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> Say Kevin Love joins LeBron in Cleveland. Who’s the NBA superstar (or near-superstar) next in line for a wingman? Anyone in mind who would fit well with him?

Carmelo Anthony is back with the Knicks, but still needs some help.(Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE)

Carmelo Anthony is back with the Knicks, but still needs some help.(Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE)

Steve Aschburner, Who’s Kobe got now? It’s looking a little barren on that Lakers roster. Then again, Bryant has been blessed in his career with two of the best sidekicks in recent memory (Shaq and Pau Gasol). So it’s not his turn. As tempting as it is to say Derrick Rose or Carmelo Anthony, neither has ever seemed all that determined to find or recruit a partner/peer. So I’m going with Dirk Nowitzki, who hasn’t had a proper wingman since Steve Nash left. Who’d look good next to him? Michael Carter-Williams. Or a rehabbed Paul George. Or a healthy Rose.

Fran Blinebury, Did I miss something or isn’t Carmelo Anthony still looking like a tall cactus standing all alone in that desert at Madison Square Garden? But he chose the bed. Hope all those Benjamins in the mattress can keep him company.

Jeff Caplan, NBA.comThere’s still that guy Carmelo Anthony, who passed on joining a variety of wing men this summer to re-sign with the Knicks. New York has cap space at its disposal next summer to add big-money free agents. So how about spending on point guard Eric Bledsoe, assuming he signs Phoenix’s qualifying offer and becomes a free agent in ’15, or Rajon Rondo? And why stop there? Melo needs a big man in the middle, too, so how about Greg Monroe (assuming he signs Detroit’s qualifying offer and becomes unrestricted in ’15) or go really big with Marc Gasol?

Scott Howard-Cooper, We’re getting into the subjective land of deciding who gets the superstar label, and I like where his team is headed anyway, but Anthony Davis could use a scoring threat in New Orleans. He may have one already, but Ryan Anderson needs to show he is healthy in 2014-15. The Omer Asik acquisition is a nice move — no one scores inside on the Pelicans this season. Maybe Eric Gordon finds his old self. But take Anderson out of the conversation for the moment, and no one on the team averaged more than 15.4 ppg last season.

John Schuhmann, Carmelo Anthony seems like the obvious answer here, but I’d really like to see Goran Dragic get an All-Star teammate. Dragic and Channing Frye were the most potent pick-and-roll combination last season, so imagine what he could do with an Anthony Davis, a Dirk Nowitzki or a Blake Griffin (not that any of those guys are going anywhere). The Suns are still set up well to add a star via trade or free agency next season, not only because of their payroll, but also because they have a terrific point guard.

Sekou Smith, If Carmelo Anthony is ever going to shed his reputation as a great player with the asterisk (killer numbers but no hardware to show for it), he’s going to need a first-class wingman whose games meshes well with his own. Since we’re operating in theory-ville, why not go deep down the rabbit hole? LaMarcus Aldridge and ‘Melo on the same team would be absolutely diabolical. Aldridge can stretch the floor from the post to the wing with his deadly face-up game. And he rebounds well. Melo is a dynamic scorer capable of working inside or out (beyond the 3-point line), stretching the floor in ways that can cause all sorts of problems for opposing teams. The way they both shoot it, you can have them work off of each other, one in the post and the other from outside, and shred teams with their two-man game.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogCarmelo Anthony was the first name that came to mind. I guess the closest thing he’s had to wingman since coming to the Knicks has been Amar’e Stoudemire or maybe J.R. Smith? As solid as younger players like Tim Hardaway Jr. and Iman Shumpert have been, nobody on the Knicks current roster gives me much hope that they will develop into a perennial All-Star. Maybe he gets a running mate in 2015 when guys like Rajon Rondo or LaMarcus Aldridge hit the open market. Unless Phil has some mind tricks up his sleeve for Andrea Bargnani.


