Blogtable: Free agent’s fine future

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VIDEO: Pau Gasol talks with about why he signed with Chicago

> Which free agent (not counting LeBron James) are you most interested to see with his new team? Why?

Jeff Caplan, Easily Pau Gasol. He’s been in such a beatdown state the last two years on bad teams and under a coach, Mike D’Antoni, who had little use for him. Gasol should be happy and energized once again playing on a team that can contend for the East crown. Plus, the Bulls will make great use of his low-post scoring and passing. This should be fun to watch.

Sekou Smith, Lance Stephenson. I want to see if his act in Indiana was just a situational deal and if there is more to his game and personality than what we’ve seen. I recognize the talent. He’s got plenty and perhaps more in reserve. He’s going to a team where the owner (Michael Jordan), coach (Steve Clifford) and locker room leaders (Al Jefferson, Kemba Walker) won’t hesitate to let him know when they feel like he’s going off the rails. If he comes in and has half the impact on the court for the Hornets that he had for the Pacers last season, the Hornets will have gotten one of the steals of the free-agent summer.

John Schuhmann, I want to see how much of a boost Paul Pierce can bring to the Wizards’ offense, which ranked 18th last season. The Wiz should be able to build on last year’s improvement and contend for a top-four spot in the East. The additions they’ve made make them one of the deepest teams in the league. But they do need more playmaking, especially when they go to their bench. Pierce shouldn’t necessarily be a sixth man, but if coach Randy Wittman can stagger his and John Wall‘s minutes some, the offense will be better overall.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: He didn’t get the largest contract, but I really think Pau Gasol could be one of the most impactful free agents of the summer. He’s not the same defender he was a few years ago, but Tom Thibodeau is the perfect coach to be able to gameplan around that. And it should be on offense where Gasol makes the biggest contribution — he and Joakim Noah are probably the best-passing big man combo in the NBA, and with Noah setting up at the top of the key, Pau’s beloved low post will be open for him to do work. Most importantly, with Derrick Rose returning, the Bulls should finally be past the offensive malaise that has plagued them for years.


  1. jim says:

    You guys are from the East Coast, I guess. No mention of Dallas at all.

  2. Karlo Garcia says:

    I would like to see Chris Kaman for the Portland Trail Blazers. I would like to see how his game translates to the roster with skilled PFLamarcus Aldridge, Robin Lopez, ,Joel Freeland & Meyers Leonard.

  3. Mike says:

    Al Horford to Brooklyn easily hands down…

    Naw Just playin, Pau Gasol for sure

  4. Titus says:

    Lance gonna surprise alot of u doubters and I think he went to the best team he could have besides the atlanta hawks

  5. eli says:

    Luol Deng? Miami? No one?

    • DenH says:

      we are sick to death of miami storylines, lebron and the bandwagon have moved on.. you should too. (personally it will be utter bliss watching miami wither and die)

  6. Sweetney says:

    Kwame, it’s just a no-brainer.

  7. harrythehawk says:

    Thabo Sefalosha. Let’s Go Hawks!

  8. Josh says:

    Chandler Parsons is the dark horse in the league this coming season. Basically being tossed to the side by the Rockets, you can see the fire to improve next year and show that he is a superstar. Everyone remember James Harden on the Thunder, going to the Rockets, and exploding. Well, look out for Parsons to follow suit.

    • that could be true says:

      Always liked Parson’s style of play, and his engine. I think, realistically, the Mav’s could trouble the Spurs’ control of the Western Conference, and even take the whole thing again. Y’all heard it here first.

    • allyn says:

      Agree but not on the caliber of harden but Parsons is gonna have a phenomenal year. As a rockets fan said we let him walk…. but were famous for building a player and letting them walk when they ask for what there close to worth.

      • leon says:

        Amazing how he was instrumental in bringing Dwight to Houston, and they’re letting him go a year later? Wonder how Dwight feels about this.

  9. hmk says:

    lance will make you dance

    • What? says: blowin’ in your ear?!? In that case he oughta take up Ball Room dancing. His stupid antics have no place in the NBA.

  10. Dmoney says:

    Bulls are made to be a tough team. Gasol will bring so much softness to the team.

  11. jodyfukswitmacdre says:

    I’m really looking forward to see if ariza can teach jhard any defensive techniques, if Lin and boozer can help the Lakers get back too 500, and also will parsons live up to the nonexistent hype.

  12. Stephen A Smith says:

    What I think they should is to find a way to Make the trade for Love and trade J.Butler, T.Gibson, Future 1st round pick that would be a great deal and if they get love they should sign Shawn Marion that my friend is what I call a dominating Offense. So that starting lineup would be Rose-PG, MARION – SG , LOVE – SF , GASOL – PF , NOAH – C since S.Marion is a F/A.

    • TTKIN says:

      Love as a SF? Seriously?

