Report: Cavs have agreement to add Love, ink him to long-term deal

Kevin Love

Kevin Love will reportedly head to Cleveland and sign a long-term deal there, too.

From staff reports

The most talked about offseason trade yet to take place is apparently all but a done deal now.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Cleveland Cavaliers have an agreement in place to acquire Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves. Earlier this week,’s Brian Windhorst said on an interview with ESPN Radio in New York that the Love-to-Cleveland deal was also more or less done.

Here’s Wojnarowski on the details of the proposed trade:

The Minnesota Timberwolves have reached an agreement in principle to send All-Star forward Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a protected 2015 first-round draft pick, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Cleveland is making the deal with Minnesota with a firm agreement Love will opt out of his contract in 2015 and re-sign with the Cavaliers on a five-year, $120 million-plus contract extension, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The deal cannot be finalized until Aug. 23, because Wiggins, the No. 1 overall pick, cannot be traded until one month following the signing of his rookie contract. The two teams have agreed to the deal, but neither would have recourse if the other decided to pull out of the arrangement before it can be formally completed this month. No third team is involved in the Cavaliers-Timberwolves trade agreement.

The precise deal terms have been agreed upon for weeks, but the teams and Love plan to stay silent about the particulars until the trade is announced in 16 days, sources told Yahoo Sports.

Part of the Cavaliers’ motivation in making the deal for Love was a belief Love would have ended up with the rival Chicago Bulls in a trade and created a significant obstacle in the Eastern Conference, sources said. Cleveland wouldn’t have had the salary-cap space to sign Love next summer and could have only obtained him through the trade with Minnesota in a deal now.

Wiggins, the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NBA draft, is the centerpiece of the package for Minnesota. The Timberwolves see superstar potential in the forward out of Kansas. Bennett, the No. 1 pick in the 2013 draft, has shown signs of progress after a difficult start to his rookie season.

Aside from landing Love, the Cavs get what they were looking for in adding him to the roster: a long-term commitment to stay in Cleveland. Earlier this week, the Cavs officially signed Mike Miller and James Jones, both of whom were former teammates of James’ in Miami. The Cavs are also said to be interested in adding Ray Allen — another former Heat teammate of James’ — to the mix. Wojnarowski reported last night that free agent forward Shawn Marion is also favoring the Cavs as his next team.

VIDEO: The Cavs and Wolves have an agreement in principle to ship Kevin Love to Cleveland


  1. Ced Washington says:

    Ok what did he have in cleveland the first 8 years nothing he had a worn out wade and nobody u dont look at basketball bro

  2. Vher says:

    Cleveland is a much awaited team for the upcoming conference but for sure this team will not taste any championship because of lack team maturity even if lebron and kyrie and kevin love is there nothing happen, it happens in Miami and for sure it will be the same thing that will happen in Cavs, however this team can enter to top eight and it will be eliminated on the 2nd Round.

    Possible Top 8 For West
    Spurs , Mavs, Thunder , Rockets , Suns , Blazers , Clippers , Grizzlies

    Possible Top 8 For West
    Pistons, Cavs , Heat , Bulls , Hawks , Wizards , Raptors , Knicks

  3. oby20 says:

    good trade, LBJ needs an allstar guy who can play right away and ready to contend for the title, a guy who can give him a big relief in scoring and rebounding, taht is kevin love. and its unfair for the very talented 1st overall pick to just play in the shadows of LBJ, he can be very good right away, wiggins what he’s done to be in the 1st pick position deserve to play a big role and showcase his talent his rookie season and show the world what he can be in the future. with LBJ going back to Cleveland, Wiggins has no chance winning the rookie of the year.

  4. vhon says:

    lebron a new cavs GM :p

  5. eivoc27 says:

    @wyl snap, Shaq (still in his prime) was with Miami Heat when they got their 1st ring. He gave them the piggy back ride up to the Finals!

  6. Max says:

    I hope to see Ray Allen & K. Love in Cleveland. Would like to see a new team get the Gold Ball!!~~ Maybe mix up the teams and yes, allow for new Champions!

  7. Cesar says:


    • Brutus says:

      But Iverson and the sixers didn’t win. LeBron also brought the cavaliers to the finals in 2007, I think.

  8. NorCal Warrior says:

    Good deal. Finally! Let them have him. No worries here. I’m just happy my Warriors can keep most everyone in place except for coach. It is time for Curry and company to take care of business this year.
    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!

  9. 36yrfan says:

    …….The Cavs will be Hard to beat and keep out of the East Finals with Love on board also……. having another prolific scorer teamed with James makes them perhaps true favorites to come out of the East…..

    • lolbj says:

      and then the spurs happen to cleveland in the finals…. d’aw

      • Cleveland in 2016 says:

        Love and Irving huh.
        They might be tough guy but cannot compare to wade and bosh in 2011. I think they might have a a better spot this season but high probability to lose in playoff. why? because they dont have this chemistry between players and also to the Coach. They need 1 to 2 yrs to build chemistry on the team. Maybe in 2015 or 2016, they have a chance to win championship ( I hope so) just like what Lebron said when he leave miami.

        Go LJB

  10. Aaron says:

    Is there a way that two teams that make a trade can lose in the deal? The Cavs lose someone who is projected to be a good to great defender for a below average one, to pair with a well below average defensive point guard. The Timberwolves aren’t the situation for Wiggins right now, he won’t be able to carry a team for a couple of years, and he doesn’t need a situation like MCW has in Philadelphia. I think the Cavs will have a top 5 offense and a bottom 10 defense, and will not make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

  11. Magic Roy says:

    NO COACH……. The Cavs perhaps they have the best team in the East (not in the league) but the coach will be their achilles heel, zero NBA Experience.

  12. jdub455 says:

    excited for minnesota… having an athletic wing w/ wiggins play alongside rubio will be fun to watch… hope this risk just to appease king’s demands pays-off for the cavs…

  13. sanjay says:

    lebron has been terribly unlucky in finals similar to magic( 5/9! should have had 7/9 at least!). lebron will win few more titles and trips to few more finals. He should have had at least 3 of the 5 finals( maverick loss was purely overconfidence!).
    In case of jordan he missed 2 of his top years during champ reign. And the team dissolvement still during at the top in 2000! There is no question in my mind jordan would have had 9/9 without going to game 7 period!

    That team had so much aura, you just know they cant be defeated! It is like you know you cant beat ‘NADAL’ on the french soil or like my man ‘king carl’ who could never be defeated in long-jump at the olympics or even federer at wimbley at the top of his game!

    come fourth quarter jordan would just go berserk. He had developed that edge. Working out with his pgs during summer break is legendary, which aint followed by lebron, I just do not know why?

    He just had that switch! Sadly,lebron does not have that switch naturally. He goes amiss in 4th quarter for some reason or the other( this spurs series was so evident)! Normally that switch comes in your 30’s( a fear of losing and you give it all, you got). I hope lebron takes these losses personally and make a pledge not to lose any finals again! He can do it! He is not a finished product yet!

    MJ will remain the greatest basketball player ever to hit the floor. Lebron can catch him and is quite a great in his own right!

    • East is weak says:

      You are full of it regarding Lebron and the Finals. He should be 1/5 and got lucky in 2013 against the Spurs and stole one. Lebron gets to the Finals more frequently because he is in the Eastern conference. If he actually played for a team in the West it would be way more difficult. I do hope he wins a championship for Cleveland but let’s not exaggerate his Finals success. He is chasing championships by going to a younger team. Jordan made the Bulls that use to be a non-factor franchise and earned every championship he got. Lebron won’t get there but this is a good start since Cleveland have never won.

    • Michael says:

      The fear of losing doesn’t hit until your 30’s? That makes no sense at all.

  14. MR JAY says:

    it just seems to me like everyone on here talking about what should happen and lebron this and lebron that is just silly. u gotta look at it from is perspective. lebron is almost 30 with only 2 rings. the best player in the world of course.. all he wants to do is put himself in a better situation to win more then 6 rings lol. thats it. hes already a legend. nobody will ever forget who lebron is..but lets be real. the competition is alot stronger then it was before. u have teams like houston that will rise. the wizards. golden state..every team in the league have great ball players. i mean look at the sixers. they got noel coming up. an rookie of the year carter out for them this year. look at rondo in boston. melo john wall u got d rose. u got bosh an the heat. the east will b a different conference then it was last year. i mean damn look at charlotte. then the west..u got steph curry. the almighty spurs. the beard in houston. the eyebrow in new orleans. dirk. watch out for okc this year..durant has alot to prove with the playoffs he showed is last season..theres so much competetion these days its realistic to add more superstars to surround lebron. its gona b hard for him to win without them..

  15. Tyrone says:

    They should keep Wiggins,

  16. Elvar says:

    I think that they should have kept wiggins and traded waiters and let wiggins play as a guard. Because let’s face it wiggins is going to be one of the best players in the world in the future

  17. yaqui minott says:

    All this idiots always saying LJ can’t do it alone. If you look at the leage now no one can do it alone, you have to have atleast two superstars on your team.its not the 90’s no more..

  18. BBALL says:

    I have to say this deal is meaningless. I don’t think Cav’s Big Three can be compared to Heat Big Three. Healthy Wade vs Irving — Are you kidding me? Bosh vs Love — Similar but Bosh has more weapons for sure. Plus they need to fit in with the team and the coach. And after all. I think they should learned the lesson this year but they didn’t. Basketball is a 5 player + Coash Game

    • Basketball Fan says:

      I agree with you the Miami Big 3 will probably be better. Excpet I would give Love an edge over Bosh. People are forgetting talent means nothing without chemistry and the Cavs big 3 will have big shoes to fill if they want to be compared to that big 3 in Miami. Going to the finals for 4 years in a row is nothing to sneeze at.

      • CBaby23 says:

        The key on Miami’s road to the finals 4 times and the two rings was Lebron James. Now that the Cavs have him, that tips the scale greatly in their favor.

    • CBaby23 says:

      Excellent points. But, a healthy Wade is the problem. Miami hasn’t had a completely healthy Wade in years. He’s a major liability in that because he was unable to contribute 100%, Lebron was overworked trying to cover on offense and defense. No other superstar in the league has to hold all 5 positions in one game, especially during the playoffs.

      Kyrie is better than Wade by leaps and bounds due to Wade’s age and failing knees. Love is better than Bosh, I believe, because Bosh is too soft and Love is more rugged. He doesn’t mind banging with the bigs and grabbing invaluable rebounds while Bosh’s soft behind prefers to stay on the outside and shoot jumpers. When they’re hitting? Great. When they’re not? Wow! He can really hurt his team. I don’t think the Cavs are going to need Love to score 20+ points per game, but they’re definitely going to need him to keep pulling down double digit rebounds. Something Bosh didn’t do for Miami.

      • Cleveland in 2016 says:

        Lebron alone cant win Championship.
        Miami win Championship in 2011 and 2012 not just because of the Big 3. Their coach has a big factor on the play. We’ll see if Cleveland will have a better fit coach. Remember when Kobe + Nash + Howard – Coach?? they almost lose in season. Kobe has this Championship blood, but Howard and Nash???

  19. James says:

    Remember when David Stern shot down the Cp3 trade?

    • Sunshine says:

      Yep. But he was going to a big market team. The NBA wants small markets like Cleveland to thrive.

  20. tanibanana says:

    This season is gonna be super exciting for the Cavs. They are surefire bound for NBA Finals.
    All they have to do is 1. Stay Healthy and 2. Build Chemistry.

    • Aaron says:

      With the way Irving and Love play defense (do they even play it?), they’ll be lucky to get to the second round if they run into a team with a good PG (Bobcats, Raptors, Wizards, Bulls) and/or a big man (Bobcats, Heat, Wizards, Bulls)

  21. CTEZ says:

    I hate even people bring up MJ like they actually watched him play…Mike had a supporting cast wich everyone remembers to this day…Compare LeBron to the players he’s going against today…no one today is on LeBron level as a player. Lebron isn’t a team.

    • CBaby23 says:

      Great points! People seem to forget the dynasties of the past. Lakers, Bulls, Celtics, etc…. Each team had HOF talent and was stacked. Their benches could contend with some of the starters in the NBA today. Lakers… Jabar, Worthy, Magic, Scott, Cooper, a roster of solid bench players and HOF coach Pat Riley. Really? What team could match that in today’s league?

      Put Lebron with any of those teams in the past and he’d excel greatly. Put Lebron on the Lakers when Shaq was playing and put Kobe in Cleveland and tell me who’d have had the most rings by now?

      You couldn’t be more right. Lebron isn’t a team. He’s matured and realizes what it takes to win, so he’s smartly putting the pieces together that will give him the greatest opportunity to compete for championships. I can’t wait to see what develops.

      • 36yrfan says:

        ……one already has…..

      • East is weak says:

        Completely agree. Kobe was young and any other young star could have had those rings. He was lucky Shaq came into town and won those championships. Then Lakers got Pau Gasol for almost nothing and surprise the league let it slide. Everyone wants to go to the Lakers and it is a rotating door for quality free agents. Lebron never had that luxury in Cleveland and that is why he left. When Shaq left the Lakers Kobe couldn’t even make the playoffs. Kobe was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets and if he would have remained who know how few rings he would have if any. Lebron is the ring thing and the best player on any of his teams and when he retires he will be ranked ahead of Kboe for sure…but not Jordan.

