Durant decision a huge blow for USA

VIDEO: NBA TV news: Durant Withdraws

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The U.S. National Team’s hopes for winning the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup took a huge blow on Thursday, as Kevin Durant withdrew from the team for the remainder of the summer.

Durant, who carried the U.S. to the World Championship gold medal in 2010 by averaging 33 points (and playing all but six minutes) over the last three games, would have been the best player in Spain and the focal point of the U.S. offense.

But he wasn’t ready to take on that toll again, with NBA training camps opening just two weeks after the gold medal game.

“I know that I owe it to my USA Basketball teammates to be totally invested in the experience,” Durant said in a statement. “After going through training camp with USAB, I realized I could not fulfill my responsibilities to the team from both a time and energy standpoint. I need to take a step back and take some time away, both mentally and physically in order to prepare for the upcoming NBA season.”

Combined with the injury to Paul George, the U.S. is now without the two guys it expected to start at the forward spots. And it will have to make do with a roster where most of the scoring will come from the backcourt.

Some random thoughts…

  • The U.S. still has a lot of offensive firepower with Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis. But there’s just no replacing Durant’s combination of size and shot-making.
  • The U.S. still has a relatively clear road to the gold medal game. Not only will Spain be on the opposite side of the bracket (after group play is completed), but so will Argentina, Brazil and France. Lithuania could be the biggest challenge out of the USA’s side.
  • But only the winner of the World Cup (along with Brazil) qualifies for the 2016 Olympics. If the U.S. doesn’t win, it would have to qualify via the FIBA Americas tournament, to which it hasn’t sent a team since 2007.
  • So this is also bad news for the Canadian National Team, general manager Steve Nash, coach Jay Triano, and their group of young NBA players, which could include Andrew Wiggins next summer. Only two teams from the 2015 FIBA Americas tournament will qualify for the Olympics, and if the U.S. is competing for one of those two spots, Canada’s chances are cut in half.
  • As has been noted many times in this space, the U.S. typically plays two NBA small forwards together at the three and four. Both Durant and George, like Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James in the past, would have been able to play the four. But now Chandler Parsons is the only three left on the roster with much size.
  • That could mean that we’ll see more of Kenneth Faried than originally planned. Faried has broken the mold of what the U.S. looks for in a power forward, providing a combination of energy and athleticism that’s been impossible to ignore. But he appeared to be an energy guy who plays a few minutes at a time. Now, he may be a bigger part of the rotation (and possibly a starter). If he’s playing next to Davis, who has range out toward the FIBA 3-point line, the U.S. can still space the floor pretty well.
  • If the U.S. is going to take only one of DeMarcus Cousins, Andre Drummond and Mason Plumlee for the back-up center spot (with Davis and Faried as the other bigs), there would be only one more player cut from the current 15-man roster. That final spot would likely come down to Damian Lillard and DeMar DeRozan, who obviously bring two different skill sets. Durant’s withdrawal may have guaranteed Gordon Hayward a spot on the roster.
  • Cousins may now look like the best option of that center group, because he can obviously provide the most offense.

USA Men’s National Team, remaining roster

Player Team POS Height Age NBA Exp. National team exp.
DeMarcus Cousins SAC C 6-11 24 4
Stephen Curry GSW PG-SG 6-3 26 5 2010
Anthony Davis NOP C 6-10 21 2 2012
DeMar DeRozan TOR SG-SF 6-7 25 5
Andre Drummond DET C 6-10 21 2
Kenneth Faried DEN PF 6-8 24 3
James Harden HOU SG-SF 6-5 25 5 2012
Gordon Hayward UTA SG-SF 6-8 24 4
Kyrie Irving CLE PG 6-3 22 3
Kyle Korver ATL SG-SF 6-7 33 11
Damian Lillard POR PG-SG 6-3 24 2
Chandler Parsons DAL SF-PF 6-9 25 3
Mason Plumlee BKN C 6-11 24 1
Derrick Rose CHI PG 6-3 25 5 2010
Klay Thompson GSW SG-SF 6-7 24 3


  1. I respect his decision but comes too late

  2. charless702 says:

    If Team USA can’t win with that roster I question if Coach K is the right man for the job. Either that or the NBA isn’t as elite as people make it out to be. Yes they don’t have the Love’s, Lebron’s, Durant’s on Team USA but those other guys on that team are really, really, really good. If Team USA (Rose, Curry, Cousins, Davis, Derozan, Hayward, Irving, etc.) can’t get it done with those guys I question the talent level of the NBA. Yeah some of the other teams have NBA players on them but they aren’t nearly as stacked at every position. I’m not a Wizards fan, however if you’re cutting guys with John Wall’s talent from the team you better win every game. That just shows the depth of Team USA.

