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VIDEO: Reggie Miller talks about Paul George’s injury and its effect on Team USA

Team USA brass downplay effect of George’s injury | Report: Pacers interested in Marion | Report: James has first meeting with Blatt

No. 1: Krzyzewski, Colangelo downplay effects of George’s injury — Team USA pared down its roster to 16 yesterday as John Wall, Bradley Beal and Paul Millsap were cut, but the squad also will obviously  not feature Paul George after he suffered a devastating broken leg injury on Saturday. Coach Mike Krzyzewski and USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo talked with the media about how they will go about assembling Team USA’s roster. Our John Schuhmann has more on what those two men had to say:

“We’ve been in communication with our players,” Colangelo said. “They are all on board. They recognize that injuries and sports go together, unfortunately. And we all have experiences that we could talk about, where players have been lost in practice, players have been lost in games and pick-up games for seasons. I personally have experienced that with my 45 years in the NBA.”

It wasn’t long after George broke his leg that people (rightfully) started to wonder how the injury — seen on national television — would affect the willingness of NBA players to play in international competitions in the summer. And we won’t really know if it will until 2016, when Colangelo calls on players for the Olympics in Brazil.

But he believes the pull of representing your country will overcome any risks players might see in playing competitively in the offseason.

“To be able to represent your country is what it’s all about,” Colangelo said. “It is about being patriotic. It is about selfless service. And our players get that. All you need to do is ask any of them who have been involved with us in our last three competitions and they would, to a man, say they feel they’re better people, better players, and felt a real warming within their soul to represent their country.”

NBA owners, of course, deserve a say in the matter. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who has long been a critic of NBA guys playing for their country without compensation, continues to advocate for an international tournament run by the NBA.

“I think people need to read between the lines,” Colangelo said of Cuban’s comments. “He’s against international competition when he believes the beneficiary, being the IOC, is getting the money. So he’s basically saying it’s OK for our players to play internationally if the money goes to the NBA and to the team owners. That’s the difference.”


No. 2: Report: Pacers interested in Marion — Veteran small forward Shawn Marion is still out on the free-agent market, but interest in him seems to be picking up. Just the other day, the Cleveland Cavaliers were said to be in pursuit of the ex-Maverick and now, the Indiana Pacers — who need to fill roster gaps caused by Paul George‘s injury and Lance Stephenson‘s departure — may be interested, too. Shams Charania of has more:

Shawn Marion, the best unrestricted free agent on the market, has received inquiries from the Indiana Pacers and a strong push on a potential deal with the franchise, a league source told RealGM.

Marion spent a half-day in Cleveland to meet with the Cavaliers on Monday, and he remains intrigued about the opportunity to join LeBron James and possibly Kevin Love – even on a veteran-minimum contract.

Marion has since left Cleveland and is scheduling further meetings with NBA teams, a source said.

The Pacers had reached out to Marion early in free agency, before signing C.J. Miles and Rodney Stuckey. In the wake of Paul George’s injury, Indiana has turned its attention to replenishing the wing position and several veteran scorers remain available, including Jordan Hamilton and Jordan Crawford.


No. 3: Report: LeBron has first meeting with Blatt — Cleveland can hardly contain its excitement for when the season begins and LeBron James suits up again for the Cavs. While the city is looking forward to the start of James’ homecoming, what’s surprising is that he had not met with his new coach — David Blatt — until Tuesday. Brian Windhorst of has more on the meeting, the Cavs’ push for more free-agent additions and some other tidbits:

LeBron James met in person with new Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt for the first time Tuesday as he prepares for the upcoming season, sources told

James has been busy since announcing his decision to sign with the Cavs last month, going on promotional trips for Nike to Brazil and China and shooting a movie in New York. James met face to face with team owner Dan Gilbert before announcing his free-agent choice and had communicated with Blatt by text since signing.

Blatt saw a thinner James at their meeting. James has been focused on cutting his weight by reducing his carb intake since the end of the NBA Finals, and he has lost more than 10 pounds. James’ thinner frame was noticeable in some photos he posted on his Instagram account earlier this week.

It has been a busy week for the Cavs. Mike Miller visited and is expected to soon sign a two-year, $5.6 million deal. Cleveland also hosted veteran free-agent forward Shawn Marion on Monday and is hoping to sign him to a contract as well.

