Morning shootaround — July 23


Reports: Cavs working to land Love; Bulls join fray? | Report: Mavs to meet with Nelson | Austin says he was offered job with NBA

No. 1: Reports: Bulls making push for Love as Cavs try to seal deal — Yesterday the Cleveland Cavaliers and Utah Jazz pulled off what on the surface seemed to be a minor deal: Cavs guard Carrick Felix heads to Utah in exchange for John Lucas III, Erik Murphy and Malcolm Thomas. But unless you’ve been living on another planet the last few weeks, that deal was done to give Cleveland more salary-cap flexibility so it can work out a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves for All-Star big man Kevin Love. According to’s Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst, the Cavs are confident they can pick up Love, but the Chicago Bulls are also trying to make a late push to get in on the Love sweepstakes:

The Cleveland Cavaliers are increasingly confident that they will eventually complete the acquisition of Kevin Love, but the Chicago Bulls are making a late push to try to get into the trade mix for the All-Star power forward, according to sources close to the process.

Sources told that the Cavs firmly believe they are progressing toward a trade framework that the Minnesota Timberwolves will accept in exchange for Love and enable Cleveland to pair the versatile big man with Team USA teammate LeBron James.

Cleveland’s offer, sources said, would be headlined by No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins, 2013’s No. 1 overall pick Anthony Bennett and a future first-round pick, with one source close to the process insisting Tuesday that the Cavs are destined to acquire Love. At least one more player might have to added to the package to satisfy NBA trade rules.

Sources say that the Bulls, though, have re-entered the race and would appear to be the biggest threat to the Cavs thanks largely to the Golden State Warriors’ resolute unwillingness to add longtime Wolves target Klay Thompson in any deal.

Although the full extent of the Bulls’ offer wasn’t immediately known, it is believed Minnesota would seek a package from Chicago featuring forward Taj Gibson and defensive ace Jimmy Butler in addition to other assets. The Bulls shelved their Love interest while trying to sign Carmelo Anthony away from the New York Knicks but, according to sources, have re-emerged as contenders.

The Cavs, though, rocketed to the upper echelon of Love’s wish list of potential trade destinations from the moment James agreed to return to Cleveland. reported this month that even James’ short-term contract with the Cavs — which spans only two seasons and includes a player option to return to free agency next summer — would not dissuade Love from committing to Cleveland.

Wolves owner Glen Taylor insisted again last week that he wanted to keep Love and that Minnesota is prepared to open the season with Love on the roster. But sources say numerous rival teams think  that Minnesota will ultimately part with Love before the start of the new season, given the extremely public nature of Love’s unwillingness to commit to the Wolves beyond this season.

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Cavs are solely focused on getting Love and are working hard to make that trade happen:

Cleveland has been determined to acquire Love since it signed LeBron James to a free-agent deal.

Those three players can be included in packages as preludes to a Love deal, or in a Love deal itself to give Minnesota salary-cap relief. The Cavaliers hold an interest in keeping Thomas, who could be an inexpensive role player to strengthen their frontcourt depth, sources said.

Cleveland has to be creative in solidifying a deal for Love, who the Timberwolves want to package with Kevin Martin and J.J. Barea, several front-office officials told Yahoo Sports.

Cleveland’s discussions with Minnesota have escalated with the Cavaliers’ willingness to include No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins in the deal, sources said. Without Wiggins, there’s no other combination of Cleveland players and picks that would interest Minnesota. Once Wiggins signs his rookie contract, a trade involving him can’t be formally completed for 30 days.

The Denver Nuggets have remained a strong contender for Love, offering a package that sources said has been the most appealing to Minnesota outside of the Cavaliers and a possible Golden State deal including Klay Thompson. So far, the Warriors have kept Thompson out of their offer to Minnesota.

Minnesota wants a package for Love to include Barea, who has $4.5 million left on his expiring deal – and possibly Martin, who has three years and $21 million left. As part of a larger deal, the Cavaliers want to include 2013 No. 1 overall pick Anthony Bennett and a future No. 1 pick for Love.

The Cavaliers have been offering future first-round picks for an experienced center, league sources said.

