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Report: Griffin has back fracture | Rose pleased with Bulls’ offseason | Report: Spurs deny Ginobili’s World Cup bid | Waiters wants to be Cavs’ starting shooting guard

No. 1: Report: Griffin has back fracture — When Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin withdrew from Team USA last week, he said he was doing so to focus on getting ready for next season in L.A. While that is likely true, another reason he left the team, according to’s Ramona Shelburne, is because of a small fracture he suffered to his back:

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin withdrew last week from Team USA training camp for the FIBA World Cup because he was advised by doctors to give a small fracture in his back more time to heal before the start of the next NBA season, sources with knowledge of the situation told

Griffin is expected to make a full recovery from the injury, which sources say was suffered during the playoffs. However, doctors advised him to sit out international competition this summer for precautionary reasons.

Griffin has continued to work out this summer in Los Angeles with teammate DeAndre Jordan and former Laker and Clipper Sasha Vujacic.

Both Griffin and Minnesota forward Kevin Love withdrew from the training camp last week, which left Team USA thin in the front court and prompted the late addition of Atlanta’s Paul Millsap to the camp.


No. 2: Rose happy with Bulls’ offseason additions — Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose is one of 31 players at USA Basketball training camp, but he was easily the biggest target of attention as camp opened yesterday. He impressed with some dunks and overall solid movement (as our John Schuhmann notes), but how did Rose feel about Chicago’s offseason? According to The Chicago Tribune‘s K.C. Johnson, Rose is happy that Pau Gasol and opened up on his sales pitch to Carmelo Anthony:

Despite not feeling comfortable in the role, Derrick Rose participated in the Bulls’ free-agency pitches to Carmelo Anthony and Pau Gasol.

“I think we have a contender,” Rose said. “They were saying something about putting us on top of the East. We know as a team what we’re trying to do. We all have one goal. Individually, all summer everybody worked on their games. Everybody is trying to compete for that title next year.”

Many league observers thought Anthony represented the crucial missing piece toward that end. And Rose, who spent roughly 20 minutes talking to Anthony at the United Center during his Chicago visit, didn’t necessarily disagree.

“I mean, who wouldn’t be disappointed?” Rose said, laughing, when asked if he was disappointed Anthony stayed with the Knicks. “But at the same time, you can’t be mad at the decision he made. … You’ve got your family to think about. You’ve got money to think about.

“Not to say you should think about money. But when you’re talking about millions and millions of dollars, you can’t just put that behind you. So I’m not mad with the decision that he made, and I wish him nothing but the best.”

Rose said his message to Anthony was simple: Come to Chicago, and the game would be easy for both of them.

“I don’t know how easy, but of course it would be easy,” Rose said. “And just plain and simple that we wanted him to come. He decided to go somewhere else, but it’s no hard feelings. … He’s a grown man.”


No. 3: Report: Spurs deny Ginobili’s World Cup bid — Argentina has had a pretty good sports year, what with the country making it to the World Cup final and, about a month earlier, seeing native son Manu Ginobili help lead the San Antonio Spurs to the 2014 NBA title. With the FIBA World Cup roughly a month or so away, Argentinians apparently won’t get to watch Ginobili on that international stage, writes Dan McCarney of the San Antonio Express-News:

The Spurs have sent Manu Ginobili a letter denying him permission to participate in the FIBA Basketball World Cup later this summer, Express-News columnist Buck Harvey reported on Monday.

Spurs general manager R.C. Buford cited an eight-week recovery span for the stress fracture in Ginobili’s lower right fibula, which was discovered during exit physicals after the team crushed Miami in the Finals to clinch their fifth championship. With the Spurs playing their last game on June 15, that would have come perilously close to the start of the World Cup, which runs from Aug. 30 through Sept 14 in Spain.

Ginobili, who turned 37 on Monday, was re-examined in Argentina last week, with national team doctor Diego Grippo noting improvement but describing the results as “inconclusive.”

It promises to be a bitter pill to swallow for Ginobili. He has been a member of Argentina’s senior team since 1998, four years before he joined the Spurs as a 25-year-old rookie in 2002.


No. 4: Waiters wants to be Cavs’ starting shooting guard — Last season, the Cleveland Cavaliers went 10-14 whenever Dion Waiters was in the starting lineup. Waiters saw time at either the small forward or shooting guard spot, but with LeBron James back on the squad, small forward minutes are spoken for. Waiters recently said on Twitter that he sees himself — and not No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins — as the favorite to garner the starting two-guard spot and didn’t back off that stance on Monday, writes Chris Haynes of

On Monday, following Day 1 of TEAM USA training camp, when followed up on the matter, Waiters didn’t back down from his stance to be inserted into the starting lineup come next season.

“I want to start and I believe that I should at the two,” Waiters told

During Summer League, Wiggins, if retained, says he views himself as a shooting guard rather than a three, which is a smart thing to say considering the position that new guy plays. So, if the roster currently constructed is the roster three months from now, Wiggins and Waiters will be battling it out.

Never one to mince words, Waiters elaborated on why he felt it was necessary to let his feelings become known via Twitter.

