USA handles Dominican Republic, moves toward roster reduction

VIDEO: Dominican Republic vs. USA Basketball

NEW YORK — It’s hard to know if the U.S. National Team got better on Wednesday. Their opponent in their second exhibition game wasn’t nearly as good as their opponent in the first. After pushing past Brazil in the fourth quarter in Chicago, the U.S. manhandled the Dominican Republic, 105-62, at Madison Square Garden. They won each of the first three quarters by double-digits.

The offensive numbers — 58 percent shooting, 10-for-23 from 3-point range, just 13 turnovers — were great. The defensive numbers — 34 percent shooting, 5-for-25 from 3-point range, 19 turnovers — were even better.

As much as it was an opportunity to take a step forward in preparation for the FIBA World Cup, it was a chance to see more minutes from guys who are vying for the last few roster spots.

USA coach Mike Krzyzewski said that all 16 players currently on the roster will still be on it Friday, when the team plays another exhibition here against Puerto Rico. But after that, some guys won’t be making the trip to Gran Canaria, Spain, for the next phase of training.

“I’m sure we’ll do something before we leave the country on Saturday,” Krzyzewski said. “We’ll get down to a lower number. We have to do that.”

The final, 12-man roster does not need to be submitted until Aug. 29. So the U.S. may take 13 players on the plane and wait to make a final decision.

The four players who did not play in Saturday’s win over Brazil each came off the bench on Wednesday. And three of them put up numbers that could help their cause.

After missing Saturday’s game with a knee bruise, DeMarcus Cousins scored just two points, but was the game’s leading rebounder with eight boards in less than 16 minutes.

DeMar DeRozan, who was the leading scorer in the USA Basketball Showcase in Las Vegas, tied for the team-high with 13 points on 6-for-9 shooting on Wednesday. He’s one of the players most likely to be sent home this weekend, but has flourished in these fast-paced games.

Andre Drummond also seems like a likely cut, but also seemed at home with the up-and-down style, racking up 12 points and five rebounds (four offensive) in 16 minutes.

Gordon Hayward, meanwhile, was the only player who didn’t see any action until the second half on Wednesday. He was his usual solid self, but didn’t make much of an impression with the game already well in hand.

And that, again, was the issue with Wednesday’s game. The U.S. needs players it can trust in a hostile environment against a quality opponent. Though the MSG crowd had a sizeable Dominican contingent that got loud with every early basket, this wasn’t much of a test for the U.S. team or any of its players.

So, the decisions that Krzyzewski and USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo have to make in the next few days will not be easy. Cousins, DeRozan, Drummond and Hayward appear to be in competition with Damian Lillard and Mason Plumlee for the final two roster spots. After playing strong against Brazil, Plumlee did not play Wednesday, so that Drummond could see some floor time.

Lillard’s status may be tied to that of Derrick Rose, who also sat out Wednesday’s game after sitting out the last two days of practice. Neither Rose nor Krzyzewski nor Colangelo has expressed concern over the point guard and all three say they’re just being careful.

“I’m just trying to protect myself,” Rose said, “knowing this is a long, long schedule and this is the most basketball I’ll be playing in two years.”

He said that he will practice Thursday (a non-contact day) and play in Friday’s game against Puerto Rico. He called the soreness he’s been feeling since the Brazil game “just body fatigue” and said it had nothing to do with either of his surgically repaired knees.

“No, not the knees,” Rose said. “No, no, no, no. You don’t [have] to worry about that.”

But while Rose’s words may ease the worries of Chicago Bulls fans, four days of rest after one exhibition game can only elicit questions about Rose’s readiness for the World Cup, which begins on Aug. 30 with five pool-play games in the first six days.

Asked if there’s any concern about his starting point guard’s ability to handle the grind of what’s to come, Krzyzewski said, “We’ll find that out in the next few days.”

Kyrie Irving started in Rose’s place and looked sharp offensively. The rest of the starting lineup remained the same, making it more likely that Kenneth Faried will be the team’s power forward when it plays Finland on Aug. 30.


  1. ry7777 says:

    Yes Demar Derozen made it ! Sekou Smith why did you doubt him in the first place?

  2. Max says:

    USA Needs the Cool under fire ability of Kyle Kover. Hostile environment? 3 Point ability? Best to keep Kover!

