With Love in the air, Cavs’ time is now

VIDEO: Relive Kevin Love’s top plays with the Timberwolves

Almost from the moment last month when LeBron James said in a Sports Illustrated essay that he was returning to Cleveland, the sports books in Las Vegas made the Cavaliers the favorites to win the 2015 NBA title.

With a roster then full of young, unproven talent in a city that took pride in being wanted again, that was largely about pure emotion.

Now it’s about (Kevin) Love.

With the official completion of the long-awaited deal that sent a package including No. 1 draft pick Andrew Wiggins to the Timberwolves, the Cavaliers have vaulted to the top of the Eastern Conference, if not the entire league.

Oh, there will be plenty to be heard from out of Chicago, where former MVP Derrick Rose tries yet another comeback as he joins up with a formidable group of Joakim Noah, Pau Gasol, Taj Gibson and Nikola Mirotic.

But the simple truth is that arrival of Love to Cleveland gives the Cavs with James and Kyrie Irving the best young All-Star threesome in the NBA.

James himself had cautioned everyone not rush to judgment and expect too much too soon. He said it would be a long road for the Cavaliers to reach a champion’s level and that was speaking from the experience in Miami.

That was also speaking from as the lone playoff-tested veteran on a team where the rookie Wiggins would have had to learn about the league and about himself. But all of a sudden, James and the Cavs have a shortcut.

Love, 26 in a couple of weeks, is a completely different animal, a top 10 level talent, who can produce double-doubles every night and has 3-point shooting range. Love is someone who changed his body and has changed his game to become one of the most consistent number producers in the league, the kind of front-line anchor right now that the Cavs could only have hoped they’d get from last year’s No. 1 pick Anthony Bennett, who was included in the deal with Minnesota.

The critics will say that Love never got the Timberwolves to the playoffs in six seasons, point to a sometimes detached attitude and something less than a whole-hearted enthusiastic commitment to that franchise.

Yet the perpetual state of turmoil that has been a trademark of the Timberwolves certainly is responsible for much of that. He missed 64 games in the 2012-13 season due to a broken bone in his hand, but otherwise has been the guy who scored the ball and attacked the backboards equally with as much hunger as anyone in years. Love is the only player in the past 30 seasons to have a 30-point, 30-rebound game.

Maybe Love wasn’t a lead horse who could pull the weight of the entire wagon. Not everyone is. Now he doesn’t have to be.

There are sharp edges that will have to be honed in the playoffs, just as there are with the gifted and not-always-clued-in Irving. But those are edges for James to sharpen as he returns to his old neighborhood as the wise head who has been to the mountaintop and held the Larry O’Brien Trophy (twice).

Love had reached a crossroad in his career where he was simply going to pile up mountains of stats or make the transformation to being part of a contender’s foundation. It is no coincidence that in the weeks since the trade was agreed upon and had to wait for a 30-day embargo, the Cavs reeled in James Jones and Mike Miller from Miami, Shawn Marion from Dallas and could still add Ray Allen, if he chooses to play again next season. The role-playing veterans recognize the potency of the juiced up lineup and the immediate potential. With LeBron and his kiddie corps, the Cavs were still facing a long, hard slog to be able to truly compete with the Bulls in the East, not to mention the crop of contenders — Spurs, Thunder, Clippers, Trail Blazers, Grizzlies — in the A-list Western Conference.

The next task for Cleveland is to get Love to sign a contract extension that keeps him around past the end of the upcoming season. That shouldn’t be difficult. This is the situation he’s been searching for, the kind he’s needed, a place to learn and grow and win all at the same time.

When the oddsmakers tabbed the Cavs as the team to beat in the aftermath of James’ homecoming, that was as much about hope as anything. Now it’s about Love and reality.


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  2. Lebr says:

    Wes. Just like in old times with uncle Drew.
    Now you’ve got youngblood James for the trio.

  3. jay says:

    The Pacers would have been up there in the East as well if it wasn’t for the Paul George injury. The Cavs got a break there.

  4. pat oslon says:

    I don’t actually expect the Cavs to win in their 1st season together. It will probably take the Cavs a full season together to fully gel as a team. That being said, there is no fall guy.

