Horry’s HOF scale … does it exist?

VIDEO: Robert Horry, a seven-time NBA champion, earned his nickname “Big Shot Bob” the old-fashioned way!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Whenever his name is mentioned, the words “NBA legend” usually accompany Robert Horry.

How else should one refer to a man who in 16 NBA seasons collected seven championship rings, played alongside some of the game’s all-time greats, earned the nickname “Big Shot Bob” for his clutch shooting heroics on the biggest stage and has become a cult figure with his own measurement for big shots (All Ball’s famed Horry Scale)?

Horry piled up championship experiences during his playing days that many of his more celebrated contemporaries would trade All-Star nods for. And perhaps even some of that cash they made. What would you want more, the adulation, fortune and fame — all of which inevitably fades over time — or the timeless prestige of seven, count ’em seven, championship rings?

I’d have to think long and hard about that one, really!

The purists have every right to laugh off the Horry belongs in the Hall of Fame argument. He never averaged more than 12 points per game during any season in his career, and he didn’t reach double digits once during his final 12 seasons in the league. Horry only started in 480 of a possible 1,107 games he played in during the regular seasons of his 16 years.

Still, few players were feared the way Horry was with the ball in his hands late and the game on the line. And therein lies the dilemma for a specialist, a role player extraordinaire like Horry. There is no metric available that would bolster his case for entry into the Hall of Fame, his individual numbers (a ho-hum 7,715 career points and nary an All-Star bid) just do not stack up to the Hall of Fame water line. And yet you feel like there has to be some sort of recognition for someone who has accomplished the things Horry did during his career.

He was eligible for consideration with the 2014 class and didn’t make the cut. Horry will join a deep pool of carryover candidates for the 2015 class, headlined by newcomer Dikembe Mutombo, and a star-studded group that includes the likes of Kevin Johnson, Tim Hardaway, Spencer Haywood, Chris Webber and Penny Hardaway. They all have stronger individual cases than Horry but possess none of the championship hardware he brings to the party.

Horry reminds me of the NFL specialists who have struggled for years to gain entry to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It took Ray Guy, arguably the greatest punter in football history, forever to crash through that glass ceiling.

Complicating matters for Horry and others is the fact that the recognition in the Naismith Hall of Fame isn’t just about what a player has done during his professional career. It’s a culmination of an entire life in the game, from high school to college and all the way up to the very top of the heap.

Horry played a significant part in Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers like Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant gobbling up the championship rings that highlight their respective credential lists. If you don’t believe it, ask Phil Jackson or Gregg Popovich, all-time great coaches who know the worth of a truly game-changing role player.

While I’m not ready to argue that Horry deserves to be immortalized in Springfield the way the best of the all-time best have been and always will be, and deservedly so. I do think there needs to be some sort of special recognition for a an elite specialists like Horry, a guy whose accomplishments, even in a supporting role, are unparalleled by anyone else during his era.

Can’t he get a plaque or commemorative brick or something to acknowledge his unique contribution to the game?

Ultimately, Horry might have to settle for the scale, the universal love he gets from all corners of the basketball galaxy and the knowledge deep down that there are plenty of men already in the Hall of Fame and on their way who would do anything for just one of his seven rings!