  3. NBAfan says:

    Durant desperately wants to compete for a championship. I respect that. He doesn’t owe team USA anything. Anything about this that can be said about Durant can be said for Lebron, Carmelo, Love, Howard, CP3, etc.

    Might as well. This is D. Roses chance to show the world if he is really back, and this is Anthony Davis’ chance to show the world that he might be the next Tim Duncan.

    Team USA still strong, but they’ll need team play, and the most worrying thing is their defense, Anthony Davis or no Anthony Davis.

  4. bball7 says:

    I love how no one complains when Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, Lamarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, Kawhi Leonard and others all stop off the team for the same reason KD did. FOR REST! LOL doesn’t it seem a bit unfair?

    • charless702 says:

      No, promising and committing and then turning your back on your team seems a bit unfair. Don’t you think? Regardless I don’t really care. It’s his decision.

  5. Brsjak says:

    USA team needs players that can play a teams game, not individuals simply put San Antonio game is what they need to play its all about the team and there game resembles so much to a Europian type game. The USA team doesnt have that hold anymore on the rest of the world where they bring fear on the court of thumping other teams they are beatable and no matter what happens they need a team game not individuals. And yeah the NBA has become all about money so patriotism and the whole anthem thing before games just a joke any other player would play with pride for their country example World cup football where the bet players come to play, and yeah they do have million dollar contracts with their teams and also long seasons. No excuse.

  6. Gillsy says:

    I think Durant leaving Team USA, could be about being tired cause they have said he didn’t seam his normal self and the Thunder have him trying to play 40 minutes a night. But is it weird that we start hearing about his new shoe deal then he says he cant play. Don’t be surprised if he spends the next month flogging his new shoes.

  7. exiled says:

    i blame Harden, he took both KD and PG to school during king of hill matchup

  8. harriethehawk says:

    It’s very unattractive for you to bash Kevin Durant. He is the MVP. After King Lebron James and Dwayne Wade, he ha logged in the most minutes of playing time, including post season since 2010. Of course you will lose money if you paid for tickets and expected to see him play, of course he got spooked because he saw his teammates leg split in 2 right before his eyes, of course he is thinking about HIS overall well being, of course he wants to win a championship this upcoming season, his team is counting on him, of course he is a little arrogant, of course he sends tweets that people disagree with. He may even like married woman. But guess what? He dropped out, it’s his choice, too bad if you don’t like it. I’m his biggest fan and completely understand if he or anyone else drops out. As a matter of fact, the whole team can bow out for all I care. Too bad so sad people. Let’s Go Hawks! Thunder Up!

  9. KaashMoneyy94 says:

    People hated LeBron for leaving just a city. How about Durant for leaving the entire nation after Team USA was already dealing with the gruesome Paul George injury? I guess KD really is “Not Nice”

  10. HoopTroop says:

    man, hate to say it but it looks like Durant got scared after the injury to Paul George…there’s just no other sensible explanation. If Derrick Rose of all people didn’t punk out after what he’s been thru there’s no excuse for Durant getting the jitters.

  11. hmm says:

    they needed a big name (desperatly) to stay to expose jerseys and shoes, maintain the buzz to sale tickets for events. it’s done. team usa and durant knew from the beggining that kd will opt out this year.
    kd and nike have new shoes to sell

  12. Tyrone says:

    What’s the big deal, USA basketball will still win with out KD. Plus I am looking forward to D Rose return.

  13. pokie says:

    It’s nice to see a USA squad heading into competition with a little fear in the belly. Welcome to the rest of the world.

  14. Max says:

    Durant drops out of FIBA Games?? Owners too afraid of an injury and yes, the players must first listen to the Owners of their NBA team??? America first???? NOT!!~~

  15. carl says:

    And once again DeMar DeRozan is underestimated, its a shame, he could step into Durants roll for the Tournament for sure

  16. somewizardfan says:

    KD was just mad his future teamates Wall and Beal were cut, so he couldn’t get a preview on that championship team.

  17. billy says:

    I hope Liechtenstein will win the Worldcup this year.

