LeBron will wear No. 23 in Cleveland

VIDEO: LeBron’s top 10 plays from his first seven years with the Cavaliers

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The reinvention of LeBron James is almost complete now.

He’s going home and going back to No. 23. After four years in Miami wearing No. 6 for the Heat, LeBron announced today via Instagram that he will wear the same No. 23 he wore in high school at Akron’s Saint Vincent-Saint Mary and during his first seven seasons in the NBA with the Cavaliers.

It’s the same No. 23 that Michael Jordan made famous with the Chicago Bulls, which was retired in Miami. LeBron already knows that 23 looks good on him from his first stint in Cleveland. So it couldn’t have been too tough a decision.


  1. Phil Jackson 11 Rounds says:

    1. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

    Thanks to an absolutely tireless work ethic, Bryant is the most skilled player in the league with virtually every weapon at his disposal. His turnaround jump shot is the best , and his footwork is unmatched by any active player. His will to win and focus are unparalleled, making him the single most intense competitor in the game.

  2. Alfred p George says:

    i see no promble in Mr. James wearing the number 23 jerssy this comming season, and it was the same number he were useing doing his high school day at saint mary, saint vincent, and it is the same number that Mr. Jordan ended profession in at maimi heat. and number 23 jerssy is a hisotrical number in the history on nba.

  3. waveSwimmer says:

    Wish you all the best LeBron. You’re GREAT! Fantastic to watch because you make bball an art form as well as a sport. U should have picked a different number though cause they did you dirt with that one.

  4. I wish you the best Lebron .Thanks for all your greatnees to Miami Heat. Envy will always exisit. By the way the comparasion between mj and lebron or Magic is senseless cuz lets go to say the three are great. People dont enjoy each one by themselves. Thank you Lebron hope you achieve your goals like the greatness of all time.

  5. Kimi says:

    That’s the right thing to do for the Cav/Lebron fans who kept/didn’t burn his jersey when he fled to south beach.

  6. LUCKYLOCC says:


  7. Kenneth Williams says:

    You know I would love to see REAL FRANCHISE PLAYERS AGAIN from the day they get drafted some LOYALTY instead of leaving cause $120 million 5 years is barely enough for me to play a game that I loved and played for free all my childhood. I’ve seen alot better everything in the nba for alot less! Maybe you can fill up more than 4 arenas every year.

    • MFFL says:

      There’s still one playing in Texas.. He plays for the Mavs and rocks the #41 jersey.. there’s something powerful about loyalty.

  8. Kenneth Williams says:

    Cavs are gona become once again the Sacramento kings of the late 90s early 2000s one of the greatest teams without a ring but atleast he will have the refs and the nba on his side that the kings did not have and actually I wouldn’t even put the Cavs in that category cause the Kings had a great team from the starters to the bench and just got wronged by the nba.

  9. Kenneth Williams says:

    What a moron he just said in miami #23 should be retired from all basketball teams then he goes and does this like an idiot atleast he’s not making the bandwagon fans buy another jersey cause he wants a different #. As for the remark lower saying he’s one of the lite of all time keep smoking he’s the best of this era the era of no defense and fouls and just because of that alone he’s not even close to Jordan, magic, bird, Malone, Big O and I would say even Gary Payton would shut LeBron down. Lebron wouldn’t even average half of his stay line in his whole career. I hate saying this but even Kobe is better cause he did play in the beginning of his career in the defensive era of basketball now its all powderpuff! Oh and the star players never wanted to recruit other stars to win a championship they wanted to play against them and all teams had talent not potential.

    • Kenneth Williams says:

      My bad I meant to write he wouldn’t average half of his stats not stay

      • Aaron says:

        LeBron is one of the best all-around players of all-time, not too mention a physical freak with the brains to match. If he played in the 80s/90s, only Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman, and Gary Payton* would be able to contain him on defense, and only Jordan and Bird could match his scoring. If he landed on the right team, Jordan’s two three-peats WOULD NOT have happened. I’d say LeBron would average 30PTS/8AST/7REB with relative ease
        Jordan/Johnson/Bird would also do well playing nowadays, though Jordan doesn’t have a 3PT shot, but their numbers would be reduced slightly.