  3. MFFL says:

    i think lillard, korver, hayward, and plumlee should be cut.

    1) Lillard: We already have 3 other PGs
    2) Korver: This team doesn’t have a 3 point problem
    3) Hayward: We have enough sf/sg we don’t need another
    4) Plumlee: Not nearly as good as Cousins or Drummond

  4. Why Man? Why Demar? says:

    Demar Derozan shouldn’t be on the cut list. He was top 10 in scoring last season. He also made the all-star game and carried the team with Lowry to the playoffs. Why is he getting cut? He is just super overrated. Did you guys see the top 10 shooting guards of next year by espn? Yeah Demar Derozan isn’t there. Smh, once he is cut i’m not gonna watch this team.

  5. Wilksy08 says:

    Dont get why everyone’s makin such a big deal out of this, Spain have a good team this year but USA are a guaranteed Gold. It doesnt matter who gets cut now, the likely hood is that they will still win. Im flyin out to the semi finals in barceolona, cant wait! Likely next 2 cuts will now be Plumlee, Haywood. Then its hard to pick the next 2 but it will be between Drummond, Derozan, Korver, and Lillard. For those saying Derozan is the best SG there your crazy because they have Harden! Also, Derozan may fit the up and down style but Parsons, Thompson and Korver are all way better 3 point shooters than him. John Wall got cut for the same thing.

  6. Charly says:

    Derozan definitely has to play for US team. he is the most athletic player in this group and I am sure he will be a key player for the gold medal.

  7. joe says:

    What a joke it would be if Demar gets cut, I wouldn’t even watch the world cup.

  8. johnlpoetry says:

    What is this? The DeRozan fan club? Freaking Toronto fans, you are taking yourselves way too seriously. DeRozan is not the superstar that you’re making him to be. That fluky lucky past season has caused grand delusions on your part.

    • Joe says:

      No, Derozan isn’t at superstar level yet, but putting guys like Klay, Haywood, Parsons, and Gay ahead of him is just absurd.

  9. Raps Fan says:

    I hope Demar DeRozan does get cut. After watching Paul George going down with that gruesome injury, I’d rather Derozan not play here. I know he wants to play for his country, and I respect that He obviously isn’t getting the respect he deserves by the writers anyways, but it is nice to see some fans acknowledging him. As far as the moron who asked if all Raptor Fans are illiterate, this is a blog, and nobody cares about mistakes you idiot. I say cut Demar from the team and let him play with a chip on his shoulder this season.

  10. harriethehawk says:

    Don’t cut all the white guys!!!!!!!

  11. Jimmy says:

    I can’t take this anymore, take D-Rose off the team. Maybe it is just fatigue, maybe he needs to take a breather, I don’t care. If you’re a Chicago Bulls fan, you’d know that last season really hit hard when he went out AGAIN. If he gets injured and has to be out more than a month or two, it’s gotta be over. He needs to really take a look at the east and say “damn, we really have a shot this year”

  12. FanFrSingapore says:

    DeMar very underrated.. should be in the team. Cur Plumlee and Korver, Lillard or Rose, need to choose one.. for me Rose must be more prepared for the new season without USA.

  13. wooderson says:

    what are you talking about!!???! im sick to death of the fools running these blogs just knowing less than nothing! demar likely to be cut???? why would the best sf/sg get cut?? explain to me that please. i in all honestly cant believe you have a job doing this when you have mentioned probably the two guys who should be first picked in the team, demar and lillard, as most likely to be cut. what is wrong with you

  14. lurker says:

    C’mon DRose you should quit the USA Team if you want to play at a higher level once the NBA season starts. You should still be resting those fragile knees man. Chicago fans and the the rest of your fans wants to see you play at a high level on the NBA.

  15. ReppinRaps says:

    lol, derozan all over comments. Been watchin him since his rookie year and now he getting recognized.. very underrated

  16. jimmy says:

    lol There is a lot of Canadians on here. I agree that Derozan shouldn’t be cut. I think he is better than Harden. I would cut rose(even though I love his game), hayward, plumlee, drummond, and kover.

  17. Come on mayn says:

    1.) Parsons
    2.) Plumlee
    3.) Korver
    4.) Hayward/Lillard

    Team’s got Rudy Gay so Parsons is basically a similar player (higher 3 point capability though) but a notch lower as a player

    Plumlee for well, I think Drummond is a better offensive player than him. Sam skill set in terms of D.

