USA roster reduced to 16

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — On Tuesday, USA Basketball officially announced a reduced roster for its next phase of training, which begins Aug. 14 in Chicago. But Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski had the scoop first, reporting Monday night that Bradley Beal, Paul Millsap and John Wall won’t be on the 16-man list.

The departure of Wall – who was a late addition to the roster – leaves four point guards: Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard and Derrick Rose. Curry and Rose are locks to make the final 12-man roster and Irving (more like Rose) should be the favorite to be the third point guard over Lillard (more like Curry).

Millsap was also a late addition to the roster. In fact, after hearing about the decisions of Blake Griffin and Kevin Love to withdraw, he and his agent volunteered the day before the first pre-camp meeting. With Millsap out, Kenneth Faried, whose energy and bounce have been impossible to ignore, is the only “small big” left on the roster.

Beal’s departure, along with Paul George‘s injury, leaves the U.S. five wings behind Kevin Durant and James Harden, with Durant likely to start at power forward. Four of those five will make the roster, with a spot likely to come down to a decision between DeMar DeRozan, who led all scorers with 16 points Friday’s USA Basketball Showcase, and Gordon Hayward, who finished with seven points, three rebounds, three assists and three steals in just 15 minutes.

The most interesting roster decision remains at the back-up center spot. And it will come down to a question of talent vs. fit. DeMarcus Cousins, who recorded a double-double on Friday, has the talent. Mason Plumlee (10 points, four rebounds and four fouls) is the better fit for the U.S. Team’s successful, fast-paced style. Andre Drummond, who had some ugly offensive moments in the Showcase, is still in the picture.

Head coach Mike Krzyzewski could go with all offense in his starting lineup, placing Curry and Harden between Rose, Durant and Anthony Davis. But if he wants more defense, he could call on Klay Thompson to start at the three.

Krzyzewski has some time to see what he likes. The U.S. will play four exhibition games before the FIBA Basketball World Cup begins, starting with a matchup against Brazil on Aug. 16 in Chicago.

USA Men’s National Team, remaining roster

Player Team POS Height Age NBA Exp. National team exp.
DeMarcus Cousins SAC C 6-11 24 4
Stephen Curry GSW PG-SG 6-3 26 5 2010
Anthony Davis NOP C 6-10 21 2 2012
DeMar DeRozan TOR SG-SF 6-7 25 5
Andre Drummond DET C 6-10 21 2
Kevin Durant OKC SF-PF 6-9 25 7 2010, 2012
Kenneth Faried DEN PF 6-8 24 3
James Harden HOU SG-SF 6-5 25 5 2012
Gordon Hayward UTA SG-SF 6-8 24 4
Kyrie Irving CLE PG 6-3 22 3
Kyle Korver ATL SG-SF 6-7 33 11
Damian Lillard POR PG-SG 6-3 24 2
Chandler Parsons DAL SF-PF 6-9 25 3
Mason Plumlee BKN C 6-11 24 1
Derrick Rose CHI PG 6-3 25 5 2010
Klay Thompson GSW SG-SF 6-7 24 3


  1. ChickenPocs says:

    God damn guys dont you understand the reason they cut john wall and paul millsap was BECAUSE they werent even suppose to be on the team, its because griffin and love withdrawed from the team, so really the only one who was really cut from the team Was Bradley Beal

  2. Robert1959 says:

    Derrick Rose should not be on this team. He has not played in over 2 years due to serious knee injuries. John Wall’s size, scoring and defensive was a better selection. John Wall should have made the team.

  3. everybody here thinks they’re basketball experts. *** smh. I bet you guys don’t even have coaching experience even in highschool basketball, or even if you played before, y’all guys probably bench warmers or cheerleaders. stfu y’all! and let the coaching staff do their jobs.

  4. KD says:

    Guys Kyrie Irving is 10 times better than DRose . Kyrie should start

  5. mlike says:

    john wall is a ball stopper and doesnt fit the usa “team” mode. anybody thats askin how john wall got cut over kyrie clearly doesnt understand basketball or are a diehard wizards fan! If john wall had any type of leadership skills and Knew how to RUN A TEAM the wizards easily would of beat the pacers in the playoffs. They couldnt have 5 point guards and Wall is the only one out of those 5 that doesnt shoot well enough to slide over to the 2, he is a streaky pull up shooter at best.

  6. NBAfan says:

    Without Paul George, they don’t have a defensive wing player. Thompson and Harden are hardly known for their defense. The same goes for Derozan and I’m afraid. Now more than ever, they’ll have to play team defense.