  5. "Title or bust" says:

    Gotta love the media

  6. Gene says:

    Andrew Wiggins worked his entire life to put himself in a position to succeed. Initially things took a backward turn for him when he was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers, one of the most dysfunctional teams in the league, sans Lebron. Truly a dark situation for Wiggins, but Lebron came back brightening the future for all, e.g. winning possibilities, national broadcasts, endorsements; but as is sometimes the case their is nothing like a pick you up to let you down. He is traded to Minnesota a team with a history of being even more dysfunctional than the Cavaliers. Now his hard work is only realized through a check, but no national broadcasts, no national endorsements, no winning possibilities. IF I WERE HIM I WOULD SUE THE NBA.

  7. Steve Mackenzie says:

    Yes on paper the Cavaliers look to be a very potent team. And I have no doubt they will be in the playoffs, but lets not start giving them the NBA championship just yet!

    While this team building in Cleveland is good for the media, nothing has been proven yet.

    And why does the media give so little attention to the reigning champion Spurs – just because Lebron came back and Love was signed, doesn’t mean squat it’s just a bunch of media hype.

    If the Spurs stay healthy, they will be in the finals again, and don’t be too surprised if they repeat. You heard it here first.

    • thespectator says:

      box office sells, thats the formula in every major televised sport..nba is no different…wherever lbj goes it creates buzz, spurs, which i believe will win the title again this comin season, are not hollywood/box office material…people wanna see an amazing athlete, taking lobs and doing dazzling dunks or hitting difficult tough shots or have isnane blocks, etc etc…spurs dont have any of that, its just simple fundamentally sound basketball for the spurs…it sells tickets for san antonio but not universally. nba is a business..

    • hilljr says:

      Bottom LIne win or Lose Cleveland is box office…..people will watch. I agree, though…I still think Chicago is better (especially on paper). When you look position by position, They have definitive answers everywhere cleveland has questions and are good at just about the same stuff. This Chicago team is Like Spurs Lite in terms of depth, and the type of players they put on the court. If they can stop making dumb plays down the stretch of playoff games they should be the favorites out east…and Have a VERY GOOD chance to beat San Antonio.

  8. Erlo says:

    I totally understand Lebron wants to become a billionaire, but he should just take the league minimum from the Cavs if he really wants nothing more than to win. He has been paid his money over the years and still cranks in 100’s of millions from endorsements. If he was truly basketball smart he would understand this and realize that the best thing for the TEAM would be to have the best player in the world for the cheapest price, opening up the possibilities for a big 4 and a totally dominant team. Durant to Cleveland on a max deal with Lebron, Love and Irving next year. Do it.

    • Grismare says:

      I see it is easy for you to give other peoples money away. You must be a Democrat. Lebron deserves whatever the market will bear and shouldn’t have to sacrifice capital to win a championship.

      • hilljr says:

        EXACTLY!!!!!!!! Especially not when the people that pay him arent going to make the same sacrifice. (Perfect Example……OKC and Clay Bennett).

  9. mirzahat says:

    This one the lone reason he left for MIA, the Cavs front office never made such moves before.
    They brought him an old Shaq, Mo Williams who was inconsistent in the playoffs etc.

    Now they learned they lessons, if you want lbj, you need power moves!

  10. DR says:

    This is just setting up the Cavs and mainly LBJ to fail.

    This cavs team is at best 5th in the league behind (Spurs, OKC, Clippers and Bulls) and there are other teams who could beat them as well. The Cavs will do well but still LBJ is not on the best ‘team’. If LBJ really wanted to contend this year, he would have stayed with Miami and its recent changes. He would have attracted a few more pieces to the Miami team.

    Perhaps in 15/16 this Cavs team will do well. They should’ve kept Bennett.

    Please stop dis-repecting the Spurs by making their championship be all about LBJ not being good enough. He had a good series, but the Spurs were the best team all season and peaked in the play-offs.

  11. koudrus says:

    I’m soooo sick of this douche Lecramp always getting everything handed to him on a silver platter. How about WORKING for a championship for a change. It’s like he’s sitting there with Dan Gilbert and Silverstein with a chart of all the NBA players just picking out the most talented once for his Cleveland team. And note to Kevin Love: You just lost all credibility and integrity as a player when you decide to go the easy route with this douche/clown.

    The good news is: Spurs will win another one E-A-S-Y!

