Blogtable: Heat hate for LBJ’s new team?

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> Do you feel the same way about this latest LeBron super team as you did when he formed his last one? Why or why not? (H/T to Ethan Skolnick at B/R)

Steve Aschburner, Yeah, it’s exactly the same. Except, y’know, completely different. From the moment of The Decision, what LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh did was more irritating and weenie. Three in-their-prime franchise players were ganging up on the league, preferring the shortcut of buddy ball when they should have been butting heads as rivals. Wade already had a ring, so he seemed greedy. Bosh was gladly accepting a diminished role, so he seemed needy. And James dumped his “hometown” team and their shared quest like some family man wigging out for a Corvette and a blonde. Had James chased a super team this time to L.A. or New York, that might have felt more like 2010 redux. But it’s Cleveland — Cleveland — the puppy-in-a-cage-with-Sarah-McLachlan-music of pro sports cities. James is different, too, a winner who can mentor and boost Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving to their first postseason appearances. So no, I don’t feel about this the way I did about the Heat four years ago. Sounds to me like only cranky Miami partisans would.

This is the first of many magazine covers for the Miami Heat's Big 3!

Is the Cavs’ new Big 3 really any different than the Heat’s old one?

Fran Blinebury, Yes, I feel all tingly, like soda bubbles going up my nose. Let’s face it. LeBron James could join Pink Floyd and play on the Dark Side of the Moon and everything he does/doesn’t do will draw gross overreaction in the age of Twitter. Of course, a large part of what the 2010-11 Heat perceived as unfair demands on them was self-inflicted. “Not one, not two, not three…” Dwayne Wade had won a championship and been MVP of The Finals. Chris Bosh was already a five-time All-Star. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving have never played a single playoff game. LeBron, it seems, has learned his lesson and is preaching patience. So should we. But we won’t.

Jeff Caplan, This is different. There was so much anger toward LeBron over the way he left Cleveland, plus added outrage over these three superstars having planned their South Beach union — Magic Johnson never would have signed on with Larry Bird, by gosh! — that these guys became villains. People wanted to see them lose and watched hoping beyond hope that they would. This time, there’s no hate. LeBron went home to make amends for goodness sake. There’s no collusion. Name one reporter who ever put the names LeBron James and Kevin Love together prior to LeBron announcing his decision to go back to Cleveland. Their union is in the name of fortunate timing. But to the original point, the level of contempt toward LeBron fueled that thing and slowly he was able to reverse that by winning. The new Cavs could become like the old Lakers or Bulls — universally cheered (except by fans in direct rival cities). The “sports hate” element can add some real spice, but there’s just none of it this time around.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Probably better. This doesn’t feel like the same circus as when LeBron went to Miami. There will be a white-hot spotlight and there will be issues along the way, but James is more mature now. He is home. Settled. When those issues come up, it won’t have that “the world is ending” feel.

John Schuhmann, No. Even though there was clearly a handshake deal on the Kevin Love trade before LeBron announced that he was “coming home,” this still feels like the “coming home” part was more important than constructing a super team right away. We’ll still evaluate these Cavs like any championship contender and point out their shortcomings when they’re not playing like the best team in the league, but the motivation behind their construction, at least from my perspective, feels different than that of the Heat in 2010. Bringing one championship to Cleveland would mean more for LeBron than bringing two or three more to Miami.

Sekou Smith, Same way. Like it or not LeBron, this is your life. Wherever you go the enormous expectations are sure to follow. I would argue that the 2010-11 Miami Heat were much better equipped to handle the rigors of the championship chase than a Cleveland Cavaliers team with two stars (Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving) who have never experienced the intense heat that is playoff pressure. I wasn’t convinced the Heat would measure up to the whole “not one, not two, not three” craziness.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogLeBron did a pretty good job, right from the start, of tamping down expectations. He obviously learned from the “Not one, not two…” speech in Miami, which never went away. So in that Sports Illustrated article he set the tone by noting it would take some time, that it wouldn’t happen right away. It reminds me of when college football coaches talk to the media the week before the game, and no matter who they’re playing, whether it’s an SEC powerhouse like UGA or the Sisters of the Poor, the coach always praises the opponent in an over-the-top manner, just to give them an out in case they lose. It was a nice try by ‘Bron, but I ain’t buying it. The Cavs and the Bulls are the class of the East. So yeah, expectations should be high for Cleveland.

Simon Legg, NBA Australia: Not quite, because they don’t have Dwyane Wade. Don’t get me wrong, this Cavs team looks potent and they can certainly win it all this season but I don’t think they’re going to be as good defensively as the Heat were in their strongest years. History tells us that you need to be a top-10 team defensively to make it to the Finals. For the Cavs to challenge the top 10, they need Varejao there when it matters most. If he goes down, who’s their backup center that offers rim protection? The easy argument here is to say that the Heat didn’t have a rim-protecting center either and that is true, but can Kevin Love sacrifice some of his offense in order to play steady defense like Chris Bosh did? It remains to be seen. Also, what LeBron James will we see? He tailed off defensively last season because he had to carry the scoring load without Wade at his best. LeBron won’t have to do as much offensively now he has Kyrie Irving and Love alongside him. If this means that LeBron goes back to his DPOTY type form then this team will be devastating.