        *Payton is borderline too small to guard LeBron

  10. xophr says:

    Great choice. I’m glad to see he’s going back to his old number when he was in Cleveland the first time. While ultimately, the number doesn’t matter, I don’t think he would like right wearing a number 6 in a Cavs jersey, just like Jordan didn’t look right in a #45 bulls jersey.

  11. Neo Anderson says:

    In footballl (soccer to you Americans) the number 10 was made famous by Pele the undisputed greateset ever. Any player who wears that number has to earn it and it is usually only given to the best player on the team. LBJ choosing 23 is simply paying homage to the greatest. Not like Kobe who adopted 24 simply because it was one greater than Jordans 23!!!

  12. Jerry Schrader says:

    Lebron has proven that he is one of the elite NBA players of all time. He has the right to choose any jersey number he wants, for any reason or for no reason at all. Lebron always kept his ties to Northeast Ohio and has given much to the youth wherever he goes. The number doesn’t matter…..the man does!

    • LBJ is NBA Greatest Joke of ALL Time says:

      Exactly.. The number doesn’t matter then why bothering and disturbing the whole world asking to what jersey number you have to use on the first place?.. LOL!.. Lebron as we know him already has NO WORDS OF HONOR, A USER, NO LOYALTY, NOT A GOOD LEADER and the worst is BAD EXAMPLE FOR KIDS.. HE IS AN ELITE PLAYER BUT NOT AS GREAT AS THE LEVEL OF KOBE BRYANT AND MJ.. KOBE AND MJ is in a different galaxy.. I also give credit to their coach Phil but still it doesn’t matter how great your coach is if you don’t have the greatness of Kobe Bryant and MJ you can’t still make a three-peat and that still will fall on the player not on the coach..

      Second I agree that the number doesn’t matter.. the man does then again what’s so important about the jersey number bothering the world through TV, EMAIL, FACEBOOK and INTERNET?!.. LOL! That guy really is suffering from LACK OF ATTENTION DISORDER.. and only the US youth maybe is shouting his name except California but all we know here in China and ASIA 90 percent of youth is shouting KING MAMBA!..

      • Celentano says:

        Don’t ever put Kobe on same level as M.J. It’s disrespectful !…

      • Aaron says:

        Kobe and Jordan never won titles without elite sidekicks (Shaq and Gasol for Kobe, Pippen for Jordan). LeBron did the same thing, just changed teams instead of Wade and Bosh going to Cleveland.
        If you want to look at leadership, try the 2007 Cavaliers on for size. Do you think that Kobe or Jordan could carry that team to the Finals?

        The attention is not LeBron’s fault, the media beats it down our throats.

    • Eddy Griff says:

      But this is such a fraud move after saying “#23 should be retired by the entire NBA”….is it not just a tiny bit hypocritical??

  13. BeerJunkie says:

    OMG! Its just a number. People will find anything just to hate on LeBron. Let the man live..

    • cp10 says:

      Exactly, hateful people hate, it’s reflective of their upbringing really. Besides, LJ is paying homage to MJ, that’s all.

  14. Brian Thomas says:

    The NBA would not be where it is today without the impact that MJ made but there have been great players other than him that wore 23. Calvin Murphy for example. One of the best scorers and free throw shooters in NBA history, a Hall of Famer, and the reason why guys like Spud Webb, Muggys Bogues, Nate Robinson, and the Suns Isaiah Thomas are able to play in the league. Despite being 5-10 and under.

  15. Alma says:

    I thought #6 was a great fit, but going back to #23 sounds good too. GO Cleveland! GO KING JAMES!

  16. Larry says:

    He should wear 12, the average point difference between the Heat and the Spurs in the finals

  17. rules says:

    some rules for the rookies and young players

    -1 don’t spend everything you earn in bs
    -2 carreful with girls and parasytes, you have money they want it by any means necessary. you are like a girl with giant boobs in a men’s jail
    3- don’t choose the number 23

  18. thinkaboutit says:

    the number 23 for a young player is like a stupid tattoo for a teenager. you regret it as an adult especially if you are trying to play in the same goat category.