Since June, the team has been deep in discussions with the Minnesota Timberwolves about a trade for Kevin Love. ESPN reported last week that the Wolves and Cavs are focused on completing a deal once No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins is eligible to be traded Aug. 23, as multiple league sources have begun to describe a Love-to-Cleveland trade as inevitable.

James wasn’t in the same room as his front office this summer, but he has been working alongside team officials.


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  1. Seto says:

    And now some jokes. Cavs should trade LEBRON for Love. He opts out after a year a signs again with Cavs in 2015. A they would keep Love, Bron and Wiggins. And as T-wolves fan I would give my arm to see one year of Lebron playing in Minnesota. Just kidding.

  2. Fan says:

    Waiting another year to get Love in FA is dumb. Remember the Mavs traded away Chandler for FA a year later and ended up with nothing? Who knows if Love wants to come next year? If you want to get a guy like Love you should show your commitment now.

  3. jaynaz says:

    The K Love will be a sign-n-trade or he will come for 1 year only and be a FA next season?

    • DenH says:

      why would he do a contract extension with the wolves when he can make tens of millions more by waiting til he is a free agent then signing a max deal?

  4. Grievous56 says:

    Cavs are making a noob moving by trading Wiggins and Bennett. They should have waited a year and signed Love in FA.

  5. hilljr says:

    Maybe someone on this site will answer my question. How is LeBron James running the team when Cleveland was offered this same exact trade on DRAFT night by Minnesota, and turned it down because they would have basicially been getting Klove on a one year rental. Minnesota would have taken Wiggins and Cleveland would have ended up with KLove and Zach Lavine, and no chance to sign Lebron James. All of a sudden Lebron comes to Cleveland and he and KLove talk, and now he’s the GM….REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!…Some of you guys need to stay off the blogs and things man. The fact is Cleveland wanted KLove, in the begininnig, and would’ve given up the right to Wiggins to get him. It got harder to do that once you have the kid (who I feel really bad for) around because you don’t want him to feel not wanted.

    Starters next year:
    G Irving
    G Wiaters
    F James
    F Love
    C Veredjao

    Bench: Thompson, Miller, Haywood or Powell

    My synopsis….Second Best team in the much-improved East(just check out the East/West records after the all-star break) and one 3 and D guard away from being the best team (on paper) in the NBA.

    • DboiSpur says:

      McRoberts and Granger would the first off bench along with Miller.

      • TeamBall says:

        Thinking of the wrong team McRoberts and Granger is on Miami while Miller with the cavs

    • TeamBall says:

      There was no guarantee at the Draft that Kevin Love was going to resign with Cavs. He wanted to be on a contending team. At that point Cavs were not a contending they were still rebuilding. Lebron was the game changer. Love never said where he wanted to go he never even confirmed he would resign with golden state when they were trying to trade him there for Klay Thompson. the first team he said publicly he would resign long term to was Cavs then later he said Golden State if he goes there. this was before they added Wiggins name to the mix (probably as a push to make Cavs more open to give the Wolves what they wanted so he could get out of there faster). but you are right on paper offensively Cavs are most improved in the East we will have to wait to see the system and effort defensively when the season starts. but don’t forget Matt Dellavedova and James Jones off the bench two gaves who gave lots of effort last year when they were on the court

  6. vikings bridgewater says:

    Aug 23 is the last day Kevin love will be in a wolves jersey. You have no clue what you’re talking about

  7. MrNBA says:

    What is up with Matrix and the Mavs? He belongs to Dallas, off the bench or not.

    • Jimmy says:

      I agree 100%

    • Carlo says:

      He’s a FREE AGENT. He “belongs” only to himself.

      By the way, he played with 4 teams, of which Phoenix was by far his best show.

      • MrNBA says:

        Hey genius, how many titles did he win in Phoenix? He lost his game when he left the Suns. But he came back better when he became a Maverick. His stats may not show it but this guy, along with Chandler and Stevenson, gave the Mavs’ defense tenacity.
        By the way, when a player is mentioned as ‘belonging’ to a team, it means he’s remembered the most for playing for that franchise. Mourning played for 3 teams but he’s remembered for only one. Who knows how many teams Shaq has played for? Is he remembered for playing in Cleveland? Pippen played for 3 different teams. Barkley played for more than one. You get the point?