Davide Chinellato, NBA Italia: When LeBron took his talents to South Beach, Miami instantly became the favorite for the ring. When he decided to come home, he didn’t turn Cleveland into the favorite. The Cavs are for sure the best in the East with their own Big Three, but I don’t think they’re a lock for the ring as those 2010 Heat were. Even if LeBron-Love-Irving make a scary trio. Maybe it’s the Heat experience talking: 4 straight Finals, 2 rings. Lon-term, though, I think the Cavs’ Big Three can do better.

Stefanos Triantafyllos, NBA Greece: It’s not quite the same. But, to be honest neither is LeBron. Wade and Bosh were more experienced than Love and Irving. They had proven that they can lead their teams to a winning basketball type of play. Love and Irving don’t have playoff experience, although they don’t lack talent or potential. They have the All-Star quality and if we take into consideration the fact that LeBron of 2014 is better than the LeBron of 2010, I am pretty sure that the Cavaliers will be the favorite team to win East.

Marc-Oliver Robbers, NBA Deutschland: It’s more complicated. On the one hand you can say that LeBron has learned from his mistakes, from The Decision and so on. As fans, you revel in the homecoming story. But on the other hand it would be a better feel-good story, if he would have tried it with the young core, with Wiggins and Bennett. Just build up the team from the button as he wrote in his SI letter.


  1. Tonio says:

    Only fans of the bulls will say they will beat the Cavs. Anybody who has watched chicago battle Lebron through the years knows they dont have a chance against him.

  2. nnonowrongagain says:

    sekou smith, kevin love and kyrie irving are not soft, so they will do fine in playoff, they won’t vanish. you know absolutely nothing. just go watch sex in the city or something

  3. kazzam123 says:

    On Paper the Cavs Probably have a great First 5 how about the 2nd Unit and try Comparing them with Bulls, and the current Roster from MIAMI, Washington, and by the way i think the Knicks might be a Slipper, try also to compare them with the Spurs, Thunder, Clippers, even with Lebron Being the Greatest Player Today who plays the Game, the same problem may arise this 2014-2015 Cavs Team is a Lack of a Center, and by the way Lebron only signed 2-3 years with the last year player option. just a observation w/o any bias, I think the CAVS will be a Contender, but still not a championship team, there still complimenting pieces that needed to added. Bulls have a strong case to be in the NBA Finals this season might battle the Cavs and the Heat in the East Finals. But like every season there are so many surprises instore.

  4. He traded Wiggins because of jealousy,Lebron knew that wiggins is a freak of nature and the next big thing in Cleveland and soon to take over his own hometown between him and Johny Manziel . Lebrons decide to come back and savage everything that those young men tried to build here in Cleveland without him. God is great all this situation it’s gonna benefit Wiggins and Benett they can continue what they start in Cleveland but in Minnesota building their own kingdom and taking the luck and charm that once brought to Cleveland with them to Minnesota . As for the hypocrites in Cleveland which is the fans and Dan Gilbert knowing that Lebrons intention of coming back is not genuine and their acceptence of Lebron return it’s not genuine either. Anyway they can keep the bad luck of having back Lebron . The other reason of Lebron returning back to Cleveland beside Wiggins taking over his own hometown is Dwayne Wade, because he understood that it doesn’t matter how good and valuable he is to the Miami Heat team ,Pat Reilly and the Miami Heat will never give up the place of Wade to lebron, and Miami always will belong to the great great Wade because he is the franchise face and corner stone and the fans still wear number 3 more than number 6 even after two championships from Lebron. that’s why he decide to return to Cleveland, selfishly to take out the future big thing in Cleveland which is Wiggins and regain his place in Cleveland again before is to late.

  5. NBAfan says:

    If you say you want to rebuild and want to mentor the young guys, you don’t try to recreate the Heatles in CLE and you don’t trade away Wiggins and Bennett.

    But by now, I think we all know Lebrons bad habit when it comes to things like this…

  6. Gordan says:

    The Spurs will destroy the Cavaliers by 40 pts in every game if they meet in nba finals xD The Spurs bench can win nba titles hahahaha

  7. RAMON says:

    Every great player in the nba plays for there legacy, cause they want to be one of the greatest players to ever play, and make it to the hall of fame. if that wasnt there goal why work so hard to become great players.

  8. RAMON says:

    The reason minnessota traded love to the cavs is because they gave them the better deal, or else he would have been traded to another team.

  9. RAMON says:

    I think those teams were more talented, cause there were less teams at that time, and players stayed longer in college also.

  10. RAMON says:

    I think the lakers, and celtics from the 80’s were better teams than this cavs team and the heat team that lebron was part of, and the 90’s bulls were better teams also, in my opinion, i would call those teams more super teams than these teams from now.

  11. Del says:

    Some of the post here make no sense. Its all about coaching and the actually team reputation and how they are committed to the players. San Antonio does not have superstars the have very very good and smart players and an extremely great coach. When Lebron went to the HEAT it was not a superstar filled team in fact most would say and I’ve heard numerous of times that Bosh wasn’t that great and so forth. Shaq would say the big two not three so for the Heat I give them all the respect they won the championships with good coaching and a pretty good team(not a superstar loaded team). Lets see how this Cleveland team ends up, remember this is not gold or tennis which is a one on one its a team thing and coaching makes all the difference.