  22. GoodDeal says:

    I think this is a good deal because they got rid of young developing players and put in another leader. Lebron, Love, and Verajao can lead Kyrie and Waitors. And the bench has probably good talent with Miller, Jones, Thompson, Haywood(Possibly Ray Allen?). For sure they will make the playoffs. I don’t know if they can go to the finals with that Bulls team that is reloaded with Rose, Noah, and Gasol. Overall, good deal.

  23. 54TONE says:

    LeBron is a joke.

    how many allstars you need bruh?

    lol cant win anything or stand on his own two.

    • Basketball Fan says:

      So Magic didnt need Kareem, Worthy or Cooper
      Bird ddnt need Parish or Mchale
      Isiah didnt need Rodman or Dumars
      Jordan ddnt need Pippen or Rodman huh?
      have you ever played a team sport organized or pickup? Anyone who wants to win wants to have talent around them.smh come on man LOL

  24. Lbj23 says:

    Haters! . Why don’t you ask kevin love ?.. He is more likely play to cavs than t wolves . Why do you blame always lebron james? . He is a player not manager . Use your minds . Men!

  25. john says:

    I am so excited to watch first day of the game with kevin love, Leron James & Kyrie…. Go go go go Cav’s

  26. tom says:

    Why Do they even Play the Game, Seems like everyone here already know More about the games

  27. noohtabs says:

    Cavs will be the beast in the East . Lebron already carry the Cavs to the 2007 Finals without superstars. Lebron made Mo Williams a superster and make Brown the COY, thats how valuable Lebron is to the team and the organization.

    • joanvonnegut says:

      I do not think so. Coming up from weak East, and playing final and losing 4-0 – You call it success in 7 years.
      Wade is the one get the title by himself in 2006. Please do not tell me about old Shaq who also played later with James.
      Wade has the best final performance in NBA history in 2006..

      • CBaby23 says:

        I’d bet even Wade will tell you he couldn’t have gotten that championship without Shaq. Proof of that is the fact that he didn’t win one before Shaq, nor even get his team to the finals like Lebron did at 22, or 23. And, he didn’t win a ring after Shaq until he got Lebron to come to Miami. When you’ve got Shaq on your team, it makes it a whole lot easier to shine because no matter how old Shaq was, he still had enough left to command a double team. Once Shaq was gone, Wade could be double and triple teamed and his performance dropped significantly. Wade cannot lead a team to the finals. Lebron can and has.

        Also, keep in mind, you say Lebron led his team in a weak East. But, let’s not forget, he played better against the teams in the West. And, had the Cavs not beaten enough teams in the West and East, they would not have gotten a seed in the finals. Don’t lessen Lebron’s achievements just because you want to make Wade look good. If you put them side by side, not even in Wade’s prime could he compare to Lebron’s earlier seasons and most definitely not now. Lebron is the only NBA player who’s come close to threatening Jordan’s legacy. No, he’s not there, but he’s got more years to play. Lebron’s broken more NBA records than Kobe and more of Jordan’s records than anyone.

      • Mi Jordan fan says:

        I like Jordan , you comment is very mature in easy to clarify the diference between 4players(Jordan, Lebron,Kobe and the lucky Wade).

        The closest player who can bring the discussion of Jcomparison to Jordan is Lebron

        I don’t think lebron would reach the level of Jordan but he would make one of the two greatest player with MJ on top

        Wade will never , don’t even start the conversation please .

  28. MW says:

    Nice deal for the Cavs, better deal for.. THE RAPTORS! When rookie deals are up, both Bennett and more importantly Wiggins will be “COMING HOME, COMING HOME” back to T Dot! GO RAPS! Get your growing pains out of the way now boys, then come tear it up with a young, star studded Raptors Team!

  29. bulls fan for life says:

    hate this trade…its pointless

  30. Henrik Jensen says:

    with Kidd out of Nets, you will see them rise to the challenge to beat off both bulls and cavs.

    • T gas TT ako says:

      in your dreams,, do you really watch nba games dude,, your nets will hardly go to the playoffs this year

  31. Fisherking says:

    No LeBron – no Love. This was a package deal all the way.
    In 2 years we’ll have a bunch of captain hindsights telling us which team was right. Sure, it would’ve been nice to see what Irving-Waiters-Wiggins-James-Verejao would’ve played out, but at this stage in his career, LeBron isn’t playing the long game waiting for the young guys to mature.

  32. Sicko81 says:

    All u pathetic whinging Spurs fans …u wont even make it to the finals next year , so start to get used to that idea….

    • Frank nickler says:

      Y won’t they they’re basically the same team except kahwi Leonard’s better I wouldn’t doubt the spurs going to the finals their chances are just as high as any other contender.

  33. Sam says:

    If Lebron is the greatest to ever live, why does he need an elite squad everywhere he goes to win? I know this arguement is played out, but Michael Jordan did not have half the team that Lebron now has with the Cavs. Sure, he had Scottie but he wasn’t even the best forward in the league. And yes he had Rodman in the last three years of his career with the Bulls, but the guy was erratic and a horrible shooter. Lebron, the greatest player in the world, now has the best power forward and one of the top point guards in the league, along with a group of skilled shooters like Dion Waiters and Mike Miller. His status as a living legend is a joke. He’s never worked for any of his championships.

    • jerk says:

      so whats up with jordan during his washington wizards days? can’t even make to the playoffs .. lol

    • jerk says:

      so dion waiters is already a skilled shooter for you? stupid

    • hilljr says:

      Let me go ahead and discredit that dumb statement right there……..80’s Celtics- Bird/Mchale/Parish/Johnson Hall of Famers
      80’s Sixers/Irving/Malone/Toney Hall of Famers 80’s Lakers- Magic/Kareem/Worthy 80s Pistons- Thomas/Dumars/Rodman Hall of Famers 90s Bulls Jordan/Pippen/Rodman Hall of Famers…….Come to think of it the only team in the last 30 years that I can remember to WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP without at least 2 Hall of Famers was the 94 Rockets (which is why Hakeem is the most underrated player of all-time). ….and Rodman Played 3 years after 1998. So he may not have been young Dennis Rodman, but he was still the best defensive PF in the league and one the best overall defensive players. Please stop with “he can’t win without help” thing. No one has dude. If Lebon’s Legacy is a joke then So is Jordans, Birds, and Magic…..unless you’re one of those idiots who believes the other Hall of Famers on their teams were terrible. Either way your logic is faulty and short sited or just plain spilled with hatred.

      • Basketball Fan says:

        Excellent point. Some people never even watched the people they give soo much praise to just to hate on others who are in the present having success. Its sad really to here such faulty arguments with little evidence or facts behind them.

      • CBaby23 says:

        I was about to reply to Sam’s post, then I read yours. ‘Nuff said, hilljr. I have nothing more to add. You’ve said it all. Thanks for the updates on the rosters. You’ve just given me more fuel for my fires. Way to go!

    • celtic533 says:

      i hate Lebron but you seriously need to stfu.Hes worked very hard to get to where he has an Im kind of starting to not hate him.

    • Basketball Fan says:

      Jordan did not have good teams huh? He did it by himself huh? That is why his team had the best regular season record of all time because he was by himself ? Pippen was the second best two-way player in the game at one point behind Jordan. Rodman was one of the most versatile defenders/rebounders to ever play. Toni Kucok was an excellent sixth man and the past European player the NBA had seen to that point. Lets not forget the big shot making of Steve Kerr or the versatility on defense of Ron Harper? Or the great rebounding and midrange shooting of Horrace Grant. No Jordan ddnt team up with other stars like LBJ did because he didnt have to the bulls did a great job surrounding him with talent. Just because that is the way Jordan won doesn’t mean that is the only way to get the job done.

  34. liquidcobra says:

    I hope people now can APPRECIATE a TRUE team like the San Antonio SPURS! Not a super team. A true TEAM. I’m so glad they on. This super team **** has the potential to ruin the league if this keeps up.

  35. liquidcobra says:

    Another super team build Lebron? Another one? The good old days of building with your team is over. Now EVERYONE just wants to jump on one team for a ring. I just can’t respect this guy.

    • T gas TT ako says:

      yeah ryt, the only thing ruined here is your understanding,, just keep on hating dude ,, your pathetic

  36. LeChoke says:

    Prophecy: One day LeChoke will suffer a injury. And he will not come back in NBA.

  37. nbafan says:


    I use to always say one championship with Cleveland is worth more than any number of championships with Miami…well…not anymore.

    • hilljr says:

      Yes it still is….remember THE CITY OF CLEVELAND HASN’T WON A MAJOR SPORTS CHAMPIONSHIP IN 50 YEARS!!!! Besides, IMO (and the opinion of most real basketball heads) They are STILL not even the BEST TEAM IN THE EAST. Championships are not won on paper my friend.

  38. ix says:

    2 or 3 stars won’t win you championships now, it isn’t enough. It needs a TEAM and a capable bench as the Spurs have proven by dismantling the Heat. Lebron, Kyrie, Love and who else? yep that’s what I thought.

    • jerk says:

      at least miami won back2back while spurs never!

    • hilljr says:

      What the Spurs proved in dismantling the Heat is that a bunch of Superstars can’t rest on their laurels, and get fat and happy. They came back wanting a chip and they got it. Miami went into that series satisfied because they had just destroyed Indiana….the one team that talked the talk. Once they got to the finals, they thought mission accomplished, and they played like it.

    • CBaby23 says:

      I’m sure Lebron, nor the Cavs are through recruiting. Love is just another valuable piece to an unfinished puzzle. Cleveland will continue to build, they’re just setting up a solid foundation of which to build upon.

  39. Pablo Rodriguez Rodriguez says:

    The Cleveland Cavailers are going to sign Rajan Rondo, Kevin Durant, Tyson Chandler, Deandre Jordan, Kendrick Perkins, LaMarcus Aldridge, Dorrell Wright, Andrea Bargnani, Greg Smith, Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio, Marshawn Lynch, Floyd Mayweather and Sidney Crosby next offseason. Then they will be the undisputed heavy weight champions of the world that no team on planet Earth can stop. As for team chemistry? Pfffttt Michael Faraday, Alfred Nobel, and Linus Pauling will help out in that department, free of charge!!!
    I’m from the slums of Scarborough, and you people need to recognize that real recognizes real and ya’ll don’t look familiar! Lebron is real though, because I recognize him. Scarborough stand up!!! Represent!!!

  40. TURSETTE says:

    lebron said they wont win a title immediately

  41. kobeballhog2 says:

    Stop saying wiggins is a great defender that dude havent even played one game in the nba. Kevin love might not be a one on one type defender but that guy can rebound like hell. He is a white man rodman. Amd wiggins is a skinny dude he will be pushed around by opposing players in the nba wherein most guys are huge unlike in colleges. Heck even jabari parker were able to push around wiggins.

    • Michael says:

      White man rodman? Where’s his dpoy awards at? Not saying Kevin love is a scrub but no way is he like rodman. Love can score better obviously but rodman plays hard D. Love doesn’t

  42. Ryan41 says:

    Mavs vs. Cavs in the finals! YEAH…

  43. edgardo89 says:

    and this is how lebron wins championships… GAY

  44. southside1212 says:

    I am a big lebron fan but I am not a big believer in kevin love. the guy is really good BUT he is injury prone and trading away wiggins and bennet is giving up depth. give wiggins, irving and bennet one year to play with lebron, make a run in the play offs and worst comes to worst the next year they would come back way stronger and experienced , whereas with love they are basically saying anything but a ‘ship this year is failure and what random pieces can we try to add around 3 big contracts. i would have loved to see 4 cleveland #1 draft picks playing together but oh well, I’ll be hoping the best for the cavs

  45. dc414 says:

    With lebron leading the way, who’s gonna stop em.. haters

    • The Voice Of Reason says:

      lol you’re funny
      who can stop them? Themselves…that’s who. K-Love is a good (very good) player, however, he is a chunkier form of Chris Bosh in that he’s a power forward who prefers to shoot the 3. So whenever you have James Jones, Mike Miller and K-Love on the court you have 3 guys sitting on the 3 point line wanting a shot, clears the middle but some egos are gonna get bruised…oh and don’t forget Dion Waiters will want his share of the ball too…
      Make no mistake – if Coach Blatt can shape the offense…it may take a full season to get the chemistry… but if he can do that – this is a seriously powerful machine.
      The only other issue is defense and its a real problem – Kevin is a great rebounder – one of the best – but he is NOT a shot changer or blocker and rebounding requires the offense to miss. Dion and Kyrie can defend but neither is making All Defensive 1st or 2nd Team. Offense will win games – Cleveland can easily be a 45+ win team, but come the playoffs and the slower half-court game that comes, they will need to seriously find some defensive presence on the perimeter and some on the high post.

