Rose rests again, may not start Wednesday

VIDEO: USAB at West Point: Derrick Rose

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The U.S. National Team continues to take precautions with Derrick Rose, who sat out a second straight day of practice on Tuesday.

After Monday’s visit to the U.S. Military Academy, Team USA got back to work at the Brooklyn Nets’ practice facility. Rose was in practice gear and did some light work, but did not participate in the full practice, which included some scrimmaging.

Rose’s status for Wednesday’s exhibition against the Dominican Republic at Madison Square Garden (7 p.m. ET, NBA TV) hasn’t been determined. He started at point guard against Brazil on Saturday and should do the same when the World Cup begins on Aug. 30, but if he plays Wednesday, he could be coming off the bench.

“Chances are he won’t [start],” USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo said Tuesday, “because the rule is if you don’t practice the day before, you don’t start.”

That rule “is just kind of an informal thing,” Colangelo added.

Asked if he knew if he would be playing Wednesday, Rose said, “Hopefully, I am.”

“Today was just another rest day,” he added, saying that it wasn’t planned. “I’m just seeing how I feel every day. There’s nothing wrong with rest. It’s not like it’s the season, so I’m not worried about it.”

So, there’s no need for panic, Chicago. Rose has played just 10 games over the last two seasons and has had surgeries on both knees. The status of his comeback was the biggest focus of the U.S. team’s first week of training in Las Vegas. But he has looked ridiculously quick and explosive every time he has taken the floor. And he doesn’t feel the need to push himself every day with the Bulls’ season still 10 weeks away.

“I’m really happy where I’m at right now, health-wise and recovering very quickly,” Rose said. “I’m just trying to take my time and get rest, because we have a long schedule ahead of us. I’m just trying to get as much rest as possible.”

There’s still a question of how much he’ll play for the National Team. In World Cup pool play, the U.S. will play five games in six days. That run is just 11 days away, but Colangelo isn’t thinking that far ahead in regard to Rose’s workload.

“Right now, there’s no issue here,” Colangelo said. “If he needs down time, this is a good time for it. He can rest and we kind of move on from there.”


  1. jermaine williams says:

    Haters are in panic mode. Lol. Derrick just said you will be on his nuts real soon!!!!

  2. fstaff says:

    Bulls need to move past Rose as a player. I can’t see that much money warming the bench season after season.

  3. T gas TT ako says:

    i,d love to see bulls VS cavs on east finals,, but this news is really bad for the bulls… unless its just a fluke

  4. T ga TT ako says:

    bad omen!!! tsk tsk tsk!!! this is really bad for the bulls

  5. VC15 says:

    Not because he had surgeries on both knees meaning he can’t play on a high level again. I injured my acl last Feb and have it reconstructed last March. Right now i am back playing the game i love. Basketball. Not just ordinary game. Competitive. So respect guys. You don’t know how hard we trained just to be back on our form.

  6. fritzdkat says:

    Amazing. The guy hasn’t played but 10 games in 2 years and people are losing it because they are resting him. Wow. Unless some guys on this post has exclusive info, it wasn’t mentioned he was sore or swollen. They are resting a guy who played hard his first game back in a while. These are pro’s, neck deep in basketball so I think they know what they’re doing not some cat in a basement commenting on their basketball “knowledge”. Geezz.

  7. timothyhoward says:

    I think my man D.Rose is gonna be ballin this year.let’s go Team USA.

  8. Bob says:

    This is such a shame. He keeps proving how good he is but the injuries were serious. He will struggle with a full regular season and a full playoff series. He has knees like Dwayne Wade now.

  9. Jason says:

    Don’t beat up on Derrick Rose so quickly. The current MVP of the NBA isn’t even on the USA team.

    • RP says:

      I don’t think anyone is “beating up on him” as in angry he’s resting. As expected, most people understand it’s going to be difficult for him to get back full speed. As for KD, that’s understandable for most sensible people too…he needs to rest, like the other superstars that didn’t sign up to play. Fans don’t want to see him start out tired/behind.

      I saw what looked like Rose “hopping” as if his leg was either injured or sore in the Brazil game, when they were including the ball, and wondered about it then.

  10. JC says:

    Wake up people , Rose is injured for ever , two knees ., put him in the bench then he can play some minutes in the regular season with Chicago bulls , that is it , now he is making show but when the regular season start his knees can support the body movement for many minutes , ask to any doctor about it , Chicago stop to dreaming ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sorry but Chicago is out of the playoff this year

    • hnic says:

      How are they out….lol did you not watch the worse year last year? They are much better then that squad WITHOUT rose. So with him BAM! ALL ON YO FACE!!!!!!!!!

  11. Tory Williams says:

    He may not have to play as much ..he could stay healthy because you have aaron brooks as a back up . AB is a very good PG . Rose doesnt neednto play 40 minutes a night.

  12. harriethehawk says:

    Why can’t Rose just play bubblewrapped? That would be cool! This way he won’t get hurt, and he still gets to play. Tada!!!!

  13. HoopTroop says:

    The Chicago Bulls will be your 2014-2015 NBA championships this upcoming season. All you have to do is look at the rosters and ask yourself….other than the San Antonio Spurs what other team is as deep as ChiTown. Please don’t say Cleveland because it will take them awhile to gel. Tadj Gibson will have a breakout year and our rookie Doug McDermott will shoot lights out from the 3. Double teaming Rose will be impossible and Gasol and Noah will protect the paint. Did I mention Butler, Dunleavy,Hinrich,Tony Snell, and Nikola Mirotic the best player in the European league coming off the bench.

  14. Benjie says:

    He’ll get injured again . 2 knee surgery is awfull ,the 3rd one will be worst.

  15. lol says:

    LMAO , rose will be injured before reg season starts , id be willing to put money on it .

  16. realplaya says:

    People will get excited over anything. When Westbrrook came back he went out a few times because of over playing. They don’t need rose in the prelims so were ok. Also why play him when you need to see if the other guys are going to make it.

  17. Teddy Bubbles says:

    To all the people who think Rose should sit out USAB and wait until the season starts to avoid injury….

    Yea, we don’t him getting injured again. Lets have him sit out the regular season too since its really only the playoffs that count, right? In fact, lets keep him on the bench wrapped up in bubble wrap in a giant hamster ball filled with marshmallows until the playoffs start. It would probably also be best to not let him practice or exercise since there is a chance of injury there too.

    Come on people…

  18. standard says:

    derick rose already with health issues? come on just retire already

  19. kingjames says:

    i dont know who to root for beacuse i was born in D.R but i was raised here

  20. rose should just back out of team USA….he’ll be needed by the bulls and can’t afford to get injured again

    • Dieter says:

      Yes, I don’t see the reason why they want him so bad on the team. Lillard, Curry and Irving can carry the load easily. And the US will do just fine… offcourse they would be better with Aldridge, Griffin, Bosh, Lebron and Durant but they still have alot more talent than all the other teams combined.

  21. charles says:

    There is no way this Team USA will beat Spain. 1/4 final will be a big surprise for me.
    Spain, France and Brazil as the biggest favorite

    • You do realize that those three teams will be on the opposite side of the bracket. Making the Semi Finals will be a cake walk unless Lithuania slips up.

    • alp says:

      lol neither france or brazil has any chance against this team.. just cuz KD,cuz, PG, and westbrook ain’t playing doesn’t mean there aren’t any lethal scorers… like steph curry. i have a feeling steph is about to tear up the competition.