Wiggins handles rumors, pleased with effort

By Jeff Caplan, NBA.com

VIDEO: Andrew Wiggins discusses his Summer League performance and the constant trade rumors

LAS VEGAS — No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins says he’s as much in the dark as just about everybody else when it comes to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ plans for him.

He says if he’s Minnesota-bound in a trade that would deliver discontented Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love to LeBron James, the team hasn’t informed him of his involvement in the talks.

“Nothing to me,” Wiggins said as he flashed a playful personality with a wide smile after taking the Cavs’ Friday night Summer League finale off following four promising performances in his debut as a professional. “I just know what you know. I just see what you see on TV. That’s about it.”

The 6-foot-8 swingman said he’s letting his “agent and support system” handle the off-court twists and turns while he focuses on preparing for his rookie season, wherever it may be.

“I just play basketball, man, wherever I go,” Wiggins said.

James’ intent seem clear. On Thursday, Yahoo! Sports reported that James has reached out to Love about forming a superstar pairing few ever in thought about before a week ago. The Timberwolves have stood pat that there’s no deal unless Wiggins is the centerpiece. Whether or not the Cavs are now prepared to make their top pick available seems to change with the wind.

There’s just no clear indication yet of the Cavs’ position. It was only a week ago that James announced his return to the Cavaliers. Later that night Wiggins made his first appearance in Cavs colors at Summer League. Since then, Wiggins has been the at the main attraction in Vegas and at the center of constant trade rumors.

As he sat on the bench early in Friday’s game, a section of the crowd at the Thomas & Mack Center stood and chanted: “We want Wig-gins!”

“It’s been crazy, but it’s all positive stuff,” Wiggins said. “With LeBron coming back, there’s nothing negative about that; the best player in the world coming to your team. The organization is on the rise right now.”

That could go with or without Wiggins, who said he would relish the chance play by James’ side.

“It would be great for me, just really learn and pick his brain and see what it takes to get to his level,” Wiggins said. “That would be good.”

In four summer games, Wiggins averaged 15.5 ppg and 3.5 rpg. He didn’t shoot well, just 17-for-42 from the floor, but his long, lanky frame was nearly impossible to keep out of the lane. He got to the free throw line 37 times, including shooting 20 in his 21-point effort Thursday night.

“I was looking at Wig’s performances, the guy was in double figures every game, he rebounded, he defended, he went to the foul line, he played with intensity at both ends of the court,” first-year Cavs coach David Blatt said. “I thought for a rookie, for a guy with a lot on his shoulders as the first pick in the draft, for a 19-year-old, I thought he played extremely well. We’re real happy with what he did.”

Wiggins, unsure of whether he’s coming or going, should be pleased with his performances both on the floor and off during an unusual, to say the least, welcome to the league.

“I played my heart out since I’ve been here,” Wiggins said. “I showed people how quickly my skill set has developed and transitioned to the NBA. How the NBA operates, just like more one-on-one stuff, creating space, I think that’s what I really feel I can do.”

Now he waits to find out where he’ll be doing it.

Stay tuned.


  1. Jbland says:

    Lebron don’t Love, however Wiggins will be best fit. Love are a dime a dozen


    Bennet or love would be a good match offensively with Varajao and Lebron as a staring frontcourt but ultimately Lebron wants a proven strech 4 in love

  3. Ben says:

    well, my equation for the cavs is :
    Wiggins + Bennet > Love
    That’s because two very high level players (which they will become) are better than one all star.
    when u have three very dominant players like the Miami Heat had, u automaticly create a weak bench.
    in a 48 minuts game, and a new game every few days (like in a series) the physical effort would be too much (as it was in the series between san antonio and the miami heat).

  4. Max says:

    Wiggins seemed to have a great attitude and knows how to conduct himself in front of the Media. He seems to know it is all about what player a teams needs to most, not necessary about ones talent. Kudos for Wiggins!

  5. showtime1911 says:

    Cleveland will not give up wiggins. They are thinking about their future because lebron can leave at any time. Per nba sources the cavs are about to ink wiggins to a contract.

