NBA unveils 2014-15 schedule Wednesday

VIDEO: LeBron James and the Cavaliers are talking championship this season in Cleveland

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — LeBron James has everyone in Cleveland, and many around the league, thinking about a title chase for the Cavaliers.

We shall see. But whatever the Cavs do this season, chances are pretty good we’ll be able to see much of it live on TV.

LeBron and the new-look Cavs figure to be a prime-time fixture on NBA broadcast outlets during the 2014-15 regular season. NBA TV will unveil the entire regular-season national television schedule Wednesday on the NBA 2014-15 Schedule Release Special at 6 p.m. ET.

The show will highlight the season’s biggest games, most highly anticipated matchups, the opening week schedule, the Christmas Day games and the Martin Luther King Jr. Day games. The entire schedule will be posted on in conjunction with the NBA TV special, which will be hosted by Rick Kamla and feature NBA TV’s Brent Barry. Contributors from around the league will offer insight and analysis.

The Cavaliers, who haven’t made the playoffs since James left four years ago, are a team that will be headlined by All-Stars James, Kyrie Irving and, very possibly, Kevin Love (pending the finalization of  a reported trade between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Cavaliers, a trade that also includes Andrew Wiggins, the Cavs’ No. 1 pick in last month’s Draft). Many already are predicting huge things for James and the Cavs.

It’s safe to say there will be no shortage of other intriguing storylines for the upcoming season, too, what with seismic changes in the Central Division alone, not to mention the retooling of all of the contenders chasing the reigning champion San Antonio Spurs.

Whether the road to the NBA championship runs through Cleveland, San Antonio, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles (Clippers)  or somewhere else, we’ll find out all the regular-season steps on Wednesday night.


  1. Rosemary Bonner says:

    Im so glad to see that lebron is back im a sie hard cavs fan a LeBron fan let’s go cavs

  2. deangelo says:

    the bulls and cleveland will run the east while th spurs and OKC wil run the west NBA finals bulls vs. thunder bulls win in 7 homecourt advantage go bulls!

  3. Matheus says:

    1. Cavaliers
    2. Bulls
    3. Nets
    4. Heat
    5. Wizards
    6. Hornets
    7. Hawks
    8. Knicks

    1. Spurs
    2. Thunder
    3. Clippers
    4. Warriors
    5. Blazers
    6. Rockets
    7. Mavericks
    8. Suns

    CLE 4-1 NY
    MIA 4-3 WAS
    BKN 4-2 CHA
    CHI 1-4 NYK

    SAS 4-0 PHX
    GSW 4-3 POR
    LAC 2-4 HOU
    OKC 4-1 DAL
    CLE 1-4 MIA
    BKN 2-4 NYK

    SAS 4-2 GSW
    OKC 4-1 HOU
    MIA 4-3 NYK
    SAS 4-3 OKC
    SAS 3-4 MIA

    Miami Heat again!!!

  4. Dage says:





    East Conf Finals
    Cavs vs Bulls (Cavs)
    West Conf Finals
    Spurs vs Grizzlies (Grizzlies)

    Cavs vs Grizzlies


  5. NorCal Warrior says:

    Where is the love? Yes, he will be in Cleveland. But, I mean the love for the Warriors!!
    Warriors shock everyone because everyone stays healthy for the most part especially for the playoffs. Man, we didn’t even have Bogut and took the Clippers to 7 which we should have won. The year before Lee gets hurt first game of the playoffs.

    OKC and Durant are cool but will dissapoint. They are great individual players but don’t work well as a team.
    Clippers will go out in the first round
    Lakers better with new additions but no real threat
    Mavs with Dirk and Monte plus Parsons now will be tough but still finish 6th
    Portland dissapoints
    Phoenix also comes up short
    San Antonio – no repeat and age catches up and they finish 3rd
    You heard it hear

