Summer Dreaming: Most Valuable Player

We’ve been to the beach to soak up the rays and the scenery and did some snorkeling to take a peek at life beneath the water’s surface. We’ve risen at dawn and hiked up through the cool morning air on narrow trails to get a glimpse of what’s over there on the next mountain. We’ve gone bungee jumping just to see if we had it in us. We’ve floated down long, lazy rivers to navel gaze and find out how long we could keep that umbrella drink balanced on our bellies.

What else is left to see on these sultry summer days except to lie back in a hammock and dream of MVPs who’ll make things hot on all those winter nights?

While we’re still several pages on the calendar away from the 2014-15 season openers, we’re taking off from the free-throw line in our naps and soaring all the way to April for the top five contenders on my ballot.

Send us your picks.

VIDEO: LeBron James returns home to Cleveland

LeBron James, Cavaliers — He’s back at home in Ohio, all is forgiven and it’s safe to like him again. Add in the fact that he lost out on the MVP trophy to Kevin Durant last season — even though it was silly to even think that he wasn’t the best player in the league — and there’s reason to expect bigger things than a pregame mushroom cloud of resin dust in Cleveland. Chalk last year up to “LeBron Fatigue” from a voting roll that simply got tired of writing his name in on the top line of the ballot, even if it was the right thing to do. So now “The Homecoming” will have him in the same situation he faced after Derrick Rose copped the MVP from him in 2011. All James did was respond by winning the award two straight times. A fifth MVP this season will move him into a tie with Bill Russell and Michael Jordan and, at just 29, LeBron in his prime will be stalking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time record of six.

VIDEO: Brent Barry goes one-on-one with Chris Paul

Chris Paul, Clippers — Does anybody really think head cheerleader and screamer Steve Ballmer would have plunked down $2 billion to buy the Clippers if Paul hadn’t already done the seemingly impossible and removed their name as the punch line from every NBA joke? Yes, Blake Griffin is a bonafide All-Star. Yes, Doc Rivers is an elite level coach who was tapped into the psyche of DeAndre Jordan to push him into the conversation as one of the best centers in the league. But it’s Paul who is the face, heart, teeth and claws of the franchise. With career averages of 18.6 points, 9.9 assists, simply the best handle in the game and a nose for ballhawking defense, CP3 has a pot that’s been bubbling for nine NBA seasons and is ready to boil over and take the Clippers to the next level. This could be the year. Paul has driven the team to win a franchise record 56 and 57 games in each of the past two seasons and if he can do it again to set up a deep playoff run, the shiny hardware could be his reward.

VIDEO: Kevin Durant talks about his 2013-14 MVP season

Kevin Durant, Thunder — He capped off another splendid and relentless season by winning his first MVP award last season and then upped his game by delivering one of the great acceptance speeches of all time. Go ahead, admit that you wiped a tear from the corner of your eye. What’s going to change on the court this time around? While teammate Russell Westbrook rides the roller coaster of fandom up and down with his off-the-charts play mixed with the “what-was-he-thinking?” shot selection, Durant will continue to be the spindly-legged racehorse that pulls the Thunder wagon. He’s won the scoring title four of the past five seasons, had a string of a dozen straight games of scoring at least 30 a year ago, which brought out the Jordan comparisons. But with all of the hullaballoo surrounding LeBron’s return to Cleveland, last season could one day be remembered as K.D.’s only MVP win if he can’t get the Thunder over the hump to win a championship.

VIDEO: Carmelo Anthony elects to stay in New York

Carmelo Anthony, Knicks — Last season was the first time in his career that Anthony’s team did not make the playoffs, yet he still finished third in the MVP voting. That speaks not only to the depth of his own talent, but a lack of depth on the Knicks roster that forces him to be the do-it-all force every night. Other than the arrival of Phil Jackson in the executive suite and Derek Fisher on the bench, little has changed at Madison Square Garden. Melo went window shopping in the free agent market, glimpsing at the goods in Chicago and Houston, then opted to take the largest bundle of cash — five years, $124 million — to remain in New York and continue to keep his name in lights on Broadway. He’s lost weight. He’s gained confidence. He says he can get the Knicks back into the playoffs. In a rebuilt Eastern Conference that now has real challengers up and down the standings, that will be a tall task. But if Anthony can take the Knicks there, he’ll deserved to be in the conversation.