  1. Manu Antetokounmpo says:

    It’s not until you can see his career from an outside perspective that you can really tell that he was probably (key word) something special. Other than the 95 regular season and playoffs and the 02 playoffs, i don’t think he did anything that was prominently culminating to his team reaching the playoffs, or even the championship. To Illustrate it, you view each one of Horry’s seasons, and they seem dry, his numbers are humble, his minutes are moderate, his percentages aren’t even very enviable, but in between all this dryness is an oasis of playoff performances, game winners and memorable moments when all the world of basketball was watching, and that’s all the world truly remembers, so even though he’s a dry desert in terms of his season-by-season career, the attention he receives is because the only area toured was his oasis, and piece only those moments together, and therefore Horry is a refreshing memory of basketball history. His unselfishness was surely compensated by 7 championships. He’s enjoyed his glory, there’s nothing else to become of him, the hall of fame should be for those players who whether they won a ring or not, made every night exciting, who made the 2nd quarter worth watching, the one’s who would make spectacular plays at the start and to close out, those who would make game winning drives and game winning stops, season in and season out, the MVP’s, the Defensive players, the perpetual All Stars, the All NBA Teams, The players who molded the league every season, the players you rooted for when you were 10, and kept rooting for when you were well into your 20s (or any similar age spectrum ) those are the hall of fame worthy players, not to take anything away from Horry, he was great in his regard, and I wouldn’t hate it if he made the hall of fame, but unlike Duncan, KG, and Kobe, where you kind of already know 10 seasons before they retire that they’re going to make the HOF, or like Kevin Johnson, who at the end of a season you realize just how special he is, it takes a whole career’s worth ending and then some to realize that Horry’s accomplishments are kind of rare, but the player who he happens to be, really isn’t.

  2. bigmatta23 says:

    Robert Horry is not worthy of the Hall of Fame. Ask him yourslef, I guarantee he too will agree that he is not worthy. The HOF is for the best of the best. Not Robert Horry.

  3. bigmatta23 says:

    Robert Horry is not worthy of the Hall of Fame. Ask him yourself and if he is a decent human being he’ll agree. He is not worthy. The Hall of Fame is for the best fo the best. Robert is not and has never been.

  4. #24 > #23 says:

    Big Shot Bob, nuff said

  5. alflex519 says:

    You have 2b a special player 2make HOF; and he simply was not. He did hit some special shoots though- its a no-brain”r,NOPE!

  6. alflex519 says:

    A simple NO will suffice.

  7. reggie says:

    please former phoenix suns great Kevin Johnson his Hall of fame he was one of the best dunking guards in the game

  8. tanibanana says:

    people keep on saying, his only clutch and lucky to be in a stacked team.
    guys, he also made a lot of non-stat padding contributions (picks, decoy, etc.) to make the team strong.
    He is not a 1st ballot HOF’er… but he should get in, sometime.


    Kyle korver should get something for his shooting too.

  10. R U joking says:


  11. Geronimo says:

    a player should do something special to become HOF.
    And Robert Horry did some special things.
    He’s a winner, he won more titles then MJ or Kobe
    He did it with three diffirent teams.
    And he’s one of the best cluch shooters off all time.

  12. inotkaayo says:

    I remembered he was called something else other than “big shot bob” on his cheap shot at Steve Nash on the western finals. that had the suns bench suspended for 1 games and eventually loose.

  13. dbarnes says:

    The ultimate measure of a career is whether you won or lost and not how you played the game. Big Shot Bob is the only non Celtic player who has seven rings. For those who do not think he belongs in the HOF you can kiss his rings or kiss his…..

  14. Steve says:

    The worst bounce of a ball in Sacramento Kings history ended up in RH’s hands and he delivered.

  15. qucee says:

    it’s not about the rings he won. it’s about all the great shot Horry made during it. he made some shots that may have been lucky, but he still made those damn shots. they went in and they (including him) won. in some cases/series without Horry’s shots, the whole story would have been different. it wasn’t him, who won the series by himself. but he won some of those games with one single shot. that’s special if you ask me….
    Robert, for me you belong in the HOF! thanks for the memories…

  16. Dave says:

    Robert Horry was not lucky to be on winning teams. He was lucky to be drafted by the Rockets, and the Rockets got lucky that he was the clutch player that he became. After that, each team he was on knew what they were getting when they signed him. The Spurs and Lakers each signed him for THAT moment when the shot really counted and he delivered. And he delivered more times than luck can account for. He deserves a spot in the HOF. Some say that opens the doors for Steve Kerr, and others.. Well? If they were great players who had a large part in their teams success, then they should be included. Stats never tell the whole story.

