Marion joins Cavs’ supporting cast

VIDEO: The Starters: On The Hall of Fame Bubble, Shawn Marion

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — LeBron James‘ supporting cast got a little deeper on Sunday, with word, first reported by ESPN’s Marc Stein, that Shawn Marion has agreed to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers for the veteran’s minimum. Yahoo’s Marc Spears had reported Saturday night that Marion also had interest from the Clippers, Heat and Pacers.

Marion can back up both James and Kevin Love, who the Cavs are expected to get on or after Aug. 23, when rookie Andrew Wiggins is eligible to be traded. Marion could also play alongside the James-Love combo in a small-ball lineup.

In a summer when Ben Gordon got $4.5 million, signing Marion for the minimum is a great deal. He’s versatile, plays both ends of the floor, has championship experience, and has been pretty durable over the years.

But Marion is also 36 years old. Among 177 players who attempted at least 500 shots last season, only teammate Jose Calderon had a lower free-throw rate. Marion attempted just nine free throws per 100 field goal attempts.

And here’s a note that’s a little alarming: The Mavericks were better both offensively and defensively with Marion off the floor each of the last four seasons (2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14). When it came to on- vs. off-court numbers, Marion was in a tough spot as Dirk Nowitzki‘s backup. But the lack of impact on defensive numbers, in particular, should provide caution for anyone expecting him to be the stopper that he was earlier in his career.

The Cavs are giving up each of the last two No. 1 picks in the Love trade. Love himself will be only 26 when training camp opens, but the Cleveland bench has some mileage on it. Mike Miller will be 35 in February, James Jones will be 34 in October, and Brendan Haywood will be 35 in November. The Cavs will also be counting on Anderson Varejao (32 next month) to put his injury issues (which have limited him to just 146 games over the last four seasons) behind him.

Marion will be the Cavs’ Shane Battier. He can guard power forwards and allow James to play on the perimeter defensively in those small-ball, more athletic lineups. But he doesn’t quite space the floor as well as Battier did for the Heat. His 3-point shooting is shaky. Though it improved quite a bit last season (to 35.8 percent), it hasn’t been better than the league average in over 10 years.

With James and Love manning the forward spots most of the time, the Cavs won’t need as much from Marion as the Mavs did. Even if he’s not the same Shawn Marion that was the No. 1 pick in your fantasy draft eight years ago, his versatility and durability may be all Cleveland needs.


  1. Onin2590 says:

    I think “Matrix” is a good piece for the younger players in the Cavs roster at a veteran minimum. They can learn and be mentored by someone who is a veteran and was a former superstar during his prime.. Hope to see the Cavs in the Finals!

  2. tanibanana says:

    He is indeed a big addition for Cavs, but unlike some people here who thinks it is on the court he is valuable,
    I think otherwise. I feel he’s a big addition off the court. Young Cavs, especially Tristan, will benefit the most
    playing practice games with a guy like Marion…. I don’t see Marion being effective anymore at his age, and stats
    the last 4 years as mentioned proves it..

  3. Cavs All The Way says:

    For the people going on about how the cavs is not going anywhere, PLEASE be QUIET , Remember If it wasn’t for Lebron in Mami They wouldn’t of had a championships theu could’ve got 4 rings but what happened chris bosh didn’t show up nor did wade they’ve been riding LeBron come on dwade now u wana eat healthy !?!? are u kidding me WOW .. but that’s not the point with LeBron in Cleveland he has a better dwade = kyrie irving a better bosh = love yea they don’t play the same postion but so what an also tell me this Kyrie irving, Lebron James, Kevin Love, Shawn Marion , Anderson Varejo, Mike Miller , James Jones, Brandon Haywood, Dieon Waiters , Ray Allen, You Are Kidding Me If You Think This Team Aint Going No Where Do you see those names age doesn’t matter what matters is that there makin a run for the championship and not to mention ones u close out rose with LeBron like in the easter conference finals what will paul do he cant carry a team paul is gud but paul is soft and big for no reason I think his brother in mephis is better then him to be honest CAVS will win either this year or the next don’t matter there gonna win