  6. Antonio says:

    Portland Trailblazers will be in the western FInALSSS

  7. Oliver says:

    1) Cavs- Best on paper, their offense will spark their defense, and they will have much continuity throughout the regular season. Not much to argue about there.
    2) Bulls- If Derrick Rose can stay healthy for more than 60 games, the #2 spot will probably fall in the hands of the Bulls pretty easily.
    3) Wizards- J. Wall has improved each year; he’s my favorite PG and he will push the Wizards to be a top 5 offensive team, and in the top half of defense as well.
    4) Knicks- My personal favorite team, yet the Knicks still have a lot to prove. I predict them starting slowly and finishing strong, giving them more continuity in the playoffs and as a team in general. Also, since the Atlantic Division is pretty weak, I still predicted them to finish 5th or 6th (I’m trying my best not to be biased)
    5) Heat- Without LBJ, the Heat will still have offensive firepower and an excellent starting team, but their bench lacks depth and the fatigue factor will most likely be relevant later in the year.
    6) Hornets- The Hornets were an excellent defensive team last year, and their addition of L. Stephenson will give them great depth and offense.
    7) Raps- The Raptors are still a great team, but the East is much harder than last year and I don’t see the Raps going far in the regular season or the playoffs. I could be wrong, though. The Raps sure proved me wrong last year.
    8) Nets- The 8th seed was tough for me to choose, and I realized that the Pacers lack extreme depth and will not have P. George for half of the season. The Pistons look better, but still not playoffs worthy, and the Nets seemingly look good, but if KG doesn’t play and B. Lopez isn’t who he was, then they may not make they playoffs.

    First Round:
    1) Cavs vs. 8) Nets: Cavs in 4
    I really don’t see the Cavs losing to the Nets, and the series should be quick, definitely no more than 5 games.

    2) Bulls vs. 7) Raps: Bulls in 5
    This series would really be dependent on D. Rose’s health. If he’s not healthy for this series, the Raps could snatch some more games and perhaps beat them.

    3) Wizards vs. 6) Hornets: Wizards in 5
    The Wizards to me are a much better team than the Hornets and could slash their defense apart. P. Pierce will come up big in the series and I believe he will make J. Wall a much better player offensively.

    4) Knicks vs. 5) Heat: Knicks in 7
    I think the Knicks should be able to contain D. Wade and C. Bosh to less than 50 PPG combined in this series, and their offense may thrash the Heat’s defense if used correctly. ‘Melo won’t be as huge of a factor than expected, and L. Deng will play great defense on him. Still, it won’t be enough to stop the Knicks, and if I. Shumpert and J.R. Smith live up to their potential, I think the Knicks could win.

    Second Round:
    1) Cavs vs. 4) Knicks: Cavs in 5
    The Cavs’ offense will be too much for the Knicks to handle, and the Knicks won’t have the ability to beat the Cavs in offense or defense.

    2) Bulls vs. 3) Wizards: Wizards in 6
    The Wizards will have a lot of depth offensively and defensively, and should be able to contain D. Rose and P. Gasol. This will be a hell of a series and the Wizards in general will contain the Bulls.

    1) Cavs vs. 3) Wizards: Cavs in 6
    The Cavs should seemingly dominate the entire Eastern Conference. However, the J. Wall vs. K. Irving matchup will be very interesting, and the Wizards do have the defensive and offensive ability to win a few games, but the Cavs are loaded, and Lebron will be Lebron.

    1) Spurs- Nothing needed to be said.
    2) Rockets- I see them being really good this year, and I feel like T. Ariza will work very well offensively with this team, and will bring a defensive punch to it as well.
    3) Thunder- KD will probably be MVP again, and will definately be as good as he was last year. The Thunder have been really good for the past 4 years, and will probably be very good again this year.
    4) Clippers- The Clippers are still struggling as a franchise in terms of stability, but their team is reliable and will still be very good offensively, while still being a very good defensive-minded team.
    5) Mavs- The addition of C. Parsons may have been overpriced, but still necesary. The Mavs will still be one of the best offensive teams, but their defense is still questionable. The addition of T. Chandler will bring them that energy and defense needed, but they definately down-graded their PG position.
    6) Warriors- This is where it gets tricky for me. The Warriors are a weird team in the sense that they under-achieve in the regular season and then over-achieve in the playoffs. The Warriors are still, to me, just as good as last year, if not better.
    7) Blazers- D. Lillard and L. Aldridge are still one of the best duos in the league, and will grow and thrive together throughout the season. If the West weren’t so loaded, the Blazers would be one of the best teams in the league (if that makes sense).
    8) Grizzlies- This team will grind out wins just as they have been doing for the last 4 years, and their system won’t fail them to win enough games to contend for a playoff spot.