    • The Truth says:


    • Ali Sial says:

      Lmfao, ur an idiot. Klay Thompson is one of the best 2-guard defenders in the league, he may be the best all round shooting guard in the league. Don’t even put harden in the same sentence as him and the word “defense”, unless its to contrast their the two. He was arguably the best defender on GSW (iggy and bogut/green were good too but he usually guarded the CP3s of the league)…and GSW were the best defensive team in the west and 3rd best in the league overall (after Pacers and Bulls) last year. Idiot.

  7. Unkaned says:

    By the way, once again, why are neither LeBron or Carmello playing? Two of the three key players last time around.

    • The Truth says:

      Cuz Melo’s aball hog and Lebron needs to rest.

    • Roosevelt says:

      I was thinking the same thing. It’s going to be interesting. It looks as if we’re planning to outscore teams. This is not a very big team.

  8. adot says:

    Wall over Irving i don’t understand but Plumlee to be even mentioned as a debate over demarcus cousins its like who in their right mind are even having these discussions

    • The Truth says:

      It’s because Plumlee will fit the faster-paced international style play. Where-as Cousins won’t be getting to0 many post up looks because Durant and Harden will have the ball in their hands.

  9. Unkaned says:

    Would be foolish to cut most of the true bigs, and starting off with Durant playing power forward (a situational position). Because Hardin can also play the point, they will have to cut one of the other four, probably cut Kyle Korver, Cut Plumlee. And probably cut DeRozen. Too bad. All excellent players. But the remaining 12 make for a pretty tough team (They could use one giant at center, especially given having to face Spain two years away. But this 12 may not be permanent, and two years down the road I can see the team adding Kevin Love (not his fault he couldn’t risk playing now: Look what happened to Paul George — imagine, with only one year left on a contract what that would have meant). And its not uncertain that Dwight Howard wouldn’t play in 2016, much less another big-big emerge (e.g, Blake Griffin could be healthy, or even DeAndre Jordan could develop some reasonable offense). Team looks STRONG.

  10. Superstar says:

    I just can’t figure how you guys know better than the Coaching staff?
    The audition/practices were closed door and only them could see how your favorite players don’t fit.

    Fans of Wizards and Hawks should be happy for keeping their players fresh and injury-free comes November

    • The Truth says:

      I don’t know better than the coaching staff, but it’s so happens that we agree.

      Here are the final cut predictions:


      • The Truth says:

        …and for the line up




        Rose (hasn’t played big games in a while, needs to freshen up)
        Curry/ DeRozan
        Hayward/ Thompson

  11. alp says:

    they did wall wrong, take wall over kyrie any day of the week, but in reading some of the comments… really.. what has rose done to warrant a spot on this team? he has barely even played the last 2 years and a guy like wall… john wall is probably the fastest professional basketball player with a ball in his hands in the world.

    • Light Drought says:

      Look at the first quarter of the first quarter of the usa showcase, and you’ll see why Rose made it. But John should have made it over kyrie though.

  12. dmh says:

    After the disasters of the early 2000’s, USA basketball is not going exclusively with stars. They are going with players that can fit a role and fit together. There are not enough basketballs on the court to go exclusively with stars.

    Plus international competition is more team based anyways with versatility. The stars that do make it are the ones that accept change and thrive in their roles. That is why Paul George (before his gruesome injury) was focused on defense, for example. That is why Korver made the cut but Wall didn’t. There are other examples but the point is there.

    Coach K and co. will make the best decisions based on the international game, not the nba game for the US. Nobody wants that joke of a team that got bronze in spite of that team’s obvious talent. There are just not enough basketballs on the court for that.

    • Roosevelt says:

      You guys are giving this team way to much credit. The international game is the future, and I don’t see one player on this roster that an international players going to say “I gotta check this guy. “. That’s the factor you get with a Carmelo or lebron. I’m not saying they’re not a lock to win gold, but I don’t think they’re going to have the respect of a proven international team. Which they’re are some very chippy and hungry international teams out there that take these games a lot more seriously than the us does.

  13. Juniorcool says:

    My strating 5 are:

    PG: Derreck Rose
    SG: James Harden
    SF: Kevin Durant
    PF: Kenneth Faried
    C: Anthony Davis

  14. Dnecio12 says:

    The team nedded some Veterans

  15. jfack says:

    just let steph and klay go offf!!! on that shortened up three point line.. splash splash splash… remember last time carmello saved usa cuz he was the only one shooting good from three. treys are gonna be a huge deal and are a huge deal in basketball now especialy in global basketball. were gonna need some splash bros going off!!! youll see

  16. Matt says:

    Milsap is better than Faried WTF

    • Dunno says:

      Are you kidding me?
      Man you must be smoking some pretty good kush cause thats the funniest joke i have heard all day

  17. Mr. Sexy says:

    2014 Team USA

  18. Mike says:

    I Really Think Wall Should Have Made It

  19. it does not mater who is picked, if all of the guys do not perform like we know that they can the U .S. Tean will not go anywhere. from the starters to the bench give me the most consistent players on both ends of the floor and that guy named Kevin Durant and we can take on anyone.