  12. Kenneth Williams says:

    This is why the nba will not be as great as it use to be alot of the superstars dont want to play against the competition anymore instead they take the easy road and become followers instead of leaders anything to get a ring the nba doesn’t even report anything bout the heat anymore and they are still a very good team especially if Napier can find his groove but if this is the way of the nba now days dont expect to fill any arenas and maybe get rid of half the teams since talent is far between players and all’s on the floor is potential

  13. I can’t be happier for Lebron, not only did he return home which he never forgot about or stopped loving but he brought the reinforcements he would have never received had he stayed. I hope James goes Oscar Robertson and averages a tripple-double, letting Kyrie and Love do what they do, score.

    If they can pull off that Timofey Mozgov trade they would be sitting nice. Kyrie is already looking like he is inspired to defend again.

  14. supersilly says:

    Super Team??? Will you people just stop with the “Super Team” nonsense please? Yes I understand they are putting together a really really really strong roster, but if you think a starting five with only one player who has ever won a championship and with three of the five having never even been in a playoff game, are a Super Team… you sadly know nothing about basketball.

  15. JG says:

    Let’s be real…. I’ve got no problem with Lebron doing what he wants but this isn’t about “coming home” as everyone says…. this is about trying to keep winning… so be real Lebron… this is just like 2010 with the difference he went back “home”.

  16. Paul Waite says:

    Half the things u guys say I see what up u to cause anything is good for media but yah blowing smoke cause it’s another opinion like my self it’s not facts be a student of the game not a fan and yah just contradicting y’all selfs

  17. truth says:

    It’s not fair to all the other 29 teams who can’t have 3 superstars, it diminishes Lebron’s image as a winner, because since 2011 apparently he only wants to play in superteams. Pat Riley and Lebron changed the NBA and not for the better.

  18. FLIZZ says:

    A PLAYERS PRIORITY IS . 1.MONEY 2.WINS 3.PRESTIGE.. They are not out there playing for the “competitive” nature of the sport, they are not seeking some spiritual realization through sports.. They are out to get Paid and win games.. And they all want a championship. Stop idolizing players, this is their jobs… If a player moving from one place to another while making millions of dollars makes you upset.. Then you really have to ask yourself what’s wrong with you and your life.

  19. Yes, The Heat should be mad at LeBron James, Because we have to think about this, If the Heat would have won the championship, Ask yourself this, Would LeBron James have left, Simple answer to that question is NO, LeBron James can make all the commitments he want now, But the world knows he’s not trust worthy, As a player I wouldn’t even want to play with him anymore, And for Cleveland to accept him back shows just how bad they want a championship, But I am here to tell you LeBron James, God don’t like no ugly, You can treat people like this and expect to win, You fighting a losing battle right now, Things happen for a reason, Jumping ship is not a reason, I don’t see Cleveland winning because you have brought bad carmel to them wether you know it or not, I fill sorry for KE right now, Who gone run the team now LeBron James take over or Ke, And then you want to bring Heat players to Cleveland if though you have not slap them in the face enough, Shameful things to do to people and you say you love them, Wow!, I’m speechless now!, Don’t need that kind of love, Teams need commitment, Oh now you committed to Cleveland that’s a lol joke to anybody in there right mind and I’m a Laker fan feeling for the people Lebron James done did wrong, So sad! Peace

  20. Trix says:

    I got nothing against what lebron is doing. What I find funny in all this is Dan Glbert. This is the guy who ripped Lebron for leaving and teaming up with other stars. He was the one who was pushing for the new cba in which it’s harder to form a super team. Oh dan, what are you doing now? Getting stars to form a super team. I fully understand it, this is a business and you try to prevent others from being good if you can but do the same if you can. But it still makes his hypocrisy funny. And lets not bring up the certain comic sans letter

  21. ANTHONY says:

    Toronto made the playoffs with Bosh in the 2006-07 season and 07-08 season. Both times they lost in the first round.

  22. Titus says:

    Lebron was hated because he left cleveland, the Heat was hated because they teamed up to win championships. Some might call it a shortcut. Lebron has went back home, the hate is no longer there, if he brings clevend a championship I believe the whole world will rejoice with him except the team they beat and it will be great for the city and the nba. I not sure if the big 3 in cleveland is better but is definitely more fluent because all the players will play their natural positions and I think they already have a better team as a whole more than any other Heat team of the last 4 yrs..the cavs should at least have a 6yr run with their youth at core positions and ability to replace vets who want to win championships as time goes on!

  23. TTKIN says:

    “But on the other hand it would be a better feel-good story, if he would have tried it with the young core, with Wiggins and Bennett. Just build up the team from the button as he wrote in his SI letter”

    The guy from Germany hit the nail on the head with that one.