    First Round:
    1) Spurs vs. 8) Grizzlies: Spurs in 5
    The Grizzlies will be very hard to beat, but if there’s a team that can go through their defense, it’s the Spurs.

    2) Rockets vs. Blazers: Rockets in 7
    Rematch of last year, but the Rockets will get the upper hand. They are prepared for what the Blazers can do and the chemistry of the Rockets will be relevant. There probably won’t be a single game under 100 points for either team.

    3) Thunder vs. 6) Warriors: Thunder in 6
    Another great series. KD will be KD, Curry will be Curry, and this will be a hard-fought series. The Thunder are still the better team to me though.

    4) Clippers vs. 5) Mavericks: Mavs in 7
    The Mavs will win the offensive battle and will contain B. Griffin enough to win. The Mavs are an interesting team, and they have a lot of positives in them. If C. Paul becomes a demon, though… the Mavs don’t have a chance.

    Second Round:
    1) Spurs vs. 5) Mavs: Mavs in 6
    The Mavs held the Spurs to their heels last year, and I believe that they now have the pieces, coaching and overall ability to beat the Spurs. Call me crazy, I don’t care.

    2) Rockets vs. 3) Thunder: Thunder in 5
    I think KD will be a beast as usual, and D. Howard will be a much greater factor, but to no prevail. The Rockets will have to adjust the way that they did against the Blazers last year, and the Thunder are just too good of a team.

    3)Thunder vs. 5) Mavs: Thunder in 6
    This will be one of the better WCF in a while, and the Thunder will come out on top. Westbrook will be the biggest factor in this series, as they won’t be able to contain him at all.

    NBA Finals:
    I have no freakin’ idea

  8. 3po1nt0 says:

    curious what day lakers/bulls in LA will be.

    want to see pau’s return to staples.

    also lakers/cavs though I’m sure that will be a tough ticket

  9. kenny says:

    play offs west Thunder Spurs clipps warriors rocketts grizz blazzers wolves east Bulls Cavs Indie washington charlote miami broklin toronto

  10. darkstylus says:

    Yeez loo-eez, Spurs were 1st seed in league and put on a record breaking annihilation of all but the Mavs in the post. kept the core, adding pieces and improving the coaching staff

    and yet were shlubs who are gonna get our butts kicked by the Bulls, Cavs, Thunder, Clips and probably the Scalabrine Pickup crew?

    LOL what do we have to do to be ‘over’ the radar?

    see in in June boyeeeeee!

  11. Skyride says:

    Eastern Conference.
    1. yes

    Western Conference
    1. Narnia

  12. Jeff says:

    Eastern Conference:

    Western Conference:

    Playoff Prediction
    Cavaliers vs Heat ( Cavs in 6)
    Bulls vs Hawks (Bulls in 6)
    Nets vs Pacers (Nets in 6)
    Wizards vs Raptors (Wizards in 5)

    Cavaliers vs Wizards (Cavs in 6)
    Bulls vs Nets (Bulls in 7)

    Cavaliers vs Bulls (Bulls in 7)

    Western Conference:
    Spurs vs Grizzlies (Spurs in 6)
    Clippers vs Mavs (Clippers in 5)
    Thunder vs Warriors (Thunder in 7)
    Blazers vs Rockets(Blazers in 5)

    Spurs vs Blazers(Spurs in 6)
    Clippers vs Thunder (Clippers in 6)

    Spurs vs Clippers (Spurs in 6)

    Finals: Spurs vs Cavaliers (Spurs in 5)

    • baller says:

      jeff u got bulls beating cavs in game 7 and then got cavs and spurs in the finals

      u must definately be a lebron stan get off his nuts

  13. Larry says:

    You don’t know basketball if you think the Cavs are going to win it all

  14. Bksfinest says:

    1) Clevland 2) Chicago 3) Washington 4)Miaimi 5) Charlotte 6)Knicks 7) Atlanta 8) Toronto