  1. Karlo Garcia says:

    I would say Carmelo Anthony because he has never had another star or superstar to play alongside

  2. mee(a)t says:

    Anthony Davis man.

  3. JD Adrick says:

    iverson was one hell of a player..I dont think there will be one like him..ever..nd i just wna see cleveland rise thats all…fingers crossed

  4. Eddy Griff says:

    I wouldnt say Shaq was ever Kobe’s sidekick and im a laker/kobe fan. NO way. i wouldnt say that either one was really a sidekick. they were partners. BUT SHAQ was the more dominant of the 2 hands down, when they were together. Pls stop lol.

  5. FrankL2010 says:

    uhmmmm, I’ll just wait for the first ball to get into the ring and enjoy every game. You can hate any player, I don’t really care. Btw, for the record, I am a Laker fan. If we can make it to playoffs with or without superstars, it would be an achievement.

  6. SAVAGE22 says:

    One of the biggest mistakes the Knicks made in recent memory is let go of David Lee in 2010 as well as Danilo and Chandler Wilson in 2011…before Melo got to NY, they were a young team with plenty of potential. Yea they lost alot but they were building towards the future..NY gets melo and they immediately make the playoffs but havent got out of the second round..they miss the playoffs last year again and Melo says we arent winning it in ’14-’15. We are right back where we started…Dolan is an idiot with his win now mentality. Hey guess what?! He is driving the Knicks as well as his cable company to the GROUND!!! IT WHAT HE DOES!!! we wont win as long as hes around.. I wouldnt be surprised if the BUCKS WIN A TITLE BEFORE THE KNICKS..I like teams without superstars because most are selfish..the SPURS teamball is the way to go..They have stars eho can carry the team but dont demand the ball..Until Melo can learn to share i dont think he deserves a sidekick..

    • Symosky says:

      Chandler Wilson huh?

      • hope piend says:

        Yea didn’t you know, he was the promising 9’6″ guy with 15′ wingspan listed at 150 lbs who can shoot from inside the tunnel and still at the age of 80.

    • keep on hating says:

      haha the melo hating knicks fans always fail to mention stoudemire broke down. without melo you would have had a few role players and no playoffs. how healthy have danilo and wilson been? dolan’s an idiot but you sure are basketball ignorant.

  7. allrock23 says:

    I remember ALLEN IVERSON in 2001 where he led the team ALONE in the finals against Shaq and Kobe..all I’m saying is, anything is possible whether you have another star player with you or not,

    • NBAfan says:

      the sad thing is, the player who CAN do this is Lebron, but he’s the biggest superstar recruiter of them all…..all the god-given talent, but no competitive drive at all

  8. NashtyLakers says:

    Nash is the BEST people, He will surprise all of you this season. Mark the word of a Genius.

  9. kek says:

    Its insane that you people in here saying that kobe was the best player on the lakers championshipteams while shaq was there.

  10. Godley says:

    Well, besides Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant which are obvious to enter into this category I’m surprised they didn’t mention Lebron.

    Lebron is going back to Cleveland and really besides Kyrie Irving I don’t see much partners there that could be his wing guys. A lot of the team roster’s is either not good enough or inexperienced enough.

    Also Derron Williams will suffer with Garnett’s and Paul Pierce leaving Brooklyn and that doesn’t really help them.

  11. The truth says:

    Look… Melo has Bargnani. The italian will do a great season this year, this is the truth. They will bring the playoffs for sure. Just give them Rondo and the title will be possible.

  12. asifasim22 says:

    I don’t think Ryan Anderson has to prove he is healthy, he hasn’t been injury prone at al… except for breaking his neck/spine for his team. He’s a great shooter and is capable of putting up Kevin Love type of numbers. He’s such an underrated player in this league.

  13. TMAC says:

    Lakers need to sign Tracy Mcgrady, next biggest duo!

