T’Wolves need a king’s ransom for Love

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — At this point in the process, if Kevin Love doesn’t end up trotting out for the starting lineup with LeBron James on opening night this season, it’ll be a true shocker.

We’ve crossed that threshold in this summer’s ongoing Love-to-Cleveland saga. The news that the Minnesota Timberwolves are dealing exclusively with the Cleveland Cavaliers shouldn’t come as a surprise.

We’re all agreed that the potential addition of Love pushes the Cavs over the top in the Eastern Conference, at least on paper, when you have a three-man All-Star core of James, Love and point guard Kyrie Irving.

But what does Love’s departure mean for the Timberwolves? Losing Love doesn’t put them in any more of a precarious position than they are in right now. They didn’t make the playoffs with him and won’t be considered a playoff factor without him in the rugged Western Conference. Not with Ricky Rubio leading a young cast that better include Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett, along with their own youngsters (including HT faves Gorgui DiengZach LaVine and Glenn Robinson III) in yet another rebuilding effort.

It took a while, but I’m on board with this deal getting done, and sooner rather than later. LeBron gets what LeBron wants. And if he wants Love on his side, it shall be. (My golden rule on players remains, though. So Love comes with a clarification sticker: If you cannot take your team to the playoffs as the No. 1 option, you’re either a No. 2 or a No. 3 option.)

All that said, Timberwolves boss Flip Saunders would be wise to hold out for a king’s ransom for Love, given what the franchise has gone through since the last time they traded away the face of the franchise. Oh yeah, today is the anniversary of the 2007 trade that saw Kevin Garnett relocate to Boston where he joined Paul Pierce and Ray Allen to win a championship and help revive the Celtics.

It’s been that long, and more, since the Timberwolves were involved in the playoff discussion in the Western Conference (they haven’t made the postseason since 2004). They traded Garnett to the Celtics for Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Sebastian Telfair, Gerald Green, Theo Ratliff and two first-round draft picks (one of which was acquired in a trade with Minnesota a year prior). The deal marked the largest NBA trade ever for one player, and in hindsight it still wasn’t enough.

Jefferson, an All-Star caliber big man and franchise building block now in Charlotte, wasn’t ready to step into Garnett’s shoes back then. For all of his spectacular skills, Love hasn’t been up to that task either. Timberwolves fans have had to suffer through numerous restarts and regime changes since Garnett’s departure and none of them have worked.

Anyone who tells you they are convinced Wiggins, Bennett and that future first-round pick Saunders will get from the Cavs for Love will spark the revival the Twin Cities have been waiting on is delusional. It won’t happen anytime soon, and certainly not in time to take the sting off of seeing Love compete for a championship as soon as his first season away from Minnesota.

And if Love is the transcendent talent so many believe him to be, his presence alongside LeBron and Kyrie should result in the Cavs being the cream of the Eastern Conference crop immediately (above or at least alongside Indiana and Chicago).

The Timberwolves, on the other hand, will have to endure yet another round (or two … or three) of blueprints for what has turned out to be a seemingly never-ending franchise rebuild.

This isn’t news to Saunders, whose roots in the organization (and Minnesota overall) run deep. He knows better than anyone the pressure the Wolves will be under until Love is dealt … and then again after Love is gone. One dreadful, non-playoff season blends into another and before you know it, a decade (or more) has passed without the postseason.

And that’s why Saunders should squeeze every ounce of whatever he can from the Cavs in this deal. Make them pay for the right to add Love. A king’s ransom isn’t too much to ask for now.

VIDEO: Check out the Timberwolves’ top 10 plays from last season


  1. rich says:

    No matter how anyone would try to sugar coat this ‘James coming back home’ – he was still a coward running away from his hometown team because he felt hopeless. To be sure he gets a championship, he had to join forces with other big superstars.. I mean really , where is the fun on that ?! Winning 2 championship with the Heat is a given and no surprise, BUT losing against the Texas teams in the other 2 Finals is a HUGE failure. Not a hater, just stating the facts, It IS WHAT IT IS.