VIDEO: Stephen Curry’s top plays of 2013-14

Stephen Curry, Warriors — Curry is the best pure shooter in the league today. It’s not just the number of times he puts the ball into the basket, but his ability to get the shots off so quickly, at all angles, from virtually anyplace on the court. Give him an open dribble as soon as he crosses the mid court line and you might have given up a bucket. But it’s more than just scoring 24.5 points a game. It’s Curry’s ability to dish the ball from either hand with a magician’s flair for 8.5 assists that makes him truly special. He was already knocking on the door of the top five a year ago, finishing sixth in the MVP balloting. If new coach Steve Kerr can get the Warriors to take the next step and boost them into the upper half of the Western Conference bracket, Curry could be a dark horse in the race.


  1. Dillon says:

    Where is Blake Griffin? He definitely should be there, and not even in the dark horse spot. Not just because he was in the top 5 for MVP voting last year, when you see his progression over his four years, there’s no way you can exclude him from the top 5, if he was good enough to be in the top 3 last year, where is he? I think putting Stephen Curry in the dark horse spot is just silly, at least, in the top dark horse spot, of course there is gonna be multiple dark horse MVP candidates, I would actually put Melo in the top dark spot, Melo or CP3. Top 5 : Griffin Melo Durant James Paul

  2. kenneth says:

    drose or stephen curry

  3. bodjee says:

    I think Lebron has been the MVP since he joined the NBA.

  4. dominykas says:

    I think lebron will be mvp!

  5. Rangers says:

    Also for people that didn’t think durant deserved MVP last year:

    Durant averaged higher ppg,rebpg, same Astpg, more offensive win shares, defensive win shared, total win shares, offensive and defensive rating, and PER. His team also had more wins in a harder conference. Westbrook also missed more games than wade.

  6. Rangers says:

    Durant is the best player now, and he will win MVP again.

  7. NJS says:

    Pending no injuries in his career, Anthony Davis is a guaranteed HOF.

  8. chris says:

    So i guess the NBA FINALS MVP isnt in the disscusion wow unbelievable

  9. Terod says:

    My Top 3


    The Cavs have the top star lineup in the East. I believe on paper they’re the best. You add in a decent bench and they are the best. The Thunder and KD/ Westbrook will be who they are as usual.

    Now the Bulls have no offense, which worries me. Rose is no the Rose we want him to be. He will have flashes but the lack of offense will bit a load on him. Gasol is a step up from Boozer, still the scoring output won’t be enough. There defense will get them by as it has.

    The Knicks may in fact be the shocker. The tone has changed along with the roster. While the individual pieces by themselves seem lacking or at least nothing to get excited about. They just my work together, with a focus Melo. The remaining core have a lot to prove and this year is a make or break for all of them. Now that Phil is in driver’s seat no one is safe from being traded if he feels they can help reach the goal. I look for strong play from them. I truly believe they will shock.

  10. Hugh Phillips says:

    Top 5 odds to win MVP this season:

    1) Kevin Durant Just the best in the game right now.
    2) Anthony Davis KD anointed him the next in line and he may be right
    3) Lebron James Not quite as athletic as he used to be but still a threat to grab another if things gel quickly in Clev. The fact that he has played on stacked teams and picks his teammates holds him back in my opinion.
    4) John Wall Think the Wizards may be a big time sleeper to make the Eastern Conf finals,Wall is still smarting from being cut of the U.S team and will be playing with an even bigger chip on his shoulder. Watch out for the Wizards!
    5) Kobe Bryant No one mentions him anymore when discussing the best in the game and that is exactly why I think he may be a sleeper to grab his second MVP. If the Lakers sniff 40 wins he should be the MVP because he will have to do so much for them to get close to that. Never underestimate this guys competitiveness and drive…never!