    • Another Cavs Fan says:

      Yep. I think in a couple of years, the Cavs and Lebron will regret trading those two number one picks for Kevin Love.
      I don’t think the Cavs are ready to win the whole thing yet anyway.
      It was different with the Heat, who had Coach Spo, Pat Riley, and Dwayne Wade ready to do whatever’s necessary and withstand the media critics and make adjustments.
      But this new coach the Cavs have is new to the NBA. And Kylie Irving + Kevin Love are no Dwayne Wade + Chris Bosh, and we don’t know how they will cope with the King in terms of ability to suppress pride.
      And lastly, the Wolves owner is right about one thing: Love is great and all but it’s defense that wins championships. If the Cavs want to win this season, Love has to be quicker with his hands and feet for sure. Defense is not all rebounds…

    • Another Cavs Fan says:

      But I just want to say, even though I’m sure Lebron IS actually expecting to win a championship from the get-go (and he will be disappointed if they lose), Lebron is doing the right thing by saying that he is not expecting to win right away and that it’s a process.
      Lebron’s a smart guy. He knows that saying that will A) get the media to be less harsh on him and his team, and B) relieve his teammates of the pressure of playing with him and his expectations (pressure can be good but as we saw with Dwight Howard and LA sometimes it can break you down sometimes).
      But I’m not fooled for a second with Lebron “setting the bar low”. The bar is never low with him, and he knows it.

  24. byrdymann says:

    If you are going to compare the present Cavs team to the former Heat team, I would start by understanding that no matter how much better a player is on your team means nothing if your FG percentage isn’t in the high 40’s because you will not get no more than 12-15 FG attempts. Something the LBJ lead heat did is shot at a high FG percentage and playing good defense was paramount to propal their success over the 4 years. Just as Wade and LBJ had to adjust their game and role to win, is Irving and the rest of his teammates mature enough to the the same. (High volume shot attempts will not be there). However, there is alot of potential for the CAVS. Something to always remember, coaching is always paramount in winning a championship and they have a coach who has never coached int he NBA. Over half of all titles have been won by 7 coaches.

  25. fan of basketball says:

    lebron is a great player
    but his best attribute is probably being
    good at attracting big name players who wanna win a championship fast,
    and good pieces who wanna win a championship fast,
    to play with him
    then the teams gets a lot of good players to choose from
    so he is always in a good or mostly great team
    i personally feel its sweeter winning with just a good team or average team that you’ve fought long and hard and grown with
    than a team that was just put together for the purpose of winning a championship right away
    its both getting championships but the second is kinda like taking a short cut

  26. German Guy says:

    I think when LeBron went to Miami he was hated/disrespected for the decision, not for actually going to Miami. I know he apologized for this, but this lost him more credit than he will ever be able to regain. The second thing that cost him a lot of respect is his lack of competitive spirit, i.e. going for the short cut.
    This time he did a lot right from a PR point of view. He went quite about his decision, returned to his home team … at first glance even accepting a slight drop in talent for a big gain on potential. Building up this team with its young core would have been a real feel good story. Now again … Kevin Love … some kind of shortcut. Any title he may win in cleveland is somewhat diminished by that.
    Yes, the Bulls had MJ and Pippen, but they were drafted or in Pippens case acquired in there first year and they built a team around them. They got a third hall of famer with Rodman, but by that time that was all but a sure thing. Not like half the league was waiting to give him a contract, but the bulls made it the right fit.
    The Spurs drafted all their big three themselves, with Parker (end of first round) and Manu (end of 2nd). They also acquired Leonard through draft trade.
    The Celtics also drafted Bird and McHale and acquired Parish fairly early in his career and obviously neither Bird nor Magic had real reasons to change team.
    There are people who only care for the result and there are other who also care for the way you achieve it. For the later LBJ will never be on the same level as MJ or Bird or even TD.
    LBJ is the best player in the world for at least one or two more years and will probably end up the richest ever by far. So he did one or two things right for sure.
    I personally hope that KD and OKC win it all this year … not because I hate LeBron, but because I like the way they try to build something instead of buying something. As for Cleveland … I think the big loser here will be Kevin Love, unless he even outshines LeBron. I mean he steps down from being THE guy to being the number 2 or even 3 … not at the age of 35, but in his prime with 25. The obvious winner has to be Andrew Wiggins getting the opportunity to play (and learn) much more and also play a much bigger role. Really looking forward to watch him grow. In 2 or 3 years Cleveland may heavily regret giving him away.

  27. mike jordan says:

    whatever Cleveland do this season, they will still fall to the Chicago Bulls…

    • thespectator says:

      cavs big 3 is not better thans chicagos big 3? 7 game series…my nod is going to the cavs..

  28. GMan says:

    LeBron is a selfish “me” first person. He may be a great player but his actions throughout his career reveal this to all but the completely moronic. His move to Cleveland has more to do with his obsession with his so called “Legacy”, lets be clear here LeBron went home for the same selfish reasons he went to Miami. This is a guy who wanted his teammates to call him “God”, remember that one? This is a great sports performer with no integrity, honour or unselfishness.

  29. baraka says:

    In my opinion. Nba now are becoming less competitive because of franchise player moving teaming up with another franchise player. And, durant showing some signs that he wants to play for his hometown (washington). But i guess that was just a scheme and the lebron coming home thing that was just a scheme. Superstars now want the easy way to climb the mount olympus of basketball. For me the sweetest victory is to win it all against the best not playing along with the best. No matter how many rings you will get, you will you will never feel the real joy of being a champion. When lebron got his first championship he’d never match the joy that dirk, duncan had when they got theirs.