  46. jibs911 says:

    The Cavs made the wrong move. Now they have no more defense. lebron will have to take on the role of top defender on the opposing team’s top player and this will drain him. wiggins would have been able to help in this area. plus wiggins can do what kevin love can, that is shoot 3’s and rebound. plus wiggins can be an elite defender unlike kevin love. although i understand why the wolves did this move, they just wanted to secure their future because love was leaving after the season, for sure. so i would say the wolves got the better end of the deal. now it is up to them to build on that. they have young talented players now in rubio, bennet and wiggins.

  47. GAvin says:

    LBJ is 29 years old already. Why wait for Wiggins to improve? Act now for the championship

  48. Ram says:

    The Timberwolves just got robbed. Before the Cavs kiss Wiggins goodbye they probably told him, “Work hard in Minnesota, then after your Rookie Contract, we’re going to get you again”. Goodbye T-Wolves. You just got screwed.

    • NostraDameUs says:

      Um, ya no noone other than LBJ is going to a city like Cleveland. Wiggins is going where he’s always belonged – Toronto. Just like LBJ went to Cle, Wiggins will come to Toronto.

  49. ricz says:

    I know they are doing it cause they want to win a championship… But seriously players should try harder to win it not just to… “ahh I want to win a championship..can you trade me to an overpowered team?” … I’m starting to lose interest on NBA or maybe basketball itself …. ofc it’s just my opinion

  50. worshaka says:

    I think this is short sighted move by the Cavs, I think they would be much better off keeping the younger players, Wiggins of which is projected to be a star (but not guaranteed). I think that their desire to win now is clouding the concept of continued, sustained success.

    The Cavs had their problems defensively last year and it’s been pointed out that you need to be in the top 10 in defensive effeciency to historically have a chance of winning a title. I think the only team outside the top 10 to win a title was the 2002 Lakers and they happened to top that statistic during the playoffs (they essentially turned things around).

    So unless the move leads to some ungodly offense of the likes we’ve never seen before I don’t understand how this helps them win. Much better to take the long term approach.

  51. Brendon says:

    One of the major reasons lebron left miami is because of spoelstra who never played his cards right.

  52. Pedro Torres says:

    I am a veteran basketball official and this Love deal that the Cav are trying to make will definitely make the Timberwolf a playoff team. With Wiggins ability and with Bennett’s more playing time, he will be the most improved player for the 14/15 season. Lovecus a great offense player but his defense definitely needs improvement Good Luck LB

  53. Davante says:

    What team is better…….Bulls Or Cavs

    • tremill says:

      This year i think bulls will have better record but it all depends on the chemistry of cavs. Its deff bulls cavs or cavs bulls tho. Rose stays healthy they will prob b num 1. Cavs have good chem all around coach and all they are num 1… time will tell

  54. jumppong says:

    its not enough try to trade for Greg Monroe also for the Center Position. and the Cavs will be a strong Force

  55. Markus71 says:

    I still think keeping the 2 no.1s & adding a defensive stopper/rebounder would bring the Cleveland Cavs Titles!
    I like KLove, but I also think the Miami big 3 were better because of the Defense that CBosh & DWade brought.
    Miami won’t win the Title with this team, so more pieces will need to be fitted. It could happen this year or next who knows. Its so obvious now, that we can see Dan Gilbert & Lebron had this sorted a way back, (David Griffin is a figure head) & I am not now happy with the treatment Lebron has dealt to the Miami Heat.
    If Pat Riley had known, from the time of that press conference, do you think He would have made those trades initially? & also maybe he’d have the ability to get CBosh to commit earlier & at less $.
    Lebron is wanting to Win now! & doesn’t rate ABennett or AWiggins to help get him there. Those 2 now have their own story to write.

  56. mykelti reese says:

    yeah it deosnt matter what cavs or any other team deos the spurs are going to repeat

  57. SOUTHBEACH says:

    Say whatever you want to say but CAVS coach is not Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, Popo or even a Spoelstra. The whole cast doesn’t mean a trip to the finals yet. I’d like them to win but it still depends on the coach and the team’s chemistry.

    • Sam Reyes says:

      Agree, im a Dirk & LBJ fan, but they need to work the chemistry. would be amazing to see them have it, from the first season, but stats say they will need at least one season, however this one is going to be epic.

      #CavsVsBulls, #CavsVsMavs, #CavsVsHeat

      #MavsVsSpurs, #MavsVsRockets, #MavsVsBulls


  58. harriethehawk says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen so may responses to an article. Can’t read them all!!! Basically, I’m excited for the Cavaliers. And I’m not even a fan of Lebron or the team. But I respect him a s a player and I’m amazed at how he can leave a team, part the waters, and have so many followers! Well, see ya Wiggins and Bennett. This is better for you guys anyways. You weren’t gonna shine anyway under King Lebron James anyway. He would of stolen any and all of your spotlights. So make the best of it guys, and get used to that stupid howling in your new arena. I hate the Timberwolves so I guess I won’t see you play unless your playing the Thunder or the Hawks. Best wishes! LOL

  59. for the team says:

    i think everyone is worrying about the play on the court. Im worried about the Salary Cap and have Lebron Kryie and Love on Max contracts . Which means other player on the team will suffer financially which equals high turnover of players GM working every summer hard to keep a competitive team. equal to what happened to Miami latter on asking players to take a pay cut to win a championship. going heavy into the Hard Cap and paying heavy luxury tax. I know the Cap space increases big time in two years with the new television deal but still hurts players growth on a team.

  60. Lamont says:

    Hate all you want, but for once they have a standing chance to win it all. Lets Cavs fans have hope just like you want it for your team. For a man like LeBron to go back to his home state and try to win a ring for his fans and family you can hope.

  61. jordan b says:

    also I think the cavs situation is ganna not work out because its so many stars now and everyone wants the ball but the baby LeBron is ganna hog it like with the heat. he such a ball hog he don’t let the point guard take the ball out….HE DOES

  62. tremill says:

    Love is the best pf in the game statistically. Hes not athletic and he deff isnt overrated. If you play in the nba youre good. If you can avrg 20ppg 12rbds plus multiple seasons your not overrated. Love fits in with the cavs so well. They will be one of the best if not the best 3pt shooting teams this year. The biggest adjustment will be irving learning to play with two other stars. His numbers may go down or stay around the same. James simply makes other players better. Loves numbers may even stay around the same because james will be kicking it out to him all day! Bull vs cavs… spurs vs thunder
    Cavs vs spurs… spurs prob win. Haha its just realistic. Cavs will win two or three with james back in cleavland though. … okay two.

  63. jordan b says:

    ill admit it I started to like LeBron when he decides to go back to Cleveland(im stil from chi-town and a bulls fan) but when he wanted kevin love that ticked me off!! he is such a baby…he doesent want to play against the best he wants to play with the and that’s bein a coward and for all the people that joined that team just to (so called) “help” LeBron hes just using u tom get a title..he could care less after he gets another ring but I hope either the bulls or the spurs whip the cavs to prove ur not getting it this time or as mutumbo says “no no no not today!”

    • DAMN says:

      another HATER!!!

    • Skrutz says:

      Dude… you could make that argument for any team/player. Why doesn’t Rose want to win on his own? Why does he need Noah and Gasol?

      I’m kidding, of course, but its the same thing. Who wouldn’t want the best help? How would you like Love on the Bulls? You wouldn’t complain then!

  64. Lamont says:

    Cleveland deserve this it took a very long time for Cleveland to have a group of great talent.

    • DenH says:

      no not really… it took them 3 out of the last 4 NUMBER 1 PICKS, they did not need any more help because the lottery had helped them enough already, Ill admit i respected lebron a little more after he decided to go home. Now im losing respect for him again, he had a chance to mold this cavs team into a future powerhouse but him getting his way all the time even in personnel decisions is frankly quite disappointing.

  65. Larry P says:

    Anyone who plays with Lebron and can shoot is a winner, and Love can shoot. Spurs illustrated how you have to have multiple shooters. The fact that Love can run and rebound is gravy. Cavs are easily best in east. Cleveland has a fun team, not sure why they need Marion…maybe to give him a championship. Can see Cavs winning even when Lebron takes a day off. Cavs will be good for a long time. Need for Andy to stay healthy.

  66. RAMON says:

    Do people also remember, that the only way that the spurs where able to draft duncan was because the year earlier robinson got injured, and they were able to get on the draft lottery and get the first pick. if it wasn”t for that they wouldn”t had been able to draft Duncan that year. Maybe they planned it that way in order to get Duncan that year. Spurs fans shouldn”t even be complaining, cause your team has won five championships since drafting Duncan. You guys shouldn”t be so greedy and want only your team to win.

    • GREGORY INGRAM says:

      Dude! regardless however you want to look at it, Lebron has ruined the sport of basketball yes hes great as a basketball player, but I dont like the fact that he builds his teammates by buying them and not earning tittles, Jordon, Bird, Magic never got together and joined forces and said OK lets win tittles, all Lebron is doing is putting a target on that organizaions forehead, not everybody is into his method in winning Championships, it cheats the NBA and other cities luring in thier franchise players thinking because your playing with Lebron your guarenteed a Championship, thats way to arrogant!!!! all I have to say is keep spending the megabucks on players when the Spurs showed the world it takes teamwork not big bucks!! and all I have to say is GETTEM SPURS!!!!!



    • Michael says:

      So let me ask you this question. If an nba player says he just wants to win and nothing else does that make him greedy? And who doesn’t want just their team to win?

  67. MR JAY says:

    this reminds me of a chris bosh..bosh was trash at first and love will b too..his numbers are good cuz of the team he played with..i bet his numbers drop. in all he is a good player but hes not gona b as good as they think he will. the wolves are the winners in this deal. rubio bennet and wiggins..i bet this team makes it to the playoffs this year. after the all star break wiggins will break out and become a beast. and playing with a guard like rubio all 3 of them dudes will play great fast pace basketball..that will b a fun team to watch

  68. kenny says:

    unfair but the leage will alow it to go threw anyway there trying to make James Jordan the NBA need to understand he’s not anywhere close he can olnly win a championship if he has at least 2 othere supper stars and the leage telling the reffs to give him and his teamates all the calls

    • Ariel says:

      kenny if league are using refs to take a call for the team to earn a championship you mean Spurs pay the refs to have 5 championships com on man be fair cause even players don’t complain or owner.

    • Wut. says:

      Jordan had Pippen and Rodman man. LeBrone has Love and Irving. Both teams had/has a decent supporting cast as well. I’m not saying these Cavs are better or as good as Jordan’s Bull’s teams. But you can’t sit there and say that Jordan had no help from other “star” players.

      • LAKER HATER says:

        I couldnt agree more WUT, every one forgets that the Bulls were far from a bunch of scrubs and Jordan achieved nothing untill the emergence of Scottie. Scottie was a slimmer version of Lebron, and Jordan would be lucky to have got 2 titles (not to mention the title of GOAT) without him, and as for Dennis, he did nothing but all the dirty wotk that no one else wanted to do and never asked to be a shooter leaving a full players shot tally to Jordan. It is no coincidence that the year Dennis was in San Antonio, David Robinson lead the league in scoring, Dennis’ greatest offensive skill has always been providing multiple extra possions per game with every team he ever played with resulting in league leading scoring for most of his counterparts. To be frank, I would take Jordan/Scottie/Rodman over James/Wade/Bosh or James/Love/Irving any day of the week, not because of Jordan, but because the supporting cast clearly know thier roles. James/Love/Irving looks great on paper, but who out of these 3 is going to sacrifice thier game for the better of the team like Bosh did out in Miami?

  69. bowen says:

    After Spurs won the 2015 NBA Final, Tim Duncan told LBJ “the future is yours!”

    LOL what a irony!

  70. Steven says:

    I guess LeBron James has a little bit better cast of players with the Cav’s over the Heat being Kevin Love numbers are just as good or better than Bosh, and the same for Kyre Irving and D Wade being D Wade knees problems and he missed am not sure but around 40 games, plus there a lot younger players too…

  71. Kenneth Williams says:

    Why is nobody still talking about the Spurs! Again spurs win it all and the very next day its lebron durant lebron mellow. Not even a word about the bulls after mellow chose knicks which if he did go to chitown it would’ve hurt the bulls even more. Rose,mcdermott, Gasol, noah. They are the beast of the east this year the team to beat bulls or wizards. Cabs might make the 7 or 8 spot if they are lucky. Not enough years not enough experience and they have no bench even if they do sign Allen and miller they’re broken down I dont even see them getting past the heat.

  72. Kenneth Williams says:

    Minnesota should’ve asked for wiggins two 2nd round picks and a 1st noway I would agree to bennett oh well glad im not a cavs or wolves fan. KINGS BABY!

  73. pawel says:

    Im not a fan of lebron but i dont get this hate from you guys. He returns to his city, obviously other players want to team up with him in order to increase their chances for rings (Love). This happens every year. And you doing the match ups between Cle and other teams is just a joke, let the season begin and we’ll see where they stand.

  74. joe says:

    Great deal and great investment.
    Love is better than those two 1st picks. I think heΒ΄s 25 years old, which for the position he plays, is like being out on the draft. We arleady now his potential. He was the pick of this year.
    Love+James is far better than James+Bosh+Wade.