  14. Interesting says:

    I like how the spurs are so dominant. If you brake up that spurs team and take away the coach I don’t think much of those guys will be allstar caliber players. Most of these NBA teams need to watch the spurs and learn a lesson. It not about adding big name players to win but developing good team chemistry defensively and offensively and having unselfish players who is not focused on individual stats but doing what ever it takes to win. As seen with the spurs. Another thing with the spurs you don’t know who will lead in scoring because many of those player on that team can lead the team in scoring any night. Alot of those big name players have enough talent around them but they are so selfish that they kill they teamates growth. They want to have the ball most of the time, they want to take 20 and 25 shots so they teams give them the ball, they rack up good numbers. When they meet a good team the team pressures them into playing inefficient and they teammates cannot do much at this point because they did not get the chance to develop they in game skills so the good team wins. What I like about lebron, he trys to empower his teammates so he gives them a chance to be better players and I think that is why he made the cavs contenders before 2010 and why the heat when to the finals 4 straight years. I think he will influence all of his cavs teammates into playing better defense and if they share the ball watching out. They are loaded with talent if they get the kind of chemistry the spurs have on defense and offense they could become the new champs.

    • mee(a)t says:

      I bet last year you were saying how the spurs were boring

    • Flexy says:

      You make great points but miss the biggest, Pop is the greatest coach of all time hands down. He could coach any team and take them to finals. Players are a reflection of their leader, and w/o Pop they would be a great team but not champs. Pop knows how to get his players to play to their full potential, listen and respect him, if Spo was coaching the Spurs last season and Pop was coahing Miami, Miami woulda won. Its that simple the man is a coaching genious. People are always quick to give credit to the players, but to me its the coach that needs to be able to strategically motivate the player to always give their best, and Pop is the only coach in the recent NBA legacy that I’ve seen have the ability to do that seamlessly. Kudos to Pop, he is da man!

  15. KD says:

    Kobe is the king. Shaq won because of Kobe . If Shaq was so dominant why he only when 1 after ? Jerry West said Kobe would be a great. Kobe stayed true to LA never left . Lebron has to be in a perfect situation . How much chasing can you do? Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love , and Lebron . How easy can it get for him. Kobe is the best . If Kobe had Dwade , and Chris bosh he would have won 20 rings. Remember the best game ever…. 81 points …. at the shooting guard position.. Mind you he made shots every where on the floor .. Hes highlights from that game , are more then most people NBA career.. Hes never been a sidekick ..Kobe came to the Lakers in 96 . which Shaq was already on the team.. Shaq is a dominant player don’t get me wrong but without Kobe he would never won 3rings by him self . He went to finals and lost when he played in Orlando where Hakeem outplayed Shaq.Stop hating on Kobe . Stop comparing a legend that’s still playing. Sticking to the same team not jumping ships to chase a ring with different teams. He could easily go to New York. and play for Phil. Still he remains a Laker . We still have to remember . Kobe played with Pau Gasol and Crack head Odom … Won 2 out of 3 … He did have a bad game 7, but thought out the season he consistently put up 40 .. Give him his respect … Lebron is great don’t get me wrong but to be the best player he has to have a great situation.. Its clear as day… Don’t let that said letter fool you. Cleveland has a better chance then Miami … Kyrie is a more healthier wade , Kevin love is better then Chris Bosh. How easy does it get for him….

    There’s no comparison Kobe is the best…
    Shaq said Kobe is the best player remember that……./

    • JoshL says:

      I remember the time when Kobe said he wanted to be traded, and that he would rather play on Pluto than LA. Then Pau Gasol came along and he changed his mind.

    • Dieter says:

      So Kyrie is a better player than Wade was in the first championship of the Big Three? I don’t think so. And Kevin Love is a better player than Chris Bosh? I’m really not convinced of that… like Spoelstra said: Bosh is our most important player on the field, why? He played completely for the team, not for his own stats. Offcourse Cleveland is one of the favourites now, but it is not because Irving and Love are better than Wade and Bosh, wich is not the case.