    • TTKIN says:

      Well I disagree with the Duncan remark cuz he won a title in like his second yr. Plus he was playing alongside a HOFer. Dirk was in the league awhile and already lost a Finals so ya he felt that overwhelming joy. He played alongside a HOFer in Kidd, but let’s all agree Kidd was not playing like a HOFer at that pt haha.

      Other than that, I completely agree with u. Too many stars are afraid of becoming the next Malone or Barkley…HOF players who never got the title.

      But that’s cuz we make too much out of NBA titles. Look at players from other countries. Manu has a fractured leg and would’ve played this summer if SA let him. Meanwhile, the USA squad had like 10 people quit before it even started so they could rest up for the upcoming season. Tony Parker did that, but that’s after not taking a summer off for yrs. Players from other countries would give anything to represent their countries. USA players just want to make sure theyre healthy to compete for that NBA ring.

  30. Rangers says:

    People hated the decision because lebron was supposed to be “as good as jordan” or even better and was called the “chosen one”. He even gave his own nickname “king” lmao. Big 3s have been around before, but they were different. Magic was drafted, worthy was drafted. Lebron/bosh left on purpose while being in the middle of their prime to join wade.

    Not 1…2…7 comment was hilariously pathetic. Lebron made an actual show about his free agency and made another show when he got to Miami. It’s extremely egotistic and immature.

  31. jdub455 says:

    nah there’s less fuss dis time… besides lebron coming home is a good decision.. and oh, i dont think uncle drew is still on that level were dwade was when the DECISION at Miami was made… it will be nice to see how the cavs will do in the playoffs… i wont be surprise if they would have the best record in the regular season… but in the playoffs, that is were experience comes to play and irving and love hasnt got any yet… plus, it would be nice to see them against the heat in a series, which i also wont be surprise if the heat will come out on top… and that would be sad…

  32. Heat Fan says:

    All this debate over LeBron and Cleveland wouldn’t be happening if Miami had won the championship. He would NOT have wanted to “Go Home” ….. “The Letter” nothing but marketing….. and if you think differently you’re kidding yourself.

    Not a mad fan, but I agree as most fans do…. he should have thanked the fans, not doing that was inexcusable.

    But hey, ,he and his crew got what they wanted ……. they are running the show in Cleveland.

  33. darryl dawkins says:

    Doesn’t matter how good Cleveland will be. They will not even contend with the likes of OKC and the Thunder crew. How do you like them apples?

  34. zoomy123 says:

    A couple of things. First, everybody is lying to themselves about that Lebron, “not 1, not 2, not 3…” comment. Everybody knows that he wasn’t being serious; he was being facetious. For years people have purposely taken that comment out of context to help them justify their irrational hatred and anger. “Oh look, Lebron said he’s going to win 7 championships, so let’s hold him to it while using the national media as a gun to his head. We’ll hyper-dissect his every flaw–we’ll even manufacture some–and then when we’ve turned him into an angry, bitter villain who fails, we’ll all get to laugh at him.”

    Second, on what grounds do people think that they not only get to set arbitrary standards for what constitutes greatness but also get to set the standards for how some players achieves greatness? According to these dolts, super teams are fine…as long as you construct them the way we want you to. Bill Russell playing with 7 all-stars? Fine. Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Cooper? Fine. Bird, McHale, Parish? Fine. Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc? Fine. Duncan, Parker, Ginobili? Fine. Shaq & Kobe? Fine. James, Wade, Bosh? Totally not fine. Besides, Bird and Magic would have never teamed up, right? Never mind that such statements require the media to erase all historical context that lead to the Bird/Magic rivalry and appoint themselves as omniscient. The media holds championships up as the paragon of greatness; according to them everything counts as failure until you win (see Kevin Durant). But if you do everything in your power to win, then it’s buddy ball, it’s unfair, it’s collusion, it’s a shortcut, etc.

    • lbj says:

      Zoomy123, you will not win any championships whining on’s message boards. You need to take your whining to the City of Champions, Cleveland, and join the one true king of Basketball, King Lebron.

      The King will show you how to do not 1, not 2, not 3… flops per game.

      • okckd35 says:

        City of champions hahahaha. When was the last time cleveland won anything? The indians like 25-30 years ago? Yea the city of champions. Get off lbj’s jock

    • DenH says:

      lebron does a lot to deserve the hate though.

    • Kev says:

      This post deserves an award!

    • skrutz says:

      Good post!

      And the decisions hate… well, it was bad, but didn’t it make a buttload of money for charity?

    • Tim&Zo says:

      LBJ never said he was going to win multiple championships in Mia, he said HE WANTED to win multiple championships. It was never a guarantee or promise. Watch the tape. Once again media took stuff out of context.

