Report: No players to withdraw from USA Basketball staff reports

VIDEO: GameTime: Paul George discussion

The USA Basketball team will remain completely intact after the devastating loss of Paul George, reports ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

Although there is undoubtedly heightened concern within the group after watching George suffer a horrendous compound leg fracture late in Friday night’s intrasquad scrimmage, sources told that various Team USA players have talked among themselves about the need to stay together, with showing support for George ranking as one of their primary motivations.

“No one is pulling out,” one source told this past weekend.

Added one general manager who has a player on the Team USA squad: “No one on this team wants to walk away because that would seem unfair to Paul. If there is any fallout from this injury, it may not be felt until the next time invites [for Team USA] go out.”

This report may come as a bit of surprise after George gruesomely broke his right leg during the fourth quarter of the USA Basketball Showcase (a scrimmage) on Friday. Early reports indicate that George may need the entire 2014-15 season to recover and an injury of this magnitude could convince any player (especially stars like Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose) that playing for USA Basketball was not worth the risk of injury.

But the pros and cons of international basketball are something to debate prior to joining the roster. These 19 players are already wearing the gear and committed to achieving their goal of winning gold at the FIBA World Cup. Even more so now after losing George.

With no players withdrawing, coach Mike Krzyzewski and USAB chairman Jerry Colangelo must whittle the star-studded roster down to 12 players before heading to Spain for the World Cup. A few of these cuts are expected soon, prior to the team reconvening in Chicago on August 13 for a week of practice.




  1. Bulls23-01-13 says:

    I’d like to see one instance where prayers fixed a broken leg, or any injury. Save your magic mind talk with imaginary deities and focus on real recovery. Get well soon PG.

    • Really? says:

      It has happened before in several foreign countries. Please do your research on this stuff before displaying your ignorance.

  2. kobeballhog2 says:

    Great patriotic move by team usa! Bring home the gold. Gilas pilipinas is a joke they wouldnt even last in their group. Yet dreaming of facing team usa lmao.

    • rich says:

      I think you’re referring to Philippines . I don’t understand the comment , their team qualified beating other pre-qualifiers. They may not have a chance just like the other 90% of the qualifiers. I’m sure they made their country proud.

  3. OKC says:

    I think for most people in the states this world cup will be tainted. I’m proud of our guys though for staying with it. Even as a local OKC fan I wouldn’t want KD to withdraw after what happened (then again I’m not upset that Westbrook isn’t going).

  4. Juniorcool says:

    I feel bad for Indiana. But i think That Larry bird gonna change il . For USA team basketball, i think there are ready.

  5. Zer Torres says:

    I believe that standing together as a team and not arguing whether a player is not selected on the 12 man team is a good morale booster for PG24. Whoever takes his place as a surefire starter shall take the advantage and bring all his got not to disappoint him. Now that they have a confidence booster (although through a bad way), this would certainly bring their camaraderie on the next level. God bless PG24 and Good Luck team USA! The @GilasPilipinas team are badly wanting to meet you in Spain.

  6. harrythehawk says:

    WOW. I’m shocked that nobody backed out. I still believe whoever gets cut next week will still be somewhat relieved…..And it’s sad to feel that way, but Paul George’s injury was gruesome and season ending.

  7. Drummercash says:

    Go team USA!