    • AKA says:

      How about when Kobe lost Shaq and failed hard before Lakers brought Paul Gasol for free, he acutally complained about Lakers roster and has threaten to leave if Lakers doesn’t take any action?? Blinded fans are blind. If Shaq isnt dominant, how many MVP or Final MVP has Kobe won with Shaq on his team? How many rings Kobe won before Lakers bought other stars?? 0000000000. Take off your blind fold. Kobe is great but he isnt perfect. He’s lucky that he joined Lakers, one of the best organization in the league.

    • kek says:

      Your Lover boy Kobe wanted to leave the Lakers back in the day, because he didnt have an hall of famer on his team, So the lakers traded for gasol and he stayed.

    • ngotbo says:

      kobe is GARBAGE .. can’t make the playoff again next year.. Lol

    • ngotbo says:

      kobe is garbage

    • Eddy Griff says:

      well its not true that kobe didnt want to leave. He tried to leave, to force them to get him some help. Not uncommon. Many stars tell management to get help. Kevin Love has said for the last 3 years get him some help or he is leaving. No help so what is he doing now? don’t villify kobe for doing the same. that being said i think shaq was more dominant than kobe, but neither would have won on their own. Shaq couldnt be in the games the last 2-3 mins due to horrible foul shooting. Kobe needed a dominant big man. But kobe is not garbage and with lesser big men did win 2 championships while shaq chased a title after he left miami. so pls everybody be reasonable.

    • taekayo says:

      kobe can’t even get LA to the playoffs w/o Shaq or Pau.

  16. James says:

    What about the pistons trade josh smith to the Knicks and get Tim hardaway jr…Tim jr will be with his dad..and Carmelo and josh and staudamire would be as good as it gets for a trio of big men…

    • DenH says:

      and how exactly would salaries match up for that one huh? knicks are already capped out with stoudemire the second highest paid player in the league this season, add in smith who is a near max player, there is 3 players in the top 20 salaries and a lot of over paid role players… also they are not giving up hardaway’s bargain salary without a fight.

    • Eddy Griff says:

      lol so who would play what position. it would be the same log jam as there already is in Detroit

  17. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Shaq is the sidekick? OK, who’s the Finals MVP then? Shaq’s stat on LA’s playoffs are all around 30ppg and 15 rpg.

    PLEASE don’t feed the Kobe fan boys wrong info!

    P.S. Kobe’s game 7 stats 6-24 4 turnovers, 4 fouls. That’s what you called clutch? If the refs didn’t give him those freebies, Lakers will lose that game! MWP save him with 20 points and a timely 3. MWP should be the Finals MVP.

    • NBAfan says:

      Shaq was no side kick..but neither was Kobe. Best 1-2 punch EVER! Ask Shaq himself.

      Kobe haters be like Pau Gasol is the man, Bynum is the man, MWP is the man, the water boy is the man….anybody is the man if it can discredit the fact that Kobe won TWICE with a team that didn’t have a REAL superstar teammate…face it folks….Gasol ain’t no Pippen. Gasol ain’t no Wade + Bosh. Gasol ain’t no Pierce + Allen, and I can tell you now, Gasol ain’t no Kyrie + Love…

      Haters are free to hate, but you can’t take away a man’s accomplishments just so you can justify the hate.

    • hell no says:

      THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! i’m with you sir.

    • Eddy Griff says:

      good thing finals MVP doesnt go by one game. -_- i guess the fact that kobe put them in a position to even play a game 7 means absolutely nothing and MWP should get the MVP for one game because we always judge off of ONE GAME. Also shaq never won without a dominant guard. IE: Wade or Kobe so i guess it could go both ways. And since shaq couldnt be in the game the last 2-3 mins because of poor foul shooting who would the lakers look to? or remember the lakers (with kobe and shaq) first chip in 2000, on the way to the finals against portland shaq fouled out in game 7. WHO SAVED THE DAY? KOBE. Sooo by your standards who would be the mvp? just because of one game it would be kobe right?