    1st round
    Clev vs Tor (Clev in 6)
    Mia vs Char (Char in 6)
    Chi vs Atl (Chi in 5)
    Wash vs NYK (NYK in 6)

    2nd round
    Clev vs Char (Clev in 6)
    Chi VS NYK (Chi in 7)

    ECF (Clev VS Chi) (Clev in 7)

  15. THEGOATLucLongley says:



  16. Jay says:

    Eastern Conference:

    Western Conference
    Grizzlies or Lakers


  17. brusier brody says:

    So,is there still a Heat Nation or nah???

  18. Russ says:

    Cavs lack playoff experience… Kevin Love hasn’t even seen the playoffs and has never had to deliver under pressure. Indiana was broken before PG went down. Washington is looking good, but c’mon, it’s Washington. Bet on the Bulls to take the East.

    Spurs are notoriously bad at repeats. They’re done. Clippers have a chance but Griffin,,, naw. Thunder are ripe for a championship with lots of angst over how close they’ve been. KD will be a monster this year. Thunder will take the West.

    Thunder vs. Bulls = Thunder in 5.

    BRING IT ON!!!

  19. MFFL says:

    Why is everyone rating the mavs at like 7th and 8th? are you guys high?

  20. hilljr says:

    1) Chicago-Deepest team in the East. Period (as long as DRose is healthy and stays healthy)
    2) Cleveland-Suprimely talented, but too many glaring holes in the backcourt and frontcourt
    3) Atlanta-made the playoffs last year WITHOUT their best player. And he’s back
    4) Toronto-Chemistry and talent equal success. they have an abundance of both
    5) Charlotte-Second most improved team in the NBA
    6) Washington-The stayed the same, and they’ll finish with the same record (maybe better) but the East is alot better than most realize.
    7) Miami-Experience will get them a first round matchup with Cleveland where they would be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS
    8) Knicks-Carmelo + continuity= playoffs. Derick Fisher shows his chops


    1) San Antonio-Old Reliable….nothing else needs to be said.
    2) OKC-Young reliable, but until they find crunchtime offense they’ll continue to play second fiddle. SA figured them out last year.
    3) LA Clippers-Rematch with OKC goes different if they make it there.
    4) Dallas-Most improved team in the West
    5) Houston-not nearly as bad as people are making them out to be, sets up a juicy first round match-up w/Dallas
    6) GState-New Coach, Same Result
    7) Memphis-Same Coach, Same result. West is LOADED.
    8) Portland-One phrase sums them up…..”Regression to the Mean”

  21. Diiiiiiiiiirkkkkkk says:

    If mavs players will be healthy all season, Dallas Mavericks 2015 NBA Champion

  22. nba_minds says:

    East: West:
    1.Cavs 1.Thunder
    2.Bulls 2.Spurs
    3.Raptors 3.Clippers
    4.Wizards 4.Blazers
    5.Hornets 5.Mavs
    6.Heat 6.Warriors
    7.Hawks 7.Suns
    8.Nets 8.Rockets

    1st RD: Cavs vs Nets Thunder vs Rockets
    Bulls vs Hawks Spurs vs Suns
    Raptors vs Heat Clippers vs Warriors
    Wizards vs Hornets Blazers vs Mavs

    2nd RD: Cavs vs Wizards Thunder vs Blazers
    Bulls vs Raptors Spurs vs Clippers

    Conf Finals: Cavs vs Bulls Thunder vs Clippers

    Finals: Cavs vs Thunder

    Champions: Cavs (Lebron James regular season MVP{5th} and Finals MVP{3})

  23. Jared says:

    Opening Night

    Knicks at Cavs

    Lakers at Bulls

  24. JT says:

    Im a die hard rockets fan but why is everybody sleeping on the Mavs?? Parsons, Chandler, and Nowitzki?! i mean cmon they will be a top 5 team.