  4. Hornet will b in east finals says:

    First the raptors will be in the 4 spot cause they will win their division. So u have to put them in at least the number 4 spot. So here it goes


  5. Jose says:

    I wonder if Lebron James suggesed or demanded the Cavs Coaching Staff to run the Miami Heat system?? coz its obvious to see that I felt they will run that system

  6. randomguy says:

    Marion isn’t as good as Battier was, plain and simple. And the Cavs sure do need a lot more defense. Their entire roster is full of scorers, not defenders and I expect them to get roasted defensively in the playoffs. Irving, Love, Varejao, Miller and likely Allen are all liabilities that will form the basis on a porous, porous defense. Lebron may be a great defender, but he cannot defend 5 positions at once. To be honest, I really do not have much faith in this team’s ability to win, they sorta just stacked up on talent without trying to consider how they fit together. They lack the athleticism or tenacity to trap aggressively like the Heat did. With their old legs they are not going to be able to run their opponents off the floor like the Suns did. They have three players all very used to being first and only options who now have to learn to play together, and two of them have zero experience whatsoever. Their roster consists of only young inexperienced, untested players and very old in the tooth, on their last legs veterans. Eh.

  7. Teddy Bubbles says:

    I wish the bulls would have picked him up! They could use some added depth at SF… Marion for the vet min would have been huge. Definitely a steal getting this guy for the min.

  8. Eddie says:

    Aaron that saying that defense wins championships is overstated! how much defense did the Spurs play last year?

  9. kanuk says:

    can’t stand watching marion shoot the ball … hopefully he gets no minutes. i still don’t understand how love is worth all of these great canadian athletes – bad trade and at years end i may just have to say, “told ya so!”

    defense wins games.

  10. BB TRUE FAN says:

    Everyone is on the cavs bandwagon because LBJ has made a decision with his heart, and we all applaud him for that, kudos. However They are still a team who will be suiting up many players with 0 playoff experience. Those older guys are not going to be able to play 82 then be in straight playoff form, they will need rest. I am sure they will be professional and give 100 percent, but the Heat haven’t lost DW or CB, The wizards have a huge pick up, And the bulls, without their star was a tough out and now DR is healthy. The cavs do have Mr. Universe and I am sure he is going to get Mr.Universe officiating. My team will likely fall to 7,(Indiana), behind Cleveland and bulls in Central. Cavs beat nets in first round Lose to bulls in semis. Bulls Beat Wizards ECF…..Lose to spurs in 6…. TD TP MG…final series for this 3

    • Eddie says:

      Really, cry me a river you want a piece of cheese with that WINE

      • Heatfan1 says:

        Yes Sir, the HEAT. Please make sure you check the Heat roster before you even open you mouth.
        Cant wait to see how good those Cavs are really gonna be. Let the season begin.

    • Joel says:

      Are you kidding me? Heat 2, Nets 4, Cavs 5? And where’s Charlotte? They just got Lance Stephenson and were 7th in the east last year.


      Bulls beat Cavs in ECF

      • Rapfan says:

        Are those supposed to be in order? Because you can’t have the HEAT, Bulls, Cavs, and Wiz to all sit in the top four spots in the conference. You clearly do not know how the NBA works. Nets and Pacers will be lucky to make the playoffs this year. But you need to have the Atlantic division leader in 3rd or 4th not 5th lol. The Atlantic division leader should be the Raptors again.

  11. ko0kiE says:

    good pickup for that minimum contract but I’m not sold on Marion.. he has been a good and above-average player his whole career but can he still bring it?

    • Celentano says:

      They want to play with Lebron to make their career longer and lebron willingness to give up the ball in a big moment.. Remember miller 2012 finals, Shane battier finals 2013? This veterans know that they can shine any moment playing with Lebron because the style the game he play….. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!…

  12. jeorge says:

    on paper cavs are all stars but all superstars, but we will see how blatt system will do…? i still go with bulls, heat, cavs, pistons, nets, wizards, pacers, raptors in exact order…..