    Some guys who could sneak into the mix

    Derrick Rose If the Bulls play as well as I think then if he stays on the court it will be a natural fit.
    James Harden Seems tired of all the talk about his lack of defense and has really impressed the coaches on the U.S team

  11. lalalalla says:

    Gordon “Starcraft dude” Hayward – 2015 season MVP… bet on it!

  12. Ram says:

    Carmelo Anthony finished 15th in the voting last season. Not sure where the writer got the idea that he was third.

  13. miguelamor22 says:

    Since when did Carmelo finish 3rd in MVP voting last year?? Last time i checked, Blake Griffin was 3rd in MVP votes. I don’t even think Melo was even in the top 10! I swear these lazy writers just make stuff up. Check your facts Fran! It’s not that hard…

  14. plain wrap fan says:

    I have to say that I am very interested to see just how much better Blake Griffon gets this year. Over the past two years I have been REALLY impressed with his improvement. His trajectory as a player is enough to say that he should be in the conversation. He now has a mid range game that is fantastic and his continued improvement in that range may put him right into the top category of players.

    I’ll put a dark horse out there just because I am a fan. Aldrich out in Portland has the best back to the basket game of anyone out there today. He did not always have that consistency last year, but when that guy got it going he was a dominant force from the post. He is a throwback to the days when post play ruled the paint instead of driving guards. If LA continues to improve his range and throws in a few post moves instead of always fading away, he could make the move up to the top as well.

  15. Clint says:

    Let’s get real LeBron is the best player in the league. But I haven’t saw anything about my guy Paul George if he hadn’t of sustained the injury he did I’m sure he’d be in running for it. I think it’d be cool too see Tim Duncan or Tony Parker get it.

  16. Ryan41 says:

    The Dallas Mavericks will be the champ this season. Give credit to Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis.

    • en. says:

      Nope not dallas. .

    • TEG says:

      be highly disappointed this season if you actually think Dallas will be the 2015 champs. I don’t think they are even a title contender. to me, their team took a step back when I look at their bench. not buying them at all.

  17. Downdala says:

    There is actually no chance CP3 ever wins MVP race. He is already sort of second in his own team behind Blake Griffin, since if the Clippers have a great season it will be more because of the latter than thanks to Chris Paul. Paul has already reached his peak and proven it is not enough to deserve MVP. The fact that Tony Parker did not have it last season with a better year than any of Paul’s also prove my point – Tony Parker also do not make the list, so neither should Paul considering the last 2 or 3 seasons hierarchy.

  18. aa says:

    My top 3 candidates this year would be Lebron, KD and Curry.

  19. MVP? says:

    – Chris Paul ?! How can it be CP3 if last year Blake Griffin already outscored him by 434 to 45!? So if LAC go strong, it will be Blake winning MVP!
    – Carmelo?! MVP is always from a top team! I don’t see Knicks team above .650 winning percentage – does anyone else?!
    – Steph Curry?! Maybe Offensive Player of the Year – but not MVP…
    You clearly forgot:
    => Derrick Rose – will have either a monster season or be injured again!
    => Anthony Davis – Is already a top five player, only needs Pelicans to excel which seems very possible with a proper center in Asik and Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson back from injury
    => Kawhi Leonard – if he plays like he did in the last few games of the Finals and the Spurs again have the best overall record, he is right there in the MVP mix
    So it will most probably be between James, Durant, Griffin and Leonard, with Rose and Davis a question mark candidates.

  20. Gillsy says:

    I agree I love Curry but I don’t see MVP unless he goes off the charts. The two interesting players for me are Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard he was finals MVP and could take it to another level.