  25. Here’s how it will really go

    Eastern Conference:
    1. Cavs
    2. Bulls
    3. Wizards
    4. Raptors
    5. Hornets
    6. Heat
    7. Nets
    8. Pacers

    Playoff Predictions:
    Cavs vs Pacers (Cavs sweep)
    Bulls vs Nets (Bulls in 6)
    Wizards vs Heat (Wizards in 6)
    Raptors vs Hornets (Raptors in 7)

    Round 2

    Cavs vs Raptors (Cavs in 6)
    Bulls vs Wizards (Bulls in 7)


    Cavs vs Bulls (Bulls in 7)


    Bulls vs Clippers ( Clippers in 6)

  26. agentponkan says:

    CAVS won’t win, they do not have defense

  27. Bilal Saleem says:

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  28. Brandon says:

    Dont short change Orlando… While everyone has been looking at where lebron is going and whose doing what the past 2 seasons the Magic have quietly built a pretty good young team.. They will make the playoffs this season.. Will they compete for a Championship? No not even close but they will be in the 6-8 seed range in the east..

  29. Jack23 says:

    and the NBA fortune tellers are all over the page…LOL..damn predictions…wait and see until the second half of the season, you might see all your predictions coming or failing…hmmm goodluck to all of us!

  30. Gowhere Lebron Go says:

    Eastern Conference
    1. Bulls (as long is Rose is healthy)
    2. Cavs
    8. Knicks,Nets, Pacers

    Western Conference

    1)Bulls vs 2) Cavs Cavs in 7
    1)Spurs vs 2)Thunder Thunder in 7

    Cavs vs Thunder Cavs in 6 (LBJ Finals MVP for the 3rd time)

  31. howmydirktaste says:

    For a team with a top-3 coach, arguably boasting the best front court && a top-3 offensive trio in the league. younger, more versatile wing players and playmakers, shooters, length and depth off the bench, 3 verteran point guards, a former DPOY anchoring the defense, a 7’0″ first ballet HOFer who shoots from anywhere and the best damn owner in all of sports. My Mavs are gonna hurt a lot a people feelings this year. #MMFL

  32. ko0kiE says:

    opening night:

    OKC at SA

    CLE at MIA

  33. Jack Bauer says:

    Lol…….all of you fools picking OKC vs Cleveland in the finals. What, is Westbrick suddenly going to become a better teammate and stop shooting his team in the foot during crunch time? Are all of Clevelands scrubs all of a sudden going to become world beaters just because James is on the court with them?

  34. Wilksy08 says:

    NBA 2K Simulations- This is why simulations are useless. I disagree with everything you said. Firstly Cleveland will be good but they wont jump to number 1 in east even with Lebron. New York will not finish above Miami. Toronto will finish higher than 7th. What about Atlanta????????? Clippers wont finish number 1 in west and they wont get to the finals and neither will Miami. Miami wont win again for the next 10 years. Id put my house on that. Use your own mind, not a computer

  35. jhie says:


    • Brooks says:

      negative!!!!! SPURS ARE DONE!!!

      • RG says:

        Brooks, your comment is idiotic and wrong! you can’t guarantee that. until further notice, the Spurs are still one of the favorites to win the title this upcoming season.

      • Kazario says:

        Spurs done after being the best team for the past two seasons?? What an illogical/baseless statement………please explain without making yourself look foolsih.

      • Jeff says:

        Lol spurs are done? All they did was be one of the best teams in NBA history last year. Oh and all they did is bring the entire team back. No team got stronger than the spurs in the offseason a lot of teams in fact got worse. I will take my spurs any day over any team in the west.

  36. Reymond says:

    Eastern Conference:
    4.Pacers(George think will play or out for this season)

    Western Conference:
    2.Spurs(2014 champions)

    Playoff Prediction
    Cavaliers vs Nets(Cavs in 5 games)
    Heat vs Raptors(Heat in 6 games)
    Knicks vs Wizards(Knicks in 7 Games)
    Pacers vs Bulls(Pacers in 7 Games)

    Cavaliers vs Pacers(Cavs in 5 or 6 games)
    Heat vs Knicks(Heat in 5 games)

    Cavaliers vs Heat(Cavs in 7 games)

    Western Conference:
    Thunder vs Lakers(Thunder in 5 games)
    Spurs vs Mavs(REMATCH)(Spurs in 7 games)
    Clippers vs Grizzlies(Clippers in 7 games)
    Blazers vs Rockets(REMATCH)(Blazers in 7 Games)

    Thunder vs Blazers(Thunder in 6 games)
    Spurs vs Clippers(Spurs in 7 games)

    Thunder vs Spurs(Thunder in 6 games)

    Finals: Cavaliers vs Thunder (Cavaliers in 7 games)

  37. Heatfan1 says:

    You all keep underestimating the HEAT, you will be in for a big surprise.