    • Houston says:

      Who cares about any of that he is still the best player in the world!!!! And he didn’t owe Cleveland anything he gave them 7 years oh and don’t forget he lead them to the finals with nobody

  2. Bobby says:

    If Rose and the Bulls core stay healthy, I give Chicago the edge. You have proven players that have played on the big stage in Gasol, Rose, Noah, Gibson, Butler and even Mirotic. No one knows how Love and Irving will perform in the playoffs since they never made it there. Both of those guys had talented teams on paper and most experts had the Cavs and Wolves making the playoffs last year, which didn’t happen

  3. drago says:

    I would not give Wigins for Love that kid is a future superstar,the price is to high.Love is a great player but he is not like Chris Bosh who is that true PF that makes all the difference in the playoffs.

  4. CTEZ says:

    It’s sad how ppl are trying to under milk the Cavs…other than Love and Wiggins The cavs Also have Mike Miller, James Jones, Tristian Thompson , oh yea and Andy…On top of that Lebron and Irvin lol let that marinate. Cleveland will be good with or with out Love. And a big three in Cleveland will be the same the Spurs have so I wouldn’t mind Love to the Cavs. Stop hating tho. #TheKing.

  5. ed says:

    LeBron went to Cleveland to retire into the shadows where he came from. He show the world with a well put together team he can win 4 eastern champs. and 2 rings. now he can go home and back into the shadows. with all of the NBA teams happy he left. The Heat was too strong. now everyone has a chance.

  6. asda says:

    Just imagine how poor clevelands defense will be if that trade happens, they already have an nba ready defender in wiggins who can finnish on the break aswell as anyone.

    Irving is effortless on defense, and lebron showed some decline last season. They need players like bennet and wiggins who can spend most of their energy on that end.

    • SB says:

      You basically said Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennet are better defenders than lebron. That is a lie.

  7. Mazihno says:

    Next year Cavs can offer same amount of money as Lakers/Boston to Kevin. James will opt out and Cavs can sign Love and later add LeBron for max deal.
    With one or two trades, or using their team option on Bennett or Waiters, or not matching qualifying offer for Thompson they can even save some money or help to sign Love while still under the cap.

    • wingman says:

      I don’t think you understand how cap hold and bird rights work. Even if Cavs would have Lebron Bird rights (which they don’t), that wouldn’t work because Lebron’s contract count against the cap (150%) until he is signed back or renounced. If he is renounced, he can no longer be bought back above the cap.

      Cavs *could* offer max to Kevin Love next year, but they’ll need to renounce to almost every rookie contract. They can hold Lebron (21.7) + Irving (14.7) + Wiggins (5.7) + Harris (0.8) + 0.5 x every empty slot, which means about 47 millions, which means they can offer 20 to Love if the cap hold is 67 (it should be). But that also mean a fully depleted roster, then filled back with minimum contract guys who are next to worthless in most cases. It’s possible, but not smart.

  8. eX says:

    Trade Love for Lin ,Wolf will sell tickets, Lakers can’t tank further,LBJ option to Indiana next year , the drama never end

  9. Larry says:

    Why should the Cavs give up so much for a defensive liability that has never been on a good team and never been to the playoffs? And why would they pay so much money to someone who will be a 4th option on offence

  10. frankthefearless says:

    well i just hate to see another BIG THREE rise in Eastern Conference. so love plz stay for another year, cant wait to see Lebron leave his beloved home again if the following two years dont work well.

  11. mnmike says:

    Does the Wolves have leverage?

    Yes. The Wolves have until February 2015 to make a deal. They also have multiple suitors. John Paxson from the Bulls mentioned they have been talking to the Wolves about Live all summer. He also said that Mirotic can be dealt. The latest proposal, announced last week, is Taj Gibson, McBuckets amd Mopirotic for Love.

    Won Love be a free agent next year anyway?

    In July 2015 he will be on his own. But he will be dealt by the Wolves before training camp. Flip will simply evaluate each offer, side by side, and go with the one that best helps the Wolves franchise. Signing Mo Williams is not reflective of a team in all out rebuilding mode.