  75. mmmmmmm says:

    it isn’t enough, why would minnesota trade love for a draft pick and two rookies, they should try and get mike miller in the deal

    • for the team says:

      You cant trade a player that just signed to team until after December unless it is in a sign and trade as part of their contact or if they are rookies it 30 days after u sign them

  76. DFresh says:

    you guys are being way too critical of lebron. but thats your right. in his letter he said he wanted to develop young talent and you guys are getting on him for wiggins and bennett being traded away. first he’s not the owner or the gm, second if you take away jones, miller, haywood and lucas (all acquired this offseason) the average age of the the remaining cavs is like 23-24 years old, sounds like young talent to me.

    and you guys are acting like kevin love is the greatest player ever. he’s not a top 10 player, if you can’t carry your team to the playoffs your either a 2nd or 3rd option. and a market like minnesota won’t pull a 1st option guy. wiggins is gone in 4 years when his contract is up or sooner if asks for a trade. if kevin love was better defensively he’d be chris bosh (a 1st option guy, brought raptors to playoffs twice) but he’s not.

    for all of you guys saying he can’t win without putting together an “all-star team”, just shut up. what do you think the spurs are? duncan parker ginobili leonard. you think because they don’t put up superstar numbers that they’re not, they don’t because they don’t have to, they by into the team game and it works. the bulls? rose noah gasol. even without rose they still made the playoffs both yearsm what do you think will happen now that he’s back. i believe even with this trade that the bulls are the favorite in the east and the spurs in the west. why? because they have something the cavs don’t, depth. when lebron steps sits on the cavs bench so does all of their defense.

    • DenH says:

      No we are not saying Lebron is the GM we are saying however that he has a lot more say in personnel matters than most head coaches, primarily because of the major credit he earned from the organisation by returning to them, Lebron didnt exactly make it subtle that he wanted love on the roster, nor did he exactly make it subtle that he thought wiggins and bennett were expendable.

    • Sunshine says:

      I love this new Cavs team and I agree that everyone is way to critical of LeBron because he’s not doing anything that other great championship teams haven’t already done in the past, and that’s GET TALENT. However, I think you’re downplaying Kevin Love as a player. I think he would be the #1 option on many teams. People get on him so much for not making it to the playoffs, but if his teams had the same regular season records and they were in the eastern conference, he would have made it to the playoffs already. Same with Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony (before he went to the Knicks). People often talk about how they rarely make it out of the 1st or 2nd round, but the western conference is a BEAST. I think Love will be fantastic for the Cavs, barring injury. I’m just worried about defense. Love, Irving, and Waiters need to bond over some defensive drills in the coming months.

    • Michael says:

      Spurs drafted and developed it’s players mind you

  77. jleon1 says:

    Cavs got just plain lucky with LBJ “crying he wants to go home”. After tanking the last 4 years, they get 2 #1 lottery picks and several other 1st round picks to just throw away for one player and a ring(s). Sure, The 2 players they got from Miami are good shooters, but they are bench players, and at the end of thier careers. Love is an allstar giving them a 3rd allstar with Kyrie. The rest of thier players are average joes, including Marion, Waiters, Allen and Varejao. I think the Cavs can win a ring with what they have if they stay healthy, and thats a very big IF. I wonder if they are interested in Joel Anthony and Beasly while they gut Miami’s players? Anyway, I’m still going to be a HEAT fan and I believe they can win with Bosh, Wade, Deng, Birdman, Chalmers/Cole/Napier, and McRoberts, but it will take a few more years to compete for a ring.

    • Really? says:

      Tanking the last 4 years? After Dan Gilbert’s letter saying they will win a championship before Lebron and them just being plain horrible, Anthony Bennett didn’t perform up to his hype! You think they were going to tank just off of that?

  78. Tim says:

    Man that gotta hurt the young Wiggins and knowing Lebron Pushed it!!!!

    • Raptor4Life says:

      I hope it motivates Andrew Wiggins…. I hope it gives him that chip on the shoulder that will drive him to greatness.
      I want to see it make him mad inside, to take it personal. But I fear that Andrew will be spoiled by WAY too much money
      WAY too quickly, and “success” may overwhelm desire…. it will almost be like an injury to what could have been one of the world’s greatest players, where you’re always left wondering what might have been.

    • Skrutz says:

      Future rivalry?

  79. John smith says:

    No hating at all, You say you are the best player in the world then prove it. Jordan didn’t cut and run after 6 season of getting his but kicked. Pippen DEVELOPED and they became a great team. THATS the difference. Jordan didn’t have to BUY help

    • True says:

      though LBJ may be the best current player in the world.. there’s no argument about who’s the GOAT – and that’s obviously Jordan. LBJ would either have to win four straight with the Cav’s, or a B2B and a 3-peat to even make the conversation about GOAT. we all know that’s like a million-to-one long shot now with him knocking on the (age) 30 door. I think LBJ can definitely make the Top 3 NBA players of All Time argument still, but somehow i doubt he’ll ever truly challenge MJ for the title of GOAT.

  80. ChicagoBullsNation says:

    There is no doubt about it that LeBron is the best player in the world right now, I could never hate on him no matter if he was in Miami or if he was in Cleveland. Chicago has the deepest team in the league, and Cleveland is stacked with stars after this trade. I’m excited for the NBA, the East, but especially the central division. Other than the Bulls and Cavaliers, Detroit has Drummond, Smith, Monroe, and Jennings. Milwaukee has Mayo, Knight, and I can’t wait to see Jabari play. Sadly PG got injured, but the Pacers are still gonna kill it. I can’t wait for this season:)

  81. dmh says:

    Lebron is pulling strings. He does not realize that his simplistic mindset does not guarantee championships.

    With the bulls, for the 2nd 3peat, Phil Jackson knew he needed better rebounding as the piece to the puzzle. Rodman was around 4th or 5th on Phil’s wish list actually. The bulls pulled off that trade and boom, it was a 3 peat. The bulls probably could have won with Phil’s desired options too but what would the bulls have had to give up to get Phil’s desired options? Obviously it ended up working out for the best as Rodman filled his role and helped MJ and Scottie to their 2nd 3 peat…

    To relate this back to the cavs, Lebron is not the GM. The 3 star alignment only worked for so long in a very weak east with Miami as they were not able to get complementary players to fill their obvious holes. Usually the players that come to these superteams are has beens trying to latch on for some jewelry. That is fine if these has-beens fill the holes on the team. Last year”s has-beens did not fill holes, they rode Lebron to the finals in Miami. After the Love trade, that will reduce the cav’s ability to add role players to fill the holes on that team. Everyone complements Love’s rebounding but, they do have a cheaper option on the roster in Thompson that can also rebound. What the cavs lack is a wing defender to take the load off Lebron. Wiggins is that type of wing defender. Sadly it looks like he is going to Minnesota.

    When Boston had formulated their big 3, the has beens that they signed complemented the roster. Posey was the wing defender for them. They kept Rondo and developed him as the pg. Perkins was their snarling center drafted (since traded to OKC and lost a few steps)…. That was the team that people flocked to as people knew there was something real going on.

    Lebron’s legacy will be tarnished by his active role in creating both the Miami big 3 and the Cleveland Big 3. It is one thing if you are traded unknowingly or as a part of the other team’s attempt to rebuild like Ray Allen and KG were. It is completely different if you orchestrate things because you want that guy. Phil Jackson didn’t get that guy and that turned out for the Bulls more than fine. (MJ coming back also helped lol) As many teams before have proven, it is not about the number of stars, it is about the pieces to the puzzle fitting together. The most recent example is the 2014 champions, the San Antonio Spurs…. talk about fitting together… that was textbook unselfishness..

    • Really? says:

      No disagreements here, but have any of us toke the time to consider that perhaps Kevin Love is looking to improve his defense this offseason?

      • LAKER HATER says:

        Totally agree with all points dmh. Its that exact reasoning that has me thinking that Bulls/Spurs final this season is pretty inevitable bar any injuries.

  82. Rick says:

    I’m glad LeBron’s back in CLE and adding K-Love will make them a shoo-in to make the Playoffs (note: I don’t claim they’re a lock for taking the Trophy by any means, only that they’re now strong contenders). The T’Wolves also make out great with a new core of talent to develop, and overall this should be one helluva battle next season to come out on top — looking fwd to it!

  83. Slim-A-Fool513 says:

    It’s definitlely a shame when someone has enough time in they’re day to write, or post something negative. Haters in any sport are usually lovers of a winless team. IJS. Or just upset a certain player didn’t make his way to their team of choice. pretty sad….
    Anyway it’s definitely a good trade. Love wants to play for a contender and rightfully so. As far as buying a team… if I remember correctly Pat Riley and D. Wade (Heat Lifer) orchestrated the deal for James and Bosh. Not to mention every team thats won an NBA Title since the 90’s has had and amazing roster. The Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Pistons, Bulls, Heat, all had an outstanding
    starting 5 along with deep bench in every championship they’ve won. Lets get our facts straight before we start saying random dumb stuff.

  84. KDfan says:

    This is a hog wash. Even the King needs big support. Even the King needs “Love” (no pun intended). For all LBJ worshippers who believed in every word in his “letter”, go figure. So now the media will potray this as the Cavs management move to get love, not LBJ’s. He’s above and beyond. Don’t be surprised to see many more billboards saying “Bought not Built” all over. In fact LBJ could proudly put one such sign up in his backward and then go on to win rings guilt free. This was the cynical me. Now the serious me: The NBA is slowly, but surely going about it in the wrong way, by tampering in the moves made. You will see the local popularity erode because the NBA is promoting more internationally and overseas. This is purely for $’s. You can see that in the responses to this article. More negatives and very few positives (mainly lame justifications). On a positive note, Love found a better place. He is a good 2nd/3rd wheel, who can’t carry a team on his shoulders. I’m happy for him. You also realize that LBJ actively recruited Mike Miller, who’s trying desperately to recruit Ray Allen and they’ve already got James Jones. Hello and surprise? Slowly but surely (he) they have moved South Beach to Cleveland. He would’ve loved to have CB but he got the real “Love” instead. LBJ knew he had no future in SB anymore so it was time to bolt (again like he bolted from Cavs). On the flip side, Akron has a lot to gain from his move back where I’m sure he will continue to do a lot of good for his community (which is the only reason I’m very proud off him). On a final note, don’t even think of taking MJ’s, Scottie’s, Duncan’s, Parker’s (and hopefully soon KD’s and Russ’) name in the same breath as LBJ’s. I’ll leave it at that.

  85. lol I guess the Timberwolves were reading “lbj’s” troll comments on and they decided to trade love to play for his “king” lol…still…bulls vs spurs in the NBA finals

  86. usa says:

    wiggin can become the next start, but if cavs want to win now this is a good trade the cavs allready got young pieces, to kip wiggin is good but when you try to win a champion you dont need to many yound payers…The trade is good for both teams

  87. Mike says:

    I’m really dissapointed that Love is going to Cavs. Not because I hate cavs or something. Because Love is gonna be another Bosh thats going to a starter instead of being a super star.

  88. Flexy says:

    As a fan of the game this all makes for great entertainment, as a player of the game the moves that Lebon is making is the equivilent of me shooting for caps, winning, and then attemtping to choose from the best players on the court. Thats why we shoot for caps, c’mon people Bron isn’t doing anything that any of us wouldn’t do if we had the same opportunity w/o making millions, last I checked I don’t get paid to play street ball and i still look for the best to try and stay out on the court as long as possible, who really likes the feeling of having to say “next”. unfortunately for Bron, it will take atleat 2-3 seasons for them to win it all, so the Cavs will find themselves saying “next” a couple times. This newly constructed team will need time to get to know each other, and teams like the Spurs, OKC, Clips, Goldenstate, Chicago, and Miami will still be very big obstacles to contend with as these teams all have great developed chemistry and are champ caliber already. Thanks for giving us something to talk about, but from a realistic standpoint thats all it is, because the facts remain as great as the Cavs may seem on paper, they have a long journey ahead of em

  89. PChec says:

    big mistake. Love is yet to play a full season. wait for him to get hurt stroking a cat and miss 50 games. plus Wiggins is only good defender on cavs team. gonna regret that Cleveland

  90. PJ says:

    The difference magic got picked by a team with 2 all-stars already, bird had the luck of having a GM that knew how to pick future hall of famers, Russell in a time where the league was nothing, kobe was mentored by shaq( a top 50 all-time player)… lebron brought the Cavs from the bottom of the league to the finals and 2 #1 seeds in the nba….. every great had super stars to help them be it by draft picks, free agents or trade

  91. Mitchell says:

    I’d rather have Wiggins than Love. But I thought Cleveland couldn’t sign Love to a 5 year 120 million contract. I thought you could only sign one player to a 5 year deal and they jut did that with Kyrie.

  92. noodle man says:

    Short memories or just too young to know. How did Duncan end up on the Spurs? They were a top team w/ David Robinson. Then Robinson had an injury and was lost for the season. Spurs tanked, fell to the bottom of the standings and got lucky in the lottery to land the first pick and draft TD.

  93. Kirby Record says:

    The question mark is defense but this makes the Cavs formidable.