    • Deej says:

      Well I guess if they manage to get the 5th seed, then I’d have to say touché to you my friend, cause I would be highly surprised…

  38. Bill says:

    So are they just gonna disrespect the Spurs by putting the opener in Cleveland?

  39. Ron Thorne says:

    The ‘Cavs’ will be a most formidable foe. With Love, Irving and James- ‘CMONNNNN MAN’

  40. Jay Gunn says:

    The NBA will be highley competitive with a few shake-ups to some rosters. You have the obvious favorites of Cleveland, Chicago, Spurs, and OKC however I am interested to see the sleepers/breakout teams this season. The Washington Wizrards and the Charlotte Bobcats will be 2 sleeper teams in the east (honorable mention The Sixers). If the Wizards had a better bench I would put them as a 2nd favorite to win the east. With the addition of Paul Pierce I believe they’ll finish 3rd in the east and will give the Chicago Bulls (who I think will finish 2nd) a run for their money in the eastern conference Semi finals. The Sixers WILL make the playoffs this season. They have a young and hungry group out in the city of brotherly love. No surpises out west. Spurs will continue to dominate as their young players continue to get better and their vets continue to take sips from the fountain of youth. OKC will continue to fall short due to no roster changes and an ongoing clash of the titans i.e. Kevin Durant and Russy Wess. I cant wait to see how Kobe does this season as he has been removed from discussions of current ELITE players which is just BLASPHEMY. Kobe will forever be in discussion of the BOAT (best of all time). The Lakers will finish as a 6th seed in the west, but ultimately fall short due to lack of talent. Sleeper teams in the west will be The New Orleans Pelicans (I hate saying their mascot name) and the Dallas Mavericks. New ORleans will ultimately fall a bit short on making the playoffs but will certainly make a strong push to make the playoffs. The Mavericks will put up a dog fight in the 2nd round. In the end SPURS VS CAVS in the NBA finals this year. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SEASON TO START!

  41. Budgie says:

    Chicago, Cleveland, New York, Miami, Washingotn, Pacers, Toronto, Brooklyn

    San Antonio, OKC, Clippers, Golden State, Portland, Houston, Phoenix, Memphis

    Thats how i see it going down this year

    OKC vs Cleveland Finals

  42. nba says:

    all do respect to every team in the nba but with cavs kyrie and james adding love , mike ,jones , possible ray allen if love comes wich will happen and marion leaning towards cavs its hands down cavs this year you guys are forgetting no matter how much u hate LeBron hes like 5 players himself and slimmering down maybe 8 players lol gud luck with that this year spurs

  43. Snow7 says:

    how are ppl still thinking miami will be anything but a 6-7 seed soley based on the east being so weak. lost best player in the game and wade is walking injury, and bosh is well………. they added deng bench is still weak and chalmers running point still. like a 6-8 seed at best. no way they are a top 5 seed like some of these other posters say.

  44. tyko11 says:

    I see it shaking out something close to this (based on preseason judgments): EAST: 1. Chicago 2. New York 3. Cleveland 4. Washington 5. Miami 6. Charlotte 7. Indiana 8. Philadephia (trust me on this one, I’m not a Sixers fan per se, but I really feel this one). WEST 1. Oklahoma City 2. San Antonio 3. L.A. Clippers 4. Portland 5. Phoenix 6. Memphis 7. Golden State 8. Minnesota.

    • Jay Gunn says:

      You must not watch sports very much.