    Love has indicated he would opt in with whichever team he lands with orovided it is a winning franchise. No one except Melo is willing to sign long term contracts right now, including LBJ.

    ESPN is forecasting that whichever team lands Love, be it the Bulls or Cavs, is rhe favorite to win rings.

    That puts considerable pressure on competing teams to make the most competitive offer.

    Why hasn’t a deal been announced?

    Because both teams just started the 30-day countdown after signing their rookies. Don’t expect any news until late-August.

    • georgiared says:

      “They also have multiple suitors”

      Ummm, no they don’t. Love has already stated he’s going to Cleveland next year regardless. There’s reasons the only team currently talking to the Wolves is Cleveland.

  12. Andrei says:

    For everybody that’s asking the same thing, without reading the other comments:
    1. Cleveland doesn’t want to trade Wiggins, but they’ll have to, as Lebron wants Love and they most probably agreed to that before signing the contract.
    2. Forget all that nonsense about waiting and building from the Letter, it definitely wasn’t written by LeBron, he will not have the patience more than one year, that’s one of the reasons he signed for two years, to put pressure on management to get good players (the other reason being to sign for more money in ’16).
    3. No matter how good the rookies are, it will take them at least two-three years to reach full potential (even KD took that much and they’re not in the same category with KD).
    4. LeBron will be 33 by then, very short window of opportunity for him.
    5. Cleveland just gave max contract to Irving.
    6. If you trade, the parts must be almost equal in terms of value of contracts and you don’t have to worry about cap right now (you are making space by replacing one-two contract(s) with the other).
    7. Cleveland can’t wait for Love to become free agent, as they would have no cap for him, see no. 5 and 6 above. They would be able to offer Love very little compared to what other teams will be able to (ie Boston/Lakers), and he will choose the money.
    8. You, me, we would all do the same for a couple of millions, lets not be hypocrites.
    9. Cleveland is basing their trade on the fact that next year they will have a line of veterans in front of their office, begging for the minimum contract (which is still 1.5 mill.), to play with LeBron. This happened before, it will happen again and they will be worth far more than Wiggins on the spot and they can be recycled every two years. This is what they’ve done in Miami, they will do the same in Cleveland.
    10. Cleveland is not ready to pay the tax for going over the cap, so don’t even go there.

    • Grantland says:

      in two years lebron will be 31

    • georgiared says:

      The Cavs have $15 million coming off the books alone next season. Add the fact the cap will go up at least $5 million & they’ll have $20 million without making a single move. They will have plenty of cap room room to offer Love the max.

      Dan Gilbert(you know, the guy worth $3.8 BILLION) paid “the tax for going over” the last 3 years of Lebron’s first tour with the Cavs, so explain how they’re “not ready” there genius

      Do some research before spouting your ignorance on here

  13. Hans T says:

    The Minnesota Timberwolves dont have a choice. Love has pretty much said he will not re-sign with them. Love has also said he would only sign extra years to play with LeBron and Kyrie… The rest of this conversation is pointless!! Either trade him for what the Cavs offer since there is no more competition or watch Love walk after the season and get nothing!!! Nobody wants to play in Minnesota, LeBron said that like 3 seasons ago. The league is diluted and some teams just need to be dissolved and have a draft for the worthy players.

  14. marcel says:

    They would be stupid to trade anything for Love just let him become a free agent next summer please!

    • hh says:

      hmm stupid? let him walk for nothing next season or get andrew wiggins, bennet and a draft pick this season, seems like a nobrainer to me.

    • harrythehawk says:

      Huh? If they trade him now, they can get something in return.

  15. TheAnswer says:

    We don’t need a report. All we need is THE ANSWER: so here it is: July 1, 2014

    Got one wrong and trust me Love will be with the Lakers when he becomes a free agent!!
    Updated July 31, 2014

    Lebron – Cleveland
    Bosh – Houston/Wrong because he was over paid (Who could blame him)
    Wade – Miami
    Melo – New York
    Gasol – Chicago
    Parsons – Mavs
    Love – Lakers
    The rest will all fall into place then.