  35. The Voice Of Reason says:

    This whole “big 3” debate is crazy – “big 3’s” have been around for so many years – the difference is that the attention shown to each player is different now. Magic was the face of showtime LA, but without Worth slashing to the hoop, Kareem holding down the low post and Byron Scott open for 3, Magic would be sitting there holding his ball (pun intended). Bird was nothing but a tough SOB and great shooter without Keven McHale/Bill Russell by his side. Jordan had Pippen, Grant and Paxton the first time round, then Pippen, Rodman, Kerr etc. the second time round. Isaiah had Lambeer, McDaniels and Rodman – the list goes on. Basketball has and will always be a TEAM game.
    Chemistry is the key – guys will to accept their role – whether it be the Bird/Magic/Jordan type as the face and spark/brain or the team, or it be that key spot up shooter (like Ray Allen was for Miami), or the defensive presence that Rodman was for the Pistons, then later the Bulls.
    Lebron knows he will be the man in Cleveland – notice in the photo in the article, Wade was meant to be the man – he’s the guy in the middle…
    Love and Irving have to accept their roles – Love will need to focus on rebounding and Irving will have to really learn to direct the plays, rather than just shake’n’bake then see what happens. Waiters needs to become a real slasher. Andy knows his role so he’s good.
    If they can do that, it’s a winning formula 🙂

  36. Bryan J says:

    The main reason why people don’t feel the “same way” is because when James left Celevland, all Celevland fans did was cry and be compeltley immature over it. Miami franchise and most fans are being 100% respectful and mature about his decison. Keep in mind, the TV special on ESPN Decison wasn’t Miami’s idea……

  37. ibeprofun says:

    All the people talking trash are having major issues spelling correctly… it just brings down your credibility and makes you look as if you have no higher than a 5th grade education. Learn to spell, and then you’ll be taken serious.

    As for what’s on topic, Lebron made things right, it’s not the same when he left for Miami.

    The Cavs have a large 5+ year window at the title, there’s a good chance it happens this year, but a very good chance it happens in the next few. An experienced Lebron, who’s surrounded by intelligent, talented, top 10 caliber players in their prime, is the obvious team to beat.

    I believe they will win it at least 3 times over the next 5 years.

    • Pops says:

      I agree with you about the haters but haters do what they do.

      You should check your grammar though before calling out people on their spelling. Getting all cray with those commas man. Also, “I believe” is obnoxious and redundant in preceding a statement. Just state your thoughts, fool.

      So dang excited for this freaking season that I am considering hibernation for a month or two!

  38. Willie #HeatNation says:


  39. Great Guru ISW says:

    Let me start by saying I am an original Heat fan, but more than that I am a basketball fan. With that said, I am amazed how the professionals pundits believe that the 2014-15 Cavs team will fare better than the 2010-11 LBJ led Heat team. Let’s discuss. The 2009-10 Heat team won 47 games, the Year Before Lebron (YBL). The following year, the Heat won 58 games. That’s a net 11 games with a proven champion, a proven All Star and a cast that had played together 2 years prior to his arrival.

    Now the 2014-15 Cavs. Last year they won 33 games. The 8th seed team in the East won 38 games (the Hawks). So in order for the games to win the East, they would definitely need to have home court throughout the play offs. Which means, they would need to win at minimum 56 games. That would mean the 2014-15 Cavs would need to have a net improvement of 23 games.

    Com’n people, as great as LBJ is, do you really believe he will account or lead that group of players to a net 23 plus wins to be #1 seed in the East. Furthermore, they would also need to have the best record in the NBA and have home court in the finals. Not gonna happen.

    What I see for the East is:

    1. Chicago
    2. Miami
    3. Toronto
    4. Cleveland
    5. Atlanta
    6. Indiana
    7. Charlotte/Washington/NYC/Nets (you pick em)

    So if LBJ does what I said he can’t do, then I will be the first to send him a Mea Culpa

    • Pops says:

      My East standings based on the current rosters:

      1. Cavs
      2. Bulls
      3. Wizards
      4. Heat
      5. Hornets
      6. Hawks
      7. Knicks
      8. Raptors
      9. Nets
      10. Pistons

      • Great Guru ISW says:


        According to Play-off seedings, the division winners take the top 3 seeds. This means that Chicago or Cleveland cannot be 1 or 2. The only way that Cleveland could be higher than a 4 seed is if their record is better than the Atlantic or SE division champion. I don’t think this is going to happen. The only time I can recall a player returning to a team and the team having a net 25 win turn-around was the Chicago Bulls when Michael returned. The next year they won 72 games after only winning 47.

        I don’t see Cleveland winning more than 50 games which at best will put them 4 or 5. Being ranked at 4 or 5 they will play either Atlanta or Washington, and that won’t be an easy task. Why Love will have to play NeNe and he can’t do it. Please don’t sleep on Atlanta with the return of their big man, Horford.

        But we will see. I am excited to see how the East will be won.

  40. Tremill says:

    I just think its funny because when lebron went to the heat he was expected to win 7 or whatever. By his own mouth yes. But they were expected to win that year. And playing win bosh and wade they should have. Didnt… then won two. Lebron said it himself its going to take time and he knows its not going to be easy. I dont think they will this year. They will win 2 before he retires. Atleast… but of course the media is putting the pressure on this team before they even play a game. With the heat he put the pressure on himself. So its different this time around. And if bosh had played better they would have won three. Either the first or last run. Maybe 4 who know…doesnt matter. They didnt. But love is a better shooter and rebounder. At this stage irvIng is a better scorer than wade. They are going to win but we have to be patient. #Heat fan 33!

  41. mia says:

    lebron is the king hate him dont know how u can wright that much talking about lebron i thing all of ur are kids like 10 year old or non of u work just chill and talk about lebron

  42. dustydreamnz says:

    Defensive and chemistry issues will have the Cavs struggling to make the East semi finals this season. Think next season will be improved.