  21. taekayo says:

    LBJ and DRose have the best shot at this, as the Cavs and Bulls will vastly improve in terms of wins from last season. They just have to win the Eastern Conference. DRose can still play.

    As for CP3 and KD, if one manages to place his team at the top of the West, then the MVP is his. If its SAS however, the award would go to the East… they just don’t show any love to San Antonio, tsk tsk.

    Aldridge, Harden, Davis, Wall and Steph should make their team a championship contender first before they get into this list.

    If Wade miraculously gets his knees back, and beats Cleveland at the standings… 😛

    Kobe in his prime could not get the Lakers to the playoffs without any All-Star team mates, and he could score 81 back then. Go figure.

    Melo?!?! Please stop making excuses for him. Denver got better when he left (if not for the injuries). New York got better when he was injured and Linsanity erupted. I respect his individual skills, but he just ain’t a team leader.

  22. Mandowyn says:

    I don’t think it would be fair for LBJ to win the MVP award. This awards does not awards the bests stat lines, but the players who is the most valuable for his team, which means who helps the more his good results, and with the backup LBJ’ll have from Irving and Love, giving him the awards would be the same as telling the Cavs results of this years would be coming from him, and not from that big three.
    From CP3, the Clips may have had a nice record this year, but why did Griffin reach the 3rd spot this year and not CP3 ? Maybe ’cause this wasn’t CP3 effort but Griffin (and the team as well, yes). I’d rather bet on Griffin than CP3 for the MVP award 😉
    My five picks are Durant – Griffin – Rose – Davis – Curry, not specially in this order 😉

  23. Ramieen Brown says:

    Where is Anthony Davis in this article. This justify be his year. That kid is screaming top five player in the league already!

  24. Dude Perfect says:

    This is Andrew Wiggins award for the taking #Timberwolves

  25. Matthew says:

    Obviously, we’ll have to wait and see how the season goes. In my opinion, the MVP ought to be the player that is most valuable to their team. Also, the team needs to have a certain level of success. I could see KD, repeat. Maybe Dirk or Duncan will dig deep into their crafty bag of vet tricks? Curry or I could see Griffin in the running if he plays some D. I’m a Wolves fan so in my unrealistic fantasyland, I’d like to see Wiggins double dip and get Rookie of the year and MVP. Won’t happen but us Wolves fans have to dream.

  26. Gumgum says:

    CP3 deserves the award for so many seasons and it’s his time to get it…he is simply just the best floor general…
    I dun get why rose got his when CP3 still haven’t got his yet

    • TP says:

      a floor general who can’t get his team past a play off first round … Parker is a 1000 time a better pg but he’s french so …

  27. Lukus says:

    How can a championship (or lack thereof) for KD affect his shot at the MVP trophy, which is handed out in the second round?

    • Ledzepage says:

      That’s what I was thinking. And he also says that KD only won because of voter fatigue. I’m sensing some sort of a bias here…….

    • RP says:

      This writer is obviously a LeBron fan. I’m so sick of hearing that KD won because of LeBron fatigue… simply isn’t true. LeBron wasn’t that great last season and isn’t necessarily the best player in the league. Last year clearly showed it was KD. Winning a championship has nothing to do with it. That’s why they also have a play-off MVP.

  28. tinyarchibald says:

    Joe Johnson is a bum.

  29. Shelton Davison says:

    What is the song in the stephen curry mix?

  30. scottish says:

    i think it will be eric bledsoe or goran dragic

  31. Dustin says:

    KD all day he is a individual stat monster Lebron has kyrie and Love. He isn’t going to have a breakout season Kyrie and him are gna have issues because Kyrie likes to have the ball and Lebron is not playing like young lebron his age and body is declining from all the times he had to do it himself to me he’s jot on Kobe’s level and KD is getting there no championship needed Lebron leaves to find the best scenario to win and I hope Dwade wins it but all honesty KD will not decline and he’s young to his ceiling is higher than lebrons and To point out Cavs are favs to win east what bout Bulls if D Rose is healthy Cavs will not win in east and I don’t think Lebron will win another title he is a team jumper to me that’s a flaw on his record as a great MJ and Kobe stayed and build the team through good and bad but enough talk KD my pick second would be Melo or DRose

  32. ryan says:

    its really unfair Durant and lebron play in different confrences given lebrons stats are swayed by the fact he is facing significantly weaker opposition weak in and weak out in the next time you wana get high on lebrons stats think about that.