  94. Jude Mathis says:

    I’m not sure who the Cavs will eventually keep on their roster before the season starts, but I know if they get Kevin Love, they will at least have players like him, Kyrie Irving, Tristian Thompson, Dion Waiters who are all pretty young and have never made the Playoffs at all before! That’s why I don’t think they should get as much pressure, at least for this upcoming season, although there will always be pressure put on a team with LeBron on it! Besides half of their team’s youth and experience, I also factor in how bad their defense might ending up being, although I feel like they’ll probably hustle a lot more on that end of the court and learn to defend well with LeBron making them a potential championship-contending team in the next year or two! It’s going to be a pretty interesting season and I can’t wait to see the Cavs play against the Bulls several times! =D

  95. OD says:

    Cleveland might regret this in a few years. Love did not really prove anything in Minn except filling out the stat sheet which he will do so again but won’t translate to wins automatically since they dont have D. But who knows, the east is so weak specially with the destruction of the Pacers, anything can happen.

    The Bulls will still beat this unproven lineup of the Cavs easily, they have competed fiercely against the strong Miami lead Lebron without any stars and scorers, look what Chicago has now compared to Cleveland (Rose, Gasol, plus high potential shooters and role players). Bulls will take the east folks as they are the only complete and deep team with enough experience. Heck, I won’t be surprised if the Heat beats the Cavs in the playoffs given they are more proven in the playoffs even without Lebron.

    All of this is irrelevant in the finals anyways since the Spurs will beat anyone easily with what they have going. Teams have to wait until the big 3 in Texas retire, then you can have some hope to beat the west. Exciting future for the Cavs but Bulls vs Spurs in the finals, Leonard gets his 2nd finals MVP.

  96. Jude Mathis says:

    Why are people acting like LeBron lied in his letter? Regardless of the fact that they are going to trade two of the last No. 1 overall picks and a pick next year for Kevin Love, the Cavs are still going to be developing a bunch of young players who have never even been to the Playoffs! What are people even talking about? I understand that some people hate LeBron for no reason, but at least try to sound like you make any sense with your points! =|

  97. Kaytee says:

    It’s interesting to see many of you put so much faith in Wiggins and Bennett. Maybe they will be great. . .maybe not. We have certainly seen the rise and fall of prospective great rookies in the past. No matter how great you may initially seem to be, there will always be a learning curve unless you are that one exception that comes along every now and then (i.e., LJ).

    You so critical of “King James”. . why?? Say what you must but he has held the highest efficiency rating in the entire league for a few years past. He and Cleveland is dong no more or less than any other team who wants a championship. Get the best lineup possible. A great player should have great people around him. The more tried and tested the better. Why should he be wrong?

    No matter how great a player may be, he cannot do it my himself. He needs support. You question LJ in the playoffs/championship. He didn’t loose it. . .the team did or you can simply say the Spurs outplayed Miami. Stop hating and let the games begain. IT WILL DEFINITELY BE AN INTERESTING SEASON!!

  98. Tony Clegg says:

    Authority is not given to deny the return of THE KING!!!!

    From the beginning…. It was, and is his destiny!!

    Championship for the Cavs!

    • GREGORY INGRAM says:

      Yeah a King with a below 500 winning average in the finals. ummm!!! I would say in the finals hes more of a Jester!



  99. to_Lying Biatch James says:

    I cry everytime..

  100. James says:

    Everybody is always going to hate what lebron James is doing, he’s the player that everyone will always love to hate, and for some! hate to love. People have different inputs from everywhere, but in reality this is a great trade and no it’s not buying a team either because the only player there buying is love and it’s not even buying him really!! Because there giving two first round picks and a future first rounder. Kyrie Irving was already on the team, lebron made his letter on why he came back to Cleveland and Kevin love is just the smart choice to make right now for a contending championship team, he’ll give them so much well roundness on the offensive end and on the boards, there’s always time for defensive improvement for him. Where as wiggins and Bennett we know one of them most likely will not become a star based on sastistic facts. Wiggins most likely will be a star but it’ll be 3-5 years before he makes a difference by then lebron will be older and could possibly develop a serious injury or fall out of prime you never know, it’s all a risk. The smart choice is to make a championship team now while there all in there prime and work on just the little improvements they will need as a new team, instead of hoping that bennet and wiggins hopefully become all stars and risk lebron or Irving getting hurt by the time they might or might not. So I think Cleveland is making a smart choice and know it’s not buying a team it was just a lucky year for them for improvement they had te tools to give with there first round drafts and having lebron back was solely because he wanted to give back to his home town and for his family if you wanna hate on that go ahead it’s only because your lebron haters and want to believe the worst.

  101. Martytroy says:

    I think people are forgetting Kobe, Rose, Howard, and everyone else in the league tried to get Anthony to sign. Kobe also tried to gets Paul to join him and Howard, and all of the other great teams all had at least three hall of famers playing for them. Lots of teams tried to trade for love, you can’t call James a loser because Love decided to go there it’s pathetic.

  102. Lying Biatch James says:

    Hi, I’m LBJ!

    I wrote a letter to ESPN saying that I wanted to be a leader, saying that I wanted to develop young talent in Cleveland and acting like I was finally ready to stop buying championships (my other name is LeBuy-A-Ring James) and do things the right way.

    As the “best” player in the world, I should be able to win without having to create an Eastern Conference All Star team just to beat the Spurs. But alas, I am not.

    What’s really going to be funny is that when the Spurs dominate me again this year (for the third time in 4 tries), all the blame should fall on me, since this is the team I am creating (just like the Heat).

    Go me!

    • B-Baller says:

      What a tool

    • skrutz says:

      Since when is that considered an all-star team? Since when is wanting talented players to play with “Buying a ring”? How come it wasn’t automatic in Miami the first and last years? Because it takes effort, and he’s only one man. He dominates, but he plays best when he can elevate his teammates. He’s not a one man show.

      So much hate, for no reason. If you dont like it that much, just root for the other team.`

    • John Doe says:

      Fools like you think you’re smart or comical when posting when really you sound like an idiot. How hard has it been for Kobe to win rings since Shaq left…Even Jordan was great but to say he could’ve won all six rings without his hall of fame teammates would be ridiculous. Basketball is a team game if one guy puts up 80 points and his teammates put up the bare minimum chances of winning is slim to none. LeBron literally carried Cavs to an NBA Final and why do you think they lost to Spurs? A) Spurs are an Elite team from Starter to Bench, B) Cavs had little to no talent. It possible for one guy to do it all in the Eastern Conference, but to think one guy can carry himself to a championship against the Elite teams today in the Western Conference is stupid.

  103. Mike B says:

    Minnesota just became more exciting than the Cavs.

  104. Jose says:

    The Cavaliers front desk couldn’t have waited until next year to sign him huh? They had to get rid of their 2 #1 picks. For that reason alone, I sure hope the Cavaliers never win a championship. But seeing how things are in the East, they will surely make the Finals.

  105. mark says:

    wiggins is a diamond in rough they trade in a piece of gold. this show cavs want to be champ ASAP ahahahah
    wiggins = future kobe-lebron and lots to prove
    love = good PF

    • lalalalla says:

      or a future t-mac, sans knee problems

    • steven says:

      Your crazy if you think love is only a good pf

    • The Fox says:

      Remember a guy named Greg Oden? or Andre Bargnani? or Kwame Brown? or Michael Olowokandi? Yeah, soak that up for a minute. Just because a guy is a #1 pick does NOT guarantee he will be an All Star Hall Of Famer. Plus Love is a top 3 Power Forward in his prime right NOW.

    • haha says:

      Good PF ? have you had poop in your eyes watching NBA last year? FCS

  106. flippaflip says:

    I see nothing wrong with this.

  107. Nav says:

    I understand LBJ has not always made popular choices in his career. However, I feel a little slack should be cut with his most recent ones. I mean IMO his SI letter was a little more appealing than “the decision” announcement, he specifically stated in it that he does not expect to win immediately, and although this trade falls against a lot of people’s good judgement it does improve the Central Division/Eastern Conference while also allowing the T’Wolves a chance to have a proper rebuilding period. As Dallas and San Antonio demonstrated great and well-deserved championship seasons during LBJ’s tenure with Miami, NBA teams have the capability to win against what fans consider “stacked” teams. Finally, with a new coach and a new squad LBJ has to know through exp. that when Love comes to Cleveland the chemistry must exist first, for that is something evidently seen with championship teams.

  108. OKC says:

    I really hope that the bulls beat the cavs in the conference finals next year. They play so much harder than everyone else in the eastern conference just to get a playoff berth and have had to deal with so many injuries over the years. It would be great for the NBA if all that hard work finally paid off for them.

    • gunner says:

      they’ll meet in east semis not conf finals you dumb… bulls will be 3 seed under WASH

      • Jeff says:

        Washington might make 4th seed if they are lucky. Will have to wait for Durant to go higher.

        1 Bulls
        2 Cavs
        3 Heat
        4 Wizards or Hornets
        5 Wizards or Hornets
        6-8 A lottery but Raptors should be one of them

      • Axl says:

        Well in this case…you dumb, they will still meet in the finals ’cause number 1&3 seeds connot meet in semis. 1vs4 & 2vs3….you dumb

  109. MN says:

    Does anyone know how it works that you apparently get more cap space with a trade?? they said otherwise they couldn’t have gotten him under the cap next year? from another article I read they said Love is a top 10 player, that seems ridiculous to me, top 10 players in their prime can carry a team to the 8 seed in the playoffs at least once, Love does not seem athletic to me.

  110. Kobez says:




  111. KEViin says:

    what about
    KOBE + NASH + HOWARD + GASOL + old NASH????
    selective memory???

    at the end of the day, the next season will be epic, i just want to see great basketball.
    who cares if LBJ doesn’t win?? he got 2 rings. that’s good enough; now he’s trying to protect his body and make more money for the future, that’s ok with me.

    next season: Rose, Lebron, durant, CP3, Howard.
    feel bad for kobe with his squad. trade kobe to a contender for the rest of his career….PLEASE!

  112. huxley73 says:

    LeBron? $21M a year for LeBron and team wants to offer $24M a year for Kevin…really?
    I hope he stays healthy. LeBron’s earlier contract was 6 year $110M and Rookie contract was 3 year $12.9M.
    I feel that Lebron should have made more money in his career than this- for the level of excitement he brings in games, tickets and sponsorship and audience he pulls. Kobe makes $25M/yr at this age and Carmelo Anthony’s new contract is 5 years/$125M.
    Quit hating guys. LeBron deserves better pay, better fans than this. I wish to see an exciting season of Basketball as my home team Bulls are awesome, Previous home Pistons are great, Indiana, Toronto and Miami would give their best and Cavs are exciting. Can’t wait for the 2014-2015 NBA season to start.

    • dd def says:

      i feel no sympathy at all for someone making a couple less MILLION a year than some of their peers. they all get payed WAY TOO MUCH to begin with. i don’t cry for pennies lost by the rich.

    • hnic says:

      Lol so your hometoown is the center division period right?

    • shanek says:

      LeBron only jotted a 2-year deal in order to sign an even bigger one when the TV network deal in Cleveland goes through. LeBron will end up with the bigger contract.

  113. jay says:

    man, i’m not saying kevin love is a good player, but 3 first round picks, let alone 2 number 1 picks is too much to give up for a player like kevin love. After all what have he done, yes his numbers are well respected, but anyone who’s on a pathetic team like wolves could have that kind of numbers.NO POST SEASON APPEARENCES, NO RINGS, 2 #1 OVERALL AND 1ST ROUND IS MORE LIKE WHAT YOU WOUND GIVE UP FOR A LEBRON OR MELO

    • dd def says:

      not to mention love is a week defender and has a limited post game. i believe him to be the single most overrated player in the league.

    • skrutz says:

      I agree, so much. This trade seems dumb. Well, not dumb… they wont be bad by any means. But short sighted, and well… actually dumb. He’s a FA next year. He has no defence. He puts up numbers on a terrible team. If he’s top 10, how come he’s never been to the playoffs?

      2 #1’s is like what you might get for an established superstar – not a glorified rebounder!

    • H8ta says:

      Ya, he sounds exactly like Bosh coming out of Toronto…

  114. Erikgarcia says:

    Cavs have all the pieces available from Center to PG. They have Love, Irving and LBJ who are ALL Star Caliber players plus supporting cast of Miller and Jones who can contribute off the bench. And If they are also successful on getting Ray Allen and Shawn Marion the team will get much better. CAVS is a potential top 4 finisher of the NBA’s next season. The only question is the COACH. Can he mold this TEAM as a TITLE Contender? If everything falls into place, expect this team to go head-to -head against the SPURS.

  115. billy says:

    Cleveland fans are being taken for a ride. Keep buying those jerseys, help LB to make more money. Championships go to teams that are willing to build and invest, not to those who want to buy championships and bore everyone with what nr. they will have this year on their jersey.
    Minnesota got a great deal.

  116. Slim Eeaper says:

    Yall forget about The Slim Reaper, Kevin Durant coming into his prime, he will run train on this team, and claim the MVP once again.
    OKC is small, all of you bitter Heat fans are more than welcome to come join, and watch the destruction of The Cavs

    • dd def says:

      they’ll play twice in the regular season and may not even meet in the post-season. so, KD may have a great season, but he ain’t “runnin’ train” on the cavs.

