‘Bron, Wade toted elite style, execution

VIDEO: LeBron and Dwyane Wade didn’t spare us the highlights over the past four years

They didn’t have a nickname for the ages, but their work on the floor was sufficient enough. So sufficient that the good folks (shout out to Jonathan Scott) at the NBA Digital headquarters saw fit to produce their best moments together. It’s cool. It’s a must-watch. It’s what you want to see as a hoop head.

Their recipe was simple: We’re faster than you, we can jump higher than you and we’re going to look for each other at any given tick. The crosscourt alley-oops, cutting and weaving and defensive ball-hawking that evoked the work of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were fruits of this strategy.

When The Decision happened in 2010, we saw two supremely gifted alpha players in their primes make a conscious effort to join forces. It didn’t seem fair and gave us an open lane to cast them as villains.

Two championships, four straight Finals trips… yeah, it wasn’t fair. There have been many duos that gave us moments, but only a few compare with the level of synergy and high-level production that the Tandem Formerly Known As ‘Bron and D-Wade brought. Unless they get the opportunity to pair up during All-Star weekend, you won’t see it live again.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade joined forces as superstars and didn't disappoint.

In 2010, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade joined forces as superstars. They didn’t disappoint.

LeBron James is a lock to garner more midseason trips. You have to figure Dwyane Wade has a couple more in him, but his knees present questions. So nothing is guaranteed, nothing lasts forever, blah, blah blah. Some may find this a bit schmaltzy. It’s not.

Greatness is greatness and it demands a corner of recognition. When it’s here, we bask in it. When it’s gone, we look for The Next. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love will give ‘Bron new tools to work with and by this time December, we’ll probably be seeing a boatload of Love-James and James-Irving roundball duets in Cleveland, making the Miami pairing a distant memory sooner than later.

Wade still has Chris Bosh. He also has Luol Deng. He’s not playing with slouches, but he won’t have a 6-foot-8 Akron gazelle running the wing ready to catch and finish any pass he throws up anymore. When LeBron and Flash partnered up, few saw them only lasting four years. So peace out, you two. We hardly knew ya.  What part we did know was something we aren’t likely to forget.


  1. David says:

    James and Wade only played 4 years together and played in all NBA Finals during their era. That’s amazing, even though they won half of the finals. In my opinion the 13-14 spurs were the most complete team I’ve seen since the 95-96 Bulls.

  2. David says:

    If people want to mention rings then Bill Russell and Sam Jones are the greatest duo of all time. They won 10 rings in 12 years. I don’t believe that will ever be matched.

  3. David says:

    How do people forget about Joe Dumars and Isaiah Thomas? They were such a dynamic duo and won back to back titles. They took the NBA platform straight from the great Lakers and Celtics teams. Its amazing how they dominated the game even though they both lacked height and weight.

  4. nnonowrongagain says:

    the lebon james heat was a flop.
    fans disliked them. and they did disappoint. they finished like they deserve, trashed by a real team. and they will go en el olvido.
    time for basketball

  5. "smart NBA fan" says:

    dwade is actually a pretty good player its lebron i do not like at all. and all these bandwagon jumper so called “fans” get real man…… dwade is real hes flash whats queen lebron pre- MIAMI HEAT? a loser thats what. now hes gonna back to being a loser again kevin love is not better than dwayne wade you must be crazy yo….

  6. "smart NBA fan" says:

    lebron lovers arent hard to find lol. where were yall back from 2003-2010? oh yeah you all was watching kobe and shaq thats right……….and before that it was jordan dont lie. i dont like jordan more than kobe but even i know mj+ pip was number 2. lebron is new not actually better per say. kobe shaq best and mj pip 2nd lebron last not even on the list. stocton malone 4th magic kareem 3rd lebron+flash 5th not flash fault lebrons fault.flash is a decent player actually….

