Blogtable: New coach who’s the best fit

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> Which of the league’s nine new head coaches best fits his team?

Jeff Caplan, I really like the grittiness of Lionel Hollins in Brooklyn, the mind of Stan Van Gundy in Detroit and I applaud Cleveland for thinking out of the box in hiring David Blatt. But, I’m most intrigued by Phil Jackson’s guy, Steve Kerr in New Yo … er, Golden State. Kerr might be a rookie coach, but he has so many weapons to work with and if that squad can stay healthy, I feel we’re going to see a very free and loose team hustling up and down the floor and putting up a lot of points.

Sekou Smith, As much as I’d love to give the nod to Byron Scott and that underdog bunch the Lakers have put together this summer, I can’t go there. David Blatt, on the other hand, has the perfect canvas to work with in Cleveland with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and whoever else remains on that roster by the start of training camp. It’s rare that you will get a coach with the experience and accomplishments Blatt has compiled over the years coaching what looks like (and should be) a contender. Everything Blatt says and does will be magnified a zillion times because of LeBron’s presence, but he seems to have the perfect temperament to handle such things. I’m looking forward to seeing what Blatt can get out of Irving and some of the Cavs’ other young talent (provided some of those youngsters are still on the roster in October).

John Schuhmann, We don’t know exactly what kind of coach Steve Kerr will be, but if he’s been influenced by both Gregg Popovich and Phil Jackson, he needs bigs who are multi-skilled. And the Warriors entire frontline  – Andre Iguodala, David Lee and Andrew Bogut – can pass and make plays. With all their talent, Golden State ranked just 12th offensively last season. It will be interesting to see if a new system can push them into the top five or six on that end of the floor.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: First of all, I didn’t even really realize that one-third of the NBA has new head coaches — I guess that wheel is still spinning. To me, the most interesting fit is in Detroit, where Stan Van Gundy takes over. The very public way that things collapsed in Orlando makes it easy to forget just how good Van Gundy was for most of his time there. The Pistons have an odd assortment of pieces, particularly if they bring back Greg Monroe, and last year’s experiment of playing Josh Smith at the three went about as well as any Atlanta Hawks fan could have told you it would go. But Van Gundy has always used a system to fit the pieces available to him, and I’m guessing he’ll do the same in Detroit and make the best out of what he has.


  1. Bucks4Life says:

    Jason Kidd.

  2. Drummercash says:

    Wow!…people. No love for L.A. and Coach Scott. I guess, since we can’t get a ‘nod’ for approval, then we’ll have to take ‘your heads off’ in disagreement. LA is going to win the title this year! Kobe is a man among boys and Coach Scott is going to get Coach of the Year! #b’leedat

  3. Ofer milenbach says:

    Go David blatt Go!!!!! Big big fan if him for 20 something years.. Great coach will bild great team.. (Even without LB. With him even better for all)

  4. SVG in Detroit may not be a flashy coach but his thinking is right on. Good luck Detroit. You will do much better this coming year.

  5. Nick says:

    “As much as I’d love to give the nod to Byron Scott and that underdog bunch the Lakers have put together this summer, I can’t go there.” I agree, I can’t go there either, Sekou. Scott’s record as a coach pales significantly to D’Antoni’s, yet the Lakers are giving Scott a four year contract when they wouldn’t give D’Antoni a chance at two more years with a full roster. It would be one thing if D’Antoni’s record with the Lakers occurred with an actual roster. Then I could understand the decision to let him go and then hire somebody else, but even then Scott doesn’t have a winning record as coach – anywhere! He got a bum deal in Cleveland – but still had a full “first string” roster. D’Antoni never had that the whole time he was at LA. All this after spurning Phil Jackson – probably because he wanted to make operational decisions. I would too after seeing how hapless the Lakers decision making seems to have been!

  6. NorCal Warrior says:

    Kerr all the way. I rerally liked Mark Jackson and the worst part was the team liked him and he was a great motivator. But, truth is, he did lack the XX’s & OO’s approach. I think Kerr will bring that. Now let’s make sure we keep Thompson, Lee and Barnes and we will be set. Forget Love. He is real good but that would be too much change too soon. There has to be a bridge from the past to the future.

  7. redsox says:

    Quinn Snyder is a fantastic fit for the young team in Utah.

  8. Lacaille says:

    I think the best thing that happened to the Knicks was ending up with Derek Fisher being their coach. I was hoping all along that they wouldn’t get Steve Kerr. I don’t think Steve is tough enough to survive in New York. I lived in New York City, Manhattan, for close to 40 years and if you’re not tough there you’ll be eaten alive. Derek Fisher has that toughness to handle it and handle it well.

  9. West says:

    Were is flip saunders?? He might not have good team but they got couple young players and flip can develope them.. and with love on that team can be really good team and playoff team…

  10. Gswfan says:

    Where’s Fisher,the new NY coach?

  11. 36yrfan says:

    Hollins then Van Gundy then Blatt then Kerr then Snyder

  12. sally says:

    I think Steve Kerr is going to be good too, he definitely knows the business.

  13. Kit says:

    Not even a mention of Quin Snyder, the new coach for the Jazz? Granted he may not be as skilled in the X’s and O’s as some of the other coaches named here, but the question was about which coach is the best fit. And a player-development head coach surrounding by similarly-themed support staff is a great fit for a team with a talented young core.

  14. thespectator says:

    by far lionel hollins is the best hire…nets will be very good this coming year

    • HeatFan says:

      I second that motion! Lionel Hollins is an excellent coach and will to a great job in Brooklyn as he did in Memphis.

    • harrythehawk says:

      I concur. I’m very intrigued w what Lionel Hollins has the potential to do in Brooklyn. I’m also encouraged by the hiring of Stan Van Gundy for the Pistons. That was just the refreshing move they needed. Good luck with J Smoove.