    Korver ‘s the best 3 pointer but for the sake of the running game, let’s leave the 3’s to the splash bros. Kyrie and Demar can shoot as well (DeMar is really underrated)

    Hayward or Lillard, Hayward for technicality, but his defense and toughness are needed aspects (think Tayshaun Prince in 2010) Lillard, as a technicality due to a log jam and the point. Unless Steph plays 2 althroughout then final roster should be

    C – Cousins, Drummond
    F – Davis, Faried
    SF – Gay, Derozan
    SG – Harden, Curry, Thompson
    PG – Rose, Kyrie, Lillard

  18. Ballin all day says:

    Korver, Hayward, lillard and plumlee… Its simple. Korver is not needed since 3 point shooting is not a issue on this roster. Hayward is not needed since he is supposedly supposed to cover some power forward minutes, but those extra 20 pounds really slow him down and he can barely get up to the rim. Lillard should make it but heavy guard play will leave him as the odd man out. Plumlee’s size is overshadowed by giant boogie smooth while Kenneth Faried will sub in when quickness and hustle is needed. Like I said, its simple.

  19. Meisterman says:

    NO to Derozan. Cut Plumlee, Rose, Derozan, and Hayward. Derozan isn’t effective unless he hogs the ball.

  20. AC says:

    DeRo all the way!

    Cut Parsons, Plumlee, Hayward and Rose

  21. BlackDove- says:

    Demar this and Demar That blah blah blah

    Go Australia!!!

  22. HotSauce says:

    stupid americans man just cuz derozan plays for the raptors they dont give him his props. he made the nba allstar team when some of these guys did not and he tears up summer league every year, you even wrote he lead the team in scoring yet hes being considered for a cut?

  23. Voice of USA says:

    DeMar DeRozan should be a lock on our team. Doesn’t make sense how we are even second guessing this! If he is sent home im not watching our team, because its more politics then performance. Even in the highlights it says harden and Irving take down Dominican, NO, DeRozan lead the team to take down the Dominican, no respect! no recognition! I’m Disgusted!

  24. SwagaDiddy says:

    Demar better make the team. He’s way underrated.

  25. luke says:

    cut the splash bros! w’s can’t afford them to get hurt

  26. Sam says:

    If they cut DeRozen I won’t watch one minute of this World Cup!

  27. jermaine williams says:

    You guys don’t know anything about basketball. Panic masters D. Rose is all good. It’s normal to be sore after sitting out 2 years!!!!! The Bulls are going to whoop cleveland so bad and that miami team’s big 3 was better!!!!!

  28. TRuth says:

    Demar likely to be sent home?!! honestly he’s been their best player. Send some of that good stuff this way J boy!

  29. Francisco says:



  30. Vinny says:

    I swear to god if derozan get cut ima freakout

  31. MR JAY says:

    noooo no no noooo not the knees!! hahahahaha that dude is lame an hes the center of attention for no reason, so what he was a mvp..hes got 2 broken legs.. d rose aint gona make it now bro. hes not ready for practice, wut makes u think hell b ready for the season, cmon man melo made a good choice not to leave a team to carry another team, i sure hope im provin wrong cuz d rose was a beast. but if ur shaky now wait till u go up against the eastern conference, not to mention the western conference.. ill pray for u d rose, but i dont c u makin it bro

  32. Zekey says:

    You fear what u don’t know. Demar plays on the raptors. 0 TNT/ESPN coverage in the regular season. ESPN even forgot him on that top 10 shooting guard list. Disappointed tho. writers should know better

  33. Bobby Shmurda #WeTheNorth says:

    If they cut Demar DeRozan i will be very disappointing. And since the departure of Rudy Gay, he has shown improved playmaking skills, points and rebounding. Hes not getting enough recognition and credit because hes playing for Raptors that just pisses me off. What did Klay Hayward, kyle Korver accomplish absolutely nothing. I hope it motivates him to become a better player, Derozan is one of the top Sg Give him another chance please don’t want him to get robbed again n again

    • birdie says:

      Are all Raptors fans illiterate? I’ve seen a lot of grammatical errors on sports blogs before, but you people are the worst!