    • "Witness" says:

      Lol, all the lebron haters seem to all have the same b.s. excuse. They must be upset because they are all becoming witnesses of the greatest basket ball player to have ever played the game unfold in front of their very own eyes. Here’s a secret, “You are all in DENIAL.” How can the most unselfish player be the best play there is? Let’s see… Improve in every aspect of the game year after year after year? Ah, that it! Quit your bitching, you anti-lebron maggots, and enjoy exciting and dominant basketball that is presented by your worst nightmare, King James reign on!

  7. Rangers says:

    Lol@the comments. Magic and Kareem won 5 championships and went to 9 in 11 years. This was against the Celtic “dynasty” as well

  8. john says:

    Most of you are not understanding that these votes are for the most “exciting duo” not the best! obviously mj and pip are the best! in fact lj and d wade are prob 4th or 5th if u wanna talk about the “best”! As far as exciting goes its gotta be majic and kareem or lj and wade! sure mj was sick but he was a 1 on 1 player much like koby, the other 2 combos i just mentioned played moved and fed off each other! case closed!

  9. heatallday says:

    wow great times in miami and anyone who says that they hate each other you need to learn about basketball, all in all great times, great duo, hope dwade can get another ring.

  10. choikobai says:

    These two may not be the BOAT duo but they sure did have that brotherhood relationship on & off the court. They enjoyed playing each other for four years, Bron may have left for he wanted to give that title to his hometown but the memories he had in south beach will always be remembered and both him and DWade will always be remembered as one of the best duo the NBA have.

  11. s says:

    LeBron is going to fail in Cleveland.

  12. Aaron says:

    That play where D-Wade looks like he’s gonna lay it in then just releases the ball in mid-air for Bron to just rise and throw it down…thing of beauty. They may have not won the most out of all the great duos in basketball but they made the most beatiful plays 🙂

  13. DWade and Lebron hate each other. The greatest teammate competitors always end up doing so. If MJ hadn’t taken a sabbatical who knows if Pippen would have stuck around much longer.

    • M says:

      Yes. They hate each other so much they throw each other lobs all the time and share the ball a bunch. If you think lebron and wade hate each other maybe you should watch a few games

  14. Nick says:

    If anyone read the question of the pole “which duo did you enjoy the most” not who was the best duo of all time your comments might actually make sense, So there is no debate in this question, its all personal choice.

  15. Shaq & Kobe, 3Peated with dominance just like the bulls. And in 2001, 2nd yr of their 3peat, they both averaged 28ppg during the reg season, and then in the playoffs Kobe averaged 29ppg while Shaq averaged 30ppg, all this actually playing on the same team! How many current NBA players averaged 28ppg last yr in the regular season??? lol. And also during that playoffs, they went on to have the best playoff record till this date in NBA Playoff history. They woulda been 15-0 if the Lakers after sweeping the 1st 3 rds of the playoffs, waited 9 days before gm 1 of the finals, where Allen Iverson went off in the overtime to steal gm1 before the Lakers swept the next 4 gms! You guys need to give credit & show some respect to the greatness of Kobe & Shaq. And stop being Prisoners of the Moment!!!

  16. Bo says:

    well, LeBron and wade may not have had the best run STATISTICALLY, but they definetly had the most chemistry of all the duos BY FAAAARRRR. did u ever see off the backboard lobs from scottie to mj? ill let u awnser

  17. Boryslaw says:

    MJ & Pip – Winners! 6 NBA Finals, 6 Championships, 6-0! MJ 6 NBA Finals MVP! Pip best defensive player in small forwards!

  18. LeggoHeat says:

    Oooh such memories, good stuff. But Wade ain’t done yet, he goin’ HAM this season!

  19. sarah says:

    miss thessee guuys allreaddyy. the made a a fan of baskettball. im a die hard of basket ball coz of themm. wherever james is, my heart is also there. im gonna start supporting cleavland now in addition to miami heat. thank uyou for the memmoriiies. muuuahh kissess. and peoople needs to stoop hating already and admit that they made a greatt paiir.