  19. Oldhawk says:

    He should have stuck to his reasoning in why he chose not to wear #23, now it just looks like another flipflop for him. Great players leave legacies not TEAMS….Twice

    • Anthony says:

      yeah like whether or not he left his team decides his level of greatness lol you people kill me. The hatred of this man is rediculous and nobody has a logical reason why lol

  20. Carlo says:

    A number means nothing.

    But… what about HIS OWN suggestion about nobody wearing the 23 anymore?

    Once again, LBJ proved his communication skills are waaay far behind his b’ball skills.

  21. charless702 says:

    Is this a nice big middle finger to Dan Gilbert or what? Now Dan Gilbert doesn’t get to make a killing on selling new Lebron jerseys with a new number. Ohh wait, what am I talking about, none of that matters because the Cleveland fans already burned all their Lebron jerseys and have to buy new jerseys anyways. lol.

    • None sense says:

      Lebron should be the NBA Greatest Joke of ALL Time.. LOL.. after all that he said that Nobody in NBA should wear #23 with respect to MJ he then ended eating what he said.. LOL! It’s doesn’t matter if MJ retired his #23 what matter is the words that’s coming out on his mouth.. Another thing is he broadcasted to the people of Miami that he will not only give them 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 championship rings then he ate again what he said he leave Miami only with 2.. That is not a good example of a leader.. He shouldn’t be idolized by people special kids.. LEBRON HAS NO WORDS OF HONOR.. NOT ONLY THAT HE DISRESPECT MJ BUT THE WORST HE DISRESPECTED HIMSELF.. How can you expect other people will respect you If you at first doesn’t respect yourself?..

      He can’t be as great as Kobe Bryant and MJ is.. first these two guys is not boastful.. They won championship rings in one team.. They have Loyalty.. Basketball skills, competitiveness and IQ wise are the same.. They both have three-peat.. SLAM-DUNK ring.. Kobe has 5 rings and MJ has 6 rings but the three-peat really makes them on a different level separated among the greats.. Lastly they didn’t asked the public attention to think on what jersey number should use.. LOL!.. Kobe already is the Greatest L.A. Lakers of All Time.. When it’s all said and done for Kobe.. Kobe Bryant should be on the NBA’s Mt. Rushmore with MJ, Big O. and B.Russel..

    • Steve K says:

      That same thought occurred to me before I read it. Cle should change their jerseys back to the Fat Kemp era.

      • charless702 says:

        Yeah I suppose they’ll try to put out some new limited edition jersey or they’ll try to slightly alter it’s look so everyone will feel like they need to buy the new one. Yeah those jerseys are pretty decent. Then again Lebron has Gilbert right where he wants him (with him being able to opt out next year) so I doubt they’ll change the jerseys too much unless Lebron approves.

  22. 691yapeace says:

    Cleveland fan are desperate for a championship!! Haha…..four year ago you hated him, now back to loving him.

  23. taugustine29 says:

    I think it’s great! Nobody talks about the fact that every great big man wore 33 or 34. Think about that one. Who cares what mj wore. Every Cleveland fan will remember 23 as LeBrons number. Jordan killed us enough back in the day. Believe it or not many say we would have won one if not for Chicago and mj

  24. taugustine29 says:

    Who does 33 remind you of? Or 34? A lot of greats all shared those numbers and LeBron may feel like, why should I have to give up the num I love. He’s not in Chicago. So what that mj wore it and even the comments he made. Everyone has gone back on something at some point

  25. Matt says:

    Sweeet my LeBron jerseys aren’t throwbacks anymore then! haha

  26. Chaser says:

    LeBron James is not gonna git you 45 in the finals. Consider kobe 40 back to back and became a broken man.. you need somebody else to do that Kevin Love is never been to the playoffs irving has never been to the playoffs

  27. Chaser says:

    he is not going to be remembered at 23, he will be a member at 6 with the heat dynasty. LeBron James past his Prime is no longer contending.

    • charless702 says:

      Heat never had a dynasty.