    • mikmaks says:

      If OKC doesn’t get any supporting cast for KD and RW, it’s gonna be the same as the previous years.. failure.

  117. zLeIYAN09 says:

    Who wins this trade?

    Ans: Timberwolves.
    Wiggins.. Bennett.. LaVine.. Dieng.. Rubio.. K Mart..
    Healthy, athletic, and Talented young guys.

    • lalalalla says:

      and will not reach playoffs in a logjammed Western Conference, so sit back and enjoy the irrelevancy for years to come

  118. Renzo says:

    Bulls still a all around better team

  119. glen says:

    I dont understand what all this noise is about this has been going on in the NBA for decades. Clyde left Portland to join Hakeem to win a ring, Barkley tried next season, Jordan and Scottie got Dennis with Ron Harper to join< Shack left Orlando to join Kobe and Horry then left to join Morning Gary , A. Walker and it goes on and on, so lets just play ball girls.

  120. Steve says:

    Kevin Love wants a ring whats the big deal, nobody talks about KEVIN GARNET, he had to leave to get a ring…lets wait for the new season, with love CLEV are up thea

    • SC says:

      Did everyone forget that K Love asked for a trade basically last year before the Cavs were even formed? K Love is not championship chasing, he’s simply running away from the T-Wolves, that’s the real issue. He doesn’t choose where he’s going like a free-agent does. And if i’m not mistaken, people do hate on KG for his chasing, I know I do.

  121. Antoine says:

    In my opinion LeBron is not a true champion, if you compare him to MJ, Magic, Bill Russell, Bird ,Akeem, Kobe and all of the other greats they help to develop the talent that they had on their teams. They did not go out and recruit so call all-stars to help them win a championship as he continues to do. Your legacy as a Basketball player LeBron will be you cannot win without super stars.

    • skrutz says:

      Holy… have you ever paid attention, to ANYTHING? Pretty much everyone you listed had to recruit talent. Maybe not quite the same way, and definitely not as publicly as this (they didn’t have the internet), but its all the same. Drexler and Hakeem, Shaq and Kobe, Barkley too… MJ didn’t draft the bulls roster and train them. Garnet in Boston?

      Grow up!

    • mikmaks says:

      They have superstars in their teams as well. Magic has Worthy, Jabar. Jordan has Pippen and Rodman eventually.That’s just how the NBA is right now. just get over it man.

  122. William says:

    Lebron finally has another team that can lose to the Spurs in the Finals.

  123. William says:

    Not a loss for Wigging. He’ll get more playing time and posessions with the T-Wolves and Lebron will be an old man by the time Wiggins forms as a player.

    • dd def says:

      unless he just clicks. there’s no way at all to gauge how well a player will do in the nba. for example, look at lillard. no one saw that coming. small school, overlooked by scouts his whole life, then day one in the league he leads the charge against kobe and the lakers for the W. others who were expected to be really good were total flubs and never panned out. and sometimes someone starts in places that don’t work for them but once they find a system and team that they fit in they excel,

      • skrutz says:

        It’s interesting, I recall seeing an article on where players were supposed to go, but after draft trades or trading picks earlier sent them there.

        Just think… Kobe could have been a legendary Hornet.

  124. Ramon says:

    I think the trade made sence for both teams, cause kevin love said he didnt want to sign with them, and at least minnessota got something in return, instead of losing him for nothing.

  125. Ramon says:

    First of all lebron is not the gm, so he cannot make any trades or sign anybody to the team, thats the gm’s job, not his, he could have an input on the matter, but is up to the gm to make the decision.

    • joanvonnegut says:

      That is on the paper not in realty. How come Cavs coach said “Andrew Wiggins is staying” but we all know he has no word to say at this point. Btw, LJ was saying young team, challange, etc BSs… πŸ™‚ They all were just PR

      • skrutz says:

        Still a very young team. He’s got Waiters and Irving to tutor, with the help of some of his veteran friends.

        Although it really really bugs me that the coach said that and they go ahead and do the opposite.

      • mikmaks says:

        Coach job is not the same as GM you moron.

  126. boboka says:

    @OLBL is stupid

  127. Jack says:

    Kyrie will sprain his ankle. Varejao will hurt his knee. Kevin Love will break his hand. Lebron will get cramps. Then Waiters will become the leading scorer on the team with 13 ppg.

  128. Tym says:

    I still like the Bulls as a favorite to win the East. Rose, Butler, Dunleavy, Gasol, and Noah sound like a more formidable roster IMO. And the fact that the chemistry is already there from most being on the same team last year. I see Chicago, Cleveland, and Washington as the Big Three in the East. OKC, San Antonio, and LAC in the West.

  129. Commissioner says:

    Kobe, Howard, Cp3 = vetoed
    Lebron, Wade, Bosh = not vetoed
    Lebron, Irving, Love = not vetoed

    Now I understand… Lebron is the real NBA commissioner.

    • Marc says:

      I agree to disagree. LeBron, Wade, and Bosh were all free agents. But after what happened with CP3 and that was really the only time we seen that happen and now Love going over there… Yeah, the league is all about Lebron.

    • skrutz says:

      except the CP3 trade had nothing to do with Lebron. It was a weird situation, for sure. But you could make the argument that if Lebron was somehow the centre of the whole leagues decisions, it’d be vetoing trades all over the place.

  130. o wait, hold up says:

    risky move for cavs, and great deal for wolves,

  131. getoffit says:

    Quit crying over the trade. Everyone has a big three. Even the spurs have a big 3: tim duncan.. manu… and tony parker. Now leonard is rising. Wahh wahhh.

    • dd def says:

      you do realize that those 4 players were all acquired via draft right? so it’s not quite the same thing. i think people are more baffled by the cavs giving away so much and getting so little in return. not “upset” as it were about love joining the cavs.

      • skrutz says:

        I hate this buying vs drafting argument. Nobody seems to list anyone but the Spurs as teams that drafted their way to a championship.

        Also… Lebron, Irving, and Waiters were all cleveland picks. Looks like its fairly heavy on talented draft picks.

      • mikmaks says:

        so that makes it wrong?

  132. Max says:

    The difference between James’ moves to teamup with stars and Duncan-Ginobili-Parker is that SAS made a team based on their own picks, not 1st-10th numbers of draft, but TD+late first rounders and some young blood, and don’t forget international players, that’s always a risk to bring one in a team because of different style of play outside the USA.
    The difference is that SAS and OKC are for real, they are contenders, but didn’t buy it, they earned it, worked hard on their players to improve.
    LBJ is the best player now and he have options, if I were LBJ I would do the same. But his teams and TD you’ve mentioned – two different stories of how to build contender.

    • dd def says:

      excuse me, but seattle did the work for okc, they just get to reap the benefits

      • skrutz says:

        Yeah. And Lebron, Irving, and Waiters are all draft picks of Cleveland. And like I asked above, how come no one can come up with a team other than SA that drafted its way to a championship?

      • SC says:

        The only two players that were on the Sonics that moved with the team to OKC were Durant and Nick Collison. OKC did the work in the draft bro…stop talking reckless lol.

      • Vlad says:

        excuse me….the managment was the same before the move….the staff was the same before the move….they just relocated to another city…but it’s the same TEAM

  133. skrutz says:

    Daaaamnnn… I dont want this to happen! Say goodbye to defence, say goodbye to the long term future. How the hell is Love worth that?

    • Mofo says:

      Dude 2 number one picks, which statistically speaking one of them won’t pan out to be better than average and one first round pick for a 25/12/4 guy that can splash 3s and stretch the floor way better than bosh ever could. I’ve posted a lot about the upside of this but I’m a huge d rose fan I just hope his knees hold up man it’s scary because it’s back to back same knee I believe. I just love basket ball and want the east to stack up like the west it’s slowly but surely getting that way

  134. nolove says:

    I am unsure about this trade. Too much offence and not enough defence. Should have kept Bennett.

    Lebron knows that if he had stayed with Miami he would have definitely got to the Conference Finals next season. With the Cavs I am unsure, a lot of new players to gel together and a lack of play-off experience. LBJ is doing this more for Cleveland than himself I think or else he would have stayed in a beefed up miami team.

  135. smags says:

    bad for cavs. lebron is like a baby. he need a 3-4 brother to stand bad for him

  136. Zach Bowling says:

    KEEP WIGGINS.! Kevin Love will be great for the cavs now but Wiggins and kyrie are the future of cavs and even Dion waiters.! KEEP WIGGINS.

  137. GREGORY INGRAM says:

    Im so darn sick of Lebron James!!!! everywhere he goes he wants to stack the deck with the NBA’s best players following him, couldnt evrybody see what the Spurs did to a bought team in Miami? now hes in Cleveland, and what is Cleveland doing the same thing Miami did, get other teams best players to win tittles Im old school and I can tell you theres no glory in that all Cleveland is doing is putting a red dot on thier fore heads and other teams are going to be trying to shot them down just like they did in Miami,BUILD A TEAM, DONT BUY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Jamma says:

      SPURS will be back for 1 final round. Jack Hammer!

    • T gas TT ako says:

      obviously ur saying that b coz ur a spurs fan,, what spurs played last season was really awesome specially in the finals,, but cmon dude ur old enough to understand whats happening,, if the team dont have potential of corz u need to improve it RYT?????

  138. As much as I love Wiggins, the Cavs are better off with Love than Wiggins and Bennett IMHO.

  139. edward says:

    Jordan did buy his way to a ring, he played and made the players around him better. 6 rings with 1 true STAR!

  140. TROYBOY says:

    I’m not a fan of Super Teams but he’s taking advantage of this era. Do whatever it takes to win. If I was an owner, I would do the same thing. All we want as fans is for our teams to win (and I’m not a Cavs fan). We would like to think that the organization is doing everything that they can do to win. That’s exactly what Lebron and Cleveland are doing here. Can’t fault the guy for building his Legacy.

  141. archeonix says:

    I’d kind of hoped Cleveland would pick up Andreas Bargnani, after he’s amnestied or put on waivers, and play him at the 2. Then they could have five no. 1 picks on the floor at the same time. Of course LBJ would need to sacrifice himself and bulk up again and play center (as well as back up the point &4 positions). Mike Miller would be 6th man, supplying depth on the wing &DWaiters could back up AB and get garbage time at the point as well. In this scenario, Love would end up as a cult figure in China (or maybe Milwaukee) and make frequent appearances in “whatever happened to” blogs on malware afflicted web sites; meanwhile James Jones would still be lost at the end of the bench, vaguely upset about the wastage of his career.

    • LS1Kid says:

      Sounds like you don’t even follow basketball

      He CANT be amnestied by the Knicks, they already used it on Chauncey Billups, plus waiving him with 1 yr left on his contract is not smart, he’s owed 11-12mil this year so he then would be taking a cap hit of 3-4 mil for the next 3 years. not smart
      LeBron bulk up to play center??? really????

      Here’s your sign

    • T gas TT ako says:

      clear you showed your stupidity here,, read more and learn more

  142. hilljr says:

    This deal does not make Cleveland the favorite out East, contrary to popular talking head belief. They still have no defensive versitility at all. I think instead of them going hard for a guy like Marion, A legit 3 and D guy or high level rim protector is still needed to complete this roster. Chicago has both.

  143. Dyron from Belize # 1 Spurs fan says:

    It would be funny to see Anthony Bennett play the way Love did and Wiggins play out of his mind like the Paul George type player he is….. and then that team make the Playoffs!!!! something love couldn’t do! the T-Wolves will be fine. Just wait and see. They are now a way better team. If they were in the East I would call them a playoff team but the West tough.This team will do great because there will be no ego (K Love) and a humble core of guys.

    PG- Rubio/ Mo Williams/ JJ Barea
    SG-Wiggins/ Kevin Martin/ Shved
    SF-Brewer/ Mbah a Moute/ Buddinger
    PF- Bennett/ Dieng/
    C- Pekovic/ Turriaf

    Coach Flip Saunders and Sam Mitchell

    I’m telling you and I’m calling it! This team will be fine. They will be a .500+ team better than Kevin Love made them.

    • billy says:

      Totally agree.

    • Mofo says:

      Bro I’m a jayhawk fan and wiggins has got like 3 years before being a big splash, he has suspect handles, j is better and easily improve able but his got some work ahead of him. He is a SF/SG version of Westbrook. Bennett might be good if he status away from the Big Macs lol

  144. Arel says:

    The cavs are too greedy,

  145. mitch Knows best says:

    k love/a wiggin/ and a bennet/ playoff stats are all the same 0.0 ppg; 0.0 apg, 0.0 rpg, 0.0 mpg, 0.0 appearances. lol. love been in the league 5 yrs and he couldn’t make the playoff. MN has to be all smiles with this one. things can only get better, they have plenty of young talent and options, im looking at a future big four in two years w/ bennent at the 4, wiggins at the 2. glen robinson at the 3. and lavine at the 1. with big Peco at the 5. if i am MN gm i am all smiles. its only gets better. F#@! K love!!!!

  146. Buying championships says:

    Not sure why you guys are hung up on this fact that guys want to be part of championship teams or around championship pedigree?
    EVERY other sport does this, whether its Football (Cowboys, etc), Baseball (Yanks, etc) and the list goes on and on.
    This is NO different.