    • mmmmmmmm says:

      I agree but New York will not be number 2. If Cleveland gets Love they will probably be the best with New York Knicks at 5th.You didn’t include the raptors. Washington will be great with Pirece. And I dont think that the Pacers will even be on the list knowing that they lost Lance and George. And in the west, The Spurs will still be number 1. You are right about the Rockets having a tough year and the mavericks. Here is my list

      East: 1.Cleveland 2.Chicago 3.Washington 4.New York 5.Raptors 6.Charlotte 7.Miami 8.76ers

      West:1.Spurs 2.Thunder 3. Clippers 4. Portland 5. Golden State 6. Memphis 7.Minnesota 8. Phoenix

    • Lovins says:

      2. New York??? That must be a typo…

    • LS1Kid says:

      Preseason hasn’t even started yet, all that was done was just the summer league
      So your saying the Knicks are #2 based off rookies and 2nd year players…….Nice

    • Tgas TT ako says:

      i do believe chicago will be #1 , but new york #2??? i doubt it boy,,,, sixers wil not make it trust me,,,

    • Wilksy08 says:

      tyko11- you a crack fiend? if you think New York will be 2nd in East you must be smokin somin. And philly wont make playoffs, ur crazy man. What about Atlanta? U clearly dont know anything about the eastern conference.

    • ahabbas says:

      Are you serious? How can you place anyone above Cleveland in the East? Even without Kevin Love Chicago and New York have little to no chance at seeding above Cle……Bulls have shown they do not utilize their bigs well on offense, you will see the derrick rose show and he will have more congested lanes with gasol or gibson on the floor.

      • enderwilson says:

        Did you see the Bulls last season? Did you see Jokim Noah contend for league MVP? You’re thinking two years ago. They’ve swapped Boozer for Gasol so effectively they have the best front court in the east. Add Rose back into the equation and its the Cavs looking up at the Bulls. Unless the Cavs new rookie coach knows how to mix the talent and ingredients on that roster in the right way, this year is a growth year for the Cavs. They’re probably contending for 1-3 in the playoffs, but they’re still looking up at the Bulls.

  45. rommel says:

    dude its a team chemistry and san antonio has it. that is why they are hard to beat… you will see…

    • cavs fan since "92" says:

      The spurs are so hard to beat because of their depth most of their bench could be starters on any other yeam in the nba when a team has (manu)as a sixth man u have a loaded team

  46. Joseph says:

    Shout outs to my MIAMI HEAT. . We may have lost LeBron but we still got Dwade and Bosh who dont have to play 2nd fittle to LeBron any more plus we have newly acquired Lueol Dang on board and a couple of more pieces that the great Pat Riley added to the mix.. I really like our team this season & with the east being so week and the pacers losing Stephenson and Paul George to injury. The east to me is a 3 race dance with Cleveland, Chicago and Miami. With Toronto and Washington a distance 4th and 5th probably Charlotte New York and Detroit end up 6-8 .so I like Miami to finish 52-30 this season. .#Heat fan for life bandwagon hopper here… Peace

    • FACTS says:

      Heat aren’t finishing in the top 5

    • cavs fan since "92" says:

      Im sorry i see washed up wade and the heat fighting for a 8th seed and that is simply because wade will be on the bench most of the regular season so he can save what he has left for the playoffs just for a first round exit

  47. NBA 2K Simulations says:

    -East: 1) Cleveland, 2) Chicago, 3) Washington, 4) New York, 5) Miami, 6) Toronto, 7) Brooklyn, 8) Indiana
    -West: 1) LA Clippers, 2) Oklahoma City, 3) San Antonio, 4) Portland, 5) Golden State, 6) Houston 7) Memphis, 8) Minnesota (yeah I said Minnesota)
    -Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: 1) Cleveland beat 8) Indiana, 5) Miami beat 4) New York, 2) Chicago beat 7) Brooklyn, and 3) Washington beat 6) Toronto
    -Western Conference Quarterfinals: 1) LA Clippers beat 8) Minnesota, 5) Golden State beat 4) Portland, 2) Oklahoma City best 7) Memphis, and 6) Houston beat 3) San Antonio
    -Eastern Conference Semifinals: 5) Miami beat 1) Cleveland and 3) Washington beat 2) Chicago
    -Western Conference Semifinals: 1) LA Clippers beat 5) Golden State and 2) Oklahoma City beat 6) Houston
    -Eastern Conference Finals: 5) Miami beat 3) Washington
    -Western Conference Finals: 1) LA Clippers beat 2) Oklahoma City
    -NBA FINALS: Miami HEAT beat LA Clippers
    *All games results were simulated 3 times to determine NBA Champion via NBA 2K14*

  48. MIke says:

    Can’t wait to watch San Antonio wipe the court with the Cavaliers during a 4-game finals series.