      Josh Smith couldn’t play the 3 last yr and he is faster and more athletic than Love.

      Plus, the CLE deal of offering Wiggins is a better deal in my opinion. Love is their cornerstone, they wont trade him for a 6th man (possible starter) and a guy who struggled on offense last yr. Butler is good and can play D, but him and Gibson combined cant put up a stat line like Love.

    • Fredl says:

      LOL shawn marion as a SG – with his ugly shot he can either play sf or pf sometimes
      this lineup would be killed on the break! these fantasy lineups by clueless guys are always hilarious!

      • The Voice Of Reason says:

        Lol agreed – Marion is a SF/PF with an ugly jumper and inability to drive the lane.
        Hey while we are putting together unrealistic fantasy rosters, where is LBJ and his “future HOF, Norris Cole” deal?

    • Juan says:

      Smh, the real big time free agent signing was Melo’s return to the Knicks!!!!!

  13. bballjunkie1 says:

    Tyson Chandler maybe just what the Mavs needed to get past Spurs. They almost pulled it off a rebound here or there, and Chandler’s presence inside will make Parker alter some shots, Lenard can’t have free rein inside and Ginobli will have to pull some of those old rabbits out his hat, question is will his body allow him too? The wild wild west stay tuned !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. NBA Value says:

    Al-faruoq Aminu and CJ Miles are underrated but are great values for their new respective teams. Not necessarily the flashiest players but they get the job done.

  15. Milen says:

    I would bet on Pau Gasol… a perfect fit – he’s got the fire power they were lacking and they have the defence he has never had,,,, I just hope D-Rose can stay healthy and perform the way he used to…. they will be a force to be reckoned with not only in the East, but vs. San Antonio for the title too (nobody thinks somebody can beat SAS in the West, right?)


    Pau Gasol, Chandler Parsons, Paul Pierce, and Lance Stephenson… Of the 4 I think Gasol or Pierce might be the most impactful. Having respectable chances to compete will solidify this answer. Although, I still think the Mav’s made the biggest splash. Talk about a deep team!

    • Finally, someone who knows says:

      something about the current NBA. Pierce is the odd one out, in that he has a hard work ethic, can close out a game in the clutch and is a great defender. The other guys getting all the plaudits (i.e. Pau, Parsons, Stephenson), are either too weak on defense (Pau, Parsons), too highly strung & unstable (Stephenson). All three of those guys have also shown they go MIA at playoff time, over the last 2-3 seasons, at least. Pau is a has been, washed up, shadow of his playoff best. Parsons and Stephenson both have some trumped up view of themselves – and haven’t delivered in clutch situations at playoff time, also. Pierce is the one i’d pick on my team, every time, no questions asked.

  17. HoustonRockets says:

    @SwizzFlow, Tyson was not a free agent. They aqquired him via trade.

  18. Silkyslim says:

    Chandler Parsons maybe??????

    • Yep, that's just the problem says:

      He’s a big “maybe”, not the “definitely” that a team with true Finals aspirations is looking for to deliver whwn most needed (think: Duncan, Parker, Ginobili, LeBron, Wade, Nowitzki, Kobe).

  19. TTKIN says:

    Honestly, Im taking CHI to win the title this yr strictly cuz Pau is on their team now (not to mention all the shooters they got).

    As a Laker fan, I think LA treated Pau like garbage the last couple yrs and I hope he takes CHI to new heights. Their defense will never fail with Thibs there. The offense was the issue, and Pau and the shooters and of course DRose will help that.

  20. Really? says:

    Paul Gasol for the sure! Coach This will help on the defense end and the rest I believe is already set. You get D-Rose back, but now pressure isn’t on him to score as much because you have a scoring option in Pau, and Joakim. The spreading of the floor is going to be key if Chicago is to be successful on the offensive end. Plus there bench is ever improving! Getting Gasol will help spread the floor and create better ball movement.

  21. SwizzFlo says:

    I agree on all three……..but what about the Mavs? And specially Tyson Chandler! He and Dirk fit quite well, remember they get a ring together in 2010. And Chandler Parson as second best new addition sounds not bad either, besides he wasn’t cheap. And then you add to your remainig starter duo (Dirk & Monta Ellis) a solid, battle tested playmaker in Jameer Nelson and you got a heck of a starting five. (…and personally for me the winner of the Offseason!)
    I know the questions was: “Which free agent (not counting LeBron James) are you most interested to see with his new team? Why?

    So why not Tyson Chandler? He don’t has the most talent compared to Stephenson, Gasol & Pierce, but he had maybe the biggest impact to his new team!

  22. thespectator says:

    pau has this year and maybe next year and hes retiring, lance looks like a solid pick up for charlotte..the truth going to the wizards makes them a legit threat….best free agent pick up to me out of the three is gonna be lance..