      • Aaron says:

        4 Finals trips is a dynasty, not to mention 2 championships

      • charless702 says:

        So I guess the Buffalo Bills were a dynasty in the 90’s? The truth is the Eastern Conference has been a joke for the last 3 years at least. That’s a mediocre feat. at best when considering the competition in the East. Every serious NBA fan will tell you 3, with the same core players (starters or major contributors), in a short period of time, makes you a dynasty. Now Lakers and Bulls fans will claim that you have to win 3 in a row but I think that’s just foolish. Now the Heat could still become a dynasty, they just need to win one more in the next 2 years or so.

    • Eddy Griff says:

      lol i hate lebron but youre crazy for saying he is past his prime lol. 30 is right at the peak for bball. when the mix of athleticism and bball IQ meet finally

      • Aaron says:

        LeBron’s peak is past yes, but is still going to be the best player in basketball (sorry Durant, Anthony Davis) for the next 2 years on his contract, if not more

  28. Leon says:

    Look… In that statement in 2010 when Lebron said he was changing his number to 6..HE ALREADY knew he was going to be in Miami, he looked up and saw that the 23 was retired. So obviously he had to make up some bogus excuse for us to believe that he really wanted to change his number in respect.. Love Lebron and let him wear 23.. Is anybody telling Anthony Davis to change his number…..NO

  29. Juan says:

    It’s ok. 23 will always be MJ’s number and 6 Bill’s number, doesn’t matter who wears those after them.

  30. Russ says:

    Sorry, I think the way he left the Heat was bad. He as much left Wade & Botch saying you guys were no help for me.(SORRY, but as I always heard ONE, man does not make a team)

    • charless702 says:

      How exactly is that? They helped him win 2 championships. Those guys were instrumental in that and they were a huge help for him. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

      • Brandon says:

        even though Russ did a poor job of his explaining himself, i completely agree.. Lebron’s decision to leave to cleveland was CLEARLY based off the fact Dwade wasn’t the player that once convinced lebron to come to miami, and Chris Bosh isn’t as proven of a consistent scorer as many thought he was in Toronto when he was putting up 23 and 10 every night.. His 3 point shot is coming along and yes Bosh has hit some clutch 3’s.. but when it came down to it it was the luck of the draw every night for Lebron, would i get a good game out of d wade or is his knees gonna flare up. Is Chris Bosh’s 3 game going to be on target tonight so the lane wont be as clogged or is his he shooting bricks like he did in the 2014 finals/playoffs in key moments.. in cleveland its his time to once again shine. Return of the Simba and Lebron knows whatever the conspiracy may be with Cleveland getting 3 first overall picks in 5 years.. The team is there, ready for him to take to the ship. It’s his year and i am a WIZARDS fan.

      • Carlo says:

        I don’t think you know what Russ is talking about.

      • Victor Martin says:

        People often overlook Chris bosh and wade for the lack of offense and consistence . But they don’t know that by runing The offense thru lebron and making him the main guy for the heat it will take from Chris bosh and wade game. Remember what happen in 2011 against the mavs wade was the core of the team and lebron was the one struggling and lost that golden chance and advantage they had over Dallas and the only shot to three peat because it’s very hard to make a four straight finals and win the last three. Finally as of your comments about bosh and wade you are wrong they still consistent but they never have a chance with lebron being the leader of team it’s either sacrifice their ego and talent taking back seat for lebron and win championships or go back to their roles and take from lebrons game and loose like they did to the mavs . Just watch for them this coming season and their stats as a players without lebron.

      • charless702 says:

        I’m a big Bosh fan. I think he will thrive without Lebron, however Wade looks like he’s completely out of gas. Also the Heat struggled to win their second title in a row and would have lost if Ray Allen wouldn’t have hit an amazing shot.

  31. jesus says:

    lbj proved that #23 is still best for u.go LeBron do what is the best for your team.cavs is the no. 1.

  32. jesus says:

    no matter what number he should wear, it his choice.23 is just a number, it doesn’t mean he disrespect MJ. mj is great but lbj too.

  33. Nehemias says:

    In the MLB, Jackie Robinson 42,Mariano Rivera 42

    • Aaron says:

      They retired Robinon’s number after Rivera already had it, and the MLB allowed those players to wear that number if they already had it.

  34. lebron did it again says:

    23 means 2-3 in finals record

    • Carlo says:

      Only, he is 2-5.