    • Eddie says:

      Really now, we will see

    • Rapfan says:

      Bad ordering. Why does everybody forget that the 3 divisional leader are guaranteed top 4 spots.yet you put all 4 top spots from only 2 divisions. Raps are 3rd or 4th and the pacers and nets will be either the last 2 spots or on the outside looking in

  13. Wilksy08 says:

    This is great for Marion in terms of going straight in to another winning situation but what happened to the pacers rumour. With PG injured and stephenson gone they couldve used his services and he couldve got more money….guess its time for cleveland to become the place where pkayers come to tag along to a championship. All they need now is Allen and they’re Miami 2.0

    • Eddie says:

      Hope we do get Allen and yeah sometimes Money is not everything and apparently for Marion that was the case!

      Let the games begin

  14. MM says:

    CAVs never selected the right players around Labron since 2004. Marion, Love etc.. are good players but not the real helpers to Labron for championship. Labron made the wrong choice and Cavs wont be the east champion.
    East conference is weak and will be destroyed again by western teams. With the best coaching in St-Antonio and several excellent teams in west, there is no hope for east in NBA final.
    But no doubt that with the addition of Granger and Dang, Miami Heat is the champion of east. Miami Heat weak management and coaching, cost them the loss of Labron. If they had Labron with the recent additions, there is no doubt that they were the NBA champion.

  15. SM says:

    CAVs never selected the right players around Labron since 2004. Marion, Love etc.. are good players but not the real helpers to Labron for championship. Labron made the wrong choice and Cavs wont be the east champion.
    East conference is weak and will be destroyed again by western teams. With the best coaching in St-Antonio and several excellent teams in west, there is no hope for east in NBA final.
    But no doubt that with the addition of Granger and Dang, Miami Heat is the champion of east. Miami Heat weak management and coaching, cost them the loss of Labron. If they had Labron with the recent additions, there is no doubt that they were the NBA champion.

  16. Jay says:

    Good pick up… The one thing people keep overlooking is Shawn’s athleticism… He can still run fast breaks and go back to the other side and defend… He still has his jumps… He is good to lead Thompson for success in the coming years…. Heat and Cavs will be battling it out on the East Finals…. Bulls will need to work on their chemistry, I don’t think Pau will be in sync with Noah, but if they get it together, they will be one of the contenders, not this year though….

    • theizzzeee says:

      The Bulls need to work on their chemistry, but the Cavs don’t??? They will have four new key players. If, you look at the Boston Big 3 they didn’t fully put it together til the finals going to s couple game 7’s beforehand. A similar situation with Miami. Their Big 3 didn’t gel completely til late in the season. Lebron has some Magic in his game, but not the magic of chemisry.

  17. JRock says:

    Look the cavs have the squad they need with young and old talent but the bulls are going all the way an the cavs will be 2nd in the east but this is how the playoff picture is going to be

    • Joseph says:

      hawks will be 4th at least they were 3rd seed on the east for while when horford was healthy then he got injured got like 3 months and then they dropped to 8th

    • Heatfan1 says:

      LOL. really? The Wizards #3. you are funny!!!

  18. i remembered when the lakers acquired howard and nash…. xd

  19. CeeGee says:

    I’m not a Lebron fan. Never been, never will be. But I had to admit, with Marion and Love, who will beat them in the East? Pacers didn’t improve. It get worst so does Miami. Washington? New York? Really? Let’s look at the line up. No team in East improved as much as the Cavaliers. Boston down to Orlando doesn’t make any difference. The promise of conference finals is a good bait for all those quality veterans. Lebron is sand bagging. The NBA is behind his back. Time for reality check.

    • ko0kiE says:

      the key for cavs will be Dion Waiters… he has all the tools to be an all-star but his attiude and effort are really questionable. maybe those vets with championship experience can change that and ignite a fire in him..

    • Eddie says:

      Hey CeeGee I bet he could care less if you are or will be a fan! He has many that are!!!

