Hibbert gets in some offseason work with Abdul-Jabbar

From NBA.com staff reports

After the Indiana Pacers were bounced from the playoffs by the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals, it became clear to the Pacers they weren’t quite the Finals-ready team they thought they were all season. At the team’s exit interviews days after Indiana’s season-ending loss in Game 6, Pacers president Larry Bird touched on a number of topics, including what All-Star center Roy Hibbert needed to work on in his game.

It was well documented throughout the playoffs that Hibbert’s production started off slow in the first round against Atlanta, picked up a bit in the East semis against Washington and fell apart dramatically against Miami. Bird wanted Hibbert to work with some post-playing legends of the game — such as Bill Walton, whom Hibbert worked with in the past, or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Just four days ago, Pacers.com and other Indianapolis-area media outlets reported that after Bird, Hibbert and Abdul-Jabbar dined together, an agreement had been reached to have “The Captain” work with Hibbert.

Aside from some early Instagram and Twitter photos of the three men together, things have been hush-hush about the workout. But just yesterday, Abdul-Jabbar — via his Instagram feed — posted a short clip of him working with Hibbert on his trademark sky hook as well as a photo.

#royhibbert55 great practice makes for lots of baskets

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  1. sonofabbasblog says:

    hibbert = 😦

  2. digitioli says:

    Lebron fouls opposing players on nearly every shot he takes, almost NEVER called – pushing off, slapping hands, stiff arming.
    And then there are the fouls he commits on defense that go uncalled – 2 in a row on Durant come to mind on the same play in the last seconds against OKC that cost them the series. It’s ridiculous. And it’s planned. Never saw Ray Allen or D Wade do that stuff before Lebron, and now they do it as a matter of course. If the refs won’t call it, I guess it’s fair game, it’s just not basketball. Allen’s dunk after he pushed Ginobelli was the straw that broke Manu’s back – same thing – he realized, hey if they’re not going to call it, I’m at a huge disadvantage if I don’t do it. Then he threw DOWN on Allen and used the stiff arm to keep him off. Pay back. I don’t like it though, just like I don’t like 3 steps not called traveling. Either change the rules or call every thing the same. Please.

  3. bodjee says:

    Shouldn’t fundamentals be taught in High Scholl or College!

  4. Kobe24 says:

    Team up with kobe in lakers!!!!

  5. charless702 says:

    Maybe this will help him. He started putting up some pretty decent numbers the year before last, especially in the playoffs, when he trained with T.D. but then he just fell apart this past season. However I’m not sure Kareem can teach him anything others already haven’t. I think Hibbert’s problem is mental, not physical or a lack of understanding of basic moves. I doubt Hibbert will every be an 18 and 10 type player (mostly because his body isn’t capable of putting in the minutes.) I think Hibbert would probably benefit the most trying to learn from someone like Shaq. Hibbert is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, center/player in the NBA right now. He needs to learn to use his strength and size to his advantage. I remember hearing Shaq talk about Hakeem, Robinson and Ewing and how they were all better players than him. He knew he didn’t have the skill to match up with them, however he was bigger and stronger and used that to dominate on the offensive end. I’d like to see Hibbert come out with that mentality. “They might be faster, a better shooter, etc. but I’m stronger and I’m going to get to the hoop every time.”

    • Caldron Pool says:

      I agree. Hibbert should be destroying defenses inside. If he can advance his game further, and learn to focus his size and strength, he could dominate in a Shaq-like style. Shaq seemed to have faster/better footwork though.

      • charless702 says:

        Yeah I’ll give you that. Shaq was literally a freak athlete, especially in the 90’s. Obviously Hibbert can never be Shaq but I’d really like to see him try to play more like Shaq instead of Kareem.

      • Two words that destroyed Roy Hibbert. Andrew Bynum.

        Larry’s a motivator and thought bringing in Andrew Bynum would push Roy Hibbert to step up but he’s a head case and it worked in the wrong way for the team down the stretch. And some are saying he should have learned the fundamentals a long time ago and that is SO NOT THE CASE. The fundamentals are what good players tend to forget during a long season and during a long career. The simple half hooks Kareem is employing with Roy are brilliant. Start simple, short instead of long shooting and get Roy confident. Then work past those fundamentals.

        This can only help.