    Sure LBJ is pulling the strings. Usually top players in their respective sport can command things like this. Again, no different than the corporate world. Top talent garners special treatment whether we like it or not.

    I just can’t wait for this season to begin. Still got my LBJ jersey from 5 years ago.
    Go Cavs!!!!

    • billy says:

      Cavs will never buy a championship.

      GREAT deal for Minnesota. Wiggins could have been the future for Cleveland, but appearantly that organization and LB don’t care……Cleveland “fans” are taken for a ride. Keep buying those jerseys . Help making LB even more money.

  147. I still think that champ will come out of the West. They have so many talented and strong teams. This does make the East more competitive now, especially with the injury to George. I am looking for OKC Thunder to outlast the Spurs and get to the finals this year. Durant and Westbrook will re-sign and our bigs will develop and the Thunder will be a great team for years to come.

  148. Domino says:

    The problem with this move is that it makes the Eastern Conference even more tedious than it already is. For the fifth year in a row, the Eastern Conference Playoffs will be little more than a time for everyone to pretend that some team other than LeBron’s has a shot at going to the Finals. It’s all just a waiting game: “I’m really looking forward to the three-seed Toronto taking on the six-seed Brooklyn! The winner is going to give Miami a LOT of trouble! Oh, wait a minute, that’s right; neither team could even hope to win two games against LeBron!” Same thing this year, just substitute Cleveland for Miami.

    This kind of trade consolidates all of the Eastern Conference’s skill, or at least all of the skill that really matters, under one roof. It would be a different story if Love had gone to, say, Boston or New York, because then we would have a number of teams with a legitimate shot at beating Cleveland. Alas, it looks like our only hope for an interesting Eastern Conference Finals match-up is Chicago, which is far from guaranteed, as we all know.

    Seriously, if the Eastern Conference is going to be this pathetic, why not change the playoff format so that the top sixteen teams, regardless of conference, compete? Phoenix is better than most of the eastern teams, and at this point, I’d rather watch New Orleans than Indiana.

  149. Tony says:

    The Bulls Line up still crushes Cleveland!!

    Check this out…
    Rose is better than Irving
    Noah is better than Varajao
    Gasol and Love are an even matchup
    and Taj vs Lebron has proven to be a great matchup
    Oh…and let’s not forget we have the 2nd best coach in the NBA!

    SOO calm down Cav FANS!!

    • Kobez says:

      Gasol and Love are equal? apart from the fact that one is 25 and the other is waaaaay past his prime? Taj Vs Lebron? lol….Lebron = a combination of Rose, Noah and Butler…..

    • Mofo says:

      Come on man, rose yea is better than Irving but let’s see if his knees hold up along with Irving. There is no comparison on the bills team to James, none at all what so ever. Noah got a edge, and pau even with love …… Are you kidding man ,no way in hell is that close to even. Chicago has a nice team but let’s all wait and see.

    • Marte says:

      Doin waiters got something to proved n don’t forget the shooters

  150. Jules Johnston says:

    Wrong move by the Cavs. They’ll make NBA Finals, but won’t win it unless they pick up solid defenders:

  151. I don’t think that this will cement them into the finals. It is a good move for both teams. Minnesota gets younger and has a lot of upside, and Cleveland will definitely have a strong line up. Great for both sides.

  152. bullysix says:

    I am glad it’s final done. Tired if all this harping. Secondly I can’t wait to see the NBA schedule. A lot of talking heads have already dismissed the Bulls Wiz Hornets and Heat as playing second fiddle to the Cavs. Defensive wise all 4 of those teams will give the Cavs serious problems. But can the Cavs guard any of those teams?

    Look at Love does he guard Gasol, Nene, Gortat Big Al or Bosh I say the closest he gets to any of them is rebounding. Does Kyrie guard Rose Wall Walker or Lance I think quarters 1-3 but in the 4th he wont. That in itself is going to cause defensive issues because Bron cant guard all of them in the 4th.

    I see all these talking heads wondering whatelse the cavs need. I see Bron going out in FA next summer trying to sign superstar #4.

  153. AlPHA BETA says:

    LEBRON is an ALPHA
    KEVIN LOVE IS A BETA (STAR but cannot carry a team to the playooffs)
    Kyrie Irving is a BETA(STAR but cannlot carry the team to playoffs)

    Others are role players

    Formula for championship

  154. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    well at least someone heard LBJ’s advice and went to Cleveland to join our “King” Lebron in order to get a ring πŸ˜€

  155. See red says:

    We don’t care what you do Cleveland. It will be the Lakers of 2012-2013 all over again. Bulls 2015 champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. El Stone says:

    LeBuy-A-Ring strikes again.

    This move proves everything LeBuy-A-Ring wrote in his “letter” to be false.

    He doesn’t want to cultivate talent. He doesn’t want to grow a team. He doesn’t want to be a leader and mentor. He wants to buy another championship just like he did in Miami.

    Guess what LeBuy-A-Ring. 2-3 in the Finals ain’t so great considering you’re the “best” player in the world.

  157. digitioli says:

    Bronnie’s move to “go back home” was well executed misdirection and a major power play.
    Fact is, these strings were all pulled long before he officially left the heat.
    Because the East is such a joke, these players are all looking for the path of least resistance and it’s pretty weak and unappealing.

    The Bulls, Wizards and even Toronto are better teams than the heataliers.
    I hope Marion goes to Indiana.

    There is a difference between stars and leadership. Champs have both.
    As injured as Wade has been, he’s a leader while the self proclaimed king clearly is not.
    How well did “Follow my lead” go last time?

    Spurs all the way back to back!

  158. Jim Franky says:

    Lebron may be the best in basketball for a few years but about if Jordan/Durant/Kobe went team hoping for money cuts to play with 2 stars about his talent that only come around every few years in the NBA. Obviously any dream team would beat the net, spurs, ect. It is almost pathetic what he is doing to the NBA all to get more rings, good ole selfish James. Hate him or love him, Im on the hater side for the good of the game.

  159. Dyron from Belize # 1 Spurs fan says:

    phil you wrong too! Tim and Tony, Jordan and Pippen, Bird and Mchale are built. they were drafted. those different lakers duo you mentioned signed to win together just like Bron did in Miami. If Bron was half the player he was he would have done it like Bird, Jordan, and Timmy D did. winning with what they drafted. Bron teams drafted some nice players but he had to be the star so they couldn’t win. After 10 years what did Timmy and Bird do? handed the keys to guys like Tony and Mchale. Lets see if Bron does that with Love and Irving since they stars too. You Lebron fans make me sick because you act like you know the game and talk… this coming from a guy living in another country with 300,000 people. lol

  160. Poo says:

    The point is not the spurs, it’s winning the east, and the team that has a great chance if they stay healthy is the bulls, the cabs had to make this move in order to compete for the east, they worry about the finals after, pacers are done, Knicks still rebuilding, heat are still not bad, but a first round at best, hawks first round and wizards mabey, don’t forget the grizzlies either, just cause Lebron has got help doesn’t mean it’s a wrap, the east is open, and the west is to. Sure the spurs are gonna be right there, but remeber the 8th seed mavs took them to a game 7, and they just got better, the rockets will be right there not to win a championship yet, but to be a thorn in someone’s hopes n dreams in the west, and the blazers are young and will learn from their mistakes last year…..and everyone forgets the warriors and suns, mabye not a championship squad yet, but again as the rockets will do, they will be someone’s Achilles heal for a top seed spot in playoffs… year should be more interesting than presumed by the Vegas point spread.

  161. the GREAT ONE says:

    Uncle Drew and Wes are together again!

  162. Dyron from Belize # 1 Spurs fan says:

    Tmoni23 you wrong mien… both Spurs 2014 and Pistons 2004.. Correct me if I’m wrong. Only TP was made the team this year for the SAS

  163. Dyron from Belize # 1 Spurs fan says:

    Those big 3 Miami Heat teams were better than this one Lebron have with Love. Mark my words. Nobody on the team Lebron is building have any experience at all and when the time comes you will see, You don’t win with 3 All Stars you win with real super stars Wade, Bosh, Bron, Duncan, Parker,Ginobli… (Love, Waiters and Irving are not real stars) and guys that make big plays Def and Off (Diaw, Ray Allen, Danny Green, Mills, Miller, Battier) I say Kyrie and Love are big play guys but clearly are not leaders to take their team to the top (simply because they couldn’t and didn’t). The only star on this team is Lebron and I am being completely objective here as a basketball fan.

  164. DeAundra says:

    Ain’t know such thing as buying a championship its called building a team like all teams do the difference is when your great like lebron is other players are gonna want to play along side him in possibly have a chance to win a ring smh I can see y’all don’t know basketball y’all just can’t stand Lebron influence over other players

  165. Lee1482 says:

    Good trade for Cleveland…but this won’t translate to rings. They will win a lot of games but only Lebron plays defense. They will have to outscore teams to win. And someone said the Spurs can’t beat this team? Please…

    Irving vs. Parker…I will take Parker but Irving will definitely get his numbers with volume shooting.
    Waiters vs. Green….toss up. Waiters has more talent but is so inconsistent that it doesn’t even matter.
    Lebron vs. Leonard…Lebron gets the nod but Leonard will not only hold his own but make life hard for Lebron
    Love vs. Duncun…they cancel each other out
    Varejo vs. Splitter…equal in every way

    Again, good trade for Cleveland…but only on offense. They will pay for it on the other end of the floor.

  166. Ramon says:

    I have a question to all u haters out there, did the lakers, bulls, celtics, buy championships by adding key players to there teams to become better contenders, and have a better chance of winning multiple championships.

    • billy says:

      Answer is NO,
      none of those teams had starplayers that went shopping for a ring. They stayed put and helped build a team……BIG difference.

  167. BonnieBear29 says:

    They’ll be a fun team to watch, but I still wonder if they’ll be good enough on defense to win a ring. James is a great defensive player but Love and Irving are sub par. The last team to win a championship without a top 10 defense was Miami in 2006. You need to be good on both sides of the court to win a ring,

  168. Nbahypocrite says:

    This trade needs to be stopped by the commissioner. The already set a precedent, now they must maintain it.

  169. Manuel says:

    It is a great deal andn agrement but it wil be a at the same time a big fail cuz I think Cavelliers could play even better with Wiggins for more year than Love
    There is the Boss Lebron James

  170. as says:

    I am not sure if this is the best way to go.
    You had a young promising team with low salaries plus MEGA start LBJ.

    But now you are trying to be “old” Cavs or last few years Miami with BIG3. But these treee guys will have max deals and you have no space cap. So will have suround yourself with old guys – Millers and Allens. This recipie has no long futhure. Year or 2 and this team found itself excacly in situaction like Heat this year.

  171. ko0kiE says:


    love may be a good rebounder and offensive player but he is an awful defender. wiggins could have contributed right away on that end of the floor and do yo really have to worry about offense if you got LeBron and Irving?

    they will be a terrific offensive team but nowhere near the miami teams of the past years defensively.

  172. Ori says:

    Ah, the silliness. Trading the two recent No. 1 picks for an overrated Power Forward with a contract for one year.

  173. The Ghost Of T-Mac says:

    This is a good look for Wiggins. He will get a real chance to develop and that wasn’t gonna happen in Cleveland playing with LeBron. He will also be playing with a top 3 past first pg in the NBA in RR.

  174. thespectator says:

    been calling it, bulls vs cavs for the ECF and cavs vs spurs for the finals. cavs will win the east no problem…but spurs will again be too much…team ball will always prevail against superstar iso ball…but itll be fun to watch regardless. would be nice for lbj to add his 3rd ring and a first to cleveland…this is gonna be a great season coming up.

  175. lebron is a journeyman now says:

    LEBRON = RING BUYER what a loser

  176. Jelani Wood says:

    = still won’t beat Bulls. Also potentially trading away potentially the next GOAT just because Baby Bron Bron says so = FAIL. Way to let the inmates run the Asylum, Cleveland. Last I checked Bron Bron was a Small Forward, not the GM. Just saying but its all a moot point because they still won’t beat the Bulls.

  177. YungMussuBlack says:

    That’s all folks. There will be no more championships for LeBron.

  178. Brad says:

    I just hate the fact that teams try to make a statement that they can get what ever they want. I also hate seeing players go away from a team that gave them the opportunity to play in the NBA. I hope the cavs lose Big money and lose

  179. Leonardo says:

    haters gonna hate! championship #3 for lbj

  180. KEEP DREAMING says:


  181. sirsparhawk says:

    Serious question for all the posters out there. If you had a chance to sign a player to your team to greatly improve your ability to win and chance to win a ring, would you or would you not?

  182. sirsparhawk says:

    Good move for the cavs. Only people upset are those worried about their favorite teams. KLove is the sure bet over wiggins atm, hopefully they have some bench depth or this will all be pointless.

  183. TheKush says:

    It’s a great move if they inked him for a long term deal! I think the Cavaliers are officially contenders for a championship!

  184. Alice Bland says:

    Heat and Spurs fan for life !!!!!!!

  185. Alice Bland says:

    Heat and Spurs fan for life !!!!!!!