VIDEO: GameTime’s crew discusses the latest trade rumors involving Kevin Love


No. 2: Report: Mavs to meet with Nelson — Back in the 2008-09 season, then-Orlando Magic stars Jameer Nelson and Rashard Lewis joined Dwight Howard as members of the Eastern Conference All-Star team. Is there a chance that Nelson and Lewis, who haven’t been teammates since 2010-11, could be reunited in Dallas?’s Marc Stein writes that the Mavs plan to chat with Nelson about joining their squad come Thursday:

The Dallas Mavericks will host free agent Jameer Nelson on a recruiting visit Thursday, as part of ongoing negotiations with the former Orlando Magic point guard, according to sources close to the situation.

Sources told that the Mavericks are bringing Nelson to town in hopes of finally closing a deal with him, as Dallas continues to pursue a veteran point guard to help fill the void created by Jose Calderon‘s exit in June.

The Mavericks had to part with Calderon to reacquire center Tyson Chandler in a trade with the New York Knicks. Since then, they have been chasing Nelson and fellow veteran Mo Williams to give coach Rick Carlisle another trusted ballhandler.


No. 3: Ex-Baylor star Austin says NBA promised him a job — The undisputed hero of the 2014 Draft was former Baylor big man Isaiah Austin. Although he wasn’t picked that night — he was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome days before the Draft and advised to not play basketball again — he was ceremonially picked by the NBA in a classy move. Austin is still working on his degree at Baylor and recently told that NBA commissioner Adam Silver promised Austin a job once he graduates:

Isaiah Austin — the projected 1st rounder who’s dream to play in the NBA was dashed when he was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome — tells TMZ Sports he’s got an NBA job lined up … just as soon as he gets his college degree.

The 20-year-old former college superstar was in D.C. yesterday and told us he’s even more motivated to go back to Baylor University in August to finish up his classes … after a conversation with NBA Commish Adam Silver.

Austin — who was ceremonially drafted by the NBA at the Draft back in June — tells us Silver already hooked him up with a part-time gig with the league’s NBA Cares program … and promised full-time work once he gets his degree.


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: LeBron James apologized to his Akron neighbors for the recent media frenzy in their neighborhood the best way possible — with high-end, delicious cupcakes … Ex-Nuggets coach Jeff Bzdelik is expected to soon join the Memphis Grizzlies’ coaching staff as an assistant … Rockets rookie Nick Johnson is expected to soon sign a fully guaranteed, three-year contract … New L.A. Lakers big man Ed Davis is looking forward to his new opportunity there … Rashard Lewiscontract with the Mavs may end up getting voided because of the knee surgery he needs

ICYMI of The Night: It’ll be a while before we see NBA players on the court again, so soak in this All-Access video from 2014 Summer League in Las Vegas

VIDEO: Take an All-Access look at the Las Vegas Summer League


  1. Spaceface says:

    Bulls don’t do it!!! Right now the roster is deeper than I can aver remember it being!!! Mirotic, mcdermott, and Gibson are too much to let go of!!!!

  2. Gillsy says:

    I really don’t know what the Wolves are waiting for. Really they have been told Love will not sign. They have been offered the first two picks over the last two years. Yea Bennet is a work in progress. But they should have nearly done a Noel with him in his rookie year cause he was coming in after surgery over weight and not going to play for a while and not at a level to get any minutes. He now looks fresh promising and has lost a few pounds. And they want the Cavs to take a bad contract. Really what are they waiting for. They have a real chance to turn the franchise around.

  3. Mike says:

    DONT DO THE TRADE! Trade defense away? James jones , mike miller ,dilladova can shoot the three ball, and hell kyrie won the 3 competition . wiggins will put the young athletic defense on spurs like kawi put the young athletic D on james. Wiggins development would be accelerated beside kyrie and james in my opinion. Cavs need stoppers. Keep wiggins and sign JIMMER AND ODEN FOR CHEAP!!

  4. Kaede says:

    I hate pple saying Kevin Love is better than David Lee… Yeah Love is a double-double machine….. on a bad team….
    David Lee is ALSO a double-double machine… on a BETTER team…. how’s that for comparison? It is easy to lift your stats when you are the best player on a bad team.