  6. eX says:

    Kareem look more as 7″3, though he may shrunk “1 at least with time

  7. Michael says:

    Good opportunity to learn from a legend. Noah trained with him and became the defensive player of the year. Not saying Hibbert will mimic that but he’ll learn something.

  8. Bu says:

    This is incredible!! So late!!!! Should have trained up Hibbert a few years back, not wait till now!!!

    And he was one of the problems for Pacers’ downfall last season, and it has to do with mindset mainly.

  9. Nick says:

    This shows Hibbert’s desire to be the best he can be. My opinion of his drive and ambition has just changed dramatically. Why more Centers haven’t trained with Kareem I’ll never understand. To it must be either fear, arrogance or just all about the money (comfort?). In Howard’s case, I believe immaturity was a factor as well. He actually spurned an offer by Kareem to help while he was in LA.

  10. harrythehawk says:

    Hibbert needs all the help he can get. It certainly won’t hurt.

  11. @baller22 says:

    Kareem is best player ever. Not doubt, Hibbert will take tips from him and corporate them in2 his game

  12. digitioli says:

    Hibbert WILL learn something different than any other coach because it’s coming from someone who has been there and done that – arguably as good as or better than ANYBODY EVER, and he has the stats to prove it if you were too young to see it yourself.
    BTW, he was also All-NBA defensive team selection 11 times in his career, (1st team 5 times) and lead the league in blocks 4 seasons. Not bad for a loafer on D.

  13. Chris says:

    Roy hibbert can train with whoever larry legend chooses for him but not putting any effort when it comes to a game wont make post moves any easier on the 7ft 2in softy

  14. digitioli says:

    Yeah, Kareem is only the all time leading scorer in NBA history… I’m sure he can show Roy plenty.
    If the sky hook was so easy to master, then why haven’t others copied and used the most unstoppable shot in history? The only guy ever to master it other than Kareem was Magic – a guy with more athleticism in his little finger than Hibbert has altogether.
    Also, as a + 7 footer it took a lot of energy to move that body up and down the court, and he only had a few injuries his entire career – something worthwhile learning about as well.
    And as for the traveling, as Chick used to say, “swing left shoot right.” I’m a stickler about traveling, and Kareem didn’t.

  15. en. says:

    This guy can train with hakeem, kareem,Yao all the great centers and still sukk

  16. abdul weedar says:

    the sky hook are you kidding me.
    and you need someone to train that. hey roy hibbert lol

  17. TheKush says:

    For 7ft2 67 year old Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has great posture!

  18. lbj says:

    training with Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf will not gives you any ring, you need to come train with our King “Lebron” in Cleveland if you want to win your first ring. we can trade everimproving center Varejao and first round picks!

  19. A.J. says:

    What can Abdul-Jabbar possibly teach Hibbert that other coaches haven’t already tried to teach him? How to shuffle his feet and get away with a travel on a sky-hook and how to loaf getting back on defense? The Alcindor and Abdul-Jabbar in his 20s was great, the Abdul-Jabbar in his 30s was a traveling and loafing machine. In his 20s his sky-hook was beautiful and his foot-work fantastic, but by the time he got into his 30s, it’s like he’d lost all coordination, would shuffle and change pivot feet, and would travel on his sky hook almost every time. But the refs never called it, because if they did call it, he would have had to retire. I remember back when Rick Barry called national TV games, Abdul-Jabbar’s feet-shuffle and pivot foot dancing on his sky-hook used to drive Barry absolutely bonkers.

    • Jeff Scott says:

      Hey A. J., Abdul Jabbar: 1985 Finals MVP, age 38 – 1980 League MVP, age 33 – All-NBA 15 times. Maybe Rick Barry wouldn’t vote for Jabbar, but someone was voting.

      • charless702 says:

        If they’re allowing him to do it, you can’t just pretend like it didn’t happen. 20 points on a box score is still 20 points regardless if you got away with a travel on 16 of those points. Now I rarely watch Kareem so I can’t really comment if he traveled “almost every time” but if they allow it to happen you can’t ignore it. For example if someone puts up 30 RPG, 17 RPG and 5 BPG in a game but he traveled on 20 of those points (which weren’t called), he committed 14 loose ball fouls on those 17 rebounds (which weren’t called) and 4 out of the 5 blocks were goaltended (which again weren’t called) you can’t just ignore the fact that in the end he had 30-17-5.