Morning shootaround — Aug. 5

Report: Cavs, Wolves have ‘handshake’ agreement on Love deal’ | Sarver feels Suns’ offer to Bledsoe is fair | LeBron sheds carbs, pounds for next season? | Don’t plan on a T-Mac comeback | Nets’ Lopez ‘fully cleared’

No. 1: Report: Cavs, Wolves have ‘handshake agreement’ on Love trade — Last we all heard on the Kevin Love/Minnesota Timberwolves/Cleveland Cavaliers trade saga was that team owner Glen Taylor said a trade of Love was likely to happen by the end of August. Today’s update doesn’t do anything to refute what Taylor said.’s Brian Windhorst, in an interview with ESPN Radio 98.7 FM in New York, said that the Wolves and Cavs basically have a handshake agreement on a trade (fast-forward to the 9:39 mark to hear the details). Here’s a transcript of what Windhorst said in the interview:

The deal is done but not done. The teams have agreed, but they can’t say they have agreed and they can’t agree, because we’re in this weird moratorium period because you can’t trade Andrew Wiggins until the 23rd of this month.

So, between now and then – which is, what, 19 days – could some of that happen? Could a team come in with a trade that maybe Minnesota doesn’t see? Yes, it could happen. So therefore it is not done.

But essentially, before the papers have been signed, there is this handshake agreement that Kevin Love to the Cavs, Andrew Wiggins to the Timberwolves, and I believe Thaddeus Young will end up in Minnesota either as part of a separate deal or as part of a three-way deal. Possibly, Anthony Bennett, who’s on the Cavs right now could get re-routed to Philadelphia in part of a deal for Thaddeus Young. There will be draft picks involved.

But essentially what you need to know if you’re an NBA fan, Kevin Love is going to be on the Cavs barring anything unforeseen, and and Andrew Wiggins, No. 1 overall pick, is going to be on Minnesota.


No. 2: Sarver: Suns gave Bledsoe a ‘fair offer’ — Phoenix Suns young star guard Eric Bledsoe is one of the last big names left on the free-agent market and while he reportedly got an offer from his incumbent team to return, he hasn’t done so yet. There’s been talk of his relationship with the team nearing an ‘irreparable’ state and Bledsoe feeling that the team is using his restricted free-agent status against him in negotiations. Team owner Robert Sarver, in an interview with Arizona Sports 98.7 FM last Friday, said he and the team have given Bledsoe a fair offer thus far:

Phoenix reportedly offered the combo guard a four-year, $48 million deal in the middle of July, while the four-year pro apparently was looking for a maximum offer of five years and $80 million.

Sarver was asked Friday if he thought Phoenix’s initial offer was fair.

“We think it’s a fair offer. I think you could argue, you know, I mean some would say it’s maybe a little high; some would say it’s low,” the owner said. “What’s fair is important to us, and also important to him — him and his agent. It’s not necessarily us to determine what he thinks is fair; it’s him to determine that.”

“We’re a professional organization, and he’s a professional player,” he said. “And he’s a high-character guy. And his agent (Rich Paul), whose main client LeBron (James), is the utmost competitor and professional.

“As an organization, we do our 100 percent best to get behind the player and support him as best as possible. And what professional players do, regardless of how their contract works out, when it’s time to play, they play as hard as they can — for themselves, their teammates and for the organization. So what takes place before a contract is signed usually doesn’t have a lot of bearing on what takes place after a contract is signed — when you have a high-character athlete and a high-quality organization.”

Sarver also refused to agree with the notion that Bledsoe’s agent is inexperienced and over his head.

In closing, the owner also tried to put the whole negotiations process into perspective.

“One thing fans have got to remember is: Players, their careers are very short,” he said. “And at any given moment, they could be a lot shorter. You don’t know. And so, they’re trying to maximize what they can make. They’re not like movie stars where they can go cut a box office hit when they’re 45 or 55 years old like John (Gambadoro) is. They want to maximize what they can make. And that’s OK.”


No. 3: LeBron sheds carbs, extra pounds in prep for 2014-15? — The buzz last night in NBA circles of the Internet was the image of a much thinner looking LeBron James that surfaced on his Instagram.