    Love spoils chemistry but Lee has always stuck with the team without complaints even when they were a lottery pick team. He played through injuries during his first ever Play-off series to boost the chemistry. And Love? Ooops, no play-off experience.

    My point, DON’T give up H.Barnes or K.Thompson for Love, ain’t worth it.

  5. daymianpac says:

    my Mavs are getting deep.. theyll win it all this year.!!

    • TEG says:

      I see so many are looking onto the Mavs and what moves they’ve done this season. however, I’m not buying them one bit.

      first, whatever happened last season was LAST SEASON, so don’t be saying to me “oh they pushed the Spurs to 7 games”. I didn’t even buy they were that great in that series because I thought Spurs weren’t even themselves til Game 7. plus before even playoffs starting, the Mavs BARELY made it- meaning it took a regular season game vs the Suns near the end of their schedule to finally grab a playoff spot, and that was a very close game too.

      now as for the moves, mostly people are saying they look good because of their starting lineup now that they brought back Tyson Chandler and Chandler Parsons. about Chandler, just because he was a part of the 2011 team DOESN’T GUARANTEE he’ll be that guy this upcoming season. and for Parsons, he’s a nice upgrade but I don’t consider him a big one. although they are likely going to grab Nelson and put him at starting PG rather than having Harris or the troubled Felton, which I’ll admit is not bad.

      but here’s where I really don’t buy into this team and that’s looking at their bench. even at the moment where they just signed Aminu, I honestly think their bench has gotten weaker. I mean having someone named Greg Smith being the replacement for DeJuan Blair and then picking up Richard Jefferson to me is very laughable. already mentioned about the troubled Felton (which he is NOT elite as he claims to be). and then having guys who are still on the team like B. James, Wright, and Crowder who either didn’t see much playing time or had mostly quiet games during playoffs. and then what I believe is a draft pick in Ledo, I rarely even hear people talk about what he could do to help.

      so with that all said, I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED IF THEY ACTUALLY FALL RIGHT BACK OUT, MISSING THE PLAYOFFS. I can already see the other 7 teams who made the Western Conf playoffs last season making next season’s playoffs (SAS, OKC, LAC, GSW, HOU, POR, MEM). if the Nuggets can stay healthy, I wouldn’t sleep on them making some noise for playoff contention. there’s also the Suns and maybe even the Pelicans.

      • artifex says:

        Mavs fan here aand I admittedly have to agree.
        I think MAvs lost central parts of their team in Carter, Blair who both are not that elite players but are really hard workers. And looks that Matrix is about not to return either. He’s just part of Mavs!
        Then Parsons IS way overpaid. Agree, he#s good but not that great. May bring more to the offense than Matrix but Marion is a great defender, which I don’t know Parsons can bring to the table. Dont know him that well.
        It comes partly down to whether Chandler is the one who left Mavs 4 yrs ago or if he’s often injured. I like Harris and with Nelson there would be comfortable replacement on the point for Calderon. But SF seems not improved and the 2nd unit is weaker than the Carter/Blair combo. Thought DeJuan would stay…
        Also, Mavs are desperately missing outside shooting. Calderon and Carter were very potent shooters and both are gone. Neither Jefferson nor Harris are good shooters.
        And finally, I think they need to recruit on the PF. Dirk’s gonna stay couple of years but it needs some years for a young player to grow and take over. Robinson stayed 6 years after Duncan was drafted and that seemed perfect. Wright, I like him. Hes an effort guy. But he wont be the continuation of the Tall-man-shooter that Dirk is.
        They need to start building something new. And the corner would be SF or PF (Ellis is a great Robin and I love his development in Dallas and if he stays well Chandler can give good rim protection.)
        BUT Parsons is not the one!! Not even close to all star level. So if Mavs feed all that important money to him, how they gonna get the new future (on PF)?

  6. b says:

    love what mavs did this offseason if they get jameer nelson. probably overpaid for parsons, but way underpaid for dirk, add some rim protection with chandler. i think they might challenge to finish in the top 4-5 in the west.