  18. Noah says:

    Blame it on the greedy NBA execs. No other sports season is as long as the nba. Look at the nfl the season is only a coupole of months. The nba season, counting playoffs and training camp can run from October to June, a grueling 9 months out of the year. The nba season needs to be cut done by at least 25 games a year.

  19. Robert White says:

    The usa team is stacked they got a least 10 players who could put up 20ppg. Kd really dnt have anything left to prove look at the roster its mainly guys who have to prove themselves but of course he not gunna say that to him I think ita just not worth it

  20. Ken says:

    anyone knows why lebron, CP3 is not playing for the USA this time?

  21. Aktvoices says:

    The US team will be fine. They have so much fire power and the fact that KD pulled out will allow other guys to step up and show what they can do on an international level. I agree with Cealia… USA still wins the cup.

  22. NELSON says:

    Tickets bought since january – 2014 . A 30 hours travel scheduled between Brazil and Bilbao-Spain to watch USA games – preliminary round.
    A 10 years old son ….huge fan of Kevin Durant . Well , we’re very disappointed with your decision , Mr . Durant !!!

  23. LemW says:

    Kevin Durant is a true small forward because he lacks strength.
    Kevin Durant is a taller Reggie Miller. A skinny guy.
    Kevin Durant leaves muscle work to Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins.

  24. JASEN says:


  25. LemW says:

    Kevin Durant withdraw for 4 reasons:
    1) Paul George injury
    2) Withdraw Kevin Love, Blake Griffin & lamarcus aldridge
    3) Prime allstars: LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard etc
    4) Kevin Durant is a small forward and not a power forward. He lacks the strength for the position.
    The pounding will wear him thin for the NBA season.

    • alp says:

      If you think he withdrew because of a Position, your sorely mistaken, we all know he’s not strong so stop saying that like your the only one who knows it, they could put him at PF in Fiba it wouldn’t matter… he’s the second best player on the planet i don’t think any foreign player can stop him

  26. James says:

    “I’m too tired to play basketball.” – someone who gets paid MILLIONS to only play basketball. Makes sense.

  27. Bobby says:

    hmm. Coincidence!! Just signed 10 year deal with Underarmour for $325million.. Seems underarmour didnt want him hurt or injured!! He may sit out other tournaments in future. Money Talks!!

  28. Humma4 says:

    With all of these young players I can see Spain taking the victory this year.

  29. Josean says:

    Remmeber Kyrie Rookie of the Year and MVP All Star 😉

  30. Cealia says:

    Durant is human. He’s not a robot or Super Hero with powers. The man needs a rest. USA will still win the cup.

    • billy says:

      Durant needs a rest for sure.
      Not so sure USA will win.
      Spain, France, Lithuania, Argentina…….not easy to beat these teams, they all have a lot of international experience.

      • Enderwilson says:

        And USA will only have to face two of these teams, Lithuania, which is in our bracket, and whichever team in the other bracket makes it to the championship. As long as the team can get past Lithuania it has a “clear” shot to the championship.

  31. OKC says:

    Yeah obviously leading the USA to multiple golds in the last olympics and world cup wasn’t enough for him to be a patriot right guys?

  32. Hardcore says:

    Don’t understand all this hate for KD’s decision. True, team USA lost a lot of firepower. But why single out KD? Aren’t there a lot of players who also backed out from the team? Nobody here is hating on Lebron, Dwight Howard, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, and other superstars who never showed up. If these players had a right to back out, so does KD. Heck, if these players didn’t back out in the first place, nobody would be really upset over KD backing out. Furthermore, didn’t he carry team USA to their last world championship? He should be thanked for that alone. Just because he doesn’t do it again, now he’s a wuss. Talk about ungrateful.

    • Mike b says:

      None of those players weren’t at camp like they about to play and suddenly quit…get it straight

      • Enderwilson says:

        Point is he made an attempt. Non of these other player ever showed up, and yet no one is questioning their patriotism.

    • Carlo says:

      Point is, none other player made a big blah blah about being ready to lead the team, etc.

      Talk the talk, walk the walk.

  33. W2. says:

    First Five: Rose, Harden, Thompson, Faried, Davis

    Second Five: Irving, Curry, DD, Parsons, Cousins

    Final Five: Rose, Curry, Harden, Faried, Davis

    Wild Cards: Korver, Plumlee

    Cuts: Lilliard, Drummond, Hayward

  34. tanibanana says:

    They are blowing this out of proportion.
    NBA can send Grizzlies or Raptors and may still win a Silver.