      • Eddy Griff says:

        0_0 um guess u dont know your stats? he only been to the finals 5 times. 4 with miami where he is 2-2 and once with cleveland 0-1…Add those together CARLO and what record do u get????….

  35. James says:

    Bulls retire #23!! Not the freakin nba? Got it????

  36. Rohan says:

    Well its Lebron’s business to choose whatever number he wants on his jersey. But why did he have to be a hypocrite in doing that? Yea well, Lebron is back with 23.. lets move on this dude is too much drama

  37. KEViin says:

    at least i don’t need to buy a new jersey, that’s awesome!

  38. iuri says:

    MJ forever!!!!!

  39. iuri says:

    Esse cara cada hora fala uma coisa…..????

  40. jackmouvejackmouve says:

    That’s a bad business move because he could have sold a lot more jerseys with a different number. But at least he gets bonus points from all the fans that “FORGOT” to burn their old jerseys. If I were him I would have picked #25. Kobe one upped Jordan by picking 24, LBJ could have done the same thing to Kobe.

  41. jackmouvejackmouve says:

    It’s a bad business move because he could have sold more jerseys with a new number, but at least he get bonus points with all the fans that “FORGOT” to burn their old jerseys. 🙂

  42. Aiden says:

    why does he have to wear no. 23? will it be LBJ or MJ’s number. cleveland fans burnt all there no. 23 jerseys anyways so why does he have to wear it when it could be much easier to just wear 6 and not start a controversy against LBJ and MJ!!!

    • charless702 says:

      I think some players look at numbers as a different stage of their life or maybe even as a “separate person.” Lebron looks at 6 as him being a member of the Heat. #6 Lebron was all about winning championships and he wants #23 Lebron to be the kid from Ohio.

  43. J says:

    Honestly, I don’t think a lot of people have problem with him wearing #23. What the real issue is that he is not a man of his words. He was the one who said that people should pay respect to MJ and therefore should not wear #23 and that was why he “retired” from wearing #23 when he was with the Heat. And yet, he is also the one to choose to wear #23 this time and completely go against of what he said about “respecting MJ”. If he had not said that statement 4 years ago, it would not be a problem wearing #23 again. LeBron, just think before you say anything; otherwise, no one is going to believe you. Just imagine him opting out next summer and go to another team (and leave his “Home”) if the Cav’s end up not having a great season. What do you think he is going to say?

  44. harrythehawk says:

    He can do whatever he wants. He’s the King. Get over it people.

    • charless702 says:

      I didn’t know you could lose that many battles and still be king. In fact how can you call yourself King when someone else is wearing the crown and sitting in the throne. All kneel before the might of the Great King Duncan.

  45. spurs fan says:

    Yeah I don’t agree with him wearing #23, I understand that was his number in high school and with his first stint with the Cavs but that will be forever remembered as MJ’s number. Now it’s gonna be remembered as MJ and LBJ’s number? That’s just weird, should have gone with an entirely new # to represent the third chapter in his career.

  46. Jose says:

    oh I thought if I heard it right before?? when he signed with Miami He & he even encouraged some players not to wear #23 in respect for MJ??

  47. bodjee says:

    He feels at home wearing #23!

  48. Derik Unthank says:

    Anyone that writes about him choosing 23 again and doesn’t mention the reasoning he gave for changing in the first place is doing the story an injustice.

    By his own account he changed numbers out of respect for Michael Jordan & everything he done for the league. He even indicated that he’d be for retiring the number league wide!

    Now that LeBron has decided to return to Cleveland it’s become the feel good story & no one is even mentioning or asking him about the statements he made 4 yea ago.

  49. Doocie says:

    Lebron is the best player in the NBA! He can wear any number and I am still a fan. Yes, he wore 23 for the Cavs and he wore 6 (2×3) for the Heat. Lebron, Go CAVS Go!!!!!

  50. rocket says:

    People need to relax. Who cares what number he wears. What matters most is the legacy left behind his name. Numbers just identify you from the rest of the team. If it’s about respect and paying homage, might as well retire all the jersey numbers of the all time greats.

  51. Bill says:

    I think he should have picked 99.

  52. Nehemias says:

    And then when all numbers get retired the NBA would have to use letters.