    • you're underestimating them says:

      I’m no Mav’s fan, and even i know that by adding Chandler to shutdown the post, Parsons to give ’em depth on the outlet & perimeter – plus with added depth, the rumored addition of Nelson in the backcourt, makes Dallas real contenders for the Title. Recall, this is the *only* Team that pushed the Spurs to the brink in a Game 7. I have no doubt Dallas will do as much again in the season ahead. Spurs already know what to expect from their Texas compadres.. everyone else in the Conference ought to be afraid of meeting them at any point in the playoffs.

  7. @ cavs don’t need love It is 100% impossible of Wiggins being on the Wolves roster next season if they do not trade Love to the Cavs, deal with it!!!

  8. I like the taj gibson, mcdermott, mitotic trade for kevin love for both sides.

    • chitownwind says:

      its a dumb trade for chicago it would put ther 4th best player on the bench, Noah. Don tell me that pau Gasol anf kevin Love, do not beat him out for starting positions. Not to mention they will be trading the best player they have at the 3 spot, McBuckets. Bulls would have to move Butler to 3 spot and either start Snell or Hinrich at the 2. Id rather see the starting line up of Rose, Butler, Mcbuckets, Gasol, Noah than Rose, Hinrich, Butler, Love, Gasol

  9. Kaytee says:

    Why is everyone so hard on LJ? Why such harsh criticism on him needing other players to win? He has carried every team he has played and has made them better. Every team out there would welcome him to their team. Cleveland (LJ) is doing no more than what most other teams are doing – getting the best talent – super stars or not. Most of the top teams has at least two stars, so LJ and Love is not a bad choice. As for not showing up – every player has their bad days – except MJ of course. Let the man do his thing – play basketball.
    No said anything about Rose trying to get Love or Bosh or any other big time player.
    I’m only sorry the Kyrie was given so much money. He’s good but still has a lot to prove for those dollars.

    • agree. especially on the last part. 90 mios? Future-ouch.

      Kobe, for example, would love to have love, melo, … somebody!
      Everyone does. Its a team game. You fight, and if someone fights back, you either hate them or wish they were on your team. Thats how it feels.
      I never liked lebron, part of it was the hype, and he never won me over with his ways. But in this case, I think hes on his way of redemption and I will give him another shot. To win me over, that is.

  10. if love ever lands in Chicago…man…that’s a deep deep frontcourt lol

  11. Bulls Don't Be stupid says:

    If the speculations are right about Bulls trading Taj, Nikola, and McBuckets, then the championship contention will just be in the toilet…The Bulls already have a good team and should stop where they are now. Maybe pick up a veteran shooter/solid defender and that’ll be enough…We don’t need Love….

    • totally agree says:

      It’s dumb in so many ways. For beginners, they already acquired depth by adding Mirotic and Pau, in their frontcourt. Added to the fact they also have: Gibson, Dunleavy, Amundson and the two rookies – McDermott and Bairstow. I mean.. just why? Why, would they now need K-Love? To clutter an already log-jammed bench full of stretch 4’s?!? The one thing the Bulls need (think, huge, pink elephant in the room), is quality backup for D-Rose… and it’s exactly what the Bulls didn’t do in the Free Agency. Shopping for bigs when they have a glut of them is plain, downright stupid.

  12. Fug says:

    The NBA will be more interesting if Wiggins stays in Cleveland. The Timberwolves make the playoffs and keep Love.

    Moving to a new team after age 30 for a star player on floundering teams due to mismanagement seems a bit understanding. Love is only 25 and Wiggins is a teenager. It does not seem right.. Let them grow up.

    One thing missing on the Timberwolves is that they have a roster that is extremely good and this should be their year to make the playoffs and challenge any team in the first round. Rubio has to up his game he has the talent. I think you put Chris Paul on this team they are better than the Clips. Wolves have two talented 7 footers Love and Martin.

    Play it out with Loves Wolves. There will be no one in a trade that will be on your team in 3 years you get. Wiggy and Bennett have not proven anything and the first rounders you get from Cavs will be so low a pick you would get a better talent in the D league.

    Babe Ruth was traded for who? Jeff Bagwell got traded for who ? Shaq got traded for who? Kareem got traded for who? If you get Thompson from Golden State I definitely would understand as he is playing in the shadow of Curry and his Daddy David Thompson has genes flowing in that boy. He actually has upside equal to Love. Flip Saunders is invested as part owner and coach and is calling all the shots. The thing to do is keep Love and do what Carmello did to the Knicks, give him that extra year and more money guaranteed 30 to 50 million more others teams can offer. But you better make the playoffs this year..