    Mark my words as this is what’s going to happening. Everybody is going to take a home coming. I am a Chicago Fan and it always goes against Chicago for having MJ on are team. Nobody wants to play in his shadow. They will sign Gasol because they have no one else to sign and will hope for a come back from rose.

    • BIGmatta23 says:

      What a load of steaming dog doo doo… “mark my words” , why exactly? You’ve already admitted to being wrong before!
      MJ last played with Chicago in 1998…it is now the 14-15 season, i dont think that’s relevant at all and never has been. Did Shaq and Kobe worry about following Magics footsteps? Did Havlicek worry about following Russells? Did Bird – Havliceks?

  16. I8A4RE says:

    Lebron had this setup before he went to Cleveland , he’s the biggest coward in the nba. And such a phony, other than the media and 11 year old kids idk anyone who roots for this clown

  17. Cavs Fan says:

    This is probably one of the dumbest articles I ever read. You must really hate cleveland sekou. The Cavs will make the finals with or without love. If we get love we lose our bench. The Cavs need a center not a ANOTHER pf. Plus just like you said how boston traded scrubs to get Kevin Garnett who was BETTER. Why do the Cavs need to trade away multiple first overall picks for a #5 pick that hasn’t even made the playoffs?

  18. KaashMoneyy94 says:

    Two No. 1 overall picks in Wiggins and Bennett and maybe another No. 1 pick knowing Cleveland’s luck (joking) and you still don’t want it? I understand the need for an established player but this deal is alot already.

  19. Robert says:

    Everyone knows how Lebron operates (abandon ship) just cause he’s back means nothing keep your current core and see what happens teams really shouldn’t let superstar players dictate the team just do your job of playing and getting your check

  20. darwin says:

    Wiggins and Bennet for love? Isn’t that too much too ask from the cavaliers? Well, indeed love has proven his talent in the NBA over the past seasons; but those two youngsters are full of talent. And maybe 2-3 years from now they’re already playing almost the same level with top guns of the NBA. And one more thing: Can’t Lebron, THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD, win a championship without love? That’s quite ironic!!! haha. Common Leron! Prove something!!!

  21. Jobert says:

    Minnesota doesn’t have any leverage here. If I’m the Cavs, I wouldn’t trade Wiggins. Let Minnesota settle for Bennet+Waiters+Role Players. If Minnesota rejects, then they would lose Love for nothing when he walks next summer. Minnesota is against the clock here and the closer trade deadline approaches, the more desperate they would get. Unless of course, they can live with Love just walking out without getting any in return.

    • Dan says:

      Minnesota does have leverage. They can trade him to any other team if they feel like the Cavs are cheating them out. They aren’t going to settle and would more likely ship him to the Bulls for 3 high-tier young players as opposed to a potential bust, a cancer to his team, and a bunch of scrubs.

  22. emie says:

    For those of you asking what leverage the Wolves have in asking for everything they’re asking for: LBJ wants Love playing alongside him and he wants him this year. I’d be mighty surprised if that wasn’t understood by the Cavs before Bron signed on the dotted line.

    Wiggins may become a great player but he’ll take at least three or four years to get there. I doubt LeBron wants to wait that long to make a run at a championship.

  23. Bill in Minnesota says:

    I don’t understand by the Timberwoves aren’t trading Love for Wiggins, Bennett, a couple of draft picks AND TRISTAN THOMPSON. Thompson has simar numbers to Thaddeous Young. BOTH are free agents next year if Young opts out. Thompson is two and a half years younger. Plus Young will be an UNRESTRICTED free agent and can walk. Thompson will be a RESTRICTED free agent so the Wolves and insure they keep him.

    A team of Rubio, Wiggins, Bennett, Thompson and Pekovic with a bench of Mo Williams, Kevin Martin, Shabazz Muhammad, Glenn Robinson III, Gorgui Dieng, Alexey Shved, Zach LaVine, Chase Budinger, Corey Brewer and J.J. Barea sounds loaded. Plus Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and Ronny Turiaf can be moved with a couple of the others.