  53. Nehemias says:

    If to make a legacy you need a number then legacy would be reserved for only 100 basketball players(0-99)
    Michael Jordan has his legacy with his Bulls 23 and Lebron James will have his legacy with his Cavaliers 23.

  54. nate says:

    Bulls greatest team of all time, Lebron greatest player of all time! Stop measuring players by the amount of rings they win, it takes a team to win a championship

    • Carlo says:

      Yeah. And, uhm… let me see… What’s the difference between basketball and tennis, shooting, skating, weightlifting, running, jumping, boxing, judo, …

    • Victor Martin says:

      Are you insane , I am a heat fan because of wade and the godfather Pat Reilly before lebron joined the heat but don’t you ever disrespect the show time lakers by saying the bulls it’s the greatest team of all time that’s is pathetic.

  55. nate says:

    Sorry to all the haters but once Lebron’s career is finished he will be the number one player of all time! The number 23 unfortunately for all you MJ fans will be remembered as the number of King James the greatest to ever play!

  56. lbjtheking says:

    You all dont get it.
    Number 23 correlates with his finals appearances.
    You just dont get it.

  57. MattZan says:

    He should wear the 29 (23+6)

  58. HR says:

    You did the right thing choosing 23. 6 is from the past,its a new chapter now.When pippen choose 33 bird wear it too before.Same tgoes with number 32,34 and so on and on.This people don’t know the history so forget them.

  59. I am no LeBron James fan, but I’m glad he’s gonna wear 23 instead of 6 in Cleveland. Why? Just because 23 is what he wore for the Cavaliers in his first 7 seasons. On the other hand, he wore 6 in his 4 seasons with the Heat.

  60. Scisca says:

    He shouldn’t have worn 23 in the first place – for his own good. He will never be “the #23 guy”, no matter how good he becomes. This is yet another argument to put him down as worse than MJ. And yes, the number should be retired league-wide. He could stick to #6 at this point.

  61. Titus says:

    @going_instahamm. All u squares who burnt his jersey gotta buy it again..lol..payback is a u know what..but his number 23 belongs in Cleveland, Ohio. Top selling jersey in the NBA 2015. Congrats Lebron!

  62. Chuck Stephanski says:

    Just like old times! Leborn #23 Cleveland – Let’s go Cavs!

  63. Lol says:

    Lebron changing his number won’t help Lebron win his 3rd ring, he needs to play with our “King” Lebron in South Beach. We will trade number 6, Kobe Bryant, and future hall of famer Norris Cole for Kevin Love and Andrew Wiggins.

  64. karl says:

    i hear lebron is taking ocean drive with him too….thanks pal

  65. Waaaa says:

    I like it. MJ does not get to claim numbers. MJ was great but his time past and to all who are saying hes a MJ and Kobe wannabe…. please, hes in own league. plus to compare kobe’s to lebrons is crazy, kobe plays in a market where every great wanted to play.. who wants to play for Cleveland. imo there will never be anyone like LeBron. stop going above basketball because its all about basketball, everyone wants something hybrid. stop over thinking it. #23 is a great move.

    • Carlo says:

      Actually, MJ did NOT claim anything like that. It was LBJ to state that 23 shouldn’t be worn by anybody else.

  66. CelticsFan says:

    It’s kind of ironic. I think that #6 represents Bill Russell, and that his legacy will always last; the man who won 11 championships and 5 MVPs!

  67. joe says:

    I’m from Cleveland. like 5 people burned their jerseys, and those happened to be the 5 who were being filmed on tv. I still have my jerseys and can’t wait to wear them!

  68. LOOOOOL says:

    I read a lot of comments like he souldn’t wear No 23 it’s MJ’s number but nobody complained about anthony davis…

  69. Michael Williams says:

    Numbers 6,23,32,and 33 should be retired

  70. Michael Williams says:

    Magic’s number 32, excuse the typo

  71. Michael Williams says:

    Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, and Bird and Maggie’s number 32 should be retired.

  72. Cabs fan says:

    LeBron already said he don’t expect to win it all this year.but if they get love their going to win the east unless the bulls have a healthy d.rose then it a toss up.But I see then Larry o’brian trophy is coming to The cavs or the bulls cause I don’t see the spurs making it to the finals 3 consecutive times

    • Carlo says:

      Did you notice Cavs and Bulls are in a different Conference than the Spurs?