  34. STUPID says:

    Demar should be on team

  35. KOS says:

    Derozan is too sick of a player he knows what hes down on the court, if they cut its because he plays for toronto

  36. zen says:

    i would cut klay thompson mason plum kyrie irving an parsons

  37. Daniel G says:

    Why is Plumlee even on the team to begin with? Are we that desperate for players that we have to put mediocre players like him on the team. The only reason he’s on the team is because of Coach K. There’s no way he should get a roster spot instead of Lillard.

  38. SUGAR says:

    Also about D. Rose we need somebody to be cool under pressure on the big stage. A lot of the players on Team USA havnt played on the big stage in pressure situations. Remember “pressure will bust a pipe”. I would hate for us to be in a tight game, then everyone will be saying …..Damn i wish we had D. Rose on the team!

    Also Coach K. should try a all shooter line up and run plays like Mike Dantoni plays.
    Kyrie -P
    Curry – SG
    Thompson -SF
    Kover- PF
    Gay – Center

  39. Josh says:

    I really hope that somehow coach K. will see all of these comments so that he can open his eyes and finally realize that demar is honestly one of the best players on the team. Almost every single comment on this post is about demar. He works harder than probably everyone on team usa to be a great player. The only knock on demar is that hes not the best defender, which is true but at least he gives effort and tries to play defense. Meanwhile James Harden is a “lock” to be a starter when he hasnt given any effort to play defense in like 3 years. Also demar is probably a better scorer then harden anyways these days. He shows it in the two games that he played. PUTTING GUYS LIKE CHANLDER PARSONS, KLAY THOMPSON AND GORDAN HAYWORD AHEAD OF DEROZAN IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE. There is a reason why demar was an all star last year and why none of them were…… So tired of raptors players never getting any respect even after they finish 3rd in the east and actually have a pretty good team. WAKE UP USA.!

    • Marcus says:

      You must be a Raptors Fan man your kinda saying a lot of positive things and few negatives about Demar nobody is downing him cause he’s on the Raptors. Honestly the raptors don’t get respect cause the teams don’t have a consistent trend of winning they are getting better but we will see 2014-2015 season if they can maintain the high level of play while the east is getting better.
      Wake Up Canada !

    • japhet says:

      r u trying to say coach k is going to listen to this comments uauhhhh you taking this too serious .

  40. SUGAR says:

    Keep Rose, We only need him for the gold metal game. When things get tight. He dosen’t have to play every game. He’s can be our safety net. He’s unstoppable when he gets going.

    Mason Plumlee

    • aces says:

      Lillard is the most clutch player on this team and probably the whole nba…He hit more game winners and big buckets last 2 seasons then anybody else in the league. I don’t understand why he’s not the starter. Him and curry would be scary back court

    • Dieter says:

      Safety net, lol? Did you ever see Lillard, Curry or Irving play? I think those guys proved enough the last 2 seasons to be more of a lock for the team than Rose. We’re talking about 3 of the best 5 point guards in the league of the last 2 seasons ! Rose didn’t play the last 2 seasons, and can’t be a safety net if Irving and Curry are both already safety nets. Well… maybe Curry ain’t a safety net, because he’s the real deal… but cutting Lillard? Why would you do such a thing, c’mon ! The same for Parsons and Hayward, those are players who will be making the difference. For me the cuts would be Derozan, Rose, Cousins and Plumlee

  41. pablo.b says:

    People…Proud to say that Demar DeRozan is my favorite player, has been and will continue to be..Got robbed of 2 slam dunk trophies and now, he won’t make the USA team, not because of Coach K, no..because of coach Thibs… He’s never been a fan of DeRozan’s game and growth..The USA will need points and to who are the best score’s on this team, yeah, DeRozan’s one of them, hands down…..
    I just hope whenever Toronto plays Chicago, that DeRozan will remember……..

  42. Jason says:

    Derozan really deserve a spot

  43. Dee says:

    How is DeMar’s name being mentioned for a potential cut when he’s one of the up & coming players in the NBA and had put on a good display every time he had the opportunity. Not sure why Parsons name hasn’t been mentioned or Klay. Pretty whack stuff to me..

  44. Derozan says:

    I’m just hoping someone from USA ball sees the outcry for DeRozan, and tries to evaluate him as objectively as possible.

  45. HAHAHAHA says:

    Derozan should be cut!

