Report: Cavs in pursuit of Shawn Marion

Shawn Marion would bring needed defensive ability to Cleveland.

Shawn Marion would bring needed defensive ability to Cleveland.

From staff reports

Veteran forward Shawn Marion is being courted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, reports ESPN’s Marc Stein.

Sources told that the Cavaliers are hosting Marion in Cleveland on Monday and are trying to complete a deal with the former Phoenix Sun and Dallas Maverick despite its inability to offer more than the league minimum.

Cavaliers general manager David Griffin has a strong relationship with Marion from their Phoenix days together and Cleveland, sources said, would love to bring Marion in to add depth, experience and versatility to a core that is expected to also feature Kevin Love if the Cavs complete their long-anticipated traded with Minnesota for the All-Star power forward later this month.

The 36-year-old, four-time All-Star is on the verge of his 16th season in the league and coming off a solid year in Dallas where he averaged 10.4 points, 6.5 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game on 48.2 percent shooting. He would bring experience and, most importantly, defensive intensity to a Cavaliers’ bench unit that recently added Mike Miller and James Jones.

Marion reportedly has other interested suitors, including the Indiana Pacers. But these teams lack one key element … LeBron James.


  1. It would be a good trade forr Cavs

  2. Brad says:

    Would be a great pickup for Cavs.

  3. Great moves by the Cavs says:

    Not sure what you guys are talking about….future hall of fame, Anthony Bennett?
    I can see where you are coming from and why you are saying it, but common, Kevin Love is ONLY 25 years old. He is in his prime and is a double double guy.
    Anthony Bennett has not proved anything other than back to his form in summer league. Wiggins, Id hate to see him go as he is a strong defender and can learn under LBJ.
    But can he really blossom while LBJ is there commanding the ball.
    This is a GREAT trade! Wiggins and Bennett for Love. Both will not product what Love is producing today and you all know that.
    LBJ has another 5-6 good years, Irving has 10+ years, Love has 8-10+ years.
    Brining in Marion is smart as they can make up on defense that they lose out on with Wiggins.

    All in all, this is a great deal.

    But I agree with you all, LBJ and his agent is calling all the shots.
    If you were LBJ, would you not do the same? LOL

    Peace out guys and love reading y’all comments

  4. Ryan41 says:

    They have to beat DALLAS this year if they can!

    • acrosteve says:

      I think it’s a little early to start talking smack from Chicago, lets see Rose make it through half the year before you start getting sized for rings.

  5. Alexis Carter says:

    I think adding Shawn to the roster is an excellent idea. Yes he is 36 year od veteran but that doesn’t mean that he cant be a big contribution to the Cavs. He still has excellent defense and he is very versatile on the court.

  6. lbj says:

    What is this nonsense

    We will trade future hall of famer anthony bennett for kevin love

    Starting lineup


    Pretty good impression of lbj dontcha think??

    • Really? says:

      You’re out of your mind if you we’re to think any GM were to believe at this point that Anthony Bennett is a future HOF! Stupid trade.

  7. Downtown says:

    Lebron is running everything, and that is a shame.

  8. A.J. says:

    Give me a break. Griffin is pretty much the same thing he would have been had that Gilbert-Calipari deal gone through: a figurehead. LeBron James and Rich Paul are calling all the shots these days, and Griffin and Con Man Dan are just along for the ride. James’ phony “essay” written by a ghostwriter and his PR team tried like hell to suppress the expectations, but everybody in their right mind knows what James’ expectations are going to be. Suffice to say, it’s 180 degrees from what Danny Ferry and Dan Gilbert did to him last time.

  9. patrick says:

    I think marion is too old now lol? I think wiggins would be a much better defender than marion personally

  10. Jae Porter says:

    They’re doing soo much just for the Spurs to win it all this upcoming season

  11. Carlo says:

    Well, well, well…
    So much for the “Young Cavs building for future, not immediately”, eh?

    Let’s trade away our 1st pick and collect all the best veterans we can ’cause, actually, LBJ is a bit in a hurry to pile up titles and he cannot wait until he’s 50yo.

    Cavs started saying thy wanted the “young, build” route and now they’re lured into “win now” mode.

    Obviously, they can do whatever they want. But they’re a bit hypocritical, no?

    With a team made of veterans like Varejao, Miller, Allen, maybe Marion, you can go the Heat route: hurry up and win a couple titles NOW, before they run out of puff.