  17. Curt says:

    Already enough chit-chat about the most glorified role player in NBA history… short answer. No!
    and this comes from a Spurs Fan… Go Spurs Go!

  18. fernando says:

    he’s a hall of famer

  19. vern says:

    He had a good career but not “Hall of Fame worthy. He was lucky enough to be on good teams and he made his share of clutch shots unfortunately, clutch shots are not a reason to be elected to HOF.

  20. El Stone says:

    As much as I hated Horry (when he was beating the Spurs) and loving him (when he was a Spur), he’s not HOF worthy.

    Now if he had been a dominant star and then morphed into a sharp shooting role player, the way Ray Allen and Vince Carter have, I could see him getting in on those merits.

    To be HOF worthy, you should at some point in your career be one of the 10 best players in the league. That shouldn’t be the only factor (longevity, championships, etc., should also be considered), but I think at the very least you need to have been a great player (as opposed to a role player) at some point in your career.

    A lot of people mentioning Steve Kerr as a comparison. The difference is Kerr is one the best 3-point shooters the NBA has ever seen. Kerr scored fewer points, but he also retired as the league’s all-time leader in three-point shooting percentage for a season (.524 in 1994-95) and career (.454).

  21. Jonathan says:

    Hall of Fame selections are for great players. Great players at ANY level, ANY sport make their teams win. Did Horry anchor his team? no. Do clutch shots make your teams win? yes. Does one of the greatest clutch shooters ever, yes I said EVER, deserve to be recognized as one of the best basketball players ever? sure. He may be no Jordan, Clyde Drexler or Reggie Miller. However, does he deserve a spot in the hall of fame since he made his team win and for any athlete, that’s all that counts.

  22. nbafan says:

    He’s hall of fame to me. I remember those Rockets days. I am tired of me me me guys in hof with no rings. I’d rather see a team player who is a big winner and made a big difference make hof for once. I’ll remember him longer than most of those diva type players.

  23. Louis says:

    Robert Horry should not be in the HOF. His clutch shots got him rings, and that’s all they got him. There are a lot of role players with a lot of rings that are not in the HOF. And one stat line doesn’t make you a Hall of Famer, cause if that was the case the HOF would be crowded with a lot of subpar palyers and it wouldn’t mean anything to get inducted to the HOF. The HOF is reserved for the greats. The people who played leagues above their competition and changed the way the game needed to be played because of their play on the court. Robert Horry came in on the critical moments and made very important shots, I got it. However he would of never been put in that position without the greats that he played with. His whole career has hung in the balance of those HOF’s. Now the argument can be made that some of their rings did to, which is true. However, those guys without RH could and did still get rings. RH without them would not. That is the difference between a good role player and a Hall of Famer.

  24. djles73 says:

    I think he belongs HOF.At the end of the day basketball is a team sport and he helped his teams win.Not once but &(!) times.He’s not like John Sally who won like 4(?) rings and contributed nothing.Right place right time.But in Horry’s case he made a name for himself and was big part of his respective teams.He will be remembered or in other words he is famous for clutch shots and 7 rings.What is Mitch Richmond or Kevin Johnson famous for?Or even Dikembe?Oh yes,”not in my house” So we can debate but if for nothing else for his clutch shot making…

  25. Boyd Shermis says:

    We’re talking about Fame. Hall of Fame. Not Hall of Stats or Hall of Achievements. And Robert Horry is easily one of the most famous clutch shooters in Championship NBA history. It’s not luck nor mere coincidence which earned SEVEN rings. Luck might bring one or two. Coincidence, perhaps another two. To what shall we attribute the other three then? Definitely lives in my Hall of Fame.

  26. Dave says:

    Right place, right time doesnt make you a hall of famer. You dont deserve it!