    I want him fresh and injury free at the start of the year.

  46. Harley K says:

    Derozan is the best player on the team off of the pindown and from midrange. If he gets cut it will be defensive reasons.

  47. I think andre drummond deserves a spot. And derrick rose should be cut for missing so much practice

  48. kudus says:

    Derozen doesn’t get the respect he deseved! like hes an all-star

    • Dieter says:

      Seems like someone is posting alot of messages about Derozan with different names…. he’s a great player, but he’s not on par with the rest, give him 2 years.

      • HotSauce says:

        wtf? no one is making fake posts, he lead the team in scoring and made the nba all star team when some of these guys have not, how can you cut your leading scorer? makes no sense..

      • Rapfan says:

        OMG that actually made me laugh lol. No seriously laughed man. But consider Canada probably has more computers per capita than any other country and only one basketball team. Have to think there are a few DD supporters out there. But he is as good as we claim he is. He’s reaching his peak and can score 30 on any given night. Of the players currently on this team he is the 4th highest(10 overall in regular season and 7th in the playoffs) scorer in the regular season last year tied with Cousins. No KD, No James, no Love No griffin.No Carmelo. Well next up is DD. We surely expect to make more noise next season.

      • NostraDameUs says:

        You’re an a**clown, how is he not on par with these subpar team USA players that are being forced to play because the stars are sitting out? DeRozan is right there behind the really elite players of which there are around 10 in the NBA. Second best SG behind James Harden, and the difference between them two is only marginal.

        Give me a break, he’s not on par with Klay, Korver, Parsons, Gay and Hayward? He’s easily the best player out of the mentioned group, you’re just too ignorant to see it and accept it.

        Allow it kiddo.

  49. JJJJJJ1 says:

    Editors are crazy, no respect for derozan.

    Kill em boy, we’ll show em.

  50. carlos says:

    There is no way this team can beat Spain or France.

  51. Sensei says:

    nice article Derozan flourishes but is likely to be sent home yea that makes sense John

  52. Sensei says:

    Bro if rudy gay makes da team over derozan………im dun…….im just dun

  53. Sensei says:


  54. noodle man says:

    Do they really need 4 point guards?

  55. Nolan says:

    Demar is a nice swingman. I agree underrated punch off the bench.

  56. DD FTW says:

    Such an under appreciated player! The media only wants to talk Lebron, Kobe, Durant, Melo, and now, Rose.

  57. Why is Chandler Parsons not being mentioned as being on the bubble??

    He lacks the physical defense to play the 4 and is an inconsistent shooter from behind the arc. With Farried and now Rudy Gay in the fold, who are far more athletic and physical and Anthony Davis’ ability to play the Forward spot as well, why wouldn’t it make more sense to sure up the health liabilities of Rose and Cousins? Bringing Drummond (who surely has a greater long term future with Team USA) or Derozan who has been performed as well as any of the starters which allows Curry to play point guard in case Rose needs rest.

    I would drop, Hayward, Lillard, Korver and Parsons.

    • John says:

      Korver is one of the best three point shooters in basketball and is great in clutch situations plus he has great character. Should definitely be on team USA

      • MR JAY says:

        yea korver is a great competitor but lets not forget something here..hes not a winner. this team is gona need someone like derozan i agree with everybody else, he is very underated. parsons should be cut cuz hes lame to b honest, i mean wut did he really do in houston?? averaged 15 points a game?? u average good numbers but u dont show up when u need to? where was he in portland?? lol hes trash bro. houston was smart not to pay him no 40 mil

      • John says:

        I agree parsons is lame and korver is not a winner but he plays like he is one.

  58. MARKI says:

    They should cut

    Derozan and the PG Big 3 deserve to be in the Team :@

  59. MVP says:

    They need rose…he is a MVP and he can play the PG/SG

  60. asdas says:

    demar derozan deserves to be on team usa

  61. Cut it out says:

    Hayward & Cousins needs to be gone ASAP

  62. JBiz says:

    There is something seriously wrong if Demar Derozan gets cut….he definitely deserves to stay on that team.

    • Eddie says:


    • Unsensible says:

      Demar is exactly what team USA needs, a versatile aggresive scorer who can play D.
      it doenst make any sense at all to cut him…he shouldnt even be mentionned in the whos getting cut debate

    • Rapfan says:

      I look at Demar and I see what Iverson could have been if he were a better shooter and a team player.