  20. mason says:

    all I know is that the starting linup is this


  21. jasoncain215 says:

    My starters

  22. MIRNES says:


  23. JayT says:

    Irving can run the offense better than curry, what international ball is all about. Put curry on SG and rotate him him PG after Rose. Rose looks good but does he really want to push the limits/get hurt again for cup? It comes more natural to Irving. Getting rid of wall was a good move as wall can’t run offense very wall, more a baller creates more his own open shot. so ya
    pg: Irving (rose/curry backup)
    g: harden (lillard/hayword backup)
    Sg:Durant (clay/parsons backuP)
    SF: Davis (Faried/clay/parsons)
    C: Plublee ( Cousins/Davis backup)

    for international this seems perfect with available imo

  24. harrythehawk says:

    That’s what I love most about Paul Millsap. He has excellent sportsmanship and is a good team leader. He volunteered when for USA Ball. He stepped in as the leader when Al Horford got hurt. He probably didn’t expect to make the cut (just like he probably didn’t expect to be selected as an all star). He has a fantastic demeanor and he continues to have a successful career. Let’s Go Hawks!!!!

  25. harrythehawk says:

    I miss Russell Westbrook on this team. He would have blown ALL the guards out of the water. No fair that they cut John Wall. He is better than Kyrie Irving.

  26. KRIS SCHADE says:

    I like ICE. Lillard will just plain ICE a close game. ICE in his veins.

  27. The Arguments:

    1. Wether to take all 4 PG’s remaining – well, there’s only 3 actually, Curry is much better fitted at SG in international games.
    2. DeRozan vs. Hayward vs. Korver? – Derozan’s energy and athleticism is an edge over the 2.
    3. With Curry a full-time SG, should USA have more PG’s or more C’s? – well, they just got Tyson Chandler back in 2010 as the true center and they still beat everybody. They always bring 3 PG’s all the time anyways.
    4. Now, pick one from Cousins, Drummond, Plumlee – Drummond is raw, Plumlee’s activity is good, but Cousins’ is the only one who can make plays from the post, ala Gasol’s.

    The Roster:

    Rose (PG)
    Harden (SG/SF)
    Thompson (SF)
    Durant (PF)
    Davis (C)

    Irving (PG)
    Curry (SG)
    DeRozan (SF)
    Faried (PF)
    Cousins (C)

    Parsons (SF/PF)
    Lillard (PG/SG)

    With Lillard and Parsons as the extras, you can sub any of the 4 positions except center, where you have 2 guys to sub for each other. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN??

  28. Charles says:

    For me First Five (5)

    Andre Drummond
    DeMarcus Cousins
    Kevin Durant
    James Harden
    Kyrie Irving

    Back up

    Anthony Davis
    Kenneth Faried

  29. Christian says:

    We’re going off what we got you can’t say the Roster could be better.

    I say cut


    Reason for cutting Cousins is cause Coach Kay never runs Post Plays, Its more Natural Talent than anything else, Plus We need Drummond on Defence cause we all know Cousins isn’t a Defensive presence if we have this lineup to turn to against Spain were gonna be fine.


    That lineuip will be Crucial against Spain.

    1. Because Drummond and Davis can run the court very well for bigs
    2. Because Davis and Drummond would be an absolute Headache to play against
    3. Rose, Harden and Durant complete headache in Transition

    Just my opinion.

    But for all other games my starting Lineup would be


    Very, Very, Very QUICK haha can’t wait to see this man so excited for USA Basketball

  30. smartgilaspilipinas says:

    c davis, cousins
    pf durant, faried
    sf parsons,thompson,hayward
    sg harden, derozan
    pg rose,curry,kyrie

  31. Tom says:

    Irving over Wall is a joke.

  32. Si says:

    The team selection cannot be based on the NBA game and must based on the FIBA rules.

    Every team knows that man for man, the USA team is more skilled than anyone in the world and in the NBA, Individual 1-on-1 skills are essential.

    But these are FIBA rules. They can play zone D and clog the lanes all day. if you look at every other squad, every player they select will have range including the bigs. Almost every other team will simply park there entire team in the key and make you beat them from outside.

    Yes, great D by USA will cause turnovers for easy points but against someone like Spain, Argentina, etc. that isnt’ going to work.