    • Megaalex says:

      Some ones salty.

    • hilljr says:

      Too funny……..Remember your Spurs pulled off one of the most underrated Tank jobs in NBA history to get TD. To those of us who had common sense we knew what SA was doing. They didn’t have to Sit David that whole season, they chose to when they weren’t gonna be successful in 97. Not only that, but with about 30 games left in the season they sat Avery Johnson, and Sean Elliot the remainder of the year. No surprise they came back the next year and won 56 games.

  12. NBAIQ says:

    The Cavs have an excellent team but defense is the question. Kevin Love can get you double doubles every night but can he block shots and help turn the ball over. Love also has no playoff experience and the team lacks chemistry. For these reasons the Bulls are still my pick coming out of the east. Derrick Rose will have a MVP season.

    The Cavs may believe their time is now but I hear Bulls running in their direction!

  13. NBA says:

    for all you kobes fan, i got news for yall. Kobe bryant just won 2 finals mvps, what does that mean, he got 3 rings cause of other superstar, thats why kobe bryant is not mentioned as much as lebron james cause kobe got 3 extra ring by being lucky he was in a good team with someones else as a leader. Them 2 last rings he was the leader.. lebron james is best than kobe.. kobe wont win another season mvp he just got 1, lebron got 4 and 2 championship when lebron finish hes careers no matter if he doesn’t get another championship, he will be mentioned as better than kobe, example of that is bill Russell 11 ring to michael 6 and (mj is better)

    • Megaalex says:

      But Lebron won 2 rings because he had 2 other stars with him too sooo.. Ur argument on rings is pointless. Kobe was the best player in the league for a long time but never got an MVP (besides the one) for some reason. Kobe fell out his prime and Lebron took over but actually got MVP. If you’re gonna say Lebron is better u can’t say that Kobe only won cause of superstars cause that’s how Lebron won his rings also.

  14. big drew says:

    anybody who thinks the heat have a chance without Lebron is silly

  15. HJP says:

    This will be the season’s upcoming standings for the playoffs involving this offseason:

    Western Conference Eastern Conference
    1. Los Angeles Clippers 1. Chicago Bulls
    2. Oklahoma City Thunder 2. Cleveland Cavaliers
    3. San Antonio Spurs 3. Miami Heat
    4. Houston Rockets 4. Toronto Raptors
    5. Dallas Mavericks 5. Indiana Pacers
    6. Phoenix Suns 6. Washington Wizards
    7. Golden State Warriors 7. Atlanta Hawks
    8. New Orleans Pelicans 8. New York Knicks

  16. jake s. says:

    I’m cool with the trade and all… but knock of the Love puns… for the “blank” of god!

  17. jdub455 says:

    no doubt offensively, they are rock solid… the question is their defense… irving and love arent known to be good defenders… i doubt the bulls potency since i dont see rose being back to his old MVP form… i wont be a surprise if it wud be a heat vs cavs showdown for the east finals… and sad to say it to the king, but the heat are still a very dangerous team that can upset them in the playoffs.

    • thespectator says:

      dwade is gonna break down by the time they get to the playoffs, and if they manage to make it deep into the post season its not enough firepower against the cavs…bosh is 30 dwade gonna be 33 by then with knees that will not hold…remember hes now the primary option, dwades game is near the rim, hes not worked on an outside shot..or not enough to fully rely on. bosh i dont think can be a consistent scoring threat when teams dedicate their whole defensive scheme on him…im sorry but i dont think heat gonna beat cavs, only if dwade is averaging 28-32/game during the season and bosh putting up similar numbers, then id think twice..as far as bulls go..if drose is puttin up 25-28 and pau puttin up 20-22 then they could also be a potential threat, but in the end you got a big 3 in cleveland who can each put up 30…you cant beat that…unless your the spurs, regardless lebron will make the finals but wont beat the spurs

  18. P says:

    I’m not even mad at Lebron anymore. This is what he should have done from the beginning, recruit the stars to HIS team. Still, the Cavs have no bench and will probably get spanked around by the Spurs again next year IF they even make it out of the East.