    So NBA, I disagree with making the players partners, keep them with one team as long as possible. Also, time to get rid of the middleman called the NCAA. Start drafting high school kids, put them in a A AA AAA leagues like MLB does. It’s the only way to stop lack of talented players getting in the game with all the pressures before they are ready. Baseball players make the most money so NBA players should love it.

  13. american soldier says:

    No respect for Lebron has to build super teams in order to win this era of basketball is horrible the jordan days where they built teams around players is over unfortunatly now its lets build a power team which ultimatly only makes the championship race between one or two teams from each conference. Lebron can never fill the shoes of a kobe bryant michael jordan larry bird magic johnson.

    • Last time I checked, the west was loaded. And the champion is a team built around Timmy, with good draft decisions and patience.
      So if LeBron really does think the way you claimed, be it. I think he knows now, and I say lets give him a shot. Maybe he stays the rest of his career there, trying to win one. To me, that is essentially better than what he did 4 years ago. So I give him a shot (or better stated: I forgive him).

    • artifex says:

      1st of all: I’m no fan of the Heat nor Lebron James!
      These comparisons are stupid, sorry. They built around players and now need “super teams”? Lets see:
      Jordan, Pippen, Rodman: Thats 3 HOF players on one team.
      Kobe, Shaq, thats 2 HOFs (once) plus Fish, Harper and Horry
      Bird, McHale, DJ and Parish thats 3 HOFs,
      Magic, Kareem, Worthy, McAdoo, thats 4 HOF players.
      Dont tell me there were multiple championships without multiple super stars. We can continue this with the 50s Celtics (Cousy, Russell etc) or even the Minn. Lakers…

      You can argue that in those times recruiting had more importance than now where (U)FA movements have much influence, I think thats true though Rodman joined the Bulls, Shaqq joined the LAL, same for Kareem and Celtics got just the right players at the right time…

      There are champions with single super stars (say all stars), but even many multiple AS player teams don’t get it done (80s Malone/Erving/McAdoo/Barkley Sixers only got it once!).
      Theres nothing wrong with playing with other super stars. And dont tell me Heat didnt build around the LBJ/Wade/Bosh. They put together the right additions without whom they wouldnt have gotten 2 rings, As much as Jordan needed the Paxsons, Kerrs, Hapers, Longleys, Kukocs, Grants etc. to form a TEAM.

      And there are multiple stars in the league today (we can argue endlessly who is/isnt a “super” star) to distribute over multiple teams. I think by now the East got more parity than last year (and with Rose well it wouldve been 3 contenders already) and EVERYONE knows how stacked the West is so dont tell me about “only one or two teams from each conference”!
      Looking forward to October!

      • Yep, the guy's obviously says:

        a complete dimwit with no grasp of NBA history, whatsoever .. and you made some very good arguments

      • Wil says:

        To respond. Last I checked the Bulls won 3 championships before Rodman ever stepped foot in that city!! And Jordan and pippen were both drafted. Just like this year’s Bulls most of there players are from Draft and not free agency. Rose, Noah, Butler, McDermott, Moritic, Hinrich, Taj, so u can take the Bulls out of your example. Yes they just acquired Gasol in free agency, u can equate that with the Rodman acquisition n free agency back then. The Bulls remain one of the few teams that mostly build through Draft picks..

      • artifex says:

        I agree with you and thats what I said.
        Today the free agency has more importance than in the past. Also the Celtics built mostly through the draft – in Bird and McHale and Parish (if Im not wrong) wasnt the HOF player when he came to the Celtics.
        You can also add the Spurs to that example.

        But again, all of these teams had multiple all stars on their roster (if maybe not in the exact year of the championship – Bulls Grant and BJ were AS in 94).

        Taking the Bulls and Spurs it shows one great lack in todays NBA: continuity.
        Jordan was in his 7th season at Chicago and the entire starting 5 (Paxson, MJ, pippen, Grant, Cartwright) played together for 4 seasons, with several others too (ScottW, King). Same for the Spurs.