Cliff Pinkard of The Plain Dealer chimes in on LeBron’s new look, which may be attributed to him cutting out carbohydrates from his diet this offseason in an attempt to get ready for his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers:

James is listed at 6-8, 250 pounds on the Cavaliers’ roster (although many believe he was closer to 265). Throughout his career he’s been a mass of coiled steel, a unique physical specimen with unparalleled speed and agility.

But, as Sports Illustrated points out, he is getting older … he’ll turn 30 in December. SI says there were some “whispers” last season on whether James had slowed a bit.

Perhaps James took that to heart. Brian Windhorst of tweeted Monday that James has cut carbs from his diet and has dropped “significant” weight. In the photo he does appear much trimmer.

SI says stars such as Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Steve Nash also adjusted their diets in the past in order to prolong their careers.

That has to be the hope for James. Carrying fewer pounds could result in more speed and quickness and less stress on his knees. Some might wonder if it will result in the loss of some strength, however.

It appears Cavs fans shouldn’t worry about James showing up to training camp out of shape.


No. 4: McGrady enjoying retirement life — Former All-Star Tracy McGrady hasn’t logged a minute on an NBA court since getting some garbage time in Game 3 of the 2013 Finals as a member of the San Antonio Spurs. Since then, McGrady has retired from the NBA and, after a brief foray into the world of minor league baseball, is more or less done with pro sports of any kind. In a conversation with’s Alex Kennedy, McGrady talks about being retired, his career and more:

While he says that he could still play in the NBA or an overseas league, and admits that he sometimes wants to get back on the court, he’s no longer interested in putting in the necessary work to continue his career.

“I am [at peace with my decision to retire],” McGrady told Basketball Insiders. “I am. At times I get that itch, the urge to go back and play. I still can, I’m young enough to still play. My body feels good; I haven’t played in a couple of years so my body feels great. It’s just the mental part of [not] having that drive to get back in that type of shape and to put that type of time and focus into it.”

He loves that he’s able to spend more time with his family. McGrady says he completely understands why someone like Ray Allen is unsure about continuing his career, as the veteran sharpshooter weighs retirement to spend more time with his family versus playing the 2014-15 season with a contender.

“[Family] weighs a lot,” McGrady said. “Your kids get older, they get involved in more activities, and you want to be there to see them, whether its sports or school activities. You want to be there for those moments. You don’t want to miss out. You don’t get those back. I understand [what Ray Allen is going through]. … My kids help me reflect back [on my career]. My boys like to watch old video tapes of me. I [reflect] all the time.”

“Looking back on my career, to be one of the best players in the world, to lead the best players in the world in scoring two times out of the league, I worked extremely hard,” McGrady said. “You don’t get there just by having God given talent, you have to work your ass off. … It’s cliché but you just put the time in and put the work in. Always believe in you; always believe in your self-confidence and what you can do. Do the necessary things, take care of your body, get a good trainer and whatever you put in your body, make sure it’s good things. With that being said, just bust your ass on the basketball court and when you’re not playing games, away from the game, put that extra work in and perfect your craft.”


No. 5: Nets’ Lopez cleared to play — Last season, the Nets got just 17 games out of All-Star center Brook Lopez before a season-ending foot injury sidelined him. As Brooklyn gets ready to gear up for training camp in a few months, they’ll have some good news to look forward to. According to’s Mike Mazzeo, Lopez is has been ‘fully cleared’ from his various foot injuries:

Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez, who has been rehabbing after undergoing foot and ankle surgery, told reporters in Russia that he has been “fully cleared for play.”

“I was fully cleared for play and everything about a week and a half ago now,” said Lopez, who is visiting the country with his twin brother, Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez. “… Now it’s time to get back in shape.”

Lopez, 26, suffered a season-ending right foot injury on Dec. 20 in Philadelphia. He underwent surgery to repair the fractured fifth metatarsal in his right foot on Jan. 4. He also underwent a second procedure, called a first metatarsal osteotomy, in which another bone was repositioned in his foot to unload and protect the injured area.

Then, on March 3, Lopez had surgery to repair a torn tendon and tighten lateral ligaments in his left ankle. He had been doing some shooting and workout drills prior to being fully cleared.