    • Carlo says:

      Really. Expecially considering Grizzlies have one player from Spain, two from Greece and one from Slovenia.

  35. Andrew says:

    I got the feeling USA will surrender the gold for the first time, when all the players are selected based on their performance and played in NBA as a starting five players. I might be wrong, if that is happen as well to Spain, Argentina and Russia. They have no TRUE main man. Yes I am saying D Rose ain’t a main man, since he is just recovering.

  36. Tree says:

    Durant is a coward…… Why did he sign up to play if he was going to quit. Durant says “he’s mentally and physically exhausted”. It’s the off season so I don’t get it. I respect Westbrook a lot more being that he withdrew before it started. Durant’s focus is off. He’s Mr. Hollywood now and he can’t stay away from married women…. And its sad because I’m a Oklahoma native and a thunder fan…

    • billy says:

      Oh, and you never took a break from work or needed a rest?
      Tree I don’t think you ever put as much strain on your body as Durant has the last years.
      Durant worked very hard to get USA the Olympic Medal last time , then carried his team for an entire season………only so much gas in the tank.

      • Carlo says:

        Yeah, really. Expecially considering they’re paid peanuts for that ugly, boring, unwelcome work of playing b’ball.

    • bball7 says:

      I love how no one understands that although getting paid to play basketball is appealing and is probably more enjoyable than a 9-5 job, its still hard work! There is a nonstop process of always needing to train and eat the right foods and making sure to protect your body. These people are human too!

  37. Marv says:

    Blame it on coach K and Coangelo. They get these players and give them very little rest. During these games. No wonder Durante wants a break, he played 100+ games in the NBA and the USA coaches have no idea how to rest their talent, even with the great players they have on the team.

  38. Parad0x says:

    Still the best talents even without Durant, best Team Play? Maybe not.

  39. RFF21 says:

    Team USA is still the most talented team in the tournament

  40. blah says:

    Durant=Hero. Anyone watching what our weapons are doing against the population of Gaza realizes that representing the US is actually a negative thing in the world. Plus, the role of the NBA industry in black communities is just to perpetuate the economic depression.
    It would be a great thing for these guys to step up huge the way that Muhammed Ali and Kareem did a generation ago.

  41. Jorge says:

    Durant is an incredible player and not having him may cost the US squad the chance at gold. Not to say that the remainder of the roster is not good enough to win, rather that the advantage over everybody else shrinks when you remove a player of Durant’s caliber. As for the reason, we can only speculate, it seems to be a compounded worry for health and next season. The truth of the matter is the US is different from many other countries in that they have basketball talent to spare, this means the “next guy up” can still be really good. It does not justify though, the way Durant played it, quitting this late in the process.

    For Durant’s sake, I hope the US wins, otherwise his fragile mental state will suffer a bigger backlash than he is getting for quitting on his national team.

  42. thespectator says:

    you guys needa chill, so what if he aint playin …who cares..dude needa chill and take a break..its tough mentally going deep in the playoffs and keep bouncing off..unfortunately okc wont make it out the west due to the spurs…more than likely hes gonna opt out…hes too talented and gifted to keep coming up short..

  43. SAVAGE22 says:

    KD is a great player, but honestly these “little” mistakes hes been making here and there with social media and now this just shows his imaturity. Granted this tournament isnt taken so seriously but wheres the USA pride dude? Fatigue? how old are you? what are you talking about?? All of team USA plays 82 games a year and do P.R. stuff but they arent complaining..THEY OUT THERE FIGHTING TO MAKE THE TEAM.. YOUR SPOT WAS GUARANTEED KD!! take some days off and get back to it!!..If you say your guna ball, THEN BALL, if not stay home..

  44. Gecko1220 says:

    I would guarantee a huge part of this decision has to do with what happened to Paul George. While watching that live, the look on Durant’s face was one of shock, fear and sadness. He was incredibly moved by it, and it probably worked its way into his head. If I saw a teammates/friends leg split in two like that, my reaction would probably be similar. After a year of working myself so hard to get something such as MVP, having to deal with all the naysayers along the way, and then be expected to keep at it over the summer, all the workload onto his back, and then witness something horrific like that, Kevin Durant has every right to say hes had enough and take a break. Shame on all you people hating on him for being “unpatriotic” or “selfish” for not being a super human. Everyone succumbs to stress eventually, and he is doing what he feels is right for his wellbeing.

