LeBron pays a visit to China

By Joe Boozell

From Miami, to Cleveland, to Brazil, to … China? LeBron James is on his annual trip to China this week to represent Nike basketball at its RISE campaign. He is visiting the cities of Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong during his stay.

(NOTE: Click the “caption” icon below the photo for details about each photo.)

PHOTO GALLERY: LeBron visits China

To earn the opportunity to meet and learn from NBA stars like James and Kobe Bryant, basketball-loving kids in China were instructed to submit a 30-second basketball themed video to Nike. From there, a panel including former NBA player Yi Jianlian selected the top 30 submissions.

While in China, James will announce the first five players who were lucky enough to be selected.

VIDEO: RISE Episode 1: Nike Basketball

Bryant will announce the next 10 in Shanghai next week. From the list of 30, three players will ultimately earn the right to compete in the Nike World Basketball Festival Sept. 5-7 in Barcelona, Spain.


  1. Gerry says:

    I’m just curious. Has anyone ever seen Chuck enter a non negative comment?

  2. Michael says:

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  3. alo says:

    Taipei and Kaohsiung is not part of China you ignorant turd

  4. evibaje says:

    Come to china come to money

  5. Darien says:

    Does anyone know what shoes he and the kids are wearing in that photo?

  6. Heeloo..this is so good

  7. kobe still is the most popular non chinaman in chinaland

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    Good stuff!

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    Kobe ‘hey LeBron China my turf!”.

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    what a beautiful video .I don’t know Chinese but i felt their love of basketball. world peace through basketball. crazy, but true.

  12. Chuck says:

    This is amazing! To think that someone like Lebron James, paying his own way to do above the call diplomacy. Plus, those 820 cupcakes must have set him back a pretty penny. Please keep up the crackerjack journalism that shows the human side of these underpaid and underappreciated stars. Very important stuff!