    • The Voice Of Reason says:

      Sorry Bill, you gotta pay attention – the problem ISN’T Minnesota. It’s the Cavs that are hesitating to give up Wiggins. The Cavs hadn’t signed Wiggins yet so he would be included for free. According to NBA rules a trade has to total equal (as close to) value from either side. An unsigned Wiggins has no trade value cause he has no salary yet. Now that he is signed, there is a 30 day period he can’t be traded, after that his salary is taken into account. Once that period is over, the Cavs will trade him cause Lebron wants Love. Be patient, you’ll get your 2 number 1 draft picks 🙂

  24. PeteM says:

    i still wouldn’t trade wiggins if i were the cavs. even with love the cavs aren’t going to win a title this year or next because they have to give up too much to acquire him. they may roll-over the east but they still need pieces and especially a bench (see spurs 10 man title team ’14). so why trade for love now if he won’t bring immediate results? love falls under the chris bosh overrated category; a big man that can’t do big man things. love will still could be available in 6 months or even a year…let’s see what wiggins can do. cavs need a big banger inside who can protect the rim and get them 10 pts a night.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Seriously? Kevin Love has better stats in his first 6 years than christ bosh ever did. He is more versatile and skilled than bosh easily. You cant even compare them.

      • PeteM says:

        the comparison is that they are/were both all-stars on a bad team so you have no idea how good love is or isn’t. talk to me during the eastern conf finals–if clev makes it that far.

      • Robert says:

        Kevin love is way better than bosh he rebs and a better scorer

      • sirsparhawk says:

        I know, thats what Im saying. There is no comparison.

    • DenH says:

      agreed they need a rim protector, lebron hasnt had someone to back him up in the middle since big z and shaq and even then big z wasnt the best rim protector and shaq was definitely on the way out. But you can’t say love doesnt do big man things, the guy is by a mile the best rebounder in the league, probably the world, not a whole lot of defense but he is a scoring power forward.

  25. kenny says:

    perkins jackson 3 first rounders for Love if he agrees to a 5 year or more deal thunder can afoard

    • DenH says:

      yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh not gonna happen.. if the wolves can get wiggins, bennett and two firsts they are not taking dead weight in a trade for a perennial all star..

  26. Jorge says:

    I like that the Cavs are in the front run to nail Love. But if they do so at too big a expense it could turn out to be a bad deal for them. The Wolves do not have anything, really, besides Love, and they are hoping to be able to roll the die with the number 1 picks Cleveland has. But if Cleveland surrenders those picks it will lock itself with the current cast and won’t have room to groom and grow their own players. It seems to me that while a Love trade would be great for the immediate future, a longer term view should make them think twice about surrendering too much talent in exchange.

  27. Bill says:

    Bad decision imminent. Bad decision imminent (for Cavs)

  28. mark says:

    Any team can get him for free next season so why would anybody put there current roster on the line when these teams where very bad for such a long time and are finally at a point where they have young players that will be there core for the next 10 years why part with Wiggins why part with Thompson and your not for sure if love will sign the long term contract so why risk all that you built ? And your not locked in to for the long haul anyways keep who you got let love do what he has to do and don’t make it a point to trade away the farm because you have LeBron James now I would stay the course and the team they have will be a winner soon enough there deep young and all very good with high ceilings that have not been met yet and James there taking pressure off of the young team they will be fine without love better with him but why break it up before you ever started

  29. bballjunkie1 says:

    If it happens it took Lebron to come back home attracting veterans like Love and the rest to at least be in the conversation of winning anything again in the east cause Cleveland squandered two 1st round picks and didn’t go anywhere? And u get these folks who have issues with veteran players saying enough is enough of losing I can go take my talents and team up with whoever and win something. Good 4 them. Oh yea that loyalty thing goes both ways while signed and we dont make progress u can call me what u want but father of time is what we are talking about. Weight broke the bridge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. DFresh says:

    at this point i hope that he doesn’t get traded, now or at the deadline. and then cavs can get him next free agency and keep all their young talent.