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: Wizards star John Wall talks about his new line of shoes … The Hawks have reportedly hired Neven Spahija as their new assistant coach … Wolves big man Ronny Turiaf has spent his offseason doing an internship with an ad agency in Minneapolis …  Kevin Durant could earn $30 million annually if he chooses to endorse Under Armour brand apparel next …


  1. MackDaddy says:

    They’ve given up to much to get Love!!!

    Wait 1 year and keep Bennett, and most certainly KEEP Wiggins.
    Let the number ones develop under Lebron, and then sign up Love when he walks from Min middle next year.

    They’ve effectively given up to number 1 picks for nothing. Love would be mad to not sign up with Cavs in a year to play with the number one player in NBA, plus a future superstar Irving, plus either one of the number one picks (or trade them in a year for yet another piece).

    It’s the Wolves who are desperate to move Love now… not the Cavs.

  2. MackDaddy says:


  3. TURSETTE says:

    how come nobody talks about JABARI?

  4. kobeballhog2 says:

    Shows how uneducated these fanboys here are. Teaming up with superstars aint nothing wrong about it. The bill russell celtics had several stars, the bird celtics, the magic lakers, the mj chicago bulls they did took rodman which is considered one of the best rebounder ever. The olajuwon houston rockets. The spurs big three, the shaqs kobe lakers, heck they even took malone and payton at one time to bolster their team. Its a long standing thing in the nba. These lebron haters just giving themselves all the excuses to hate. Why did the lakers pursued melo and lebron to team up with kobe? Hate more haters

  5. lebron lover says:

    I love this line-up!!

  6. JOEL says:

    I think this is great for the Cavs ultimately.

    Sure they lose a high ceiling potential player in Wiggins.

    Though they gain a top 3 PF. If not the best.

    If they pick up Marion and Allen they have a pretty big chance at a title in the next year or 2.

    Irving, Waiters, James, Love, Vare

    Allen, Miller, Marion, Jones, Thompson, Haywood

    Wouldn’t be suprised to see them pick up another decent backup Vet over the next 12 months either!

  7. Markus71 says:

    Cleveland has said, David Blatt has said, He won’t! got it… ‘Will Not be trading Andrew Wiggins!’

  8. character counts says:

    WOW! I still can NOT believe the Cavs are even thinking about trading the next face of the NBA for Love. Why is it so hard of NorthCentral Ohio teams to show some pride in their teams and towns enough to stop catering to the need to be validated and accepted into someone else plan. If the Cavs can’t win a championship with Lebron , Wiggins, Irving and our current roster, “Love is not what we need. We need some “SWAGGER”. If I was the owner I would not want to put all my eggs in one basket or everything go through one person. Most of us can tell that Wiggins has sooo much to prove and he is up for the challenge. Come on Dan Gilbert we have all seen this movie before, Lets change the script and actually show some pride in who we are and not who come to us that makes us proud.

  9. LeSleeves says:

    Another shallow and transparent move by the walking integrity-void known as LeCramps. The hilarious thing about King Lames is how the media is heralding him as some sort of altruistic folk hero, returning home to where his heart truly is – blah, blah, blah, B$, snore.

    The guy went “home” for more mega-millions, to join a team loaded with multiple #1 overall picks, and to go somewhere with the necessary trade bait on hand to acquire Kevin Love. Had there been any other team in such a seemingly favorable position, LeChoke would have gone THERE just as easily. Bron is a crybaby who constantly needs multiple All-Star teammates by his side to be armed with tushy-wipes. The guy is almost thirty and he’s still a joke. Too bad.

    • allaroundballer says:

      Every MVP needs multiple allstars to win. You can’t blame that recipe. The different is jordan’s bulls made it with their own draft players. I hope durant, westbrook n ibaka will be the next

    • Lillard Time says:

      Agree completly. even if they win with love, Bron will get all the credit. Love will turn into a Bosh that cant play Defence with a bit better 3pt% and a few more boards.