  19. Nick says:

    “Love is the only player in the past 30 seasons to have a 30-point, 30-rebound game.” He’s also the only player EVER to score 2000pts and grab 900 rebounds in a single season! Oh, then there’s the double-doubles. He led he league there too. He’s underrated

    • otis says:

      Nick, have you heard of two guys named – Wilt Chamberlain & Moses Malone? Wilt Averaged 50 points per game and 30 rebounds per game for an entire season, and over 20 rebounds for a career and 30pts. And of course Moses averaged 25 points and 17 rebounds for a career. Mr. Nick, please know your history before you make ignorant and false statements about Mr. Love!

      Remember, there are a lot of players of NBA history that have set the bar very high! No one has even come anywhere near Wilt Chamberlain’s Stats! Not to the great Kareem. Abdul Jabbar!

  20. Lakersallday says:

    lol of course lebron took a weak team to the finals in 07, the competition was also weak besides the pistons in the east.. when MJ or Kobe were on “bad” teams, not only were they going up against quality teams in their respective conferences.. the bad boys, celtics in late 80’s.. steve nash and the suns, duncan and spurs, nowitzki and the mavs in the mid 2000s…

  21. Jonathan says:

    The real problem with the Cavs last yr was leadership. Mike brown had no control over the team which is one of the reasons why the defense was bad.. with James, love, blatt and a handfull of vets maybe just maybe they can have it all together by playoff time. Fortunately the east is so weak,the Cavs will be able to learn on the fly in the first and second round of the playoffs .chi town Washington and maybe Miami “lol” will are the only team’s that are going to be a issue for the Cavs .

  22. OD says:

    I laugh because some guys really have short term memories. Last time I checked, the Spurs dominated the best of the East in the finals … DOMINATED! What part of this new Cavs team says they will come close to competing with a proven championship team who arguably is even better next year? … Face palm… all potential and no proven results yet. I actually hope they get it together and become a solid team so they can stand up to the Bulls and Hornets. Irrelevant point … none of them will beat the Spurs.

  23. bodjee says:

    Defence is contagious!

  24. fabrice says:

    It’s funny the media is pushing and pushing to make the cavs as contender.

    Sure they a have shot at the east but they were a disaster last season. Now they have a new fiba coach, some young players with ZERO playoff experience. Lack of chemistry, no defenders except from lebron james and a bunch of old dudes on the bench.

    Where’s the team? it’s a name’s game?? sure NBA media sure

    In my eyes, the bulls are the number 1 team in the east. With a healthy derrick rose, the best front court in the league, shooters, depth, size and a coach like thibs they are the strongest team to beat.

    Of course they don’t have all the lights from the media but hey the spurs don’t have too and they are allways on the top.

  25. kobefanjay says:

    smells like the dwight howard in L.A. kinda deal…funny thing about how the universe works is since the lakers got screwed so bad it would only be fitting if the cavaliers had an awful season and Love splits to the Purple Palace…then cleveland will lose its draft picks and love and no championship…

  26. kobefanjay says:

    if lebron loses in the finals again his rep is tarnished forever…he should of hid out for a year or two til the spurs are done

    • Megaalex says:

      How would it be tarnished?? How many times has Kobe lost in the finals? But his rep isn’t really tarnished he’s the closest thing to MJ . Losing in the finals doesnt tarnish your rep. It’s how you play on the finals and Lebron always performs in the finals (except the one with Mavs) and I’m pretty sure stat wise Kobe doesn’t perform well in the finals.

  27. Minh says:

    They will the championship

  28. Hornet will b in east finals says:

    Pelicans will win the west. All they really needed was a go defensive center and they got a good one with asik. They will start evens and holiday will be back and play like an allstar like he did with sixers. What line up is better then holiday eg Evans Davis and asik?

  29. Matt says:

    With that many new pieces,it will take some time to be that good as fans expect. They lack a true defender as inside presence and perimeter defence aint’ really ther strong side (besides Bron’). They are contender now,but how good they will be on D is key of them making championship run.

  30. Polak from Poland says:

    Uncle Drew +WES+King we got it goin’ jeah..

  31. Allredman says:

    Way to go Cavs!