    • Aaron says:

      If D-Rose is healthy, Bulls win the East. Otherwise Pacers, facing against the Cavs in the ECF. Facing the Spurs or Thunder in the Finals.

      • charless702 says:

        You think the Pacers still have it in them? I’m not a Wizards fan but something about that team just keeps catching my eye. I agree with most of it though. A healthy Bulls team is favorite in my book, unless Cavs can somehow get Love. I’m going some variation of Bulls, Cavs or Wizards (depending on how the seeding ends up) in the ECF. I haven’t lost all hope with the Pacers but after the meltdown and the loss of Lance it’s kind of hard to get too high on them. However I think the E.C. will be worth watching in 2015.

  73. if anyone was paying attention at anytime at all in Lebrons career, they would remember him telling Craig Sager that he didn’t think anyone should wear #23 in tribute to how great Jordan was. All seems like fluff now when you realise that he said that, know well he was going to play for the Heat where the #23 was already retired in honour of Jordan. Didn’t see the handwriting on the wall back then?

  74. Real nigguh says:

    Lebron got all the hoes

  75. Fabian says:

    I am disappointed… Why would he go back to 23? LeBron, i am a huge fan, but you need to create your own legacy with your own jersey number… Leave mj with 23 and make number 6 the new iconic number. Fan for life.

  76. E.T. says:

    Very disappointed in LB personally i guess he forgot or does not care what he said about respecting #23… i see now that words mean nothing to Lebron and we as fans should not compare him to other great players like MJ, Magic, Bird, Oscar, Kobe, Shaq, AI and many more cuz he does not deserve such comparison on or of the court.

    • Sadsak says:

      You need to stop. Life goes on Jordan is no longer playing the game he was great in his time buy his time is over. Lebron started his career with 23 and ghat is the number he should go back to. Cleveland is where it all started and that is the number he should go back to. Don’t you guys understand that there were great players who wore number 6? Jordan is not the only great player to have played in the NBA.

    • Jack Gainor says:

      Lol you must mean off the court

    • Aaron says:

      You’re putting Allen Iverson in the all-time conversation? What about Scottie Pippen?
      And how could you forget Wilt and Russell?

  77. Bruno says:

    I agree it’s a bad choice. It will never feel like his own nr. Wearing 6 in Cleveland would be a great reconciliation sign. A mix of both his cleveland and miami days. Both are important in his journey. And his Miami time shouldn’t just be “scratched” now that he’s back in Cleveland. Take 6 Lebron!

  78. papafranh says:

    All hail king james23

  79. Lols says:

    Look at you crybabies go emo over a number….

  80. Tony says:

    Good! I ain’t gotta buy another jersey. I’ll use the one that I’d bought in 2009

  81. Alex says:

    If cleveland doesn’t win this year he’s going to have a lot of splaining to do.

  82. Real nigguh says:

    Lebron the king

  83. RadicalDread says:

    23 jersey should be retired from all teams, because there is only on 23 and it is MJ.

    • Queirós says:

      Nonsense! If you go that way, you can retire Bird, Magic, Robertson, Russell and other greats numbers from the league!

  84. NoTakeBacksies says:

    What a hypocrite! Back when he left Cleveland he “urged” others to give up #23 out of “respect” for Michael Jordan… Now he’s going back to it?

  85. JoshGordan says:

    Look at that young hairline in the preview vid pic. That was a longggggggggggggggggggg time ago.

  86. Solo says:

    Lebron is a much better player now; is it just me or it seems he was a bit faster/explosive back then?

    • nonamenbalegend says:

      Yea he was younger and weighed less . His game is a bit slower and well rounded now

  87. Ball Don't Lie says:

    Great way to make all the Cleveland fans who burned LeBron’s jersey back in 2010 to look very stupid now!!!!

  88. Adam says:

    Jerseys gonna sell out in a snap! Soon to be championship gear to

  89. JG says:

    So much for “should retire #23” lol.

  90. TheAll-Star136 says:

    I prefer 23. 6 will be retired in Miami and 23 will be retired in Cleveland.