  20. ace player ako says:

    western conference:
    1. Dallas
    2. Oklahoma
    3. San Antonio
    4. Clippers
    5. Portland
    6. Golden State
    7. Houston
    9. Memphis

    • artifex says:

      Well, I’m Mavs fan, but where did the Mavs really improve?
      Unless Parsons is transforming into a All Star starter – he’s not even been close of attending as a player so far – I don’t see what makes them really better… Chandler is a real plus, no doubt, loosiung Jose weakens them at the point.
      Hope, Harris keeps on nicely, donÄt see much improvement from the ex-NY.
      Play offs possible, but 1st? Maybe 6 at the moment…

  21. timothyhoward says:

    I love this.I’m picking Cleveland to win the NBA title this year.

  22. Defdun says:

    Matrix is a great pick for min salary! This is a guy I like to have in the game next to some prolific scorers like LeBron, Kyrie, K-Love. Perfect match! Can still guard 3-4 positions and has excellent B’ball IQ.

    All these predictions seem way too early and lets see what happens at FIBA World Cup first…

  23. Carlo says:

    @ celtics1

    Your “prediction” is flawed.
    If Spurs end no.2 and Clippers no.3, they cannot meet in West Finals.

    • Rapfan says:

      If number one gets knocked out in the first round, as rare as that is in the NBA, they most definitely can meet in the conference finals.

  24. Technician says:

    Toronto Raptors – Eastern Conference Champions

  25. Bu says:

    why are so many ppl predicting results already (without justifications), when the roster changes and training camp haven’t even started?

    I’d like to highlight & reiterate the fact of no proven D, nor D system, with a non-NBA proven coach with the Cavs. And remember the style and attitude of Irving in last season? So the Cavs are still WIP. This is something I’m 100% sure, and they will NOT win a championship in coming season.

    On the topic here about Marion, he’s still a good pick up for his experience, D, and cheap salary. His addition will help but like I said, Cavs are WIP, and a lot of things to iron out even if Love comes over and plays D better

  26. The Futurist says:

    @SOUTHBEACH……Chemistry is a factor….but is of less impact where High IQ players are concerned….that is why the Cavs will not be in 1st place… but 2nd behind the Bulls……they will be humming like a well oiled machine by the All Star break and will definitely be coming out of the East…I repeat ……2015 East champs….the Cleveland Cavaliers

  27. Jimmy says:

    It’s a good pick up for the Cavs. I would’ve liked to see him with the Mavs still. In the West, all teams need any help they can gather especially in the playoffs.

  28. gdjfghdhg says:

    @ The Futurist – are u kiddin’ me? Nets on 4th and Hawks on 7th?

  29. SOUTHBEACH says:

    Cavaliers will not win the East this year… Maybe next year. Chemistry my friends… How sure are all of you saying they will win the EAST in their first year together? LOLOLOL

    • just a dude says:

      I don’t like Cavs but chemistry was an issue in Miami’s first run with LBJ and they still got to the finals so even if they have that problem the east is not deep enough to keep a team like them at bay . After all they got young talent, good veterans with championship experience and they have the best in the world…

    • regwhite says:

      The heat did why can’t the cavs.

    • ahmef says:

      You make sense my dude but I mean they probably already have some chemistry because james and love already played together in the fiba cup years back. Miller, jones obviously have chemistry with LeBron. Yea its just a matter of time

  30. SOUTHBEACH says:

    Just like this report said… Marion would not be a factor anymore. I would see him just guarding people. If the coach is good, he better not use Marion anymore. Marion is just a name now.

  31. Rogelio says:

    But…. Does Marion work on that ugly jumper during the off season???? That’s the real question here people!

  32. The Futurist says:

    Here it is…direct from the future…..

    The 2015 East playoffs selection would be:
    1. Chicago
    2. Cleveland
    3. Miami
    4. Brooklyn
    5. Washington
    6. Toronto
    7. Atlanta
    8. Charlotte

    Toronto will come down to Earth…..Miami led by Bosh will surprise many…..Charlotte will just brush by the NY Knicks for the 8th seed….The Hollins led Nets would be a beast…….but the Cavs will prevail as the 2015 East Champs

    • gdjfghdhg says:

      wow, a bunch of has-beens on the new Cavs roster… I see no D there, though

      • aaa says:

        They dont have any D besides lebron and marion.