  20. t says:

    the best one two punch is easy two three peats best record every belongs two them mj and pip… if the other where that great and lets keep it one hundred most of the other u mention had a better team including lbj and dwade and no one got tha record

  21. Kevin Aleman says:

    Damn it, the best duo on tha world is MJ & Pippen, it is not hard to make a desicion, but bron & wade was a very good duo on NBA, so the number one takes MJ & second place BRON

  22. TEG says:

    Duncan & Robinson

  23. Former says:

    I’ll say this- LeBron is without a doubt the best player in the NBA today and has been since KB’s game deteriorated. However, LNJ will NEVER be an all-time great because he doesn’t have even 5% of the character and willpower of Jordan, Kobe, Iverson. The way I will remember him will be “the greatest b*tch of all time”- great talent, working ethic, smart, but….no will, no character strength and let’s face it, lot of guys have talent and will to work but only a select few had the willpower to strive for greatness every minute of their NBA career. LBJ- not one of them.

    • Common $en$e says:

      that has to be the dumbest comment I’ve ever read in basketball history. How can you say that he doesn’t have will power or the drive to be great on a nightly basis. He’s improved every year he’s been in the league look at the numbers. You just sound ignorant to be honest. Lebron is the complete basketball player and only a fool would even to try to refute that. Whether Kobe’s game deteriorated or not let’s be honest Lebron and KD for that matter were coming for him.

  24. Nuno says:

    ‘bron & D-Wade… Sorry it’s not a duo, it’s 2 players and only one played.

  25. wesley says:

    i was born in 96 the jordan era one of the greats to ever play but did not watch. i watch kobe and shaq and i enjoy look at there highlights but wade and lebron where fun to watch just( bc) i did grow up watching the others

  26. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Everybody and:

    Pierce & Garnett
    Payton & Kemp
    Paul & Griffin
    Bird & McHale
    Olajuwon & Drexler
    Barkley & Johnson
    Parker & Duran

    etc, etc ,etc…

  27. The bad35t says:

    KD & Russ
    hands down
    Feet Up

  28. DJ says:

    how old are you guys ?
    this survey is trick most of the guys reply here never saw MJ and Pipen Playing live or Shack and Kobe

    those where great duo two i would consider a tie between MJ and Pipen adn Bron and Wade

  29. Dave says:

    MJ and Pippen were better than Lebron and Wade ever could be, by every statistic imaginable. MJ and Pippen were the greatest duo in NBA history and it’s not even close. That’s why I find fan polls amusing, because they’re nowhere near accurate. Oh, and Miami wasn’t a dynasty either. Two titles in 4 years is cool but 6 in 8 is better.

    • HoopsFan says:

      You sound like a hater. First off u say jordan and Pippen were better in every stat imaginable that statementsounds like exaggeration. So unless you can show evidence to support that claim it will be discredited and viewed as a horribly biased opinion. If you want to go by the stats i’m pretty sure shaq and kobe may be able to trump michael and scottie. So what that still make Jordan and pippen the greatest? The dynasty topic is a fuzzy one but don’t sneeze at 2 nba championships in 4 finals appearances in 4 years while along playing together for only 4 years. The heat can not be comapared the bulls because they were not together long enough to produce the body of work the Bulls ddid as Jordan and pippen played together for the better part of a decade. Point being appreciate the great tandems. All the tandems mentioned were great no need to belittle any because u have your favorites just let their body of work do the talking.

    • Sebastian Valmont says:

      the poll’s question was “Which historic duo did you enjoy the most?” and not who was the greatest statistically or had the most titles.. it’s a poll and answers are always a matter of opinion. you’re the amusing one because you don’t seem to know what a poll is. opinions will always vary so there’s never really a right answer.

      for me, jordan as a single player was the most exciting but as a duo, james and wade were just sick. they put on a show and they get my vote.

  30. themanwhocantbemove says:

    sad that its all over…thanks lbj for the memories…can’t wait to see shannon brown dunks on ur face!

  31. mj says:

    This pole is a joke. Let’s try 3 straight finals 3 championships not once but twice. 6 rings 72-10 record, best in history I might add. There was no better duo then MJ & PIP. The success numbers and hearts of Champs.