  32. younow says:

    Im suprised miami is not mentioned as a big threat .. all of a sudden since Lebron leaves miami is not a top contender? We acquired many talented players prior to lebron leaving. As for the cavs they can be great or horriable, defense is key cavs are all about offense, which can make this a total fail

  33. Dtd1587 says:

    JAWS, you obviously dont know much about the game of basketball or the NBA. Everyone seems to forget that players like Jordan never won until Pippen arrived, and michael also had a great cast of players around him in Chicago. Kobe won with one of the best and most dominant players of all time in Shaq and a great cast around him, not to mention one of the best offenses (the triangle) and the best coaches (Phil) of all time. NO players can win by themselves in this league. Jordan and kobe never brought a terrible team to the finals by themselves like Lebron did in ’07. Lebron james is not only the greatest player in the world but he also is the best at making his teammates better, thats why all these veterans leap at the chance to play alongside THE KING. You can not like the person lebron is, but if you talk trash about his game, his knowledge and the way he plays you know nothing about basketball. Learn alittle about the NBA and about history before you talk trash.

    • Dtd1587 says:

      Also one more quick thing….alls you have to do is look at the statistics, Lebron leaves Cleveland and they go from a 60 win team to like 19 wins the next season. When Jordan left the Bulls the first time they almost got to the Finals the next year and only had like 4 or 5 less wins. Thats all that needs to be said.

      • Leblow says:

        oh yeah right :3 iverson took a more terrible team to the finals and win 1 game. does that make iverson better than lebron? HAHAHAHAHA

      • The Truth says:

        Yes. We get it. You love Lebron. Just remember, if the Spurs didn’t choke the game away two years ago, the Heat lose and Lebron gets blamed for the loss. He had three crucial turnovers in that Game 6 in the last five minutes. It’s not talked about, because the Heat wound up winning the game… If they didn’t, James would have been murdered in the media! Any MJ comparison would be null and void at this point…

  34. tan thuan kee says:

    lebron will be the one doing it all defensively, klove & uncle drew will shoot every time they get the ball. Run n gun 120ppg Fearless prediction: the cavs will beat the heat in the eastern conference finals then lose to the spurs in the nba finals. Btw just met randy foye at the Jr NBA camp in Kuala Lumpur a few hours ago and he signed a few trading cards for me and my buddy-nice dude

  35. shaqwave says:

    Its gonna be hard just like the first season together 4 years ago of lebron, bosh and wade… Now, james, love and Irving… The scary part when they finally jell its gonna be a threesome beast in the east

    Eat your heart out haters… Go Cavs!

  36. Dragutin says:

    Wolves got a great deal and they will certainly be better for it but the Cavs will have a loot of problems to make those players they have play playoff defense.

  37. Friedrich Paulus says:

    The Cavs possess all the pieces to win an NBA championship right now. But my mind races. This is, after all, Cleveland… how are we going to f*ck up this one?

  38. JAWZ says:

    This is what LBJ needs to win nba titles, a dream team. He s currently the best player of the world no doubt, but unable to win whatever if he aint got a super mega team. This is why LBJ will never enter the GOAT discussion. Plus all the bla bla with his heartful comeback to cleveland to please HIS ohio people and teach the youth blah blah blah … You se a snake LBJ, a fake personna.
    Not 10 % of the greatests of all time charisma.

  39. call says:

    ubcle drew is gathering all the players

  40. Larry says:

    All those stars and they still dont have a decent center, 7-8 seed at most

  41. FakeLeftGoRight says:

    Yo Joe,LeBron has 1and 1/2 rings because the first one he got due to a shortened season. He’s been in the league over ten years and only two rings? The Bulls are way better and have added scoring and low post talent and a stronger bench as well as more experience. Cav’s will never match the Bulls on defense so sorry but the Bulls win the east this year with Derrick Rose winning the MVP trophy again and will defeat the Spurs for the NBA title. This is not wishful thinking like so many comments on here….oh no,this is common sense and statistical number crunching. There is not a single team in the east that can match up with the Bulls and a healthy Derrick Rose….not one. The REAL KING….Michael Jordan (6 rings) predicted it and now it is about to come true.

    • King James says:

      Rose can’t even play 2 times in 1 week and yet you expect him to carry the scoring weight for one of the worst offensive teams in the NBA? Yeah good luck with that….

    • otis says:

      First, there are no 1/2 rings! LeBron has 2 solid rings. Does Tim Duncan & Popavich, have a 1/2 ring? They(spurs)won in a strike shorten season in 1999. So, please stop the hating and the ignorance.