        But they will be able to outscore most teams during the regular season, prepare for lots of shootouts during the cavs games.

      • Eddie says:

        And what’s your point! Veterans win championships not young guys! the Spurs and Heat proved that last year and the year before that

    • Tom says:

      damn, Miami (-their carry) and Nets (-Pierce and Livingston) at 3 & 4 is optimistic… I expect ATL/CHA/TOR to fight it out for those spots. Wiz will really miss Ariza at both ends.

    • regwhite says:

      Worst list

  33. Basketball Jones says:

    Not a bad selection though….Celtics1..however, Pacers are not making the playoffs…,..and….Charlotte will be the 8th seed….Your West selection looks spot on…
    My 2015 East playoffs selection would be:
    1. Chicago
    2. Cleveland
    3. Washington
    4. Toronto
    5. Miami
    6. Brooklyn
    7. Atlanta
    8. Charlotte

  34. Basketball Jones says:

    Celtics 1 ……..the East standings you predicted is flawed. By NBA standing rules…a division leading team would be seeded at least 4th. In your list, Toronto should be in 4th place by virtue of the fact that in your list, Toronto is the first Atlantic division team seeded. So your list should read:
    1. Cleveland
    2. Chicago
    3. Washington
    4. Toronto
    5. Heat
    6. Pacers
    7. Brooklyn
    8. Atlanta

  35. Someone says:

    He should’ve join the clippers
    They are missing a small forward that can play defense

  36. mike says:

    I don’t understand what’s the problem with having a few players over 30 years old. The cavs aren’t in rebuild mode anymore, they’re trying to win it all. You don’t need a while roster of young players if you’re trying to win now

  37. YungMussuBlack says:

    I told you guys Wiggins would be the #1 draft pick, when everyone was touting Parker and Exum. Now, I’m telling you he will make it to the finals in his first season, and will face James and win a dual. I’m not saying he will win the championship this season (That would belong to Kobe), but he will leave a Durant sized impression on minds across the NBA.

  38. celtics1 says:

    My predeiction lat year was spurs against heat in six and people laughed at me ….okay predictions for 2015

    East playoff picture
    1. cavaliers
    2. Chicago
    3. Washington
    4. Heat
    5. pacers
    6, Toronto
    7.. Brooklyn
    8. Atlanta

    Western conference

    1 Oklahoma.
    2 Spurs
    3. clippers
    4. Portland
    5. Dallas
    6. Golden state
    7 . Houston
    8 . Memphis

    east finals

    Washington vs Cleveland——– washington

    west finals vs spurs 2015

    Spurs vs clippers spurs

  39. Titus says:

    LeBron James. Mike Miller
    Kevin Love. Shawn Merion
    Anderson Varejeo. Brendan Haywood
    Kyrie Irving Dellandova
    Dion Waiters. Ray Allen

    Good pick up for the cavs. Yes the bench is getting older but it also brings alot of experience and value. Bring them in to spell the young horses and keep them fresh, give it a go at winning a championship for the next two years if they win, great if they dont, bring in the next set of vets..The starting core will still be relatively young ,24,24,28,31,34., in 2016 with more experience. What a great opportunity for LeBron James and the caveliers to do something special..get your popcorn ready it will be great to see!

  40. ricz says:

    Ughh another player who just want an easy championship

    I’m hoping bulls to destroy cavs

  41. Chubby says:

    Marion is ugly…not a good pick up.

    • Eddie says:

      And I bet you are Cubby, keep chomping on those wings dude I bet you ugly behind is fat as he**

  42. RipCity2014 says:

    I still think the Spurs win it all next year. Their only real competition in the West will be Dallas; I don’t know about OKC anymore. The Clippers remind me of the Late 90’s early 2000’s Kings and T-Wolves — good enough to contend, but not good enough to win a championship. But who knows: maybe the Cavs end up like the 07-08 Celtics and surprise us all.