    • M says:

      The poll isn’t who is the best, it’s who is the most exciting. Pretty sure Jordan and popped weren’t throwing down that many off the backboard alley oops

  32. Aristotle says:

    Wish it wasn’t so, and they were still together in Miami… It was well worth the airfares to fly over from Aus to watch these two play for a few games. Cherished moments you just never forget. God I love this game!

  33. boognasty says:

    Payton and Kemp.

  34. MM says:

    It was the best in the history of NBA. Labron, Wade and Bosh. I did not even miss one of their game during the last 4 years. They made me a Heat supporter. People from the other side of the world even supported Heat.

  35. MJbestever says:

    Why would anyone other than Heat fans want to relive this? lol

  36. Carolyn says:

    Lebron and Dwyane were the BEST together.I will miss watching them.

  37. Kirby Record says:

    Yes when Wade was healthy he was an incredible pair with James. I think it is underestimated even–since Bosh is not really as elite as these two and had to play out of position and most of the other guys were well past prime. Once MJ got Rodman too I really think the Bulls had more supporting talent in healthy condition than the Heat have had since James joined. And people forget how incredibly talented from 1 to 10 the Spurs are. They don’t have a James or a Jordan but they have more all around talent than either team, counting the bench. So really for a 6’8″ guy and 6’4″ guy to dominate the league for those two years–without a solid center, it is quite an achievement. But the Cavs will be better, I think, and have decent size–if Love can keep from fouling out at crunch time! The supporting talent on the Cavs looks very good for the nex few years anyway.

  38. tinyarchibald says:

    Pippen and Michael Jordan.

  39. alexc says:

    2010-14 Miami Heat: Most overrated team in NBA history

  40. Benjie says:

    They complement one another offensively and defensively .Such a shame it didn’t last.Love that alley ops and baseball pitch touchdown.I will surely missed this.

  41. spursy says:


  42. Bob says:

    3 beats 2

  43. KMIll says:

    Wade and LeBron were cry-babies!! WAH WAH WAH!!! That’s what everyone outside Miami will remember!! LOL!!!!

  44. Uri G./Dwyane Wade says:

    Ha I love how a few years a go you all HATED the Heat and now you’re all like” ahh..good times. we are really gonna miss those two.” like, HELLO??!! You are seriously empty-minded enough to think that you lliked someone for 4 years after watching a video for 90 seconds?? Anyway, I am a Heat fan here, and have been all my life, live here in South Florida, and I can HONESTLY say that I am REALLY gonna miss those too. Even just Lebron. The video made me emotional dang I wish we stilll had Lebron but i know my boy DWADE FLASH #3 will provide 🙂 Hail Heat!!!!!

  45. TKaminaga says:

    I’m surprised it’s Magic & Kareem instead of Magic & Worthy?

  46. Next Man Up says:

    ahh man sure was fun while it lasted…excited to see both CAVS and HEAT.. hopefully wade stays healthy and basketball gods give us a first or 2nd round match up between them in the playoff!

  47. tumalon says:

    Stockton to Malone

  48. NBA says:

    wade and james i will never forget does moments….been a fan of lebron since he got to the nba 2003 hes a guy that everyone wants to play with him cause hes unselfishness.. there never gonna be no one like michael jordan and there never be no one like lebron james.. sorry for kobe bryant but i dont consider him someone that will be remenber as lebron or jordan. kobe won 5 championship 2 hes was the man the mvp 3 of them shaq was the man the 3 time mvp

  49. Rangers says:

    Kobe/Shaq, mj/pippen, Kareem/magic teams would destroy that heat team tho

    • Another Cavs Fan says:

      yeah but only because the heat never had a big guy and those other teams all had a big guy

      mj and pippen would not have won 6 championships with joel anthony instead of rodman or kukoc

      • truth says:

        You’re crazy they won without kukoc and Rodman. They won with a wet behind the ear pippen and Cartwright as center. Jordan was the truth. Check the Phoenix finals. Always upped his game when it counted.