      Go LeBron! !

      Otis at odurrett@hotmail.com

  42. Ryan41 says:

    Its the Bobcats who will win the East Title!lol

    • Hornet will b in east finals says:

      Not the bobcats anymore it’s the hornets. And they will make it to the eastern finals

  43. Ismet C. says:

    Is lebron gonna play in a team which doesnt have a big-3??? It used to be Bosh-LBJ-Wade; and now Irwing-Love and AGAIN lebron. What a pity that from this part of the world (Turkey), it seems like he always does need a big supprt in order to qualify for finals – conference or NBA whatever it is..

  44. Benjie says:

    Cabs have no defence period. OnlyLBJ. can defend the ball . The rest pure scorer. Championship ? Mark.

  45. Hornet will b in east finals says:

    Bulls and hornets in finals. Bulls win in 6. Go on to finals to beat pelicans. Pelicans win west only if eg plays like he did before his surgery and holiday steps up. Davis wins MVP. Holiday eg Evans Davis and asik will b the best team in the west. Need to upgrade bench a little though. If they do they then they will beat bulls in 5

    • TEG says:

      I’m sorry, I just thought it was a funny joke that you think Pelicans will win west. they’ll only be one of the teams fighting for playoffs and if they do, I don’t expect them to go far at all. plus the only significant change on this team is adding Asik.

  46. ABlock says:

    Cavs 2014-2015 champs !!!!!!

  47. TJ says:

    Where is lbj? I’ll borrow this line from him… Joining Lebron (who invites every star to team up with him to win) will not give Kevin Love his first ring. lol

  48. Ron says:

    Oh please, Love is no superstar. Give me a break already.

    • lbj says:

      Love will not win any championships whining and demanding trades. He needs to join the best basketball player on the planet, the one true king of basketball, King Lebron.

      Oh wait–what? He already did?

    • KING says:

      Well if you don’t call a player who averages 26 and 13 a superstar. I don’t know who is

  49. mmmmmmm says:

    not a fan of love now or cavs, it is going to be the same chapionship winners for the next 6 years. Thanks Love for ruining the NBA

  50. TheAll-Star136 says:

    woah… The Cavs just won the championship.

  51. seville says:

    Yall are crazy. Love only job would to work on defense. He can score at will. Rebound at will. They is gone make sure Kevin Love defense steps up. Guarding lebron on practices gone make him step the D up. Kevin is a scoring machine. Plus we know what happen the last time a Kevin left for another team. ……

  52. lee says:

    The need a defensive center and ray Allen to sign I don’t really see why the signed Marion he was a waste of money dalemboret would be a good pick up and a guy like Ronnie turiaf would help

    • PeaceAndLoveMan says:

      Oh my God, Pelicans aren’t even gonna make the playoffs… Kus they are not championship quality or level yet, they have potential but sorry, they can’t beat the spurs, thunder, rockets, clippers, warriors, trailblazers, dallas, and the ranking will also be in that order.

    • just a dude says:

      They got Verajao so there’s no need 4 a defensive center in the starting 5 … Unless he gets injured again

  53. Sirc says:

    All here are trying to be a prophet … Just enjoy the game and see you in June !

  54. arqer says:

    overrated. you’ll see. I knew he was trash when he had to step on Luis Scola’s head because he was of weak constitution. have fun with your turd Cleveland.

  55. arqer says:

    I knew this guy was a dilettante when he stepped on luis scola’s head. these highlights could have been concocted for any player in a full season. good luck with your charlatan. I’m sure he speaks well.

  56. YungMussuBlack says:

    Oh, please!

  57. I’m a little concerned about the defensive end for the Cavs

  58. Skyride says:

    How about them Magic doe.

  59. buraot says:

    I’ve got to give it to Wolves GM and coach. They got 3 good players out of nothing! They will surely lose Love after his contract ends anyway. I still think Cavs should have become patient and grab Love next year. All the best to both teams.

  60. Gman says:

    “Drew?!?! Is that you?!?!?”.” Wes!?!?!”

  61. NBA Fan says:

    Love is overrated, no defense and no leadership skills. Good to see he wants to ride LeBron’s coattails to a championship.

  62. harriethehawk says:

    I think all Leastern Conference teams should be scared now! Let’s Go Hawks!