    Obviously, this means no more 1st picks in next years = no more young-building = a few titles soon (if we’re lucky) and then… dismantle and rebuild (see Miami).

    But I understand that Cleveland is so desperate that they’re available to trade 10 more years of rebuild for just 1 title a.s.a.p.

    • acrosteve says:

      If you can get a big that scores and rebounds, you do it, always , nevermind the plan, you do it. Old school NBA not hypocritical. 25 and 10 guys don’t grow on trees.

  12. DontMatteR says:

    Damn the Cavs just want any friggin body dont they. smh.

  13. peepee long stockings says:

    How disappointed will you all be when Cleveland’s moves prove to be for nought (even Lebron’s return) and mounting up to nothing but a bunch of good propaganda and league hype.lmao

  14. Flexy says:

    Wow another “CHOO” story, for those of you that don’t know Bravo is in the works on this Cavs Housewives of Ohio…The Cvas won’t get anywhere no matter who they recruit, they don’t have the talent to handle the target they have placed on their backs…Too bad

  15. josh says:

    don’t forget NewYork with Jackson

  16. El Stone says:

    Once again instead of working with and developing the talent he’s got, LeBron takes the quick and easy route to (perceived) success.


  17. tommy says:


  18. Jaamnoo says:

    Cavs need to get rid of some young players…add some smart players like Marion and a defensive minded guard who can defend a point gaurd. Kyrie isnt able to do that. Thank god they didnt get rid of Varejao.. 🙂
    Also get rid of waiters and benneth…defensive liabilities. Would love to see wiggins stay… great defender.

  19. nbafan55 says:

    lebron cannot win a title without an roster of all stars. He will lure every all stars to join him in cleveland so that he can win a title but for sure he can win again next time… huhuhuhuhu

  20. MJ says:

    HHAHAHAAHA…it’s Funny how the NBA became WWE…..SCRIPTED!!!! hahaha

  21. Cavs fan says:

    I can’t believe you people.saying the cavs are greedy you have to be in the nba.look at the spurs most of their bench could be starters any where else.and Marion would be a perfect fit in Cleveland.

    • Carlo says:

      Diaw was let down by Charlotte. Mills was picked and then traded away. Most other Spurs players (Parker, Ginobili, Splitter) were end-of-1st or even 2nd round picks. Any team could have picked them before the Spurs. Why didn’t they?

  22. Ivan says:

    What I’m wondering is how Cleveland can afford 2 #1 first round players, LBJ, Mike Miller and try to get Marion and Love all at once? I thought Cleveland wasn’t rich? Seems like the NBA is rigged

  23. Fermin says:

    CAVS are all in, but the west will win it all.

  24. Nbafan says:

    I think Marion, Allen, etc. are all quality contributors who can help any team they join. They still play better than many NBA players in their 20s.

  25. Joe Powell says:

    So Miami can be greedy in 2010 but Cleveland can not? Never understood the Cleveland bashing.

  26. william mejia says:

    Let’s Go Cavs 2014!

  27. Kirby Record says:

    Makes a lot of sense. Doesn’t every team at TRY to get the best players available? There is no such thing as greedy. If there is, the Spurs top the list. They just get the best players they can also–like anyone who wants to win.

  28. TheKush says:

    well if they’re going to let Wiggins go for Love they might as well pursue Marion!

  29. jumppong says:

    with Paul Goerge Got injured the Bulls Cavaliers are favorite in the east

  30. Be real says:

    NBA should identify the NBA Staff reporter name and not hide it from public

  31. John says:

    Marion will definitely help the second unit of the Cavs and give LeBron a break on defense. Marion would also help the Pacers, who likely won’t have George next season, but sunnier skies obviously lie in Cleveland. I heard he might go to Chicago, too, which would seem like a second home defense-wise.

  32. md says:

    oops … BA reporter .. you forget to mention 2010 champ ….. doesnt that year championship count?

  33. harrythehawk says:

    Stop the madness: either the Cleveland Cavaliers think they will not get Kevin Love, or they are being just plain greedy. What’s up?

  34. Max says:

    Shaw M. still has some “quick” moves left to offer a possible contender for a Championship!!~~~

  35. malcolm says:

    damn sounds good to me any team with lebron best players gonna to come along get a ringgg !