  18. harriethehawk says:

    Who needs a sidekick? Kobe Bryant and the Fakers. Two Fakers are better than one.

  19. titom says:

    Heeee, we missing the timing, every knows that the lakers need another star. Haw about Greg Monroe cant fit on the team, or wait for Duran no body now, don’t forget a big man. Lakers need to work for 15-16 season that’s the real thing, future and future that’s the game.

  20. shaq2014 says:

    has everyone here forgotten that Mello had a healthy Iverson?

  21. Brad M says:

    Lebron is a selfish person and will not win the championship with Cleveland. In three years he would have been a champion but only if he played with Wiggins and Bennett. The team would have been well rounded and had these players for awhile. Then they could of got revenge in keeping Wiggins and trading Lebron to Minnesota once the rookie contract was over.

    • Dieter says:

      It’s not because they’re both 1st picks, that they’re gonna be stars in this league. Is Bennett gonna be another Derrick Williams or is he really gonna grow as a basketball player this year. I still think Bennett shouldn’t have been chosen in the top three of a weak draft. As for Wiggings, is he going to be the new Dion Waiters or OJ Mayo or is he gonna develop like Bryant… I think Parker is the guy with the biggest upside in this draft, but we’ll see

  22. delusion101 says:

    kobe fans be like shaq and kobe is equal at that time. WRONG! everyone fed off from the dominance of shaq. Shaq could have won it without kobe! thats the truth! kobe was just on the rise that time.

    • Kobe_Himself says:

      Yup thats why Shaq won in Orlando. Totally would of done it without Kobe.

    • Eddy Griff says:

      LOL yup shaq has always won without a dominant shooting guard right????? IE: orlando, miami, phoenix, boston. and if you want to say its because he was old after he left miami, how about getting swept by the rockets in his young dominant days??…hmmmmmmmmm

  23. delusion101 says:

    blasphemy! Shaq sidekick to kobe? disrespect! Shaq is the main man in the 3 peat! kobe just had the supporting role!common man ur being paid spreading lies?wtf

  24. shaqq says:

    I completely agree with you, it is 100% a team sport but if you were to pick one, the sidekick would ve been Kobe. Think about who was the face of the franchise during their 3peat run? Kobe took over after Shaq as the face of the franchise. Either way this article is not even worth my time since it only talks about building super teams and ruining nba

  25. NBAFAN says:

    I don’t think either Kobe or Shaq were ever side kicks, as I remember it and I never missed a game Shaq got us to the finals with the help of a great team each year, but it was Kobe that won those championships because of hack a Shaq and foul trouble, I remember Shaq on the bench too many times late in the 4th quarter and Kobe taking over.

  26. dustydreamnz says:

    Monroe is staying with the Pistons. Shumpert has been solid???

  27. Spurs Fan says:

    ! Go Spurs Go !

  28. AreUSerious??! says:

    What are you smoking!?!?!?

    • This is True says:

      Please dont taint the young minds….so allow me to put this straight

      Shaq was THE MOST DOMINANT player ive seen in my 30 yrs on the planet.
      did not have the longevity of the guards (like MJ) but was the most unstoppable force ive ever seen.

      Kobe is the man , but Shaq was DA MAN!!!!!

  29. Nick says:

    You guys just don’t get it. Or maybe you do, but the REAL game of basketball is boring to you unless there’s a “superstar” scoring 40pts. Basketball is a TEAM sport. A TEAM that plays the game the way it was designed to be played will destroy a superstar – even with a “wing man”, unless they too are playing the game the way it should be played: active ball movement coupled with screens and players moving without the ball until someone is open! As the late Red Holzman always said, “Hit the open man!”