  27. mikegr says:

    Its sad even to discuss how a role player will enter the Hall of Fame. Its more sad to believe that Olajuwon, Shaq and Duncan got their championships because of Robert Horry’s big shots, like Horry would have the chance to have a ring if it wasn’t for these players, players that got all the burden during the regular season and the playoffs, player that should be consistent all the time with their performance at the highest lvl and would get all the blame for a possible failure. Yes he got big shots that in the end counted much for the championship, but that was what he was getting paid to do, he wasn’t getting paid to be a franchise player and he was never a franchise player with the burden to lead a team to success – and get the blame if failed. He was a great role player, but thats it, role player. He worths every single championship ring he got, but he wasn’t the main reason his team won it, he was doing what he was supposed to do when needed, the job ROLE PLAYERS are supposed to do. Hall of Fame is a combination of personal achievements – in other words awards, all star selections, all nba teams and defensive teams etc – record holders and team success. Horry got team success but nothing else, a 24,4 minutes per game guy, 481 games started out of 1107 and 7ppg. Best role player ever, not a Hall of Fame.

  28. blaz says:

    Everyone saying he was lucky being on winning teams: remember him in finals against Detroit? SA had nothing on some games, exept RH. Where would be Hakeem’s Kobe’s Shaq’s and Duncan’s rings be if no RH in rotation?

  29. blaz says:

    If he was not a great player why should he be in there on court, in finals, when game on the line? Luck?
    Why reckognize people scoring for whole career but just made to playoffs few times, and not reckognize such a fantastic team-player who was in playoffs almost every season, seven rings?!

  30. The Voice Of Reason says:

    Such a debatable question!
    Not everybody can be “the man” on their team[s] but one should recognize those who embraced the role of role-player. Having said that – as a role player, people like Steve Kerr, Jeff Hornacek etc should be considered, like it has been said, Steve has 5 rings! Obviously Horry put a lot of work in cause you don’t gain the respect of Pop and PJ by not showing up to practice (like Tim Duncan joked about on the video), but the HOF is not like being in school and getting a “participation” award!
    HOF is NOT just for championship rings – people like Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, John Stockton etc have no rings but their stats and other achievements got them in. Horry got his 7 rings – 1 more than MJ, let him have that for the rest of his life – that should speak for itself.
    He was a good (ok…great) clutch shooter, but he didn’t run his teams or carry his teams – that’s why team mates like Tim Duncan will be in the HOF.

  31. Dane says:

    The writer did not do his research…”big shot bob”..not Rob? 🙂 i think he should be in the HOF, he hit so many game winning shots, and won multiple championships in return for his heroics.

  32. emf0823 says:

    i know that if you know basketball you d agree with me in the following…game 7 of the nba finals who would you rather have take the final shot with your team down. charles barkley, gary payton, alonzo mourning, patrick ewing, karl malon, john stockton, shaquille oneal, wilt chamberlain, robert parrish, bill walton, hakeem olajuwon, chris webber, dikembe mutombo, chris mullin, bill russell, OOOOOR, robert horry. there are players that just have knack for clutch. in this list there are great shooters, rebounders, blockers, scorers, all stars. yet none more clutch than horry. tell me if that isnt enough of an argument to induct horry

  33. Mladen says:

    How many Kobe’s, O’Neal’s, Olajuwon’s, Duncan’s titles are brought by Robert Horry? They would be less great without his big shots!

  34. Juan says:

    If Robert Horry didn’t make those big shots….some of these hall of famers wouldn’t even have a championship to show….so yes he needs to be in the hall of fame

  35. eesa1980 says:

    If being a potential HOFer means being a great individual player but never really helping your team as a whole accomplish anything significant (i.e. TMac, Carmelo Anthony, Grant Hill etc.) then yes, Horry doesn’t deserve it. However, being in the HOF isn’t just about dominating the stats, it’s about your contribution to the game. Horrys contribution was BIG. He is proof that the bench players are important for winning championships too and he is the underdog’s hero.

  36. fred says:

    He is clutch, but not a HOF.