  31. Matthew says:

    Actually why don’t they wait till he’s a free agent next year and then sign hi and give up nothing to anyone

  32. justsayin says:

    Nice I will be able to pull for Wiggins and Bennett without contributing to the Bronwagoners.

  33. Mitchell says:

    A King’s Ransom for Love? I get that that’s what Minnesota WANTS, but they have NO leverage in this situation. Cleveland should just wait til the deadline and be like “We’ll trade you a first round pick for Love”. And if Minnesota doesn’t want that then they lose Love for nothing. The Cavs will be bigger winners if they just wait til the deadline or next offseason. Anybody saying Minnesota has an leverage in these trades has no clue what their talking about.

    • rayray says:

      Except Cleveland can’t sign him due to cap reasons, and many teams will have better offers than a first round pick.

      • SG says:

        So what! Love becomes a free agent next year and signs with the Cavs anyway. I wouldn’t trade Wiggins straight across for Love, let alone give up draft picks. Also, did anyone watch Bennett in the Summer league? The dude is healthy and playing like a pimp!

        If you’re SMART, you keep your core youth, WITH LBJ, go to the playoffs, and see what happens.

        Wiggins ceiling is too high to give him away (which is what you’re doing.)

      • georgiared says:

        Except Cleveland CAN sign him as they have $15 millions alone coming off the books this off-season. Add increase in cap & they are now sitting at around $20 million without doing a single thing.

    • Dan says:

      Except if the Bulls receive him and make the playoffs and then go and get past the Cavs, then what would keep Love from resigning with Chicago? They can get a solid package from Chicago as opposed to Cleveland not dealing anything. All it would take is success in Chicago and then what would stop him?

  34. Curtis says:

    I would not trade all that young talent for Love. Love has great numbers on a losing team and plays very little defense. What will Love’s numbers be like when he is the third option?

  35. Gerry says:

    I hope Saunders does hold out for more … and then I hope Cleveland gives up on the deal, and walks. I’d rather watch Wiggins and Bennett mature into the players they can be and then watch Cleveland dominate the eastern conference for four or five years.

  36. nasdii says:

    The wolves would be able to hold a king’s ransom if and only if the king was not leaving the team irregardless. But in this scenario they have to take what they can because the clock is ticking and as the trade deadline draws nearer they will have less legitimate chips to gamble with.

  37. Ellery G says:

    Kevin Love is a great rebounder and scorer but contributes very little on defense. Wiggins can defend a two or a three and
    Bennett looked great in the summer leagues. I would put Wiggins at the 2 Bennet at the 4 and Lebron at the 3. I think the Cavs would win the east with that combination.

  38. Caldron Pool says:

    A LeBron / Love / Kyrie trio along with what Cleveland will end up with following a trade is still not going to be as good as the team Miami had last year . . . . also, kiss goodbye any sort of financial flexibility for the next 5 years. LeBron and Love are both going to expect raises in ’15 and ’16. They’ve already got Kyrie maxed out. I takes 9-12 guys to win a title, not 3 guys . . . 2 of whom don’t play defense!

    Wolves should just demand Wiggins, Bennet, Waiters, a first round pick, a second round pick, a trade exceoption, and a piece of candy . . .

  39. Swingman says:

    Why doesn’t chicago, minnesota, cleveland do a three- team trade.

    Cleveland gets Kevin Love

    Minnesota gets, Mcdermott, Taj Gibson and whomever

    Chicago gets Wiggins and Bennett

    I think that would be an ideal fair game trade.

    thats my two cents at least…agree to disagree in the end its my opinion

    • Caldron Pool says:

      Gibson is too valuable to Chicago right now as he has replaced Boozer in the lineup . .. Wiggins doesn’t have the power or strength right now.

    • ?????? says:

      chicago’s the loser in that scenario. not by a ton, but still not a trade they would do.

  40. Jan_Rey says:

    Chris Paul did want to play with Kobe. LeBron wants superstars by his side because he cannot win with just one superstar sidekick.