    You need quality big’s to play D, clear the boards and cause problems on offence, similar to the Gasol bros. Then surround them by as many quality outside shooters as you can get.

    For Speed, something like:

    1 : Rose / Irving
    2 : Curry / Lillard
    3 : Harden / Thomson
    4 : Durant / Hayward
    5 : Davis / Cousins

    To go big:

    1 : Rose / Irving
    2 : Harden / Thomson
    3 : Durant / Hayward
    4 : Davis / Faried
    5 : Cousins / Drummond

    Played under FIBA rules for 20 years and without the constant outside threat, you don’t get any lanes to the bucket and teams will just sit back.

  33. Macedonia says:

    How is Plumlee better then Drummond…this is beyond me what the heck are these guys talking about?Get a player that isnt going to be more then role player in almost any NBA team over the FUTURE od Detroit and USA basketball…Yes he’s raw on offence but who needs offense when u have all those great offensive players and he doesnt even need to have offence because he certinly wont be the star of this squad,he will make up for it with his tremendous offensive rebounding I swear to god not taking Drummond would be the dummbest thing you can do.I mean cmon he lead the league in OR’s last season with 1 whole OR more then the 2nd while the 2nd led by 1 OR the 10th or something.Imagine what can happen against european centers who honestly arent as strong as he or most of the NBA centers are… He will bully them around the rim he will get 8-9 ORS per 36mins…He’s a freaking beast,and mark my words if Josh Smith or Moose leave Detroit that will leave him more space to chalk up even more rebounds, he will easily get 15-16 RPG next season.He’s a must!!!

  34. nbafan says:

    I think Wall is just as good or maybe even better than some other guards they kept.

  35. jorge says:

    1-Derrick Rose
    2-James Harden
    3-Klay Thompson
    4-Kevin Durant
    5-Anthony Davis

    Stephen Curry
    DeMar DeRozan
    Chandler Parsons
    Kenneth Faried
    Demarcus Cousins

    Leftover Minutes:
    Damian Lillard
    Mason Plumlee

    Can play big when they have to & can play small when they want to as well.

  36. jumppong says:

    aldridge should be there. and khawi Leonard

  37. call says:

    The james-bryant-carmelo-durant team needed no bigs to win any team.
    This team can lose.
    There will be a lot of run and dunk games and a couple of half court basketball in the end !
    But nobody ever remembers the first ones,

  38. Courtney says:

    this isnt right duke boy- plumlee shouldnt have made the cut over favors or wall

  39. flat says:

    Anyone else notice the lack of 2 guards in this line-up?

    Should have kept Wall. Keep Lillard. Cut Irving.

    Wall and Lillard can both play combo where as the other guards are more strictly point.
    Wall/Lillard can both play off ball better than the others and can both control the floor.

  40. mee(a)t says:

    Kyrie over Wall? wat?

  41. Mason Plumlee over DEMARCUS COUSINS…???? Have you seen them both play? Demarcus Cousin brings fire/energy/thunder in the game. On the other hand, Plumlee do not deserve the spot yet. He shouldn’t even be on the discussion. I’d rather have Roy Hibbert than him. Plumlee doesn’t “fit” the style of this Elite players… Cousins will fit perfect because he’s a threat down low. Although he doesn’t have to score since KD and Drose, etc. will bring that with them. You have to be blind on picking Plumlee over Cousins. Don’t take Cousins out!

  42. martinez661 says:

    Rose over Wall? what has Rose done in the last couple of years to be ahead of Wall? Rose is a bum does not deserve to be on the roster, not that I care much about international basketball but Rose should not be representing the nba team.

  43. martinez661 says:

    rose should not be in the us team.

  44. Pacersdynasty arch nemesis says:

    Pacersdynasty is sad right now with PG out 😥

  45. Small ball vs big ball is the deciding factor ultimately .. Against Spain USA will need some bigs I don’t think Anthony Davis can rebound all by himself and defend the basket against ibaka and the gasol brothers.. If USA really wants to win Cousins or Drummond has to play for USA

    I would start small and end games big (if close)

    My team



    And Drummond as my extra 2

  46. TheKush says:

    Kyrie Irving over John Wall? Interesting choice being that Irving has yet to make the nba playoffs! The time of truth for Kyrie will be this upcoming season! I think Kyrie is talented but I don’t know what to make to of him yet! John Wall has superstar potential so does Kyrie but is Kyrie a winner?