    • Knowledge says:

      Trying being less of a pathetic hater and pay more attention to NBA history. Anyone who tries to make a valid argument then uses “LeChoke” “LeCramps” and “King Lames” is making themselves look really really stupid,

  10. D. Rose refuse to recruit Melo because the Bulls are his team, he doesn’t need another star, Lebron James doesn’t have the heart.

  11. Lebron is a spoiled little brat, who will always need some help from a big brother. Wiggins doesn’t need Lebron, he will be a star on his own with his own team.

  12. #KarlComeHome says:

    If the Cavs REALLY want to be contenders, they will find a way to also add Shawn Marion and/or Chauncey Billups into the mix.

  13. jimmy says:

    I would have to say the Cavs are really catering to lebron here. Cavs should wait a year when love is a free agent and try to get him. Love wants to win and what better way to attract him, next year, when you have lebron, irving, AND wiggins.

    • Kingkobe says:

      Excellent point, but could all four fit under salary cap.

      • Grantland says:

        wiggins under rookie deal so definitely possible. i don’t know why cavs are so eager to shed wiggins… defense wins championships. and love = no defense

  14. richard8l says:

    Kevin Love won’t be a true champion if he wins a title with cavs. Neither is Lebron. They are like the guys that play pickup games at the park and think they are all that when their tean is loaded, but can’t do anything if you out them with average players. Lebron bailed out on bosh and wade, and that was a good team. Lebron is looking for the easy way to get ring and will jump ship once the teams run is over. Shows no commitment. I can’t believe a great player like K.Love is following him. Unbelievable. The whole “I’m coming home” stoey was BS. Would he have “come home” if the heat had won? DOUBT IT! The NBA is trash now.

    • Kingkobe says:

      That’s the most stupidest statement in the history of stupid statements and here is why. Every team nowadays is stacked. Christ Paul went to an already good Clippers team a few years ago. Kawhi leonard plays on the most dominant team in the last 10yrs is he a true champion? Could he have went to Toronto and won with them, no. Shaq was dominant his whole career, but it took him leaving Orlando and teaming up with the greatest player in the world plus the winingest coach in history. Jordan would not have won 6 titles with out Pippen, Rodmen and Phil. Does that make Jordan not a true champion? Look at D Wade! He needed Shaq and Alonzo then he needed Bosh and Lebron. If you remove those 4 players D Wade and the heat is titleless. Don’t think I don’t get your point because I do get it. You would like to see star players achieve championships without having to recruit other star players to do so. Teams have tried it that way with little success. Remember D Howard with the Magic? How many years did Allen Iverson break his back for a losing 76ers team. Recently D Rose the 1 man gang end up pushing himself into injury. How many years should Kevin Love stay with the T-wolves? They did the same thing to Kevin Garnet, he had to leave to Boston to become a champion. Don’t be made at these players for not wanting to lose year end and year out. There is not realy a team in the NBA that Lebron cauld go to and not make it a title contender. LA, TOR, Wash, Port, Kings, Hornets you name a team. He would even make the 76ers nasty this year.

      • steagl3 says:

        I couldn’t have said it better myself. And I’d go so far as to say sometimes even TWO superstars isn’t enough to win it all – look at Karl Malone and John Stockton. There are plenty more examples. You basically need at least 1 superstar and 2 exceptional players to win, and this is nothing new – this goes back decades.

    • lee says:

      Your a idiot thats like saying mj and kobe our not true champions ever championship has had atheist two elite players with a lot of great role players nobody done it by themselves

    • Common Sense says:

      Nobody is ever a true champion based on that. Boston has never won and neither has the Lakers without a couple or more superstars. Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Bill Walton, blah, blah, Magic Johnson, Kareem, Worthy, blah blah…Many of the teams are getting stacked right now, but I think you’ll be seeing a dominant West for a while to come. I don’t think the Cavs will beat the West. Spurs or no Spurs, the West is just better, period! By Far!

      • The Truth says:

        Was Detroit stacked when they won several years back? Chauncy Billups, Rasheed Wallace, and Tayshaun Prince. Those guys weren’t superstars, they just had a good overall team. Dallas a few years ago had 1 Superstar plus some other decent pieces. So it can be done.

    • haw says:

      you lost your credibility the moment you mentioned lebron leaving bosh and wade. you speak against loading up yet think lebron should’ve stayed on a “loaded” miami team. make up your mind… you’re probably just another jilted miami fan.