        I dont like the win now strategy of many teams. And maybe stars are aware they don’t have much time. so they try to build the most comfortable situation – and through free agency they can. I don’t necessarily like it but I understand it. Ther more respect e.g. for the Thunder who definitely built through the draft. and I hope my Celtics will once rise again with their young group – if mangement can wait a couple of years.
        You can call the Cavs a hybrid… 4 no1 picks by themselves on the roster…
        As much as I love my Mavs: Sorry, too many moves again. Put in 2-3 pieces per season and let it grow…

        So, there are teams that build through the draft and who win with it – like recent Warriors. But none gets it done with single All stars (except the 2011 Mavs – and even there: Chandler, Kidd and Marion are all stars too).

  14. Raptor Fan says:

    No matter who Cleveland gets they won’t beat the Spurs – nobody will!! I hope they do trade the 2 canadian studs and that they come back to TO in 2 years when their contracts are up for renewal. Not saying we’ll ever will but would be nice to see a Canadian on a Canadian team!! These guys will be beast!!

    • skrutz says:

      Man, what I would do to have Canadians on our team. Especially 2 #1 picks. Talk about Canadian basketball pride… suddenly we’d start seeing it a lot more (not much action on the west coast).

      One day, Wiggins will be a Raptor. One day…

  15. bullysix says:

    I don’t think with all this source stuff the Bulls are not going to give up Taj Butler McDermott and Mirotic plus picks for Love. I see the wolves want not only to get Wiggins Bennett but they want to rid themselves of JJ and Martin’s contracts. They know Bron is pressuring the Cavs to go all out to get Love knowing this they are going to take Cleveland for all they can.

    • Washington Fan says:

      The only reason I see the Bulls giving up all that for Love is not actually for the purpose of acquiring Love… As everyones saying right now the East is anyone’s call. Number of good teams all seemingly comparable with each other and quite a few could end up sitting on top come the end of the season. Cleveland gets Love however and people would start to think that the “Balance” that’s been established starts to fall toward a Cleveland favouritism and puts them, at least theoretically, ahead of the competition as the major player in the East. It’d almost be a smart move to get in on the Love deal action purely to stop Cleveland from having him, as well as to make yourself a major player and put yourself in playoff contention.

  16. spguide says:

    Lebron likes it easy, always in the East, and always forming super teams . I wish with all my heart that Kevin Love goes either to the Warriors, or the to the Bulls and if so the perfect playoffs would be the Bulls destroying the Cavs.

    • kd's abeast says:

      I agree with that, he doesnt want to work for anything he things everything should be spoonfed.

      • skrutz says:

        Really man? Lebron doesn’t work? Clearly you don’t watch or pay ANY attention. If he’s this amazing, and not trying, then he MUST be the best (by your standards).

        Since when do players want to play on cr@ppy teams? I never get the stupid argument saying he’s got to have all these superstars. Every champ has had stars. Some teams have drafted success (Spurs, most obvious) but clearly no one is that good/lucky.

        So many haters, who hate for no reason.

  17. Jbland says:

    Cleveland you got 4 number 1 picks in the draft on your starting squad. Why to you consider Kevin Love. Greed is the number 1 reason for destruction. Build around those 4 players, if you don’t know you need to ask somebody.

  18. 80's Baby Baller says:

    This Kevin Love to Cavs thing to me is so silly…Kevin Love has stated he wants to sign longterm with the Cavs now that Lebron is there…ok…and he’s a free agent after this season….so why on earth would the Cavs give away Wiggins, Bennett and a future 1st round pick. Why not wait until next season and sign Love outright? Wouldnt that make more sense? I know to me it does considering we know Love wants to be playing with Lebron….Sign him next year and keep together the roster that’s been created in Cavs country

    • kd's abeast says:

      O thats because lbj isnt sure hes staying for more than 2 years so he wud rather have love for both years than for only 1. And he also wants to not have to work for anything.

      • skrutz says:

        Like how KD can’t go anywhere without Westbrook? Man, KD doesn’t work for anything. Same with Kobe! He should have had all the other players benched and gone 1 on 5 to win. He doesn’t work hard at all!

        See how dumb that sounds? That how dumb that argument sounds.