    When I see Kyrie it I can’t help but look back at Allen Iverson a small guard that lead a team I didn’t think was very good to the NBA finals! Kyrie is very skilled – but I doubt he could lead the 2000–01 Philadelphia 76ers to the nba finals I doubt he could he could even stay healthy handling the amount of pressure and double teams Iverson faced every single night! I’m eager to see how Lebron and Kyrie will play together because they’ll be no excuses for Kyrie with LeBron as his teammate!

    Derrick Rose was an MVP, Stephen Curry is the leader of his team in a tough conference and he made it to the playoffs, Damian Lillard is solid and played heavy minutes in a tough conference on team with basically no bench help, he was instrumental in helping the trailblazers make it into the second round! Kyrie Irving played on a Cavalier squad last season that I thought looked good on paper, the east was a horrible conference last season sure cavs coaching was horrible but even with that I didn’t think Irving had a good season.

    I thought Wall had a better season that Irving and I don’t agree with rewarding failure the only good game I saw from Kyrie was the all star game when nobody was playing any defense! The moment of truth for Kyrie is approaching and now that LeBron is home everybody will be watching him!

    • ACondis says:

      Smart one, wall just got cut and kyrie is a no brainer with his offensive threat and insane ball handling skills

      • cp10 says:

        Krzyzewski explained the “pool” concept on NBATV- I think no one is really cut but in case they need a replacement PG they’d pick John Wall next. I love John Wall but it’s exciting to see Kyrie play as well. I think Wall is already a superstar, as is Beal – Beal was huge in the playoffs. As for Kyrie, the moment of truth is there now as you say but as you’ll see he’ll show you how much he’s grown.

  47. nasdii says:

    The fact that you think Mason Plumlee is a better fit than Cousin is ludicrous. They need somebody who can score on the block and looking at this roster their is only one big man with that capability. This is a no-brainer…the US is not going to be able to run n’ gun and win the World Cup going to need some half court offense and with Plumlee on the floor he hurts them offensively…Please stop spreading ridiculous lies and propaganda….if he doesn’t make the team it has nothing to do with Plumlee being a better fit…

    • Vlad says:

      With Durant, Rose, Curry, Harden as starters , i don’t think scoring is going to be a problem. You need someone to use most of his energy on defense, rebounding, basket protection and most importantly, someone that does not need touches, because one ball is already not enough for those four. Cousins does not provide that at high level. He can score on the post with tremendous ease and they will need that in some situations, but that is exactly what they are: situations.

      So yes, Plumlee is a much better fit. Going to be a hard decision.

  48. Ryan says:

    Thompson and Hayward are locks. They are from the U-19 team, which is apparent in their skill set. They play an international play style. Neither of them will get cut, because they are best two young wings.

    KD is best player on team, with Curry and Hayward, i would love to see that, with Davis and Faried.

  49. Thehoopstar says:

    It’s simple math – four more need to be dropped from the squad and the choices are easy:
    -Chandler Parsons, Gordon Hayward, Kyle Korver and Mason Plumlee -done deal!
    The first three play the same position and they cannot match up with Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Harden, or DeRozan as guys who can go from the three to the two spot on offense and defense. Korver can shoot but so can Thompson, Durant and Harden, so no need for that specialty role for him.
    Plumee a coach favorite is not better than Drummond or Cousins or even Faried. Drummond is the only truly legit big man there along with Cousins. He;s had some special games the past year and the second best rebounder in the league without max playing time. He can bang with and outjump the big boys of Europe and Argentina. He’s a freakish talent that you have to give an opportunity to either achieve or fail big. He’s not someone you want to cut for a role player like Plumee and then go back to him in three years when he’s the dominant center in the league with a legit jump shot and post moves and ask to join Team USA then.
    The point guard position is the only position where all five guys should make the team, although they won’t. The only standout is Rose -everyone else is just as good as the other.

  50. Bulls fan 73 says:

    very small people!!!

  51. brock says:

    Its so dumb to ignore wall. Wall should be there along with lillard, rose and curry. Hayward, thompson,drummond and korver can be taken out. Wall can be a game changer at need.

    extras: lillard/plumlee
    Bring wall back Mr. MIkeyyyyyyyyy

  52. usa says:

    at the end all i know this gusy is gonna be on the team.
    keving durant
    james harden
    derrick rose
    kyrie irving
    steven curry
    demarcus cousins

  53. slider821 says:

    Curry and Rose are locks to make the final 12-man roster and Irving (more like Rose) should be the favorite to be the third point guard over Lillard (more like Curry)

    what does he mean here? which 3 guards does he suggest should make the team?

  54. im sorry but we should have Russell westbrook on the roster Dwight howard lamarcus aldrigde the list goes on last years roster look a lot better don’t think well have a problem but the team could have been a lot better