    • aa says:

      Thats the dumbest argument ive seen in a long time.

      It doesnt matter who Lebron played, he put up those numbers against any team, and if you see the statline he had in the nba finals against San Antonio then maybe you realize how little you actually know.

      Maybe you should watch more than 3 games a year.

    • RP says:

      So true! I’m not sure how LeBron ever got the unofficial title of greatest player in the world…KD should have been the MVP at the last Olympics. LeBron is good who you think is the best depends on what style of player you prefer. In my opinion (which can’t be wrong) KD is the best in the league right now and LeBron isn’t even second. I don’t care for flashy dunks and egos.

  33. mike jordan says:

    I just don’t see the mvp potential in steph curry..he’s my favorite shooter but not close to mvp

  34. mike jordan says:

    Derrick Rose will win it..kobe Anthony davis is in there too…

  35. Pops says:

    Fran, in your article you said, “Carmelo Anthony, Knicks — Last season was the first time in his career that Anthony’s team did not make the playoffs, yet he still finished third in the MVP voting.”

    That is inaccurate, Blake Griffin finished 3rd. Melo finished 15th in mvp voting in 2014.

  36. KD 2015 MVP says:

    How is Lebron not going to decrease in stats with player like Love ,Irving, Waiters, Allen, Miller, Marion, and Billups all playing on one team? But Durant will suffer because he is playing with a beast like Westbrook? If Durant isn’t going to win it because he will have more help, then so shouldn’t LBJ.

  37. Spurs Repeat says:

    KD, LBJ, blah blah blah.

    Tony Parker has been overlooked so many times for MVP its about time he gets it.

    • aa says:

      You wont get the MVP playing 30 minutes a night.

      Tony Parker is the best PG in the nba when he`s healthy, but he wont be able to put up the stats and the minutes to win it.

      • TEG says:

        I would love to see Parker win MVP, but yeah the minutes would be one thing especially with Popovich around. and speaking of, I would expect Pop to rest him in some games like he tends to do. still, I wouldn’t mind.

  38. JustSayingSports says:

    Lets be honest ppl LBJ is gunna take it…Why!? Well D-Rose isn’t gunna be that d-rose you remember back & 2010. Maybe kevin, but people forget Westbrook wasn’t play all last year, so we gotta see if he still avarage those same number. Umm well Kobe the only thing gotta say age & supportive cast, and western confrence. Not likely. The only reason I’m LBJ is because it been the most talk subject the whole summer, plus this team is pretty fresh & also they are playing & the eastern confrence. Just saying think about it.

    • NotJustSaying says:

      Lets be honest JustSayingSports, Durant is the scoring champ 4 times out of the last 5 NBA seasons. Haha get your fact straight not just say anything.

    • DenH says:

      but now lebron has 2 sky high usage rate scorers that he needs to compete with, dont be surprised if his scoring drops below 20 ppg this season..

  39. Stanley Francis Junior says:

    Be aware of the BEARDED ONE!!!

  40. zen says:

    melo??? i think if knicks keep stod he will play better then melo in the triangle

  41. dustydreamnz says:

    It’s hard to narrow IT DOWN TO 5. LBJ and Durant are obvious. I’d probably add Davis, Curry and Anthony.
    Kobe won’t even go close this season.