    • Knowledge says:

      Everyone is laughing at your opinion for a reason there buddy. Quit whining and enjoy the game. People like you have been complaining about stacked teams since the Russell dynasty teams. Just stop complaining, no one cares that you don’t like stacked teams.

    • NBA says:

      How can you tell if lebrons coming home story is BS. Home is home and I respect him for wanting to go back. Everyone talks like he’s running to an easy ring when really he said himself they’re probably not going to win it all this year. And can you really blame a team for trying to collect all the talent they can get like the cabs are with love? Love is tired of losing do he wants to go to a place where they had young talent and can grow into a winning team. I don see why everyone’s hating on lebron about how he’s ring chasing when really he’s coming to a team with some young talent and one superstar in Irving and maybe love. They will not win right away. If lebron just wanted to win he would have stayed in Miami or gone somewhere with instant championship chances

  15. richard8l says:

    Kevin Love won’t be a true champion if he wins a title with cavs. Neither is Lebron. They are like the guys that play pickup games at the park and think they are all that when their tean is loaded, but can’t do anything if you out them with average players. Lebron bailed out on bosh and wade, and that was a good team. Lebron is looking for the easy way to get ring and will jump ship once the teams run is over. Shows no commitment. I can’t believe a great player like K.Love is following him. Unbelievable. The whole “I’m coming home” stoey was BS. Would he have “come home” if the heat had won? DOUBT IT! The NBA is trash now.

  16. GMoney says:

    T Mac was a beast hands down a hall of famer, a shame he had to retire so young

  17. JAYPS says:

    Lebron needs two people to carry him to the Finals.

  18. MaxL says:

    Trading a solid veteran for a young high ceiling prospect? Sounds the Vlade Divac/Kobe Bryant trade all over again!!! Frankly, I think it is a good opportunity for Wiggins for him to bloom as a player, commencing his carreer as a starter rather than as a 10-15 mpg backup guard in a star-packed team!

    • Knowledge says:

      Kevin Love is in no way shape or form even remotely the same player as Divac. I mean, seriously? Please just look at their numbers for one second. Just one.

  19. Reblogged this on inspirationbase and commented:
    This deal coming through, seeing LeBron, Kyrie and Love on offence for the same team is a phenomenon to look forward to but its sad letting go of Wiggins, the kid has so much potential but its a case of not being able to eat your cake and have it too! Cant wait to see the Cavs this season that’s for certain!!!!!!

  20. Mek says:

    So basically LeBron James left a deteriorating big three for an up and coming big three that may end of being even better. James is the luckiest player in NBA history outside of Robert Horry lol.

  21. why lbj says:

    how strange must this be for wiggins? oh well wiggins and laVine have already become friends…hope often injured kevin love was worth it. lbj is the cavs gm and this was his choice

  22. y lbj says:

    how strange must this be for wiggins? oh well wiggins and laVine have already become friends…hope often injured kevin love was worth it.

    lbj is the cavs gm and this was his choice

  23. Carlo says:

    “Ohio against the world” ???

    Yeah! Thumpa, thumpa! We vs everybody! Everybody hate us!…

    What a loser’s hat.

  24. Larry says:

    LOL, the Cavs have filled their locker room with whiners, i give them 20 games before it all falls apart

  25. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    I think if the Cavs could, they would have traded Wiggins already… Having to wait to 30 days after they signed him is just dragging out the process. But when the trade actually happens, it will sink in that the Cavs are going to the best team in the East and top 3 in the league for years to come!

    The big 3 of LeBron/Kyrie/Love will be better than Wade/LBJ/Bosh.

    • Common Sense says:

      I agree best in the East, but I would say top 6 in the league for years to come. Spurs, Clippers, OKC, Warriors, and probably the Lakers, Suns, Nuggets, Portland, or Houston will be better than the Cavs. I think it is unfortunate though, that the West has to compete against the West for three series before they get to the Championship, where as the East just walks in. But still think the West will dominate, not only the NBA but the Finals for years to come.