  37. charless702 says:

    This question has had me sweating since Horry retired. The Hall of Fame…Is there a basketball fan above the age of 20 who doesn’t know who Robert Horry is? If you’re going by “fame” there is no way Horry shouldn’t be a HOFer. If you go by stats and All-Star appearances there is no way he gets in. If you go by rings won and the contribution to those rings I think he’d definitely be HOF worthy. I have a really good question for the people who think he isn’t HOF material. If he was a major contributor in big games, hit game winning shots and won multiple titles with your team would you think he’s HOF material? IMO to make the HOF you have to be outstanding at what you do for 6 or more years, regardless if it showed up on the box score. As much as I want to see Horry in the HOF I don’t think he did enough to get in. I think if he had averaged around 15 PPG and had the 7 rings he’d definitely be worthy, which IMO he probably could have done if he had taken the regular season, and the first 3 quarter of playoff games, more serious. On a related note I don’t think Mutombo should be a first ballot HOFer. While I believe he should be in (along with other feared defenders like Ben Wallace and Bruce Bowen) I don’t think they should be first ballots (same with Alonzo.) I think the first ballot HOFers should be the Jordan’s of the world. In today’s game the Tim Duncan’s and the Kobe Bryant’s are first ballots. How can a guy who’s not even top 50 be first ballot like a guy who is top 10? First ballots should be reserved for the best of the best. The guys who had +12 years of excellence on both ends of the floor.

  38. 4pt.Range says:


  39. Nyo-Nyo says:

    One simple reason why Robert Horry should be a HOF….He scores when it matters! All those teams where he won a championship is a contender, but he takes those teams to the next level and that is to be champions.

  40. joe says:

    This guy did too much on too many teams not to be in the hall of fame.

  41. Jess says:

    He was a winner, no doubt about that. But I think you cannot just induct him into the Hall of Fame just on the number of rings he has. That opens up the debate on other players such as Derek Fisher, Steve Kerr, etc. He was a role player, but he was good at it. But he was never asked to carry a team.

    What we should probably look more into is or was his contribution to the game of basketball. Did he win in international competitions? Was he able to inspire more people to pick up the game? did he revolutionize part of the game? — Those type of stuff should be considered.

  42. Gillsy says:

    Horry should have beeen on the list a lot sooner. While people may have a problem with his credentials, he has a lot more in the cabinet than any other of the players on the allegeable list for 2015.

  43. Patty says:

    Robert Horry was a Great Player!!!

  44. Fabrice Polienor says:

    Horry is one of the greatest basketball player !!!
    He should be an all of famer for shure. That will make sense and be justice for the game of basketball !!!

  45. Max says:

    Robert Horry?? Was lucky enough to be winning squads~~ Luck of the Draw!!~~

    • charless702 says:

      “Luck of the Draw”?? A few of those teams wouldn’t have had ring celebrations without him. Is he HOF worthy? IDK. However him winning had very little to do with “luck of the draw.”

  46. Big Shot Rob? No question he should have BEEN in there.

  47. vancityballer says:

    He’s actually known as Big Shot Rob and I don’t believe he will get inducted but if they had to choose one role player for the HOF it would have to be him. They should recognize his contributions to the game but then again he already gets to boast about all his rings he’s got so maybe that should be enough for him. Maybe they could just re-name the 6th man of the year award after him.

  48. delusion101 says:

    Put him in! Greatest Role Player ever! shot after shot RH deserves the HOF. 7 rings means so much when you drop bombs every championship your in. The fact that PJ and Pop trust him when the game is on the line? case closed.

  49. mike jordan says:

    are there any other active players, or from the 80s and 90s who won 7 championships?..who gave the lakers the chance to be in the finals?..who gave the rockets the edge over Orlando?..who gave the spurs the game winning shot for their 3rd championship..if not for horry, they wont be champions..he is famous, plus the fact he look liked will smith

  50. jty7271 says:

    Horry averaged only 7 pts. a game for his career.He would often be almost nonexistent in games until the 4th quarter. An interesting and very memorable player, but not hall of fame material at the moment. Maybe he’ll be one of those guys who gets in when he’s in his 60s or 70s.