  42. Baller Knowledge says:

    I’d like to include Anthony Davis but I just can’t see the Pelicans as a playoff team. CP3 no he’s a great player but a tad bit overrated. Unless the Knicks have a major turnaround Melo isn’t winning it. I could see D Rose but he can’t stay healthy long enough. Stop with the Kobe suggestion it’s the MVP not a lifetime achievement award. It’s honestly either KD or Lebron their on a two man level no other player in the league is close to yet and I think which ever players team has better team success wins the award regardless of individual stats just my opinion

  43. Bullsfan4life says:

    um, im pretty sure blake griffin was third in mvp voting last year…

  44. kenny says:

    James shouldn’t get the MVP no matter what he does he has to much help the best pF in the game and a top 5 point gaurd plus a good supporting cast

    • Bruh says:

      And ur point is ? Kevin Durant has a top 3 guard in rus Wes and a top 10 of in serge iblocka .

      Blake griffin has the best pg and the top 5 center and the best 4 point play guy in Jamal ” Shake and bake ” Crawford .

      The person team doesn’t matter .

      LeBron is better than KD be cuz of defensive it’s that easy that why the thunder can’t win it all they need a rim protecter and kd need to become lik Westbrook on defense.

      DeMarcus Cousin is the sleeper for the best center in the nba stat wise 23 12 and 4 and 1.5 and 1.5 better than Dwight 18 12 & 1.8

  45. kenny says:

    Duran’t improved every year lett’s see if he improves again if he does I don’t see why he whon’t win it again

  46. kenm says:

    Remember we are not talking best individual player here,
    This is for the MVP.. In my Opinion it’s
    LeBron, Duncan, Anthony Davis, John Wall or Joaquin Noah.

  47. Scisca says:

    Anthony Davis is already in the conversation. Ignoring him is unacceptable. The guy is a beast and will be the best sooner than anyone expects, especially now when he got Asik to be his bodyguard.

  48. Sergio says:

    Joe Johnson.. Mr. Clutch (thats all imma say)

  49. Whoops, third-to-last. Should’ve checked the fact myself.

  50. Carl says:

    You seem to forget Kobe wow after all he’s done just because your hatred for the most famous team in basketball save Boston the Lakers go LA

  51. Jesus Christ Blinebury, at least check your damn facts. Anthony came in third two seasons ago and came in second to last last year, Griffin was third. It’s not that hard to look up. Combine this with Howard-Cooper’s atrocious writing, stories and fact-checking and that’s why is rapidly becoming one of the worst major sports sites, there are major errors in spelling and stories in almost every damn article now.

  52. Faceless Observer says:

    I agree with some of the others, Kobe should seem to deserve a place on this list, for the very least, out of respect. I get it, he’s coming off of another serious injury, he’s getting up there in age, and he is surrounded by a pedestrian support cast (sorry, Swaggy P). It would seem impossible……but, that seems like all the more reason to include him. I mean, this is the Black Mamba. Even with all of the variables conspiring against him, there is NO player in the world that I would rather have the ball down the stretch of a tight game than, Mr. Nutella himself, Kobe Bryant.

    This is Kobe, he specializes in the impossible.

  53. SourPatch says:

    LETS GO CARMELO! & CP3! But I think it’ll be KD again. Lebron can always get it too though.

  54. Dom says:

    People are sleeping on Derrick Rose and Kobe

    • TEG says:

      Kobe shouldn’t be consider because I don’t think he’ll be back to his past self. he’ll try to be considered by trying to bring his team back but if he puts too much into his body (especially with him still getting his quality playing time), he’ll only risk himself getting injured again.
      you can say kind of the same with D-Rose, although the difference- he is much younger than Kobe.

  55. Bob Ellison says:

    You’re wrong!
    ANTHONY DAVIS will win the award. Just watch. The team doesn’t have to win the championship for its star to get the Trophy. Remember Steve Nash! 2 in a row. Cubs’ Ernie Banks also picked up 2. And Garnet got 1 — @ Minnesota.
    Repeat: Just watch Davis in 2014-15.
    Guess you hadn’t been paying attention the last few months . . .
    You’re forgiven . . .