  41. Logic says:

    The Wolves need to get this deal done ASAP – the longer they hold out, the WORSE it gets for them. Look at it this way: the longer they wait, the less leverage they have. They know that KLove is going to walk out next summer. They HAVE to trade him before the deadline, or he’s gone and they get nothing in return. Right now, the Wolves have time, so they’re not desperate. By the time the trade deadline comes around, they will need to make a trade – at that point, teams won’t be willing to give up as much because they’ll know that anything is better than nothing for the Wolves.

    Also, no team is trading for Love unless they get some kind of guarantee in return that he’ll resign with them. As of now, the Cavs seem to be that team, which means the Wolves choice of trade partners is down to 1.

    The Cavs hold all of the leverage here. For the Wolves – take what you can get, while you can get it.

    • MrHegemony says:

      Disagree completely. Saunders has all of the leverage – simply put, Kevin Love – and he knows it. People have been screaming about Saunders pulling the trigger without realizing that by taking as long as he has, the TWolves have only gotten BETTER offers, and from more teams. February is a long time away, and Saunders still has the #1 free agent on the market.

      • steagl3 says:

        Kevin Love is not a free agent – next year he will be a free agent. Which means there’s no guarantee that if traded to Cleveland (or any other destination) that Love will resign the following season. That’s why teams like Boston, Chicago and Golden State are moving on, because they know they will have another chance at him next season. I do think it’s in Cleveland’s best interests to make the trade though, considering they got LeBron now. It’s not too dissimilar from Boston’s situation in 2007 when they get KG and won the title the next year. But if Cleveland gets Love and DOESN’T win the title, expect him to go back on the market and a team like Boston or GS to snatch him up.

      • Bigphil says:

        That’s BS Saunders has absolutely no leverage that’s why it’s Minnesota and Cleveland only in negotiations because Love told them that no matter where you trade me I’m going to Cleveland after the season. That is why teams are backing out. They understand that Love is going to the Cavs. Now here’s some real talk. The mention by Love and his agent that Cleveland is the only place he will resign makes every other team back away from this deal it also helps Cleveland when deciding what it is they trade to Minnesota. It may be possible that the Cavs don’t trade Wiggins to the Wolves but they help Minnesota gets others pieces that they find acceptable like Young from the 6ers or help them move some of their bad contracts to others teams and trade them some non-guaranteed contracts that they can dump. I for see something like that. This would allow the Cavs to keep Wiggins and Minnesota to get a young player like Bennett a number 1 draft choice and one or two veteran players while dumbing salary. That’s what I believe that we will see come Aug 23. Enjoy it, I will

  42. Disgusted says:

    You really hate LeBron, don’t you? What is the purpose of this article except to encourage Minnesota to demand more than any player who is great on only one side of the floor is worth? Or to drag on the trade discussions so that you will have more gossip to write vacuous articles about?

  43. Laker Fan says:

    Even though I am a Laker fan, Lebron’s unselfish plays has helped him get so many superstars coming and playing for him. If Lebron hadn’t went back to Cavs, Mike Miller, james Jones, Ray Allen (possibly) and Kevin Love would be all out of the equation playing for the Cavs. Sadly I cant say that for Kobe. Ah Rebuilding years are the toughest.

    • Cyke69 says:

      so right you are about kobe. No one wants to play long side him. Well boozer but thats because they are alike in ” I only care about my self ” hahaha

      • Clint says:

        Nah not even Boozer. He’s always been a “Whatever team will give me the highest contract” guy. Even in this case with the Lakers technically. As I understand it amnestied contracts go to the highest bidding team looking to pick it up. So Lakers paid to pick up his amnestied contract. had nothing to do with him wanting to play with Kobe.

      • harrythehawk says:

        The new Fakers players look like a.bunch of misfits, swaggy p, kobe, boozer, linsanity and Jordan Hill. I bet Kobe isn’t amused by this lineup either. Good luck with that.

      • noodle man says:

        And Byron Scott says he expects the Lakers to “contend quickly”. Yeah, for the lottery.