  43. young los says:

    I respect everyone “opinions” but some off you people are bandwagon. Lebron james will not win a championship with this team. 1 the spurs will always beat them. 2. They are unexperience. 3. I dont think kevin love and lrving will live up to there hipe n they will be heavly frustrated when they see that they cant accomplish what lebron wants. Lebron is not a true champion. Mj won all his ring with Chicago kobe won all his rings with the lakers. Im just saying ppl are over rating this team that will not accomplish what they want.

    • Please all Kobe fan boy, don’t put Kobe in same level with M.J. It’s disrespectful!!!not even close.. What? Coz of the ring?..then tony Parker or ginobili same level with Kobe then.. Only 1 ring apart…

      • young los says:

        Im not a kobe fan dont get that confused. Im just sayin facts true champions dont b switching up teams. As well im not comparing mj with kobe im just saying how true champions win rings with one team they dont switch up n built a new team thinkin he gonna still be a champion with a new team. Ginobili n parker are in the categorie as true champions lbj is a fraud n ppl are over rating the cavs. U will see he wont win a champion ship with kevin love n irving. U r just another bandwagon

      • Sam Reyes says:

        please check the team WADE HAD when he won, i dont like how people talk about lebron team and what he does/doesnt without checking.

        check kobe team when shack time or pau times, please, dont talk about this if you dont know what you are talking about.
        The Spurs as (Still living in the past named for you to wake up) they had crazy strong teams or why they didnt changed anything ? yeah LBJ is the best player of the planet now. not Kobe, Not Durant, Not Melo.

        Lebron James. i dont like to hurt people feelings but. do you know that Kobe has no value in the market at this point?

        The cavs will take this season to increase the chemistry and i bet: they will hurt many teams and will go deep in the post season,
        The Lakers with Kobe, Lyn and Boozer wont even make the playoffs. True to be told. you are dreaming in the past,

      • True champion don’t switch team?..what u gonna say about Shaq? Fraud too?.. Remember ,your Kobe ride those shaq waves…

    • Robert says:

      Shaq won with Lakers and Miami and a lot of the greats won with other teams

      • young los says:

        Shaq won with wade. Wade got the mvp not shaq. After the heat where did shaq win a ring. Wade was in his prime at that time shaq is not a great player he was good cuz of size but he wasnt the greatest player in the world at that time

    • Marco29 says:

      Duncan would have been a better example than Kobe alongside MJ. Don’t forget he has 5 rings too (and should have 6 really).

  44. OldKGfan says:

    Bosh was 3-8 in the playoffs and Wade made the playoffs 6 times in his first 7 seasons. But Love is better and Kyrie has more in the tank and Lebron has improved. This offense will be unstoppable but they will not be a top 10 defense. Cavs win East 4sure.

  45. eddysea says:

    The Sports World, and Cleveland ” If your the World Best Player, Lebron where is your ring,” Lebron, I will show you I can get rings, Now give me a team I can work with and I can get you the ring you so much want, Cleveland.
    Thank you Lebron, sorry you left the Heat , and thank you for the rings

  46. Hating already? says:

    It’s amazing how haters are hating at their best already… LOL

  47. NBA says:

    lakers and other hatter always gonna hate lebron and every move he makes, cause hes the best player and there no more kobe bryant, when the lakers had the big three united in their team no body hated on them, lebron is better than kobe, koby just won 2 champion ships been the man the other 3 other championship was by being lucky, cause shaq was the main man on does 3 finals thats why he had the 3 nba final mvp (Shaq did). people hates on lebron cause he shares the ball and kobe is a ball huger. i play basketball and i prefer being around people that shares the ball vs people hugin the ball and just won all the credit for them..

    • okckd35 says:

      Lebron won zero without wade and bosh. Way to disprove your own point
      Lebron is weak and is turning the league and free agency into a complete joke.

      • hisairness says:

        you mean wade and bosh aint winning a back to back title if its not for lebron.
        Lebron was the man on that heat title ran (finals mvp not one but two) enough said!
        Technically kobe was not the man it was fisher and artest, how can you be the man in the finals if you are shooting a poor FG%, again the word is overrated!

      • Robert says:

        How many did kobe win his first 8 years if he had no shaq lebron had no team if LeBron is weak why did every team want him

      • okckd35 says:

        Lebron is weak becuse ge is forming super teams in a super weak conference. The heat had one of the top 3 easiest schedules the entire time LBJ played for them. He has no competition until the finals. And if he didnt need wade and bosh to win rings how come he couldn’t do it in cleveland? Until he actually plays against good teams (harder schedule) I got no love for him. You dont think KD would have even better stats playing in the east?

  48. Minix says:

    I’m more or less just pissed that the nba is allowing another super team, after they vetoed CP3 coming to LA.

    • young los says:

      Super team plz the cavs are not a super team. All they got is lebron.

    • DenH says:

      The circumstances were different then, fresh off the lockout, and David Stern was acting president of the hornets at that time as well as being the commissioner so he had a veto power, when he stated basketball reasons as the reason for vetoing the trade it served two purposes, first, he didnt think the package he got from the lakers was good enough, second, he did not want to establish another scenario where the second most storied, and successful market in nba history continued to dominate which was the purpose of the lockout, to even up the disparity between markets.