  45. kek says:

    With or without Durant, USA is still way more talented than any other team in the world championship.

    • Another Cavs Fan says:


    • TTKIN says:

      I wouldn’t be so quick to judge that. US still has work to do and r lucky with how the bracket worked out. Spain played a great game against the US a couple yrs ago and that was when the US roster rivaled the 92 Dream Team. The US is finally a little bit weaker, other countries see the opportunity, I wouldn’t be surprised to see teams really coming after us. Especially Spain if we meet them in the Final. Those big dudes are gonna have their way with our little guys. Our biggest guy right now is Anthony Davis, who is a couple inches shorter and about 30 pounds lighter than Marc Gasol.

    • lol says:

      spain? lol usa is going to lose ahah stupid americans

  46. accel35 says:

    Durant’s decision is such a big blow to the team USA’s roster, hopefully Kawhi Leonard can suit up for replacement

  47. I think it is hard for us to judge the situation fairly. None of us are professional NBA basketball players. It must be difficult decision, because playing for something like this, where you could represent team USA, is a big opportunity all by itself. However, most of these guys have worked really hard to get their spot in the NBA, so the thought of losing that career over one event could be a really scary thing too. These guys are not ever going to be able to make everyone happy, so they got to do what’s best for themselves and their families. What was the reason for Kevin Durant’s decision? What was the real reason? Is it fatigue, or is it something else he doesn’t want to say? Either way, it doesn’t really matter because the decision is his.

  48. jfack says:

    totally understand kd . i work 70 hrs week.. wish i could take a break..

  49. Bis a vis says:

    Don’t underestimate the other Bilbao teams: for example Finland played an even match against Lithuania this week without starters Koponen and Kotti. They will meet again this weekend (and scrimmage against Australia as well) and we’ll know more about the team that USA will face in the opening game.

  50. SportsGeek says:

    That was Ibaka’s trashtalking fault. A whole year of that can be really intimidating. Ibaka: “You are going to play the 4 spot. I’m going to defend you. Have you ever heard of Blake Griffin? Ask his nuts about me” LOL

  51. NBAIQ says:

    Derrick Rose will carry this team now. Besides he’s the only MVP left on the squad.

  52. Bruno says:

    I think they will not struggle to win this championship even missing KD. The USA is like Brazil at football, they can easily make two or three strong teams and play it for win. Now it’s clearly D.Rose show time.

    • David N. says:

      You mean Brazil who lost 7-1 against Germany in the World Cup semi-finals. I think the USA basketball team is stronger 😉

    • Steve says:

      You did see what happend to Brazil in World Cup 2014 right?

    • Andrei says:

      You mean the Brazil team that got a 7-1 spank recently? 🙂

    • John Mclemore says:

      There isn´t a comparision among these squads. Brazil was great at football. Nowadays got a 7-1 blowout against germany that should have made you guys ashamed for yourselves. US Basketball will never be beaten by such a margin of points.

  53. Carlo says:

    US pro sports are full of “show” patriotism, with nat’l anthem played before games, etc. (maybe the only championships in the world).

    But all they care of is really money.

    • bball7 says:

      Carlo what I don’t understand is how you dont see how playing for these teams is a display of patriotism. If we Americans only “care about money”, than why wouldn’t we do what Mark Cuban wants and set up our own world cup and earn money? These players love the game! They dont do it for the money. SMH just another Anti-American. And I am Asian!

  54. jake s. says:

    As an Oklahoman, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the decision KD made. We need you to be strong and fit for the upcoming NBA season. FIBA world cup is kind of a joke. USA have the best ballers in the world. It’s not like the Soccer(Futbal) world cup where every country in the world plays the game since they are old enough to run. NBA means so much more to the professionals. Any player from over seas that is elite wants to play in the NBA.

  55. HiloHwn says:

    Where’s the Patriotism among these so called MVP NBA players… What kind of U.S.A player is this? Thats why I never liked you in the first place…Mentally fatigue?….. My goodness… Peace Out

  56. rcharlie says:

    mr. unreliable..

  57. sadjid says:

    KD is a goat!! LJ they are all the same.,kobe is the best!!!!