  49. barbara TREVINO says:


    • jcrulesalways says:

      You say that like it’s the Heat’s fault for 2013, when it was San Antonio’s for not being aware in last few seconds of the 4th Quarter in Game 6.

  50. NBA Fan says:

    Boring prediction: With Paul George sidelined for the year, Indiana will not make much of a run. Chicago (with Derrick Rose back in form) will win the East (honorable mentions to Cleveland and Miami). San Antonio will again win the West (honorable mentions to OKC and the Clippers), and will win the finals yet again. Any room for major disagreement?

  51. ayy lmao says:

    do you really have to call it a “sked”

  52. Sam Reyes says:

    I want to see The Rockets In Dallas

  53. See red says:



    NBA CHAMPIONS: CHICAGO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. hotrod1 says:

    the Knicks will be better then advertised! 45 wins or better! don’t believe me just watch!!!

    • Jay Gunn says:

      They’ll def be better than advertised. I cant wait to see a slim Melo go to work and the new kid Cleanthony Early go to work!

  55. harriethehawk says:

    Let’s Go Hawks! Thunder Up!

  56. ERIC says:


    • Jay Gunn says:

      ha! The heat wont make it out the first round. D.Wade is ancient and Chris Bosh is soft as a snowflake.

    • cavs fan since "92" says:

      I dont even see the heat making the playoffs.i know its sad but i see danny granger be the heats leading scorer with wade sidelined due to injury then pat Riley trading him after the season ends

  57. Weedmoker says:

    Cavs-Heat for opening night

  58. delusion101 says:

    doesnt matter. San Antonio will win it again next year.

  59. Titus says:

    If Cavs get Marion, Love, Allen with what they already have…Cavs will be tough to beat.. with that team its highly likely that theyll win a championship the first year and beyond….so unlike the Heats big 3 with two ball dominate wing players (future HoFers), that took time to figure out, and with bosh another dominate player learning to play a less ball dominate roll whereas in cleveland these players will play the positions and rolls theyve always had, and yes even Kevin Love, therefore lessening the learning curve like the Heat went through…Look for Lebron to win at least three ships’ with the very young and talented Cavs!

  60. TheAll-Star136 says:

    The third game on opening night should be Minnesota at Milwaukee

  61. Tony says:

    Would be nice but I believe the Blackhawks have a home game scheduled on Opening Night. Bulls will be on the road.

  62. Robert says:

    With all do respect, but the CAVS wont win it all this upcoming season. Its gonna be a team from the West. Yes they will have some big names on the team but its not gauranteed they will win it. Look what happened to Miami. They were a BIG 3 team. So lets not all get ahead of ourselves. Lets just enjoy the season cause I know its gonna be very entertaining!!!!

    • Eddie says:

      No Robert they were a big 1, Lebron was the only player with the so called big 3 that showed up! and you know this

  63. HaKO says:

    who are the rockets playing i hope the blazers revenge!!!!!

  64. kenny says:

    othere good ones to play on openning night is pacers wizzards and warriors and clippers

  65. TheAll-Star136 says:

    I hope the games on opening night are:

    Cleveland at Chicago
    Oklahoma City at San Antonio

    • CavsFan says:

      Me too! I’m a huge Cavaliers fan and i’m looking forward so much to the future battles between Cleveland and Chicago. Gonna be so fun to watch!

  66. Kirby Record says:

    The NBA got a whole lot more interesting when James went to Cleveland.

    • bullysix says:

      Please if he went to the Milwaukee Bucks people wou like d be saying the same and making bucks the favorite for the title

      • dd def says:

        so you agree then? there’s a little more romance to the story of him returning to his hometown though.