  49. hoops fan says:

    The fact of the matter is that anywhere lebron james would have went, he would have been expected to win right away and lebron understands that notion. The pressure that he and his teammates experience this season will be immense, lets hope that kyrie irving and kevin love understand that because if they don’t win the pressure and blame falls on the shoulders of “king james.”

  50. BIG-GAME-JAMES-23 says:

    The reason that this Big 3 will work out better than the Miami big 3 did is because this new Cavs team has a REAL Point Guard and a REAL Big Man ! Miami did not have a REAL PG who can set up the offense properly and take the pressure off LeBron by creating his own shot CONSISTENTLY, or a REAL BIG MAN who can get you a double-double every night >>K.Love.

    Also, This new Cavs Big 3 knows that LeBron is the Leader and Alpha Male of this team, there will be no ego’s like LBJ & Wade had the first year. This Cavs team is going to be better than Miami’s Big 3 – Guaranteed! Kevin Love is better than Bosh, and Kyrie Irving is better than Wade (at this point in Wade’s career, not his prime). And the scary thing is that this team is only going to get better, Kyrie is 22!!! Kevin Love is 25!!! If they should fail this year, which they most likely will due to chemistry and maybe a lack of experience together, then Coach Blatt will be the first to go.

    • Sam Reyes says:

      Agree, haters are doing their best already, but they dont know. LBJ is just living his life and working hard as they are wasting their time talking none sence.

      they have a great PG and a great Center and if we add the shooters, numbers will talk by themselves.

  51. Damian says:

    Bosh never made playoffs before joining the heat

  52. Idk neither Love nor Kyrie have shown the ability yet to singlehandedly swing a playoff series like DWade and Bosh could in their primes. It will be interesting to see what happens after the first year of failure. Whether they resort to pointing fingers or stick together and are able to win the following year.

  53. pffff says:

    What’s with this Irving, Love never reached the playoffs exaggeration? They are deadly weapons, All Star talents. Look how Kawhi Leonard played in his 2nd and 3rd playoff seasons. It matters so little when you consider how much playoff experience lies in Lebron, Matrix, Mike, even Varejao on that team. You don’t need all your good players to be veterans, can’t we find a better topic for your articles than doubting how and why this team might fail? Their roster is superhuman at this stage, they’re destined to win it, if they don’t they’ve failed.

    • Trix says:

      Are you saying that the fact that your 2nd and 3rd best players never being in the playoffs is not a big deal. Can you name one team that won the championship with 2 of their top three players not ever being in the playoffs before. The role player’s playoff experience is nice but this is huge. I don’t see cavs winning the first year because of this reason. If they meet the spurs, they will carve them up just like they did to the more experienced heat last year.

  54. KaashMoneyy94 says:

    I’m just worried about the new coach. How is he gonna work in the NBA? No one is talking about that. How is he gonna work with the best player in the league and 2 other stars that have never even been in the postseason? It’s gonna take a lot of time to gel but this team could catch fire in the playoffs. Still picking the Bulls as the favorite as long as D-Rose is healthy all season

    • BullsFAn13 says:

      Bulls will win because they finally have a deep bench,a good offense and defense and a little guy known as D rose (if he stays healthy). Cavs don’t have as much depth or d

  55. Kirby Record says:

    It’s quite different but even last time the silliness of Lebronn’s “decision” and the bragging about titles was far exceeded by the stupidity, ignorance and basic jealousy of the fans.. But he filled his contract both times at Cleveland and Miami and chose to play elsewhere. This time no nonsense and some attempt at a dignified and mature explanation for his second decision. As for wanting to have good teammates,Lebron differed from the other stars like MJ and Kobe only in the obvious fact that so many are dying to play with him.

    • Trix says:

      MJ had good talent around him. He had Pippen with him for all his rings. Had rodman and good role players. And both kobe and Mj had phil for all their rings. That dude is like having another star on your team

    • H3atflash says:

      Agreed. There were mistakes he made when joining Miami in 2010, but they were also largely blown out of proportion. This time around he was smart about it, but I think it was much more conniving than his departure in 2010. I feel this wasn’t so much about loyalty to Cleveland as much as it was a chance to play with younger talent and completely repair a blemished image. I think as soon as LeBron became a free agent, the Kevin Love deal was already sealed. LeBron this time led Miami to believe he was coming back until he was sure Kevin Love to Cleveland was final. There’s a reason he didn’t mention Bennett and Wiggins in that SI letter. He saw a chance to play with a younger group as he gets older and a chance to completely redeem himself in not only the eyes of Cleveland, but the rest of the nation and he took it.

      That being said, I could just be being an extremely biased Heat fan. He’s the best player in the world, no doubt, but I dont think this Cavs team wins it all this year.

      • rhock says:

        Folks crack me up saying magic would have never left the Lakers to play with bird…..He didn’t have to because all the teams back then we’re stacked full of 50 greatest. Stop the comparison

        And yes Cleveland is doing the same thing miami did. Parade….bringing in star players…C’mon folks just didn’t like the decision bron made so they had hate for him. Now he back in Cleveland no hate…Bron is the puppeteer of Cleveland right now. I love the maturity pat Riley showed compared to the hate the idiot Dan showed when bron left.bron never led miami on even Riley and dead said that. He went on vacation and chose not to speak to anyone. How is the leading someone on