  58. kobeballhog2 says:

    Stop all the excuses kd, be proud being a wuss just like your mvp speech. In the first place why go all through the training period but in the end youre just gonna back out. Just say it out loud. Paul george injury is the main factor add to that youre gonna get a new contract soon. Just be honest.

  59. ko0kiE says:

    sure KD…. after every player Team USA lost, I said to me “they still got KD, don’t worry”… now it’s real panic time.

  60. notbias says:

    Its a good thing KD withdrew. Kevin Durant is a face of the whole nab, along with guys like Lebron, Chris Paul, Blake, etc… Paul George’s injury was horrific, and that is a HUGE blow to the NBA. This world cup can officially be handed to the up-and-coming faces of the League. This NBA season coming up will be one of the most EPIC seasons we have seen because I believe Rose is back. Can you imagine if another Mega-star gets injured? smh

  61. FanFrSingapore says:

    Under Armour is the reason for KD withdrawal. he needs time off to R&D with his new sneaker partner.

  62. Deshaun says:

    Look for Boogie Cousins and Anthony Davis to explode. Still nervous tho Hopefully D-Rose GO SUPER HARD!

  63. KD 4 life says:

    Wow. Just wow! I really wanna see some good criticism from sports casters during the regular season siting this particular moment whenever things aren’t going Durants way and is just not playing well. I hope its some good fuel as well for opponents matched up with him to just put in his face during a game.

  64. aquakit says:

    Weak, what is more important to play for your country?? Its all about $$$$ these days.

    • billy says:

      I can think of many more things that are more important then playing for your country.
      Put this stuff in perspective.

      It is sports man.

  65. whatpercent says:

    No way you can cut Cousins now. Without him, this team is hopeless. Not sure why people keep saying Anthony Davis who averages 17pts and 9 rebounds a game is going to have to carry the load when you have Demarcus Cousins that averaged 23pts and 12 rebounds?! WTF people?! Cousins would mop the floor with these other dudes and they are still wondering if he’ll get cut because he plays with a chip on his shoulder?
    These European teams are not going to play the states with kiddy gloves on. Get Demarcus in there, with Lillard and Rose driving the lane from the backcourt, the front will open up and you need dudes that can swerve, shoot the 10 footers and bang down low.

    Just my two cents.

    • ewells says:

      Um actually Davis averaged 21 ppg and 10 rpg… not far off from demarcus cousins. Davis is going to be a beast in this league

  66. Come on KD says:

    KD might have his reasons, but where are you when Nationale Team needs you the most??
    Now one thing comes in mind: MR UNRELIABLE!!

  67. Mike says:

    your turn Kyrie !

  68. The depth of shooting skill of this Team USA roster looks about as great as the defensive prowess appears lacking. I’m calling this summer as a pretty huge breakout opportunity for Anthony Davis.

  69. Kyrie Irving says:

    Kyrie better withdraw from team USA too. With the addition of Lebron and Love they’re gonna be in position to go to the finals and posibly win it all. It’s not gonna be good if his legs are tired, he isn’t that good on defence… to begin with, and tired legs would make him a liability on Defence….

  70. lezio says:

    This team looks weak.

  71. Byrd says:

    why KD why all you need to do is play ball and sleep is that so hard to do

  72. jumppong says:

    Nothing to worry about i got a feeling Rose will carry the US Team to the finals and win the Gold for team USA. and as for Durant time to replace him. coach K might look to our reigning Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard

  73. ayy lmao says:

    he’s not injured he is just being a wuss

    • jlee222 says:

      agreed. Durant’s selfish. Always has been. Sick of him always trying to play the “good guy” image to the media. Well slowly but surely his true colours show. Just like when he tweeted about Kawhi being undeserving of the MVP. Pretty sure Durant withdrew cause he realized after George’s injury, there’s a chance he could get injured too and miss out in the NBA season.

      It’s all you D-Rose.

    • Amitpal Bains says:

      I don’t think hes being a wuss. Look the players know that something that happened to paul george could have happened to anyone at anytime. A wuss would be if kd stop playing basketball all together. The decision kd made today would have been made even if paul didnt get hurt. The truth is kd had to carry a huge load this year. He was tired going into the playoffs and if you watched the scrimmage, he looked exhausted out there. He wasnt moving well and wasnt trying to do much either. I thought he was just resting for the tournament but turns out he really was exhausted. Its a move kd made to make sure he was ready to for the nba. I didnt think he showed have played anyways but oh well.