    • Victor Martin says:

      The fans and the city of Cleveland don’t deserve jersey # 6 it’s belong to Miami where bron was made. Cleveland and their fans can keep the looser number 23 to their collection.

      • Victor Martin says:

        Jersey number six it’s a winner number and it was born in south beach don’t belong to Cleveland .

      • Queirós says:

        LeBron was made in Miami? Really??? I’m not a fan of either team, though I respect what he can do in the court, but what you said is ridiculous!

  91. The Writer says:

    I like it, the #23 Lebron was the new kid on the block exciting people every night played as though he was invincible. Played like the new kid he was just having fun while trying to win which led to amazing stats and great highlights. #6 Lebron to me just showed that he reached the business side of the NBA the time where to be remembered as truly great he had to win some rings and he did. He showed the savvy veteran Lebron. Now the return to #23 just gets to go back to his home and shows that 23 belongs to him whiles he is in cleveland no where else. Cleveland Lebron and #23. Now we get to see if he still can play like he the new kid on the block or just a new Lebron

  92. Lance says:

    LBJ can wear 23 or 6 it doesn’t matter he will never be mr 24 and yes I do mean 5 ring Kobe Bryant . The so called king aka choke artist aka disloyal cry baby aka Kobe wannabe will never be as great as Jordan or Bryant

    • Tony C. says:

      Agreed. Lebron is not as good as Jordan – he is Better. He’s Bigger, He’s Taller, He’s Stronger, He’s Faster than Jordan.

      • Phil Jackson 11 Rounds says:

        1. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

        Thanks to an absolutely tireless work ethic, Bryant is the most skilled player in the league with virtually every weapon at his disposal. His turnaround jump shot is the best , and his footwork is unmatched by any active player. His will to win and focus are unparalleled, making him the single most intense competitor in the game.

  93. Daddy says:

    Should have worn no.32

  94. ty says:

    so he is going back to 23

  95. MaraviLLa says:

    King James going full retro!

  96. Saeed says:

    Good choice LeBron. Good luck with the Cavs.

  97. amitpal says:

    I believe 23 should be retired from all of nba. The nba as a whole doesn’t show jordan as much respect as they should.

    • Queirós says:

      Give me a break. Jordan was great, for sure! But he also was the first true global NBA “superstar”, but not the first important player for the evolution of the game. You can’t say that while ignoring Mikan, Chamberlain, Russell, Big O, etc…

    • not telling you says:

      i respect were your coming from, but if thats the case, you need to retire other greats numbers as well. Sure, the players might not be as good as mj, but they revolutionised the game in their own special way, just like, Dr J did, or A.I, hell even Shaq. Lebron did this as well but they shouldnt retire jersey numbers for the whole league, just the team they played great in.

  98. bad decision….23 should ONLY be worn by michael jordan

  99. Dawg says:

    No, you should not wear the same jersey (number) as Jordan!! Then you will never be known with your own number but just as a copy of real 23.. LeBron you should think about it one again…

  100. Barnaby McBiscuits says:

    Oh my gosh, who could have seen this coming?!

  101. bballjunkie1 says:

    Like it alot #6 in Miami is given its due. Lets see who the next franchise will be to go to 4 finals in a row. Number 23 is Clevelands own rightfully so smart move !!

  102. roger says:

    wtf. i thought he was gonna choose another number. i don’t like him wearing 23. that’s jordan’s number. #norespect

  103. I remember when LeBron said: “I feel like no NBA player should wear 23. I’m starting a petition, and I’ve got to get everyone in the NBA to sign it.” and now he decides to wear No. 23 again? Very bad LeBron…

  104. Niky says:

    That’s weird, since I remember LBJ stated in his last year in Cleveland he was going to change his number in to something else than 23 anyways, since he thought no-one in the league should ever wear number 23 again in honor of Michael Jordan…? Strange decision

  105. lucas says:

    I think he should wear #6 like he did in Miami, #23 will be always linked to MJ, he’ll inmortalize #6 and that’s the number he’ll be remembered for (in my tiny opinion).

  106. Tony Vong says:

    I guess the number 23 league-wide retirement only lasted 4 years