“I just say how I feel,” he said. “I’m going to do whatever is best for the team, of course, but at the end of the day, I’m a man and I’m confident in myself. I’ve always been a guy that gives it right to you. I’ve never been a guy that plays that political stuff. I was brought up that way. I’m straightforward. I give my honest opinion. I’m not going to sit here and hide. They asked a question and I tell you.”

This isn’t to be taken the wrong way. Waiters isn’t demanding to be a starter. He believes he’s the right person for the job. There’s a difference, there. Nothing malicious intended and his new head coach doesn’t see anything wrong, either.

“I think that Dion is a guy that believes in his abilities and really, really wants to be a great player at the highest level,” Cavaliers head coach David Blatt said. “There’s nothing wrong with that. I think that’s a positive that he desires to be an elite guy and really wants to win at the same time. That’s what’s important to me.”

VIDEO: Dion Waiters talks with during Las Vegas Summer League


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  1. J4CK Nicholson says:

    BG is athletic but doesn’t have a reliable go – to move and basically a 1 dimensional player compared to Barkley, Malone, Webber, KG, Duncan or even to Cousins that’s why most fans calls him over hyped. To his credit he’s willing to learn and keeps on trying every night to win, minus his whining every time he doesn’t get the calls.

  2. terry says:

    a back fracture ? i don’t know what kind of pain you feel with that but i guess it’s tough.
    i remember that game when griffin seemed very hurted without real reason, i understand now.
    my question ? face it, the title hopes of the clippers was inexistant last year, griffin or not. Why make him play with a back fracture ?

  3. what the Bull(s) says:

    PG: Irving
    SG: Waiters
    SF: Wiggins
    PF: LeBron
    C: Varejoe

    off the bench Bennet

  4. postmann21 says:

    Finally someone has the guts to say how they really feel.

  5. harrythehawk says:

    Waiters, Wiggins, Bennett and all those other young whippersnappers remaining on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Shut your traps. There’s a new sheriff in town, and he, King Lebron James, will decide who starts. And it probably won’t be any of you. Now, how do you like them apples?

  6. noodle man says:

    The question is will Waiters be happy being the fourth option if the Cavs get Love?

  7. Brian Quebec says:

    Argentina minus Ginobli equals one less obstacle for the American team. Go Team Canada/2020.

  8. Titus says:

    If wiggins stays he should be the 2 and waiters, who came off the bench in college would come in to spell either wiggins or lebron..with his skills he could back up Kyrie as well…if he plays his role right he’d probably give jamal crawford a run for his money as sixth man of the year and probably would wear a ring at the end of the year

  9. Erikgarcia says:

    Waiters should be @ 2 spot and Wiggins should be @3, LeBron can do 4.

  10. Larry says:

    Waiters should start at 2 and Wiggins at 3, trade the Queen to the Jazz for a 2nd round pick

  11. Sergei Zweibach says:

    great thing for the Spurs. Ginobili looked so different last year from a year before that because he had time to rest in the summer. Now he has a chance to rest again. This will give Spurs the ball handler that everyone knows Ginobili can be.

  12. Kenneth Williams says:

    I bet its because he doesn’t want to play with Boogie like a little girl. Cause boogie puts him in his place everytime the kings play the clippers same as cp3 bunch of wussies in clipperland and for anyone who says theyre a clippers fan stop lying you just switch teams cause the lakers aren’t doing good BANDWAGON fans. There’s only 2 real clippers fans Billy Crystal and Clipperman. Only person that scares me on the clippers is Doc he’s the man and deandre jordan dudes a beast if he can get a 10 footer to fall consistently.

  13. Kenneth Williams says:

    I bet its because he doesn’t want to play with Boogie like a little girl. Cause boogie puts him in his place everytime the kings play the clippers same as cp3 bunch of wussies in clipperland and for anyone who says theyre a clippers fan stop lying you just switch teams cause the lakers aren’t doing good BANDWAGON fans. There’s only 2 real clippers fans Billy Crystal and Clipperman. Only person that scares me on the clippers is Doc he’s the man and deandre jordan dudes a beast if he can get a 10 footer to fall consistantly

  14. Chief says:

    We can use him in Chicago for sure

  15. JR says:

    I see him starting for Philly. He will get traded to Philly for Thadeus Young who will in turn go to the Wolves. T. Thompson will be sent to the Wolves and Love will go to the Cavs. See how easy that is?

  16. TheK says:

    “I want to start and I believe that I should at the two,” Waiters told”

    this guy is pathetic, alone at home with mum saying him he’s the man too much time.
    waiters you are not with mummy any more and she lied, you are not so unique 😉

    • IMO says:

      Just because you are a fan boy of wiggins doesn’t mean he doesn’t have talent. i bet you couldn’t do a 3rd of what he does.

    • Joshua says:

      Are you okay? You should seek psychological help if you haven’t already done so.

  17. Samo says:

    He (Waiters) should be competing for starting at SF 🙂 Why be modest when you can go for a bigger challenge…

  18. rodulf says:

    griffin, overated, aproximativ offense, no defense. back broken, weak knees. small brain, bag agressivity. trade that hype