  56. What about me? All you haters, motivation

  57. JAYR says:

    I have to agree with Quincy here. Anthony Davis is a good player, some may even say he is a great player, but in no way, way, or (UNI)form should he be considered amongst MVP talk for the 2014-2015 season. Although I feel Lebron’s success this year will come through an easy road, I see him taking the MVP award this year.

    • Trix says:

      Can you explain why Anthony davis shouldn’t be in this conversation? By most advanced metrics he is a top 5 player last season and will only get much better in his 3rd year. If it’s his team record you are referring to how is Melo in this list? :S

  58. Trix says:

    How about Blake Griffin and Anthony Davis??? I think both of them deserve to be in this list of Melo. Also D-Rose depending on health.

  59. LW8 says:

    MVP is the popularyty contest with exceptions some time, not the real best player contest, so its mean nothing. In 1997 NBA gave Malone MVP, but we all know MJ deserved it. In 2006 – They gave Nash, but Kobe deserved it. And so on. So this MVP race – just for stupid entertainment.

  60. NBAGuru says:

    Actually ‘Melo made it into the Conference Finals with the ’09 Nuggets!

    ‘Melo and CP3 are all-time greats, though Paul in particular is very overrated these days.

    Davis’s rookie year is irrelevant to how good he is now. He is on the cusp of greatness, and if he and his mates in NO can stay healthy AND win 55 games or so (unlikely, but possible), you have to include him in the MVP discussion.

  61. Man with no Name says:


  62. Cesco says:

    How is Kobe not on this list? xD

  63. Sam says:

    I really don’t understand how people are already picking MVP candidates. It’s not a life time achievement award. It’s based on that season. so right now there should be 300 player tie for MVP. Since the season is still a couple months away from starting. All politics.

  64. Sedare says:

    LMA should be on here before Davis.

  65. Dantrell says:

    I’m surprised D.Rose didn’t make the list. Yes, he is coming back from a injury that kept him out for a season. But we all know what D.Rose is capable of when he healthy. The only thing holding D.Rose back from performing like his old self is his health. I’m sure if he can stay healthy he will be at least top three for the MVP, only behind Lebron James and Kevin Durant.

  66. Brent says:

    Derrick rose, enuff said

  67. infamous013 says:

    People need to give Blake Griffin more credit. Chris Paul may be the face of the Clippers for now, but in the next year or two, Blake Griffin will be the best player on that team and the third best player in the world, behind LBJ and KD. He was the one who carried the Clippers most of last year (to a third seed in the West as well), since Chris Paul was out so much with injuries. He’s the guy people need to watch out for.

    • Bruh says:

      He does so much just gettin alley oops from who oh yah CHRIS PAUL if he can jump that high why doesn’t he have more blocks

  68. 23jumpmang says:

    kobe? drose? chris bosh? demar derozan? harden? griffin? just to name a few underdogs.

  69. Chuck says:

    I am certain I am not the only complainer but how can you put Anthony as a possibility on a most mediocre team and leave out not just the next great player but soon to possibly be the best ever–AD? For some reason your staff still sees Anthony and CP3 as all-time bests even though in all of their years neither has gotten into a conference finals, and won’t again this.

    • Quincy says:

      How can you possibly believe Anthony Davis of all people, should be in talks for the MVP?!?! Davis didn’t even win ROY in 2013. And to put him in the conversation for best ever, you are insane. Jordan, LeBron, Kobe, Magic, Wilt, Bird, Dr. J, Russell. Those are some of the best ever, and Davis isn’t and never, ever, will be close to them. LeBron will win MVP this year,

      • Rob says:

        Haha, dude, he was talking about Carmelo Anthony…

      • just a dude says:

        Well he’s definitely not one of the greatest but he will definitely be special … If you look at his numbers closely you’ll notice that if his team was a top 4 on their conference he would be in the mvp conversation

      • D says:

        Dwyane Wade will win it..