  30. giorgio says:

    the love of basketball… 48M 2 years, team dead. but nice salary man !
    1- i understand the “economic value” of kobe around, it makes dollars, and it’s normal if kobe wants a part of them.
    2- you have to choose, when you are at the end of your carreer, with hundreds of millions in your bank account, if you want to HELP your team taking a “normal” salary.
    the guy made his choice.
    as i said, love of basketball

  31. mmmmmmm says:

    If Kevin Love gets traded it would be Ricky Rubio if Ricky can get back to is normal self.

    • Best Commentator says:

      Melo already had his help (J Lin, Chandler, Amare, Felton, Kidd, and that 3pt shooter guy). Melo just weren’t good enough to deliver. So he had his help. Dirk got Ellis and that was it. Lakers got injured Dwight and Gasol and a cripple Nash. Who needs help? Nobody. Quit teaming up and play each other like how the nba used to be. A bunch of useless players, collect a bunch of money, and claim that they don’t have enough help.

      • mmmmmmm says:

        Yeah, really what your saying is right, I hate it that all the great players are trying to be with Lebron. If love goes there i will be mad because then it will be cavs winning chamionships every year. What i like about the NBA is it is different every year. Exception: bulls with michael jordan. I will not watch love play anymore. I hope he stays or goes to a somewhat bad place like Utah, that would be nice

    • jOLAN says:

      What are you talking about? Back to his normal self? He hasn’t been close to becoming an allstar. He can’t shoot consistantly, or get himself his own shots (great at getting others theirs).

    • Jamma says:

      Kevin Love needs to go to the Atlanta Hawks. If they get a good star player, east has competition.

  32. Ray93 says:

    i dont know if it is the money but why the knicks are not going after bledsoe and monroe now?? Can someone explain me cause i don’t know much about salary cap. And Also is Melo going to be ok with the knicks shopping so far? they loose chandler so they dont have a decent big man right now, if they are seeking a championship i guess they a planning to be a contender next year (2015-2016) cause the recruitment so far doesn’t give a sign of it.

    • cmon son says:

      Knicks have no money. They’re over the cap so they can’t sign any free agents. Rondo and Monroe would be a really good pickup for the Knicks to combine with Melo and Hardaway next season though. That team could do some damage since Rondo and Monroe don’t demand the ball offensively and with Melo and Monroe working down low Hardaway would be in 3 point heaven.

  33. Paulius says:

    It’s so sad that Lakers failed on free agency. Lakers will not rebuild within 5 years and Any year now Kobe is going to retire.

    • DenH says:

      if the lakers are smart, their rebuild will be quick, let kobe languish into retirement at the end of this season, all of a sudden you have another lottery pick to pair with randle, and enough cap space for 2 max stars, not to mention it is still LA so ppl will come to play there, but if they succumb to kobe and try and trade for a star they will regret it immensely.

  34. shaqq says:

    Kobe was Shaq’s sidekick.

    • Milen says:

      As much as I love Kobe, I have to agree.;;;;

      • Mr_Swagger6 says:

        How is Kobe Shaq’s sidekick? He won another chip after Shaq left. Or did u seem to forget that? People say the craziest things without thinking first. They complimented each other well, but neither one was a sidekick

      • sports fan says:

        At the time Kobe was Shaq’s sidekick because Shaq was clearly the leader of the lakers.
        When Shaq left then Kobe became the leader.

      • This is True says:

        What is wrong with you guys?
        Did you guys not watch the 2000,2001,2002 lakers?

        Shaq was without a doubt the man and Kobe was 110% the sidekick!!!!

    • Bastion says:

      My thoughts exactly. I stopped reading Aschburner’s comments after that ridiculous claim. Shaq was Kobe’s sidekick = absolutely ridiculous!

      • TeamPlay says:

        Neither were “sidekicks” It is a team sport. Fisher, Kobe, Shaq, the whole team won the Chip. Think about the spurs this year. Leonard got the Finals MVP but were Duncan, parker, or ginobli his “sidekicks?” That team had depth and talent all the way through. Same goes with the lakers during their Championship run.