  8. Thomas says:

    I don’t get the entire thing about Marion going to CLE. I get that he might want to win a championship. However, is he really winning it from off the bench? In every single clutch situation I can think of….you will have LeBron and Love on the court. You will not start Marion over LeBron or Love. Marion can’t play Center. Love is the PF and is not really a good defender to play at Center. So, unless you are playing him at the 2 (SG) over Ray Allen, Dion Waiters, and others, then he is not on the court in most clutch situations. I don’t see that being a good fit for him.

    Pacers can pay him up to $5.3M now, so that is feasible, but I don’t see them as a threat to win the NBA Finals. I could see them in the hunt in the weak East, but let’s not get carried away calling them a contender. They are starting without Paul George and Lance Stephenson which is a downgrade with Rodney Stuckey and Shawn Marion. Those are NOT bad players, but it is a downgrade from what they had last year.

    I would think he wants to be in a position to compete for a title, wants to be on the court in a primary role, and wants to get as much to play as he can get (which all players will do). It will be hard to turn down the Pacer’s money, but if he does…I am not sold on CLE being a good fit for him. I see many bench minutes watching the action on that roster.

  9. Pahoot says:

    Cavaliers Expected Lineup With Trades All Done Cavaliers Offensive Lineup / Late Game Situations

    PG-K.Irving PG-K.Irving
    SG-R.Allen SG-R.Allen
    SF-L.James SF-M.Miller/J.Jones
    PF-K.Love PF-L.James
    C-A.Varejao C-K.Love

    If Cavaliers Get Shawn Marion It’ll add
    on to there great defensive team!

  10. Bro says:

    So they met to tell Blatt that LeBron is running the show and that he is the first player in NBA history to be a player/coach/GM. This will be a disaster for Cleveland and their fans.

    LeBron and Dwayne Wade got fat and lazy in the weakened East. Both are dieting, but if the Spurs remain healthy, they will still run them and their respective teams into the ground. The Spurs are a team, not a collection of LeBron’s Super Friends. Adding Love wont change that.

    • TeamBall says:

      You are saying this like Lebron is the first player in History to ask them Team Office to been in other stars to help them. when Boston traded away half their roster to bring in KG and Ray Allen to win a championship they were the best players on their teams at the time so this is nothing new. there are hardly ever any teams who win the Champion without at-least a Duo in the frontcourt and backcourt or a 3 headed monster of a team. Its because of The Miami Sprint that haven’t given him a bad rep for finding help. As a GM your there to sell tickets, sell jerseys, win championships. If a star is attracted to your team you go after him if the price and opportunity is right. Cleveland is Hot right now. Players might speak publicly what they would like to see get done but the only thing they have control of is their contact. like at your job you might put a friend on push his resume to your HR department or Manager but at the end of the day only thing u have power over is your contact agreement with your work and some minor influence you might have to add your input of option

    • JOSH says:


  11. Eddie says:

    Dude the trade for Love is already done just waiting for the end of August! Wake up man!

  12. harriethehawk says:

    I’m sad that Marshon Brooks didn’t get picked up by any team and now has to play overseas. He’s a hard working guy!

    • moneytalks says:

      I think for him it comes down to money and time on the court. he hasnt player more than an average of 10 mins per game since his rookie year and hes been on a different team each year. he most likely could make more money playing overseas this year than sign on a team thats going to give him a minimum contract and him fight for time on the court instead of 3 and 4 minute stretches of time on the court.

  13. bkjdfvbfvkbakv says:

    LeBron putting a lot of effort on trimming down?

    he might be planning to play shooting guard position, then (just like ol’ T-Mac back then)

    starting lineup:

    C – Varejao
    PF – Thompson
    SF – Wiggins
    SG – James
    PG – Irving

    off the bench:

    c – Haywood
    pf – Bennett
    sf – Miller / Jones
    sg – Waiters (the OKC Harden role player)
    pg – Lucas

    roster looks decent, except the need for a good point guard reserve.
    these Kevin Love talks are just all hype, the trade will not happen.
    Blatt can manage to turn this team into a Spurs-esque type of system.

    • T gas TT ako says:

      the trade is already a done deal!!! i just wish wiggins will stay,, but apparently he needs to go,, wiggins will be the next kobe or jordan,, the one who got away!!

  14. aa says:

    Sad to see that my knicks have to include pablo to get rid of ellington:(