      • Bruno says:

        Never? I agree that he is not in the conversation yet, he’s entering his 3rd year and the challenge is to get a playoff spot, but AD is relentless, just because he didn’t win ROY he isn’t great? Well, that’s stupid. He has the potential to be a superstar like KD or LeBron, he’s an all-star and this kid is just 21 yo, chill, man.

      • Eddie says:

        I agree I hope Lebron does win again!

      • hnic says:

        Someone’s got a crystal ball!

      • DeMarre says:

        That’s not true because Anthony Davis is getting better everyday and is eventually going to be the face of the NBA, even though he didn’t win rookie of the year in 2012 (Yes it was 2012) he was on the Olympic team so honestly he has what it takes to be the MVP

      • Quincy likes boys says:

        Chuck is right. Obviously you don’t follow the NBA. Anthony Davis is poised for a breakout year where he could and should lead his team to be a 7th or 8th seed. Do some research before you call people out

      • jasoncain215 says:

        Have you not seen Davis play? He’s on a rise. Scoring most points in team USA. He carries New Orleans, super young still, he’ll go down as an all time great.

      • Nicklas says:

        I think Kawhi Leonard should atleast be on the list, i think he will be top 5 in the league next season, he is not the flashy scorer or confident guy but he can do anything he puts his mind too and i think he has the potential to be the best all round player in the league. Otherwise i think Derrick Rose will be MVP if the Bulls have a good season.

      • Matt says:

        He could be top 5 player next year. On his rookie season he was injured so it stopped his progress..And Lillard won with great rookie year on his back. So if NOP can make playoffs on 4-6 place (doubt 4th,but 6th possible) with 46-53/4 wins;he could be close enough to be MVP

      • Momma Harden says:

        Lebron? Really? He has a losing finals record. Nuff said. Screw his stats.

      • hardcourt0 says:

        anthony davis is not mention at all or i read it wrong lol

      • j says:

        it shows how biased the nba truely is. how scripted it is in the end. we know durant, melo are shoe ins for mvp, and in all honesty, how can we say lebron is one of the greats? i dont think he is. the only current players that i will consider greats: Kobe, nash, dirk. thats it. no lebron, no wade, and certainly not kevin durant. putting steph curry in the picture is preposterous, same with cp3. in 9 seasons how far has cp3 come? same with melo? My top 5: KD, Damian Lillard, Melo, maybe lebron, and of course healthy derrick rose.

      • Andrew says:

        Too early to say never, ever mate. Next year he probably won’t be in the conservation for MVP but he could be top 10 if the Hornets have a decent record. He was putting up 20-10 last year with insane steals and blocks. It’s not crazy to say he’ll be the best PF of this generation in fact I would bet on it if I had to pick somebody (I’d say it’ll be down to BG or Davis). Yes it’s hard to compare anybody to the all-time greats but he has the potential to be one.

      • Kristian says:

        How could you even put lebron in the conversation for best ever haha

      • Dom says:

        No. He has a point. Anthony Davis has upcoming potential but he shouldnt be mentioned in the MVP race RIGHT NOW.

      • David says:

        Ummmm AI won ROY over Kobe… I would take AD over Carmelo any day of the week

      • treyking says:

        I think its pretty foolish to say “never ever” about the potential of a guys career who is now only going into his third year. How do you know that he’ll never ever be close to becoming an NBA legend when its all said and done? He’s 21 and in his second NBA season averaged 20-10 with just under 3 blocks a game, that sounds pretty promising to me. If anything, AD has some of the most potential to be a future HOF out of any player thats been drafted in the last 3-4 years

      • David says:

        I remember when everyone said that Derrick Rose couldn’t win MVP when he talked about it before the 2010-2011 season

    • Jb says:

      Melo made it to western conf. Finals… Learn before you speak you peon