      • Sebastian Valmont says:

        @truth is right. they did win without kukoc and rodman in their first 2 titles. but those were the prime years of mj and pippen was already on his way to becoming a superstar.

        during the second 3peat, mj and pippen’s games were already starting to regress but mj just kept on adding new things to his game to compliment his aging like shooting accuracy and those fade aways. rodman was an integral part of that team and w/o him, it’s arguable utah could’ve won at least 1 of their 2 finals stints.. plus, luc longley at center was a major downgrade from the cartwright/perdue era.

      • truth says:

        They won the first three without them and besides Jordan those teams were not loaded.

      • Sebastian Valmont says:

        Tony Kukoc was part of the 93-94 bulls.

  50. Chris says:

    What wonderful memories! Thanks Bron and Flash!

  51. Qukel says:

    It’s so sad that we won’t see them playing together again 😦

  52. Tequerra says:

    I agree!

    • DFresh says:

      crazy talk. dirk had a in his prime tyson chandler. jason kidd, shawn marion, and jason terry were there as well.

      • Seriously? says:

        Are you seriously saying j-Kidd was in his prime in 2011? And your comparing chandler, terry and others (role players) to wade, bosh, love & kyrie (all & super stars)? Your crazy man. Dirk was the man on that team surrounded by solid role players. And I’m a sixers fan so no bias here.

      • Darien says:

        He said Tyson was in his prime not Kidd.. LBJ hasn’t won anything with Kyrie and Love yet so we’ll wait & see ha.. Heat may of had a better starting 5 on paper but Mavs depth was better than heat

        This argument “LBJ can’t win without superstars” is boring now it’s been said for 4 years. No one in the NBA has won a ring on their own

      • Sebastian Valmont says:

        @Seriously? what he meant was only chandler was in his prime w/c is why he put a period after tyson’s name. the next sentence stated that marion, terry and kidd were there as well.

        and when did bosh, love, and irving become superstars? they’re only all-star players like terry and marion and not in the superstar level like wade, james, nowitzki, and kidd.

      • PEJA says:

        wait what? KIDD IN HIS PRIME? terry i guess his prime game is still there but not an allstar caliber. Tyson Chandler may be the one in prime but compared to wade and bosh its silly. Even Marion is even past his prime. Let’s add another player :3 Peja Stojakovic. Well he’s also not in the prime. Caron Butler i guess was still in his prime but he’s injured.

        Let’s see
        if these players were all in their prime. I think this team can beat Miami Heat easily even when lebron wade and bosh in their All out mode.

        Dirk beat 3 superstar players (well 2 if you dont count bosh) in their prime with an aging crew
        If those players you mention are in their prime like MATRIX AND KIDD. lets add butler and Peja as well. Then Dallas will win hands down

  53. Mitchell says:

    This is exactly why I wanted Wiggins to stay on the Cavs. You think Wade & LeBron were unstoppable on the break? Imagine Kyrie, Wiggins, & LeBron; that’s unstoppable. There’d be so many highlights it’d be ridiculous. Plus I think it would’ve led to a better future for the Cavs.

    • DFresh says:

      yeah that would have love to see that too. and i really don’t like that they gave up a potent ion future elite defender for another guy who hasn’t showed much on the defensive end. i would have preferred they trade kyrie for love and try to pry bledsoe away from the suns (cheaper than kyrie too). either way there are still gonna be plenty of highlights in cleveland. but with all the athleticism in Minnesota there’ll surely be lot of oops on sport center

  54. bballjunkie1 says:

    Guess u guys finally figured out players have brains 2. And sometimes know better than the organizations they played 4 where their talents will be a better fit. Anybody can stay somewhere and load stats never win a ring, but the smart ones when their contracts are up move on before its 2 late (after all they have paid their dues). Wilt left Philly ring in Los Angeles, Walton left Portland ring in Boston, Kareem left the Bucks rings in LA, Moses Malone(he was reigning MVP at the time) left Houston ring in Philly, the list goes on and on just as the rings will go on and on. Thanks 4 the piece cuz they were as exciting to see as Frazier/Earl the Pearl Monroe, Magic/Kareem, MJ/Pippen, Kobe/Shaq, and Stockton/Mailman to name a few.