      • Who? says:

        LA, PHX, and Denver aint goin nowhere bro. Warriors either. This league is San An vs LBJ now.
        Clippers will be hangin around as well as OKC if they keep their team together.
        As for the trade, I think it is a no-brainer!

  26. what the Bull(s) says:

    would you trade rookie vince carter for kevin love and his expensive contract…keep in mind kevin love has been getting injured

  27. skrutz says:

    Damn, I really hope a Wiggins trade DOESN’T happen. Sad. Make me not much of a cavs fan, and it’ll be hard to watch the wolves…

  28. TWolvesFan says:

    Why not Wiggins+Bennet – Klove?

  29. Gary says:

    VETO this trade!!!!! Dan Gilbert was the one who made Stern veto the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers! It would only be just to veto this trade cuz Gilbert is doing what he was against when Lebron left! Adam Silver better step up!

    • Knowledge says:

      That’s not how it worked AT ALL. You should probably go back and read about it again. Or for the first time.

    • reality check says:

      the league does NOT own the timberwolves or the cavaliers. get your facts straight. you’re probably just another bitter laker fan still stuck in the past

  30. Defdun says:

    Check out Philly with an array of up and coming “youngstars” (if the deal for Anthony Bennett goes through)… Michael Carter-William, Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid, Tony Wroten, A.Bennett. Could be the team of the future…

  31. tuplalfred says:

    Keep Wiggins!!!

  32. Flexy says:

    As a realist I just feel so bad that people actually think the Cavs have any chance of winning a title with the addition of James for only 2 years. As I’ve stated several times thus far, Lebron did it only twice in five tries with two of the other best players in the league, The Cavs have no one right now that could even be compared to d-Wade or Bosch other than Bron. Love is a hands down good player, but really, I’ve never heard anything of the Wolves until these trade talks. With that said, Love gets no love from me, and neither do the Cavs. If Lebron wanted more rings he woulda stood in Miami, I think this was just for him to save face in his home town just in case he ever wanted to go back and visit again later in life without getting booed the entire time. The man said he wants to become the first NBA player to become a billionaire, what quicker or better way could he acheive that than to live a realitity tv show type of NBA career. this man isn’t doing it for the game or honor its all about the “show” which is fine, but just be straight up about it then. Who cares abotu your stupid letter to the fans, you mean some parts of it but clearly not all, and his is just great entertainment. My question to you is did you ever really have true love for the game. Jordan, Magic, Bird, Kareem, these men did it for the love of the game, these men are true greats, even Kobe why Kobe, because he has always stayed true to his Lakers no matter what. I still believe in the Heat, and even witth that I know the Spurs have atleast one more title run in them. Witht hat said this whole Cavs Housewives of Ohio series (CHOO) will be over soon.

    • Knowledge says:

      Players don’t owe organizations anything, LeBron was loyal to the city itself because that’s where he was born and raised. You are ignorant.

  33. Jeff Scott says:

    Eric Bledsoe just had his first solid season. It seems to me that he’s asking for the type of pay first tier point guards receive. One season doesn’t make you a top player. If this were a few seasons in the future he might get the money he wants, but not now. Patience is a virtue EB.

    • Common Sense says:

      EBled is solid. He had a solid season this year, but has had solid season after solid season in LA. He was simply the backup to Chris Paul. This kid, knows basketball. He studied under Chauncey Billups, Baron Davis, CP3, Mo Williams, and a bunch of excellent Guards this kid is solid and deserves max contract. By the way Patience would get him a 4 year contract worth 48 million. After 4 years, what kind of contract is he going to get? Big question mark. He needs to seriously look at some team that will fight for a him and see his true potential 5 years from now. This year will be his best year thus far and every year he will get better. This kid fights through everything. Remember he spent time in the D League, he has fire!
      #E Bled, do your thing!

  34. Vlad says:

    The signing of Marion is the proof this trade will most certainly happen. In my opinion, unless you bring him off the bench, i would trade Waiters too. There is more than enough scoring with James, Irving and Love. But if he embraces the 6th man role, he can be a great weapon.