  63. PHILLYFAN4LIFE says:

    Uncle Drew and Wes playing on the same NBA team!!!

  64. Dwayne says:

    …and they have GREAT head coach (David Blatt), who’s eager to prove himself in the NBA. I say Cavs make it to the final this year, and take championship next year.

  65. Drift Gangsta says:

    the king needs somebody who will work hard so he can take credit for it.

  66. dustydreamnz says:

    Absolutely Chuck. In my opinion they won’t get close to winning the East due to chemistry and defensive issues.

  67. BIG-GAME-JAMES-23 says:

    what more can I say ?

    Kevin Love / Kyrie Irving / LEBRON JAMES !!!! on the same team !!!!
    (best PF) (Top 3 PG) (MVP)

    This Cavs team is going to be better than the Miami Heat big 3 ever was! & after they get their chemistry straight, they will do what Miami couldn’t and 3 PEAT!!!!

    • Megaalex says:

      Top 3 pg?? You mean in the east right?? You can’t put him in the same category as Parker Paul Westbrook. Or Lillard. Or curry? He might be #1 in the east maybe if rose isn’t his old self . Cavs Will most likely reach finals tho and win next year

      • Bobby says:

        Don’t forget Rondo, Lowry, Teague, and Walker all in the east and possibly better then Irving plus they all have playoff experience. MCW is up and coming along with Knight. Also Holiday and Lawson whom also in the west with playoff experience.

      • Bobby says:

        Also D Will

    • Angelo says:

      No cause none have playoffs experience and cant lead a team by themselves and Lebron is Gonna expect alot of them and the youngsters wont step up. Plus no D

    • 0_o? says:

      Top 3 PG? C’mon!!!! Ever heard of Chris Paul? Westbrook? Tony Parker? John Wall? Damian Lillard? Kyle Lowry? i’ll take all these players before Kyrie Irving. This guys still needs to learn alot! i bet Norris Cole can shut him down all day. SMH.

  68. KK says:

    They’re going to make the finals and probably win it. It’s going to happen this year or next. Getting the elite big man is the last piece of the puzzle. Just look at recent history:

    08 – 1st year Garnett in Boston, 09,10 – 1st, 2nd full year Pau Gasol in Lakers, 11 – 1st year Tyson Chandler in Dallas, 12 – 2nd year Bosh in Miami. 13 – Spurs are an exception to the rule

    Adding a $15+ MM/year big man to a hall of fame scorer (Pierce, Kobe, Dirk, D Wade) is what it takes to win championships in the NBA, unless you’re the Spurs and can build teams from scratch. Adding Love to LBJ is just that.

  69. Tom says:

    I wish Ray Allen would go back the bucks to help the younger guys become better pros.

  70. ZHIGGI says:

    team* correction

  71. ZHIGGI says:

    It’s all about chemistry… and if they can have that in tandem with a solid system…cavs will be a tea to look out for come this season…..

  72. Chuck says:

    Their problem won’t be scoring. It will come on the defensive end where Lebron will be expecting DWade, Bosh and Andersen to be cutting off the defensive end. Love is not a defensive presence and Kyrie needs a gps to find his man. Expect disappointments when the Cavs play good teams. This is not the East the Lebron is used to, and his defense went down noticeably last year.

    • Johnny says:

      If you look up Bballbreakdown, there’s a chance where the Cavs will be OK at D. All you need is 2 good D players, one on the forward and one big Center. They got one from LBJ, if he can regain his defensive status and Anderson Varejao.

      So I think the Cavs are gonna be okay at D. The team that I think that are gonna be out top is the Bulls. Pau Gasol, D-Rose is back, Joakim Noah, Butler… way too good.

      • Joe says:

        Way to good? Last time I check Lebron has 4 MVPs and 2 Rings.. Defense is not always a personal skillset. It is also a team effort. The bulls should focus on DRose knees before focusing on CAVS. DRose knees as early as it is has started to swell when he is only playing for USA in FIBA. How much more those knees can take when they play night in and night out is a big question mark.. I hope he can stay healthy.

      • mee(a)t says:

        Actually in that breakdown, he said that good defensive centers have great wing defenders..so yeah..you need 2 good wing defenders and a good defensive center to anchor it. Ex: Warriors.