  43. Lovinthenba says:

    Just don’t get too old cavs. We saw what happened to the heat, they just looked old these past finals. It’s good to have 3-4 top tier vets like the spurs, but not too many.

    • asd says:

      Okey let me just make this clear, Cavs arent old compared to the heat,, Irving, Waiters, Love, Thompson, dellandova, are young, then they aquired experienced veteran bench players, wich is exactly what they need to contend, Love, Irving, Waiters havent made the post season yet, they need experienced players around them.

  44. Original Dan says:

    I don’t think the chemistry is there yet so don’t expect the CAVS to make it to the NBA finals they first year i probably give you top three.

  45. harriethehawk says:

    Wow, the original Cleveland Cavaliers roster, where are you? I’m a bit impressed by this team. They’ve got a good amount of championship players and vets now, well technically counting Kevin Love even though it’s not official yet . Is Kyrie Irving happy about having to share or maybe even give up the lime light? Cleveland will be in the top 3 seed in the Leastern Conference. Chicago will be their #1 competition. Can’t wait!!!!!

  46. Jay bizzle says:

    well its cavs or bulls for sure. With this extra defense option gives cavs the even bigger edge even with a healthy rose. We’ll see if chemistry can be made on the fly. 2 wildcard imo. That and if gasal can stop playing like hibbert – LOL

  47. For6iven says:

    Cavs are putting together a good team but i wanna see how the coach turns out. I dont think coach Blatt is anything near Spoelstra and that may be a problem…Just saying

    • joe frazier says:

      Spo is not a great coach he just had 3 superstar players he should be 4-0 in finals not 2-2 with lbj wade n bosh come on now

      • The Voice Of Reason says:

        Agreed – look at Spo’s record prior to Lebron – not great, average at best. Blatt on the other hand has had some solid coaching experience with non-superstar players – imagine what he could do with these guys. His deciding factor is not being able to balance X’s and O’s but actually balancing the egos of some of the younger guys and also not letting the vet’s drown the younger guys. Chemistry is this teams only real problem. Coach knows how to get players to defend and with Kyrie, Lebron and Love, (plus the bench of course) scoring will not be a problem. He’s just gotta get them to gel as a team.

  48. chad says:

    I think cavs success will depend on the health and overall play of marion and anderson. It looks like theyll be locked in on offense regardless. But defense wins championships. Im pulling for Portland/ Cleveland finals at the expense of the owners and them being my favorite of each conference

  49. TheKush says:

    Robert Horry is not a hall of famer!

  50. noodle man says:

    Another great pickup for the Cavs. Marion can guard several position and can still bring offense. He’ll be another good mentor for Cavs young players like Tristan Thompson. And only cost them the veteran minimum.

  51. DKnowze says:

    Great signing, even though I agree that Cleveland’s age is getting pretty high.

    I wanna see Marion at the 3 and James at the 2. I Think that would help defensively, as James could guard the better PGs, so Irving could be hided on the SGs. Irving-James-Marion-Love-Varejao would be my starting five with Waiters as the sixth man.
    Just my two cents, though.

  52. Kobe Bryant says:

    Cavs will not win a championship.

    Turab if your seeing this, hi.

    • Dieter says:

      The east is still pretty weak, they just gotta survive the Wizards and Heat… that shouldn’t be to difficult. I don’t believe the Pacers will be in the mix, and the Bulls are not going to be the team that everyone is expecting, they’re rated way too high. First see, than believe… Rose ain’t back yet, and we’ll also have to see which Gasol they get… the one from the Lakers, or the one from Spain. So they seem like a lock for the finals… and it’s not possible to predict who’s gonna be the survivor out of the West… Spurs? Blazers? Thunder? Mavs? Warriors? Clippers? I’m sure the Cavs are capable of doing alot of damage against some of those teams.

      • Aaron says:

        I guess you have never heard of the saying “Defense wins Championships”? Love and Kyrie can’t play it, and there’s only so much LeBron and aging vets can do

  53. Max says:

    Happy for Shawn Marion!!~~

  54. Hunter says:

    Will miss you on the Mavs Matrix.