  35. Colorado Connect says:

    Shally are you serious…”lebron please win one championship on your back” is crazy. No one wins by themselves without at least 1 other superstar, ask Allen Iverson how that worked out for him. matter of fact ask MJ how it worked out for him until scottie pippen decided to be a star…NO ONE CAN WIN ON THEIR BACK BY THEMSELVES

  36. lifenflorida says:

    I’m kinda losing respect for Lebron now. He’s the best player in the NBA, but he refuses to play without an all star cast. Coming back to Cleveland and winning one would have been great, but now we have to watch not one, but two all stars lower the level of their game to accomodate “King James” just like wade and bosh did. I think this is a terrible move for Love who is gunna get tired of not getting touches real quick and I feel really bad for Kyrie cause he’s and up and coming star and he’s gunna lose that because Lebron needs the ball too much. Its so sad…….

  37. rasalan says:

    Screw K Love! WE WANT WIGGINS!!! da boi iz a BEAST…anyone else from cleveland wanna come protest outside the Q with me? WE WANT WIGGINS….WE WANT WIGGINS lol

  38. Other side of the moon says:

    Wolves is asking Irving for Rubio too to complete the trade

  39. johnnyhoops1980 says:

    Wish the Cavs would keep Wiggins. He’s the answer in the long run, and the short term. He can defend, he’s athletic and his offensive game will flourish playing next to LBJ and Irving. The Cavs should keep Wiggins:

  40. MJ says:

    Was a Kevin Love fan. WAS…

  41. Henry says:

    I think #5 they meant Brook Lopez

  42. aliendeg says:

    No. 5: Nets’ Lopez cleared to play — Last season, the Nets got just 17 games out of All-Star center Robin Lopez before a season-ending foot injury sidelined him. As Brooklyn gets ready to gear up for training camp in a few months, they’ll have some good news to look forward to. According to’s Mike Mazzeo, Lopez is has been ‘fully cleared’ from his various foot injuries:

    Brook Lopez, not Robin

  43. I as much as I love Andrew Wiggins, if I chance to trade him and Anthony Bennett and a 2015 first round pick for Kevin Love, I would do it in a heartbeat.

    • Bill says:

      Why?? Someone has yet to explain this in a way that makes any sense. A guy with as much playoff experience as Wiggins (0), markedly less athleticism, and who doesn’t play defense? And on top of that, you’re giving up another first round pick who actually played pretty well in Summer League? And on top of THAT, he would’ve been a free agent next year and you could’ve gotten him WITHOUT giving up 2 first rounders? And on top of THAT! you’d give up ANOTHER first round pick?

      What is this myopic bizarro world that everyone seems to occupy when it comes to this deal?

  44. I as much as love Andrew Wiggins, if I chance to trade him and Anthony Bennett and a 2015 first round pick for Kevin Love, I would do it in a heartbeat.

  45. Robin? says:

    Robin Lopez? You mean Brook Lopez

  46. Shally says:

    What happened to James.. building and guidaing fresh talent in Cleavland.. Cleveland got all tenured individuals… and will get rid of even number 1 pick this year…. Come on LBJ… Please win one championship on your back… If Cleveland wins this year.. it will be because of one new addition to the team but not just because of LBJ..

    • tuplalfred says:

      I’m with you, totally agree

    • just a dude says:

      You do realize that he lead Miami to 4 straight finals ( winning 2 ). Kobe.Jordan.Bird. Magic.Duncan.These great players won it all not by themselves, not even Jordan. Look at their rosters and you will definitely see other hall of famers with them

    • .......... says:

      He did try to win with just role players in his first run with the cavs… one man can’t win a championship…

    • Jae Porter says:

      Nobody wins a championship by themselves

    • delman says:

      Tell me 1 player that can say they won an SHIP on there own??

  47. Athnasia Columbus says:

    Who saw the “Handshake” deal between Wolves and Cavs? Any Picture? “Reports” doesn’t make it TRUE!!

  48. Abe47 says:

    As a fan, I certainly can’t believe that Andrew Wiggins is going to be traded. I wish he could stay with the Cavs for awhile under Lebron’s wing.

    • harrythehawk says:

      Yeah, I agree. He (Wiggins) could be a little down about it. Any rookie would love the opportunity to be under Lebron James’s wing. But it’s not happening in this case, sorry.