  19. cavs don't need love says:

    Cavs don’t sacrifice 2 1st overall pick for Love.. he might not sign back again next season and sign with the wolves…

    wolves next season

    C pekovic
    Sf Wiggins
    PF Love
    PG rubio
    Sg martin


    pls. Cavs don’t get Love!!!

    • Eddy Griff says:

      ummmmm pls explain to me how the timberwolves would have wiggins if the cavs dont do the trade…i might be drunk reading….

      • Agamemnon31 says:

        He’s showing an example as to what could happen if the Love for Wiggins and Bennett trade happens and then after this season Love opts out of the Cavs and resigns with Minnesota.

    • Now that you put it that way says:

      It could happen, but i’m sure Cavaliers aren’t so stupid as to not add restrictive clauses preventing anything like that occurring. Again, it’s possible, but highly unlikely.

  20. ko0kiE says:

    don’t do it glenn…

  21. Grapefruit juice says:

    Why would Golden State acquire Love? For what, three-pointers? They have enough of ’em from their backcourt. For points and rebounds? Does someone really think that Love would maintain the numbers he puts up in god-awful Timberwolves in a team that focus on ball movement primarily? I mean, he’s a top 10 player, but chemistry is much more important than names.

  22. okckd35 says:

    Sick of lebron. Forming his dream teams in the eastern conference. Too scared to play in the west. Its pathetic. Now that cleveland has more talent than miami he comes crawling back faster than his disappearing hair line

    • bullysix says:

      You already know his MO he cant do it with his teammates he has to have unusal talent to win because he knows at one point during any series he wont show up. So yea he will never be the type of star that depends on himself to be the determining factor. He needs star help and he will always be dependent on others and not himself.

      • Which, to be fair, is what all players must do at some point:
        As a basketball player, I dont like to see how everybody is so star-focused. Its a TEAM game.
        Even jordan had some games won by pippen or shots from paxson & kerr

      • skrutz says:

        Yeah @Howie!

        Jordan and Kobe didn’t shoot 100%. Other people play too, you know!

      • Washington Fan says:

        Cus it’s not like Kobe had Shaq or Gasol to have his back, or Jordan had 2 other HoF players on his team or anything. Not to mention both had Phil Jackson coaching for them, one of the most successful coaches in NBA history… Proven fact. 1 player does not win Championships. Good TEAMS win championships. No one player has ever won a playoff on his own.

  23. james jones says:

    Really hope the Cavs dont trade Wiggins for Love. it’ll be a huge mistake. Love will not help win a title this season and Wiggins, playing alongside LBJ and Kyrie Irving will only develop faster. It’s a mistake to trade Andrew Wiggins before seeing what he can do in Cleveland:

  24. thespectator says:

    its simple…whats more valuable to the cavs…win now or later? bring a title home end of the year or eventually down the road…keepin in mind lbj is startin the latter part of his career…hes in his prime..klove is a proven all star…wiggins..isnt…could wiggins be great? sure but how long will that take? how many years do you shed off of lebron? i think cavs understand that if they dont win a title in the next two seasons lebron will leave again…and for that reason gettin klove is essential

    • I know LBJ wants Love, but he also stated he wants to play at home, win ONE for them, and he said a long time ago he wants to finish his career there.
      So if I’m the Cavs, I dont do the trade. I wait. Maybe love will sign next year as a FA, maybe Wiggins pans out.
      But its a gamble, because if Wiggins has a slow start, you’ll loose his trade value. And if Love comes and Wiggins does well, you’ll have huge cap problems soon. So you cant really have both of them, playing well on your team.
      At this point, I rather have Love, of course bc you know what you get and he also fits since Kyrie and LBJ are the 1&2 Option already.

  25. Average Joe says:

    Damn. I know that the NBA is a business and all but they don’t show no love for Bennett and Wiggins. I think it’s too much to hope for but I wish Wiggins and Bennett develop into beasts and help turn Minnesota into perennial contenders, just to get back a bit for being dissed in Cleveland.

    • Kaytee says:

      You said it – it’s business. I don’t think they are dissing them. I’m sure they realize their potentials. Love is proven. I’m sure you can name a number of great draftees that did not fair well and I sure you can name a number of players that went somewhere else and did exceptionally better. You don;t have to train or cultivate Love.