  186. Mek says:

    Man, as much as I dislike LeBron James the man has an incredible amount of influence. How many different names are trying to flock to the cavs because of him. Jones, Miller, Love, possibly Marion and Allen as well. That’s crazy that he could lure this many people to a small market. If everything works out the Cavs may be a legitimate contender this upcoming season. Especially now with the Pacers falling off.

  187. thinkoutofthebox says:

    you cannot BUY A RING.. teaming up with other allstars does not guarantee you a ring. ask nets fans.

  188. Alvin081988 says:

    Spurs will kill them!!!

  189. Supermayoboy says:

    I kinda think they shoulda kept Wiggens but the Bennet part was ok. Just hope Wiggens don’t become so good that Cavs regret trade offer.

  190. Steve says:

    Over paid. Loved Wiggins upside

  191. thinkoutofthebox says:

    so much hate.. cheer up its all about fun and enjoying the game. who doesn’t love to win? lbj has a brilliant mind to put his team/ himself in a position to win championship. he’s not your typical nba superstar.. he’s takin it to another level.. he can be whatever he wants to be. this summer he’s on the recruitment job.

    • billy says:

      Love for the game indeed. Not for players who want to buy a championship…….
      GREAT deal for Minnesota they have a future now. Cleveland appearantly is not interested in building a team.

  192. alp says:

    lol people will always hate Lebron for no reason, this “Buyin a ring” stuff is BS. Lebron isn’t the guy calling the shots is he? OK THEN. HE went back to cleveland, OTHERS followed, cut him some slack, for once

  193. CK MIA says:

    Shut up Cleveland fans. If anyone knows about hating is you!

  194. Gundhus says:

    Are you expecting that LeBron’s gonna win a championship alone, or use 5 years to bring his young team to a higher level, so they can compete? He aint got the time to wait 5 years, and you cant win alone. Even MJ couldnt win alone. Bron and his team gonna do what they have to do to compete as soon as possible, and it’s not like they are creating a crazy superior team. It’s all fair.

  195. Jonathan says:

    You guys are funny. I wouldnt call giving up 2 number 1 picks “buying a championship”. Actually money isn’t even involved. Most Cleveland fans “including myself” don’t want the trade to happen, so it’s not like were giving up nothing for a superstar

  196. Bu says:

    Offensively, this team now is much more balanced compare to LBJ’s Heat. Defensively, it’s shaky, esp with a new coach. So on paper this team is awesome, and probably will be hungrier and better than last yr’s Nets.

    My prediction: They will NOT win championship in 2 years time.

  197. james89 says:

    All star team for what… MJ still the best he’s always getting greater until his retirement LBJ can’t do that

  198. rapsfan says:

    Love was going to some contender regardless…why not Cleveland? where he thinks he’ll have fun and like his job again.
    All teams are going to be better from now on…there will soon be 5 all star starters on most teams, whether by draft or trade or whatever…should be a great season.
    Hold ur head up Wiggins…u don’t need Cleveland to become great

  199. Josh says:

    Say what you want to about LeBron but any player that has the ability to attract talent like this wherever he goes is impressive.

  200. call says:

    cavs keep collecting the pieces.
    Lights and Betty Lou are next i guess

  201. Well, let’s just everybody sign with Cleveland. Somebody add up the salaries and tell me how with these players the Cav’s fit under the cap, please. And then Shawn Marion wants to sign, too?

  202. Cam says:

    All of you are some haters. All championships are earned not given, no matter what the personnel is. Role players win championships too. Also, the black mamba is back and he isn’t laying down for anybody. Lets not forget about KD also. I’m a Lakers fan, but I hate to see people hate on Lebron. He’s one of the greatest players and you play the game to win championships!

  203. call says:

    so minessota gets the No1 draft picks of 2013 and 2014 and with the team they are having, most possibly the no1 of 2015 too πŸ™‚

  204. is not good to have so many stars because the floor and Cavaliers team must have a leader like mark jackson
    cavaliers is a good team but at the beginning of the season will begin bad for many superstar
    I for one want to be when you have 20 nba player

  205. Ezequias says:

    I have only two words for you commentators… HATE NOW!

  206. Chico_239 says:

    why yall lames mad cause lebron and everybody joining the cavs wanna win smh…. yall really gone be mad when they win this championship!!!!

  207. kanuk says:

    not sure why love is considered worth all of these outstanding canadian players! he’s the same player as bosh; shoots 3-pointers on offense and has no defensive ability at all. good thing lebron is shaking pounds in order to run all over the court this season to make up for this roster’s defensive ineptitude …

  208. BeerJunkie says:

    I don’t know why you people are all hurt over this, if Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving was the superstar you claim them to be, they would at least played one playoff game. Love or Irving aren’t that great, LeBron is just trying to find the right pieces for HIS team. Get off his sac.

    • Rah says:

      Shut up! You sound stupid. They’re not that great? Kevin Love is the best PF in the league and Kyrie is making his way up the ladder.

      • TeamLBJ says:

        Love maybe the the best PF in the league but he has never brought his team to the playoffs, the same for Irving. thsi is not the same as Miami, these guys are just chess pieces in Lebron’s game. Lebron is not only the best player in the league he is also the greatest tactician…Go Lebron!!!

    • SG says:

      Thank you! I’ve been saying the same thing since LBJ landed in Cleveland.

      Cleveland, you made a HUGE mistake in trading away Wiggins. He’s the next best player in the NBA and you just gave him all the ammunition he needed to prove it. …and you won’t be able to beat the Spurs with one person playing D. Remember Miami?

    • uhateme says:

      boy stop hatin! u r too old for that!

    • Eddie says:

      They just jealous cry babies that’s all

    • Cobbler 888 says:

      Beer Junkie, Claiming that Kevin Love is “not that good”, means that you don’t know the fundamentals of basketball. He is that good and better..

  209. Rob says:

    Miller, Jones, and Allen are hardly ‘stars’ – they are role players and part-time contributors at best. Love actually has less upside potential than Wiggins (the key trade pieces) but he offers something different offensively, which is that he can stretch the floor as a big, clearing the lane for penetration.

  210. Tmoni23 says:

    Lookno championship team has won with out at least two NBA All Stars so get over your self haters gonna hate.

  211. phil says:

    weak responses here!
    a person (the best player in the nba) goes back to CLE and yes, Love wants a ring too.. and he follows him. BUT, i hate the fact around here of buying a ring.
    every team has his players bought, or traded or signed around them to build a big team.. so what’s the difference with this one?? oooh i get it.. it’s Lebron… most followed and cirtisized person on this planet. Well, he makes a good move and team up with other players who are capable of following him. just like Duncan and Parker, kobe & shaq, jordan and pippen, magic and Jabbar, Bird and McHale, ……..

    • murloc says:

      you cannot put Duncan/Parker in that list. They were each drafted, Parker was a 29th pick. I think the difference here is that these guys got together via free agency, didn’t develop as a team. Not wrong by any means it always happens. I think Minnesota gets the better deal on this one. But no worries its the Eastern conference so not much competition there.

    • manique says:

      I agree with you except for the Jordan and Pippen, Duncan and Parker comment. These two dynamic duos were built through the draft. They didn’t run to each other after years of playing against each other. I feel that there’s more glory in building through the draft as these two teams did.

    • Damedash410 says:

      Um Duncan and Parker got draft to the same team… Jus like Durant and Westbrook…. Get ur knowledge together before u say something ediotic like that again…. Nobody left to join teams wit superstars but the “best player in the world”….. Oh no talk huh….. Now look who following I bet u ain’t a heat fan no more….be u say imma LeBron fan where ever he go I’m goin…

    • kd's abeast says:

      Not every team okc was built. Mostly every player on okc with the exception of this year was drafted by the supersonics or thunders.

    • Eddie says:

      Wll said Phil, these people posting about buying a ring are just stupid

      Every teams wants to win and win NOW, the Bulls were trying to get Love so were they trying to buy a ring also? I think NOT they wanted to win NOW

  212. clevelandrox says:

    let the winning and hating begin!

  213. russel says:


    • j smooth says:

      Cleveland is gonna be STRAIT KILL for the next half decade. You haters out there can say what you wanna say about LBJ but he will be the BEST EVER after he bring multiple championships to my city. God bless the Basketball Gods smiling down at Cleveland!! Oh.. and there’s enough room on our bandwagon for ALL heat fans and LeBron di** riders!!!

    • Eddie says:

      Stupid comment! jealous anyone

  214. cp10 says:

    Cavs championship bound? It remains to be seen; stay healthy my friends.

  215. Donnie Walsh says:

    Makes you wonder if LeBron put the Miami Heat Team together or did Pat Riley who seemed to get all the credit as some sort of Front Office Mastermind ?

    • 2eachtheirown says:

      Reports show that Lebron did try to put it together, but he wanted it in Cleveland. Tried to get Bosh, Wade, Ray Allen any of them to join him in Cleveland. Only when all of them refused did he finally agree to go to Miami. Lebron has always wanted to surround himself with a championship team in Cleveland, he just needed to get to the right spot where people would follow him there

  216. says:

    A very risky move!!!
    Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett are the future?!!!

  217. Winston Wynne says:

    booom! what a line up!
    PG: Kyre Irving
    SG: Dion Waiters
    SF: Lebron James
    PF: Kevin Love
    C: Varejao

    boom! who can beat them? spurs? haha

  218. Spurs4Life says:

    Oh well.. it’s gonna be interesting to see how the Cavs will play defensively with Love on the team..

    • ko0kiE says:

      finally somebody who gets it… they won’t be any good on this side of the ball.. especially with guys like waiters (he could be a good defender, but his attitude…boy!) and love playing big minutes.

    • SG says:

      Or more importantly, how they won’t play together.

  219. olbl says:

    kevin love+lebron james is a nba 2k move, in 2 years, if things are going well, they resign james for less, keep KL, they add durant. and….. norris cole maybe but this is not sure

  220. Joe says:

    I don’t like Lebron like the media seems to. He has all his star friends join him and buy a ring.

  221. Frank says:

    Not a fan of this buying championships. 3-4 all stars all try to follow the big star to a team. Love when they lose.

  222. Jamal says:

    So tired of seeing this. Guy goes somewhere and 3-4 all star players follow him and try to gang up on every other team. It’s the Yankee strategy and I love when they end up losing.

  223. JohnnySleazeball says:

    Oh look, Bron Bron is trying to have his team BUY another ring for him.

    • Jason larsen says:

      Jordan played with 2 other hall of famers and two other all stars in Horace grant and Armstrong along with coah phil jackson..look at the celtics dynast…bill russel,Bob Cousy, john Havlicek coached by Red Auerbach…Larry bird,Kevin mchale,Robert parish coached by Auerbach…Lakers had Elgin Baylor,jerry west,wilt chamberlain…later they won with magic Johnson,Kareem Abdul Jabbar,James worthy and coached by pay Riley…shaq and Kobe two future hall of famers and all time greats coached by phil jackson…I guess all these guys all bought their championships just like lebron

    • gus says:

      so you mad? prob a lakers fan lol

    • The Dream says:

      Instead of hating on Lebron for other all-stars deciding to team up with him, how about celebrating him for that exact reason. Every player wants to play with him because he makes everyone around him better and provides them with a greater chance of winning. PS. you can like Jordan, Kobe, Bird, Magic etc and still give credit where credit is due…

    • MJ says:

      Most of you guys never even laced up a pair of sneakers, let alone got off the bench. I never seen so much hate for one guy who does nothing but ball. He’s a smart player with a high bball IQ. He gets double teamed constantly. So why not add shooters and slashers to your team. Plus a big time double double guy who does everything on the floor besides play great defense in love.

    • Q says:

      I have a question, if the Cavs are buying him a ring can you tell me how? No one on that starting line up has played a playoff game outside of LeBron and Varejao. The bench has players who couldn’t even lift their team to a playoff game let alone a winning season in most cases. I’m not a big LeBron fan, but I am a fan of logical statement, and yours sir doesn’t quite make sense.

    • D-rose MVP says:

      Hater πŸ™‚

    • GREGORY INGRAM says:

      Yes thats excatley what hes trying to do, just like he did in Miami, if the Spurs didnt give him a tittle last year he would have been 1-4 in Finals, BUILD A TEAM, DONT BUY ONE!!!
      I HOPE THEY GO 1-81, I HAVE NEVER DISPISED ANYONE AS MUCH AS I DO HIM, HES SO ARROGANT!!!!! And that one win against his old team the HEAT which I still dispise!



    • Jay says:

      All you people who say “teams buy rings” are ignorant! Did lakers win with kobe, Howard, and Nash? Did nets even make it to the finals last year? There are other factors than having 3 superstars on a team. Look at the pistons of 2004 and their six time eastern conf finals! No superstars! Just because cavs are loaded now doesn’t mean they are buying a ring. How about a good coach? So many things goes into winning than having multiple super star.

    • Eddie says:

      Darn right that’s wohat other teams do also! Jealous anyone

    • Eddie says:

      Crybaby! if it was your team you would not be saying that. boo hoo

    • uhateme says:

      hater! party of 3!

    • Charles says:

      Haters talking about buying rings… If you the captain in a pickup game, would you rather pick your friends and them good players, or would you rather pick up people that you don’t know, or people that can’t hoop?