  63. I haven`t seen this guy play a lot but what I`ve seen so far has been really impressive. DeRozan reminds me of a younger version of Kobe. He should be on the team.

  64. I haven`t seen this guy play a lot but he has impressed me so far. DeRozan looks like the newer younger version of Kobe.

  65. What??? says:

    This is a joke… Demar derozan is the perfect off the bench scorer! Dude puts in work, you can see how badly he wants it. It’d be robbery if he got cut.

  66. brock says:

    Just like durant, rose needs to be focused on upcoming season . Forget usa basketball. They will win without you (worry about cleveland winning the east) Curry and irving got this.
    De-rozan must be in the roster. No joke he is good. He is the only viscous athletic dunker in the team. Krizzy wiskyy listen to me listen to me: here is the roster:
    this is easy call, i didnt pick drummond coz i have seen better numbers of cousins! And he can go crazy in offense.
    Good luck krizzy wiskkky! Dont forget team with better 3pt. Percentage wins FIBA.

  67. hnic says:

    CUT ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s not in shape for this, and we have people who are and READY!

    YEP I’m a BULSS FAN TOO!!!

  68. Rangers says:

    Keep Drummond. Very productive and efficient in his limited minutes (like usual)

  69. Schenero says:

    So, Drummond likely to be cut?! Why, due to the fact he’s the most athletic and dominant presence on defense they have down low? John, go back to school

  70. Sedare says:

    I find it odd, that in 2 articles about last nights game, Not one thing about Lillard was mentioned even tho out of the entire team, he played the most minutes.

  71. Coach K says:

    How is Derozan still on the bubble ? He performed well in last nights game as well as the team scrimmage. Offensively Derozan is a perfect fit for this team. Last nights line 13 pts 5 reb 6 ast. What does Derozan have to do to get some recognition ? He deserves to be on this team. Only knock on Derozan is his defensive inconsistency.

  72. surebuddy says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but DeMar was the leading scorer in both games/scrimmage he played in. To me, he’s a scorer you want coming off the bench at either SF or SG. He’s proving himself as one of the best players, but still getting no respect from the so called “experts” who thinks Thompson and Hayward are a better fit than DeRoZan. SMH

  73. IrieChat says:

    Demar the leading scorer in all of the games played in vegas and shooting over 60% runs the floor, has a great mid range game to combat zone defense, oh also the most athletic player currently on the USA roster and most importantly plays defense. That should be a RAP.

  74. timothyhoward says:

    Team USA looked good last night.I watched the game.

  75. harriethehawk says:

    Derrick Rose should be cut. He is sitting out of too many practices. And that’s not fair to the other guards. Hayward, Cousins and Korver will probably be cut.

  76. Demar? says:

    Derozan playing very well. Would add an underrated all around punch to this team.

  77. fredgb21 says:

    “No, not the knees,” Rose said. “No, no, no, no. You don’t [have] to worry about that.”
    But while Rose’s words may ease the worries of Chicago Bulls fans, four days of rest after one exhibition game can only elicit questions about Rose’s readiness for the World Cup

    If anyone’s at ease after seeing a guy say no 4 times explaining why he’s out of an exhibition game after 2 years of injuries.. well I have some snake oil to sell you.

  78. SS says:

    What a joke. Demar still most likely to be cut? You write that after his performance tonight without giving any explanation?

  79. NBA says:

    im not a rose fan im a lbj 23 fan but, i hope derick plays this season, i mean hope he doesn’t get injured again, if he stay healthy the bull might win the east it will be between chicago and cleveland. Even if chicago wins the east i dont see them beating the cavs if they get kevin love. just thing about it cavs got irving, waiter, mike miller, marion, lebron mayve love and a bunch more players.

    • bdavis says:

      your an idiot. the Cavs aren’t.on the west coast. so if Chicago takes the easttthat’s it.

    • Gnarris says:

      Can easily list off the Bulls depth too. Rose, Gasol, Noah, Gibson, McBuckets, Snell, Mirotic, Butler. Plus they will be better on d. It will be a lot closer than you think.

  80. 23jumpmang says:

    Demar deserves to be on the team! He was robbed of a dunk contest. Can’t rob him here too.

  81. Byrd says:

    High school vs Pros