It says Slovenia remain unbeaten… The next one says that With Lithuania’s loss, Greece, Spain, and the U.S. are the only OTHER teams without a loss.
      Not a mistake… You just didn’t read it correctly.

  3. wooderson says:

    nate jawai with the screen of the tournament so far and it will be hard to beat! also its about time jingles decided to sign with an NBA team, he could be one of the best allround players in the league, point forward, scorer, defenders etc

  4. Alex Moldovan says:

    Come on Coach Popovich and the Spurs management , do not let Aron Baynes escape . He is a real tough cookie , who will be very important to the future of San Antonio.

  5. Whitey says:

    Surely you’re not serious Blacky! Lemanis just coached the Boomers to a win over powerhouse Lithuania and you’re calling him a joke for not playing a teenager. Dante’s got 82 games to develop in the NBA. Australia wants to win a medal at the World Cup. The young fella has to earn his stripes in international ball and learn how to play the team game. He’ll develop more from learning how to be a role player on a good time than from getting minutes he doesn’t deserve.

  6. harriethehawk says:

    Is Baynes not good enough to play in the NBA? What’s up with that? I could read between the lines, he’s not amused at all.

  7. Tom says:

    It’s the world cup. He wants to win, not develop. Dellavedova’s Australia’s best PG by far and proved it with the cavs last season. Playing a rookie just out of high school makes 0 sense.

  8. Blacky says:

    The Australian coach Lemanis is a joke. Exum is being held back for no reason. Talk about destroying the development of a future super star.

    • titum says:

      Did you see the game?
      All Exum is doing is over dribbling around the perimeter on offense and letting his man drive past him on D. At the moment it looks like he has poor handling skills and court vision. He is being held back because he has been ultimately ineffective on both ends of the court.
      He may have a high ceiling, but he hasn’t been showing it yet.

    • kek says:

      playing him instead of Dellavedova would be a bigger joke, You play the best, and Dellavedova is better.

      Dont be so delusional just because of an overhyped teenager.

      • I must agree, Dante Exum is gaining valuable experience from watching and learning and it should not be understated how important learning is at his age. I bet Exum will be all the better for this experience and be that much more effective as a rookie. I would say it is important that Exum gets playing time when team Australia can risk his inexperience out on the court, learning and experience go hand in hand.