    • that's where you're wrong says:

      When any team weighs up trades, the primary consideration is improving the team (… well, that seems to be the case for every team outside of the Rockets & Lakers :/ ). The one thing the rumored trade between the Warriors and T-Wolves WON’T do is make both teams better – that’s the general idea for successful trades. In that case, only GSW would win in acquiring K-Love.. the T-Wolves get an average defender & ‘goes cold in the clutch’ Thompson. The opposite would almost certainly be the case with a Cleveland/T-Wolves trade. Apparently K-Love and Kevin Martin were on the block, while the Cav’s could (ideally) move Wiggins, Waiters & future draft picks (or cash considerations?) to the T-Wolves. Now, i dunno what universe you’re from, but right here in the real world.. the T-Wolves / Cleveland trade looks like *the only deal* that leaves both franchises in as good a position, post-trade, as it had them prior. Sit on those thoughts and rotate.

      • holyspectator says:

        lbj wants a ring, he needs to get klove to win one right now…he has a good 5-6 seasons left…after that he wont be the man anymore and lbj knows this..cant wait around and waste another season and let these kids grow up..lbj has to act now…thats why he wants klove…its simple..

      • DenH says:

        Flip Saunders is so short sighted its not funny, if he gives up love, he has to pull the trigger on a full blown rebuild yet again, because they never do it properly, he needs to bite the bullet and give danny ainge a call and get some of his 9 million draft picks and possibly sullinger to kickstart the rebuild because cleveland is not gonna let go of wiggins.

  6. MadMike says:

    Cleveland would be dumb to trade away Wiggins for Love contrary to what all the critics say. Yes, Love is an All Star player who puts up great stats, but is he a better in the long run for Cleveland? I don’t think so. Wiggins could learn and develop into an All Star player himself. One who could be better defensively and one who could turn out to be just as valuable as LeBron James to the Cavs franchise.
    So what LeBron has signed a 2 yrs deal and can opt out after one yr. LeBron’s knows he’s stuck in Cleveland for the long haul, and anything short of Cavs owner putting his foot n his mouth will cause the State of Ohio to burn LeBron’s jerseys again if he decides to shun the team and bolt to another contender. LeBron knows his reputation is at stake not to win a title, but to test his true loyalty, and character of being on of Ohio’s finest.
    Kevin Love has the same experience playing in the NBA playoffs as Wiggins does. How well will Love be able to play in a 7 game series against the top tier teams, is a big question mark. The Cavs best move is to be patient w/ the rook, and not be so quick to jump at the 1st player who will end up railroading them into a Max contract offer by this time next yr. If Minnesota doesn’t want to trade Love to Cleveland then the Cavs can present him an offer when he enter’s free agency whether he’s playing for the Timberwolves or he’s playing for GSW. Once he enters FA he’s fair game.

    • kd's abeast says:

      To me it doesn’t seem like lbj is trying to stay in Cleveland because he took a 2 year contract knowing full well that kd will also b a free agent in two years. And I think joining up with kd is probably his big plan so he figured why not mayb comeback to cleveland and mayb clear space or try to get kd to sign with in 2016. I dont kno just my opinion

      • DenH says:

        sorry, but the major reason is that the NBA is to sign a new tv deal when lebron can opt out which will definitely make the salary cap explode, this means that lebron can sign for a higher max salary in 2015-16 if he opts out, it is coincidental that KD is also a free agent at that time but I cant see the two of them teaming up, they both need their 20 shots a night and as humble as KD is, I dont think he could share the spotlight with LBJ

    • kd's abeast says:

      And I think thats the major reason y hes pushing and andrew wiggins trade because wiggins would probably be there for 4 or 5 years while he can get love in and out in 2.

  7. harrythehawk says:

    Both Wiggins and Bennett are both young and it’s so early in their careers. I think the Cavaliers will only win a championship with veterans, so far hasn’t worked with all young bucks. And as for Minnesota, they are screwed either way. They may as well let Kevin Love go now and get something out of it. Cause he will have sour grapes if you make him stay this season, then he will be definitely out next year. Set this guy free. GSW are out of their mind if they let go of Clay Thompson. Don’t do it!!!!!

  8. John says:

    I really think wiggins has what it takes to become a ‘star’. A right mindset and talent. It is kind of hard to believe he is only 19, and is dealing with all these rumors like a professional. I think cavs should keep him, and wait until he grows and become pre-knee wade. (may take 1~3 years)

  9. BennyH22 says:

    Both deals would be fine with me, I like that Flip will wait it out, get as much as he possibly can from either GS or CAVS. I like the younger pieces though I think wiggins and Bennet would fit in nicely here in MN. I would not be uoset if we managed to grab Klay and Harrison Barnes, I just dont think Barnes is a true PF.

    • DenH says:

      any package from GSW would have to include david lee to make the salaries match, it would either be david lee, harrison barnes and a pick or david lee, klay thompson and a pick for love and martin.