  51. anonynous says:

    Nope. The HOF should be specifically for the good players, not someone that was lucky to be on winning teams. The HOF should maintain a strict guidline as to who can get in, otherwise people like kwame brown will one day get in

  52. Not Lucky... Gifted says:

    Lucky because he was on the right team…. Please these teams wouldn’t have the championships without him. More like the team was lucky he was on it.

  53. hbcunetwork says:

    It’s time for the Basketball HOF to induct all-star players and/or non-superstar star players who were highly effective and pushed their teams over the top like Horry, Andrew Toney, Vinny “Microwave” Johnson, Bill Laimbeer, Mark Aguirre, Mo Cheeks, Jack Sikma, Darryl Dawkins, Jeff Hornacek, Glen Rice, and probably some more guys I couldn’t think of. It’s time to stop overlooking these players because their teams couldn’t have won CONSISTENTLY for years without them. It’s similar to the Football HOF overlooking special teams players/kickers and the Baseball HOF overlooking relievers. Basketball HOF needs to take the lead on this situation and put guys like this in.

  54. Drago says:

    He is a Hall of Famer and if i have to explain that then you know nothing about basketball.

  55. Zack says:

    No way. He never made an allstar team, all-nba team, etc. The role of the HOF is to recognize the games greatest players. Horry was on some great teams and had some memorable moments, but so did Steve Kerr. Kerr has 5 rings. Even Will Perdue has 4 rings. The HOF is not to recognize “the greatest role players”. That’s ridiculous.

  56. NashFan says:

    Maybe I’m parital because I’m a good person, but anybody that is willing to striaght up push steve nash into the scores table for a championship ring has no place in the HOF. If he had the talent to win the game without that play-off push for san antone(pun intended) then he might find himself a seat, seeing as how he had to cheat for a ring, son can take a seat on the “HOF bench” indefinately.

  57. NickBlaster says:


  58. Mitchell says:

    He deserves to be in the HoF. He might not have the best career stats, but he elevated his game to another level when it mattered most. It’s not like he rode the bench, he was a key player and those teams would not have won that many championships without him. The only players with more rings than him are guys during the Celtics dynasty. Plus he won with 3 different teams. He definitely deserves the recognition.

  59. fabrice says:

    he’s deserves it even more than ritchmond or mourning

  60. Jamma says:

    Nahhh Mark..Just Nahhh. HOF is about individuals HOF stats. HORRY GOT NO HOF STATS except rings. Case closed. Jamma Jamma

  61. AZ_Laker says:

    Sekou name 6 other guys from 2014 who didn’t make it and had better stats than Robert Horry, but none them have one ring between them. Matter of fact Horry could give them 1 ring a piece and still have one for himself. This guy is well deserve of a HOF spot as one of the Greatest Role Players in the game in his era of basketball

  62. Luis says:

    Duh he has 7 rings

  63. José Henrique says:

    Horry has a special recognition in the form of 7 rings, he doesn’t needs or deserves more than that

  64. Justin says:

    Robert Horry was the ultimate role player and yes he did make some big shots and played pretty good defense to be a strong contributor to the 3 teams he won championships with!!! I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to be there, but sometimes your just lucky to be on the right team at the right times!!! His overall stats are weak!!! He only started when he was on the Rockets!!! He never made an All-Star team or was on any All-NBA teams on offense or defense. So if your criteria is being lucky enough to be on good teams and winning championships then by all means he’s a HOF’er!!! If you add to that with hitting BIG SHOTS!!! Then you can also consider these players as well!!!
    John Paxson, Steve Kerr, BJ Armstrong, Sean Elliott, Bruce Bowen, Vinnie Johnson, Danny Ainge, Rick Fox, Derek Fisher, Ron Harper, Brent Barry, Michael Cooper, etc.!!!! All of these players have legitimate cases as well if you put ROBERT HORRY in the HOF!!!

  65. There is without a doubt that he deserves to be with HOF, His career stats will l also speak justice, but most important was his overall play & understanding of the game, Olajuwon could have not won back to back unless without Horry who in 94, 95 season against the NY Knicks and Orlando Magic elevated his game better than his 1992 rookie draft mate ShaQ , Anchored Houston Rockets defense and punctual scoring , slam dunking and rebounding, you will see all the highlights of the game as most of them were with “Big Shot Bob “
    When he joined the Lakers they could not have won triple crown without him on the team as they struggled with Portland and Sacramento, and only at end they conquered them. Everyone remember the greatest shot ever in the NBA playoffs.
    In his last tour of duty for the San Antonio Spurs in 2005 playoffs, needless to say about how he have done it again against Detroit Pistons and in 2007 with already one year way from retirement still performed modestly against Cleveland CAVS led by Lebron James. They just swept the finals in 4 games..

    Basket ball is a team sport one man dominant performance alone cannot win championship. It is my opinion that he truly deserves to be inducted in the H.O.F.

  66. Alex says:

    I listened to Sekeu on xm radio today talk about this and I agree somewhat with him. Right now in the HoF there are plenty of good players who put up pretty good numbers or had good career numbers but didn’t do much else. Players who may have scored 20ppg for 5 or 6 seasons and were all-stars for those 5 years but come playoff time they were either sitting at home or got kicked in the first round. Do these guys really deserve to be seen as legends of the game? Horry wasn’t just a bench player and rode his stars to championships, he was a big part of each and every one of them. If we are going to award spots to good players who have 5 all star bids over a player with 7 rings than we need to stop counting rings as a major part of a players legacy. No more of this talk of well MJ has 6 rings to Lebrons 2.

    Horry deserves a spot, will he get it? most likely not, it’ll go to a guy like David Lee or Carlos Boozer first. I think he at least deserves a plaque as one of the great champions

  67. nzsteve says:

    He should be first ballot.. He didnt just bench warm his 7 rings, He got good teams over the hump to victory. #Winning
    his hilight hall of fame real would be fantastic all those big games and big shots. where as you get a superstar entering the hall who never won nothing with there fancy layup highlights from games that didnt count..

  68. Hilo Dan says:

    Horry does NOT belong! Might as well include Will Perdue. For his treatment of Steve Nash and Bob Weiss, Horry should be called “Cheap Shot Bob.” He was a disgrace to the game.

  69. Scisca says:

    Guy had balls of steel. A no-brainer to the HOF if you ask me.

  70. ant says:

    maybe he was just lucky enough to win those titles? sometimes its better to be lucky than good? stats matter so much in being selected to the hall. what stat is better than 7 championships?

  71. Carlo says:

    Who cares about HOF? It’s like the MVP award. Or the All Star Game voting. Just flash.

    What really matter are players’ and coaches’ opinion. Ask them. Those who won thanks to Bob and those who were BURNT by him.

    AND, his buzzer beaters were only the most visible part of his game. A great player.

  72. marty says:

    RH made some clutch shots but no way a HOF’er.Role player for some very good teams.

  73. Lord of the Rings says:

    The number that really matters for players….his is larger than even Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kobe, Timmy, Hakeem, Shaq, DWade, Lebron (so far), who else? Everyone but the 1950’s-1960’s Celtics players? No one wins that much in the shot clock era. No one except Robert Horry.

    And he wasn’t just riding the bench for those 7 chips. He was part and parcel to winning each one of them.

    When it comes to the Hall of Fame…put him in! Just like his coaches did at the end of all those big games! He proved he deserved it then. I believe he deserves it now.

    • Mark says:

      I respect RH’s Championships more than all those guys named above. He did it with 3 Different Teams, No one and I mean NO ONE else can make that claim!!! Not even Bill Russell. He deserves to be in the Hall!!!